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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 28, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪♪ ♪♪ over the ramparts we watched ♪♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪♪ and the rockets red glare ♪♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪♪ gave proof through the night ♪♪ that our flag was still there ♪♪ oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪♪ over the land of the free ♪♪ and the home of the brave
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♪♪ ♪♪ will: we are back. "fox and friends" ♪♪ they said i went too slow in the rehearsal and we need to speed it up a little bit because we are at the raceway ♪♪ you know what is impressive, the view we have this morning. you cannot beat this. you know what they say about the motor speedway, america's home for racing and we have the privilege yet again of being here on site with nascar both mornings, look at the bunting going, next to the logo, memorial day weekend, honor and remember.
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it's got the name of marine lance corporal jeremy west on the hood, all the cars will have that this weekend. he was killed in iraq in 2006, a marine how remembering those. pete: every current individual servicemember who lost his life this weekend, it is a very special tribute. the home of nascar increasingly becoming the home of "fox and friends". rachel: we are at a racetrack every weekend. you are already here -- >> 3 sleeping kids right now, set up on top of the rv because these are night races and watch the work race and had a few beers not many. rachel: i love how pete, the perfect dad statement, what are kids doing, i told them, a bar of cereal.
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pete: only hundred feet from here and then they walk all over the set. pete: send us photos of your servicemembers you want to honor on "fox and friends". showing those photos throughout the morning. let's start with a fox news alert. we learn more about the horrific school shooting in uvalde, texas. rachel: officials admitting they made errors in the response. will: casey steagall is live with the report. >> reporter: us laughed glove candlelight where makeshift memorial has been set up and i have to say i got the chills when we drove up this morning not thinking there would be people out here at this hour,
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it has been 24 hours a day people have been stopping by, praying, crying, leaving signs, cards, flowers, anything to try to heal, representing all the lives lost and this as the investigation continues, those chilling details continue to emerge like reports that the shooter used as social media live streaming apps called youthe and was known as the school shooter because of his previous posts of violence, texas governor greg abbott says he is upset over how long it took for responding officers to act and reach the classroom. >> a barricaded subject situation. there was time to retrieve the key and wait for equipment.
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to take on the subject at that point. that was the decision. that was the thought process at that time. and the benefit of hindsight of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, no excuse for that. >> yes, i was misled. i am livid about what happened and as everybody has learned the information i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. >> reporter: eyewitness reports say the killer told people good nighters he shot, and was playing said music as he opened fire on that classroom. >> when he went in the classroom he said you are all going to die and started shooting. >> he came in, crouched a little bit and said it is time to die.
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>> reporter: i read a report the little girl smeared blood on her face of the shooter would think she was dead so she could survive. the first funeral services are starting to be planned as president biden makes a trip here tomorrow. back to you. pete: thank you for those details. we have discussed it, this was an incredibly difficult story to spend time on. we all agree these details are important because it is always important to understand the truth and for moving forward, how and what we learn from this incident, to focus on the details, what i would love the audience to understand from what i've learned, the shooter makes his way into the school building, he does not go into the first classroom he encounters, he tries several classrooms, the doors were locked, he could not get in, made his way pretty deep into the interior of the building until he found two doors are
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unlocked, said something like look what we have here, made his way into a double joining classroom, that is where the bodies of the victims and the dead were found, the police were outside for 45 minutes, 19 officers inside the building trying to breach that door. at some point the call is made, there is a map to show you where he entered and which classroom he ended up going into. at some point the call is made, there is suspicion all the kids in the classroom i did and therefore it is no longer an active shooter situation but a hostage in a barricaded situation and that is the recent the police are giving for why they waited 45 minutes. >> that is what everyone says was a bad call and it is hard to judge what people i thinking in the situation but you have to feel for these parents who are outside begging for someone to do that but what i don't understand, you say we have to learn from these situations,
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since columbine which was how many years ago, 27 years ago we've known you immediately try to go in and stop the shooter, these shooters are not as good shooters as the police. will: you are right, talking to my law-enforcement buddies, the trainees to run toward the sound of the gun and put as many officers together as quickly as possible and move as quickly as possible. it's hard to wrap my head around the depths of depravity. obviously this guy was known by others. what was missed? there are postings online. clearly the initial reports were wrong, hopefully not intentionally wrong. often the first reports are
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very wrong and in this case they were. a bad call was made. i don't think they were evil intentions by anyone. i think the local police chief thought it was a barricade hostage situation. they didn't know they could get in the door, where is the key, you can't shoot the door open because there are kids inside and can't find the janitor which is another report, 45 minutes to find the key, a couple officers down or injured holding down the door, they basically bypass the incident commanders, but all that said 45 minutes to an hour with kids calling 911 inside the classroom. rachel: the governor of texas said i was misled so he thinks that sounds like an intention. people have been asking, i heard this last night on laura ingraham, if he was misled than where are the pink slips for those people? they need to go if they intentionally misled the governor to allow him to go to a press conference and the
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governor needs to get to the bottom of that. will: we will move to this, we are approaching jury deliberations in the closing of the michael sussman trial in the john durham investigation and in closing arguments the durham team said the following, this is not even close to a close case. it is appropriate the defense started with a magic trick, they wanted to make the evidence disappear, when you look at the actual evidence your common sense tells you what happened here, this is a reminder, the trial of the clinton campaign attorney who is being tried for lying to the fbi about whether or not he represented the clinton campaign when presenting manufactured false data the suggested donald trump was connected to russia. rachel: the jury is not indifferent, you would like to get a jury of your peers that is not biased. will: he is getting one of his peers.
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rachel: there's in alexandria cortez donor. greg jarrett says of this. >> this is a jury that is stacked with hillary clinton supporters, hillary clinton donors. the problem is there are no republicans in washington dc from which the jerry's drawn. you have a better chance of spotting the unicorn than a republican in washington dc. the defendant is hoping they will acquit him simply because he hates donald trump and they do too. pete:it is 95% republicans. it is amazing, very interesting he decided not to testify in his own defense but what would he say when the evidence is all there, the text is there, i am
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here in a personal capacity the same day he builds the clinton campaign for 3 and half hours he spends in that meeting, he knew full well what giving that evidence would do and how differently the fbi would treat evidence given by a campaign so they could run, they thought it was in good faith so they pursued it which led to the investigation and the media clips which is what the hillary clinton campaign wanted. we all know, you watching and those sitting here, this is a political case but you would have to have some faith in the justice system, that this is about lying to the fbi. we also know that underneath this investigation is a political story and this investigation is just the start. michael sussman is just the start. after this people who get closer in concentric circles to
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hillary clinton because as you heard from the campaign manager hillary clinton approved the idea of giving to journalists and the fbi false information about donald trump. with their october surprise. rachel: this is a test of our institutions. growing up even into my 30s and 40s i had faith in our institutions especially the justice system. i had that pollyanna view and then i started to see that hillary could destroy phones, could take something to it even though the fbi told her to save these things, i started to see there was into different justice for clinton supporters and the clintons themselves and democrats and republicans and especially trump supporters, you saw it play out over the summer, the peaceful protesters
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how they were treated versus those who protested in our us capital. we are seeing a 2-tiered system of justice and that is almost on trial in this trial. pete: i share your citizen, this is about dick's eli, even if you are biased it is hard to dean i a factual piece of evidence that is narrowly tailored. that gives me hope something could come out of this. how could you not be hopeful on memorial day weekend with the sun coming up and we celebrate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our na tion.
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rachel: what could be more american than fat. will: 50,000 migrants are reportedly waiting in mexico at the us border. actio's reporting that figure which is more than doubled the number anticipated by the biden administration, documents show 8000 drivers attempting to cross the border each and every day, 1200 illegal immigrants released into the us each day. listen to this, the daily beast issuing an apology to hunter biden's laptop repairman on wednesday, they updated an editor's note attached to a story published in december of 2,020 if your back and find that you will find the correction saying, quote, an earlier version of the story mistakenly referred to this as stolen. we have removed that word and apologized to mr. isaac for the error. joining me for an exclusive interview earlier this month to discuss. >> twitter wanted to make an example out of me so they
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punched me financially. i have a second chance to hold these people accountable. pete: he was with us in the will cain podcast. what you are hearing now, he is filing a multimillion dollar defamation suit against the daily beast, cnn, politico and adam schiff for defamation. you know they didn't want to change that. mama bear running to the rescue. on security camera catching a moment of a mom who stops her toddler sprinting towards a baby glass bear in their backyard. watch. >> come back inside. pete: look, a bear. the mother sank the family was watching a movie when the 2-year-old secretly unlocked
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the patio door and went to potentially hug the bear. the bear was eating out of their backyard birdfeeder. rachel: winnie the pooh seems pretty friendly. there's a lot of friendly bears on cartoons. pete: you look at it and want to hug it. rachel: that is a mama bear who saved her come from a -- they do that, they do that all the time. one time, one by one, give them a bath and all of a sudden someone knocked on my door and there was a naked child coming to the door, i didn't know she could open the door, opened the door, walking outside my door and a neighbor walked by and brought the naked child in to me. pete: the same situation, she was giving a bath, the doorman
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in new york city comes back with the other younger who had gone out of the house, got in the elevator, went to the lobby and you are not supposed to be there by yourself. i would not want to be the last kid, just saying. take a look at this, take a look at this chilling moment caught on camera as a reporter talks about gun violence in chicago. >> chicago ones expressing sympathy for families in texas and the reaction we have, the gun violence problem in chicago. pete: flashing a gun at the camera as he walked by. the search for the man who appeared to point the gun at a tv news crew. rachel: we are live from charlotte motor speedway with the coca-cola 600.
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♪♪ makes me want to take the long way home ♪♪ rachel: good morning. we are live from charlotte motor speedway ahead of the coca-cola 600. good to be with all of you guys. rachel: beautiful temperature, this one is really nice, the sun is coming up. pete: trying to decide if i want to bring it on air. what i would like to say, i was not. when i was finding out about other accommodations, what i would like to say is we are a man of the people, this show is nascar. yesterday we got here for the
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rv and went to a walmart run, the foley chairs and bush light and hot dogs and steak and whatever your little mini smoker grill also stuff and we guessed what the total path was going to be coming out of it and i was $100 low and almost always get it right, very good at guessing, staggering looking at the receipt of basic items. >> everything is going up and up and up. yesterday i was at the diner for the show and everyone inside the diner was saying they can't believe how expensive everything is, people -- it i had a motorhome and set i'm not going to go to places i planned to go this summer, another woman said i was going to go to a floor show, i'm not going because it is too expensive. i'm staying put. a lot of american staying put, staying at their homes for
3:26 am
memorial day, but their groceries, barbecue costs are up, they can't avoid that. here's what a gallon of gas this week, $1.55 higher than a year ago, $4.60 today, that's the new record high, pound of beef, 20%, hotdogs at 37%, used to be the staple food when you couldn't afford anything you could get a hot dog. soda up 20. >> i bought all of those things yesterday including a 12 pack of beer up 5%, a small pack. we just established i'm going to sit on the roof with you today. you bought what? will: two, 24 packs. and expression chairs because i knew my friends would be joining me at some point. it is sitting everybody. will: the first number is the most substantial one, energy prices go up to record levels
3:27 am
everything else is more expensive. this is the most regressive tax you could possibly have. any margin you had and what you can spend is gone, you are spending more on basic items. before yesterday at the diner one of the guys said to me how many more people does the biden administration want to throw into poverty to achieve their climate goals? people understand this is intentional, this is the transition to green energy president biden talked about, ease -- eat less meat, driverless, don't go see that national park, stay close to home. that is what it is all about. >> the impact on small business owners, bogan was on tucker talking about inflation and supply chain. >> we saw this coming in the spring of 2020. we knew when you shut down the economy, when you don't follow
3:28 am
the science and basically mandate your employees, you know what is happening next, supply chains are going to break, there are no employees, the economy has been rattled and what happened in 2,020, i've been jumped up and down for two years saying there's going to be a cause and effect, the effect is going to be in our ascent it will happen in the next 2 to 3 years where we can't get paper products, 25,000 feet in times square, everything is double the price. it is almost impossible to function as a small business owner because of what they did to us two years ago. >> not only do you contract supply chains, break supply chains, increased demand, then you pump the economy full of money, you print money, spent stimulus bill so now you have that inflationary effect on this. pete: they are going to
3:29 am
jamanchin for another run at big-money and green new deal, these numbers don't affect the way they view policy at all. rachel: the conversation on tucker was so good last night because it wasn't just about -- groceries are more expensive, they talked about the intentionality of it, it was totally predictable so you look at conversations they are having at the world economic forum about the great reset. a lot of people think this was intentional and this is a way to empower big business and disempower those independent-minded small businesses and make us all more dependent on government. rachel: i feel for every server everywhere i go, people working hard who get no help and it is everywhere. coming up as we celebrate our freedom and remember the fallen this memorial day weekend, joey jones will join us live in charlotte. rachel: a big nascar. look who else is here, joe
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>> chicago went expressing sympathy for families in texas and the reaction we have, all the gun violence problems in chicago. rachel: chile moment in chicago, camera went a man appears to point a gun at a news crew while a local reporter discusses gun violence in the city. here to react, media opinion columnist for the hill joe concha. she's talking about uvalde violence and then chicago and as she is doing it there is a gun and a random guy by her
3:35 am
head. will: >> it shows how brazen people have become. makes me think of 2015, allison parker, adam ward, two cbs journalists who were shot and murdered right on camera. we hear about shootings in chicago but now the crime has moved on to the magnificent mile. rachel: some people don't know, this gorgeous boulevard with high end stores and is now a dangerous place to go shopping. >> one of the most expensive public places, 225% increase in shootings last year and you see it across the country. regime change in terms of mayors and governors in democratic run cities, 16 cities what they all had in common for run by democrats, 25 year high in murders across the country overall.
