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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 28, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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in the chair. thank you for joining us .my remember, you s can catch my shw tammy bruce streaming p exclusively on fox nation. you can also read myai column at amoc. that's amc u.s. and you can find me at tammy bruce dot locals .com have a wonderful memorial a weekend as we join together to honor all the fallen troops who've made the ultimate sacrifice for ourha country. have a good night, everyone. i'm jason chaffetz in for laura ingraham and this is edition of the ingraham angle. i was misled. i am livid about what happened . guess what , governor ? so is the rest of the country and livid is an understatementni . tonight we havee a minute by minute account of what texas dps says really happened during the involved day shootingtu
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on tuesday. . and frankly, the more we learn about it, the more enraging it is.becomi >> it'sng c becomingle clear by the second that lives likelyen could have been saved. as a fatherll youou and a grandfather, my heart breaks for the parents of these victims. >> i can't even ev imagineen the ones who will never see. their children again, the ones wondering if their son or daughter could have been saved, the ones pleading outside tsid for someone anyone to do something like. >> and then there's the kidsiv who did survive, like the ones who covered herself in hersh friend's blood so she could play dead and the one who called 911 one multiple timesin begging for the policeg to help from eleven thirty three a.m. to nearly one p.m. salvador
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ramos was inside that school before being killed by law enforcement. joining me now from the de texas is fox news's jeff paul. jeff te, what can you tell us about this latest timeline? off, jason , right the bat, what are the most disturbing elements that we learned today that 11t twenty seven a.m. a few minutes after the suspect shot his grandmother, a teacher and rob elementary school went outside propped open one of the doors that led into the school t, made a phone call and then went back inside the door propped open a minute later. that is when an investigators say the suspect then crashed his truckra from that point on . that's when we believe investigators believe that the suspect then started shooting at two witnesses at a nearby funeral home and then made his way towards the school. a teacher at scho 11 thirty a.m. then called nine one one a minute later a police91 officr
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responded to shots being fired but couldn't see the suspect due to him being crouched behind a car. eleven thirty two . that's when the suspect started shooting at the school. and here's wherere things get ai little confusing. the suspect makes his way into the school getting inside a classroomina and that is where officers say most of the gunfire took place in those first few minutes. three officers go to the door but investigators say they are shot at and grazed by bulletsd at 12 03, more officers arrived 19 in total and spend the next 48 minutes in the hallway until a border patrol agent arrives with a master key to get inside during those 48 minutes, ng children are calling 9 911, one from inside the school begging forol police to respond. investigators sayha at that time the local incident commander believed additional kids were not at risk, a call that texass dps investigators say was d nott the right call.culpri >> fort. the benefit of hindsigt where i'm sitting down the force, it was not the right decision was the wrong
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decision. various? th there's no excuse forat that .ai we begain, i wasn't theren, i. but i'm just telling you from what we know, we believe there should have an entry and that as soon as you can when there's an active shooter, the rules change. it's no longer okay. it's no longer barricaded. >> if you don't have time, you don't worry about outer perimeter. and the hard part to think about is how many kids diede in that span of 48 minutes frome when those. 19 law enforcement officers were in the hallway to the time they got inside the classroom and then shot and killed the suspect. ow many died during that period? that is very much stillth under investigation. jason . > jeff, you've been doing some great reporting in a very difficult situation. one of the questions i have isi did the school go into lockdown because obviously it wasn't effectivevi if the teacher propping up the door. but was there ever a lockdown in place? well, from what we know is
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that at eleven forty three a.m. that it had been severals minutes after the suspect crashed his truckaft and those first shots were being fired at a nearby theater home. officially we can seebyfune that there was a post on social media from the school saying that they weresc in lockdown. but as far as ifwe that went out to the school prior to that , it's unclear. we could justt tell from their social media presence 11 43 lockdown was issued don .h so, so late.r last question for you. for you, jeff. do wewe know why this suspect wy he dropped out of school and evidently was not going to graduate? and that's one of the things that investigators are looking at is not only what his behaviors were but his spending habits. how did he get his money to buy these firearms and all this ammunition as well as the conversations he was having notu just on social media?me wedia made a big point to talk about these messages he sentri back and forth with people privately, but alsova the conversations he had while he was a gamer playing games online.
