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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 28, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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thank you for watchingg tonight . i'm jasonn chaffetz in for laura ingraham. thanks to laura for sitting me in the seat. not many people get to do it but she lets me thank you . think of memorial day. of the millions of people who sacrificed their lives for this country and remember not just on fourth of july, notst just memorial day.nd every remember it on monday and every day i genuinely stupid happy friday. i sincerely hope you're excitedm for your three day weekend. >> i know i am. >> this is what i did last year different from what you know.
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yeah. yeah. a memory. so whenever a huge ugly story m unfolds, the media has toed do its thing. and like brian stelter at a pie eating contest , they never seem to know when to quit.qu soit you sultani 15% they don't show up one more day. so i know it's natural after a tragedy, i suppose to report and report it's necessary. but thenn what ifthat's there'st enough news to do more reporting with that you repeat it and repeat it again. it's like that car's for kidsnt ad that makes me want to puncture my eardrum qunol. they really are talented though
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but it's everything but facts. youyo call in talking headsn and experts or angles and emotional testimony. they are the hamburger helper of news if you will, adding volume to the main course and when the reporting runs dry, which is fast, the speculation begins and like me calling my pharmacist, it'sis relentless. o itea won't stop. everyone tries to outdo each other and i'm more perceptive than you. are you more emotionally affected than me? the news becomes as productive as an argument with a metere maid . the speculation is then punctuated by dribs and drabs of th new info which hours later turns out to be wrong. there was an officerer confronting a shooter. no, there wasn't.eethle the shooter killed himself? no,th he didn't. the press used to say that if s your mother says she loves you ,you should check it out first. now. hey, guess until you're right. meanwhile, everyone turns into little colombo's experts and speculation but littlee else. but at least columbo got it right in the end. 's
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but now it was there a delay in police action and if so, why should they have gonene right in or wait for others? didd they screw up? you know, it's like we could make these decisions easily suddenly we're experts in tactics and say what we would have done. de >> i know what i would have done hide behind tyrus and then i'd offer geraldo as a trade getting out of stopping stop was with you is a lovely man, lovely man. but we play monday morninged quarterback monday through friday and then some . i find itte hypocritical for media to criticize reaction time when ours is always off.n it's just in the opposite direction justst like watch videos of cops i interacting with unarmed suspects. suddenly we becament experts in policing as though we went to school for it.
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but in reality the closest we've come to studying the police is watchingg a documentary on stand. i getit it. oh well away homer. yeah, the fact is a lot of us got journalism degrees to avoid doing math but we can't help ourselves. it's the natureca of the beast. when i was a kid we had 30 to 60 minutes of news tops each day that included sports weather and ten minutes of birthday shout out to people who went to high school w with god. but now it's twenty four seven. we went from a little bucket of news to an olympic sized pooler that needs filling every day. it's likey piracies bathtub. where is rubber ducky is an actual tug boat. you got one more. i know you got one more two bute but mesn pointing this out, does it mean it's going to change? >> i mean, i'm a powerful cog
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in this machine we call the media, butmedi i don't have that kind of influence. i can barely get cat to bathe. t i shower. i saw twice a day. so you did. but at least we should acknowledge our role in thishe right now we just show up at the end of a crime but that crime is off t the end of a long, ugly road featuring clues that make us wonder why we didn'tth get coming. it's's like terrorism. see how you could have prevented it after it's already occurred. the problem is the bad guys watch tv news too. so the next time they'll do it differently and we'll have to learn another lesson again on how to prevent that specific crime. is but you see, learning on the job is one thing if you're stocking shelves at wal-mart. but when it comes to policing, learning from mistakes usually means learning from horrific human tragedy. maybe the death of one their own. so maybe we so-called media experts should slow down our reaction time about a subject we really know nothing aboutyb and learn to doe our jobs right first before we worry aboutof how others do theirs.
