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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 27, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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m or amazon. that's just $79 for a limited time. >> tucker: we will be back at 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of smugness and groupthink. have the best weekend with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." tonight, more breaking news out of south texas where the director of the texas department of public safety is admitting that authorities made the wrong decision when waiting to preach the classroom door of robb elementary. as the gunman went on a deadly rampage. here at the latest is jeff paul. jeff. >> the more we learn about this shooting, the harder it hits the
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community to digest the minute-by-minute timeline, what led to 19 students and to teachers being killed and one of the most glaring new pieces of information that we are receiving deals with the fact that investigators believe kids at the time of the shooting inside the school were calling 911. investigators say they were begging operators to send police and to help. investigators say this happens multiple times throughout this and toy her ordeal. all of this happening according to investigators while they are were 19 officers huddled up in the hallway of the school. or than 45 minutes went by before border agent got a master key to open up the classroom door where they then entered and shot and killed the suspect. the question remains, despite investigators seen most of the shot still have but in the first few minutes, how many kids could've been saved if officers had managed to get inside that classroom really are. texas dps says that the incident commander at the time thought there were no longer a threat to the kids and that the mass
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shooting turned into a barricaded suspect. they believe that was not the right call. >> clearly there were kids in the room. clearly they are at risk. by the way, when you go back to shooting, there may be kids that are injured. and it's important for life-saving purposes to immediately get there. >> what is unclear right now at the moment, tammy, is how many of those students and teachers who were in that classroom died during that 48 minutes span from when all those officers were in the long hallway to the moment they got into the classroom and took down the suspect. all of that very much under investigation. >> thank you so much. the entire thing is obscene and to those questions make it even more awful, doesn't it? really unbelievable and inexplicable. they are under intensifying scrutiny for their apparent failure to immediately confront the gunman even after many 911 calls from inside the building.
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parents, all of us, rightly, are demanding answers. and demanded to know why there was such a delayed response. while schoolchildren were gunned down in cold blood. and get this, according to a new report, the elite border patrol tactical team that killed the school shooter, the one that engaged him, was initially prevented, you guys, from the building by local police. the local police kept them from getting into the building at first. full examination of the police response is still ongoing, but earlier today governor abbott said he was livid about the officer's response. >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. i was on this very stage two days ago and i was telling the public that was told me don't like to me in a room just a few yards behind where we're looking right now.
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when i told the public what happens, it was a representation of what they told me. it turned out in part to be inaccurate. absolutely livid about that. >> yes, and he should be. the tragedy is also raising questions about what we can do to better secure our schools to keep kids safe and too hard on the soft targets. poles include resource officers in every school, single points of entry, and multiple -- we are also hearing story of heroism and el dorado, an off-duty border patrol agent who was getting a haircut when his wife,
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teacher, tested him "there's an active shooter, help, i love you." he got up, grabbed the barber's shotgun, and headed for the school. he entered the building, began clearing rooms, and evacuated his own daughter and other students. here now for a reaction, national security expert, aaron cohen along with fox news contributor, ted williams. aaron, let me say. all of us know even if we are not trained, the instinct we've seen, including the mother who hopped the fence and ran into that building before it was cleared and rescued her own two children that the training is that you go in and you don't stop until you get that shooter. what is your take on what you heard today, which clearly is very concerning to a lot of people. >> there has been a very clear
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active shooter protocol in place since columbine, which is 30 plus years ago. which essentially let the law enforcement community to develop a pretty basic, but functional active shooter response which basically stated that whoever shows up on the scene, tammy, makes it entry into the school. they are trained typically to what -- to do what is called forming up into a diamond formation. they can get more than two or three officers with them at a time. and then begin to head toward the direction of the fire. the sole purpose is to neutralize the threat. you can't -- you have to put your oxygen mask on first. clearly the protocol -- i want to be careful not to pooh-pooh all the law enforcement across
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the country because this agency happens to be taken heat right now. and it just seems that for whatever reason, this particular agency didn't have the appropriate protocols in place, or didn't have the confidence to be able to pull off making entry with two or three officers. for whatever reason, they bottleneck in that highway and it leads me to believe that they didn't have the stress training to be able to engage that shooter and under duress -- what i mean by that, there's a massive chemical dunk that happens. >> i understand, but that's the training. training is to get you used to an environment so whether it is adrenaline that gives you amnesia or any other stress hormones, don't drop, because whether you are taking a test or if you are training for an active shooter, you do it over -- you do it over, and over, and over so when you are really doing it, it is normal.