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these are all things investigators are going to be going through . jason , jeff, thank you very much for that reporting. appreciate it. there were guy always what a great success story on the whole making by breaking down another four. yes, it was none none of that been inside the classroom, although three and you still had twelve fifty one . how many students died? > i don't have that answer right now. joining me now iswe chris swecker, former assistant fbi director and action pac , a retired sergeant for the los angeles police department. he wasase also one of the responders to the twenty seventeen mass shooting at the lose angeles or las vegason concert. chris , i want too start with you. evidently no efforts were made to open that door early on in i
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the processn and we have no ida how many lives could have beend saved during that time. you're a professional. tr you studied this . you've trained for this . what's your reaction? yeah, i mean, a lot of things went wrong here right from the very beginning. the security at the schoolty , l kinds of different security flaws there. if they had their procedures't in place, they certainly didn't practice them. so you know, that's the first line of defense. the response is is a different matter. you as we now know in listening to steve mccraw, colonel accra do his press conference, as we now know, they gathered twoer officers went downs outside the door 19 officers gathered outside and a decision was made to wait. is now what we don't know is whether they were in touch with dispatch the 911re one center because if they were aware that these people from inside the children were calling from inside that room, u
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then there is absolutely notete excuse that should have been in charge of the light brigade. just kepttihave on going until they neutralizedl that shooter because you know, h there are survivors inside and he's still in there with sporadic shooting. so, you know, i hate to make judgments, but i think steve mccraw laid it on the lineth today. gr i knowit him and he has great integrity. note we also the dps was not the responding agency. they are the investigatingng agency. so they only you know,ey they took what they were told and thenat ran with that for a couple of days. i think finally after two days the truth comes out. a so yeah, a lot of things wenton wrong here, but clearly they should have gone in . sergeant pack, you've had a long career. you studied and looked at these things is one of the most ng everc shootings we've had in this country. but as you see it unfoldingth and the limited information that you have, what's your reaction? well, thank you for having me. and i agree with the specialal agent and honestly, i want everyone to look at
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this through two lenses. don't paint all law enforcement with a broad brush right now. there are heroes in that community, heroest in thated police department who rushed to gunfire and rushed in to try and save lives. now i thinkee ultimately what we need to find out is what were what was the ideas and the thoughts behind the decision of the incident commander on the scene to treat this asco a hostage situation. it's beste practices in our country and we trained in law enforcement and i trained whenli i was a police officer. might the officers under my purview that anyone who's showing homicidal intent, on especially on the hallowed ground that our schools here in this country and our children being our most precious resource that we have, we have to rush in and we have to assumeto that deadly force mm be warranted. treat this as a hostage situation. he was showing murderous intents . it was very evident from
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the shots he fired at the two folkss who were working at i believe a cemetery or a funeral home. o there was a collapse, a break down of this school being secured and leaving a door open. how heartbreakingdo that is. it's something we've all done. but as school employees, people who are trained and toeg safeguard our children, this is something that we, absolutely have to think about of just a simple act of locking a door and having the entire campus on a lockdown the minute anything blips that radar outside that could r be an armed assailant, chris . i mean, obviouslyic the communication will be something they can gos back and they'll have some forensics on that and the ability to communicate with 19 officers inside, which was wi new information which we didn'tt hear before and thehe idea thata teacher left the door openlo and there is a school lockdown in place. >> i mean, at what point do you just say my goodness,
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this could have been prevented? yeah, it was preventable. i mean, i do school security assessments and i see this a lot where, you know,y they understand the rulesun are a book books. the protocols are there. ga they're in a book sit in the on the corner of the desk. but nobody actually puts them in practicee time and time again that teachers will prop doors open. and all i can say is you have to trust but verify in thisso situation someone has to come around and do a periodic assessment of the school security. i think there's only a middle school high schoolhi in an elementary school in the county and i don't think it's a whole lot to ask that someone come around periodically and do a third party assessment to make sure that they're following their own protocols because it was in the books toer keep everything locked. one point of entry during school hours, how to lockth things down when there's trouble, how to communicateerro a lockdown, which is always the problem. how do you communicate the lockdown? one teachere has to do it, but how do you get everybody knowing what to do?