3:36 am
when you think about the midterms, inflation, gas prices, comes down to two questions. is this a more expensive country to live and? s it is. do you feel less safe? yes we do and it is because of places like chicago and people running around with guns. rachel: this whole week has been so difficult and i think about the loss of innocence. these kids in chicago are losing this innocence, that environment of constant violence we are normalizing for their childhood, it is really disturbing. >> we are our kids better. rachel: to the crime issue, safety issue and a childhood issue, what kind of world do you want your child to grow been. i don't want my kids growing up in a place like chicago. >> spending trillions of dollars on all these things, a couple billion, give me a
3:37 am
police officer trained military retired, every school behind bulletproof glass come you got to get by that person through one entrance, you could cut down on these shootings 99%. rachel: what is free in chicago, getting rid of the mayor might change the situation. mistakes were made. police admit error in the delayed response to the tragic school shooting in texas. what can congress do to stop this from ever happening again? we will ask congressman dan bishop from texas next. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need
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i'm in for what's next. ask your doctor about enbrel. >> the benefit of hunt site that is hindsight, it was the wrong decision. there is no excuse for that. i wasn't there. i'm just telling you, from what we know there should have been an entry as soon as you can. when there's an act of shooter the rules change. will: that was stephen macgraw facing tough questions on the timeline of events surrounding the massacre in uvalde acknowledging mistakes were made by law enforcement in the heat of the moment. here to react is republican congressman dan bishop. thanks for being here. we are in your district, beautiful day. appreciate you coming by.
3:42 am
your reaction to the developments on the timeline of how long it took? >> it is a beautiful day at charlotte motor speedway. everything about this is horrific but these new revelations, questions no one can answer, the thing that has to be considered is whether two years of constant demonization of police have made them tentative and reticent, it is hard to draw those lines, maybe just an unbelievable blunder. and that case, people coming forward saying congress needs to act, whatever congress does or state legislators do must make sure people are safer. if you have blunders like this by law enforcement are you going to leave people more vulnerable if you restrict gun ownership has mainly talk about doing. it is almost impossible, your
3:43 am
heart just goes out to people who are suffering the crushing loss that all these families have suffered and these additional details and the time had passed while students were hoping for help to arrive. pete: the 911 calls, the death and depravity is almost too much. i want your take on another topic in dc. this administration is focused on a lot of things on top of mind for people and seem to not make a lot of sense, feel like a campaign giveaway, here's a headline from the washington post, latest white house plan would forgive $10,000 of student debt per borrower. here's what the white house said in response to the story, they are denying it, no decisions have been made yet but no one will pay a single dime of student loan since the president took office, this is something they said they are going to do. your take on wiping away student debt?
3:44 am
>> no way should the president act alone to make a decision like that but the big one that hits me, income limitations, a couple earnings for $800,000, and have student debt forgiven. all money has to be paid for at some point, paid by american taxpayers, somehow has to be taken care of. that mean folks in the lower part of the income distribution are subsidizing those making great money. pete: they can't get this through congress, can the executive branch simply say money you owe you don't owe any more? >> they keep saying they can. i don't see how that would be possible. nobody can cancel debt like that. congress could theoretically do it but i don't see -- they say it would be a terrible thing to do, doesn't just smack of a white house that is desperate
3:45 am
for all the policy failures. pete: in your district what is the issue you are hearing the most about? >> gas prices, people having to go to the grocery store and make different choices. it is crushing people, business owners can't get people to work, those -- pete: you hear that time and time again. thanks for welcoming us. representative dan bishop, thank you. we have rachel somewhere, maybe on the track, maybe upstairs. rachel: beautiful balcony overlooking the speedway. voting to terminate a principal for allegedly dragging a special needs student by his ankles, the incident reportedly happening in 2019 after the student didn't comply with a request. the printable has been on
3:46 am
suspension since then. the boy who has autism was reportedly dragged the length of two football fields. 70% of baby formula is out of stock across the nation, unbelievable this is happening in america, the number skyrocketing as the shortage continues. the out of stock rate is up 25% from this time last week. feels like cuba every day but the abbott nutrition facility in michigan linked to the shortage expected to restart production next saturday. military appreciation weekend, michigan panthers safety sean williams is an active duty naval lieutenant. he was allowed temporary leave to play football and his head coach jeff fisher is a supporter of the military community. he climbed mount kilimanjaro with injured veterans to raise awareness for the wounded warrior project.
3:47 am
at noon the tampa bay bandits face the new jersey devils, sunday the philadelphia star, today on fox the new orleans breakers face the michigan panthers and test the birmingham stallions battle the pittsburgh maulers tomorrow at 2:00 and those are your headlines. we turn to our chief meteorologist, go ahead. >> i love when you read the sport headlines, you do such a good job at it. rachel: like me reading phonetically chinese. >> reporter: you pull that off. you are on the other side. tonight steve miller played fleet street, not over yet. i'm the only one here this early in the morning. look what i found. and f-16 falcon made in 1976,
3:48 am
one of the original f-16s, trying to find the keys to get into this thing but i can't. now we have the f-16 right here. a lot of stuff happening on the outside of the track. i will send it back to you. rachel: shifting gears, will got a tour from a racing legend, take a look. >> decided to be a race driver. will: who are these two? >> dylan, after we won a race in daytona. rachel: more from will's interview with richard childress and we are celebrating america's heroes in a big way, abby joins us live from daytona speedway next. ♪♪
3:49 am
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will: this memorial day weekend when event is honoring america's heroes in a big way.
3:53 am
before the first ever heroes honor festival at daytona international speedway showing appreciation for vietnam veterans with a grand celebration that includes reunions, patriotic pageantry and star-studded lineup including one of my favorites. will: don't be confused, they have a great lineup, memorial day weekend at charlotte motor he speedway where we are hosting "fox and friends" and daytona national speedway they are having an event for vietnam veterans honoring them on this amazing weekend. fox nation host abby hornicek joins us with the details. >> reporter: good morning. this event could not come at a better time. memorial day right around the corner and people are starting to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice our men and women in uniform gave us so we could live freely in the greatest country in the world, to 1975 vietnam veterans were not given
3:54 am
the warm heroes welcome they deserved but likely there are people out there who organize heroes honor festival to honor them and veterans across the board. thank you for your service and joining us this morning. can you tell me about this event? >> vietnam veterans were treated like trash when they came home. i was celebrated and loved and something really unexpected happened, we were welcomed home by vietnam vets. and that experience, god put a vision in my heart to do something like this and give these guys the welcome home and honor they should have gotten 50 years ago. rachel: >> reporter: why now? that was 50 years ago and there's a lot going on in our world, but why this event? >> i got to pick my battles. it is never too late to do a good thing. we have vietnam veterans who have driven in from indiana,
3:55 am
washington, new york, north carolina who said to us i have never been to anything like this and it is time to face this, time to heal. some great healing and great closure. >> reporter: who will be here? who is attending and who will be performing on the main stage? >> 10,000 vietnam veterans coming along with their families and equal representation of 9/11 veterans. then of course toby keith, governor desantis, justin moore, greg morgan, and margaret is going to come. she looks like she did when she was 30. it is going to be awesome. >> reporter: appreciate you for creating this event. if you can't make it you can join us here or watch it on fox nation. stream it live at one:30 p.m. eastern on fox nation.
3:56 am
if you don't have fox nation, get the first year free, sign up, pete: really cool. will: vietnam vets welcomed the iraqi guys back and paid them back on a so cool to see them honored. i got a tour of richard childress's racing campus and two special cars paying tribute to fallen heroes this memorial day weekend. frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. ♪ ♪ can take one to four days to fully work. make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote...
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♪ ♪ rachel: good morning, america, we are coming to you live from charlotte, north carolina. and that is the monroe high school red storm marching band it wouldn't be a nascar race without the marching band. got the music i love the dancing more. pete: great big redbird to wake you up. just got paid here at the charlotte motor speedway. i believe they are going to let them in, too. they will be culture to the set as the show goes on. look at that shot. that is the chart motor speedway got the coca-cola 600 today. and we are honored to be here. will: here both of the next two mornings leading you up to the coca-cola 600. pete has an rv in the infield. he has the family here. rachel: couldn't have an rv,
4:02 am
will, he has folding chairs he is putting on top of the rv so he can watch. pete: six of them me and three boys and you two are invited. rachel: and he got beer at walmart. will: cool race. tune in tomorrow for the coca-cola 600 every windshield is deck tore rated with the name of service member. nascar honoring those who have served and given that ultimate sacrifice. pay attention to all of the patriotic symbolism by the way we want you to send in your photos as well of service members to honor and remember this weekend. can you email them to us at pete: that's the race that happened tomorrow on fox. we were watching some of the truck racing and other racing here. it's just awesome. what do they do before the race? they pray in the name of jesus christ. rachel: they did? pete: absolutely. they say the national anthem. everybody stands. it is americanna, god fearing,
4:03 am
patriotic and right place to be here. great to be here. rachel: new revelations are emerging over the horrific school shooting in uvalde, texas. pete: officials now admitting they made errors in their response. will: senior correspondent casey stegall is live in uvalde with the latest details. casey? >> rachel, pete, will, good morning to you. the healing has really just begun in this small community. back here behind me as we showed you the last hour, a makeshift memorial has been set up in the town square, candles, crosses, perfect strangers, friends and family, people have been streaming through here, 24 hours a day to grieve. and to try and make sense of this tragedy.
4:04 am
according to a report now in the "the washington post," the 18-year-old gunman apparently burst out of a closet and opened fire on federal agents before they shot and killed him. but many are now questioning what took so long as texas dps now says at least 20 officers stood in the school hallway for more than 45 minutes trying to devise a plan as kids called 911. >> the signal was made this was a barricaded subject situation. there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject at that point. that was the decision. that was the thought process that particular point in time. from the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now of course it was not the right decision, it was the wrong decision. no excuse for that. >> yes, i was mislead. i am lived about what happened.
4:05 am
and as everybody has learned, the information that i was given not only grief but anger over the initial response. as the kids were about to finish up and go on summer break. listen to one of their stories. >> he went in the classroom he said you are all going to die and he started shooting. i was praying he wouldn't shoot me. >> he came in and crouched a little bit and he said it's time to die. >> can you imagine? this image released by authorities shows the gunman in yellow there firing at the building outside as he approached the northwest entrance to the school and enter through what we now know was a door that apparently had been propped open. a lot of questions here as president biden plans to travel here to this small community to
4:06 am
serve as consoler in chief tomorrow. guys? will: all right, casey, thanks for the latest details as rachel said it's difficult but necessary to go over what exactly happened there in uvalde, texas, to help understand it and break it down. go to joey jones fox news contributor and retired marine bomb tech. glad to see new charlotte. glad you are here. joey: good morning. what a beautiful day. what do they call this chamber of commerce day. the weather is perfect but the week is not. will: it is not. let's talk about some of that news. it's a difficult thing to monday morning quarterback a tragedy. difficult for people to sit and watch. clearly mistakes made, admitted mistakes at this point about how long officials sat outside that room, how long they called it, i believe, a bare caved situation, not realizing it was still an active shooter situation. what is your reaction when you see the details. joey: my first reaction is heartache. there is a difference between fault and accountability. fault is one person with a gun
4:07 am
who killed lives. took lives and killed people. that's the person at fault. much like when i was in afghanistan and i could have done things better, maybe kept daniel grier alive. i'm not at faulted for his death. maybe i could have done things to keep him alive. the taliban was responsible for me losing my legs. this is a similar situation. i don't believe there was one police officer on that scene that wouldn't given his or her life for those kids but something, and i don't know what, in their protocol, in their leadership, in their instinct, visually, audibly, i don't know, something made them believe that sitting in that hallway was safer for the kids in that room than going into the room. that's what i believe. we may learn that maybe it was just cowardice. if i'm going to give anybody the benefit of the doubt it's going to be the people that put a uniform on every day and try to go protect us. i will wait and listen and see what the facts are. if there is an onscene commander, you give that person full control until they show an inability to do the job. and so if an on scene commander has information. if you are standing outside the door and your on scene commander
4:08 am
saying hey, we are going to treat this as a hostage situation. until you see and hear something that completely negates that. is he probably the one that has access to 911 calls. he is probably the one that understands the layout of the building even more so than you. you are believing in him or her so it seemed like that press conference yesterday even texas dps was putting onus on on scene commander probably why he didn't show up at press conference. i'm not pointing at him. you have to have a central place of command. rachel: governor abbott, you are talking about what happened in the fog of this situation, i totally get that i can't even imagine myself. i can't imagine myself as the parents wanting to storm that building. joey: if i were a parent right now i would be yelling coward. that would be the emotional response. rachel: i'm a parent first so that's how i think. that said, let's talk about the aftermath, because what governor abbott said yesterday was i was misled. he didn't say they got it wrong or. joey: lied to. rachel: they lied to me.
