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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 28, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the 40000 to everything the movie to be watched. >> we're out of thanks to david mcdowell, walter 30%, our studio audience is that i was able to get along with you america. w oh ,el and welcome to fox news t i'm shannon bream in washington. washington. there was nineteen when i saids was nineteen officers and there was plenty of officers to do whatever needed to be done with one exceptionne is that the the incident commander inside believe they needed more equipment c and more officers to do a tacticalce breach at that pointrs with the
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pay, with the pay, with the benefit of pay for the benefit of hindsight., they were standby, of standby,. hey, standby. hey, standby. right. i got it. i got got it. okay, for the benefit ofin hindsight where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. >>io the wrong decision is breaking tonight . hearts and uvalda's, texas breaking all over again as we get a clearer picture of what happened before and during the horrific massacre at a texas elementaryma school. a public safety official says a teacher propped open a locked door and later the commanding officer at the scene madean a series of tragic miscalculations even as desperate children called 911. one repeated and begged police to come help them. those revelations came on a stunning friday afternoon news briefing detailing a number of that are being seriously scrutinized tonight . let's bring in correspondent jeff paul with the very latest live from uvalda, texas tonight . hello, jeff. shannon, tonight lawrc enforcement admitting mistakes were made t in their response to
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the shooting that led to 19 students and two teachers in the most glaring ise that texas dps saysmo that whill the clockar is ticking and forty five minutes went by with manyby officers standing in the hallway, there were kids insidee that classroom with the shooter who could and might have been able to be helped. we were there were kids in the room clearly at risk. and by the way, even when to go back to shooting, there may be kids that are injured that may have been shot, but it is important for life savingt purposes to immediately get there and renderr now this all goes l back to investigators saying the local incident commander at the time the shooting thought there was no longer a threat to kids. they assumed the active shooter situation had changed into a barricaded maned. now k but we now know authorities believe children were inside the schoole that the shooting was unfolding, calling 911 when they were begging operators to please send police. now texas dps says while
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this was happening, 19 officers stood in the hallway trying to figure out a way to get inside w the classroom where the shooter was barricaded. they more than 45 minutesgo go by until border patrol agents show up with a master t key to open up the classroom door where the suspect was shots and killed. the information that i wastu given turned out in part to be inaccurate and i'm absolutely livid about that . there are people who deserve answers. wrve the most and those are the families whose lives have been destroyed.d. they need answers that are accurate. now what is unclear at the moment is how many kids died and how many teachers died in that span of 48 minutes froms when officers, 19 of them were a standing in the hallway at t the time they got intohe the classroom and killed the suspecte. how many died during that time period? that is still very much underve
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investigation, shannon. just what is next in the investigation? well, they're really trying to drill down into who the shooter was and they're going to be looking at many different places. they're going to be looking at his spending habits. how did he get the money toou be firearms and all of that ammunition? they're also going to look intor his cyber footprint. who was he talking to when he was sending these direct messages? how far do they go back ?ar do y and also they brought up the fact that he was a gamer. what kind of conversations was he having? what was his family dynamic like? , if he hads friendsds any what were those conversations like all of these things are going to be lookingng into. but again, investigators are. saying this is going to take time and they know that those answers will not come fast enough shannon. all as long as we get themm accurately eventually we may just have to be patient at a time when it's very tough to do that .to jeff,ugh thank you . so let's continue the discussion about the search for those answers tonight with a reporter who has just returned from uvalda
2:05 am senior writer and author, a fiery but mostly peaceful puleo rosoff and a man with years of experience specializing in protecting people. sentinel security solutions ceo charles marino. welcome back to both off you. >> thank you . let me ask you because you've been there and beent on the ground with the community as we get more and more information, some of a it vastly different than what we were first told. what is the sensefirs the feelig there in the community? i mean, a i've got to imagine the overriding issue is just immense grief. there. absolutely. and you know, when i first arrived on the scene, the tuesday, you know, it was very evident the death toll and we knew that the officers were on the scene withint a short amount of time. and so thinking about that on tuesday didn't make a whole lot of sensen' because i had assume and a lot ofpe people maybe had assumed that the police were following the standard operating procedure in an active shooter, which is you go in , youup take out the threat p as soon as possible. but today we found out that