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so you i can't tell you how many breakdowns there were on the front end ofhis this .ea nown law enforcement's got to come in and clean up the mess. y chris and ashley, thank you for your service in law. urenforcement, g your professionalism and thanks for joining us on the program again tonight . usthwe do appreciate it. >> we are rapidly learning more about the suspect from his own family members. his father, also named salvador ramos told the daily beast his son had grown frustratedvi with his covid precautions about a month ago and has since refused to speak or see him. he also said, quote, my mom tells me he probably would have shot me too because he would have always say i don't love him and quote the whole spectrumqu. mother adriana reyes telling abc news that her son quote can be aggressive if he really got mad and quote ramos had been living with his grandparents reportedly since marchdprerch. it's the same home where he shot his grandmother in the
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face right before his deadly assault at the school. my next ali bradley spoke with his grandfather. it's not over that and i teach others from here to there. oh , wow. from there because there was a pool of blood really and you had to clean it up. my sister and this friend of mine, her cousin cleaned it up.y wait , so this is all from some overstayer or whatever . a >> oh my gosh. look at roman . it's all the way up here. independent journalist ali bradley joins me now. ali, you've beenal inside the housee. ua what canti you tell us about the living situation? yeah, jason , so as you mentioned, he's only been living with hison grandparents periodically since march and inc part becauseh the grandfather tells me that they had another home that they were paying for
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the mother and his grandson tohe live in . butid he said that drugs started moving throughout that home. she had a man move in about a year ago and they said thatat was against the rules that for the grandparents for for her toe live there, she cannot have men in that home. so it kind of started some contention among them.ov now again, he moved in with his grandparents not long ago and he was sleeping on the floor while he was staying there. there were two bedrooms there t but the grandfather tells me that the the wife and him stayed in separatein rooms at night and then when he would wake up in the morning, he would telluld the manager too into the bedroom and sleep and so he we saw this kind of in this in this setting and it was sitting there listening tota the grandfather talk about it was justt really, really unsettling in the sense that it still hadn't really fully hit him until two days ago at noon. so a full twenty four hours had passed and he finally started kind of processing things. but take ake a listen to what e had tong say when he was talking about the relationship and what was going on in that house that the mother was living in . there was some kind of drug
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activity going on between themhe ,between the boyfriend and theer daughter. that's what they say. and what about your grandson? was he involved? there was no drugs in infrastructure, not that you knew at lower level people who didn't do drugshe. how do you know if you didn't really know much? but i know he didn't do drugs, okay? i know. i know because he would stay in there all day and he would later he was you know, you whataboutism drugs now jason , he also tells me that he was supposed to teach his grandson h how to drive . he never did.ow we t know that the eighteen year old never got his license and i asked him why why didn't he teach himth to drive ? and he said, well, he wasn't making progress. he needed to seese him doingso something but he was just laying there.a he quit his job a month ago, as we know. and so he just didn't feel like learnlly deserve to how to drive . and we know thatt was the vehicle of his grandfathers that he ended up drivingd and ultimately crashing here just near that elementary school.
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he had a considerable amount of weaponry. he had a gunnt obviously, and he had a lot of ammunition that takes both some expertize it takes money and it needs a place to store it. dodost you have any insight int those three things so i did ask his grandfather that . i said where are the guns here? and he said absolutely not. he was he was adamant that they were not at his house in part because the grandfather actually spent some time in prison for drug related charges p many years ago, well before his grandson was born. but he did say if there were guns in his midst at all, if he was caught with guns, he would go back to prison for ten to fifteen years. so he was adamant that they were not there. no. i didin ask him could he have hidden them in the yard somewhere? could they have been at the mother'sn which again wasid nearby? and he said he didn't know and he was very disappointed that he did it no more . he said maybe he should have paid more attention. and he also mentioned to meul that maybe his grandson should have talked with someoned so. >> now ali, last quick question
12:17 am
. you weresp able to get in and speak with them. had law enforcement had any conversation with the grandfather at that point? you know, he didn't really tell me if he had had many conversations with law enforcement. he said he had a brief conversation but he didn't known anything at that point. a lot of the things that he was talking about, the guns when they were bought sai, he saidat that's what they told me. ce that's what police told me. so we didn't have a really it didn't sound like he had a fullt on interview at that point. penbut when they did go tora his house and he said that whens they went there, they ransacked ,he said he turned everything upside down. he told me he was notas there when that was happening. >> alliting. ali, thank you for the greate reporting. ec >> we do appreciate it. what a shameful thing to chuck schumer do on the senate floor this week. i'll give you a hint.will g it could make our kids even less safe at school. texas congresswoman beth van dine and former congressman seanwo duffy are here next . >> stay with us.