4:09 am
that's a big problem. joey: that's huge. that's huge. that's why i talk about accountability. listen, a mistake is not an excuse for lacking integrity. making a mistake is one thing, lacking integrity is a whole other thing. pete: i say what did they know or think they knew as well. maybe there was intentional i can't imagine i can't imagine the situation if you stack up on that door on either side or one side. can you absolutely breach that door and take out the enemy, i know you have seen it happen. as a bomb tech i was in the back of that stack not the front. but i have seen it happen. so i know there is a way to do testimony. there is a reason why they thought that was safer than breaching the door and need to hear what that is. will: onus falling on on site commander uvalde captain or police chief. joey: listen, all those parents they don't get to be mad at anyone. the person to be mad at is dead. they don't get to take that out. of course there is passion and
4:10 am
the people of that community, i want to wait and listen, if somebody comes out to be egregiously at fault, i think the four of us will be the first ones to call them out. will: joey, you -- joey: i learned this from bank this week or a couple days ago. reminded of this. memorial day is the day we honor those who fell in the line of duty. it's also a day that we honor those families that survived them. i think they don't have their day. they don't have their celebration. for me, today is about honoring those who have survived it. my buddy jake chic says we owe it to the buddies we lost to live and live well starting with their family. today about is memorializing the families who lost someone in service in honor of the men and women that i knew very well. pete: joey, i don't think anybody does it better than you in paying it forward and remembering what they gave. and lived worthy of the
4:11 am
sacrifice. joey: that's it. the number one to thank me for my service or those men and women in arlington or cemeteries around the country is to be an american worth dying for. that's not hard to do. rachel: that's not. pete: speaking of great american. you and i and abby had a chance to go down to fort benning. joey: we were humbled. pete: we were humbled to say it politely. best ranger competition that happens there now a feature on fox nation. here's a quick look at what it looked like. pete: this particular obstacle course is a steady up hill battle literally. each event a little further uphill. seemingly just out of reach. >> running up the hill is a little difficult at 7:00 in the morning to wake up the body. once we got the tough one. broke the frost off the rope the confidence was difficult. pete: teams cannot move onto the next obstacle until both competitors have completed the previous one. they only get two attempts at each obstacle. if missed a three minute penalty
4:12 am
is added to their final time. the clock will stop as the last team member crosses the finish line, but, it's just the beginning of this monumental final day. pete: tiny sliver of three straight days no sleep and very little food. saw how they were running in that one portion blisters on their feet how intense it is. american ranger. all three episodes airing on fox nation now and then a special on the channel sunday night at 10:00 p.m. joey, you were there for all of it. your take away. joey: each one of those activities is something most physically fit people can do. what makes it so interesting and so amazing is they are taking months of training, condensing into 48 to 72 hours. what i love to hear and really what changed my perspective on all of it every single ranger there, every support staff said this isn't a training course it's a leadership course.
4:13 am
the fact as they pair they could get each other through it and lead one another through it that's what resounds in this. pete: meet the team that came down to the last run three mile buddy run after 27 straight hours. it's like a fox sports one. lay out the team, show the rankings, very cool. joey: of course i'm cheering for the old guys and the cross service guys, air force guys. no marines to be found. i don't know where they are. will: i love it i look forward to looking at that seeing that tomorrow on fox. by the way, joey is going to stick around. i got to go on one of his go to one of his good friend's racing complex richard childress huge name in nascar. his complex here in north carolina. here's a look at his campus, ahead of the coca-cola 600 tomorrow. will: you are used to seeing a stock car go 200 miles per hour around the racetrack. three cars driven by austin dillon and reddick.
4:14 am
richard childress racing behind the scenes of how a car is built. let's go. richard? >> will, great to have you here. welcome to north carolina. will: richard, you have been in this business a long time. you are nascar royalty. how did it all get started? >> sometimes i have to ask myself. it really started at stadium, i was a little kid selling peanuts and popcorn, decided i wanted to be a race driver. just a lot of history. will: show us this picture real quick. dale earnhardt and who are these? >> austin dillon and ty dillon after we won a race in daytona. austin won the doof 20 years later to the day. will: past to the present. guys on the track, racing this weekend. take a look at the cars. this is where you start the car. where you build the car. >> we got over a half a million square feet here to operate. in sorry for the noise. i hope it works. will: it's a shop. it's a garage. >> you guys are working. will: this is a skeleton right here. >> it's built in another part of
4:15 am
the operation. will: right. >> we take this and now they are going to hang a body on it and everything is measured so tight for the g.p.s. system. there is where your aerodynamics comes. in. will: that's what these guys are doing here hanging a body on a chassis looked like this not too long ago. will: do you remember that scene in days of thunder harry hoggs got the ruler that takes it down to the exact measurement? ♪ will: that's what you are doing in here in a much more sophisticated advance way. >> they were in barn. this is our command center. this is where we actually call the races from. i can sit in here and talk to the drivers. this is a blue light scanner, come in here and get measured to nascar specs. 18 cameras. will: richard, between the command center and this what you think is just race something an absolute science. okay, so this is the last stop. this is where they get wrapped. they get their -- this is where they get the sponsors, the colors, the unique look for
4:16 am
every single race. >> yes. this is the last stop until you get champagned on. will: tyler reddick, good to see you, man. >> thank you very much. will: unveil number 8 car. that is 200 miles per hour of america. who are you honoring. >> served in the u.s. army lost his life in vietnam in 1970s. his cousin works for cheddars and he submitted his name to be on the race car. in the red, white, and blue, a lot of names of veterans that work at cheddars scratch kitchen. >> austin dillon entyler reddick help us out unveil this beautiful car. let's see it red, white and blue again. brass pro, good looking car, richard. >> thank you. our good friend johnny morris, he always participates with our military. we have navy seal scott state route lost his life just a year ago in afghanistan. his gold star family will be there.
4:17 am
watching these cars race. so what do you think, will? will: they are both incredibly beautiful cars. >> these cars are headed to charlotte. >> austin dillon number three car. it's off in a moment for the coca-cola 600. pete: that's cool. will: it was such a cool behind the scenes opportunity. by the way, pete, now that right there is me getting in a similarity. the drivers practice in that similarity. it's pretty immersive. did i address you get to go on the track and i get to go in a similarity. [laughter] i spun it out. left the wall. did i everything. there is no cost in a similarity. rachel: so interesting, if it was up to me i think i would trust you more with the car and put him on a similarity. pete: what in the world? rachel: you know, yeah, i don't know. will: i'm trustworthy. rachel: you could crash in there you take more chances. pete: a few more risks.
4:18 am
will: joey, you know this towive richard childress' operation. he has four teams. he has two cup series teams and two exhibit team. x finton. austin dillon. he has seven cars behind it getting ready for the unique aspects of each individual track coming up. in x finton 15 cars. >> seven is a low number. when they started the season many of these three or four teams only had one backup car for three teams. that's how scarce these cars were to get ahold of. only three years old in technology and year old being built. the whole point is to get a single car team low budget the same opportunity a big team does. and put it in the driver's hands. let the driver be the one that determines. that's why this year you see like the one nun car ross chase teen brand new team come out and blister them. will: it's so high tech and
4:19 am
engineered. joey: high tech redneck right there. will: there is game in there. pit crews are jacked. pit crews are in there working out. joey: college hockey players and football players they get recruited over. will: richard childress jump on the show 9:20 eastern time you don't want to miss that. rachel: we are expecting a verdict in the trial of former hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann next week as tell the jury this is not a close call. cash patel on that next. pete: show ahead live from charlotte. don't go anywhere or we are sick joey on you. will: i don't know that they recruit hockey and college football players? ♪ apple pie and moan shine ♪ picking on them guitars just right ♪ everybody singing dixie land delight ♪ like a bottle on a
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that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa. ♪ will we're expected to hear a verdict in the sussmann trial next week as special counsel john durham's team delivers their closing rebuttal. the prosecution telling the jury, quote: this is not each
4:24 am
close to a close case. when you look at the actual evidence, you're common sense tells you exactly what happened here. here to react someone i have spoken to on my podcast former national security adviser for the house intel committee cash patel. great to see you again here on "fox & friends." as you look at the evidence coming in and as this case comes to a close, what do you think makes it not even close to a close case? >> look, i think the prosecutors are right -- thanks for having me, good morning and happy memorial day weekend to all the warriors and their families. as the former chief investigator for the russia gate nunez what john durham's team has done is picked up the prosecution piece of the investigation where we proved their corruption. a couple of key points came out. one, michael sussmann's own testimony to me back in 2017 when i interrogated under oath and asked him why did you go to the fbi? he said i went there on behalf of a client. that's his sworn testimony that john durham rested his case on and entered my interrogation into evidence. he also broke out the evidence
4:25 am
thumb drive that the alpha bank. michael sussmann bought those in washington, d.c. and built those thumb drives for the hillary clinton campaign and handed them off to the fbi. if that weren't enough you have james baker's own testimony the he is 100 percent confident that michael sussmann never said he was there for a client but said he was there as a good samaritan. that is the crux of the lie. that is why i think the evidence is so clear in this case. will: that's overwhelming, kach. truly overwhelming. billing the clinton campaign for the thumb drive do you think it will add up to a conviction lying to the fbi? people pointing out the makeup of the jury kash in washington, d.c. do you think it all adds up to a conviction? >> look, i was a former federal prosecutor, public defender, i tried 60 criminal jury cases in trial to verdict.
4:26 am
and you never get a perfect jury. and in d.c. it's tough to get a perfect jury. with these facts as overwhelming as they are, and as applied to the law, the only thing this jury should be doing is convicting michael sussmann. it will be tough. i know this might sound unusual. you just need one of the 12 jurors to stand up in that jury room and say we have to apply the facts to the law and not politicize this case. i think that that's where this case is heading. and i think that john durham's investigations are just beefing up. there is going to be some more prosecutions. and you know, we have got everyone covered for free at durham continued coverage of the case, updates and everything. and we have even broke it down to the children's level with my new children's book the plot against the king. i hope your audience checks that out. it's fun educating our children against the truth the plot against the king. will: more prosecutions coming out in the fall. see what it leads to how many names will fall. kash has a new children's book
4:27 am
"the plot against the king" analogizes, breaks down this story. this is such a complicated, in some ways, conspiracy that it needed to be broken down in a holistic manner where you understand where all this comes from. kash joined me on the will cain podcast just this week. the fresh episode this week where we break it down. steele dossier, the alpha bank. the entire conspiracy goes back to hillary clinton as the allegations are pointing to hillary clinton on this durham investigation. check out both the plot against the king and the will cain's podcast. kash, always great to talk to you. thank you for your time. >> thanks, have a great memorial day. enjoy charlotte. will: you, too we will. thanks, kash. last year, this marine set a new world record by doing 3,050 pushups in one hour. today, he is here live to try to break that record next. ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now ♪ how you like me now
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to lose weight and get healthier. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rick: welcome back to "fox & friends." an amazing morning here at the charlotte speedway. earlier this week i got to go to bojangles it's headquartered here in charlotte and go to the test kitchen and surprise a military family. take a look at what happened. >> well, if you have ever been to a bojangles or been to
4:33 am
bojangles the headquarters are here in charlotte, north carolina. they make the best biscuits and they have a test kitchen. i will get a tour and see if i can learn how to make biscuits. joe marshall, you know how to make biscuits out here. >> yes, sir. rick: this is a big kitchen. >> absolutely this is a test kitchen for all of our restaurants so every bojangles. how many are there? >> 783. rick: you are really about biscuits. this is what makes you famous bojangles southern biscuits. >> we have a few things that made us famous but buttermilk biscuits are one of those life changing experiences that really made us who they are. rick: can you teach me? >> let's do it. rick: 49 steps you have to get this. >> yes. rick: how many 45 biscuits in five minutes. rick: i can do it. ♪
4:34 am
♪ ♪ rick: you guys do this amazing thing with folds of honor for bojangles tell me about this box right here. >> yes, so the proceeds from every big bo box that we sell during the month of may goes to folds of honor to support military families. rick: we are about to surprise a military family with one of those bo boxes: bo boxes not only bringing dinner and surprise to this family we have two star general chuck swanek here. you are going to be driving this in and presenting this to the family. >> we are here with dinner delivery. >> hello. >> hello. come on over. >> holy cow, hey. rick: come on over. >> on behalf of speedway motorsports and bojangles tickets to the coca-cola 600 for this weekend at charlotte motor speedway i hope you will come
4:35 am
and join us and have fun with it. >> thank you so much. rick: are you excited to go to the race this weekend? >> really excited. >> most patriotic race across all of nascar. ♪ rick: the avery family was so excited to get that just about as excited as you guys are and i am right now. i think getting bojangles. there is a bojangles on the infield. by the way brought some to you. will: we got some here on set. rachel has a full box. chicken and biscuits. pete: i know in new york chick-fil-a a lot but bojangles authentic. rachel: amazing they make the biscuits by hand right there. i was impressed and they are good. rick: thank you. i did it. will: really good. thank you, rick. pete: you made these can i taste
4:36 am
a little off. rick: 49 steps. will: tough to talk with a mouth full of biscuit, isn't it? rachel: i think every breakfast should have a biscuit it's superior to toast. will: without a doubt. will: he has a mouth full of biscuits. four years ago pete won a pushup contest against adam klotz on fox square. pete: earned. will: you did win that. rachel: never stop hearing about it. will: getting set to set a new world -- not just a new record a world record going 3050 pushups in one hour. pete: adam klotz disputed that that's clear. now he is ready to break that record for us, marine corps veteran joins us now. t shane thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: how does one prepare for
4:37 am
doing 3 pushups in one hour. >> watch people eat bojangles. [laughter] pete: well played. >> it takes a long time. we trained for almost a year and a half boxing, conditioning, training, it took a lot. it was a lot. pete: a lot of pushups or a lot of weight training alongside pushups seeing some of what is on camera right now. >> i couldn't touch a weight at all. all basically body movement. everything that we did from, you know, full blown boxing conditioning as if they were you were going to go to a fight. incorporating all you have our pushups with it almost 1,000 a day every day for the course of a year and then we would do tests. rick: what was the record before you broke it. >> i think it was 2919 i believe. will: you beat it by almost 100, 57 pushups. i'm curious if i had a camera on you during that hour how many breaks do you take? constant movement? what do you do start strategy?
