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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 27, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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chair. you can catch my show streaming exclusively on fox nation paid also read my column at a mac .u and find me at timmy restart have a wonderful memorial day weekend as we join together to honor all the fallen troops who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. have a good night, everyone. ♪ >> i i'm i am jason j fits in for laura ingraham and this is special edition of "the ingraha angle." >> i was misled. i am livid about what happened. >> guess what, governor. so is the rest of the country. in livid is an understatement. tonight we have a minute by minute account of what texas dp says really happened during the uvalde shooting on tuesday. the more we learn about it, the
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more enraging it is great it's becoming clearer by the second that lives eichler could have been saved. i can tell you is a father and grandfather, my heart breaks fo the parents of these victims. i can't even imagine. the ones who will never see their children again. the ones wondering if their son or daughter could have been saved. the ones bleeding outside the school for someone, anyone, to do something. then there are the kids that di survive, like the ones who covered herself in her friend's blood so she could play dead. and the one who called 911 multiple times begging for the police to help. from 11:33 a.m. until nearly
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1:00 p.m., salvador ramos was inside that school before being killed by law enforcement. joining me now from uvalde, texas is jeff paul. jeff, what can you tell us abou this latest timeline? >> jason, right off the bat one of the most disturbing elements we learned today is that 11:27 a.m., a couple of minutes after the suspect shot his grandmother a teacher at robb propped open one of the doors that lead into the school, made a phone call, and then went bac inside and kept the door proppe open. and minute later that is when investigators say the suspect then crashed his truck grade from that point on, that's when we believe and investigators believe that the suspect then started shooting at two witnesses at a nearby funeral home. and then made his way toward th school. at teacher at 11:30 a.m. then called 911. minute later a police officer responded to shots being fired
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but couldn't see the suspect du to them being crouched behind a car. 1132 time is when the suspect started shooting at the school. here is when things get concerning concerning. makes his way into the school getting inside a classroom and that is where officers say most of the gunfire took place. in the first few minutes. three officers go to the door, but investigators say are shot out and grazed by bullets. at 12:03 more officers arrive, 19 in total and spent the next 48 minutes in the hallway until a border patrol agent arrives with a master key to get inside very during those 48 minutes, children are calling 911 from inside the school begging for police to respond. investigators say at that time, at the local incident commander major additional kids were not at risk, a cult that texas dps operator say was not the right culprit. >> hindsight from where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. it was a wrong decision.
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there is no excuse for that. again, it wasn't there, but i'm telling you from what we know, we believe there should have been an as soon as you can. when there is a massive shooter it is no longer the barricade the suspect rate you don't have time. you don't have to worry about the outer perimeter. get the hard part to think abou is how many kids died in that stem of 48 minutes from when those 19 law enforcement officers were in the hallway to the time they got inside the classroom and shot and killed the suspect. how many died during that period ? that is still very much under investigation. >> jeff clement you have done great reporting and a very difficult situation. one of the questions i have it did this school go into lockdow because obviously it wasn't effective with a teacher propping open the door, but was there ever a lockdown in place? >> from what we know is at 11:4
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several minutes after the suspect crashed his truck and the first shots were fired at a nearby funeral home. we could say there was is supposed unsocial media from th school saying they were in lockdown, but as far as that went out to the school prior to that? it's unclear. we could just tell from their social media presence 11:43 lockdown was issued. >> so late. the last question for you, jeff. do we know why the suspect, why he dropped out of school and evidently was not going to graduate? >> that is one of the things that investigators are looking at is not only what his behaviors were, but his spendin habits. how did you get this money to buy the firearms and all of thi ammunition as well as the conversations he was having not just unsocial media, and made a big point to talk about these messages, he sent back and fort with people privately, but also the conversations he had while he was a gamer, playing games online. these are all things that
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investigators will be going through. >> jeff, thank you very much fo that reporting. we do appreciate it. >> what efforts were made to tr to break through that door. what efforts were they making t try to break through that door or another door and get inside that classroom? >> none at that time. how many students died in that 48 minutes? gavin have that answer. >> joining me now is chris welker, former assistant fbi director in an action pack is a retired sergeant from the los angeles to police department it was also one of the responders to the 20 17th shooting at the los angeles or las vegas concert . chris, i want to start with you. evidently no efforts were made to open that door early on in