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with our everyday pricing. switch today. we can start the conversation and let's go to cpac one day after a shooting in a valde that took twenty one innocent lives, chuck schumer did something pretty despicable on the senate floorte f. he blocked the luke and alexsc school safety actho named forex
12:23 am
luke and alex who were both w killed in parkland, florida. the legislation would require the department of homeland security to establish a quote federal clearinghouse on schoolt safety best practices, end quote. and to collect data and user feedback and evaluation ofst the implementation of those best practices . is he serious? who could possibly be opposedoo to bestl practices for school security? schumer tweeted the bill put more guns in schools and quote the truth. there's more there were officers at the school in texas. the shooter got past them and quote actually the truth, chuck, is that the resourceno officer was not there, not really a best practice. the shooter walked in through an open door left to open evidently by a teacher. joining me now is texas congresswoman best friend died and sean duffy, former wisconsin congressman, a former
12:24 am
prosecutor and now a fox newstrh contributor. thank you both for joining . i got to tell you this thing that fires me up i mean, it's so sad. i can't even imagine the devastation. you are both parents. you gotu lovely, beautiful families and kids like i do. but we're going through this. so i bill is on the floor that's been worked on for yeare since parkland chuck schumer has a chance to put it up for a vote. unanimous consent, democrats and republicans. let's, just establish best practices. , dchuck schumer says no that's not good enough. i don'tyo know how you react to that , but i amde sick and tired of these democrats lecturing the rest ofct the country about how they want to do this and that no one do. and now all ofen a suddeney they actually do have something that they can do in a bipartisan way to put forward best practices. who's against that ? chuck schumer? the democrats are against that . that's what's happening. congressman van dine, i'll turn it over to you. but i saw that i just so fed up
12:25 am
with these democrats who want the issue. they want to lecturea but they don't actually want to do t something that was on the floor of the senate. ootetwenty four hours after this shooting is something that could have that's the most frustrating part ifl you look ae all the policies that have been thrown out there, you look at the ones that work and without a doubt having school resourcece officers on campus works. os in fact,works grea 2018 alone td three separate shooters and florida , maryland anda illinois that tried to go into a school and have a mass casualty situation. and each timesi they had a schol resource officer that met with them almost immediately stopped them in their tracks, disarm them, prevented them from ever having openedre fire and prevented mass casualties. that works. it's a conversation ate we haveo have. but what you're seeing is democrats are politicizing it once again. is all about control. it's n not about solutionsut that work. you know, we've got president biden who is going on hiss on his tirade hours after this killing. he is talk
12:26 am
and you know, he'sin talking about how in his years, he spent with, with all of these bills on on gun control and on gun safety. he's been there for 50 years, folks. 50he's been there for half a century. this problem has gotten worse. it hasn't gotten better. it's gotten much worse. sl withm and we're sitting here now having to deal with him, talklk to us and taking solutions off the table. but i do want to have a message to all of those families and uvalda, you have electedh leaders who will fightyo with you, who will try to help you through this horrible nightmarish trauma and notri politicize the soul crushing grief that you are going through now. yeah, you know, we get criticized sometimes as conservatives for hearts and minds and prayers and all that . and they're so adamant ofnt getting rid of that . but then they have a chance to pass a bipartisan bill . but what senator ed markey out of massachusetts, what is he say? listen, is this tape of senator markey after
12:27 am
the shooting down in texas . to we have to take very seriously the threat which is illegitimate far right supreme court poses to gun safety in our country. >> we have to accept the supreme court to get back to two stolen seats that the republicans had donald trump took from the american peopleruu so that we can ensure that when we put gun safety laws on the books they are not overridden by the supreme court of the united statesou. john, i'm trying not to swear on this program and i'm hope you don't either.ha but what's your reaction to that ? what you lose 19 kids and you've all dayt and this is about court packing .. i mean, listen, ed markey, senator from massachusetts, the bottom line is the founderss put the second amendment in the constitution and our supreme court is upholding it.burns
12:28 am
but you know what burns me,me jason , is this the underit the ugly underbelly of politics? you have a bill on the flooric s bipartisan that could save kids lives, best practices, best policies for schools to keep kids safe and democrats say no way this is about preserving anb election issueou for them in november so they could hopefully have a chance at retaining seatstss are going to lose both in theus senate and in the house instead of doing at protecting kids, they say no, we're going to preserve the issue we want to see in issue that we can run on as opposed to saying, hey, we can we can come together as america can come together as a congress and passio legislation that can save livest and i think this was this what this is what makes people so angry about this issue is things can happen. things can people can work together to get things done. and democrats sayem no, this is more about politics than kids lives. >> yeah, unfortunately we'reel going into an election year. we're in an election year and the democrats want the issue.