4:38 am
>> you can. that's basically 58 pushups every 60 seconds for an hour straight. pete: you don't take breaks. >> i couldn't. we also did simultaneous record of most pushups in 12 hours i had to keep going after that. will: how many did you do in. >> 16,550. rachel: pushups the best body weight exercise is it. >> yeah i think i look amazing. rachel: i would agree. [laughter] rachel: why don't you show us? pete: that's what you get from rank amateur. >> lay on the ground until you decide you want to get up. crush some bojangles ready to go. will: hour nonstop no breaks at that pace. pete: you can get. >> it's all up into the time. look it, you are training for an entire year. you are preparing for it you are getting ready it's really just kind of adrenaline gets pushed through and make it happen. we raise a lot of money for causes that's really what it was
4:39 am
for whether we broke it or not. pete: you are going to do an hour for us this morning. >> right here right in front of you. no i'm not. pete: start the 8:00 hour with first pushup. ains. rachel: there is all this fancy equipment and all these fancy classes and really just get down on the ground and do a pushup or a lot of them. >> military has been teaching that for a really long time. it follows suit. pete: get started whenever you want and check in with you do this all morning long. rachel: go ahead, shame us. shame us. >> on my back while doing it. pete: stay tuned with us by the way to find out if he breaks his own record right here on "fox & friends weekend." he is just -- i mean, we would be done. he is warming up. rachel: such perfect form. ♪ ♪ baby there is nothing holding me back ♪ note ♪ there's nothing holding me
4:40 am
back ♪
4:41 am
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4:43 am
♪ pete: as we examine the police response in uvalde, we are learning about the foiled plots at other schools. will: police arresting four males including two juveniles about four hours away in donna, texas after an ak-47 a list of
4:44 am
targeted students were found in one of the suspect's homes. in suffolk county, new york a 16-year-old was arrested for threatening a mass shooting. so what is going on with america's young men? rachel: that's right. i have spoken to forensic psychologist dr. helen smith this week. she was on my podcast with my husband sean. and we discussed what is happening with young men? and this terrible trend in violence, dr. smith, welcome, you obviously have been studying this for a long time. what was fascinating to me is you said something that we're not hearing a lot about. you said it was multifaceted. all these different factors going on. you talked about the denigration of masculinity and men. talk to us a little bit about that. >> yes. we talked about in our society we think mainly about girls, what girls want and what girls need but on the flip side we have forgotten about what boys and men need. and we have this whole culture
4:45 am
that says masculinity now is toxic and that's very destructive to our young men today. that is a message that young men hear all the time. in my practice, from years ago, i would hear boys say, you know, the only time someone listens to a 16-year-old boy is when they pick up a gun and starts shooting. that's a really hard message to hear. what it means is that we are not listening to our young men and what they need. and we have so little in the way of mental health for young men and it's not just the mental health. it's all of the things, the physical aspects that men need. i think there are so many things that boys don't get in schools and in their communities now that are -- we are seeing the aftermath of that. and i think it's very hard for people to wrap their minds around how upset and how devastated some of these young men who fall through the cracks like the texas shooter was.
4:46 am
pete: doctor, where does this get addressed? is this an issue of the home? is this an issue of the school? is this an issue of the community, of our culture at large? how do you address this? >> >> it addressed by -- it's multifaceted. look at all of the factors. we need to look at the school systems. ramos, the school shooter was bullied at school and had been bullied for a long time probably as a young kid there is a lot of bullying in the schools. nobody really addresses it there is a lot of bullying online. i think a lot of kids feel that they really don't have anywhere to turn. our communities not a tight mitt community anymore. there is no adults looking after the kids and neighbors telling you know that's wrong. for example, kids will do something wrong like this particular kid shooting people with a bb gun before the murders. somebody should have said to him that this is completely wrong. some actions should have been taken, but we don't do that we
4:47 am
don't have any repercussions we don't have consequences in our society for kids. and many times those who have issues at home in the schools and they fall through the cracks and they become more and more angry. and there is nobody reaching out to help them. and it's such a complicated problem but in some sense it's very, very simple. that is that we need to reach out more to our young men. rachel: yes. you know, dr. smith, everything you say is so powerful and is backed up by years of your own research and clinical work with young men who are violent. really appreciate you joining us. i hope everyone can join this very dynamic conversation. it's really the conversation we should be having. if you want an extended conversation with dr. helen smith, go to our podcast from the kitchen table, sean and i have, you know, a good 45 minutes with her to break this all down. it's really the heart of the issue. will: a conversation we need to have. thank you, doctor.
4:48 am
>> thank you so much. will: we are now going to take a moment to remember the 21 innocent victims killed in that massacre by reading their names one by one. i want to start with 8-year-old uziayh garcia. his grandmother describes him as the sweetest little boy. he liked to play football and just learning pass patterns. >> 10-year-old mckenna elrod. her smile would light up a room and she loved to dance and sing. >> 10-year-old jose flores. his family says he was a very happy little boy who loved to laugh and have fun. just hours before the attack jose received an award for making the honor roll. will: 10-year-old rojalio a very smart and loving child losing him like losing a piece of my heart his mother says. rachel: 10-year-old xavier lopez. his mother says his smile could cheer anyone up. he loved to laugh and make people laugh.
4:49 am
pete: 10-year-old mary jo garza very proud big sister whose family describes her as a little angel. her grandmother calls her a hero for trying to call the 911 for help before she was killed. will: 10-year-old anna rodriguez also honor roll student whose aunt says she was outgoing calling her my little diva. rachel: 10-year-old elijah cruz torrez she loved to play softball and hoping to become an all-star. >> 10-year-old legal garcia second oldest of five girls. she loved to sing and dance with her sister and loved to play basketball. >> 10-year-old jayce her grandfather says our baby and the young boy would make him a pot of coffee every morning. rachel: 10-year-old jay la nicole. her family calls her a sweet and lovable kid. pete: 10-year-old matta loved
4:50 am
tiktok dance videos and grande. will: loved basketball, she was the daughter of a texas sheriff's deputy. rachel: 10-year-old jackie kasades. her family says she was full of life with the biggest heart and she would go out of her way to help anyone. pete: 10-year-old nevaeh bravo her name is heaven spelled backwards. she was a beloved sister who could put a smile on everyone's face. >> 10-year-old layla sal swleer loved to run track and listen to guns and roses. she liked singing sweet child of mine on the drive to school every morning. rachel: 10-year-old alissa. she loved to play soccer and draw. her family remembers her as pure and with a very kind heart. pete: 10-year-old mayta rodriguez. loved to smile.
4:51 am
smart and wanted to being a marine biologist. will: 11-year-old marie. fun and talkative. rachel: 4-year-old teacher and mom hero outgoing funny and love her husband and daughter. pete: erma garcia 44-year-old teacher mother of foured to at robb elementary 20 years. she loved to barbecue and spend time with her family. we will never forget the innocent victims of this horrific tragedy. we'll be right back. bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place.
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ rachel: welcome to the coca-cola 600 winner's circle. >> prizes include vintage racing jackets, yellry and more. pete: here to give us a taste of victory president of speedway motors and general manager of charlotte motor speedway thanks for being here. >> you are the boss man.
4:56 am
>> i'm the head of customer service i like to think about it. pete: one awesome track. will: we are excited to be here. your family nascar royalty. i know your dad built this track and you now have 11 tracks under management. but the charlotte, the coca-cola 600 here at charlotte motor speedway we are handling well someone is going to receive all of these gifts we are handling right now tomorrow. >> that's right. it's a big to win the coca-cola 600. huge honor to host a race on memorial day weekend. it's the crowning jewel to the biggest day in motorsports so one of the great things is that we get to present some serious hardware to the winner. starting with the classic coca-cola vending machine. fully restored this someone of those things that the drivers just love to take home with them. it's amazing. will: 1959. there it is right there. >> coca-cola provides that for us. and then will, you are holding the hiewb below watch for our
4:57 am
champion diamonds, gold and it keeps great time. and rachel, you have got a ring that i'm not sure how you are holding that up with all the diamonds and gold in that making my wedding ring look very -- you know my husband was in law school when he gave me that never looked smaller. [laughter] >> but your heart is full. rachel: my heart is full. diamonds are a girl's best friend. this is very nice. pete: equivalent of a will ring right there. rachel: it's gorgeous. >> all the best trophies are extra heavy and extra special. the one to my left is the brooden smith trophy named after my dad, and he, like you said, he built charlotte motor speedway a hall of famer in nascar this trophy is one that every race team wants in a trophy case. it's special brass and hasn't changed in decades. so it's a really classic trophy. and speaking of classics.
4:58 am
we made some really cool retrocool racing jackets for you guys. these are made my henchmen, it is the true classic and i had them specially sized for you guys. it will be a lot of fun. pete: real deal. rachel: we are going to wear this on the show. you don't get something this cool and not put it on. pete: stick around for the top of the hour or pretty soon we will be wearing them no doubt. coca-cola 5:00 p.m. on fox. >> it is the longest race in nascar. it's a special race. finishes off the greatest day in motorsports. you start in monaco with f 1 and indy and come to charlotte on fox with coca-cola 600. it is the biggest test of the nascar car, the crew, the drivers, four hours of driving and intensity, it's just one of those things that every driver has on their bucket list and every fan has on their bucket list. thankfully we are sold out. we have got fans here from all
4:59 am
50 states, 12 foreign countries, as far as away as australia. a true international event that's going to be a ton of fun. will: as you said a huge day of racing only one home of racing right here charlotte motor speedway. four and a half hours of 200 miles per hour. pete: grandstand sold out packed house. >> sold out. we don't have any more tickets. our biggest challenge right now is satisfying all the customers that want tickets. lots of campers here. people from all over the world. we have got huge music. we have florida. lynyrd skynyrd kicking things off tomorrow with a huge prerace show. of course we have thousands of military members here celebrating every branch. pete: i do love how you are putting the focus on memorial day. rachel: me too. pete: paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> huge to us. our fans love to celebrate our troops. if you are wearing any bit of uniform, you are going to get a high five and a thank you for your service.
5:00 am
it's a special place. rachel: this is the most patriotic sport. will: it will be cool to watch all of those that lost their lives in service on these windshields going around this track tomorrow night. you don't want to miss the coca-cola 600. thank you so much for the gifts. rachel: i have to give this back, marcus? it's so nice. >> maybe win the coca-cola 600. rachel: put me in a car. will. will: for now the third hour of "fox & friends" starts ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:01 am
♪ ♪ rachel: what time is it? we got to put our jackets on. will: that is the monroe high school red storm marching band playing raise up. welcome to charlotte motor speedway we are just getting settled in here and organizing our gifts that were just bestowed upon us for the coca-cola 600. we are live from charlotte motor speedway all weekend bringing you in to this memorial day weekend. it is a very special weekend. not just here in charlotte but obviously across the country as well. we are asking you to send in your pictures of your loved ones and their stories. we will be remembering them throughout the morning at friends at
5:02 am
pete: first photos that come in are from shellie in massachusetts whose sonic serving right now in the navy. remember great uncle anthony who served in korea where he was awarded the purple heart. rachel: this next one is from our viewer mary who is honoring her uncle who fought in the battle of the bulge in world war ii. amazing. will: lee shares with us a photo of his father lee all bright senior a world war ii pilot in the 509th atomic wing he passed away years after the war from cancer due to the exposure while doing the post blast surveys of hiroshima and nagasaki. pete: please continue to send photos of service members that we can honor friends at yes we have marching bands and coca-cola 600. this weekend is all about honoring and remembering and then looking in to our -- inside ourselves. are we living worthy of the sacrifice in this great country so we perpetuate it for the next
5:03 am
generation? rachel: i love what joey said the way to honor a veteran is living a live that's worthy of him or her. will: bret baier anchor and executive director of "special report" and fox news chief political anchor. bret, good morning. we always love having you on these weekends when we are at some racetrack across this nation because we know that not only is nascar near and dear to your heart and your participation but also special this time as well because it's memorial day weekend as well, bret. bret: yeah, good morning. and thanks for mentioning the memorial day. we always forget that this weekend is all about remembering those who fought and served instead of just picnics and hot dogs. i will say, again, with the gifts and the band, you guys are bringing it every racetrack. it's really something. pete: bret, next time you have got to come with. the invitation is outing we are
5:04 am
going to get you for sure. ing you know, this morning, we have also been such a -- such attention because we are honoring and celebrating but you also have what happened down in texas. and you have been covering what has happened down there. and, of course, we are covering the latest details emerging about what we knew about the shooter, what we knew about-what we think we know about the police response. just as you have watched the coverage and you have watched what's happened there. you know, your reaction, as someone who has covered big events like this. horrific ones like this in the past. bret: yeah, i have covered a lot of school shootings. in fact one of my first shootings when i was in the atlanta bureau was a school shooting in jonesboro, arkansas, i remember it like it was yesterday and the faces of those kids who were lost. and i think this one really, everyone hits home this one to hear you guys read every name and tell the story behind them. i think is really powerful. to do.
5:05 am
i think that, you know, it's a little disconcerting, a lot disconcerting and there is a lot of anger around the timeline and what happened with law enforcement and what we heard at the beginning to what we're hearing as of yesterday. and i think that investigation continues. but, you know, i tweeted out, our late colleague dr. charles krauthammer wrote a really eloquent piece after sandy hook almost 10 years ago. and, you know, i commend it to people. i tweeted it out and put it on facebook. he said, you know, after every mass shooting it comes down to three things. it comes down to the killer, the weapon, and the cultural climate and depending on where you are, you gravitate to one of those three things. we, as a country, have to figure out how we can deal with all of that. to make sure that these things don't happen again. but they are happening. and we are the country that it happens to the most. rachel: yeah, it is fascinating. bret, we just had on a forensic psychologist dr. helen smith who
5:06 am
talked about some of the things that are brewing and especially with young men curly and how can you recall --culturally andt you talk about talking about all the way back to columbine the lesson is you run towards the fire and you breach those doors and you get in and you take down the killer. president trump broached this topic yesterday when he spoke at the nra conference. one of the things that he says that actually resonated with me in addition to talking about violence in our culture and the -- broken families, is something very practical. a lot of money has been given, millions of dollars given for covid money. only 7 to schools only 7% of that by the way around that much has been used. why not divert that money over to security in our schools. to make sure that every, you know, school has a resource officer that, you know, doors are reinforced. whatever needs to happen to make that happen.
