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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 27, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time. thank you for our guests. the evil shannon bream is up next. >> hello and welcome to fox new at night, i am shannon bream in washington. >> there was 19 officers in there, there were plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done, with one exception, that the incident commander inside believed they needed mor commitment equipment and more officers for a tactical breach at that point. hey come out with the benefit o
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hindsight, hay hey, standby, standby. hey, standby. standby. of got it. from the benefit of hindsight where we are sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. >> tonight's, hearts in uvalde raking all over again as we get a clearer picture of what happened before and during the horrific massacre at a texas elementary school. a public safety officials is a teacher propped open the locked door and later the commanding officer made a series of tragic makes calculations, desperate children called 91 went repeatedly and begged the polic to come help them. those revelations came on a stunning friday afternoon dues briefing detailing a number of decisions being seriously scrutinized tonight. jeff with the very latest tonight. >> tonight law enforcement admitting that mistakes were made in their response to the shooting that led to 19 student
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into teachers dying, the most glaring texas dps is while the clock was ticking 45 minutes went by with many officers standing and the hallway there were kids inside in the classroom with fish shooter tha would have been able to be helped. >> clearly those kids are at risk and of by the way, there could be kids that are injured. it's important for life-saving purposes to get there and rende aid. >> this all goes back to investigators saying the local incident commander at the time of the shooting thought there was no longer a threat to kids, they assume the active shooter situation had changed into a barricaded man, but we now know authorities believe children were inside the school as the shooting was unfolding calling 911. they were begging operators to please send police now. texas dps is while this was
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happening, 19 officers stood in the hallway turning to figure out the way to get inside the classroom where the shooter was barricaded. they say more than 45 minutes g by until border patrol agents show up with a master key to open up the classroom door in the suspect was then shot and killed. >> the information i was given turned out in part to be an accurate. absolutely livid about that. there are people who deserve answers the most, and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are accurate. >> what is unclear at the momen is how many kids died and how many teachers died in that span of 48 minutes from when officers , 19 of them are standing and the hallway to the time they got in the classroom and killed the suspect, how man died during that time period, that is still very much under
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investigation. >> what is next in the investigation? >> they are really trying to drill down into who the shooter was and they are going to be looking at many different place they're going to be looking at his spending habits how did you get the money to buy the firearms and all that ammunition . they're also going to look into his cyber footprint. it was he talking to when he wa sending these direct messages. how far do they go back. what we're his fans if he had any. all of these things are going t be looking into. investigators our saying. >> jeff, as long as we get them accurate. we need to be patient at a time when it's tough to do that. let's continue the about the search for the answers tonight with a reporter who just returned from uvalde.
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senior writer and author of fiery, but mostly peaceful and men with years of experience charles moreno. welcome back to both of you. >> thank you, shannon. >> event there and on the groun with the community, as we get more and more information, some of it vastly different than wha we are first told what is the feeling and the community. i would imagine the overriding issue is just immense grief there. >> absolutely. when he first arrived on the scene that tuesday it was very evident the death toll, and we knew that officers were on the scene within a short amount of time so thinking about it on tuesday didn't make a whole lot of sense because i had assumed lot of people may be had assume that the police were following the active ticket which as you go in and take up the threat as soon as possible, but today we found out that that wasn't the case because of they believed i
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changed from an a barricade because in those situations fro a military background entering doorways in a shooting situatio is very dangerous. the mission comes first and the mission for the officers at tha point was to take out the shooter as soon as possible. clearly that's not what happened . it was border patrol who had to take charge and say well screw it, we're going and anyway and think they should be hailed as heroes for finally putting a stop to it. a lot of questions, a lot of people are confused and understandably upset. >> to your point about the border agents. we have fox had this, it says to officials briefed on the situation told the new york times specialized border patrol agents arrived 30 minutes earlier than previously thought freight additionally great additionally they say that uvalde held the border patrol