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wasn't the case because it changed. aracely, they believe that it changed from a barricade to a barricade because in those situations from a military background, you know, entering doorways within a shooting situation is very, very dangerous about the mission comes first. and the mission for the officer to that point was to take outsi the shooter as soon as possible and clearly that that's not what happened and how to takerl and we're finding out that it was border patrol who who had to take charge and say, well, screw, we're going to go in anyway. and i think that they shouldd s definitely be hailed as heroeses to finally put a stop to it. but there's a lot there's a lotu of questions. a lot of people are confused and understandably a lot of people are upset. yeah, okay, soset to your point about border agents, i read a couple of headlines here for you. fox news .com had this . it says to officials briefedhe on the situation told the new york times that specialized border patrol agents arrived at robb elementary school betweener 12 and 12 10, roughly 30 minutes earlier than previously thought. additionally, the officials say that the evolving police
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department held the borderat ro patrol agents back from going. inside tonight . the headline from nbc news is this federal agents who went to rob elementary school and all the texas on tuesday to confront the gunman who killed 19 children . we're told by local police to wait and not enter the schooln and then decided after about a half an hour to ignore that initial guidance and find the shooter, say to senior federal law enforcement officials, charles, how does this work when you get to s the scene you've got multiple agencies on site, but these border patrol guys said i basically we're doing it. don't try to stop us . >> yeah, listen, i mean, you this situation just gets worse and worse with, with every minute that goes by fromen the propped open door that allowed the shooter toe get inside the school to the delay police response and the misreadingpo of the entire situation of what was going on . this was from the start and should have been assumed an active shooter situation based
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on the totality of the information that was coming in both through the 911 calls, which we're still not sure if those were making it to the scene and the sounds ofns gunshots that were going on . so what we had here were authorities being held back bynt the incident commander, which reports are were c c the local chief of police from involved a police department and at some point in time the bortac unit from from cbp th said, you know what , forget it. we're going in . you're reading us wrong. g we're going to respond. so you know, this was basically a failure of response fromst the start here and reading this as a barricadear situation as opposed to active shooter is a big time change in tactics where the barricade situation you're waiting for negotiatorsit and swat teamsin and alle the other law enforcement luxuries that come with it, whereas an activeotlu shooter, u go right in as soon as possible
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and you neutralize that threat and that obviously did notdi happend . so this brings me tome this question because new york times is reporting on whatsin was happening there and says this at two monthse ago, the evolving school district hosted an active shooter training for officers tr using instructional materials that say the priority for responding officersuc is to stop the killing by confronting the attacker. so have you heard any explanation in your time therero on the ground? because from be the other accous i've been reading too, they saye that you've got a swat teamld whiche actually a couple of years ago went to all the local businesses and school specificallynd to try and figuro out the layouts were neverutn on scene. i don't know if that's. accurate or not, but that's what we've been told so far that swat team the trained for this wasn't their right. and that's the big question is that why was everything so, so hectic and why did all this thei training not actually come to fruition when they need it the most? and so i mean, again, i can i tell you i mean, i've been to
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you all day prior to this in the context of covering the border crisis. i mean, the whole reason why i was in south texas was because i was coveringsng the border crisis in eagle pass prior to this happening and so i can i can say that this is a small town. it's a pretty remote and it's just a very tight knit community. and so there's a lot a lot of confusion that the residents have and a lot of questions. and you're right. i mean, the they have a sizable police force and with everything that's for been going on at the border, there's you know, texas dps there's there's border patrol there as so the issue wasn't the issue wasn't personnel. there's clearly enough personnel, but there was seemingly an unwillingness to act or follow through on the training that they apparentlye went through . and charles, i want to pick up on something that you notedso that when you change over to a barricade situation, the assumption is i'm assuming my educated guess is that you think just the shooter left there and that's what you're trying to negotiate is to get them out.
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butt here's what we know from the wall street journal. they say nine one one operators were getting calls from within the classroom, the first at 12 or three from a girl who whispered she was in room 112. mr. mcgraw, who'som with texas public safety, said at 12 10 she called back and said multiple people were dead. she called again at 12 , 13 and 12 , 16 saying that eight or nine students were still alive. more calls came over the next half hour and the operatori advised the girl calling to stay very quietsese, mr. macross said one girl said one girl asked the operator twice for minutes apart to please send the police. now to charles. where in the world do you look for an explanation about the communication breakdown? they've decided a barricade situationkdow. e there are multiple 911 calls coming from inside from multiple people saying we'rere still alive and we need help. i cannot imaginee this child calling 911 when all of these times saying police and police please send police in the midst of this absolute horror.
