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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 28, 2022 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> more details coming out in the horrific elementary shooting in uvalde, texas that claimed the lives of 19 kids and two adults, as crowds of mourners, including celebrities like meghan markle paid tribute to the victims in the mass shooting in uvalde. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins. molly: i'm molly line. and we have alicia acuna covering the national rifle association in houston. we start with jeff paul who is
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in uvalde, texas where president biden will be tomorrow, jeff to you. >> and the more we learn about the shooting, the more difficult it gets for in community to grasp what exactly happened at robb elementary school. despite what investigators had initially told the public. we learned the shooter was not confronted by anyone from the time he crashed his pickup truck and began shooting at the school. a minute before the suspected shooter crashed that truck, a teacher at the school had walked outside, propped open a door and then went back inside, and left that door propped open. we're learning that 19 officers stood in the hallway of the school for nearly an hour before a border patrol agent showed up with a master key he had found to open up the door to enter and then kill the suspect. and while the clock was ticking for that to happen. investigators disclosed children were calling 911 begging for operators to send in police to help.
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texas dps say the local incident commander at the time believed the mass shooter had shifted into a barricaded man situation, but looking at it now, that was the wrong call. and so many in the community out here are trying to grasp what exactly happened. in fact, a grandmother of one of the victims, her grand daughter died in the shooting, had a very powerful message to send. take a listen. >> you need not to forget us, the babies, the kids, don't forget them, please, do something about it, i beg you. >> and tomorrow, they are expecting this entire city, a visit from president joe biden and first lady jill biden as they try to comfort a community that obviously right now is very much broken.
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molly. molly: before we let you go, we talk about a broken community and a grieving community, but what about the anger that we could potentially see in the days to come? are you beginning to see that? >> oh, we've already seen it and you've seen some of the videos from even the day of the shooting, where there were parents outside, where police had set up a perimeter, law enforcement set up a perimeter who were wanting law enforcement at the time to do more, to go in and some parents volunteering to do that themselves. so that anger has started from the jump and has is continuing through, but everybody obviously grieves in different manners so we'll see how that plays out in the next few days. molly: consoling there, a big job. jeff paul, thank you very much, griff. griff: the latest from the n.r.a. annual meeting amid several large protests. alicia acuna live from houston.
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>> hi, griff. the houston police department has moved us away from where our live shot position was earlier on at the george r. brown convention center. the building is behind me where 55,000 attendees over the course of three days, starting yesterday, attending the n.r.a. annual convention. now, we will keep you updated on how things go. right now, protesters are slowly starting to gather in the area. we don't know if it's going to be as intense as it was yesterday, but we have seen a number of cancellations by musicians, a number of cancellations by politicians as well, but there have been notable attendees and of course, former president trump is one of them. he headlined yesterday's opening event. he did honor the victims of the uvalde, massacre, reading the name of each child and teacher killed on tuesday. he also spent time railing against calls for stricter gun control measures. >> the time to find common ground, sadly before the sun had even set on the horrible
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day of tragedy we witnessed, a now familiar parade of cynical politicians seeking to exploits the tears of sobbing families to increase their own power and take away our constitutional rights. >> outside the venue, hundreds of protesters gathered, some critical that the n.r.a. did not cancel or reschedule its annual convention. in might of the close proximity in both distance and time to the tragedy in uvalde. others say, griff, that is it's time to change the laws and i can tell you, griff, there were a number of people who we talked to. n.r.a. attendees who said that they're actually willing to consider a change in age restrictions when it comes to purchasing weapons like the ar-15, griff. griff: you know, that's fascinating, alicia. because we know that republicans want to do something and it tend to be more geared toward school security. democrats want to do things
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geared towards gun reform, but the fact that n.r.a. attendees are sort of looking for some sort of immediate action is sort of telling. >> right. it's compelling, isn't it? the people who i've talked to, and i ran into the elevator and the hotel and talking to folks out here, they're just as devastated as everybody else. a lot of them are telling we don't want to feel like we're the ones to blame here and there was a woman talking, she was in tears, n.r.a. member saying we might need to change the age. there's a willingness for some, 55,000 people not speaking for everyone here, there are willingness for some of the people here to at least have the conversation, they're tired of the yelling, they want some answers. we'll see if this is the time that it happens. griff: and one last one, i'm curious, you've gotten to talk to the attendees, are any of
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them disappointed you have governor abbott, lt. governor not appearing in person, does it seem it's not perhaps as big as it was, are they disappointed they did not get the full attendance in. >> there seems to be a tremendous amount of understanding. i haven't talked to people directly about the specifics of people canceling. i can tell you that former president trump did kind of sound like he knocked governor abbott yesterday when he walked onto the stage and said, you really have to show up. of course, governor abbott around the same time that governor abbott was scheduled to speak in houston was at a news conversation in uvalde and termed that's the best place to be. the people here, i didn't ask specifically. and i'll tell you about the timing, i talked to neil cavuto about this earlier. columbine happened on april 20th, 10 days later, n.r.a. was to hold the convention in
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denver. there were calls to cancel. they refused, but did slim it down from three days to one day and canceled the massive gun show that they have when it was learned that the shooters in the columbine massacre had purchased or had them purchased at a gun show. griff: alicia acuna from houston. molly. molly: griff, thank you. joining us now is republican congressman from texas, a member of the house appropriations committee, tony gonzalez. his district includes uvalde where that horrific mass shooting occurred. congressman, new for joining us. our condolences to you, the people of your state, the people of uvalde and especially these grieving parents. there have been a considerable amount of misinformation imparted by law enforcement, governor abbott describing himself livid about some of the info he received. you had been told in the killer
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had been arrested previously for plotting a school shooting. and now it's not the case, twor other juveniles. and your thoughts on the misinformation and imparted on the facts? >> thank you, this is day five post event and i'll be honest, i'm emotionally drained. my community is emotionally drained. we've gone through a rollercoaster of different emotions as we've tried to deal with this. as far as the information goes, the bulk of my information is on the ground from direct source, not through other channels. you know, as far as, you know, in 2018 there were two children at that were apprehended that said they were going to have a gun shooting in 2022. and we need to look into that more, but i'm with you. with the rest of you, i'm very concerned with this variety of