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>> you are capable of functioning under that stress, i agree with you 100%. >> let me just say that we all hear it -- we don't need to reassert our support even though we do every day for law enforcement. i am known for this. thought supports, ted, works when we eat -- because have standards. and as a result support law enforcement and the military. i don't still also has to be that when the standards are breached we are free to know when there's a problem. ted, i think this is what we are dealing with. >> you are absolutely right. it must be addressed. he is not told us who misled
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him. no heads have rolled. the department of safety, an officer who came on today and said that it was the wrong decision. what we need is an independent investigation. 19 angels. and you had two teachers to die as a result and police officers, 19 of them. twiddling their fingers. you had a brave young girl who was on the telephone, on the 911 call, and she was trying to get some help. she was saying, i need help. there are kids in here.
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please send somebody, please send somebody. that must be investigated, tammy. >> even today at the press conference, there was an fbi representative there, a field agent, who said if we find that there is a federal -- we will investigate. clearly either it is the state or the federal government, which certainly they don't have a history at this point of being -- anything we can trust either. but my goodness, something did happen with either leadership or someone else when you have this magical decision that no more children are at risk, it is now a different thing. that seems inexplicable. is there any way to explain this? >> it is inexplicable, but the really important piece of meat to hang on hear, hear is the lack of fundamental response.
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the responder has one goal. we have been dealing with this in israel for years. it doesn't matter whether it's a terrorist or an active shooter. the motive doesn't matter. the action gets addressed the same way. which is to spot the threats, neutralize the threat and look for more threats until that entire school has been swept. and even there, the property doesn't get sterilized until the special entry team gets in and methodically opens up every closet. this agency knows there was a major colossal failure. i think to add to your other gusts point here, i do think there needs to be independent investigation. i also think that the leadership of this police agency should take the responsibility to step out. that would be the right thing to do at this point. let's get some fresh blood in there. this is a tactical situation here. which listen, for every second wasted, another innocent person is killed. that is how long it takes to pull the trigger. these officers need to be
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flying. that's at. >> thank you. >> i think this nation could also learn a great deal from israeli police, the israeli approach in dealing with dynamics. i think it could be very useful. were going to have to be looking at this across the board. gentlemen, thank you very much. in the aftermath of the massacre in texas, president biden is turning his attention to the so-called gun lobby. and earlier today, says this about the second amendment. watch. >> you must ask, when in god's name will we do with needs to be done do not completely stop to fundamentally change the amount of carnage that goes on in this country. second amendment is not absolute. the idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war designed and marketed to kill. i think it's just wrong. it just violates common sense.
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>> on sunday, the president and first lady will travel to texas to meet with the families of the victims and meanwhile, over in washington, far left democrats are intensifying their calls for more firearm restrictions like massachusetts senator ed markey who says it's time to pack the supreme court to make sure that gun control laws aren't struck down. take a look. >> we have to take very seriously the threat in which an illegitimate far right supreme court poses to gun safety in our country. we have to expand the supreme court to get back the two stolen seats that the republicans and donald trump it took from the american people so that we can ensure that when we put gun safety laws on the books, they are not overwritten by the supreme court of the united states. >> earlier tonight at the nra convention in houston, the 45th
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president donald trump warned against disarming law-abiding citizens and laid out his plan for school safety. here it is. >> and joe biden blamed for the gun lobby, he was talking about americans like you. and along with democrats this week, he was shamefully suggesting that republicans are somehow okay with letting school shootings have been. they are not okay with it. this rhetoric is highly divisive and dangerous and most importantly, it's wrong. it has no place in our politics. >> what we need now is a top to bottom security overhaul at schools all across our country. [applause] every building should have a single point of entry. there should be strong interior fencing, metal detectors, and the use of new technology to
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make sure that no unauthorized individual could ever enter the school with a weapon. speak all right, here for reaction, republic senate can do my candidate adam laxalt along with arizona senate candidate who is the current attorney general of the grand canyon state. gentlemen come at the welcome aboard. let me start with you, adam, if i could. we see people complained that these things keep happening, there's never any change. part of it is because of all this political rhetoric sucking all the air out of the room. nobody gets to the more boring solutions like school safety, doors, hardening those targets. and you can't raise money on that necessarily. so we go from one to the other with these people who have been in washington for 50 years and then they still complain about it. how do you see this playing out when everyone still returns to legislation, politics, blaming,
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et cetera. >> people want leadership. and for president biden to rush to the cameras that night without the full information and once again blame 100 million law abiding gun owners is an absolute disgrace. people want to know why we can't fix these things, because washington trots out these same attacks over and over. we looked at this when i was attorney general. we met with law enforcement. and the exact same solutions you are hearing today, we proposed a few years ago. every time you see a breakdown of communication you usually see that the school and the local law enforcement did not have proper training. they didn't have a shooter response. you don't have single entrance, and you need to make sure that the classroom doors actually close. we have been asking for armed guards in schools for a very long time. it is democrats that refused to allow that.