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>> yeah, i can understand it i for the life of me. and youwa know, one thing i do want to bring up, shannon, is to have the governor of texas come on national tv earlier today and say that he was misled by a roomful of people e about exactly what happened herexaed . i can't believe he didn't follow up that sentence with aup list of resignations or firings.. i mean, you've got real time communication from a dispatch center. we know atch that dispatch centr has radio communications with both the local and the state police.that so wee know that information is getting back to them. so what i think we have here is really is that the local police department sunk to their lowest level of training. and i think that we're going to look at a lot of the things that are reported to have happened. again, let's keep in mind 11 different stories so far at least my last countin ofha what happened that in terms of timeline and actions that were taken or not taken.
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so i'm sure we're going tog get a different iteration ofge what happened exactly that day. but i think what we're going to see in totality is we're goings to see that there wasno not a whole lot of training, joint training that occurred here between the school district, the local school district, the state police and the localst police. >> well, again, the reminder and the reset for all of us is the person responsible for all of this is the shooter who is filled with evil and decided to carry this out. he is the bad guy. we ask our heroic law enforcement officers to do a lot and not to disparage them at all. it's only to s get answers so that we can do whatever we can to fight against this again in the future. and gode bless them because i know that they are going to have a lot of sleepless nights questioning over and over if ad is right or wrong decisions. so it's really forr the answers to get to those parents because they deserve them. julian charles, thank you . >> thank you . thank you . with protesters outside former
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president trump and texas senator ted cruz inside, well, they both cru chose to speak at the national rifle association convention friday in houston too three miles away from uvalda course correspondent to actually strohmeyer shows off a heated atmosphere in houston tonight . good evening, ashleigh. hi, shannon. atonipetition to cancel the convention topped two hundred and seventy thousand signatureses, but it didn't stop the nra from moving forward. former president trump spoke to those in attendance in houston seemingly takingbe jabs atli politicians allegedly attempting to make a political statement a a out of the mass shooting. >> good time to find common ground. b sadly, before the sun had evensu set on the horrible day of tragedy, we witnessed a now familiar parade of cynical politicians seeking to exploit the tears of sobbing families to increase their own power and take away our constitutional rights. >> trump also telling nra members schools should be the single hardest target in our country. texas senator ted cruz has alsoe been criticized by democrats
2:15 am
in the days followingos the school shooting for his stance on the second amendment s. >> but he still spoke at the convention ultimatee, as we all know what stops armed bad guys is armed good guys. >>od meanwhile, protesters in opposition to the convention could be heard outside sayingbei this day. the mayor of houston also said it was destress thankful for t elected officials to attend the convention. hearte what he had to say. >> they have every right to express their view. itit would be disrespectful for any elected official to attend the nra when a few days ago they were extending their prayers and condolences to these families s . us twitter users were blasting the nra during this one year sayingwh the nra is completely
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out of touch with whereee the vast majority of responsible gun owners are in this country. and it's time the vast majority of responsible gun owners in this country tell the nra to go f ing jumped up in anotherno saying what the nra stands for not relevant anymore. the convention is expected to wrap up on sunday. shannon, back to you. ashleigh, thank you very much. much more ahead. our own laurin green sits down with lee greenwood to talk about his decision not to perform at the nra this year. that's coming up. president biden is scheduled to visit valde to meetli with families and community leaders on sundayco as his administration's renewing a major push for new gun control laws. but ofa pun course, one of kevin caught covering all of that for us tonight. good evening, kevin . eveningg, shannon. while it is true the president will travel to texas on sunday to engage the families of those impacted by the massacre in uvalda, he actually hopes to leave the folks behind heresh in washington with a bit ofin inspiration for some dealmaking over onsp capitol hill.