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the process. and we have no idea how many lives could have been saved during that time. you're a professional, you stud this, you train for this, what is your reaction? >> a lot of things went wrong here. right from the very beginning for the security of the school, all kinds of different security flaws they are. they had the procedures in place , they certainly didn't practice them so that is the first line of defense. the response is a different matter. as we now know, in listening to their colonel do his press conference as we now know, they gathered two officers went down outside the door, 19 officers gathered outside in the decisio was made to wait. now, what we don't know is whether they were in touch with dispatch, the 911 center becaus if there were aware that these people from inside, the childre were calling from inside that room, then there is absolutely no excuse. it should've been the charge of
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the light reggae they should've kept on going until they neutralize that shooter because you know there are survivors inside and he is still in there. you hate to make harsh judgments , but i think he laid it on the line today. i know him and he has great integrity, we know also that dp was not the responding agency. they are the investigating agency, so they took what they were told and then ran with tha for a couple of days. i think finally after two days the truth comes out. so a lot of things went wrong here, but clearly they should have gone in. >> sergeants, you have had a long career. you studied and looked at these things is one of the most terrific shootings we've ever had in this country. as you see it unfolding with th limited information you have, what is your reaction? >> thank you for having me. i agree with a special agent an honestly i want everyone to loo at this three to lenses, don't
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paint all law enforcement with broad brush right now. there are heroes in that community, heroes and that police department who rushed to gunfire and rushed into try to save lives. i think ultimately what we need to find out is what was the ideas in the thoughts behind th decision of the incident commander on the scene to treat this as a hostage situation. its best practices in our country, and we train and law enforcement, and i trained when i was a police officer, the officers under my purview that anyone who is showing homicidal intent, especially on the hallowed ground that are the schools here in this country in our children being our most precious resource that we have, we have to rush in and we have to assume that deadly force may be warranted. we can't treat this as a hostag situation. you were showing murderous intent, it was very evident fro the shots he fired at the two
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folks who were working at i believe a cemetery or a funeral home. there was a collapse and breakdown of the school being secured. leaving a door open, how heartbreaking that is, it is something we have all done, but as school employees, people tha are trained to safeguard our children, this is something we have to think about just the simple act of walking a door an having the entire campus on the walk down the minute anything flips that radar outside that could be an armed assailant. >> chris, obviously the communication will be something they can go back in have some forensics on that. the ability to communicate, wit 19 officers inside which was ne information we didn't hear before, and the idea that a teacher left a door open and there is a school lockdown in place. at what point do you just say m goodness, this could have been prevented?
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>> it was preventable. i do school security assessment and i see this a lot. where, they understand the rules , their on the books, the protocols are there, they're in a book gathering dust on the corner of the desk, but nobody puts them in practice. you see time and time again tha teachers will prop doors open. all i can say is you have to trust but verify in this situation. someone has to come around and do a periodic assessment of the school security. in think there's only a middle school, high school and in the county i don't think it's a lot to ask that someone come around periodically and do a third-party assessment to make sure that they are following their own protocols. it was in the books to keep everything locked, one point of entry during school hours, how to lock things done when there is trouble, how to communicate the lockdown which is always a problem. one teacher knows to do it, but how do you get everybody knowin what to do. i can't tell you how many
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breakdowns there were on the front end of this. now law enforcement has to come and clean up the mess. >> chris and ashton, thank you for your service and law enforcement. your professionalism and thank you for joining us on "the ingraham angle" tonight. we do appreciate it. we are rapidly learning more about the suspect from his own family members. his father also named salvador ramose told the his son had grown frustrated with his covid precautions about a month ago and has since refused to speak or see him. he also said quote my mom tells me he probably would have shot me to because he would have always say i don't love him and quotes quote. the suspect's mother, telling abc news that her son can be aggressive if he really got mad and quote. ramose had been living with his grandparents reportedly since march, it is the same home wher he shot his grandmother in the
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face right before his deadly assault at the school. my next guest, allie bradley spoke with his grandfather. he shouted from here to there are very there was a pool of blood here. my friend and her cousin cleane it up at. >> so this is all from? >> on my gosh. look, it's all the way appear. >> independent journalist allie bradley joins me now. allie, you have been inside the house. what can you tell us about the living situation? >> jason, as you mention, he'd only been living with his grandparents periodically since march and in part because the grandfather tells me that they had another home that they were paying for the mother and his grandson to live in, but he sai