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this is a tired to deal and i hope that americans will reject this. because this is not going to protect our kids. we need real solutions and we need them now. >> it is understandable, mark. understandably emotional. we understandably want to major solutions. we want things that are going to make a difference. and yet we do notice that it is almost as though some problems the politicians don't want to have go away. we also know that we can have these ideas, but they also have to be implemented. you can throw money at a problem, have these strategies, but if people don't implement them properly, we have an issue. and with that man that ran from the barbers in order to make a difference -- those would be the guns that would be gone. we would be relying on just the police and we've seen in this particular instance what happens when you are relying just on the police with firearms. >> all of our hearts broke when
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we saw the story. many of us have been praying for comfort for the families and praying for peace in our community and world. i think one of the things we are not talking enough about is what has happened in this country and the last 30 years that this evilness that is perpetuated to younger and younger kids and whether it's the effect of the media, video games. it's having an impact. and at the end of the day, the potted administration, the democrats are trying to politicize this issue. but if more gun laws work, chicago would be the safest city in america. we know there are places like your previous guess was talking about in israel. every single one of the members of that community are armed because of the warrior of terrorists attacked. they harden targets and we know here in america, we guard our banks. with armed security. and yet, what are we doing to arm the most precious resource, our children? that's why local communities need to come up with solutions making sure doors are locked. making sure we have the proper
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security including police officers. >> it's interest income a lot of people did pull out of the nra conference. and there's a thing called projected identity. where one side projects -- we know about projection in general, but projects an accusation about who someone else is and if you hear it enough, else adopts the falls projected identity -- and i see conservatives doing this on issues of morality on issues of who they are and what matters, if you hear you are racist long enough, maybe will begin begin to believe it. people pulled out of the nra convention, when its american citizens that are members. and it is a continual kind of libeling of the average american citizen when this is exactly where we go each time. >> this is a time for courage, not a time to back down when the media, when the democrats, when hollywood, when professional sports franchises -- when they
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go ill and on something, you better believe they are wrong on the issue. our voters and americans want us to stand up for them. they are the voiceless. we went through this with blm too. as a former top cop to watch republicans not stand up against the blm riots, did not stand up and defend law enforcement. it took weeks before they thought it was safe enough to go out and defend these institutions. we need people out there today, right now. and those who did speak today like senator cruz and president trump, god bless them. it is the law abiding citizen that deserved to be respected, they deserve to be spoken for, and guess what? over the last two years, a lot more people have understood that it spoke to hoods is paramount in our community and we need more defense for schools, not less. >> law enforcement, the police clearly have been under fire,
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have been denigrated. you can understand how that's depressing, has an impact on their sense of self and also the desire to become law enforcement. all of this has to change. and they want to take firearms away from law-abiding citizens. everything they do, gentlemen, makes everything worse. and this is no different. adamant mark, thank you very much. while the biden administration is telling you to get an electric car, there are reports that block outs may possible this summer. we will tell you about that next. and later, a terrifying new video from the new york city subway, larry elder and leo terrell will be here to react.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to the
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special edition of "hannity." the bride and economy is going from bad to worse as new data released just yesterday reveals that the u.s. economy contracted by 1.5% in the first quarter of this year. more than previously reported. the economy is shrinking. since the first time of the start of the pandemic. if they contracts again like that, america will officially be in a recession. and meanwhile, americans are facing more pain at the pump this memorial day weekend as the average price for a gallon of gas hit $4.59. a dollar 50, higher than last year. of course, no one in the biden administration can care, because they don't, and apparently it is your fault for not leasing an electric car and some solar panels. just listen to energy secretary jennifer grand hall. >> the president has a goal of
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giving to 100% clean electricity by 2025. i lease a chevy volt myself, and i lease a solar panel that are on my garage. that means that literally i am thriving on sunshine. >> come great, i had no idea we had a secretary for nonsense. but apparently we do. get this, according to a new report from a power industry group, a big portion of the nation is now at a high risk of summer blackouts. so ask yourself, if you can't afford solar panels like the secretary, but you can somehow get your hands on an electric car, how are you supposed to charge it if the power is out? here with reaction, fox business contributor, phil flynn. phil, we see this, americans don't seem to somehow connect and certainly the left doesn't remind them that electricity is
6:28 pm
required to charge up your electric car. that of course comes from coal. and then you've got to be able to get to it. there is rolling blackouts and i remember in texas, in the winter there was this freezing of the wind turbines. so they had no electricity. how do you explain this obsession that doesn't make much sense? >> it is absolutely crazy. and of course, when you drive on sunshine, that's a good thing. hey, i'm driving on sunshine. everything is cool. but what if mr. sunshine doesn't shine? are you going to have a bad day. listen, this is the first time in the history of the world and economics that usually when we have technology, we usually replace an older technology with the better technology. this is the first time ever we are going to more inefficient technology is and replacing technologies that don't work. and that is why we are seeing this craziness in the world.