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agents back from going inside. tonight the headline from nbc news is this. federal agents who went to confront the gunman who killed 19 children were told by local police to wait and not enter th school and then identified abou a half-hour to ignore that initial guidance and find the shooter. say to federal senior law enforcement officials. how does this work when you get to the scene you got multiple agencies on site, but these border patrol guys said basically we are doing it. don't try to stop us. >> listen, shannon. you can see here this situation just gets worse and worse with every minute that goes by from the propped open door that allowed the shooter to get inside the school to the delaye police response in the misreading of the entire situation of what was going on. this was from the start, and should have been assumed an active shooter situation based
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on the totality of the information that was coming and both through the 911 calls whic we're still not sure if those we're making it to the scene in the sounds of gunshots that we're going off. what we have here are authorities being held back by the incident commander which reports are the local chief of police from the uvalde police department and at some point in time the bortac unit said forge it, we're going and you're reading this wrong and we are going to respond, so this was a failure of response from the start here, and reading this as a barricade situation as oppose to active shooter is a big-time change in tactics where in our situation, you are waiting for negotiators in swat teams and all the other law-enforcement luxuries that come with it is a active shooter you go right in as soon as possible and you
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neutralize that threat. that obviously did not happen. >> so, the new york times is reporting on what was happening there and said this, two months ago the school district hosted an active shooter training for officers using instructional materials that say the priority for responding officers to stop the killing by confronting the attacker. so have you heard any explanation in your time there on the ground because from all of the other accounts i've been reading, they say the uvalde swat team which a couple of years ago went all the businesses and schools specifically to train and figur out the layout were never unseen . i don't know if that's accurate or not, but that's what we've been told. why did all this opposer training not actually come to fruition when they needed it th most. again, i can tell you that i have been to uvalde, the whole
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reason i was in there was because i was covering the christ border crisis and eagle pass. this is a small town, it's pretty remote. it is just a very tightknit community. there is a lot of confusion tha the residents have and lots of questions. you're right, they have sizable police force and when everythin that's been going on at the border, texas dps, there is border patrol there as well, so the issue wasn't personnel, there's clearly enough personnel , but there was seemingly an unwillingness to act or follow through on the training that they apparently went through. >> and want to pick up on something that you noted, when you change over to a barricade situation the assumption is tha i am assuming come out my educated guess is you think the shooter has left there and that's what you're trying to negotiate to get them out. here's what we know from the
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wall street journal they say 91 operators getting calls within the classroom. the first time at 12:03 from girl who is in room 112. at 1210 she called back and sai multiple people were dead. she called again at 12:13 and 1216 saying eight or nine students were still alive. work calls came over the next i the operator advised the girl calling to stay very quiet. one girl said four minutes apar to please send the police now. where do you look for an explanation about the breakdown they decided a barricade situation there are multiple 91 calls coming from inside for multiple people saying we are still alive and we need help. i cannot imagine this child calling 911 all of these times think police and police, police and police, police and police and the midst of this absolute
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horror. >> i can't understand it for th life of me. one thing i do want to bring up shannon is to have the governor of texas come on national tv earlier today and say that he was misled by a roomful of people about exactly what happened here, i can't believe he didn't follow-up that sentence with a list of resignations or firings. i mean you have got real-time communication from a dispatch center, we know that dispatch center has radio communications with the local and the state police, so we know that that information is getting back to them. in the last count of what happened that day.