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of course single variable thinkers will scream guns after an atrocity like this , but we can handle more than one thought. is ment there's mental instability, family disarray, bullyingal i, a disturbing presence on social media. the ingredients in thesemeco tragedies are as consistent as the ones that a bigns mac. ou yes, there are variables we should catch early. one of them though is us , the media. we never lower the heat to t these things even though we know they trigger copycats who see the attention as a chance for infamy and immortality. they i'm not saying you shouldn't report these stories. reporting is one thing, but acting as a publicist for the killer is another. the media almost turns the story into a late night infomercial telling young mentally unstable men who mightn be watching that you too could be a household name. you tooyou can go out in a blao of glory and make history. you too ne could be the next crp who shall not be named. that's the reason someone chooses suicide. plus s overjust suicide suicide
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plus has a payoff providedow by you-know-who us . so as we criticize cops and say they should have done it better and hope they learn from it, we should also say that about the press too that we won't listenwe. welcome . i guess his degree at princeton in oxford prove he's terriblele sport novelist and literary critic walter kirn. the state court found asians in the san andreas fault. but fox business what's wrong with me staying in mcdowell, her family's planning a road trip to get away from her . but this gets her cat dead and his chest x rays have to be shown at the local drive in
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my massive side gig at the endd of world television sheppeardru all right. all right. walter, good to see you as always. >> thank you . so how do you improve industry like this in whichch our job is to fill space? t' it's nots necessarily our faul. it's just that we increase the space like twelve fold and now we're likefo just stuck same path over the over and over again. there's a questionag there somewhere, walter, by the way, great.ok great. thank you , man. that's not let's i think we can agree that he looks great. yeah, he does. thank you . yeah, well, you know, but let's add to the problem by having me comment on it. yeah. what do you think about the things that i'm saying you shouldn't be commenting on ? i promise to try to be funny later in the show. yeah but i covered a mass shooting once for a magazine
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in aurora, colorado. right. the midnight shooting at a batman premiere. and iem was there in the mornins there was still blood in the parking lot that still spilled popcorn from the fleeing people and the kids of the town whose friends had died the night before were sitting around looking at this police tape area and one of them had a shirt on thatin said my bloody valentine. xp and it had a picture of a head exploding. st and i said, that's a little strange to wear that shirt after this terrible shooting. and he saidsa, well, it's a band i had noticed. yeah, it is bad. it's very bad. well, so the moral of this story is that i don't think we notice anymore that we're absolutely sad aided in this violence, in this talk of shooting and shooters. we use the language as though we've all gone to the police academy.
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yes. and my feeling, after that shooting was that the coverage is like a blanketis that we throw over a body. we can't we can't stand to lookk it in the eye and soey we cover in coverage. one thing about guns is that i thinkwe we can all agree they shouldn't be in the hands of insane people right. but the problem is we can't define insane anymore. and i think that we could start with ourselves. we're a little insane and we drive everybody else insane in the mediali and that's true . yeah, that's true . and what are your thoughts on my eloquent monologuet that will win awards as a journalist? yes, i'm doing god's work right. so then the last two yearsr i have been your virologist, epidemiologists, economist, lawyer. i've been a story lo in easternhi europe, asia and the former
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soviet union. i've been a petroleum engineer ,military tactician, a weapon, special, a beautician. and whenen asked walter if you want to look better than you do right now, an amateurur dermatologist and plastic holbeck, nothing has changed except the saturation because when i told my father i calledp him on the phone when i got my first job, i said, daddy, i must be a journalist. and his response was, oh ,on honey, you're really scraping the bottom the barrel, couldn't you? it seems likee couldn't you be an irs agent or like a repo man? so it hadn't really. that's great. it's sore weit all become experts. we all believe it's even true in magazine journalism. you get a if you wrote ann article in nineteen
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eighty three on like airlines, you will end up getting called by a cable station citing you as an expert all it takes is one article that makes you an expert in a lot of things. yeah well okay so i actually disagree with some i think it's okay for me to be critical ofgh the police. right. even i thoughdo i couldn't do their jobs because part of the reason that i don't do that job is that i know i couldn't do it. so the people who doo d have a b ,i think that shoulde be investigated. and you know, these were these massivee mistakes were made this way that they are talking about people should be held accountablebe. i agree. and i think that that's fine to say what starts to bother me is when there is all of this time to talkme about the storyyo and everybody wants to sort of take out each other right where it's like someone calls it horrible and then someone says no, no, no, no, it wasma unfathomable and then itbl just becomes like a vocabulary showdown. it's like what are we doing
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here? >> yeah, yeah,g yeah. like obviously the familiess aren't watching these shows right now. they're like, you know, butw,m it's like i'm always a trying to think like what if they accidentally did? how would they feel seeing their kidsey up there on tv? how would they feel about seeing their kids up there whilere they have a picture ofwh the killer which has happened on like newspapers?y they'll have the guy all over the place and it's like i don't do the parents want to see that anyway? that's not a question. i just want to hand it over to you, tyrus. for the final thought. >>l well, first of all, youyo again you said it right. u the other day. sometimes we just need to shut the up. yeah, of course mistakes were made. he was able to get in a school and kill children and two teachers and the peoplees who made those mistakes are going to have to live with that for the rest of your life. o the door twho left open is paying for that . the two police officers werefi shot out. the cops were trying to figurere out what was happening in real time. every second that they're trying to figure out gun bullets going off,bu a gun bullet going off and then you
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see people sitting in chairs like this telling themli what they did wrong. how dare you mistakes were made. officers have to liveak with that. one of the officers lost his own child. t i don't think he's got that's not going to live with him. yeah. mistakes were made of course they were. but let'sas not forget who's responsible. the murderer is he had time to plan. he had support. he had finance. he watched. he waited . he had the advantage. g and it's a simple thing and i'm not a genius and i don't pretend to be one. but i'm a parent and i was a bodyguard. my job was to keep safe. i always plan for a problem and it goes to mr. curran's point until you start looking lo in the mirror and start saying that we have bad people, we have evil people, we have monsters in every town, in every city and we need tod plan accordingly then we can do that . but until then we'll have roundtables like this and all these geniuses on tv and i go back to your awesome point and you had the to say it.e sometimes we needne to shut the up.