5:07 am
there's a lot of money that's just sitting there for schools. i think every parent in america would want it spent for this. bret: i think i agree. i mean, i think what he was talking about is very practical and something that's going to be talked about on capitol hill. there is so much money out there that has not been tapped into. if you look at the covid money to your point, he mentioned even, the money, the 50-plus billion that went to ukraine. the different issue. and obviously geopolitically, you know, depends on where you are, but it's important in the world picture, according to the people who are running the country, but if you think about the money that could be used to at least harden some of these schools, to start with. i think this time may be different. i know we say that every time. but i do think that there is a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers who are starting these talks as of yesterday i heard it was growing. and i think that you are going to have some combination of at least getting something across the finish line. we will see.
5:08 am
i mean, i'm a little cynical, i cover washington so i know reality. will: rachel brings up president trump, he was at the nra conference in houston. here's what he had to say. >> of every decent and honest american gave up their guns the criminals would never gave up theirs and they never will. they are never going to give up theirs. they would wreak havoc like never before on our country. the fact is there will always be sick and demonic souls who wish to harm the innocent and see malice, the existence of evil is one of the very best reasons to harm law abiding citizens. [applause] we have also very importantly got to deal with the problem of broken families because no law can cure the effects of a broken home. there is no substitute for a strong mom and a great dad. rachel: amen. will: hey, bret, you are talking
5:09 am
about what's happening on capitol hill, rachel bricks up some of the deeper cultural issues that in my estimation as well lie at the root of these crises. i'm curious, as you see a bipartisan potential bipartisan solution in some way, or better yet a bipartisan reaction, what could that coalesce around? i'm doubtful, bret, it's about guns. is it about the covid relief? is it about putting money into having school resource officers from the federal government? where is a bipartisan -- where can we turn with a bible solution? bret: i think there is a combination of things, will, i really do. republicans are going to bring to the table the hardening of schools. they are going to bring to the table mental health, democrats are going to bring to the table some element of gun control and i think it's more of the lines of background checks or let's say you have to be 21 to buy an ar-15 or the background check for an ar-15 is expossibly more than it is for something else. there are nuances here that i
5:10 am
think that there is you relation realization some piece of the loaf. you don't have to have the whole loaf and do something where everybody gets a little bit 15 years since sandy hook. what have we seen? hide under desks and be quiet when the shooter is in there we as a country are better than that i think there are discussions happening. we just don't know exactly what they look like. pete: those discussions will also include debates and public ones. when i first heard the news about this new debate series you are doing on fox nation it's a cool idea. the first debate between bernie sanders and senator lindsey graham squaring off in a debate on fox nation, moderated by you, bret. monday june 13th. tell us about this debate and the topics you are going to hit
5:11 am
on. bret: yeah. it's really cool. it's kind of like old school debating. it's what the senate used to be. and it was put together by a whole bunch of people, a bipartisan group, democrats, republicans, independence that are longing for the old days where senators kind of talked about substantive issues. there is this strict format. it's back and forth. i do very little at the beginning and then they sit down with me and it's kind of a q&a moderated session. no matter what you think of their politics lindsey graham and bernie shaw -- not bernie shaw, bernie sanders. is really good points of view, ideological perspective. it's the first of three. and it will go an hour. and it will be, i think, fascinating to sees a a political junky to kind of go deep into some issues. rachel: bret, i absolutely love this idea, bret. i think it's fantastic.
5:12 am
are you just doing senators or are we going to see an aoc vs. marjorie taylor green debate as well? bret: we're starting with senators. but i think it could evolve. we have three set up around the country. and we will kind of unveil exactly who they are going to be. we start with lindsey graham and bernie sanders in boston in this senate setting at the library. it will be fascinating. will: i'm excited about it as well as a lover of debate sports debate or political debate. i love debate. i'm curious participation. it's a little bit out of style, bret. there are a lot of people in these conversations say we shouldn't debate. we shouldn't give the other side a platform. that seems to be a modern day growing trend so i'm glad to see you bringing it back to, you know, a face-to-face. bret: not only that where everyone is throwing stuff at the wall and you tweet out something about your opponent. this is -- if you are going to say something, you are going to defend it. and you are going to
5:13 am
substantively say why you stand where you stand. i think it's good for the country. pete: good on you and good on fox nation for doing it we are here ath i know you are a nascar fan. you have a car in xfinity. are you in the race this weekend or what's the status? [sigh] bret: no, no. the qualifying. apparently there were a bunch of wrecks in qualifying yesterday. and we had this great car. it was "special report" and ever five. digital education company that's fantastic. anyway, splitting the car. and there were a bunch of wrecks. and they have this system where there are provisional points and because they had provisional points, we were the last one that did not qualify. so we are not racing this afternoon. i don't fully understand the system. it sounds a little bit like super delegates at the convention to me. so there is a little politics here. [laughter] bret: we are out of this race.
5:14 am
and we're going to fight another day. and we will be back the next time when you are at a race maybe i will be there. will: hard to hear it. rachel: it feels like we are at a race every weekend. pete: we are going to do it, bret. thanks for being a friend of the program. rachel: thank you, bret. bret: all right. we will see you guys. will: okay. take care. i'm going it turn now to additional headlines. we will start with this. a chilling moment in chicago is caught on camera when a man appeared to point a gun at a news crew while a local reporter was discussing gun violence in the city. chicago police are currently searching for the man, calling him a person of interest for aggravated assault with a firearm. the cdc says there are now 12 cases of monkey post office box across seven states in the united states. but officials are calling for awareness not fear. the white house saying they are working with the cdc to get vaccines and tests to americans who need them. they are ensuring everyone that
5:15 am
the monkeypox virus is covered under the small pox vaccine. after we sit on top of the vaccine and watch nascar go to the movie theater. rachel: i agree. will: new top gun movie in theaters expected to be the biggest openings of tom cruz career. expecting $92 million debut for top gun maverick this memorial day weekend at the box office. according to deadline, it already earned $51 million yesterday. only two cruise movies have opened with more than $60 million in earnings. that's 2005 war of the worlds and 2018 mission impossible fallout. and those are your headlines. i want to see it. rachel: of course. can i tell you i have a whole theory on this. there is such longing for top gun and it really is, i think, a longing for the 80's. i mean, the simpler time when people could just be openly
5:16 am
patriotic, masculinity was very clear. you know,. will: celebrated. rachel: celebrated. i love it. i'm there. pete: is there a shirtless volleyball scene? rachel: there better be. there better be a shirtless volleyball scene. will: how old is he 60? pete: ageless. if you were alive the last 40 years you want to see this movie it will make a gazillion dollars. rachel: joe concha joins us live once again and will t. shayne break his pushup record? will: got to beat it. ♪ ♪ you really got me now ♪ ♪ you really got me ♪ you really got me
5:17 am
♪ so many people are overweight now and asking themselves, "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now, there's golo. golo helps with insulin resistance, getting rid of sugar cravings, helps control stress and emotional eating, and losing weight. go to and see how golo can change your life. that's
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♪ will: racing isn't the only attraction here in charlotte. jenny's local ice cream shop is a popular pit stop for locals. pete: so we're fueling up with their bagel flavored ice cream.
5:21 am
everything bagel flavored ice cream. rachel: this is the most interesting. pete: actually true to form. rachel: actually tastes like everything bagel. will: do you know what the ice cream like the cream cheese. rachel: kind of like eating cream cheese. will: bagel with cream cheese. pete: actually pretty good. rachel: pretty good i know. pete: i don't like everything bagel ice cream but i like the ice cream. rachel: amazing how they capture the flavor what do you think, joe? >> you are a true jersey guy home of the bagels what do you think? >> my wife says i'm in my second trimester no ice cream for me especially at 9:00 a.m. will: are you lactose intolerant? >> we will see. who eats with a fork honestly? will: nice bite. rachel: what do you think? >> tastes like everything bagel
5:22 am
you can't stop me if you are in jersey and i'm here. pete: butter? rachel: chunks of something. pete: it's the everything. is it bread? will: it's bread, yeah. everything bagel gravel in the ice cream. >> 980 calories in this container. pete: let's do it. will: while we are munching down on everything bagel ice cream. the daily beast is forced to apologize to hunter biden's laptop repairman john paul mac isaac. pete: attaching a note to an article published in december of 2020 saying, quote: an earlier version of this story mistakenningly referred to hunter biden's laptop as stolen. we have removed that word and we apologize to mr. mac isaac for the error. rachel: meanwhile new details emerged from hunter biden's
5:23 am
abandoned laptop shedding light on his dealings with chinese businessman patrick ho vice chairman of the bebunk chinese gomer rat. pete: let's get your reaction to that now, joe correction now. why would they be correcting it now? >> because if you have been paying attention remotely to the story you know the laptop wasn't stolen from hunter biden's dresser and ended up at repair shop. he dropped it off, probably high and forgot about it and now truly the laptop from hell. now the more we look at this the more it looks bad not only for hunter biden but perhaps the president of the united states. because he is using burner phones according to this laptop now. you hear burner phone that means i don't want any paper trail of any conversation that may have happened. and some of those conversations by the way, he was having with halle biden? who is that bo biden's widow he starts a relationship with her not long after he dies. is i'm sorry mentally i can't -- rachel: all of that is super
5:24 am
shady the hookers, the drugs the widow. bad. it doesn't just make the biden family look bad. it makes our whole country look bad. it looks like we are cuba the bidens are and i said this before they are the nicolas maduros. they the fidel castros of america. this is like third world level corruption. and the more that we see about it, the more we go how is this happening in america? who is going to clean this you up. >> i love when you do the spanish accent in the middle of the english that's seemless. well done. that's why midterms are so important. there is a red tsunami coming, let's face it the republicans only need five seats flipped in the house in order to retire nancy pelosi. now, remember, barack obama was polling higher than joe biden is now and he still lost 63 seats in his first term. so, you are looking at numbers like that. so why is that important? because right after republicans take control, deswhat the first investigation, the first hearings they are probably going to hold? it's going to be about hunter
5:25 am
biden. then there is no running from this anymore. and then the two big questions are, all right? is the president of the united states compromised by countries like china where hunter did all this business with in the very shady and possibly illegal way and did he receive compensation? the 10% that tony bobulinski who is hunter biden's business partner says happened. no reason not to believe him. will: two things we know the daily beast is issuing this apology because they are the subject of a suit from john paul mac isaac. they have cnn politico and others being sued. on the latest revelations from the laptop, which, by the way, i have an hour long interview with john paul mac isaac watch it on youtube. the latest revelations are yeah stuff shows he was doing business with china. referring to his business partner as the head spy chief. absolutely stunning information. on the one laptop we know about, by the way, john paul mac isaac told me returned two. hunter bought in three drunk. handed three over.
5:26 am
john paul mac isaac said i can only fix one of them. the other two hunter walked out with one of how many devices getting information from. >> i would be nervous if i'm the daily beast or cnn or. we saw the nicholas sandmann suit. they settled i got to believe it wasn't for the kind of money that jingles, the kind that folds and a lot of it so, yeah, he has a very good case here because this apology, to your point, way too late. pete: if not for persistence and will good on you doing that interview on your podcast all the people who stood behind his story it would have been russian disinformation. that's what they told us it was. all of this was planted by russia when actually it landed in the lap of an innocent. will: just getting to the beginning of this coming out. >> who said it was by the way 51 former intelligence officers including john brennan the head of the cia. rachel: shameful. >> can't tell the difference.
5:27 am
rachel: nicolas maduro. fidel castro. >> los biden. will: italian accent. rachel: they are all crunchts rachel: danielle joins us. >> good morning. gorgeous.
5:28 am
5:29 am
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will: we go from that to that. rachel: all right, that is the air force honor guard drill team performing this memorial day weekend on "fox & friends weekend" ahead of the coca-cola 600. pete: do you know how much training it takes to do that. rachel: no, i can't imagine. pete: sharp bayonets at the end of full wooden rifles not communicating at all totally coordinating flying by their
5:33 am
face. unbelievable. rachel: i love watching your boys over there watching it. pete: i have quote my three boys watching they have not been this quiet or transfixed the entire moment just like the rest of america watching this again big shoutout air force honor guard drill team performing for us here on memorial day weekend. will: if you are just joining us all throughout the morning as well marine veteran t shane johnson has been trying to break his own record of 3,050 pushups in an hour he is here on "fox & friends." >> we have our "fox & friends weekend" trophy it was in my office. will: it was in mine. pete: we took it out of will's office. we never given it out in an honorary fashion. will: no we haven't. pete: t shayne merits? i think we should give it to him right now. t shane, recover.
5:34 am
i mean, look at this guy. i mean i am telling you 3,000 in an hour didn't stop when he did it we are interrupting him right now. i don't know that you are going to be able to break the world record today. >> not today. pete: because of live television. pete: first ever non-weekend "fox & friends" host to be the holder of the "fox & friends weekend" champion. >> this thing normally didn't seem heavy but this morning it seems pretty heavy. pete how could it not? look at this guy built like a truck. t shane thanks for your service to our country and amazing dedication to breaking world record. >> i love it. will: 3,050 pushups in an hour. 16,000 pushups what was in 12 hours. pete: can you remember the last time you did 100. rachel: i can't do five in a row unless i'm on my knees. pete: girl pushups? rachel: we accept those differences in the show. will: mystery last year not by
5:35 am
doing pushups first disabled veteran to compete in a nascar event at a national level. rachel: driver and air force vet mcgee fulfilled another nascar dream racing toyota in the camping world truck series. he joins us now. pete: i remember seeing your car going around the track last night from the top of our rv. what was it like to be here in charlotte on this racetrack? >> just getting to race on memorial day weekend and everything that it means for the veterans that sacrificed everything for our country san honor. and being the only veteran out there you know, it's really hard to put into words what it means because it still hasn't set in on the impact that it's going to have on not only me but hopefully veterans that are looking for inspiration throughout the country. rachel: that's amazing. pete: you mentioned we were talking, you haven't driven -- you are new to racing as well. >> yes. so five years ago i never sat in a race car. this was just a childhood dream.
