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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 27, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> thank you for watching tonight, i am jason jfet in fou or ingraham per think you to laura for letting me take over this e*trade think of memorial day, think of the millions of people who sacrifice their live for this country. a member, not just on fourth of july, not unjust memorial day, remember it on monday and every day. ♪ >> genuinely stupid. happy friday. i sincerely hope you're excited for your three-day weekend. i know i am great this is what did last year.
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memories. so come out whenever a huge ugl story unfolds, the media has to do its thing. my brain still to her at a pie eating contest, they never seem to know when to quit. >> so you saw at the gun show. its natural after a tragedy i supposed to report and report that's necessary, but what if there is not enough news to do more reporting? will than you repeated and repeated again. it's like that cars for kids ad that makes me want to puncture my eardrums. they really are talented though. but it's everything but facts, you call in talking heads and
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experts for angles in emotional testimony. they are the hamburger helper o news ending volume to the name in course and then when they ru dry, the speculation begins. like me calling my pharmacist, it is relentless. it won't stop. everyone tries to outdo each other. and am i more perceptive than you? are you more emotionally affected than me? the news is productive as an argument with an meter maid rat is then punctuated by dribs in drabs a new info which hours later turns out to be wrong. it was an officer confronting the shooter, no there wasn't, the shooter killed himself, no he didn't. the press used to say if your mother says she loves you, you should check it out first. now it's hey, guess until you'r right meanwhile, everyone turns into little columbo's, experts and speculation, but little else . at least columbo got it right i the end.
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now it's was there a delay in police action in if so why, should they have gone right in or wait for others, did they screw up? it's like we could make these decisions easily. suddenly we are experts in tactics and say what we would have done. i know what i would have done. hide behind tyrus. then i'd offer geraldo is a trade. i'm kidding, geraldo. stop it very. >> at least it wasn't you. >> a lovely man. >> we played monday morning quarterback monday through friday and then some. i find it hypocritical for medi to criticize reaction time when ours is always off. it's just in the opposite direction per just like when we watch videos of cops interactin with unarmed suspects, suddenly we became experts in policing. in reality the closest we've
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come to studying the police is watching the documentary. oh, i get it. >> away homer. the fact is a lot of us got journalism degrees to avoid doing math. we can't help ourselves, it's the nature of the beast when i was a kid, we had 30-60 minutes of news tops each day that included sports, weather, and ten minutes a birthday shout ou to people who went too high school with god. now it is 24/7. we went from a little bucket of news to an olympic size pool that needs filling every day. it's like tyrus bathtub where his rubber ducky is an actual tugboat. >> you got one more. i know. i know. but me pointing this out doesn' mean it's going to change. i am a powerful cog in this machine we call the media, but
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don't have that kind of influence. i can barely get kat debates. >> i showered twice today. >> sure you did. >> at least we should acknowledge our role in this, right now we just show up at th end of a crime but that crime i often the end of a long ugly road featuring clues that make us wonder why we didn't see it coming. ucl you could've prevented it after it's already occurred. the problem is the bad guys watch tv news to. the next time they will do it differently and we have to know a lot another lesson how to prevent that specific crime. learning on the job is one thin when your stocking shelves at walmart, but when it comes to policing, learning from mistake means learning from horrific human tragedy and may be the death of one of their own. maybe we should slow down our reaction time instead of worrying about how others do theirs, several variable figure
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will scream guns after an atrocity like this, but we can handle more than one thought. there is mental instability, bullying, disturbing presence o social media. the ingredients in these strategies are as consistent as the ones of a big mac. yes there are variables we should catch early. one of them though is us, the media. we never lower the heat to thes things even when we know they trigger company cats. i'm not saying you shouldn't report these stories, reporting is one thing, but acting as a publicist for the killer is another the media almost turns the story into a late-night infomercial telling young mentally unstable men who might be watching that you too can be a household name, you to can go out in a blaze of glory and mak history. you can be the next creep who shall not be named. that's the reason someone chooses suicide plus over just suicide. to suicide plus has a payoff
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provided by you know who, us. as we criticize cops and say they should have done it better and hope they learn from it, we should also say that about the press. two bad we won't listen. let's welcome tonight's guest. his degrees at princeton and oxford prove he is terrible at sports. walter kearns. she shakes more foundations tha the and andrea's fault. foxbusiness anchor. her family is planning a road trip to get away from her, fox news contributor kat timpf. and, his chest x-rays have to b shown at the local drive-in, my massive sidekick in the nwa