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information being out there. you know, we need to get to the facts and we need to uncover some of this direct reporting. hey i want to see who are these kids? what is the status of them. what are we doing about it? how can we prevent another act from occurring. what happens when there's one of these traumatic experiences, mass shootings, there's copycats that begin to happen as well. i had a conversation with the fbi yesterday and one of my questions was was, what are we doing to protect not only the city of uvalde, but other communities from events going forward surrounding this. griff: and you know, in one of your priority interviews on fox you expressed concerns for the community once the shock, the horrific nature of it. the shock and anger is part of grieving in general, but in this case, there was a decision made by law enforcement, police waiting outside that have classroom, waited while wounded children were bleeding inside. some literally calling 911 for help from inside. are you concerned about the
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fury that could bubble up in the days ahead? >> i've spent the past several days meeting with families meeting with first responders, meeting with law enforcement, meeting with members of the community. often times, yesterday, matthew mcconnaughey, i hosted him in uvalde and we spent the day talking to people. it wasn't a press conference. you know, often times you have these politicians that come down and they try to make this political. there's going to be finger pointing, people are angry and penal are looking for someone to point a finger at. to me, yes, we need to get to the facts, but we also need to be aware of this community. we are hurting, we are devastated and it's not going to take a week. i was speaking with counselors, who say it's going to take at least 18 months before we get to a spot where people are healing again. and i spoke directly to one of them, one of the initial officers that engaged the
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situation. and he took fire, he got wounded, and what they were telling me because i'm asking, hey, why didn't you get in sooner? walk me through that and he goes, look, here is the deal, tony. it was a steel door and it was locked and it would go outward, not inward, meaning i'd have to pry it open like a can. we didn't have those tools. we were scrambling and looking for it. there was actually a -- not a border patrol come in, but a game warden. there was a game warden that had a crowbar and a hammer they ended up going, eventually they find a key what i'm getting at, these folks wanted to get in there as fast as they possibly could, they were their friend and neighbors, after they cleared the room, there were copy cat threats out there and there were folks that were injured, that had been part of this, that went to other schools. lieutenant javier martinez, one of the first on the scene after the event he goes to the uvalde
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high school to protect that. other agents went to elementary schools and these are our children in our community and we can't lose sight of that. molly: there's a big question what will be done to reach across the aisle. do you have any thoughts on that? >> yeah, this is a moment where all of us should go, wait a second here, before we're democrats and republicans, you know, i'm a father, like we're fathers, we're mothers, you know, i'm a son, i'm a daughter-- i'm a son and we have those that are daughters. you know, we all want safety in our schools. no one-- everybody should be against, you know, innocent children being murdered. that should be the starting point to bring us together. you know, i look forward to hosting president biden tomorrow. i mean, these are conversations to go, look, how do we come together? how do we unite uvalde as a point to bring this country together and have real discussions. i tell you as this anger boils up in uvalde, we're tired of inaction, we want action, we want to make sure that uvalde
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doesn't happen again, but going forward what can we do? i think it's all of the above approach. everyone should bring their ideas to the table. we should shake something out and stop pointing fingers at each other and start going, what do we do to make sure our children are safe at school. >> and there are people waiting for those solutions those answers across the country. thank you so much. congressman gonzalez, we appreciate your insight. griff: we're joined from the other side of the aisle a member of the house committee. you heard your colleague saying this is a moment when you need to put your republican and democrat hats down and be americans, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters first and he said that the people of uvalde, that community wants action. do you believe that there is a chance, obviously we know republicans come to the table with sort of security for
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schools and mental health idea, but yet you and democrats come wanting gun reform. do you think this is a moment where it is different? >> good afternoon, thanks for having me on. i'm heartened to hear my colleague on the other side of the aisle say he believes we should do everything in our power to keep our kids safe in school. the n.r.a. doesn't care about keeping kid safe in school. n.r.a. cares about money, executives want to protect their corrupt life styles and buy off gone reform every step of the way. for the last 20 years we've been offering gun safety regulation, assault weapons bans, safe storage laws, red flag laws, background checks, the suite of which would have prevented a catastrophe like this, every step along the way. >> but jake--
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>> it's time for the n.r.a. to be disbanded. griff: and we just had our reporter there, and coming back to washington, you're in massachusetts now. i covered sandy hook, it's hands down the hardest story i've covered in more than 20 years and i understand the emotions coming out of uvalde. we thought that there would be something accomplished through congress, a bipartisan something accomplished after sandy hook. it wasn't. 10 years later we now have this. so there, in your opinion, are we headed toward some piece of legislation that maybe encompasses gun reform and safety and health mental issues here in washington? >> again, these are strawman arguments from the g.o.p. that somehow mental health or more funding for school security is going to be the silver bullet here. people the world over have mental health challenges and united states is unique in that
9:17 am
300,000 children since columbine have experienced gun violence firsthand. republicans say that, oh ethe answer to bad guys with a good is good guys with a gun. 19 good guys with a gun waited in the hallway from the sirs 91 is call while there were 100 shots fired. the answer is taking guns off the street and in particular, an assault weapons ban, i'm a former marine corps officer and i slept, ate, patrolled with an ar-15, and i had to use it three months before i was able to put a round in the chamber and at night locked it behind three locked doors. marine corps takes guns seriously. apparently the n.r.a. does not. griff: when you mentioned the 19 officers in the hallway, and learning from the texas director, telling it was the wrong decision to not move faster and stop the shooter and confront him? >> 48 minutes, 100 shots fired,
9:18 am
officers need to lose their badges. griff: that's pretty straightforward. and you mentioned, thank you for your service, it is memorial day weekend where we honor the service and valor of men and women like yourself who have served and those who died and never forget. what's your message this memorial day weekend, jake? >> semper fidelis. this is a day for those of us to come together and honor those in sacrifice and honor those in ukraine fighting for their freedom just like ours. griff: congressman jake auchincloss, i look forward to having you back to talk and see what congress does out of this
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tragedy. molly. molly: vice-president kamala harris attending the funeral of ruth whitfield, the eldest and the last of the 10 people killed in the buffalo shooting in a local supermarket on may 14th to be memorialized. ruth was 86 years old. she was on her way home from visiting her husband at a nursing home and she stopped in to pick up groceries. three other victims of the shooting were buried yesterday. 62-year-old geraldine tally. 53-year-old andre mcneil and 52-year-old margus moralson. and geraldine talley was shopping with her fiance on the day of the shooting, and he was in a different aisle. and the nation vows never to forget their loss. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals.