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that drug started moving throughout that home. she had a man moving about a year ago and they said that was against the rules that further grandparents for her to live there, she could not have been in that home so it kind of started some contention among them. again, he moved in with his grandparents not long ago he wa sleeping on the floor while he was staying there there were tw bedrooms there at the grandfather tells me that the wife and him state in separate rooms at night and when he woul wake up in the morning he would tell the gunman here to go into the bedroom and sleep. so we saw all of this kind of i this setting. it was sitting they're listenin to the grandfather talk about it , was just really unsettling in the sense that it still hadn't really fully hit him until two days ago at noon. so a full 24 hours had passed and he finally started to kind of process things very take a listen to what he had to say when he was talking about the relationship and what was going on in that house that the mothe was living in. >> there was some kind of drug
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activity going on? >> that was between them. >> between the boyfriend in the daughter. >> that's what they say. >> what about your grandson, wa he involved? no, he didn't take drugs for it. >> how did you know if you didn't really communicate much? gig i know he didn't take drugs. because he would stay in there all day. you can tell when a person is o drugs. gig it now jason, he also tells me that he was supposed to teac his grandson how to drive, he never did we know the 18 -year-old never got his license. i asked him why, why didn't he teach them how to drive and he said he wasn't making progress. he needed to see him doing something. he quit his job a month ago, so he just didn't feel like he really deserved deserve to lear how to drive. we know that was the vehicle of his grandfathers that he ended up driving and ultimately crashing here just near that elementary school.
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>> allie, he had a considerable amount of weaponry. yet a gun and a lot of ammunition. that takes both some expertise, money, and a need to place to store it. do you have any insight into those three things? >> i did ask his grandfather. i said where the guns here? he said absolutely not. he was adamant that they were not in this house in part because the grandfather exley spent some time in prison for drug-related charges many years ago, well before his grandson was born, but he did say if there were guns and his midst a all, if he was caught with guns he would go back to prison for 10-15 years so he was adamant they weren't there. i asked him could have hidden them in the arts of market they have been at the mother's house which again was nearby he said he didn't know. and he was very disappointed that he didn't know more. he said maybe he should have paid more attention and he also mentioned to me that maybe his grandson should have talked to someone. >> last quick question, you wer able to get in and speak with
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him. had any law-enforcement had conversation with the grandfather at that time? >> he didn't really tell me if he had had many conversations with law enforcement. he said he had a brief conversation, but he didn't kno anything at that point. a lot of the things he was talking about, he said that's what they told me, that's what police told me. so it didn't sound like he had full on interview at that point but when they did go to his house and he said when they wen there he ransacked it they said they turned everything upside down and he tells me he was not there when that was happening. >> allie, thank you for the great reporting. we do appreciate it. what shameful thing did chuck schumer do on the senate floor this week? i will give you a hint, it coul make our kids even less safe at school. texas congruent woman in former congressman sean duffy are here next. stay with us.
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♪ >> one day after the shooting i the 41 that took 21 in mission lives, chuck schumer did something pretty despicable on the senate floor. he blocked the luke and alec school safety it name for luke and alex who were both killed i
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kirtland, florida. the legislation would require the department of homeland security to establish a federal clearinghouse on school safety best practices. and to collect data and user feedback and evaluation of the implementation of those best practices. is he serious? who could possibly be opposed t best practices for school security? schumer tweeted the bill put more guns in schools and quote the truth, there were officers at the school in texas, the shooter got past them. actually, the truth, chuck is that the resource officer was not there. not really a best practice, the shooter walked in through an open door left open by a teacher . joined joining me now is texas congresswoman and john duffy, former wisconsin congressman, a
7:24 pm
former prosecutor and now a fox news contributor. thank you both for joining me. i got to tell you this fires me up. it is so sad i can't even imagine the devastation. you are both parents, you have lovely beautiful families and kids like i do. but we're going through this. so a bill is on the floor that' been worked on for years since parkland. chuck schumer has a chance to put it up for a vote, unanimous consent. ledges just establish best practices and chuck schumer say no? that's not good enough? i don't know how you react to that, but i am sick and tired o these democrats lecturing the rest of the country about how they want to do this and now al of a sudden they actually do have something that they can do in a bipartisan way to put forward best practices. who is against that? chuck schumer and the democrats are against that. i saw that and i am so fed up with these democrats that want the issue, they want a lecture,
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but they don't actually want to do something that was on the floor of the senate 24 hours after the shooting. >> it is something that could have helped. if you look at all the policies that have been thrown out there if you look at the ones that work and without a doubt having school resource officers on-campus works great in fact i 2018 alone, they had three separate shooters in florida, maryland, and illinois they tried to go into a school and had a mass casualty situation. each time they have a school resource officer that met with them almost immediately, stoppe him in their tracks, disarmed them, prevented them from ever having an open fire and prevented mass casualties that works. it's a conversation we have to have. what you're seeing is democrats are politicizing this once again . its all about control. it's not about dilutions that work for it we got president biden going on his tirade hours after this killing.