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world television champion tyrus. walter, good to see you as always. so how do you improve in an industry like this in which our job is to fill space. not necessarily our fault, it's just that we have spacelike 12 fold and now are like just stuc just going over the same path over in over again, there is a question in there somewhere walter, by the way, you look great. i think we can agree he looks great. >> he does. let's add to the problem by having me comment on it. to get what you think about the things i'm saying you shouldn't be commenting on? >> i promise to try to be funny later in the show, but i covere a mass shooting once for a
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magazine in aurora, colorado,. the midnight shooting at a batman premiere and i was there in the morning. there was still blood in the parking lot, there was still please spilled popcorn from the fleeing people and the kids of the town whose friends had died the night before we're sitting around looking at this police tape area and one of them had a shirt on that said my bloodied valentine and it had a picture of a head exploding. i said that's a little strange to wear that shirt after this terrible shooting and he said well it's a band, i had noticed. >> so the moral of the story is that i don't think we notice anymore that we are absolutely saturated in this violence, in this talk of shootings in shooters, we use the language a though we've all gone to the police academy, and my feeling
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after that shooting was that th coverage is like a blanket that we throw over a body. we can't stand to look it in th eye. so we cover it in coverage. one thing about guns that i think we can all agree they shouldn't be in the hands of insane people. but the problem is we can't define insane anymore. i think that we could start wit ourselves. where a little insane and we drive everybody else insane in the media. >> that is true. that is true. what are your thoughts. >> on my eloquent monologue tha will win awards. >> as a journalist, i'm doing gods work, so then the last two years i have been your virologist, epidemiologist, economist, lawyer, i've been historian on eastern europe, asia, and the former soviet
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union a weapon specialists, a beautician, and when asked, walter, if you want to look better than you do right now, and amateur dermatologist. nothing has changed except the saturation because when i told my father i called him on the phone when i got my first job i said daddy, i'm going to be a journalist and his response was oh honey, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. is late couldn't you be an irs agent or a repo man? it hasn't really changed. >> that is great. it so funny, we've all become experts. if you wrote an article in 1983 on airlines, you will end up
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getting called by a cable station signing it is an expert all it takes is one experts, that makes you an expert on a lot of things? >> okay, so i actually disagree. i think it's okay for to be critical of the police even though i couldn't do their jobs because part of the reason that i don't do that job is that i know i couldn't do it so the people who do have a job i thin they should be investigated and we're these mass mistakes made they are they are talking about people should be held accountable. i think that is fine to say. what starts to bother me is whe there is all of this time to talk about the story and everyone wants to take out each other were it someone calls it horrible and then someone says no, no, no, it was unfathomable and then it just becomes of you vocabulary showdown. it's like what are you we doing
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here? >> is, obviously the families aren't watching the shows right now, but it's like i'm always trying to say what if they accidentally did, how would the feel seeing their kids up there on tv how would they feel about seeing their kids up there whil they have a picture of the killer which has happened in certain newspapers, they will have the guy all over the place and it's like i don't appearanc don't want to see that part anyway that's not the question just wanted to handed over to you tyrus for the final thoughts . >> again, you said it right the other day, sometimes we just need to shut up. of course mistakes were made, h was able to get in the school and kill children into teachers. the people who made those mistakes are going to have to live with that for the rest of their life. the teacher who left the door open has paid for that. the two police officers that were shot while the cops were trying to figure out what was happening, in real-time, every second that they are trying to figure out a gun bullet going off, a gun bullet going operate
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and then you here have people i chairs like this talking about what they did wrong. mistakes were made, one of the officers lost his own child. you don't think that's going to live with him? let's not forget who was responsible. the murderer is. he had time to plan, he had supports, he had finance, he watched, he waited, he had the advantage and it's a simple thing. him not a genius and i don't pretended be one. i always plan for a problem. a goes to his point, instill yo start looking in the mirror and start saying that we have bad people, we have evil people, we have [bleep] monsters in every town and city and we need to plan accordingly than we can do that, in till then we will have roundtables like this and all these geniuses on tv and i go back to your awesome point and you had the balls to say it, sometimes we need to shut the hell up.