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i'm sure we're going to get a different iteration of what happened that day. we are going to see that there was not a lot of training. the state police and the local police. >> again, the reminder it's a reset for all of us is the person responsible for all of i is the shooter who was filled with evil and decided to carry this out. he is the bad guy. we ask our heroic law-enforcement officers to do lot and it's not to discourage them at all it's just to get answers that we can do whatever we can to fight against this. god bless them because i know they are going to have a lot of sleepless nights questioning over in over if they made these right or wrong decisions. it's really for the answers to get to those parents because they deserve them. >> with protesters outside in former president trump and texa senator ted cruz inside, they
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chose to speak at the national rifle association just 300 mile away from uvalde. the heated atmosphere in housto tonight. >> the convention top 270,000 signatures, but it didn't stop the nra from moving forward fre former president trump spoke to those in attendance and he has been seemingly taking jabs that politicians allegedly attemptin to make a political statement out of the mass shooting. >> it is the time to find commo ground sadly before the sun had even set on the horrible day date of tragedy we witnessed, a now familiar rate of cynical politicians seeking to exploit the tears of sobbing families, to increase their own power and take away our constitutional rights. >> trump also telling nra members that schools should be the single hardest target in ou country. texas senator ted cruz is being criticized by democrats in the
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days following this close shooting for his stance on the second amendment, but he still spoke at the convention. >> ultimately, as we all know, what stops armed bad guys is armed good guys. >> protesters and opposition to the convention could be heard outside saying this. >> shame on you, shame on you. >> the mayor of houston also said it was disrespectful for elected officials to attend the convention here what he had to say. >> they have every right to express their views, it would b disrespectful for any elected official to attend the nra when a few days ago they were extending their prayers and condolences to the families. >> twitter users were blasting the nra, when years are saying the nra is completely out of touch with where the vast
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majority of responsible gun owners our in this country. it is time the vast majority of responsible gun owners in this country tell the nra to go and now there saying what does the nra stand for? not relevant anymore. the convention is expected to wrap up on sunday. shannon, back to you. >> thank you very much, ashley. much more ahead. lorne greene sits down with lee greenwood to talk about his decision not to perform at the nra this year. president biden scheduled to visit to meet with families and community leaders on sunday as his ministration is renewing a major push for new gun-control laws, having corked is covering all of that for us tonight. >> while it is true the president will travel to texas on sunday to engage the familie of those impacted by the massacre in uvalde, he hopes to leave the folks behind in washington with a bit of inspiration for some dealmaking over on capitol hill. that's where lawmakers continue
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to feverishly pull the levers o a political band-aid of a beat country still reeling after a series of mass shootings bred cute this great academy prepare due to face every challenge and overcome every obstacle. >> we'll give you remarks at th graduation today, president was a mere 30 to miles away from th white house, but the lawmakers back in washington seemingly worlds apart in their search fo common ground on gun reform perhaps closer than ever. >> i don't want to overstate my options. up until now, it has been pulle out from under me me every single step. >> different because unlike so many other mass shootings, this kind of hurts seems almost universally raw and a moment perhaps right to do something, anything to assuage the pain.
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>> this is a new development. buffalo is a new development, i think there is a sense of urgency that we didn't feel before. so we are going to try it. that's all we can do is try. >> exactly what can be done depends on whose perspective yo subscribe to. it was just back in april that the president signed a series o executive orders, regulations and proposals intended to curtail firearm violence including on ghost guns that ar sold in kids and then made by consumers. rules requiring registration to own stabilizing braces that can make handguns handle more like rifles. and the new requirement that th atf and doj issue annual report on gun trafficking and an effor say critics essentially akin to using a shoe heel to hammer a spike when what's really needed from the white house and congress is a sledgehammer.
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>> it takes a mass shooting lik this. there is a mass slaughter in this country every single night. it does tend to take the school shootings get people to move. >> now to the folks outside of the beltway, murphy is a democrat from connecticut bird that is of course where the sandy hook elementary school massacre happened a decade ago grade while he concedes the chances of a deal emerging over republican opposition are slim, the white house is pushing congressional lawmakers to ask, but on the other side of the argument a lot of people point this out the government in texa had broke several laws while committing the crimes. coming up, what we know about the texas school massacre has rapidly evolved a week long, so
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how has the media handled this gutwrenching story? that is next.