6:29 pm
we are talking about not just california risking blackouts this summer, or texas where you have heard it, we are talking about major parts of the entire midwest and the east coast. we are talking about gasoline prices, right? already at a record high. and whether or not technically we are in a recession, a lot of people feel that we are in a recession every time i go to the gas pump and have to make a decision, do i fill my gas tank or do i buy my foot? this is bad economics, it is bad for the environment, believe it or not. and at the end of the day, the biden administration is paying the price for it. >> it makes no sense for us to go backwards. the left always says you don't want to go back to the 50s, and yet that's where they seem to be sending us.
6:30 pm
it almost seems deliberate. thank you for that perspective, i appreciate it. new data from the u.s. census bureau shows that america's largest cities lost more of their population last fiscal year -- they lead the way with a 3.5% decline. which comes amongst surging crime. for example, just watch the stunning video of a woman begging her fellow passengers for help while they stand back and watch. viewer warning, this can be hard to watch. here it is.
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>> my goodness, that was a stranger taking that stranger, that woman he did not know and moving her. everyone is just sitting there. here and now with reaction, larry elder and leo 2.0 terrell. gentlemen, i think if either one of you -- i would like to say myself as well, were on that train come it may have been a little bit different. larry, let's start with you. can you explain and give us some perspective of the nature of what's unfolding in most of our major and important american cities. >> tammy, and your segment before you put your finger on it when you talked about the police being demonized and being demoralized. looking at the new york city, they are down hundreds of officers. officers have retired, they are having a great deal of difficulty recruiting people because of this perception the
6:32 pm
police are engaging in systemic racism. i'll bet you anything when the dust settles, if they ever ambry thomas men, they are going to find out get a very long criminal record and should not have been on the streets. as far as watching this thing, it is hard to watch. it seemed to me it would be even harder to watch sitting there and doing absolutely nothing. i am not some tough guy, i don't have a ccw come i don't have a degree in martial arts, but i'm healthy and unfit. as a number of other men on that subway who are healthy and fit and it seemed to me somebody should have done something, including and especially the gentleman who had a piece of mind to film the thing, but didn't do something to stop it. >> at the same time just a couple weeks ago, a man randomly was shot dead in a subway car. there is a point where you just don't know what is going to happen to you because of the level of violence. this is something, leo, that including in los angeles, kind of violence that -- the
6:33 pm
brazenness of the kind of violence we are seen. what is your take on this? >> i will tell you, tammy. let's be very clear. people are leaving these cds not because of covid, because the quality life. you've got homelessness, it got crime come eve got this going on. and the democratic cities. let me be clear, it started during the summer of 2020 with these riots and defunding the police and it has been ongoing for the last two years. it is tolerated in these cities. and with the progressive prosecutors, these democrats, they don't care. they're going to get their lunch in november, but up until this point, they don't care. they are doubling down. i want to take an action. i don't care, want to take an action. it is the moral. that woman was a victim and nobody took any action. >> larry come i think those are also in an understanding that if somebody stop that guy, the police maybe wouldn't have even
6:34 pm
arrested him. or if they did, he would be out in 5 minutes and be coming back to look for the people that called the police or stopped him. this is the other thing, it is this revolving door that if you stand up to crime, the criminals aren't going to be kept away from you. they are going to come back for you. >> exactly, you have these d.a.'s that believe in taxes bill, that bad guys are a victim of society as opposed to victimizing people in our society. one more point, another reason that people are leaving, if there's any silver lining to -- and these blue cities, they have these unions. you have a poor quality of schools where in california, half of all third-graders cannot read and the math scores are not much worse. you added altogether, it's a perfect storm that is causing people to leave. >> final word here, you are a
6:35 pm
californian, it is my home state, it's heartbreaking. how do you see this playing out there? >> unfortunately, here is the sad part. newsom is going to get reelected. it is a blue state. we've got to retire nancy pelosi in november, but i'm telling you, it is horrible in california. i don't see any silver lining. we got to rebuild the republican party. we've got to rebuild the republican party in california. >> gentlemen, thank you. there is going to be plenty more opportunities, plenty more opportunities. but we've got to realize, americans have to realize that this is about leadership. these are unforced errors done by policy. america has not lost her mind. this can change. this can change bit of it, gentlemen, thank you. the jury has begun deliberations. trump attorney alina hubbard and gregg jarrett will tell you and
6:36 pm
me what we should expect to have happen next. stay right there.