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>> up next. do humans have more to deduce i we trust the president less tha betelgeuse. ♪♪ [crowd cheering] they did it. did it while working day jobs
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>> who do people trust the most? a politician or a ghost radar w messed up in the head if we believe less in the living than the dead. do research, find that people believe in ghosts more than the trust the government. it's tough competition considering how invisible kamal harris is. i don't know if i deserve the applause on that, anyway, i'm taking a. a poll of nearly 1,000 people
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and the uk found that 50 percen believe in the existence of ghost, meanwhile just 20 percen said they have faith in the government. even fewer had faith in the power of toothpaste. what to make of this? what with this paul say if it was done in the u.s.? it's hard to say that democrats do so well with dead voters. not to mention the poltergeist currently haunting the oval office. and years ago, let's face it, democrats did ride around wearing white sheets. getting a a lot of of loss today . i'm not used to this. basically a random person on th street is more than twice as likely to believe in casper versus b-1. the same survey found only 12
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percent believe in magic, apparently they've never seen m in a pair of leather chaps, tyrus, as for believing in ghosts more than politics, it may be it's not a bad thing. until you run into a ghost who happens to be political. >> welcome back to ghost lotion i am your host. we are in the incredibly well-preserved living room of notorious victoria error this place is crawling with paranormal activity. >> did you hear that? show yourself, spirit. >> another frivolous white male. a time when women were second-class citizens and this is destroying the ozone, factories destroying the rights of labor workers in as of today the democrats our in danger of losing their house majority great you know it's actually scary, republicans.
8:22 pm
gate shut the cameras offered b the way, how is your hair outside of the sheet. >> i already know the answer to this question, but i'm going to ask you anyway. have you ever seen a ghost? >> no. >> i tried to. >> yes, because i want somethin to believe in. >> exactly. >> it's okay. >> i was scared of the ouija board. i had three sisters, i knew the move that thing around but it still scared me. >> my mom said if i ever played with that there would be double in the house. >> she was right. you are the devil. >> but, having said you don't believe in ghosts, you still believe in goes more than you believe in government? >> i'd know for sure i don't
8:23 pm
know for sure about ghost, but know for sure i don't believe i the government. >> i don't believe in ghosts, but i believe my digestive system is haunted. >> okay. i don't care how much they applaud, i'm not doing this tonight. culturally, as you may or may not know, i'm black, we don't have time to believe in ghosts. we have freeloading relatives, we don't need ghosts in the dam house. no one wants to put up with a haunted house because chances are it's going to be a racist haunted house right every time come home it's changing the locks. pay rent, i don't need that. on time for that. >> is this a helpful survey i think it is. like you know, it tells me how little trust people have in government? get i don't need a survey because i could pose this
8:24 pm
question to anybody, do you wan to come over to my parents hous and hang around the room my mother died in, or would you rather come over to my house an hang out with a politician who' going to chew your ear off for two hours in then pick your pocket and do nothing for you. >> dead mom. >> may be a cold breeze blows through that smells like lavender, she wakes you up in the middle the night, but you get something from it. >> you would be a great real estate agent. >> she has a lot of job titles but think about this, this is the dead mom room over here. i tell everybody that comes over . no, you know you're sitting in the chair that mama died in. i make a lot of friends that way . >> all right, walter. get this study proves that they are running out of studies.
8:25 pm
but since they did it, it cause me to think about the similarities between ghosts and government. like government, ghosts live in a whole house, like government, they kind of keep you up at night, and then you wake up in cold sweat. like government, ghosts are mostly white. let you know, as i say, i don't think the studies like this really prove anything except that we are giving too much money to our universities. >> hurts i will pose this question to you, kat. when a ghost blows off another ghost, is that called being
8:26 pm
human? >> please refrain. rephrase the question. >> is it called being human? >> know it's just called being leap. >> you can take these people anywhere. up next, woke stores who think it's vital to drop sheet from a title. relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat
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>> san francisco has a beef wit job titles containing chief rat this he and francisco unified school district is dropping the word chief from all of its job titles out of respect for nativ americans. and everyone in the city is jumping for joy and landing in.