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. get it right at nhtsa. that's the right the who do people trust the most t a politician or a ghost? are we messed up in the head if we believe less in the living than a dead new research? and boy, do i love that new research smell finds that people believe in ghosts more than they trust the government. it's tough. it's tough competition considering how invisible it kamala to harris is. hey. hey, i don't know i don't know if i deserve applause on that. i but anyway, a poll taken it
1:20 am
a poll of nearly a thousand people in the us also called the uk found that 50 percenter believe in the existence ofce ghosts. meanwhile, just 20% said they have faith in theha government and even fewer hadme faith in the power of toothpasteha tingling just in case. sohp what to make of this what would this poll say if it were done in the us ? it's hard t to say since democrats do so well with dead voters, not to mention a poltergeist currently haunting the oval officeeting 10 years ago. let'sac face it, democrats did right around wearing white sheets getting a lot of applause today. i'm not used to the basically a random person on the street is more than twicece as likely o believe in casper than kamala. by the way, that same survey found that only 12% said
1:21 am
they believe in magic. clearly they've never seen meeic in a pair of leather chaps. tyrus talk about magic. but as for believing in ghosts more than politics, maybe it'sy not a bad thing. well, until you run into a ghost who happens to be political. welcome back to ghost disclosure. host, terry fantan. we're here in the incredibly well-preserved living room of notorious victorian era seriall killer oswald born chapstick. this place is crawling with paranormal activity. did you hear>> that ? show yourself spirit. well, it isn't another privileged white male hosting tv show glorifying the victorian era a time when-c women were second classla citizens and coal burning train travel is destroying the ozone and factories for abusing the rights of labor workersrs and today the democrats are in danger of losing their house majority in the upcoming
1:22 am
midterm elections. you know what's actually scary? republican . >> okay, shut the cameras off.e and by the way, how is your hair outside the chief irony of the answer to this question, cat but i'm going to ask you anyway, have you ever seen a ghost? no, that bums you out. i try i know i try to conjure them though, i guess because i really want something to believe in . yes, exactly. liligugak but that's but i have fauci board. yeah i was scared. the ouija yes. or my three older sisters i knew they moved that thing around but i didn't butt it's still scared the hell out of me. wellve my mom told me if i ever played with it there'd be devils in the house. >> she was right. you are the devil right too. but having said that , you don't believe in ghosts. >> yoube still believe in ghosts more than you believe in ghosts.
1:23 am
i don't know forve sure. yeah, ghosts. i know that i do not believesu in government. >> yeah. syrus belve i don't believe in s but i believe my digestives system is haunted. >> okay, wow. i don't care how much they apply i'm not doing this tonight. au dooh culturally as you may kw or may not i'm black. >> we don't have time tost believe in ghosts. we've got to deal with others. e have freeloading relatives. ghost stayingd in the house and we all have them and no one wants to put up becausesented house chances are it's going to be a racist haunted house that's every time i come home it's changing the locks and it's like get out again, pay rent. so i don't need that . we don't have time for that . i dagen, is this a helpful survey? >> i think itthint is like you, it just tells you how little trust people havee in governmene . i don't needy
1:24 am
a survey because i can pose this question to anybody. hey, you t want to come over to my parents house and hang around the roomm a mom or dad in or would you rather come over to my house and hang out with a politician who's going o to your ear off forff two hours and then pick your pocket and do nothing for you?no they would always room yeah. mom, you know, maybe a cold breeze blows through you. smells like lavender. she i wakes up in the middle of the night but you get something from it. >> yeah. you'd be a great real estate agent over here. over here. t butth she does a lot of job titles. that's true . but think about this and this the dead mom room over here. >> yep. i tell everybody that who comes over you know, you're sitting it's stealing this cat. >> you're suddenly you know, you're sitting in the chair that mom and dad and i make a lot of friends that way. all right, walter, what this study proves iss that they're running out of studies.