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>> here we are again on another day of mourning in this country. once again we grieve. for the little boys and whose lives have been ended and whose families. >> r culture is controlled by fear and cowardice. masculinity, traditional male values are under attack. it's not any mystery why young boys are confused, angry, menta illness is running rampant in
9:26 pm
america. >> this week has required us to cover one of the most difficult tragic stories in recent memory so how does the media handled the sometimes rapidly evolving details coming out? let's talk about that start of the story. and news busters managing editor , great to have you with us, gentlemen. >> you guys have got some highlights in low lights and th media this week great jewel, i' going to start with your little eights, let's play this. >> republicans are trying themselves into pretzels pointing their finger at every single thing but the problem. as far as we know there was no mental health issue with the individual who stole the future of 19 children in uvalde, texas. >> any time a tragedy like this occurs, we always prepare mysel to hear some really awful rhetoric coming like from the pendant class. this one still took my breath
9:27 pm
away a little bit. i'm not going to respond by making fun of joy reed remarkin that i'm amazed that she has a tv show where people pay her money to share these sorts of thoughts with i'm assuming the dozens of viewers that tune in every week. i think the more appropriate response is one of sadness. our culture, a lot of our culture is so desperate to avoi a lot of the real issues that our plaguing our culture right now. we can see the brokenness of ou institutions, our leadership, our politicians and our families . we kind of for all of our energ in our focus in this inanimate object, the gun, the scapegoat that seems like such an easy solution to us and i think it's just a tragedy. we need to start having a lot o
9:28 pm
these difficult conversations. >> there are going to be headlights, we have some good news. curtis i want to play your light . >> use that 15 at the gun show, see you in court. does your neighbor have too big an arsenal? call the cops. there are going to come for those ar 15's, and you better get ready to give them up. >> curtis, your little late for for? genghis going to echo what joy has to say, really the view and enjoy reading can stand in for really any of these news outlet or comedy shows or pungent case of punditry on the left, there are a few issues in our body politics where there is more misinformation out there and just informed people then on guns. it requires a lot of sobriety o the part of not just journalist
9:29 pm
but on the american public as well. you are not seeing that obviously with people like the view and whoopi goldberg specifically. she is just off of claiming tha she knows better than the catholic church regarding speaker pelosi, so now she's moving on to this great i guess she's taking a page out of ajo overwork from his presidential campaign when he said we are going to take your ar 15's, and it doesn't accomplish anything. >> apparently he has change tha now he's running for statewide office in texas. let's get to your highlights because we need some good news. i'm going to put up the picture here and let you explain, this is a somebody that decided to breach those doors and go in an get the shooter. >> a lot of the details are still coming out, as far as i know the name of this man who was wearing this cap hasn't bee released but as far as we know, it seems that the small handful of off-duty border patrol agent disobeyed orders, it disobeyed
9:30 pm
standdown order and rushed into save these kids and, i can't think of anything more american than disobeying orders to do th right thing. i think it's awesome. there are some other pictures, he was obviously after the. it is encouraging to see in the midst of this brokenness and corruption we see the core of america is still there. the good people that gives me hope. >> another picture i know shows him with the stitches and his scalp, he was so close to that bullet doing more damage, but h was willing to run in there. >> from learning about what actually occurred brickey give us a quick explanation?
9:31 pm
>> the former colleague of mine he ventured out to start the reload which is dedicated to sober serious firearm safety an reporting about guns freight as i was saying and my previous answer this is an issue that requires facts and very specifi concise arguments to break through the noise and the emotion can sometimes overwhelm and frequently overwhelm us and for cnn to put stephen on the air was a smart move, i hope more of that continues. or news outlet should be lookin at people like stephen who aren't going to yell and scream to draw outrage and applause an instead allow people to take a breath. >> and we need factual information whether it's in regard to the law enforcement response, legislative measures, we need to have those conversations because we are mostly drained and just heartbroken for these people in texas. we want to have spirited debate but one that is respectful.
9:32 pm
thank you both for being with us . >> thank you. >> as we reported earlier in th show will go on on the nra convention in houston this weekend but one regular contributor to the festivities has decided it is too fresh for him to participate this year. lauren greene has his story, good evening, lauren. >> good evening, she and impair he has a patriot, a man of faith , and a supporter of the second amendment, but in the wake of the texas school shooting, lee greenwood cancele his scheduled concert this weekend at an nra convention. ♪ singing ♪ >> singer lee greenwood opening the all-american summer concert series with his defining song about faith, family and country per eight he was scheduled to also headline the national rifl association convention this memorial day weekend in houston but joined a list of performers canceling on the event in the
9:33 pm
wake of the shooting in texas including don mcqueen in larry gatlin. >> i would be singing to endors an automatic weapon which kille those children. i talked to larry gatlin a friend of mine and i said guys, i vote for unity here because i'm not going to sing. i called them and i said i just can't in clear conscience sing this. >> greenwood still believes in the right to bear arms, he says the fault lies not in gun ownership, but the lack of fait and commitment to family. this 18 -year-old shooting in school had no faith, he had no family. either one. >> putting his money where his mouth is, greenwood published a king james translation of the bible that includes the name of his iconic song on the front page and the founding document and the back it is one of score of themed bibles on the market that have helped the bible, but according to a recent survey by the american bible society, bible reading decreased sharply in the last year, partly due to
9:34 pm
social distancing and churches going online, but also because of the younger generations, 18- 24 -year-olds, are less bible literate. >> in think we do see, especially in younger generations that there is a decreasing awareness of really the themes in the major teachings of the bible. >> that is something greenwood is trying to change. greenwood support of the second amendment is not without controversy. it has put him in the middle of the debate over gun laws, but h says now is the time to mourn, not point fingers. >> lauren green, thank you so much. coming up, we are talking to high-profile trials. michael sussman and celebrities johnny depp and amber heard, they are now both in the hands of jurors. we will talk about the final arguments next.