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> tammy: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." i am tammy bruce. they began deliberations earlier this afternoon. joining this now with reaction, attorney for president trump and fox news legal analyst, gregg jarrett. greg, someone noted online earlier, it might have been mccarthy, i'm not sure. but the defenses argument to the jury at the end was this doesn't
6:41 pm
count as a live because the people he was battling it to a new it was alive. lies don't count if you figure it out. isn't that right? give us an idea of what we can expect from this point forward from that particular jury and what they might come back with. >> a lie is not a lie of the recipient is of a lie realizes. that is the most cockamamie explanation are rationalization for a lie that i've ever heard. and that was basically the endemic of the entire argument for the defense. oh, this is a fine, her noble man sitting here accused, he is innocent. these were just blanket denials. at one point in time, he contradicted himself. he incriminated his own client by saying first, he really wasn't representing hillary clinton during that fbi meeting and then in the next breath, he said, but because the fbi figured out he was
6:42 pm
representing hillary clinton and not meeting, it is not really alive. so it was hypocritical, it was contradictory, he incriminated his own client. i agree with professor jonathan turley as he said earlier today. this is the worst jury for a prosecutor he has ever seen in his life. on the professor is correct. this is a jury that is stocked with hillary clinton supporters, three hillary clinton donors, for god sake. the problem is there's no republicans in washington, d.c., from which the jury is drawn. you would have a better chance of spotting a unicorn than a republican in washington, d.c. the defendant is hoping they will acquit him simply because he hates donald trump and they do too. >> we are going to find that out. you've got a fascinating clients come eve got a man who is the talkative everyone because because he threatens the
6:43 pm
status quo and this kind of absurdity that we've been drowning in for generations. because of the impact of calling it out. it seems to be raked against president trump. does he realize, i'm sure he does, this proves his point and his arguments it's because he's being correct? >> he not only grasps it, he's been saying it from before he was even elected as president. the man knows how -- he's cracked of the country. he just went and spoke at the nra at a time it's not popular.
6:44 pm
because he cares about this country and he said every child's name that was shot and rang a bell for them. that is what the president does. what we are dealing with right now is beyond corruption. i feel like i just sat through two weeks of a soap opera about the demise of america. to see a jury that i hope they come to their senses. saying you are about to lie -- how can you not call that a lie? but the defense literally had to speak about david copperfield and present this case. if i ever as an attorney greg, come get me. tell me to step down. because it was it seems like they think they don't have to try hard, that this would be a given.
6:45 pm
he could actually be sentenced to a couple of years behind bars for allowing -- it's actually very lucky that he wasn't charged with conspiracy -- that is defrauding the government. and he did it with others including hillary clinton and they should all have been charged. >> but they weren't, isn't that interesting? that in fact they weren't. doesn't that tell you everything else we need to know? >> it really does. lady justice speaks beneath the blindfold and waits the scales of justice. if you are republican, it is weighted against you. if you are a democrat, it is in your favor. >> look, this is going to be extraordinary thing to watch.
6:46 pm
it's great to have you both here. terrific insight. president trump taking care. thank you, thank you so much. this weekend, we will be celebrating memorial day to honor our fallen heroes britt after the break we will speak with a couple who are helping veterans find hope while fighting ptsd. stay right there.