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>> arlington national cemetery holding its first flowers of remembrance day at the tomb of the unknown soldier. it pays homage to the first original decoration day, the original name of memorial day which took place in 1868 and then of course to honor those lost in the civil war. griff: and thousands of
9:24 am
motorcycles are expect today descend upon our nation's capitol for this memorial day weekend and veteran advocates such as comedian jon stewart are taking part in this year's rolling to remember events. lucas tomlinson is live at rfk stadium in washington. hi, lucas. >> hi, griff. we're under an hour away from jon stewart making an appearance here, as you can tell they've turned up the music. so far the crowds have not turned out. and hoping they turn out to honor veterans and those more than a million americans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and thousands fighting in iraq and afghanistan. earlier today we spoke to ceo, the head of iraq and afghanistan veterans for america, this is jeremy butler. >> toxic exposure, this is a decades old problem.
9:25 am
people know about agent orange, but unique, the burn pits in iraq and afghanistan, affected nearly every service member that was over there, they occurred where our service members, ate, exercised, slept. >> now events in washington began last night at national cathedral with the blessing of the motorcycles and also at the vietnam wall, the vietnam memorial where hundreds of bikers came out to fallen and their fellow teammates and squad mates and platoon mates. we're waiting for jon stewart, an advocate on the burn pits and noted that over a million americans have been fighting for freedom, half from the civil war, griff and it's notable over 7,000 have been killed fighting in wars in iraq and afghanistan. of course, this year there are no service members serving in afghanistan, only 2500 on the ground in iraq, noncombat war, 7,000 killed fighting those
9:26 am
wars, that's double the number killed on 9/11, griff. griff: lucas, you're doing a masterful job reporting with a rush concert behind you there, and so, there's a sense of, you know, it's memorial day weekend, but the significance of this weekend and the reason why jon stewart is there is, of course, to honor the sacrifice and valor of the fallen. do we have any other details of what rolling remember events will bring? >> right, remember, griff, this used to be called rolling thunder, that's what most viewers remember. it's now called rolling to remember as you see behind me. and this is an uncomfortable holiday for many, right? this is not veterans day, we have a date for that and thank veterans more positive. and this weekend is more somber, most paid the ultimate sacrifice would probably tell us from the grave that they want americans to enjoy themselves, but it's important to think about those who have
9:27 am
made that sacrifice for us, griff. griff: well said, lucas, as they say, a remember today, and honor the fallen by honoring their sacrifice, molly. molly: heavy fighting today in eastern ukraine as russia tries to secure a major rail hub in the donbas region. we'll be live on the ground in kyiv coming up next. s on the ? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments and partnerships in innovative solutions. like renewable natural gas from cow waste, hydrogen-fueled transportation, and carbon capture. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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>> ukrainian and russian forces fighting street to street in the donbas region as the war evolves into the third month. in recent months, joining us today from kyiv with the latest, trey, to you. >> molly, good afternoon. russian troops are making small
9:32 am
gains in ukraine as they call for more international support. satellites show russian activity around two towns it's critical the destruction in the wake of this advance is substantial much of it due to artillery units that are shelling civilians areas. it's a strategic city as they control more of the donbas region. intense fightings make evacuations difficult. and the united nations says more than 4,000 civilians have been killed since the war began and it's ticking higher. with attention on other stories, president zelenskyy is urging them to stay with ukraine and addressing a university, he had this to say. >> ukraine is a country
9:33 am
destroyed with the russian army. ukraine is where russia is waging a war it doesn't want to end. and now russia is trying to occupy the whole country. >> even this morning, ire raid sirens across the capital of kyiv. a reminder that every ukrainian city remains in russian sights. molly trey yingst from ukraine. griff: thank you, trey. and for more on the situation in ukraine, is the ambassador. you may have heard trey's reporting there. president zelenskyy is urging reporters to stay and report, hoping the world, the west, the u.s. will stay engaged. are you concerned that there is a bit of what we traditionally call war fatigue setting in,
9:34 am
that the west may be becoming less interested, that the support could wane? >> thank you, griff, for having me and thank you for trey and brave other reporters on the front lines. the truth has been important for the world and for us especially, that the truth is out there. so, i don't think that we see the fatigue, but i just think, you know, this very difficult battle that we have now in donbas with the artillery and the fire power and everything that russia has put in there has made it really difficult to really get there. so we really appreciate and we thank and we ask everyone who is able and willing to go and report to continue to do so. >> ambassador, can you give us a little more insight into this battle that's now waging in the donbas or as ukrainian forces, getting the military support
9:35 am
they need? is there a concern that russia and forces are making too many advances? >> well, as we all showed you in the past 94 days, that russia did not manage to successfully do the blitzkrieg in three days, and also, what we're doing everywhere they're occupying and i think they've changed tactics now and what we see now in this very difficult battle in the east and in the south, that they simply use-- they know that their armed forces are not motivated and no match for the brave ukrainian forces who are defending their homes, but of course, they're much, much bigger than us and they have much more artillery and fire power and they essentially put everything there, village by village and city by city and that's what we see regardless whether there are armed forces there or not. so, it's a very difficult battle which requires a lot of weapons and we are getting a
9:36 am
lot, but we need much more. >> where are we in terms of possible peace negotiations and whether or not, as some countries have suggested, president zelenskyy should consider territorial concessions? >> well, i'm very glad that the discussions are not -- that the situation is very clearly for what it is, autocratic country that crossed the border of an independent nation and we need to win and turn back our territories because we know what happens when they're occupied by russians, people are killed, tortured and raped. now it's really surprising to hear some of the suggestions from some experts or from intellectuals from the past. i think, you know, american people here understand that very well, if some maniac attacks you in the back alley, people do not ask you whether you're ready to give up your arm or leg in order to stay
9:37 am
alive. they help you, they call the police, they hold the maniac accountable. we need to fight and defend our home. nobody wants this more than ukrainians. we want this. griff: and ambassador, thank you for taking time. and i actually have so many other things to talk to you about, the grain crisis is starting to grow that president zelenskyy first told me about more than 20 days ago. we will have you back and thank you for taking time and hope you have a good memorial day weekend. >> thank you very much, griff, thank you. griff: molly. molly: millions of americans digging deep into their pocketbooks, what choice do you have? hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken all up after this. big game to! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell.