12:29 am
they don't want to actually solve it and do something in a bipartisan way. bestst practices. my goodness. congresswoman van duyne,, congressman former congressman sean duffy, parents and former member, current member ofk congress, former member of congress. thanks foryous. joining us on the incremental. all right. comingom up, the real corruption . noat one is paying attention to what we now know about the clinton campaign's involvement in the russia hoax army dylan and brett holman coming up next . >> war is one of the most misunderstood periods in american history. everything about the conventional view is wrong and it could have been 50000 lives focused on political warfare. people decided that they needed to find fault or it makes sense
12:30 am
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six saturday. that's one point sunday sunday one . the jury is now deliberating today's closing arguments and the trial of accused russia hoke's peddler and hillary clinton attorney michael stutsman. this was a first and special counsel john durham's probe into the origins of the trump russia investigation. fox news correspondent davidid sprunt is here with the details. >> david, juror. spent a few hours deliberating today, but we won't have a verdict untily
12:35 am
at least tuesday after the holiday weekend when c michael sussman is back in court. former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman is charged with lying to the fbihe specifically then the fbi general counsel james bakerke when he came to bakerto in september 2016 and said he had some information linking the trumpor organization to a russian bank called alpharu bank with kremlin ties via a computer server back channel special counsel john durham says the lie is when stutsman told baker he was delivering information on his own not on behalf of any clients . durhamth argues that sussman wee on behalf of the clinton campaignnt and peddled the stort to the media. in closing arguments today, jurors saw billing evidence showing that sussman billed the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the- fbi. emails betweenween sussman and reporters also shown to jurors sussman's team told jurors via a poster board. despite what the government said, this was notai a giant political conspiracy theory. the defense accused the
12:36 am
government of using smoke and mirrors to distract from the facts. sussmanct attorney sean berkowiz told jurors a text messageni that sussman sent bakergh the night before that meeting doesn't matter what sussman said to baker monday at the fbi headquarters. and there are no notes or recordings of that specific . nterson meeting baker told different people different stories about what sussmant actually said. , again, we could have a verdict as soon as tuesday. >> jason . >> thank you , joining d me now is harvey dillon, attorney and founder of the center for american liberty and brett tolman, former federal prosecutor and the executive director of right on crimeutdire.. brett, i want to go to you. you've been a federal prosecutor. a i mean, one of the deepju concerns about this whole casery is the jury. ries i believe a jury like jury, trials. but when you have three of the jurors who donated to hillary clinton , one of
12:37 am
the jurors is supposedly supportive of the squad and yet another juror has a daughtera who's on the same sporting team as the defendants daughter. i mean, how do you look atou that and say, yeah, if five of these jurors have ties to , i just don't understand that i stood in front of juries that i was nervous about and it's not a fun feeling. you are worried aboutrr individual jurors and whatie their perspective on the case is given the bias that theybi come intoas the jury with . but i'll tell you the facts here. this is not a complex case. so for this jury to find not guilty, they're going to have to do what's called jury nullification. they're goingnullificatio to hae the facts of this case which are very simple and they are up front and they're not disputed and then they're going to haveig to ignore the law. and as they doan that , then they come back and they say not guilty and they did so based
12:38 am
on politics and basede on the facts and the law. so i hope, jason , that this is not an instance where the prosecutors are sitting there and they regretutor puttig each individual that they did on to the juryat. but you can't control it all. youu don't have enoughng challenges to removees everyone you think might have a bias. so you hope that in the end,e despite those leanings, that they'll still do the right thing. >> i hope so. hami, you know, the media hasr never ever the traditional media, institutional media, whatever you want to calllmedi, they still have not done the proper job in covering here you've got hillary clinton's attorneys and you've got it's a criminal trial and the washington post, for instance, they're still pulling for hillary clinton. they wrote quote perhaps there was a ploy to use contrived information to trigger an fbi f investigation of trump as durham appears toin hope to prove. but crucially, it didn't put another way.