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that's where lawmakers continue to feverishly pull the levers in an attempt to apply a political band-aid on a country'sli still reeling after a series of mass shootings. de >> this great academy is prepared to face everyry challenge and overcome any obstacle you are ready while giving remarks to the u.s. naval academy graduation today, the president was a mere 32 miles away from the white house. but lawmakers back in washington seemingly worlds apart in their search forthmm common ground on gun reformon or perhaps closer than ever. >> i don't want to overstate and charlie brown up until now that football has been pulled out from underneath everything . >> maybe just kind of different because unlike so many other mass shootings this time the herd seems almost universally raw. an the moment perhaps right to do something, anything to assuageas
2:18 am
the pain. >> well,e pa this is a new development. buffalo is a new development. ad i think there's a senseev, you know, urgency that maybe we didn't feel before. but so we're going to try. d i mean,o that's all we can do ir try and that's what we're going. exactly what can be done depends on whose perspective you subscribeon to. it was just back in april that the president signed a series of executive orders, regulations and proposals intendedor to curtail firearm violence, including regulations on so-called ghost guns that are sold in kids and then made by consumers rules requiring registration to own pistols stabilizing brace'sru that can make handguns handleke more like rifles and a new requirement that the atf and doj issue annual reports on gun trafficking and effort. though say critics essentially akin to using a shoe heel to hammer a spike in what's really needed from the white house
2:19 am
and congress is a sledge hammer heartbreaking to see that it takes a mass shooting like convene a conversation if there's a mass slaughtert in this country every single night, people fight with guns every single day in this country, but it does tend toe take the school shootings to get people to. th >> now for the folks outside of the beltway, murphy is a democrat from connecticut.ute that's of course, where the sandy hook elementary school massacre occurred about a decade ago.. and while he concedes the chances of a deal emerging over republican opposition are sliman, the white house is still pushing congressional lawmakers to act. but on the otherna t side ofnt the argument, a lot of people do point this out. shannon, the gunman in texas and all the other cases broke several laws while committing the crimes. and it's true . all right, kevin . please come back for some good news. we'd love to do that with you later. looking forward to it. my thank you, captain. coming up, what we know about the texas school massacre has
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are again on another day of mourning in this country once again we grieve for the little boys and girls whose lives have been ended and whose families destroyed. our culture is controlled by fear and cowardiced masculinity. traditional male values areby u under attack. it'sndnd not any mystery why yog boys are confused, angry mental illness is running rampant
2:26 am
in america this week has required us to coverof one of the most difficult, tragic stories in recent memory. so how did the media handle the sometimes rapidly evolvingta details coming out of vivaldi valde this week? let's talk about that side of the story. athe battle on being managing editor joel berry and news curtis managing editor houck. great to have you with us, gentlemen. thanks for having us . good evening. okay, so youou guys have got some highlights and lowlightswe in the media this week. joel, i'm going to start with your lowlights. we'll play this from msnbc's joy read . republicans just tying themselves into pretzels to point the finger in every single thing but the problem,, the gun as far as we know, w there was no mental health issue with the individual who stole the futures of 19 children f in uvalda, texas. >> cardinal pell, a suspect? yeah. you know, any time a tragedy like this occurs, i always prepare myself to hear some really awful rhetoric coming from the pundit class.
2:27 am
this one still took my breath away a little bit and i could respond by by like making fun of joy. reid remarkingmark that the maze that she has a tv show where people pay her money to share these sorts of thoughts with the i'm assuming dozens of viewers tune in every week. butt i think the moreor appropriatee response i suppose is one of sadness. c >> i think, you know, our our culture a lot of our culture iso so desperate to avoid a lot ofof the real issues that are plaguingeal our culture right . everywhere i look, i see the brokenness of ourok institutionsen, our leadership, our politicians and our the way where we're failing our young men and our desperation to avoid a lot of these really difficult and complex issues. we kind of pour all our energy and our focus into this inanimate object, this gun ,the scapegoat that seems likect such a simplee and easy solution to us .so and it's just a tragedy. i i think wet' need to we need
2:28 am
start having a lot of these these difficult conversations and it will take time and they are. and by the way, folks, there the are going to be some highlightss here to stick around for those who got some good news. curtis, i want to play your lowlights. .this whoopi goldberg. so you sold an hour 15 at the gun show. see c you in court. does your neighbor have to beg an arsenal? callll the cops if you're going to get all in my business and tell me what my family can and cannot do, neither can you. they're going to come for those ar 15 and you better get readye to give them up. all right, curtis, your low light pick. i'm really just going to echo what joel has to say. i mean, really the view and joya reid can stand in for reallynd any of these news outlets or comedy shows oror pundit cases f punditry on the left. there are a few issues in our body politic where there's more misinformation out there and misinformed people than on guns. and you know, it requires a lot of sobriety on the part of not just journalists but
2:29 am