5:36 am
i found an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a go-cart in alaska and quickly realized that it was good therapy for my ptsd and i just ran with it i was good and somebody noticed me one night and asked me if i wanted to go race in nascar the cinderella story. rachel: like those models on the street that discovered by an agent. saw you at a go-cart race and said you can be a nascar driver? that's incredible. >> i took it and ran with it and figuring i will see how far it will take me and here i am living on my childhood dream. will: now you are racing trucks last night on the charlotte motor speedway that had to feel great last night. i know it wasn't the outcome you wanted but amazing race. >> definitely not the outcome we were hoping for. had mechanical failures on the truck but at the end of the day it was still fun. rachel: you almost crashed. >> i did. i almost knocked the wall down in turn 3. pete: could have been the other way around the knock could have knocked you down. >> i would have hit it pretty
5:37 am
hard. pete: real quick your background your service in the military tell us about it real quick. >> left for basic training on september 11th, 2001. a tragic day that has so much meaning for me other than what it is. and served 8 years. i suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2005 and got out in 2009 and went to work for the department of defense in alaska. managing long range raider sites and then decided hey i want to go try being a nascar driver. will: we appreciate your service. we are having fun watching you make it your way in new career best of luck in the truck series. pete: keith mcgee keeping an eye on you. thank you, guys, appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. >> this memorial day weekend celebrating fun, the troops and the faith. graham joins us live with his message from the charlotte motor speedway when we return. ♪
5:38 am
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5:42 am
of operations samaritan's purse and he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having us. we appreciate it. will: we would love to hear what you are doing. i'm personally curious in a situation like this having been blessed not to have to be in a crisis situation like this when samaritan's purse shows up, what kind of services can you offer to the community? >> this is horrible what these families are going through. but many are just grieving. they are angry, they are fearful. our chaplain, the billy graham response chaplains are been trained how to share hope in the a time of crisis. they are going to go there and listen and love on them and pray for them. they responded right away. and they were in the civic center when the buses were coming in to dropping the kids off and when those families were there and their kids didn't come off. they have been there loving on them and praying. especially for our law enforcement there. they are hurting, they are grieving, too. we have a lot of former law enforcement and active law enforcement service chaplains just there to pray and share the hope of jesus christ. pete: there is a gap there. guests said there was one trained psychiatrist in the
5:43 am
entire town. small town. i didn't realize the scope. i have always thought of the physical needs met by physical needs but to be there for them really important. >> there is a spiritual aspect in everything in life. and when a man made disaster happens, there is not really anything you can do to meet their immediate needs other than to be there just to pray with them. and when they ask why, we don't have an answer. this was a man made problem. this is sin. and i believe that the only hope and a solution for this is jesus christ, our lord and savior. that's our hope and prayer. but to just to listen and love on them. rachel: i think you are going to get a receptive community there that's a largely hispanic community, faith-filled, god-filled family or jent y. yented. you are right. what can we do? there is not much we can do. it's just pray and it's like you said love on them and let them know that you are there for them and give them hope in this terrible, terrible moment, i know. it's just hard.
5:44 am
>> they are doing unbelievable job. i'm praying for my chaplains, seeing, being a part of a lot of hard things. pray for them. one of them was a family that they just found out the news. and they asked the chaplains go with the law enforcement to tell the other kids and the family and to make that announcement. that's what they were there for. rachel: not just the families of law enforcement also suffering from what they have had to see throughout this tragedy. pete: you have a special connection to service. a lot of our viewers may not know you served in the ranger battalion, one of the most elite units in the military. we are here for memorial day weekend. what's your message to the country with your background? >> i want the country to know that, you know, many people count this as the start of summer and go out and have barbecues and that's great. enjoy your summer. take a moment to remember the families that have lost a loved one, that have served this country, the men and women gave their lives allow us to have the freedoms we enjoy. i think of certain individuals like names and faces come to mind. people under my command that i
5:45 am
lost. my friends from west point, my roommate. i think of those individuals and i think of their families that are left behind, they don't forget. they are still grieving. so, this when you are out having your barbecue and you are on the lake. just pray for the families that are hurting. will: great message. we appreciate your service. and it's a great reminder of what this weekend is about and where our minds and hearts should be. >> that's right. rachel: god bless samaritan's purse what are doing in uvalde. right way to deploy your organization in a moment like this. >> thanks for having me on. pete: no surprised that someone with a military background we would be leading the charge get joining us outside camping world on speed week, rick? rick: speed treat is amazes. camping world. this is brandon you are with camping world. you have an amazing set-up here which is perfect for nascar. if you ever know nascar race all
5:46 am
rv's. >> nothing more american than going to a nascar race rving on memorial day weekend the best there is. rick: when you talk about campers, i group the with pop up you pulled it out and set up your bed. >> you still have those. those still exist? >> they still exist and they are wildly popular. it's sort of the gateway drug if you will. you start with a pop-up camper and then go to the travel trailer the fifth wheel and then you have got the motor home. rick: ask one clarification question rv that's the thing you drive. that's not like a camper is big and small it's all an rv. >> all an rv, a trailer, camper, they're all synonymous. rick: camping world what is. this happier camper. as you see we have happier campers in there so happy. they are giving away ice cream. they are giving away popsicles here in the fan zone at charlotte motor speedway this is a favorite hc 1. rick: big one right back there that thing doesn't seem like you should be able to pull that
5:47 am
behind a car but you can. >> that's a fifth wheel right there. put that behind a pickup truck. rick: you guys are giving these away this summer. >> we are giving two of these away every week for the summer for our travel different summer sweepstakes. rick: how do people get there and submit for it. >> so you go online travel submit your entry. giving away rv's power sports. tons of prices this summer we are giving away. rick: in the day of inflation this is a great way to do it camp and it doesn't have to cost you that much money. >> rving the best way to ful that and spend quality time with friends and family and remarkably affordable. that's why we are here, we are telling everybody about it. rick: 158 locations around the country they say. guys, send it back to you. will: thank you, rick. pete: up next, danielle trump ta gets nascar hall of fame here in charlotte. she is live with us coming up
5:48 am
next. ♪ ♪
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pete: we're back with a few
5:52 am
headlines, elon musk dares congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez to tweet out a poll asking her followers who they trust less? billionaires or politicians? musk tweeting out the challenge after he posted the same poll himself more than 75% of musk followers say they trust politicians less than billionaires. the exchange happening two days after the socialist from new york ocasio-cortez vowed to get rid of her tesla. what a protest and buy electric car made by unionized workers instead. rachel: i'm going to buy a $70,000 car from somebody else. pete: not elon's. also comes as the fec investigate elon musk stakes back in october whether he announced the stakes before he was legally required. to say they want to stop every reason to stop him in this moment. the world awaits the moment in johnny depp. does the world await or are we suffering through?
5:53 am
johnny depp defamation trial against amber heard. six weeks. clicks are underway. jurors are taking the weekend off. resuming on tuesday. suing for 50 million bucks counter suing depp for $100 million. possible to find the jury can find both depp and heard guilty or not guilty or just one of them guilty. we'll see. it will soon be over. and papa bear -- excuse me, mama bear, pappa bear asleep at the wheel. only security camera catching a moment a mom stops her toddler citedly going toward a black bear in backyard. >> come back inside? jennifer, come back inside. pete: it's bear. the mother saying the family watching a movie when the 2-year-old secretly unlocked the patio door and went to potentially hug the giant bear. the mother says the bear was eating out of their backyard
5:54 am
bird feeder. and those are your headlines. will: papa bear was sitting on the couch do i have to pause the movie no she didn't, what? what? rachel: so many good headlines in there just love that socialist debate within aoc herself about changing her car. oh my god. unbelievable all right. we are live from charlotte motor speedway but we couldn't come to charlotte without visits the nascar hall of fame. will: host of my dream car on fox business danielle trotta got a special tour and she joins us now. >> good morning. another racetrack and another visit with you guys. love to have you here in charlotte, north carolina. so exciting. number one tourist attraction actually here in charlotte is the nascar hall of fame. and for folks that can't be here this morning, we wanted to give you an exclusive behind the scenes tour. it's full of memorabilia and legendary cars and some really fun interactive moments, too.
5:55 am
the executive director winston kelly the nascar hall of fame kind enough to give us a behind the scenes look. take a listen. ♪ >> the nascar hall of fame in up town charlotte, this place is so cool. it's honoring the legends and the icons of nascar, we have got some of the most iconic cars in nascar history. it's that black 3. it's that petty blue. dale's last one. richard's first one. >> glory road is no short loss because it is a long 70-year history. >> the thing that's unique about glory road is it tells very key stories to nascar's history. one is the track story and another is the car story. people can be up close and personal and see how the cars have evolved. >> these are the actual cars, the confetti on this car is the actual confetti that fell the night that jimmy johnson won that championship. >> that was from 2016. that's the actual car. >> that was jimmy's last
5:56 am
championship. his final of seven. here is his first. i have never seen his first title car side by side with his seventh but you really get a sense of just in that time frame how much the actual stock car changed itself. i have always wanted to step inside the hall of honor. this is a very special room. this is where all the men that have been enshrined in the nascar hall of fame live in memory. >> it is literally the heart and soul of the nascar hall of fame. it's where we honor those who have been inducted. when we first opened, it was open all the way around and now we have got this whole wall filled and then most of this wall filled with 58 people in here. and to see how it has evolved, you know, is so special. and see the people that are in here and what they have done in the sport but also what they have done for the sport. >> will you show me dale jr.'s up close? >> absolutely. >> this is really special a lot
5:57 am
of people know him by dale but actually his first name like his grandfather and his father, right is actually ralph. >> ralph dale earnhardt jr. >> if you are ever here at the nascar hall of fame make sure one of the stops on your tour is visiting the hall of honor. you can race here at the nascar hall of fame in an actual stock car so i'm going to give winston a run for his money. like ricky bobby said if you ain't first you're last. >> here we go. >> how it feels. >> lapped me 50 times by now. this is embarrassing. i will never be a race car driver but that was fun. pete: pretty cool. >> don't quit your day job. i hit every wall around charlotte motor speedway in that racing simulation. thanks to the nascar hall of fame. super fun, great for families and kids of all ages. before you come out to the racetrack, stop at the nascar hall of fame, it's great. you guys look great.
5:58 am
will: thank you we have our charlotte motor speedway jackets on. pete: thank marcus smith and all the folks at the speedway who have been good to us. they are not getting them back this is stitched. rachel: love all the mono gramming in the south. >> we love our mono grams. win win winnerrens jacket for the coca-cola 600 right here. here is what the winner will be wearing. pete: william wilson tailored that beauty. we have been told do not put that one on. that's the real deal. will: along with the watch and diamond ring and trophy sitting right over there. pete: and just bragging rights. rachel: of course. pete: and a lot of points in the nascar. rachel: i want to see you wearing that on top of your rv today while you are watching. pete: xfinity race nothing to see here just a nascar expert. [laughter] rachel: before we get to promote your show on fox nation really
5:59 am
quick. tell us what your predictions are for this race. you are a real nascar girl. >> 600 miles of racing tomorrow. i saw your son downstairs sporting the 24 hat for william byron or william byron. pete: byron. >> byron he likes to say. watch out for him. i think he is going to be good. his teammate chase elliott and then the other hendrick teammate, kyle larson, won this race a year ago. they're so strong the, they really are, so they're going to be strong tomorrow. will: we'll watch my dream car, monday, 9 p.m. eastern time on fox business. it's refurbishing old cars, it's a really cool -- rachel: it's a great show. pete: and all types of cars, right? >> all types of cars. monday we're going to have a '67 bare dude da, which is really -- bare dude da, which is really cool. we to old trucks, porch,
6:00 am
camaros, mustangs. really it runs the gamut. the families get so emotional because they don't see it coming. we're halfway through season one already, guys. i feel like i saw you -- rachel: i know. if you love makeover shows,s i love them no matter what it is. >> yeah. the cars just bring out so much great emotions. rachel: it really does. will: thank you. enter thanks, guys. pat: -- pete: the fourth and final hour of "fox & friends" saturday this weekend starts right now. ♪ ♪ [background sounds] ♪
6:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pete: well, at the infield here at the charlotte motor speedway if they weren't awake, they are now. that is the monroe high school band performing "top back." pretty cool view for them too. not your average location where you're playing with your marching band, right there down the on the track where 5:00 tomorrow the coca-cola 600 kicks
6:02 am
off. we're honored to be here on this memorial day weekend. fox and friends weekend. will cain, rachel campos duffy, good to see you both. rachel: i love that band. i love the drama that they bring, the capes. i'd like someone to send a marching band at 2:50 in the morning. 9 i guess that's how the infield feels right now. will: our names are on our chest at charlotte motor speedway. we've been showing you the winner's jacket, winner's ring, the winner's watch and the winner's trophy along with bragging rights, as pete points out. it's the longest race of the year for nascar, but it's also special in that it's the honoring memorial day. every car that you'll see this weekend will have the name of a fallen service member across his windshield. it's a day to remember why we celebrate, why we have the day off. what we should be remembering here on memorial day. rachel: yeah. pete: yeah. we joke around, i feel cool in
6:03 am
my jacket with, as close to "top gun" is as you can get in nascar, days of thunder, and you look up at the logo, and it's memorial weekend, honor and remember. as you said, will, the car behind us has a marine lance corporal on the hood killed in iraq in 2006. this is a celebration, but it is also a reflection, and nascar does it so well, charlotte does it so well, keeping the focus where it ought be. i said yesterday when i was up on top of my rv living the life, pray in the name of jesus christ before the race, say the national anthem, this is a sport that los god and country, for sure -- loves god and country. rachel: imagine what it feels like to be the family of that fallen hero and have their name on that a car, pretty awesome. will: you might see right there in the background, there just went the fox weather beast, and that means that is rick reichmuth -- pete: he's going at a good clip.