12:39 am
hillary clinton'sclin clinton hillary clinton's didn't do it. and quote i mean, she was robby mook, the campaign managerfi who testified that , yes, he involved her in this decision. look, this is one of the biggest>> hoaxes between this one on the steele dossier. the pair of them ever perpetrated in american political history. and she didd it and she got awy with it and it isn't disputed. like bret said, the only thingsp that's in dispute here is whether the jury is going to follow the law and follow the facts to their inexorable conclusion, which is i that susman lied to the fbi. of some of the complicating factors here that may interfere with a with a with a conviction or of course the jury and its bias, although i don't know how you would evenry seat a jury in d.c. this type of a case that didn't have donors to democrats on it. but more importantly, there wasi
12:40 am
a kind of a quirky issue here, which is the fbi agentswh who testified were really kind of reluctantof witnesses. t youwa know, they didn't want to turn over . they didn't want it or didn't want to turn over that text message, that notorious text message that is absolutelyy . and there's a lot of suspicion here that the fbi wanted to be fooled by this story and taken and they were absolutely willing participants. that's one theory. and if so, that's the sort where's the beef question that the defense is trying to get the jury to buy, which is like so what ? so what if he told them this they were lapping it up anyway or didn't make a difference that they were going to run with it noitpr matr who was presenting it on behalf of what politician? so i'm kind of cynical. i've also stood in front of juries i feel uncomfortable about. i've tried cases and san francisco and for the pro-life movement and you know, that's the kind of situation i think that this jury is going to be looking for ways to let
12:41 am
these people off. but ultimately one of the benefits of this trial may be the public knowing exactly what happened here. hillary clinton's involvement and how potentially the fbi was a very, very i got to got monumental hoax. >> mon i'm sorry we got some hard breaks here. and harmeet and brett, we appreciate you joining... i want to turn now to something pretty cool, the best rangerhi competition. it happens every year at fort benningat, georgia, and it features the elite of the elite, a grueling event in its thirty eighth year teams have to battle nonstop foror 60 four hours covering 70 miles of obstacles in an intense war fighting competition. this is a play on xbox. o >> fox nation was lucky enoughd to be there for it. here's a sneak peek. >> welcome to fort benning, georgia. welcome to fort benning, georgia, where every year u.s. army units and allied forces send their very best to
12:42 am
compete in the longest running military contest in thee united states. the david e. grange jr. best rangeran competition this year. fox nation has evene more coverage for you on the ground with sideline reporter abbie hornets joey jones and yours truly. that's one hundred and two soldiers battle it out performing grueling physical and mental tasks to simulate battlefield conditions until each member of one two person a team will be ablebl to call themselves a america's topam ranger known as the eliminator . the mile longthe course tester the limits of ranger candidate strength cd and endurance on the commander's go for four,
12:43 am
three, two one teams must race down the hill and barrel over the first hill, going downd at full speed and then trying to come up with a full speed while you're also tired from all the events throughout the day, it's not a good time's every obstacle must be completed and the teams must stay together across the coursee . no team member can move forward until his buddy has completed the obstacle. some of the obstacles are sarder than usual becausese everything's gas.hrow all your muscles aren likeout h thrown out the window. hel technique is thrown out the window. you're just trying to navigate the obstacle as fast as possible. you need a grip strengthas. you needed agility and you needed teamwork because by myself i would not be able to get through that obstacle. >> if you want to see more , watch fox news at 10:00 p.m. this sunday. plus you can catch the entire series on fox nation startinger on monday next , elon musk says he's voting republican for the veryry first time ever party because of the left censorship
12:44 am
. censorship reflects orr talks to one doctor who says he's in the same boat. >> now the left is driving people away from his own party right after this . everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium slate. and i'm here with my good friend and country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me huck, does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because i was tired of not sleeping. i took it you were to try to guess what relaxium sleep works. larry, so many americans are struggling to get the sleep sleep for me four years has been kind of a concept. i've heard people talk about relaxium sleep has changed my life. i'm grateful to you and it has been a blessing our family i am now a paying customer.