7:26 pm
he is talking about in his year his career he spent with all of these bills on gun control and on gun safety. he has been there for 50 years, folks, he's been there for half a century. this problem has gotten worse, it hasn't gotten better. we are sitting here now having to deal with him talk to us in taking solutions off the table. i do want to have a message to all those families in uvalde, you have elected leaders who will fight with you, he will tr to help you through this horrible nightmarish trauma and not politicize the soul crushin grief that you are going throug right now. >> you know, we get criticized sometimes for hearts, minds, prayers, all of that, and they are so adamant about getting ri of that but then they have a chance to pass the bipartisan bill. what is senator ed markey out o massachusetts, what does he say? listen to this tape after the shooting down in texas.
7:27 pm
>> we have to take very seriously the threat which an illegitimate far right supreme court poses to gun safety in ou country. we have a supreme court to two stolen seats that the republicans and donald trump so we can ensure that when we put the gun safety they are not overwritten by the supreme cour of the united states. >> what is your reaction to that ? >> i just about get so worked up . you lose 19 kids and this is about court packing? listen, senator from massachusetts the founders put the second amendment in the constitution, and our supreme court is upholding it, but what burns me, jason is this is the
7:28 pm
ugly underbelly of politics radio both bill that could save kids life sprayed best policies for kit to keep kids safe this is about preserving an election issue for them in november so they can hopefully have a chanc at maintaining seats are going to lose both in the senate in i the house. instead of doing that, again, protecting kids, they want to say no we're going to preserve the issue. we want to see an issue that we can run on as opposed to saying hey, we can come together as a congress and passed legislation that can save lives. i think this is what makes people so angry about this issu is that things can happen. people can work together and ge things done and democrats say no , this is where the politics. >> unfortunately, we are going into an election year you do
7:29 pm
something in the bipartisan way best practice. my goodness. >> congresswoman, parents and former member, current member o congress, thank you for joining us. >> coming up commit that real corruption, no one is paying attention to. what we now know about the clinton campaign involvement in the russia hoax. that's coming up next.
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>> the jury is deliberating after today's closing arguments in the trial of accused russia hoax peddler in hillary clinton attorney. this was the first and special counselor probe into the origin of the trumpet russia investigation. correspondent david spent is here with the details. david? >> jury spent a few hours deliberating today, but we won' have a verdict until at least tuesday after the holiday
7:35 pm
weekend when michael sussman is back in court. former clinton campaign attorne michael sussman is charged with lying to the fbi, specifically then fbi general counsel james baker when he came to baker in september of 2016 and said he had some information linking th trump organization to a russian bank called alpha bank with kremlin ties via a computer server drawn terms as the light is when he told baker he was delivering information on his own, not on behalf of any clien durham argues that sussman went on behalf of the clinton campaign and peddled the story to the media and closing arguments today, jurors saw billing evidence showing that sussman build the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the fbi. e-mails between sussman and reporters also shown to jurors. sussman's team told jurors via poster board, despite with the government said this was not a giant political conspiracy theory. the defense accused the
7:36 pm
government of using smoke and mirrors to distract from the facts. they sent baker the night befor that meeting doesn't matter. it's what sussman said to baker at the fbi headquarters and there are no notes or recording of that specific in-person meeting. baker told different people different stories about what sussman actually said. again, we could have a verdict as soon as tuesday. jason? >> thank you, david berry joining me now is harming dylan attorney and founder of the center for american liberty. in brent tolman former federal prosecutor in the executive director on right on crime. i want to go do you, you've bee a federal prosecutor. what are the deep concerns abou this whole case is the jury. i believe injuries, i liked jur trials, but when you have three of the jurors who donated to hillary clinton, one of the
7:37 pm