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>> royal families --
9:42 am
families are heading off with the highest gas prices in years. nate, how expensive is the gas there? >> i'm going to show you the numbers momentarily. it's astronomical. i want to share 39 million people are hitting the road according to triple-a for the holiday weekend and each and every one are paying more because of the record gas prices. 4.60 is the national average, but the price in manhattan, take a look, 6.39 for a gallon of regular gas at this particular gas station, 7.19 for a gallon of supreme if there's ne good news, this time last week the average was just one cent different than it is now, but you see as you stretch out the timeline much bigger differences, last month the average price for a gallon, 4.14. and last year, it was 3.04. so that makes a big difference in travel plans for this holiday. >> because you know you're
9:43 am
going to spend more to get there in gas than to enjoy your visit. >> unfortunately we have to pay for it, but we want to visit our family and this is the cost that's involved. >> yeah, this month marks the first time that every state in the country has an average of over $4 a gallon and today, arkansas at 4.12 a gallon and california is all the way up at 6:11 and if you're waiting for things to get better soon. experts say don't hold your breath. >> i don't forsee oil prices really dropping all that dramatically and in the global price of oil accounts for about 60% of what you pay at the pump. and if more people are hitting the roads and you have this increased demand at gas stations, you could see the prices stay high throughout all of summer and into the fall. >> not what you want to hear, griff. according to triple-a up to 39 million people travelling, 35
9:44 am
million will be driving so gas stations are expecting a busy weekend. compared to pre-pandemic numbers though 4 million less people are travelling for the holiday weekend this year compared to 2019. we'll send it back to you. griff: nate foy live from a very, very expensive gat station. it's not going to get better throughout the summer, nate, thank you. molly. >> thank you, griff. molly: for more on the prices from the gas to the grilling staples. with us is capitalist founder and fox contributor. >> jonathan hoenig. >> and thank you for those who served our country and this memorial season, thank you to all of them. >> absolutely. if we talk about gas and we saw nate foy in front of the gas station, lots of familiar ris are out on the road and they want to enjoy the long weekend
9:45 am
as you mentioned an important weekend to memorialize our troops and be with our family, an american type of weekend. but to get from place to place to see their families, they're spending a lot of money. i filled my jeep, a practical road in new england, $112. this is a major cost for families and also for businesses. your thoughts on this ongoing impact? >> yeah, i mean that's what's insidious about this inflation, it's not simply gas prices, molly. inflation means that prices are going up around the economy. what could be more american than a hot dog. prices are up 47% year over year, 3 1/2 per dog to $5 per dog. a lot of economists on wall street are questioning whether the recession is here, for everyday americans the recession is here. they're working harder, making less, paying more for goods and earning less investments. the quality of life for americans, this labor day -- this memorial day is lower than
9:46 am
last year. molly: yeah, you brought up meat. if you're going to throw it on the grill. it's costing more. inexpensive child friendly happy staple of hot dogs more, steak, chicken, seafood, going for less pricey items they're going to cost you a lot. if you're hosting a crowd and bringing people together like this long weekend or throughout the hot summer. this is something that's tough to cope with, too, because also the price of vegetables going up. >> yeah, there's no way to avoid it and it's been said for years now, certainly months on this network that inflation really is tax on everyone else, on the less well-to-do and poor, and people think it's supply chain problem and president biden and aoc blames billionaires. washington is going in the opposite direction, the supply chain. at root cause is the spending
9:47 am
in washington that hasn't changed and unfortunately we're likely to see higher prices remain elevated for the time being and it could be years and months to come. >> and baby formula coming in on emergency flights from europe. the biden administration vowing to solve this, frightening for parents, shaking the confidence of parents, has it not? >> very frightening and big corporations get the blame. it should be big corporations that are flying in all of that baby food and unfortunately, what a lot of people don't realize just like health care, if you would believe it, the baby food market is dominated by government. government buys over half the baby formula sold in this country and it's highly taxed, highly regulated and highly tariffs, which is one of the reasons you haven't seen the imports that would normally address the supply chain. business gets the blame when it's government intervention that's the root cause. molly: you know, inflation has been stinging american families and is there any end in sight,
9:48 am
any hope on the horizon? >> looking at the economics, and one of the federal best favorite indicators ticked down slightly. hopefully the rate of change in inflation is slowing, but using the historical metaphor, molly, inflation that peaked in the late '80s, it started in early 70's and led to a decade of uneven performance and lower quality of life for everyday americans. until we start to see the entire ship turn around, it looks like it's harder than easy soon. molly: if you give me a glimmer of hope i'll cling to it. appreciate it jonathan hoenig on this memorial day weekend. >> thank you. griff: molly, the sister of an american hero mo made the ultimate sacrifice for our country joins us with how she's remembering him and the hundreds of thousands of fallen service members.