1:25 am
but since they did it, it caused me to think aboutk the similarities between ghosts and government. >> right. like government ghosts livee in old houses. the white house. yes, like government. >> they kind of keep you up at night and then you wake up in a cold sweat by virus causes you to do like government. ghosts are mostly white. but you know, as i say, i don't think that studies like this really prove anything except that we're giving too much money to our universities.h yeah. prthere's a big question, if you will, and i'll post it, to you cat when a when a ghost blows
1:26 am
off another ghost is that called being like being human? please refrain please refrain. change the rephrase the question when go to blows up another out when a goes yours another is it called being human. >> no it's just called being let there be take these people anywhere you could. up next , woosters who think drop sheep from a title life work home every day. there are pains in your neck that can really turn you into a stressed out wreck. what if you could combine therapeutic heat with relaxing vibrations and targeted pressure introducing the calming heat neck wrap from sharper image, the massage
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1:31 am
jumping for joy and landing and . >> you know, it's as if they gave people titles and then took them back . if only there were a way to describe doing that anyway. a district spokesperson explains, quote, our leadershipe team agreed that given that native american members of our community have expressed concernsth over the use ofto the title, we're no longer going to use it and wait till this wants to go to a fine restaurant. hi. i'd like too makeak a right, but the school's district's website still has the word cheap plastered all over it like liz warren's warpaint chief technologyll officer, chief of staff, chief general counsel, thirteen chiefs and all that's1c more chiefs than the kansas city starting lineup and not one brain among them. s they're going to havewi to swith the titles to head .
1:32 am
but i guess that will offend abraham van brunt, kerberos horseman's thank you that oh you know ichabod crane. but youab don't know abraham bonbright. >> i did. thank you .. and it's extra stupid consideringg is a title of honor that traces back to the year thirteen hundred a.d. when nancy pelosi was just starting her third term apart. they say the first time the san francisco districtt made of itself it's the samets who tried to change school names during the pandemic instead of getting kids back in the classroomst where they could learn that the founding fathers were actually transgender women still like the wigs and stockingss and a dead giveaway, but it backfired.
1:33 am
led to the recall of three board members say they got axed . >> but i don't want to trigger. any nearby trees. tirhas, how great is your life if this is your problem or that is your life of a a couple of things have issues with you use another word i need to take away is leadership. yeah, a team of leadership came up with this one . so the way youou solve the high level of illiteracy in schools is by taking away one ofs i the easiest words to spell. yes. sowa that was genius and chief, by the way, geniuses isis a french english word right. and has and was an english word used to describe someone who had leadership abilities. itip actually had nothing to do with native americans. so maybey this is what they wiw do. they getet they get their kicked and instead of going, you know what man? we made a mistake. we should focus on substance and not fantasy. no, no, no.e let's. keep the party going. let's take away chief. that'll get it out of the water
1:34 am
instead of like doing anything to help anybody. itke seems like these people are just sitting in a room with then saurus and a dictionaryd and just finding things to u get upset about so that theyab can then feel good about it later. it's a lot easier than giving their land back . >> yeah, so this confirms my thesis that government is never more racistt than when it's trying not to be . first offi all, san francisco should apologize to roman catholics for naming its horrible city after saint francis danimal. >> he was the patron saint of animals, right? yeah, he wast. th so in that sense, san francisco is properly nameds. nicely done.
1:35 am
but but but i was going to say that i wrote a frienda i come from montanaan on the blackfeet reservation this morning and i said, what do you think ofou this ?is because all i know is that i can't speak for native americans. ve probablyrn the government of sat francisco can't either. so e i asked one and he said this was not one of us .se i promise that's that's the thing taken when i was when i was reading this .. and they go like out of concern expressed by some of our like i don't like native americans really. >> this has happened in otheris places. yeah. i think they tried too do itd in duluth, minnesota at one point and i was reading like a blog post from a native american saying this is an indigenous word. i they're getting so upset about it. we're not upset about it. right.