8:31 pm
it is as if they gave people titles and then took them back. if only there were a way to describe doing them. anyway, the district supposed person claimed our leadership team agreed that given that native american members of our community have expressed concer over the use of the title, we are no longer going to use it. hi, i'd like to make a, but the school district website still has the worth chief plastered all over it great chief technology officer. 13 chiefs and all, that more chiefs than the kansas city starting lineup where they are going have to switch the titles ahead, but i guess that will
8:32 pm
offend a program van brunt. >> headless horseman. >> thank you. >> you know it's about but you don't. >> i did. >> thank you. it's extra stupid considering chief is a title of honor the traces back to the word 1300 a.d. when nancy pelosi was just starting her third term. of course, this isn't the first time this school district made of itself. it is the same jerks who tried to change school names during the pandemic instead of getting kids back into classrooms where they could learn that the founding fathers were actually transgender women. it's true, like the whigs and stockings weren't a dead giveaway. it backfired and led to the
8:33 pm
recall of three board members. they got asked, but i don't wan to trigger any nearby trees. tyrus, how great is your life i this is your problem. or her sad is your life. >> they need to take away the leadership. a team of leadership came up with this one? so the weight you solve the highest level of literacy in schools is to take away one of the easiest words to spell and that was genius, in chief, by the way, geniuses is a french english word and was an english word used to describe someone who had leadership ability. it actually had nothing to do with native americans. may be this is what the woke do they get their kicked, and instead of saying we made a mistake and we should substance focus on substance and not fantasy. no, let's keep the party going and take away chief. that'll get it. >> walter, instead of doing
8:34 pm
anything to help anybody, it seems like these people are sitting in a room with a thesaurus in dictionary and finding things to get upset about so they can feel good about it later. >> it's a lot easier than givin them their land back. so this confirms my thesis that government is never more racist than when it is trying not to be . first of all, san francisco should apologize to roman catholics for naming it's horrible city after st. francis. he was the patron saint of animals, right? >> is coming he was so in that sense, san francisco is properl named. >> nicely done.
8:35 pm
>> but i was going to say that you know, i wrote a friend, i come from montana on the reservation this morning and i said what do you think of this because all i know is that i can't speak for native american and probably the government of san francisco can't either. so i asked when, and he said this is not one of us i promise you. >> that is the thing when i was reading this and they say out o concern expressed by some of our . like do native americans really care? >> this is happened in other places great i think they tried to do it in duluth, minnesota a one point. i was reading a this is the word . why are they not getting upset about it if we're not upset about it.
8:36 pm
can you imagine the nerd in class who's got his like sir, i mean ma'am, i mean person, mean they them, this is an old frenc word, shut up. because you can even speak up. what's up, chief. >> that's what i call my dad. >> it's a great name for everyone. >> at only call my dad chief. >> he is the chief of police. >> know i'm the chief. >> just look at me. i think terrace made such a great point at this is what the are focusing on, last year san francisco was in the bottom 5 percent for literacy in schools. lake literacy, which is pretty important in terms of going to school learning how to read and write.
8:37 pm
>> and want to commend you by maintaining the t an important. >> you have made me so self-conscious that i can't eve say the word anymore. >> it's like when to hear peopl say it. gate now, he would never leave me alone about it because obviously, that's the biggest problem in the world. and so now i really focus and say important. you know it it's not? it's not often, it's often. you don't say the t because i know that. >> she was the deadly writer wh couldn't keep her plans inside her. ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪
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>> if you want your husband dea as a log, it may be don't post your plan on a stupid blog.
8:42 pm
this week is self published romance novelist that isn't jus you, kat rose wrote an essay titled how to merge your husban and was just convicted for murdering her husband. talk about stupid even oj didn' write if i did it until after h finished murdering. kind of funny coincidence, i just wrote a blog called how to deal drugs from larry kudlow's medicine cabinet. according to police, nancy crampton, shot her husband in 2018 while he prepared for work. network is when you perform agreed-upon services in exchang for money, that explanation was for pete it had various options
8:43 pm
for committing an untraceable mark murder and a desire to get away from it. but who hasn't planned a murder before, you know what i mean? anyway, but, she also blabbed t her cellmates who testified against her. apparently nancy claimed her husband was shot through the heart and she was to blame. giving love, giving love a bad name. got a level whitesnake rate tha is might nickname who loves bon jovi and that is his nickname for wrestling. friday, what you want from me. either way she forgot step one of getting away with murder, don't tell the internet or your cellmate and don't wear a butto that says ask me about how i
8:44 pm
murdered my husband. walter, you are an author who has actually written about a ne murderer. i hope everyone buys it. i have a theory about this merger. i think he was attempting to make the murder tax-deductible. because i know is a professiona writer that any research you do and any costs you incur can be deducted from your taxes. i also think it wasn't a stupid plan that you believe it to be. i think as a defense you could say listen, when i wrote a blog post about trying to murder my husband, what i then go in do it ? >> it's like, if you're kind of daring people to make the connection. i would be the last person to d that. that's why i said that thing about. >> i wrote a blog post last yea
8:45 pm
called how not to beat be murdered by your wife, and i'm hoping that it doesn't come true . >> and i think you threatened t kill a lot of people. >> threatened. >> did you ever worry one of them may end up dead and then they would go click on television and find out what yo said? >> no, i'm smarter than writing a log post about mistakes and going to make and the future. one mistake, she said glock was bought for two protect her husband when he went to forge for mushrooms, you don't need a clock for that. >> i hate to say it, but it's mushroom season in montana and in fact you do. there are armed gangs of muth from hunters spread out across
8:46 pm
the west, but things are incredibly valuable, they sell for like $25 a pound in in fact you do need to be armed to hunt for wild mushrooms very. >> i stand corrected. they've got nothing on mushrooms . nothing i tell you. >> by the way, if you really want to kill somebody and leave no trace, you feed them poisonous mushrooms. just one more thing, if you really want to make your husban pay one way to do it, you state stayed married to him forever. and you harangue him and whittl them down to a little nub. >> cat, how has this changed your life? how has this informed your future decision-making. >> we talk about this all the time.