9:49 am
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to receive 50% off installation of your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. >> a moving tribute at the vietnam war memorial last night as families and veterans gathered to honor those lost in the vietnam war with a flameless candlelight vigil. griff: and this memorial day
9:53 am
weekend, people all across the nation are honoring the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to help defend and protect our freedoms. joining us now is ryan manion, sister of the travis manion foundation. thank you for taking time. we have spent time with you, i was with you at arlington national cemetery last year, section 60 those who gave their lives for freedom in the war on terror. this weekend, you're closer to home in the pennsylvania area. what are you doing and what is your message this memorial day weekend to the nation? >> thanks so much, griff. so last weekend i was in arlington again with over 200 volunteers where we stopped and visited over 5,000 graves, honoring the service and sacrifice for those who have given their all for our freedom and i'll be at washington crossing national cemetery on monday. another va cemetery. we have over six national
9:54 am
cemeteries with volunteers that will be visiting them this year, where family members actually register to have someone visit their grave sites and you know, for me, i always say memorial day is about honoring, it's about remembering, but i actually was in conversation with someone yesterday and i thought what they said was so poignant. they said not only is it about making sure that we honor or remember, we as americans have a responsibility to do that, as you know, whether or not we're connected to the military community, each and every american has a responsibility to understand, you know, what memorial day weekend is all about. and you know, memorial day weekend is brought to you by the men and women who have given their lives for our country. griff: it is a weekend that we remember that the price of freedom is high. it doesn't come without sacrifice. and in full disclosure for our viewers, i have spent a lot of time with ryan and the travis
9:55 am
manion foundation because it's a foundation about service, but your brother travis before his final deployment to iraq, said if not me then who is the reason he's going back on april 29th, 2007. he paid the ultimate sacrifice. what do you want, ryan, young americans to learn from your brother's sacrifice and what do you hope is the take away? >> well, you know, those words that travis spoke before leaving for a second deployment were said by travis, but they're ethos that our entire military community adopts. they raise their right hand to serve and protect each and every one of them they ask themselves each and every day, if not me, who? and not only do we have the responsibility to share their stories, but the responsibility to pass it down to the next generation. you know, i can't help, but think my son named after his uncle travis, little travis, is eight years old today. he was born around memorial day
9:56 am
weekend, sometimes his birthday falls on memorial day and i think about him and i want to make sure that our young americans know that it is so important for them to understand what memorial day is all about and while they're at the beach, while they're hanging out with friends, make sure that they understand that there are so many brave men and women dating back for, you know, hundreds and hundreds of years at that served and sacrificed for us. it's as simple as that. learn a story this weekend, learn a story of a fallen hero and pass it on it our next generation. griff: you can turn it through the honor project the tavis manion has been doing for years, if you want to learn more. happy birthday to travis, ryan. thank you very much. all right, thousands of americans honoring americans. s and half the sugar. ♪♪
9:57 am
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♪♪ griff: thousands of bikers turning out to honor americans fallen heroes all weekend here in washington including a special event at rfk stadium you are looking live at. fox news live. i am griff. >> i am ali. urging the senate to pass a bill to help veterans who have been exposed to chemicals while serving. emotional pictures there. always incredible to see when the motorcycles roll into washington, d.c.
10:01 am
a reminder not only those that made the ultimate sacrifice on this memorial day weekend, but also honoring those that suffered other injuries. great people who signed up to serve their country. >> comedian jon stewart is getting involved in such an important cause. as these bikers rolled their washington, it reminds me, i have taken my daughter's over the years, you see on this weekend, memorial day weekend, you see young kids holding signs, saying thank you, honoring our military. less than 10% of american families across the country have a direct connection to the military, but yet the entire nation must know the importance of the sacrifice and service of our men and women in uniform speed to something -- an important holiday. >> that is right. we turn to the latest details in the horrific mass shooting that killed 19 students into adults
10:02 am
at a school in uvalde, texas. we have coverage in houston. let's take things off today with jeff and uvalde. hi, jeff. >> days of sadness and frustration are now turning into anger for this community after law enforcement is admitting that mistakes were made in the response to this mass shooting. texas dps investigators now admitting and saying that there were kids in the classroom at the time of this shooting that may have been helped. >> of course it was not the right decision. the wrong decision. i was not there, but from what we know-- when there is an active shooter, the rules change. no longer, okay, you don't have time. griff: we are also learning to
10:03 am
shoot or through an open door that had been propped open by teacher. investigators say the local incident commander at the time of the shooting thought that there was no longer a threat to kids. his mind shifting into a barricaded subject. authorities believe children were inside the school as the shooting was unfolding called calling 911. begging operators to please said police now. nineteen officers stood in the hallway trying to figure out a way to get into the classroom. more than 45 minutes go by until border patrol agent show up, got a master key to open up the classroom door and the suspect was shot and killed. governor responding when asked about giving facts in this case turned out to be false. >> the information that i was given turned out in part to be inaccurate. i am absolutely livid about that there are people that deserve
10:04 am
answers the most. those are the families whose lives have been destroyed. they need answers that are accurate. >> what would normally be the official start of summer break for these kids at robb elementary school and for this community will instead be marked by visit by president joe biden and first lady joe biden as they try to comfort this broken community. griff: live for us with the latest in uvalde. molly. >> for the latest and the nra annual convention this weekend. several large protests sparked by this shooting in uvalde. we are live in houston texas. that is where the convention is being held. >> hi, molly. just outside the convention center where attendees have been gathering since yesterday.
10:05 am
we are seeing protesters slowly starting to gather here. they have events scheduled later on this afternoon. we will continue to watch that. a number of musicians and speakers that have canceled. also, notably, people who came to speak. most notably, former president dropped. he had lined the opening of the event yesterday. he did honor the victims of the uvalde reading the names of each child and teacher killed. calls by critics for stricter gun control measures. >> every time a disturbed or demented person commit such a kitty ascribed, there is always a grotesque effort to use the suffering of others to advance their extreme political agenda. outside the venue hundreds of protesters gathered.
10:06 am
distance and time between the tragedy in uvalde. some say it is time to change the law. >> those family suffering and grieving, probably don't have enough money to bury their kids, this was too much for them. >> inside at the massive gun show in the exhibit hall, some attendees say they too are grieving for the families that are suffering some 300 miles away. specific blame is not on them. >> it is tragic. [inaudible] >> the nra has only canceled it annual convention twice. 2020 and 2021 and that was due to the pandemic. molly. >> thank you for standing by their. we will be keeping an eye on
10:07 am
protest throughout the day. we appreciate it. griff: let's bring in our political panel. david avella and civil rights attorney and talk show radio host robert. thank you for taking time, gentlemen. what is your reaction? we are learning about this timeline to officers reaction. forty-five minutes go by. nineteen officers standing in a call why. the texas dpa director calling it the wrong decision. >> the wrong decision. my oldest sister was on a police department. the idea that you are standing outside of a classroom with 19 police officers hearing gunshots go off and no one is making the call to override the command that was given in breach the door and head inside. they could have gotten in.
10:08 am
the police department will have to do more. we will have resignations and changes the policy. >> learning more, the chief of the uvalde school police force. what is your immediate reaction? >> robert hit on it exactly. people need to be held accountable for this unconscionable action by the local police force. children were in their suffering and there were moms and dads on the outside who wanted to go in and do the right thing and luckily the border agent came around and kept this from being even more horrific than it already is. griff: david and robert, hold for me once again. vice president harris speaking about the violence now. let's take a quick listen. he or she is live.