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getting guns off our streets.
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one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations
6:50 pm
making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. >> welcome back very on monday the nation will observe memoria day, a sacred day to honor thos who have made the ultimate sacrifice in honor of this country great ahead of this important day, fox news digital spoke to an army veteran who served during the battle of mogadishu which was portrayed i the film black hawk down wormlike 18 american soldiers lost their lives great here is tom reflecting on that fateful day.
6:51 pm
>> we were trying to stop or load from starving millions of people to death. >> it started to heat up and then one helicopter got shot down. i could hear it crash off in th distance. everything changed. everything changed great it was now a rescue mission. we went on foot, the secondary went on foot to the crash site to try to save lives and recove the bodies they didn't make it. that's when they pinned us down. that feeling of being trapped and you just want to go home, h just wanted to be over. that's when you realize it's real combat and you can't just go home. and they don't want you to go home. they want you dead right there. if you could imagine thousands of people that want you dead, it's the most horrifying thing you've ever been through. >> now, after a career in the special forces, tom experienced severe ptsd that even lead to thoughts of suicide, his life was saved by the love of his
6:52 pm
wife janet, and together they created the all secure foundation to help his fellow veterans feel healed from the trauma of war, and i'm honored to have tom and jan join me right now, and great to meet both of you. i have to say especially, we know memorial day is those for those who did not make it home, but tom, we live in a world now with war and with medical help and with fight where we are surviving, our troops you can g there, get severely injured and survive, and we're able to brin you home or even with the ied's and everything, so we have more of our troops coming home who i world war ii would have died on the scene leaving us with individuals who have had inexpressible and usually unknowable execute experiences we never would've had before. this is i think what really we are now dealing with here in th country and what your foundatio addresses.
6:53 pm
>> absolutely, thank you for having us on. we used to call it the invisibl wounds of war, but now we know you can conduct brain scans and it's actually an injury that ca be treated. there is hope for many people out there that would typically think this is a life sentence for it. >> jan, we are seeing a lot, it's been a difficult week for the country but everything were dealing with, but one thing we have seen well for years now is that it is women who begin to make the difference, who are working in partnerships with their husbands, with their love ones, with their families defending their children and look into the future. when you saved your husband's life and you started up this business to save more people, was this something you imagine doing. was this something that came natural for you or was it kind of difficult and a surprise? >> at think it's both. i started serving alongside tom in special operations is a camera and film person and got really inside look very one sid started learning about the epidemic of the suicides that
6:54 pm
were plaguing this community, i couldn't turn the other way. i don't think this was somethin i grew up dreaming about, but i'm certainly glad i'm here and honored to be here. >> god has a funny way of havin a plan for us, but the little adage of we make plans and god laughs. right? and this is, it's about following you know our path, even though it's when we could not have imagined. what does your foundation do? we know we are beginning to understand ptsd just that it exists, and now we have to understand how do we help. what does your foundation do exactly and what do you see is really the great approach, the best approach to help our wounded warriors? >> all secure foundation served peschel operations operations, active duty in veterans. not only the warrior, but the entire family in healing from that we're trauma. that can beat many different things. every individual is different for the healing is very
6:55 pm
different. we look at it that way is an individual injury and something that absolutely can be healed from. >> tom, are you involved in working with the individuals in the families? r8 both of you involved in this? do you have volunteers? who as part of the team that makes this work for the people coming to you for help. >> we consider ourselves the lighthouse, we share our story, we share, the feelings i've gon through to let everybody else know it's not as scary as it looks and then we pass things along and share it. we have coaches that are clinical social workers they do the healing and the help work very. >> all through this conversatio we have had on the screen all secure thank you both very much. have a good memorial day weekend . more of this special edition after the break.
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♪ >> welcome back to the special edition of hand hannity. that is all the time we have left this evening. and want to thank sean and his
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entire team for having me in th chair. you can catch my show streaming exclusively on fox nation paid also read my column at a mac .u and find me at timmy restart have a wonderful memorial day weekend as we join together to honor all the fallen troops who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. have a good night, everyone. ♪ >> i i'm i am jason j fits in for laura ingraham and this is special edition of "the ingraha angle." >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. >> guess what, governor. so is the rest of the country. in livid is an understatement. tonight we have a minute by minute account of what texas dp says really happened during the uvalde shooting on tuesday.
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