1:36 am
butse can you imagine like a ned in the class who's got like tracy flick like sir i meanam ma'am. i mean person i mean they then t you know, the etymology says that this is an old french word. it's not shut. . >> you're expelled because you can't even speak up. yeah, that's true . it's a great word to catch what's up. evenen when i call my dad.a yeah. hey, n it's a great name for call my dad chief. yeah, that's right.s well, he is the chief of police. he's the no i'm the chief of c police. no actually it's a long timehi actually he's native american. yeah. just look at me. yeah.t againlo, i think you make such a great point about how this is what they're focusing on last year san francisco is the bottom five percent for letterer. schools. see. yeah, schools like literacy, which is pretty important in terms of going to school, learning how to read and write. so i think it's
1:37 am
actually offensive to everybody who goes there that this is what they're spending their time on . >> and i want to commend you by maintaining the tea and important. >> thank you . because you've made you've made me sose self-conscious that i can i can't even say the word anymore and then i it's like once you hear how he may not like he would neverit leave me alone about it because you know, obviously that's the biggestviouth problem in the world. and so now i have to make sure i really focus on say important, important and no important. you know, it it's not what it's not often. it's often. yes. en, you don't say the tea becaue i'm tracy flick and i go back . right. she was a deadly writerul who couldn't keep her plans her . hi, i'm jane seymour. you know what i gets a bad rap as a woman of a certain age.
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1:42 am
a self published romance novelist that is just dukat once wrote anju essay titled how to murder your husband and was just convicted for murdering her husband. talk about stupid. even o.j. didn't write if i didh it until after he finished murdering got kind. f a funny coincidence i just wrote a blog called how to steal drugs from larry kudlow medicine cabinet. ac >> according to police nancy crampton brophyco, she's a pot shot her husband effective might say in twentyty eighteen while he prepared for work. now work is when you perform agreed upon servicesfo in exchange for money.. >> that explanation was for people to judge the, the blog,
1:43 am
which was written years earlier, detailed various options for committing an bl untraceable murder and a desire to get away with it. it was excluded from her trialt though. but who hasn't plannedha a murdy before? you know what i mean? anyway, but she also blabbed tot her cellmate who testified againstift her .rently nanc apparently nancy claimed her husband was shot through the hearty and she was to blame giving love, giving love a bad name, a bad name. god, i love whitesnake. that's my nickname. level white is might nickname deucy who loves bon jovi and his nickname ford wrestling friday. what do you want from me anyway? she forgot step one of gettingf awayy with murder. internet don't tell the internet or your cell mate don't wear
1:44 am
a button that says ask me about how i murdered my husband. er, u walter you're an author who's actually written about a real murderer that you actually became friends with . yes, i did.eryone buy the book is called blood will out and i hope everyone buys it . it's about his own plug's. but i have a theory about this murder. i think she was attempting to make the murder tax deductible i k because i know as a professional writer that any research you do in any cost you incur can be deducted from your taxes. i also think it wasn't a stupid plan that you believe it to be . i think that as a defense you could say, listen, what i wrote a blog post about how to murdere my husband. would i then go and do it? yes. come on . to great. that was my next question. it's like if you're kind of like daring people to makei that connection, it's like you i would be the last person exactly. who that's why i said that thing about cuddler when these pills go missing, i wroteo
1:45 am
a blog post blog post last year called how not to be murdered by your wifeno and i'm hoping't that it doesn't come true . yeah, dagon, i think you've threatened to kill a lot of people threatened. threatened, yeah.h. dodi you ever worry that one of them may end upay dead and thend they go and they just go look on television and find out what you said? no, no. i'm smarter than writing a blog post about the mistakes that i'm going to make yet in the future. one mistake as a country she said that the gun a glock was bought for to protect her husband when he went to forge for mushrooms so that you don't need a glock for i hate to say it, but it's mushroom season in montana and in factin you do there are no i'm not kidding you. there are armed gangs of h
1:46 am
mushroom huntersun spread out across the west. the thing that things areab incredibly valuable, they sell for like twenty five dollars a poundlefo and in fact you do d to be armed to hunt for wild mushrooms. okay, that's a i stand corrected. you don't get this kind of information take on outnumbered . no. and they've done nothing on mushrooms. nothing i tell you and by the way, if you really want to kill somebody and leaved and leave no trace, you feed them poisonous mushrooms rightng . just one more thing. if you really want to make your husband pay is one way to do it. youon stayto married to him forr and you harangue and whittle it down to a little numb. yeah, cat, how does this change your life? you know how knowledge informedh your future decision making?