10:09 am
>> i think we all know it is not about who you beat down, it is about who you lift up. in that strength, understanding we will not allow small people to create fear in our community. we will not be afraid to stand up for what is right. speak in ways that may be difficult to hear and speak. it is real life. what happened here in buffalo, in texas, in atlanta, in orlando what happened at the synagogues. and so this is a moment that requires all good people, all
10:10 am
god loving people to stand up and say we will not stand for this. enough is enough. we will come together based on what we all know we have in common and we will not let those people that are motivated by hate separate us or make us feel fear. i am here to say that we are all in this together. no one should ever be made to fight alone. we are stronger than those that try to hurt us. we are strong. we are strong in our faith. we are strong in our belief about what is right and our determination to act, to ensure that we protect all those that deserve to be protected. to hear the voices of the people
10:11 am
and we rise up in solidarity to speak out against this and speak. thank you. [applause] griff: vice president speaking at the funeral of one of the victims. i want to bring back our political panel now. there is this sense that things may be different, in terms of bipartisan support for something to try and stop these massacres from happening. do you believe it is different now and what do you think is achievable? >> i hope it is. i think it will take both parties giving a little bit. i think you can put money into hardening schools. you can raise the age to the purchase of firearms 221. i think you can make more strict background checks, mental health checks prior to purchasing a firearm.
10:12 am
we can hire security around campuses. you have to take these extreme voices on both sides of the aisle until then we have to sacrifice in favor of the good. we can no longer be the only industrialized civilized nation that kills kids for no reason. trying to push back putin and eastern europe. pushback china. we have to worry about people here. griff: and assault weapons ban or non-charter? >> i think that that is a nonstarter. i am a gun owner. former nra member. i own ar-15's. i don't think that those things will happen. but what we can indeed do is some common sense things in the middle. >> david, do you think that that will exist among republicans to come together?
10:13 am
>> the will is that we be safe. americans want safety. you hear about many in the democratic party talking about gun control when at a time it goes against really their own faith. when you consider the fastest growing segment of gun owners are women and individuals of color. keeping themselves safe, thank hear from those they have traditionally voted for saying we want to take away that variability for you to take care of yourself. it puts a whole new wrinkle going into this midterm election. griff: all right. david and robert, thank you very much. thank you for letting us dip into the vice president as well as we continue to cover this issue in this horrific shooting both in buffalo and in uvalde, texas. thank you very much.
10:14 am
♪♪ >> this is memorial day weekend. we bring you more live images at the rfk stadium in washington. lucas is there on the ground about to hear from comedian jon stewart and of course others as well. >> that is right. rolling thunder. now any minute we should hear from jon stewart who has been pleading with members of congress to pass critical legislation. we watched a video about what similar soldiers and marines had to indoor on the ground in afghanistan. burning lots of toxic chemicals. they want the va to take more action. as we mourn those killed in the texas shooting, veterans want to know 22 veterans a day take their life due to suicide. we talked to a gentleman who
10:15 am
said the covid lockdown did not help in suicide for veterans. >> the covid lockdown did not help. it definitely made things worse. it increased isolation. isolation is one of the biggest problems. the best thing to do is to get out among our friends, family, patriots, fellow veterans to talk about what we been through. talk about our struggles. >> events started last night. the bikers and then to the vietnam memorial. more than 55,000 americans killed during the vietnam war, each of their names inscribed on the wall. this weekend, not celebrating veterans day, were not honoring the veterans. this is about honoring more than 1 million americans who have been killed fighting this country's defense. stretching to the war on terror
10:16 am
today. no more troops in afghanistan after 20 years and 2500 on the ground in iraq not in a combat role. we are waiting for jon stewart to take the stage. >> a reminder of the incredible sacrifices that have been made. the incredible sacrifices being made. we need to help those currently serving and coming out of service and fighting new paths in their lives and all they have given so far. lucas, thank you so much. we appreciate it. griff. griff: it is interesting. pointing out the more than 1 million americans, men and women, who have given their lives for the freedom of this country. there are 13 families from the withdrawal of afghanistan who now this memorial day weekend are having to bury different one than they plan to have. it is a stark reminder when you go over to arlington national cemetery, more than 400,000
10:17 am
gravestones etched in the names of a hero that has been willing to sacrifice, make that ultimate sacrifice for our nation. if you go just outside the cemetery, you will see an inscription written on it, uncommon valor was a common virtue. that was really applicable to every one of the men and women who were willing to make that selfless decision to not only serve, but then also ultimately die for our freedom. it's an important one. this rolling to remember it was originally known as rolling thunder. very important for more than 30 years. run by a gentleman named aarti who felt he wanted vietnam veterans to be honored. he wanted them to get the welcome home that they did not get. that is why this memorial day
10:18 am
and everyone out there, it's important that we never forget. molly: absolutely. those motorcycles hard to ignore as well. an incredible sight to see them rolling through washington. these memorials are happening all across the country. kids and parents can go and remember the veterans that gave their lives. >> that is right. >> one that you can share with your children. griff: we have more of those sights and sounds of america this memorial day that we will bring to you right after this break. ♪♪ book an exam today.
10:19 am
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molly: teenage shooters are increasingly turning to new social network platforms new content moderation tools to catch some of the shootings before they occur. joining us now is chicago alderman and former police officer. thank you for joining us on this memorial day weekend. we appreciate it. anthony, often in the wake of the school shootings, mass murders, we look back in there been signs that the shooters have exhibited it sometimes there are clues left in social media, online communications. sometimes these acts and sites
10:23 am
that teenagers are using have shifted. sometimes more private. some of the parents may not have heard of are no there children are on. messages not received until it is too late. your thoughts on some of these developing platforms and what this means for law enforcement. >> yeah, it makes law enforcement a lot more difficult. as a father of three children, my wife and i, we pay attention to everything our children do. we intervene in everything we do day in and day out. this is misguided youth. family interaction, but there was little to no intervention. look what your child is doing, see who they are hanging out with, look what platforms are using to communicate with other children or people in society and what roads they are going down. unfortunately, our children here are being raised by families at
10:24 am
all. their interaction is with gangs on the streets. if we don't intervene with them, they become the next gang member the contributor in chicago the 2,214,535 people shot. if you are not raising your children, if you are not interacting with them every day day in and day out looking who they are associating with, the actions that they have after this, after that point are catastrophic. we have seen that in texas with this offender. molly: yeah. for the washington post school shooting database 70% of school shooters are under the age of 18. data is very tough to nail down and quantify on this issue. since 201319 mass murders firearms committed by individuals under the age of 20. all suspects perpetrators were male. i have covered sandy hook. nearly 10 years ago. what can be done to stop this
10:25 am
violence and this anger and what we know predominantly our young male perpetrators. >> there has to be a lot more intervention. i use my own kids as a talking point. i watch everything they do. some of these video games, look at the video games right now they are all shoot them up names. it makes reality seem possible they can take a gun and shoot in society and it is acceptable. a lot of our movies are showing these violent aspects. a lot of the music is constant violent aspects. twitter, facebook, any of the social media outlets, not to single them out, but nothing but gang violence. i will meet you outside unless fight. showing guns in their waistband. if we are not raising our children, this is what the final result is. you cannot put this on the police.