on the american public as well. and you're not seeingle that obviously with the people like the view and whoopi goldberg specificallyoopi, youf know, she's just off of claiming that she knows bettersp than the catholic church regarding speaker pelosi. so now, she's moving on to this i guess she's taking a page out of beto o'rourke from his presidential campaign when he said that we're we are going to take your ar 15s and it doesn't accomplish anything. yeah, and apparentlysnaccosh a he's changed that now that he's running for statewide office in texas. okay, let'sintexa quickly get to your highlights because we needw some good news. i'm going to put up the picture here and let you explain. this is a cap that was involved ,somebody who decided too breach those doors and go in and get this shooter. >> yeah, well, obviously oft you know, a lot the details are still coming out as far as i know the name of this man who was wearing this capwa hasn't been released. but as far as wewe know, it sees that a small handful of off duty border patrol agents disobeyed orders, disobeyed
2:30 am
a stand down order and rushed in to save these kids. and i can't think of anything t more american than disobeying orders to do the right thing. o rii think it's awesome. you know, there are some other pictures of this guy coming out. he was obviously off duty wearing dad jeans and asl plaid shirt and this trucker cap, you know, and it's it's encouraginga to see in the midst of this brokenness and corruption we see the core of america is still there. you know, the good peopleer that are willing to put their lives on the line to do the right thing, it's still are stillme alive and that gives me hope. yes. and another picture i know shows him at the actually the stitches in his scalp. close to wasches soo that bullet doing a lot more damage, but he was willingh to run in there. okay, this is your highlight, curtis over on cnn. >> you could imagine that hardening schools as some republicans suggested, could have helped in this situation given what we're now learning about what actually occurred. all right. give us a quick explanation.
2:31 am
>> yes. david ketanji, former colleague of mine,e, he ventured out toic start the reload which is dedicated to sober, seriousou firearm safety and reporting about gunt. as i was saying my previous i answer, this is anss issue that requires facts and very specific concise arguments to break through the noise and the emotion that can sometimes overwhelm and frequently overwhelm us . and for cnn to put steven on the air was a really smart move and i hope more of that continues more news outlets should be looking at people like steven who are going to be yelling and screaming to draw outrageag and applause and insteade allow people to take a breath. yeah, and we need factual information whether it's regard to the law enforcement response, potential legislative measures. we need to have those conversations because we're all emotionally drained this week and just heartbroken for these j folks in texas. so i agree with you. we want to have a spirited debate but one that iswa respectful. but we try to do here on fox
2:32 am
news at night. joel and crtv, thank you both for being with thank you . >> thank you . all right..n as we reported earlier,ll the show g will go on at the annual nra convention in houston this weekend. but one regular in contributor i the festivities has decided the horror of uvalda is just too fresh for him to participate this year. chief religion correspondent lorne greene has his story. good evening, lauren. good evening. and he'sma a patriot, a man of faith and supporter of the second amendment. but in the wake of the texas school shootingnw, the grammy award winning singer lee greenwood canceled his scheduled concertcanc this weekend at an nra convention. >> be an american idol free singer lee greenwood opening boxesoo all american summerth concert series friday with his defining song about h faith, family and country. he was scheduled to also headline the national rifle association convention this memorial day weekendti in houston but joined a list of performers canceling
2:33 am
on the event in the wake of the shooting in texas, including don mclean and larry at one i i would be singing toin endorse an automatic weapone which killed those children. and i talked to larry gatlin, a friend of mine, fauci graham brown . and i said, guys, i hope we're in unity here, unity hereg because i i'm not going to sing. and i called them and i saidded i just can't in clear conscience sing this greenwoodd still believes in the right to bear arms but says the fault lies not in gun ownership butla a lack of faith and commitment to family.ckand commitment to f. this 18 -year-old this 18 year old that had the shooting at the school had no faith. er he had no family, neither one putting his money where his mouth is h. is greenwood published a king james translation of the biblehe that includes the name of his iconic song on the front page and the founding documents the back. it's one of scores of theme bibles on the market that has helped the bible find niche communities. cordaccording to a recent survey by the american bible society, bible reading y decreased sharply the last year
2:34 am
partly due to social distancing. and church is goingta online but also because younger generations 18 to twenty four year olds are less bible literate. >> i think we do see, ci especially in younger generations, that there is a decreasingal awareness of really the themes and the major teachingsth of the bible and that's something greenwood is trying to change. >> johnd massiah going with support of the second amendmentof is not without controversy. it has putit himt in the middlf the debate over gun laws. but he says now is the time to mourn m, not point fingers shannon lauren green , thank you so much. coming up, we're tracking two high profile trials. ararthe case is a former clinton campaign attorney, michael 5% and celebrity johnny depp a and amber heard they are nowth both in the hands of jurors say the final arguments next . ever wonder how what's
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will continue deliberations next week in the case against hillary clinton. ne campaign attorney accused of lying to the fbi about the trump russia probe. of course, david sponte has the very latest tonight from washington. >> deliberations ended for a day, but we won't know the verdict until at least tuesday when court resumes. specialse counsel john durham's team told jurorsrh the evidencee is overwhelming to convict former clinton campaign attorneyr michael sussman when he told the fbi he was f delivering information about a secret communications channel between the trump organizationl and russia on his own, not on behalf of any clients. the clinton campaign durhamar argues sussman was politicallyge motivated meeting with his friend, fbi general counsel james bakerisfr just weeks befoe the 2016 election. prosecutors also showed emails between sussman and reporters and sayer it all comes down to this text. jim , it's. michael sussman.