jurors is supposedly supportive of the squad, and get another juror has a daughter who is on the same sporting team as the defendants daughter, i mean how do you look at that and say yeah , five of these jurors have ties to the defendant, i just don't understand that? >> i stood in front of juries that i was nervous about, and it's not a fun feeling. you are worried about individua jurors and what their perspective on the cases given the bias they come into the jur with. i will tell you, the facts here this is not a complex case, so for this jury to find not guilty , they are going to have to what is called jury nullification they're going to have to ignore the facts of the case which are very simple and they are upfront, and they are not disputed, and then they're going to have to ignore the law and if they do use that, then they come back and say not guilty and they do it based on
7:38 pm
politics and not the facts in the law. i hope jason that this is not a instance where the prosecutors are sitting there and they regret putting each individual that they did unto the jury, bu you can't control it all, you don't have enough challenges to remove everyone you think might have a bias so you help at the end despite those leanings, tha they will still do the right thing. >> i hope so. the media has never ever come o the traditional media institutional media, whatever you want to college, they have not done the proper job in covering this story. here you've got hillary clinton's attorney, and you've got it's a criminal trial and s the washington post for instance , they are still pulling for ill hillary clinton. they wrote perhaps there was a ploy to use information to trigger an fbi investigation of trump as durham appears to, but crucially, it didn't, put another way, hillary clinton
7:39 pm
didn't do it, and quote. i mean, it was the campaign manager who testified that yes, he involved her in this decision . >> look, this is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated in american political history and she did it and she got away with it and it is undisputed. the only thing that is in dispute here is whether the jur is going to follow the law and follow the facts to their inexorable conclusion which is that sussman lied to the fbi. some of the complicating factor here that may interfere with a conviction are of course the jury and its bias, although i don't know how you would even see a jury in dc on this type o a case they didn't have donors to democrats on that.
7:40 pm
more importantly there is a quirky issue here the fbi agent who testified were really kind of reluctant nurses. they didn't want a turnover. baker didn't want to turn over that text message, that notorious text message. to be full by the story and taken in. they were absolutely willing participants. that is that they are trying to get. so what, so what if they were laughing it up anyway. they were going to run with it no matter who was presenting it. i track cases in san francisco.
7:41 pm
the public know exactly what happened right now. and how potentially the fbi. >> i've got to go. >> monumental hooks. >> i'm sorry, we have some heartbreaks here. we appreciate you joining us. i went to turn out to something pretty cool. the best ranger competition. it happens every year at fort benning, georgia and it feature the elite of the elite, a grueling event in its 30th year. teams of two battle 464 hours covering 70 miles of obstacles in an intent for fighting competition. fox nation was lucky enough to be there for it and. >> welcome to fort benning, georgia. every year, u.s. army units and allied forces send their very best to compete in the
7:42 pm
longest-running military contes and the united states. to david e grange junior, that is ranger competition. this year fox nation has even more coverage for you on the ground, with sideline reports, joey jones, and yours truly. that is 102 soldiers battle it out performing grueling physica and mental tasks. to simulate battlefield conditions. until each member of one two-person team will be able to call themselves america's top rangers. known is the eliminator, the mile-long course test the limit of ranger candidates strength and endurance. on the commanders go. >> five, four, three, two, one.
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>> teams must race down the hil and barrel over the first wow. >> going down a full speed and then trying to come up it's at full speed while you're tired from all the events throughout the day. it's not a good time. >> every obstacle must be completed in the teams must sta together across the course. no team member can move forward until his buddy has completed the obstacle. against some of the obstacles are hard. your muscles are thrown out the window. all technique is thrown out the window in you're just trying to navigate as fast as possible. >> needed group strength and agility and you needed teamwork because by myself i would not b able to get through that obstacle. >> if you want to see more, watch fox news at 10:00 p.m. this sunday. you can catch the entire series on fox nation starting on monday . , elon musk says he is voting republican for the very first time ever. partly because of the left censorship reflex.