6:04 am
will: he is. let's check in with rick inside the fox weather beast right now. rick. rick: if you knew how quickly we got up here and suddenly i'm driving around -- [laughter] never having driven around the track in this probably $300,000 vehicle that fox put together, and i am certain that i'm to going to be in trouble or fired by the end of this. or dead, one or the other. one of those options is probably going to be what happens here. but this is amazing! i'm driving around the charlotte speedway here at 90 miles an hour in this truck, and i'm going over turn, i guess this is turn three. thinking the i probably should slow down, but i know i shouldn't. and everything could go wrong right no. this is feeling scary and absolutely amazing, and it's why i love this job. you get to do these things that you think how in the hell did i ever get to do this in my job where i'm driving around charlotte speedway right now. there you go, crossing the
6:05 am
finish line, and i'm on lap three. this race, by the way, 400 laps around this track the in this coca-cola 600 tomorrow. absolutely unbelievable. guys? pete: mile and a half around the track. rick, i'm impressed. by the way, not only are you going fast, we're right here, we can see it -- rachel: yeah. pete: -- but the shot inside the beast there, you look calm as a cucumber. you've got one hand on the wheel, going around those embankments. your stock just went up. [laughter] rachel: i love it. they only let will use a simulator, but they let rick into this beast -- [laughter] they let pete drive a car. what's going on, will in. will: maybe your characterizations of us are wrong. [laughter] rachel: maybe. will: really cool. pete: serious embankment too, rick, there he goes -- will: there he goes, coming around one more time. rachel: getting a little too
6:06 am
confident. [laughter] will: it could go sideways. pete: again, thanks for being here with us, and as we do on "fox & friends," up one moment we're talking about something light, and another moment it's tragic, and that's what we're dealing with right now. new revelations emerge over the horrific school shooting in uvalde, texas. will: officials admitting they made errors in their a response. rachel: are senior correspondent casey stegall is lye in uvalde, and he has more details. casey, good morning. >> reporter: rachel, pete, will with, good morning to you. yeah, this story just gets more hear breaking with each turn -- heartbreaking with each turn. uvalde's time square has become a makeshift memorial. there are the white crosses back there representing each of the lives lost in this tragedy, balloons, flowers, signs, a constant stream of people flowing through here even when we got out here at 4:00 this morning. meantime, we want to show you this picture because, of course, we also have an investigation
6:07 am
underway with this tragedy. this police-provided map shows the gunman's path that morning in yellow approaching robb elementary school's northwest entrance, firing, then going in a door that was apparently propped open, and then the deadly rampage ensued. texas governor greg abbott says he is fuming to learn with everyone else that it took responding officers so long standing inside the cool for at least 45 minutes -- school trying to devise a plan. remember, it was ultimately federal agents who took the suspect down. listen. >> a decision was made that this was a barricaded subjects situation, there was time to retrieve the keys and wait for a tactical team with the equipment to go ahead and breach the door and take on the subject at that point. that was the decision, that was the thought process at that particular point in time. from the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision.
6:08 am
it was the wrong decision. there's no excuse for that. >> yes, i was misled. i am livid about what happened. and as everybody has learned, information that i was given turned out in part to be the inaccurate. >> reporter: eyewitness reports say the killer told people good night as he shot some of them, and he was somehow playing music as he opened firement -- fire. >> when he went in the classroom, he said you're all going to die, and he just started shooting. >> he came in and he crouched a little bit and he saidst it's time to die. >> reporter: a report this morning that a young girl smeared blood of one of her classmates on one -- on her face so that the shooter would think she was dead. you can only imagine what these poor children are going through. president biden will be here
6:09 am
tomorrow. back to you. will: thank you, casey, for those latest horrific details. rhode island re rhode island unbelievable. pete: that's what they are, horrific details. we talked before the show there's new things to learn, what did we know beforehand about the shooter, what happened on the scene. but, ultimately, it is just sheer devastation, horrific depravity the of one individual who clearly to the very end was devoid of a soul, saying that -- whispering that to young fourth graders. rachel: it's just, it's just unbelievable. you see that young little boy, you just wonder how many -- all of these children are going to be trauma thetized whether they were in that classroom or near that classroom. this whole town is traumatized. and it's just, it's devastating. every turn of the story gets worse and worse. will: yeah. let's bring in texas the lieutenant governor dan patrick who joins us now on the program.
6:10 am
lieutenant governor, thank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning. will: we'll pick up right there. you know, we've been able to hear from you over the last couple of days, just want to get your reaction to those latest details. >> so this has been a long road. we've had, since i became lieutenant governor and governor abbott was elected back in 20 the 14, we've had five shootings now, walmart, summerland springs, odessa, santa fay and this shooting -- santa fe. plus, we've lost over 50 officers in the line of duty killed by violent criminals, so this takes a toll on us. and when we sit down with law enforcement, we expect to be the told the truth in our briefing. i was in the briefing with the governor and senator cornyn and senator cruz and about 20 other people on wednesday before we held our press conference, and we were told a different set of facts than we now know. and whether that was purposeful
6:11 am
or whether that was because people -- and that was about 24 hours after after the shooting because they were still in a state of chaos and maybe had not had any sleep and were in shock and misremember ared things, the bottom line is we have to have the facts and the truth because it only makes the situation worse for the families when they hear changing stories. and particular particularly when they heard about this 45-minute delay or a security officer who wasn't there even though we were told he was there. and the governor, as he mentioned yesterday, took copious notes, i was sitting next to him, he took copious notes. we all asked questions, and we were told a different story than we now know. so the families have a right to be angry. will: lieutenant governor, to clarify, whether or not you were misled, whether or not it was a lie or a mistake, you were told a different story. >> yes. will: what story was it that you were told? >> well, we were told that there was a security officer, and they
6:12 am
were a little hazy on how the engagement went, but that a a security officer was there. turned out he was notten on campus. he drove onto the campus, but he was not on campus as we were told and led to believe. no one mentioned the fact that there was this 45-minute to an hour hold by the chief of the police of the school district while there were still shots being fired. now, we believe that most of those shots were being fired into the door, the wall, at law enforcement, but we don't know. so imagine the parent who has to go through this for the rest of their life, and they will be thinking was my child still alive and could have been saved. so that was another fact that we weren't told, and so this is heartbreaking. this is horrendous. and i've been, as i said, with these shootings one of parts of this job that you don't ever want is to have to go to a funeral of particularly a child, but anyone killed in a shooting
6:13 am
or one of our police officers kill in the line of duty. and, you know, we've had a lot of funerals, a lot of memorial services, a lot of hospital visits, so i take this personally. and i know the governor takes it personally. and for me, it's 140 or 150 people killed in texas in the last 6 or 7 years of collective anger when we're not told the truth. pete: lieutenant governor, ultimately, now that we do know the information and we think we know better what transpired -- >> yes. pete: -- did the police act the right way based on what they knew? i mean, with a full appreciation of what law enforcement does, we know that, based on what you know, did they follow the right protocols to try to get those kids? >> no. the head of our state troopers who took over the investigation after the fact when the texas the rangers were asked to come in and investigate this, he was right, they did not follow
6:14 am
protocol. but let me be very clear about something because there's been some misunderstanding or misreporting, and that is the people feel like the case in parkland where no one went in. these police went in within 4 minutes or so after the shooter went in through that unlocked door which should have never happened, that open door. but they were there 3 or 4 minutes, and they bravely encountered here, and they were shot, some of them were wounded. no one left the school. they hunkered down in the hallway, about 19 of them during this time, so that he did not escape anywhere if else in the school. so these policemen did the right thing at the beginning. and many wanted to go in. and the police chief -- look, this is a, this is a 6-man or 7-man police department. the police chief -- and you know he'llly with this -- live with in the rest of his life d -- but
6:15 am
he was in charge. he made that decision to hold. and again, he'll have to live with that the rest of his life. no policeman ran out, they stayed. and then in the end with a combination of people led by the border patrol went in against this assault weapon. and you know, pete, you know when you go in there one, two, three or more of them could be killed. so the police individuals did the right thing and were brave, and i know the people outside, the parents were hearing these shots and some thought maybe the police were not doing anything, but it was the decision, the hold that was the mistake that did not follow protocol. it was the security officer not on the campus that was the mistake. it was an open door held by a rock that allowed that person to get n. and don't -- and, look, that teacher will live with that decision also. but my focus through this and when we had the press conference on wednesday, the mic was being
6:16 am
handled from the governor introduced me to speak, and that's when beto o'rourke made a total ass of himself. what offended me was that that he put himself above these families. and and so that's my only focus. and i said at the time when they ushered him out, can't we spend just a day or a week focused on these families and the pain? the pain is unimaginable. will: right. >> i've been there before with these families. it's unimaginable. as my pastor once said, when you go to these events, there's nothing you can say. there's nothing i can say as i lieutenant above to heal that pain. you just are there out of respect, and that was disrespectful, what he did. i canceled all my events, i'm not going anywhere for a couple of weeks. we put this asidement our only focus should be on the families, and what has made this worse for these families is the changing of facts almost on a a daily basis. rachel: yeah. >> and there has to be
6:17 am
accountability for it. rachel: well, there has to be the accountability, no question about it. every we have to learn the lessons. some of the lessons we've learned from past shootings, didn't seem like we learned them. maybe we finally, we finally will. is there going to be the accountability for those officers who the governor says misled him? >> that will have to be all sorted out, and that will be -- those were, those are going to be local decisions made by the school district or -- that will be handled there. and, again, i want to separate this out. the police that went in were brave. the police that were on hold were polling their orders. eventually some went in and said it's time to go -- following their orders. but it was a bad decision. and that decision -- rachel: can i just say -- >> yeah. will: lieutenant to the governor, can i ask you really quickly, i find in the information, of you have direct access to information we do not
6:18 am
have, but i hear you saying this fog of war with, there's a lot of brave officers ready to go in, the police chief in uvalde made the call to hold back. there are the reports he didn't know if there were children alive still in the room, he didn't know if it was a hostage situation. but we've heard reports of 91 is calls coming from -- 911 calls from inside the classroom. you have information we don't have. were they not being relayed to officers on the scene? did that police chief not have access to information there were children alive in the room? >> well, we still don't know that, and the interviews are still going on. one of the problems we have across america is different police are on different bands,and whether they got that information directly or not, the truth is it doesn't matter. they should have gone in. they should have already been in at that point p. that's the point that we're making here. he viewed it -- and let's, and this was not the uvalde police chief, this was the police chief of the school district, a 6-7 man department. did he have the experience to make that decision then?
6:19 am
he was the incident commander, it was on his campus. and that was, that was the key. and, look, we -- after the santa fe shooting, we put in over $100 million into hardening our schools, into metal detectors, into the doors -- that door, when it was finally shut, it did not automatically lock, and we put in the funding for schools to do that. this was a different kind of lock that had to be activated, apparently. and we have -- we train our teachers to carry if they wish. look, we've got about 9,000 campuses in texas, 1200 school districts, 5.5 million kids in public schools. we left these decisions to be the optional by the school districts. but the point is here is that no matter what we do -- and we should have one entrance in and one entrance out of every school, it should be bulletproof glass on the front, and that's what should happen. and so when the doors are open and police don't follow protocol, these things happen.
6:20 am
but i join the governor, i'm angry. it should not have happened, ane families, and that's what we have to focus on -- pete: as it should be. >> -- healing them and politics aside. pete: lieutenant governor dan patrick, ultimately, you want cops charging to the sound of the guns. for some reason that didn't happen here. thank you for your unsight. all right, more "fox & friends" in a moment. you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be signs of a life-threatening condition.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ will: that's monroe high school's red storm marching band as we gear up for the coca-cola
6:25 am
600 live from charlotte motor speedway. welcome back to charlotte motor speedway where yesterday i had the chance to hop behind wheel with a racing legend. hegseth, you get to drive real cars, i get the simulator. let's take a lap. he's coming in there? >> yep. this could be a good lap are. will: you might have a new driver, richard. >> you just keep on it, you got it. [laughter] will: i'm going sideways, i'm going to cross -- [laughter] there goes your front end. pete: turn it over sideways. will: that's not how the track is supposed to look. yeah, that's your car upended, and that is the racing owner and former nassar driver richard childress who's with us on set. good to see you, richard. >> good to see you again.
6:26 am
we had some fun yesterday. you cost a lot of money if that were a real car. will: you ready to put me in a real car? that would be really fun. it was really cool to come out to the campus. richard, team owner. four teams, and i got to see the whole operation behind the scenes, how many cars you're preparing for the races coming up for tomorrow the right here in charlotte. >> we were -- you called us at the right time, we had cars in the blue light scanner, we had folks up this working on the command center. we have so much technology today in the sport, we get 20 minutes of practice. so when you get to the track, you really have to be on it. 20 minutes to practice, 10 minute pause and then you go qualify. so the simulator like you were in, our drivers use 'em constantly. we have one here, we have one at gm, and it's an important tool. the technology of this sport has went so far.