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>> the jury will continue deliberations next week in the case against the hillary clinto campaign attorney accused of lying to the fbi about the trum russia probe correspondent has the very latest tonight from washington. >> deliberations ended for the day, but we won't know the verdict until at least tuesday when court resumes special counsel john durham's team told jurors the evidence is overwhelming to convict former campaign attorney michael sussman when he told the fbi he was delivering f information about a secret communications channel between the trump organization in russia on his own, not on behalf of any clients. the clinton campaign, durham argues that he was clinically motivated meeting with his friend fbi general counsel jame baker just weeks before the 201 election prosecutors also showe the e-mails between sussman and reporters and say it all comes down to this text. jim, it's michael sussman, i have something time sensitive
9:41 pm
and sensitive i need to discuss do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own, not on behalf of a client or company. i want to help the bureau, thin straight sussman's team said vi a poster board to spite with th government said, this was not a giant political conspiracy theory. they accuse the government of using smoke and mirrors to distract from the facts straigh sussman's attorney sean berkowitz told jurors that sunday night text message doesn't matter, it is what sussman said to baker monday at fbi headquarters in person in there are no notes or recording of that meeting baker told different people different stories about what sussman actually said, sussman's attorney say it was no secret h works with the clinton campaign and that sussman practically ha the dnc tattooed on his four head. they said sussman's allegations were not taken seriously becaus the fbi never interviewed sussman in a formal setting.
9:42 pm
>> here is the one page single charge formed the jury will fil out when it reaches a verdict and hands it to the judge. simple in content, but in context, calm complex. court resumes after the holiday. >> after seven weeks of plenty of courtroom drama the johnny depp versus amber heard defamation trial. they began their deliberations friday afternoon. the case is not about money ended his cyst it is about freedom of speech great christina coleman is about the details tonight. good evening, christina. >> high commissioner high commission unburied jurors have a mountain of evidence includin text messages and photos to go through as they deliberate a verdict in this case. depth is suing hurd for an op-e she wrote in the washington pos describing herself is a domesti abuse survivor. even though that name is not mentioned in the article he say
9:43 pm
it damaged his career. he denies abusing her to, today his attorney called amber heard a liar and asked hers to reject or claim. >> she spun a story of shocking overwhelming brutal abuse. she came into this courtroom prepared to give the performanc of her life, and she gave it. >> it metastasized over time, and they need to be stopped. in those false accusations have caused more harm to mr. depth than her fist ever did britt ge they tried to undermine the defamation case by zeroing in o his drug and alcohol abuse, the say his behavior damaged his ow career. she also maintained she did survive steps abuse. supporting evidence, says he hi her multiple times and sexually assaulted her, her legal team reminded jurors that forge up t win this lawsuit one of the things he has to prove by a preponderance of evidence is
9:44 pm
that he never abused amber heard . >> ladies and gentlemen, let me be clear, if amber was abused b mr. depth even one time, then she wins. one time. where not just talking about physical abuse. we are talking about emotional abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, that is what we're talking abou it. >> she filed a $100 million defamation countersuit claiming that depp and his former lawyer damaged her reputation in 2020 when waldman called her allegations a abuse post in the daily mail, the legal teams is the negative pressure received over abuse allegations led to the reduction of her role in th aquaman sql and lots of other potential work. jury deliberations in this case are said to resume tuesday morning. >> christina coleman, thank you
9:45 pm
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♪ >> aaa estimates nearly 40 million americans will trave this weekend for the memorial day holiday, the most since 2019 . however with the national average of a gallon of gas at $4.59 a gallon. at full $1.45 more. it is going to be a costly trip this weekend. memorial day is about remembering the soldiers who have fallen on the battlefield and also honoring their loved ones left behind. america's warrior partnership reminds us even our veterans wh do make it home are still finding fighting left and death battles. 17 on them on average take thei life every single day very joining us now is the importanc of recognizing every veterans story and sacrifices, wounded veteran john jones, welcome, great to have you. >> thank you, shannon.