10:26 am
you cannot put this on government. if you make the decision to have a child, it is a product of you on the street afterwards, that is your name on the streets. you need to take charge until they are able to be on their own. molly: when we look at uvalde which just happened, considerable questions about how responding law enforcement didn't act as trains. lives lost while officers were outside the classroom while the gunman was locked inside. children calling 911. your thoughts on the information about the law enforcement response. >> i never want to monday morning quarterback those officers in the hallway. i can only imagine what their life will be like going on as well as the lives of the family members of the children lost. we are taught when you hear that assault or that gunfire, you go to the fire. you step over everybody you have to step over and put down the threat. but it comes to being able to do it when your number is called. not every person can do that.
10:27 am
you have to put aside your thinking of life and love for human beings and you just have to affect the threat. you might put that uniform on and think you can do it, but it's not for everybody. that is why we have to honor them and train them in every way we can and not fund them. when that time comes that maybe your children on the other side of that door and you want that officer to go in there and affect that threat. i feel for the children, i feel for the family and i feel for that entire town what they will go through. i can only pray for them. >> parents all across the country concerned about the safety of their children every day. we really appreciate your insight. we thank you for joining us on this memorial day weekend scream i thank you for having me. god bless our military men and women. griff: switching gears. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of johnny depp and amber heard. closing arguments yesterday.
10:28 am
christina is live with the latest. hi, christina. >> weeks full of disturbing testimony. bold allegations were made in closing arguments yesterday much like the rest of the trial. detailing the former couples chaotic relationship. yesterday, depp attorney repeatedly called amber heard an abuser and liar. take a listen. >> let's talk about the giant light at the heart of this case. claiming that depp is in abusive monster and she is a public figure representing domestic abuse. a story of shocking overwhelming abuse. she came into the courtroom prepared to give the performance of her life and she gave it. >> depp is doing heard for $50 million over an op-ed written in the washington post describing herself as a domestic abuse survivor.
10:29 am
he says it damage his career and denied abusing her. counter suing for $100 million claiming that depp did abuse her and conspired with his attorney to discredit the allegations. yesterday heard's attorney called depp a monster who needs to be held accountable for his actions. her legal team also showed jurors photos of her after their alleged arguments and brought up some of the e-mails. >> hopefully that rotting corpses decomposing [bleep]. these words are a window into the heart and mind of america's favorite pirate. this is the real johnny depp. >> the jury is set to resume deliberations tuesday morning after the holiday weekend. griff: live for us in a very interesting trial now in deliberations. thank you.
10:30 am
molly. molly: as record numbers of migrants surge across the border, we will talk to a former border patrol chief about the crisis. hear what the fbi is saying about criminal gangs. transporting even terrorists into america. right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze. we're having to get creative. find a new way. but birthdays still happen. fridays still call for s'mores. you have to make magic, and you're figuring out how to do that.
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griff: migrants continuing to flow over the southern border and record numbers. how to handle the crisis. rodney scott joins us live to weigh in. thank you for taking time and happy birthday for our viewers. not only memorial day weekend but the 98 anniversary of the border patrol. thank you for being here. i want to take you back to your retirement. when you retired, rodney, you said we don't necessarily have a border rices know much as a national security crisis.
10:35 am
this week we saw a story, but for the tragic shooting in texas would have been the lead story every day. fbi plot arresting and iraqi man, a man from a rock living columbus ohio planning a plot to assassinate former president george w. bush. he was going to do so by smuggling in court assassins across the southern border. this is what fbi director had to say about the nature of our southern border. take a listen. >> certainly, any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts, including national security threats, can seek to exploit. i fed cpp folks show me around so i can see firsthand what they are dealing with and they have a
10:36 am
heck of a challenge on their hands. this is exactly what you're discussing when you are tired. >> yes, it is. thank you for having me on today. thoughts and prayers for all of those down in texas, including the first responders. it is horrific. the threats crossing our border are real. when i left, i asked them to look into this a little bit more. this administration wants to continually talk about the border in the context of economic migrants. they have the information and they know these other threats exist. they know the cartels are using the migrants to bring these other threats. this latest plot, if you will, against the former president of the united states, is just one example. that one is unclassified now because of the indictments. there is other stuff going on that america needs to know about crossing the border. you either know who's coming into the country or you don't end to be quite honest right now
10:37 am
we do not. we don't have enough personnel. griff: are you worried they're not taking the threat serious enough? >> not taking it serious at all. part of the class i had with the administration, highlighting everything going on in the border. real transparent terms. we were forbidden from talking about anything that had to do with actual threats. forbidden from having discussions on how to slow down the flow of migrants crossing the border. you will see put your money where your mouth is. the current administration, they are putting all of dh money into the processing facilities to expedite the flow of people into the u.s. no effort to actually secure the border in figure two and what is coming in. when you create a chaotic situation like this and they have created this due to their policies, we no longer can really give america a good confidence level that we know who is coming into this country. but we know by fact the ones we have caught that there been numerous people on the terrorist
10:38 am
watch list. two examples you identified, the iraqi and another individual border patrol apprehended, cleared all the record checks they went went there and it wasn't until a couple days later the fbi flagged them. real threats do exist. griff: credit to the current border patrol chief who took over for you. he did a snapshot here yesterday. a three day snapshot. tweeting what is coming across our border to include 131 pounds of fat fetanyl. one assassination suspect. he says that they have operational control of the border. those who do not add up. >> no, they do not add up. that secretaries also in charge of the airports in secret
10:39 am
service. does he use the same definition of control for this white house, if you will? i don't have another word for it. i try not to get into the politics, but he is lying. >> thank you for taking time this memorial day weekend, sir. >> thank you. shout out to all the fallen heroes in the past. griff: molly. molly: a reboot of the 1986 classic top gun in theaters right now. stellar reviews including from griff and what matters more than that. after the break. ♪♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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>> with all due respect, sir, i just want to manage expectations >> what the hell was she mark. >> good morning, aviators.