6:27 am
will: richard's got 400 employees other at the campus and -- over at the campus and, i mean, it is engineering and technology. you throw terms around, the blue light scanner, the gps town to a hair of a measurement. and the command center, all the information coming in. look, you've been behind the wheel, you're a racing legend on and off the track. what ike -- i know you've got austin, the 3 and the 8 car, what's going to happen tomorrow night? >> yeah, they put sealer on the racetrack. i watched the truck race last night, you're going to see some good side by side racing with that sealer, i feel, and i think it's going to be a great race. and what a -- the weather. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and a great weekend, me memorial day weekend. will: just a reminder, a fallen service member on the windshield of every car, i know both of your car, all four of your cars
6:28 am
are have that, and a reminder of what this weekend's all about. >> and we have the gold star families and, man, the sacrifices that has been gave for all of us to be able to do what we're doing today is uncredible. with. will: richard has us out, he took us to the wipely -- winery afterward. richard, i really appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. thank you for what you do for this country. will: thank you so much. by the way, don't forget, coca-cola 600 on fox tomorrow, 5 p.m. eastern time. all right, sill to come, inflation and high gas prices are serving up a double whammy for food trucks. that's not stopping them, we'll hear from two owners live from little pig way, that's the name of it, that's the name of it. charlotte motor speedway. ♪ ♪
6:29 am
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pete: this memorial day weekend one event is honoring america's heros in a big way. daytona international speedway's inaugural heroes honor festival. it's all about celebrating and honoring our warriors. let's check in with abby hornacek. abby. >> reporter: yeah, pete, that's right. you know, there are so many people here who are honoring our veterans and, you know, these two are the kind of special people that you'll find here at the heroes ohioan festival. we say it all the time, thank you for your service. we put our hand over our heart for pride for our american flag, but i think 9-year-old is serenity here has outdone us all, because she has this goal to meet as many veterans as possible. she's with grandpa who also served. grandpa, thank you for your service. why do you want to thank so many veterans? >> because they really just
6:34 am
aren't treated nice when they come home. >> reporter: how many have you met so far? >> you might want to ask grandpa. >> 3500 in three years, and she met 300 last night in a little over an hour. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. and what is the goal of meeting all these veterans? are you trying to raise money? are you just trying to make them feel good? >> i'm raising money so they can actually go and see their memorials in washington d.c. >> reporter: do you have any favorite veterans that you've met? this one? grandpa here? grandpa, what does it mean for you? you served, you put on that the uniform, and when you're fighting for this country, you're fighting for the future generations so that they can have the freedoms that you experience and here your granddaughter is, is she making you proud in. >> oh, yes. i was never deployed, but i grew up watching what happened with the vietnamal veterans when they come home. even though i was little, i knew it wasn't right, and i couldn't be more prouder. >> reporter: and what do you give to them, serenity, when you
6:35 am
meet them in. >> i give them a little bracelet. >> reporter: what's it say? >> it says welcome home, veteran. love, serenity. >> reporter: love serenity. and how can people donate to your cause? >> you can go to her facebook, serenity honors, and there's a link that takes you to the honor flight network site where they can make a donation, and this goal is about $150,000 is what we're trying to reach. she's raised about 70,000 over the last three years of her fund raising. >> reporter: absolutely incredible. thank you. she e rememberty, thank you so much, good luck on your venture. you're to going to be great. thank you very much. all right. you guys can join us here from daytona international ed speedway or, if you can't make it, check it out on fox nation. all the events start live at 1:30 p.m., and if you don't have fox nation, activeive duty military and veterans get their first year for free, so sign up at
6:36 am
pete: e serenity, talk about a girl with perspective. abby, thank you so much. the promotion of fox nation, grateful nation. go to fox nation tom. something else you can catch on fox nation is america's top ranger. in fact, tomorrow night, 10 p.m., it's going to air on the channel, a condensed version, because it's three episodes over three days of nonstop, grueling combat simulation. you want to watch a preview tomorrow night, if you want to watch the whole series, it's available right now on fox nation, three days, i break it down from the desk and throughout fort benning and joey jones and abby horn sec -- abby hornacek as well following the best of best. something you can watch with your kids on this memorial day weekend, and they soak it up. absolutely. all right. well, inflation, double whammy. it's hitting food truck owners with the cost of gas and food reaching record highs. but that's not stop thing our next guests from serving up some
6:37 am
delicious food on the road. rachel is live from little pigtown outside the speedway along with tarheel smokehouse and vicki scott from flip-flop rob's barbecue. take it away, rachel. rachel: all right, thank you. this is, actually, my favorite part of the racetrack right here, little pigtown the, and these are two great trucks. you're serving barbecue in a cup? incredible stuff. and you've got on the men menu today? >> wings and pulled pork and smoked sausage. rachel: it is the not easy to have a food truck. you're getting hit with high food costs, gas prices, you're getting hit with diesel. explain that? >> so we have diesel on the truck, and we do propoint as well for our deep fryers, things of that nature. the price has increased, almost double -- it is over double than what it used to be at this time last year. rachel: vicki, tell me what you're doing to mitigate some of these costs.
6:38 am
>> being more careful choosing what you can do, picking -- you kind of have to get away from some of the smaller events because you can't cover your costs as well, so you go towards the bigger events to cover your costs. rachel: it's too bad. a food truck at a family reunion or something like that. how are you mitigating costs? >> we're not doing ribs right now, we're doing chicken, so, fish, things of that nature that costs us not that much that we will not have is to raise the prices too high for the customers. so we pick the right food items and things of that nature, make our menu a little bit smaller, but it's the more efficient. rachel: i'm okay with the small menu. sometimes i get nervous, they can't do 20 things well, you do 4 things well and get good customers. you also have supply issues, because your items are in a cup. >> definitely. aluminum pans, you can't find
6:39 am
them. we cook with them. i mean, and when we did find them, they were triple the costs from two years ago. rachel: i didn't know that. i better hang on to mine in my pantry. oh, my goodness. tell me other things that you're doing to bring in customers. >> just mainly social media. so we really can't do the a lot of money into marketing, so you have to do your own social media. tarheel barbecue, facebook, instagram. we do everything on hour own -- our own. rachel: getting some free press right here on "fox & friends." our viewers really love barbecue, so barbecue's always a winner. >> awesome, yeah, it is, it's always a winner or. who turns down barbecue? rachel: as we were talking off camera and saying how much courage it takes to be a small business owner today. >> you've just got to britain and bear it. right now -- grin and bear it. the biggest thing is making sure you're still servicing the customer. if the cost is rising, you limit
6:40 am
your staff. sometimes family can jump in and help out on days where you might be short staffed, and and at the end of the day, you want to make sure the product is still good and that you're taking care of the customer. rachel: proud of both of you. you guys are great americans providing great food. joe biden, lower those gas prices. don't make those jobs so hard. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. rachel: all right, you got it. back to you guys. pete: all right. straight ahead, getting to go behind the wheel right here in charlotte, corey lajoye joins us with his special memorial day message. ♪ ♪
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:45 am
♪ pete: that is monroe high school's red storm marching band performing as we rev up for the coca-cola 600 tomorrow on fox. the race pays tribute to america's fallen heros, and we just lost a sign, but we're going to fix it. don't worry. joins right now by driver corey lajoye driving the uso car honoring lance corporal riley mccullough who was killed last year in the kabul, afghanistan, airport attack. he joins us now now along with the executive the officer of the the marine corps' recruiting center in charlotte, kate, and sergeant mcman as well. thanks for joining us, all of you. finish. >> thank you for having us. pete: corey, i know you're a patriot, love the military. getting a chance to drive the
6:46 am
uso car here on memorial day, it's pretty cool. >> it's a dream come true. the impact they make within nascar and supporting the military nationwide and worldwide is a special -- pete: and it's usually your name on that car, but this weekend it's the name of someone who gave their life. >> it feels like it makes the car weigh 10,000 pounds because you carry the weight of this gold star family and everybody that knew riley. i really want to give him a r50eud for 600 miles, who who knows, maybe get him to victory lane. pete: that gives me chills. that's the right perspective, for sure. and lieutenant, to be on site, pretty cool. >> yes, sir. no, we're very excited to be part of such a great event that honors those who have served and their families. it's a wonderful experience. pete: yeah, looking at the pace car behind me, marine lance corporal along with the sacrifice that gives us an opportunity to enjoy in the great race.
6:47 am
sergeant, talk to me about the partnership with the uso as well. >> it's just great to work with them and kind of give back to the community a little bit and just interact with our local community at the recruiting level. it's just, it's just really nice to have that partnership with them. pete: now, could you not all agree though that corey lajoye needs a haircut? [laughter] >> looks great. pete: it's not quite marine corps standards. [laughter] >> well, i had a haircut scheduled, but my wife and new two-day-old baby had other plans. pete: you know, i heard that. >> i appreciate it. id had a wild -- it's been a wild 36 hours. it's been an action a-packed week already, for sure, and we haven't even started racing. pete: you'll be out there at 5:00 on sunday. >> yeah. we'll be out here tonight the practicing at 7:00. pete: racing for a family of four. >> i've got to finish better so i can pay for the diapers. pete: this race, how do you
6:48 am
approach it to get into the nascar side of things, you know? mile and a half track, what do you change about how you approach in. >> it's the marathon event, 100 miles longer. daytona 5003, it's another 100 miles. it means so much more. the pace, you have to pace yourself, pace your i didn't and make sure -- equipment, and make sure what you're -- that you're here at the end. pete: absolutely. these hats are sharp: number 7 car rocking uso. all the marines that are with us, thank you for recruiting the next generation of heroes. we appreciate having you all here. god bless you all. corey, good luck. we'll be watching. they've all got drivers they picked, but corey lajoye's always up there. >> i see none of them are wearing my merch. we're going to have to talk about that. [laughter] pete: they know i wear your
6:49 am
merch all the time. representing the uso, there they are. i've got a denny hamlin are, bubba wallace fan, there's a few of them on the screen. 5:00. trying to watch over them this entire show. double duty. you know what that's like. again, 5 p.m. corey, all these marines, thank you so much. appreciate your time. all right, let's toss it out to will cain who has some headlines. will: thank you, pete. the daily beast issue ising an apology to hunter biden's laptop repairman, updating an editor's note attached to a story published back in december of 2020 the saying, quote: an earlier version of this story mistakenly referred to hunter biden's laptop the as stolen. we have removed that word, and we apologize to mr. mac isaac for the error. comes as no coincidence do last week mac isaac joined me in an exclusion arive interview to discuss why this apology might
6:50 am
be forthcoming. >> twitter wanted to make an example out of me, so they punished me in the courts and financially. i now have a a second chance to hold these people accountable. will: in fact, he's filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the daily beast, politico and california congressman adam schiff. now 70% of baby formula is out of stock across nation. the number has skyrocketed as the shortage continues. the out of stock the rate is up 25% from earlier this month, 70% is a stunning number. but the abbott nutrition facility in michigan linked to the shortage is expected to restart production next saturday. could be some time before it's to market. and it's military the appreciation weekend for the usfl. sean williams is an act active naval lieutenant. after being drafted, he was allowed to leave, temporarily leave to play football. and and his head coach, jeff
6:51 am
fisher, is a supporter of the military the community. he climbs mount kilimanjaro with injured veterans to raise awareness for the wounded warrior project. then today at noon the tampa baying bandits will face the new jersey generals. sunday the philadelphia stars battle the houston gamblers. today on fox the new orleans breakers face the michigan panner they are it is, then catch. the undefeated birmingham stallions tomorrow at two. all right, stay tuned, those are your headlines, we'll be right back with more "fox & friends."
6:52 am
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defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. out-of-state corporations wrote too conservative an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:55 am
♪ can't stop the feeling, so just dance, dance, dance. ♪ i can't stop the feeling, so just dance, dance, dance ♪♪ pete: celebrating the coca-cola 600 tomorrow on fox. rachel: here to teach us the 3, 2, 1 coca-cola rib cooking method is pit master gus. welcome to the show, this is $17, the best way to do it if you're willing to do the work. affordable. >> spare ribs, the lower part of the pork. and people think, oh, it's not as meaty or delicious, but they have a lot of flavor which is why i spray it with coca-cola,
6:56 am
because i want that drenched in it. pete: are you doing this because it's the coca-cola 600 or you really, really use coke in. >> think about it, we use already brown sugar, apple cider, why not coca-cola? it has more sure and is -- sugar and is more flavorful. rachel: what's the process? >> people think, oh, i need to be a skilled chef. no, you don't. 30 seconds for me to teach you. it's a little messy -- pete: 30 seconds. >> ready, break it down. we've got fat, looks gross. we're going to cut it off. rachel: that doesn't look gross to me. we're going to cut this, and it's a little fatter than we want it. just go at it. yeah, because there's only one little section of this part that we want, and that's the prize. rachel: that is a lot of fat, actually. now that i think about it.
6:57 am
[laughter] [laughter] >> quick little map. we're folk to cut it diagonally. rachel: so what happens to this meat in. >> you can throw it away, i don't suggest it as a chef, that would break my little heart. pete: give it to the dog. >> give it to the dog -- rachel: or me. [laughter] >> season it and use it as rib lets. next, we're going to break it down to the end, looking more and more like a rib, right in next, we're going to break it down, right over here, we're going to score right down the middle, and we're going to break the collagen bone. rachel: can you tell he loves his job? >> and now -- pete: there you go. >> in 30 seconds, right? rachel: yeah. >> so now we need our seasoning. pit boss home style pork, bright
6:58 am
colors, good seasoning. go light. go light, go light -- rachel: 90 seconds. come on, chef. all right. >> oh, so i forgot to take the membrane out. rookie mistake. quick way to the fix it, just score it. rachel: i love the hack. >> that way when you're done -- thank you -- when you're done, that'll just kris -- crisp up. we're going to put pit on the grill for three the hours. the first three hours every 20 minutes we're going to spray coke. pete: just stray it -- spray it on there? >> kind of fun the too. after that's all done, it's going to look something like this. i don't recommend using your finger tips. it's really hot. nice and brown, it's coated, it's nice and beautiful. i need tinfoil which --
6:59 am
pete: we're almost out of time. rachel: if you don't hurry, he's just going to -- [laughter] >> tinfoil, breaks down the mear another two hours. and after those -- >> this better be the final product. >> this is the final one. now we open it up. and that's the sugar. what we're going to do -- will: all right, chef. start breaking into those and eat them. while they're doing that, i'm here to tell you we have a big show planned for tomorrow. virginia's lieutenant governor will be here with us. the coca-cola 600 honorary that start ther winsome sears will be here. congressman dan crenshaw, nascar hall of famer richard petty all tomorrow on the big show. they're getting ribs, we're going to leave you with the monroe high school red storm marching band. ♪
7:00 am
♪ [inaudible conversations] will ribs now. ♪ >> let us do this, man, come on! let us do this! >> my kids are so scared -- [inaudible] i have to protect my children. [inaudible conversations] >> they didn't follow what the school guidelines are. what happened to s


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