2:41 am
i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discussa . do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm comingort to on my own not on behalf of a client or company. want to helpbe o the bureau? in thanks. sussman's team toldra jurors via a posterer board. despite what the government said, this was not a giantme political conspiracy theory. the defense accused the government of using smoke and mirrors to distract from the facts. sussman'sdi attorney sean berkowitz told jurors the sunday night text message doesn't matter. it's what sussman said to bakerd monday at fbi headquarters in person and there are no notes or recordingss ofke that meeting. baker told different people different stories aboutrtu what sussman actually said. sussman's attorneys say it was no secret he worked for the clinton campaign and that sussman practically had the dnc tattooed on his forehead. they said sussman'sur allegatios were not taken seriously because the fbi never interviewed sussman in a formal
2:42 am
setting. shannon, here is the one page single charge form the jury will fill out whenl it reaches a verdict and hands it to the judge. simple and content but in context quite complex court resumes after the holiday on tuesday shannon. we'll be watching. david, thank you . and after seven weeks of plentyn of courtroom drama, the johnny depp versus amber heard defamation trial is in the hands of the jury tonight . they began their deliberations friday afternoon. daffs lawyer says the case is not about money and a source close to her insists it is about freedom of speech. of course, when christina coleman is about the details tonight . good evening, christina. hi, shannon. >> high commissi oner jurors have a mountain of evidence including text messages and photosdi to go through as they deliberate a verdict in this case. jeff is thi doing heard for fifty million dollars over a 2018 op ed she wrote o in the washington post describing herself as a domestic abuse survivor. even though deps name is not mentioned in the article,
2:43 am
it damaged his career that denies abusing heard today his attorney called amber heard a liar and asked jurors to rejectej her claims. she spun a story of shocking, overwhelming, brutal abuse. she. came into this courtroom prepared to give the performance of her life and she gave it. the lives have grown and metastasized over timebe and they need to s be stopped and those false accusationsns have caused more harmca to mr. deaf than her fists ever did. >>de her legal team tried to undermine deps defamation case by zeroing in on his drug and alcohol use. they say his behavior damaged his own career. hurd also maintains that shene did survive depth's abused. her legal team submitted photos as supporting evidence. hurd says he hit her multiple times and assaulted her . her legal reminded jurorsrg that for depp to win this lawsuit, one of the things
2:44 am
he has to provera by a preponderance of evidence is that he never abused amber heard. >> ladies and gentlemen, let me be very clear . if amber was abused by mr. evene one time, then shen wins one time. and we're not just talking about physical abuse. we're talking about emotional abuse, psychological abuse , financial abuse, sexual abuse. >> that's what we're talking about. her file, the one hundred million dollar defamation countersuit against debbie claiming that depp and his former lawyer adam waldman damaged your reputation 2020 when waldman called her allegations a quote abuse hoax. dale and the daily mail, her legal team says the negative press she received over her abusee allegations led to the reduction of her role in the aquaman sequel and lots of other potential work during deliberations in this case are set to resume tuesday morning. shannonn. k
2:45 am
christina coleman, thank you very much christina. coming up,mi as memorial day weekend begins, our wounded warriors who survived the battlefieldwo now face incredible challenges here at home. one veteran at double amputee himself is doing to try to helps his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. you'll meet him next to hi. my name is james pangalos. i've been bathing grooming horses and dogs my entire life and i had my fair share of the common problem with metal vessel brushes and blades. they rip and cut his hair out. if you wouldn't use these on your own skin, why would you use it on your pet? that's why i created a better introducing the number one ranked multi award winning hands on the scrubbing nodules on the fingers and pumps provide a thorough clean north of shedders in the market today just a simple flick the wrist and the hair instantly release so you can go right back to carry the textured surface of flexibility of our
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mypillow products. >> triple-a estimates nearly 40 million americans will travel this weekend for the memorial day holiday, . e most since 2010mo nineteen , however, with a national average for a gallone of gas now at four fifty nine a gallon a full dollar fifty five more in last year and airfare up six percent from a year ago. it is going to be a costly trip this weekend. mb >>er memorial day is about remembering the soldiers who have fallenn on the battlefield and also honoring their loved ones left behind. butef america's warriors partnership reminds us that even our veterans who do makeus it home are still fighting life and death battles. 17 of themth on average take their own lives every single day. joining us now to discuss the importance of recognizing every veterans story of sacrifices wounded veteran former enlisted marine staff sergeant john jones.av welcome . john, greatat to have you.