10:44 am
griff: it took my breath away. a scene from top gun maverick is equal to the 1986 action thriller. molly, i am seeing a report that this movie is on track to hit 150 million plus in the last four days. it will be the best opening for tom cruise he was 59 years old. i've heard so much about this movie. >> you are the lucky one that got to see it. you've been waiting for this segment all day. you're the guy that got to see it. >> if you would have told me tom cruise at 59 would come back and do a sequel to one of the greatest '80s action movies ever made and not only would it be great, it would be better, that it would take my breath away, i would've called you
10:45 am
crazy. it took my breath away. tom cruise is unbelievable. making america's last great action movie hero. he doesn't unbelievable job. what it is that struck me i think watching this in an imax movie theater here in washington is these scenes on these planes were actually shot in the planes themselves. we forget about how much this animation green screen -- molly: that was done in the 80s, too. they had no choice back then. they did it again. griff: you need to run out and see this movie. the movie americans have been waiting for four years. molly: really loved the first one. griff: i laughed, i cried -- molly: the follow-up will be worth it. griff: i laughed, i cried, i clocked with everyone else in the movie theater.
10:46 am
molly: i cried the first time. good to know i will cry when i see the second one for sure. i think you join so many people that have been fortunate enough to see it. no spoilers. save it so i can have my chance. thank you, griff. a beautiful memorial. over 645,000 americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. we will go to the poppy wall of honor next. ♪♪
10:47 am
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i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. griff: this memorial day weekend we honor our heroes that paid the ultimate price. jim griffin goes behind the scene of the dignified transfer process at dover air force base. the first up back home for fallen service members killed overseas. >> the dignified transfer of america's fallen. the first offer u.s. service members killed overseas when they return home is dover air force base in delaware. it is where their families wait. the honor guard is called. members of the air force mortuary affairs team have the solemn task of preparing the remains of america's war dead for barrier. every days memorial day care.
10:51 am
>> nothing like it in the military. >> the senior champlin at dover. he joined the military after 9/11. >> we want to ensure whenever our fallen come through here that they and their loved ones are shown dignity and respect. >> crystal seymour is a sergeant first class. >> i am an army liaison officer. touching a multitude of families throughout the most tragic time. living through the work you do. >> sometimes the families are in denial. >> i remember having a family who came and sat down with a small child and just refused to believe that their loved one had died. when they saw his transfer case come off the aircraft, suddenly an emotional dam broke. >> the families are brought to fisher house which accommodates them while they wait for their loved one to land. >> there are toys here for the children that come here with
10:52 am
their family members. it just gives them a comfortable environment. >> the last americans to die in afghanistan landed here last august. eleven marines, navy corpsmen and a soldier killed by a suicide bomber just days before the u.s. withdrawal was complete their families and u.s. signatories met them at dover. >> america makes a promise to us should anything happens to us while we are serving we will be brought home with honor. we do not leave our fallen behind. we honor those that have honored america with their sacrifice. >> jennifer griffin, fox news. molly: after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic u.s. aa poppy hall of honor has returned to the national mall this holiday weekend. or more on this we are joined by retired u.s. navy vice admiral and senior vice president of military affairs with usaa john byrd. admiral, thank you so much for joining me on this memorial day weekend and thank you for your
10:53 am
service. thank you for sharing this incredible site with us, our viewers all across america today the poppy wall finally after all of this time. you get to bring it to the people there in washington, d.c. people that go and see it once in person again. what is it like to begin again? >> molly, thank you so much for having us. thank you for the opportunity to talk about the poppy wall of honor and memorial day. very significant. the range of emotions are dramatic from people just learning about memorial day and what it means and correcting them from the difference between veterans day and those that lost loved ones, the fallen, one you just spoke about that arrived at dover. there is great emotion over that. very significant event. very well received. molly:you know, the poppy is so
10:54 am
symbolic. associated with the famous poem. actually written by canadian, interesting enough. i do chance to go to flanders field many years ago to see all of these copies to bring this very symbolic thing here where people in america may not be able to travel to belgium or france and speak about all the sacrifices made. world war i forward the more than 600,000. what is it like to bring this symbol? we just watch children there touching the wall a moment ago. >> it is really impactful. we are surrounded by memorials people are familiar with. right here. the total impact. 645,000. that represents the number of poppies on the wall. young men and women gave their lives that we could enjoy our freedom since world war i. all the way through those men
10:55 am
and women that died in afghanistan that we just spoke about. molly: why the poppy wall? we know the symbolism and there are many young people across america beginning to learn about the symbolism of this, but why does it work so well? why does it grab us and hold us and help us understand the sacrifices that are made? >> i think the historic significance as you mentioned, actually an american female professor out of georgia in 1918 who wrote we shall keep the faith. advocating and was successful in making the poppy like the one on my lapel, the ones on the wall being the symbol of remembrance. it is a very strong reminder of the great sacrifice that people make. as you said, it is well known in canada, the uk, australia and they will wear the poppy on remembrance day.
10:56 am
very powerful symbol. very meaningful. molly: another reminder that freedom is not free. i have to say when we are looking at the pictures we are showing the people visiting the wall, to see little children laying their hands on the wall, you think about the legacy, freedom is not free. admiral, we really appreciate you joining us today. admiral john byrd bringing us the poppy wellness memorial day, this memorial day weekend. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you, molly. thank you so very much. griff: such a great interview with admiral byrd there. a great reminder. this weekend is all about service and sacrifice. great to be with you. that is all for us this hour. ♪♪ that's why i use the freestyle libre 2 system.
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molly: police facing more questions about the deadly shooting the killed 19 children and two teachers, 20 officers waited in the hallway outside the classroom for more than 45 minutes during the attack. law enforcement official calls the delay, quote, the wrong decision. welcome to fox news live. kevin:eric is taking the day


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