7:44 pm
laura talks to one doctor who says he is in the same boat. now the left is driving people away from his own party right after this.
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>> you might have heard by now that elon musk is going to vote republican for the first time
7:49 pm
saying democrats have become th party of division and hate. my next guest say democrats aggressive affinity for censoring debates and strong-arming doctors is making many doctors rethink their political allegiance very joining me now is doctor pierre corey of the frontline covid 19 critical-care critical care alliance. good to see you tonight. what specifically about many of the crazy things that have happened over the two plus year has pushed you to the edge year? take it you know, it seems like politics is entering medicine and it doesn't have to be this way and it shouldn't be this way . this ion should not be involved in politics, i'm seeing there's divisions breaking out a medicine that seems to me it's allegiances. i'm not for that. if you look at some of the things that have been going on, we are literally talking about miss information boards and people going after my medical
7:50 pm
license because my scientific opinions are different from theirs and there is this single truth. it's really dystopian and i fin it really disorienting. it is bad for medicine it's bad for patients. and, you know it is a lack of self-awareness of really what i'm seeing now from the left an the left-leaning media. they are abandoning their principles. i used to be for creative expression, free-speech, and really question authority and now they are the authoritarians so like elon, i'm very disoriented by all of it. dr. fauci spoke at princeton this week. watch. >> elements of our society have grown increasingly to a capacit of falsehoods and lies that often stand largely unchallenged . ominously leading to insidious
7:51 pm
acceptance of what i call the normalization of this. >> the normalization of untruths , he is probably talking about folks like you and others who question the wisdom of some of their early responses. your response to that? could get this is clearly an example of him accusing others for what he himself is doing. there is no untruth, we are transparent with our data with our assessment of the data, but this is absurd. this is the same guy who says h is science and now he's effectively saying he is truth. you talk about the minister of truth now. again, i go back to the same thing. declaring that his truth is the only truth. it is absolutely bizarre. he doesn't use data, and uses manipulated data.
7:52 pm
it's absolutely terrifying. >> he's very careful the way he words things. he was questioned early on abou natural immunity, acquired immunity from having gotten the virus if you weren't vaccinated. he said what we are stuttering that. user pretty smart guy. he knows basic immunology in th course of morse viruses. this is a funky virus because o the way it came about, but he's always very kind of cool caddie how he deals with those kinds o questions because i think he knows. >> if you see how his opinions have shifted over time, and it goes back to my point. we need open honest scientific transparent debates, that is ho science advances. this is so bad for patients for one person sitting atop of the federal government health agencies telling us what is tru and we're not allowed to debate that our question that? that is not how medicine
7:53 pm
advances. that's not how we discover how to help patients. it's absolutely going to hurt medicine if he keeps doing this. it has to stop. >> like vitamin d3, all these things that early on would've helped patients. everyone is pretty much vitamin d deficient especially early on we saw that very never any discussion about that. doctor, according to pfizer, three doses of the vaccine was found to be 80 percent effectiv in preventing symptomatic covid in children ages six months to six years old. what is that actually mean give how little threat to children covid is? >> it means that they cannot find enough people to vaccinate and now they're going after toddlers. and they are trying to vaccinat or offer vaccinations to young
7:54 pm
people who do not have severe outcomes, no healthy young chil has died. number two, we have effective early treatments. number three, these vaccines lean the efficacy in months fraid you can't keep vaccinatin a young person throughout their life every six months. even the article itself had three shots, i don't know what parent would put their child into an experimental gene therapy and offer them three shots of this vaccine so it for a disease that's not deadly. that's not even mentioning the unprecedented adverse effects o these vaccines. the idea that that is actually credited credit be credibly being entertained with a four -year-old. terrifying. >> we appreciate your courage i speaking out on all of these issues and we will check back with you soon. >> final thoughts when we return .
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>> thank you for watching tonight, i am jason jfet in fou or ingraham per think you to laura for letting me take over this e*trade think of memorial day, think of the millions of people who sacrifice their live for this country. a member, not just on fourth of july, not unjust memorial day, remember it on monday and every day. ♪ >> genuinely stupid. happy friday. i sincerely hope you're excited for your three-day weekend. i know i am great this is what did last year.


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