9:51 pm
great to be on the show. >> whenever i look at these numbers i'm absolutely shocked and heartbroken. explain for us some of the struggle. even if you make it home sometimes you have lost people you love and care about, sometimes you come back with your own injuries, physical and emotional. how can we help? get the one thing that everyone can help is one thing, but not on memorial day. memorial day is to remember the ones that didn't make it home. those are the true heroes that we have. what america's warrior partnership does, for those tha do come back home, we are here to help. we do an upstream approach by helping veterans and their family members and caregivers t really have a much more of a quality of life whenever they come home because not everybody has that. not everybody has that sense of
9:52 pm
community and collaboration between the community in the veteran. that's what american warrior partnership does. we go out and we find every single veteran we possibly can greatly utilize a four step approach that is we connect, we educate we collaborate with the veterans families and the caregivers as well as the community to let them know exactly what's going on with th veteran within their community. >> at the va, talking about the research munication's departmen said this, americans typically respect a can-do attitude, one that supports taking responsibility and meeting challenges head on. these are similar to those that are part of u.s. military culture. unfortunately, this kind of outlet can sometimes make it difficult for servicemembers or veterans to accept help when they need too. what has been your experience o that front, john? >> you know, it is pretty difficult for us to accept help and to ask for help, but in
9:53 pm
today's day and age, you can't do it alone, and you can't do i on your own and whenever we do ask for help, we basically ask our friends, our bodies, our servicemembers that we actually served with to help because tha is who we had to count on in combat, that's you we have to count on every single day because the military is at 24/7 365 day job. you just don't get to play sick. you don't get to call in sick. you don't get to do those thing great gift to push through and persevere and that is what we do , is we are there to help before the veteran goes down that welcome and that's what veterans do, we want to go to organizations that actually are doing the work and not just saying that they're doing the work.
9:54 pm
>> make sense. >> i want folks whether they ar veterans or wetlands who wants to help a veteran or if there's somebody that wants to donate, is there a good website you can direct us to? >> it's america's warrior for those veterans needing assistance, we have a 24 hours day seven days a week hotline s it's 866 and within 24 hours, the veteran will be served in b starting that road to help, eve though they might not want. >> it, we are here for you. >> and we want them to reach out , we will tweet out that information as well, god bless you, thank you to for your service to your country in your fellow vets as well. >> thank you. >> i appreciate kevin because h is going to bring some good new birthday get a love that one. good job by you and good job by him, we want to stay and the nation's capital for the good near good news good ninth-grade
9:55 pm
the usaa popping while wall of honor returns to the national mall in washington, d.c. for th memorial day weekend it's a massive display more than 600,000 copies honoring america service members who have given their lives in service to country it's a beautiful sight. >> solemn, but beautiful and we have folks many many to thank and remember this weekend. thank you kevin. i have one on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, a part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium sleep and i'm here with my good friend country music legend larry gatlin. and larry, a few months ago you asked me does that relaxium really work if you were to try to guess what relaxium the flea market? i loved it when you called me and told me that it works the very first night for you and it is work every night since the call today for your 30 day free trial and 100 percent money back guarantee
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serious dude you should really ringcentral. >> i was thinking oh i see we were just talking about you. yeah you should probably get out of here about the good evening and welcome to a special edition of tucker carlsonwe tonight . when was the last time you heard a democratic politician propose a solution to a problem no matter what the problem is that didn't make the democratic party more powerful. ponder that for a moment. polet's say, for example, that you really believe global warming was an existentialal g threat to humanity and that rising carbon dioxide levels were causing global warming. what would you do to fix it? well, y


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