1:47 am
well,, no, we actually we talk about this all the time on our podcast 80% we do because wes say that okay, it don't dori a crime. right. but if youme must if you must if you must you need to realizeze it's callede a life of crime for a reason because you have to make other decisions in your life that you wouldn't have to make. you didn't doodi a crime. so instead of writing the blog post, she should have started spreadingou the rumors that hers husband was into like some shady stuff like maybe hide like a drugy problem. he had some gang involvement. so then when the hit man higher takes them out, nobody's shocked. that's right. you just create a reallyobody sd with a life of crime that is got to have an exit strategy. you have to have the boom say to get exit strategy. why do i feel like i'm on anli infomercial where i have two hosts telling me how to get away with you would have lived an entire sentence. be a free woman. tellti me what the exit strategy is, kyra. well,d've been you have to pla.
1:48 am
you've got to go back to the front again. we don't condone it. but if you look but if you must start from the back, something to keep in mind some of this has to fall on the husband besides the bullet in his back . >> yes. there's no there's signs if i came home and i saw notes and etchingsgs of how to murder me, i'm going to ask questions like you didn't know when the blood hey, honey, you're my new blog. yes,s, dear. you got sometimes you got tohe pay attentionr her when she starts getting shady and does things like mcdonald's, you see what you just did and just fix her hair. that's the other thing for that show. fix their so whenever they fix they health plans lay down. you've got about 48 hours to figure it out so that strategy is easy. >> it's don't talk to the cops. >> yeah. and don't put them in your don't and also like youd can pretend as though you are really be afraid that you're gog to be thee next victim of this hit man and you can't
1:49 am
believe that you ever allow this horrible drug addicted gang banger into your life. that is. yeah, but then you then you become the person that goes i'm going tom lead the search for my no you doubt. absolutely. yeah. yeah. shaken up. yeah. you already told all of your friendsds it was a bad b marriage and you didn't leave because you were afraid so they already all have your back . all right. not bad but you should those those who are spending too much time together. this is like when you sayay like i don't think they should we should keep them separate for a while. all right. my mom you do that all the time. all nobody asks whynf that inflation out strips our budget for road trip. hey, everyone. mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium sleep. and i'm here with my good friend and country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago
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words. here's the story in five words t american road trips are dead. it's true nobody is doing road trips anymore. bi walter, youg just went on a big one . did you last year? yeah, i did.d but you know, due to the inflation and pandemic, this is sad for kids becauselo kids learn a lot on road trips when i was a kid in an arizona truck stop, i learned what french tickler were truck stop teach truckstops. truckstops are a kids junior college. they really are.
1:54 am
>> i learn a lot of stuff like big belt buckles. it was a little picture ofct a frenchman with a beret and a long feather. that's a memory. sorry girls. youu know dagan's i think the most important thing about road trips that people are going to lose is how to balance the time with beverage consumption because there's worse than somebodyca in a car who shows up drinkingoe a big gulp and doesn't factor that . weav have to stop now every twenty five minutes because beca. eriny little female i always. ask if i'm a female and i don't stop. >> yes. oh, yes think so. if i'm driving i don't stop and you don't need a lot of money to do a road you take fig newtons peanut butter tortillas and you sleep in churchyards or graveyard's. no body with you in a graveyard . so that's why i've done that . i've slept in a church are worried i was going to get eaten by gators in louisiana. wow. y louia.i don't even know how tt
1:55 am
led up to that point in yourho life. i think we should work backwards. tarkind you know, road trip. they say it's just because gas is gas. i try to do the math. it'som like to drive from floria to california is like almost a grand and then you've got togo deal with the traffic with the fentanyl smugglers and thenn truck stops still have the french ticklers apparently and graveyard's are full. there's double occupancy. so it's just sometimes it's better just to fly. yeah. hey, you you worked it all together. can you are going on a road trip after this show. yeah, i go on a few road tripsnt a year but i do count brooklyn. >> yes. because it's from here it causes us to this is studio you might want to point that out to the rest of america that i you know what sorry america. i've let you down. you have you have disgusting again. but apparently that just
1:56 am
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of time to do telephone calls. the 40000 to everything the movie to be watched. >> we're out of thanks to david mcdowell, walter 30%, our studio audience is that i was able to get along with you america. w oh ,el and welcome to fox news t i'm shannon bream in washington. washington. there was nineteen when i saids was nineteen officers and there was plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done with one exceptionne is that the the incident commander inside believe they needed more equipment c and more officers to do a tacticalce breach at that pointrs