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12:49 am
becomethat democrats the party of division and hate. well, he's not alone. democrats my next guest says democrats aggressive affinity for censoring debate and strong arming doctors is making many doctors rethink their political allegiance. dr. phile now is coorey of the front line covid-19 critical care alliance ..e you t dr. corey, good toon seeig you tonight . what specificallyec about many f the crazy things that have happened over the two plus t years has pushed you to the edge here? shwell, you know, it seems like politics is entering medicine that really doesn't have to be this way and it shouldn't be this way. i mean,t science should notvo be involved with politics and i'm seeing these divisionslv breaking out in medicine that seems to be influenced by political differencest. and i'm not for that . butme when you look at some of the things that's been t going on , i mean we'real literally talking about disinformation boards and people, you know, going after my medical license
12:50 am
because my scientific opinions are differ from theirs. and there's the singleth truth. i mean, it's extremely dystopian and i find it really disorienting and you know, it's medicine.or it's bad for patients and you know, the lack of self-awareness of really what i'm seeing now from the left and from left leaning media, you know, they're abandoningng their principles. i you know, i used to be for free expression free speech and really questioning authority and now they're the authoritarian . and so like elan, i'm veryry disoriented by it . dr. fauci spoke at princeton this week. >> dr. corey, what elements ofof all society have grown increasingly inured to a cacophony of falsehoods and lies that often standle largely unchallenged, ominously leading to an insidious
12:51 am
acceptance of what i call i the normalizes of untruths? >> dr. corey, the normalization of untruths, he's probablyly li talking about folks like you and others who question the wisdom of some of their early responses. >> your response to that ?ge i mean,t this is clearly an example of him accusing others for what he himself is doing, that there is no untruth. we are transparent with our data , with our assessment of the data. when you talk about i mean, this is absurd. this is the same guy who says he is science and now he's effectively saying he is truth. i mean, you're talking aboutyiru a ministerbo of truth. now again, i go back to the same thing. this is actually dystopian, the lack of self-awareness of others to see what's going on . you have this man up there declaring that his truth is the only truth. it's absolutely bizarre and unwilling to debate. he doesn't use data. i mean it uses manipulated datae
12:52 am
. i mean,ly it'syi absolutely terrifying. heah, he's very careful the wayy he words things when he was questioned early on about natural immunity, acquired immunity from having gotten the virus if you were not vaccinated, he said well, we're studying that . i mean, he's a pretty smart guy, right?y he knows basic immunologyic the course of most viruses. obviously this is a funky viruse because the way it was the way it came out. he's but he's always very kind of k cool, cadie, how he deals with those kinds of questions because i know i think he knows that they kind of botched that big time. absolutely. i mean, if you see how hiss opinions have shifted over time and that goes back to my point, i mean, we need open, honest, scientific, transparent debate. i mean, that's how medicinee advances. this is so bad for patients for for one person sitting atop the federal government health agencies telling us what is true and we're not allowed to debate that or question that and that's not
12:53 am
how medicine advances. that's not how weis discover lp how to help patients. it's absolutely going to hurtgo medicine if he keepsin doing this and you know, it has to stop like vitamin three, all these things that early on could have helped patients. everyonene pretty much a vitamin d deficient, especially early on . we v v saw that no, never any discussion about that or zinc or a lot of other things. now, doctor , according to pfizer, we have to get to of its vaccines was found to be 80% effect divx in preventing symptomatic covid ages six months to six years old . now what does that actually mean given how little threat to children covid is? >> i'm sort of scared to go, but it means that they cannoteo find enough people to vaccinatee and now they're going afterrey toddlers and they're trying to vaccinate or offer vaccinations
12:54 am
to young people who do not haveu severe outcomes. no healthy young child hastc did . number two, we have effective early treatments. number three, these vaccines wane and efficacy within monthsf and we know that you cannot keep vaccinating a young person throughout their life every six months. even the article itself had three shots. i don't knowat what parent would put their child into an experimental gene therapy and offer them three shots of this vaccine for disease that's not deadly and that's we've learned that that's not even mentioning the unprecedented adverse events and toxicities of these vaccines. so the idea that that's actually credibly being entertained that we would actually have a fine one to a four year old now ta'arofr- unbelievableol. dr. corey, we appreciate your courage in speaking out on allou the issues and we'll check back with you soon. >> thanks so much. >> final thoughts when we return in the middle ages,
12:55 am
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thank you for watchingg tonight . i'm jasonn chaffetz in for laura ingraham. thanks to laura for sitting me in the seat. not many people get to do it but she lets me thank you . think of memorial day. of the millions of people who sacrificed their lives for this country and remember not just on fourth of july, notst just memorial day.nd every remember it on monday and every day i genuinely stupid happy friday. i sincerely hope you're excitedm for your three day weekend. >> i know i am. >> this is what i did last year different from


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