2:51 am
thank you , shannon. >> very, very nice to be on the show. thank you . i got to tell you, wheneverater i look at these numbers, i'm absolutely shocked and heartbroken. explain for us some of the struggle of even if youke make it home sometimes you have lost people that you love and care about. sometimes you comecaca back with your own injuries, physical and emotional. how can we help? well, the one thing that everybody can help is one to one thing the vets. but not not on memorial day. those these days on memorial day is to remember the ones that didn't make it on . are the true heroes that we have. right. and what america's warriorri partnership does for those that do come back home where do anhere to help, we upstream approach by helping veterans in our family members and caregivers to really haveto a much more of a quality ofqu life whenever they come home because not everybody has that .
2:52 am
that sense ofhas community and collaboration between the community and the veteran. so that's what america warrior partnership. so we go out and we find every single veteran that we possibly can . weut utilize the fouril stepte approachp that we connect, wela educate and we collaborate with the veterans. nsthe families and their caregivers as well as the community to let awe themll know exactly what's going on with the veterans within their communityn wi. the v.a. talking about their research communications ans rtment says this . they say americans typically respect a can do attituderesp, one that supports taking responsibility and meeting challenges head onon. t these values are very similarat to those that are part of us military culture and fortunately this type of outlook can sometimes make it difficult for service members or veterans to accept help whenx they need it. what's's beenth your experience on that front, john? well, you know, it is pretty difficult for us to accept p hep
2:53 am
right into ask for help. but in today's day and age you can't do it a alone and you cant do it on your own. and whenever we do ask for help, we basically ask our friends, our buddies, our our service members that we actually served with to help h because that's who we had to c count on in combat. that's who we have to count on every single day because the military is a 24/7, 365 day job. you just don't get sick. you don't get to call in sick. you don't get to do thoseft things you have to push through inh persevere. and with that , that's what we do is we're there to help the before the veteran goes down the rabbit hole and that's what veterans do. we want to go to organizations that actually are doingd the work and not just saying that they are doing the work make sense. it absolutely does.
2:54 am
okay, so i want folks whether they're veterans or a loved one who wants to help a veteran or there's somebody who wants to donate. is do there a good website you can direct us to? yes, there is. pardon me. it's america's warrior partnershipr dog. and for those veterans that are needing assistance help we have a twenty four hours a day, seven days a week hotline. so it's one eight six awp vets and within 24 hours the veteran will be served and be starting that road to help even thought they might not want to get it. but we're here for you. yes. and we want folks to reach out and we will tweet out that information o as well don . godes bless you. thank you for your service to our country and now to all of your fellow as well. ry thank you , ma'am. i i really do appreciate it. and thanks for having we appreciate you. i appreciate kevin for because he's going to bring us some good news. is gwhat a great american. i really, really love that one. good job by you and a good job i have. and we want to stay here in the nation's capital for this good news. good night. that's or where after a two year
2:55 am
absence make that two year absence, the usah- poppy wall oo honor returns tono the national mall in washington forke the memorial day weekend. it'snd a massive display more than six hundred thousand poppies honoring american service members who have given their lives in service to country. it's a beautiful sight, solemn but beautiful.. an wey have folks many, many, many
2:56 am
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