8:47 pm
tyrus and timpf greatly so you don't do a crime, but if you must, if you must comment you need to realize it's called a life of crime for a reason because you have to make other decisions in your life that you wouldn't have to make if you didn't do a crime instead of writing a blog post she should've started spreading som rumors that her husband was doing shady stuff like you may be had a drug problem, he had some gang involvement so then when the hitman you hired takes them out nobody shocked. it is a life of crime, you have to have an exit strategy. >> boom, say it again. >> exit strategy. >> i feel like i'm on an infomercial where i have to hos telling me how to get away with murder, but. >> if she would've listened to tyrus tibbs, she would've been everywoman. >> have to go plan.
8:48 pm
again, we don't condone murder. >> we don't condone it. >> but if you must, start from the back. some of this has to fall on the husband. there is science. if i came home and i sought notes and etchings on how to murder me, i'm going to ask som questions. like you didn't know, sometimes you have to pay attention to he when she starts getting shady and does things like they can just fix her hair, so whenever they fix their hair, plans lay down and you've got about 48 hours to figure it out. >> the exit strategy is easy. its don't talk to the cops. >> and don't put them. >> and also, you can pretend as if you are going to be the next victim of this.
8:49 pm
you have this horrible addicted gang banger in your life. >> but then you could become th person who says i'm going to lead the search for my missing. >> absolutely. your two shaken up right. >> you already told all of your friends it was a bad marriage i you differently because you wer afraid, they already all have your backs. not that you should. >> those who our spending too much time together. this is like when you say note we should keep them separate fo a wow. all right, my mom used to do that all the time. and nobody asks why. >> inflation outstrips our budget for road tripsps. ou for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine.
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>> here is a story in five words , american road trips are dead it's true, no one's doing road trips anymore. you just went on a big one, didn't you? >> i did. >> due to inflation in pandemic. >> this as set for kids because kids learn a lot on road trips.
8:54 pm
i learn a lot of stuff like big belt buckles for it get there i a picture of a frenchman with a beret in a long feather. >> that is a memory. >> sorry girls britt get the most important thing about reid trips is how to balance the tim with beverage consumption because there's nothing worse those someone and car who has a big gulp and doesn't figure in that we have to stop every 25 minutes because of your tiny little female bladder. >> i'm a female, and i don't stop. so if i'm driving, i don't stop. and you don't need a lot of money to do overload trip. to get pregnant, is sleep in church yards or graveyards. nobody messes with you in a graveyard. i have done that, i have slept in a churchyard worried i was going to get eaten by gators in louisiana. >> and don't know how you lived
8:55 pm
up to that that point in life britt get a thing we should wor backwards, tyrus. >> the drive from florida to california is like almost a grand and then you've got to deal with traffic with the fennel smugglers and then the truckstop still have the french ticklers apparently. the graveyards are full, there is double occupancy, sometimes it's better to just fly. >> kat, you are going on a road trip after the show. >> i go on if you every year, but i do count. it is disgusting once again, bu apparently that point wasn't important enough.
8:56 pm
>> i am such a nice person. >> you should work and the library.
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>> we are out of time. thank you for our guests. the evil shannon bream is up next. >> hello and welcome to fox new at night, i am shannon bream in washington. >> there was 19 officers in there, there were plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done, with one exception, that the incident commander inside believed they needed mor commitment equipment and more officers for a tactical breach at that point. hey


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