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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 28, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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to us j er on fnc. that is it for this week's show next to my panel, thanks in particular to all of you for watching. hope to see it right here next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. maria: questions are growing and uvalde, texas regards to mastering in grade school that killed 19 children into teachers. the state's top law-enforcement official says it was quote the wrong decision officers to wait outside the classroom for nearly an hour before the door it was finally breached. hello everyone welcome to "fox news live" i am arthel neville hello cavity. >> i am kevin in for eric sean today for the president and the first lady will actually have a chance to visit uvalde, texas
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tomorrow to meet with victims of this week's mass school shooting part however along with the morning and anguish there are now angry mounting calls for action people want to know what in the world happened in the small community after we all learned that 19 police officers waited more than 45 minutes in a hallway outside the classroom. leaving students and teachers trapped inside with a gunman armed with an assault rifle. arthel: so many questions, jeff paul is live with more questions were. >> days of sadness and frustration are now turning into anger for many people here in this community and uvalde texas after law enforcement community admit mistakes were made for texas investigators saying they now know there are children in the classroom with the shooter for nearly an hour who might have been helped. this all goes back to investigators saying the local incident commander at the time
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about the situation has shifted from an active shooter investigation into a barricaded suspect. we now know authorities believe that children were inside the school as the shooting was an bowling calling 911 for their begging operators to please send police now. texas dps said while this is happening , officers stood in the hallway trying to figure out a way to get into that classroom or they say more than 45 minutes go by until border patrol agents show up and got it master key to open up the classroom door where they then enter and shoot and kill the suspect. governor greg abbott responding when asked if anything will be done by lawmakers to help prevent shootings like this from happening again. >> all options are on the table. do we expect a loss to come out of this? the answer is absently yes. and there will be laws and multiple different subject areas. >> for some texas lawmakers say
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they have heard that promise before per there hoping if anything images like we are seeing the terrified children running for their lives what may be be enough to tip the scales of change were democratic state senator is not only sending a message to the governor, but to all republican politicians in texas. >> what's happened here is not right. and these people that are empowered in texas, these republicans in power in texas don't -- they keep listening to the nra and they are not listening to their constituents. >> and now, what would normally be the first week of summer break for students at robb elementary school will instead be marked by a visit from president joe biden and first lady jill biden as they try to come for this broken community, arthel. arthel: you have at the president of the nine seats short for these reasons for jeff paul, thank you.
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rachel: arthel thank you produced jeff paul reported anger growing in a uvalde of the delayed police response to the shooting. one apparent who witnessed a chaotic scene simply stand law-enforcement in her opinion hesitated. >> these guys had vests. they had tactical weapons vests they had guns and they did nothing but hold people back. if you assume you have a barricaded subject, you cannot assume that. do you know it's a school? you know children of the time you know kids are in those classrooms. you get fired at, you fire back and you guys keep charging. >> therein lies the quirks of the question this country continues to face. let's bring in bernard or ats agent in charge is now a faculty associate arizona university for criminal justice.
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there are a number of ways we could go with this interview. i think the smartest thing to do for the layman is to step back and ask you bluntly, what happened in this circumstance? it sounds almost inexplicable that would be the tech they would take at the time. and yet, you the experience person walk me through it, what could they have been thinking? >> the doctrine changed completely and 1998 by the columbine shooting for the aftermath of that showed things cannot wait for a tactical resource or response team first officer on the scene engages the suspect because these things only result in death to the gunman or surrender of the gunmen. in 2005, the red lake indian nation in minnesota there is a large school shooting there. the officers came in line one, two, three, for each officer engaged in the suspect and they
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stopped him as he was breaching a cafeteria that hadn't about 40 children in there. at least 11 people got killed there but there is at least 40 children and another of the seven adults a barricaded in the cafeteria at and he was trying to get in. the responding officers did not wait for the four of them to come together as a team for the first when there was in a firefight the second one, 31, fourth one until they finally put him down. it was a great example the active shooter the only resolution is a combative event. >> that's a difficulty and understand the decision-making here. for some to share for the folks at home the tiktok of the 911 call. and i share this only again because i am trying like so many other americans how this would play out in real time. it is easy for me here in the comfort and security of a studio to second-guess or monday morning quarterback which i am not trying to do. what i'm trying to do, bernard
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is understand when you're getting call after call after call we are seeing the timeline of the 911 calls one calls, how this does not elevate the attack or the approach. based on everything you know when i understand this is multi agency, multijurisdictional have a number of agency of on the ground is that fair to say as well that could perhaps have been a reason for delay? >> if you keep the tactic very simple and pure and i have to mention commander said heal from the los angeles county sheriff's department who recently passed away, he is the architect of most contemporary police tactical training procedures and clean the response to active shooters, is irrelevant it is on the scene pretty go to the fight you have no choice other than to engage the suspect. command and control the situation, including the care of the victims and contemporary policing now is you are ignoring the wounded because you have to stop the gunmen. that is precedent above all.
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that would supersede or stop any confusion about multiple jurisdiction or communication issues because until the shooting stops there is no other pressing issue than that. >> no question in particular with so many vulnerable children and a pair of teachers succumbing to their injuries following this disaster. in the 20 seconds we have left if there is one take away you want folks at home the understand they will hear this story that will hear our conversation what you want their take away to be as i try to make sense of what happened in texas? >> i was a give your children a hug and thank god for them first and pray for these families. secondly, we expect all of our communities, our law enforcement agencies, our behavioral health organizations work toward a solution of making school safer. making our large community center safe and expecting this type of thing could happen and we respond accordingly. >> i could not of said it better
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myself. thank you so much. joining us from the valley over there thank you very much my friend we appreciate it, arthel. arthel: for days after the deadly mass shooting in uvalde, texas the nra the national rifle association holding its annual convention in the same state, in houston, texas for this is activists rally outside to protest gun violence. alicia has more. >> protesters have been gathering outside the george r brown convention center here in downtown, houston. protesting the annual nra convention being held inside. more than 55000 people are in attendance this weekend according to the nra for their annual meeting. critics called on the most nation trip to cancel out of respect for the victims in uvalde bed bath or multiple cancellations by performers and politicians alike, some like former president drops that is important to keep the
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commitment, as did texas senator ted cruz. >> it is far easier to slanders one political adversaries and to demand that responsible citizens forfeit their constitutional rights. then it is to examine the cultural sickness giving birth to unspeakable acts of evil per. >> texas gubernatorial candidate or work jointly protesters on friday. many here calling for changes in our nations gun laws. >> i am all for second amendment rights. i think assault weapons have nothing to do with me protecting my person or my home. we don't need assault weapons to do that. i do not even want an ar-15 or 17 brick. >> house gun control going to help stop mass shootings? how question is the question everyone to know the guns didn't do it guns on shoe by themselves. in the timid by the trigger pull up a. >> after the governor rick scott signed a bill into law that
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raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm for 18 -- 21 part also adding a three day waiting period after the comb by mass shooting the nra was scheduled to hold this convention in denver just ten days later. there were calls for the organization to cancel, it refused great but did shorten the event to one day. in its history the nra has only ever canceled its annual meeting twice for that was in 2020 and 2021 and that was due to the pandemic. in houston, alicia acuna fox news. >> thank you. this week's texas school shooting as you probably know came just ten days after ten people were killed and ate racist attack at a supermarket in buffalo, new york. vice president kamala harris in buffalo today attending the funeral for the last of those ten victims. christina coleman drives joins us live with more than that. >> hi kevin, yes, vice president harris or husband attended the
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funeral for ruth whitfield today the oldest victim in the buffalo shooting. >> this service was held at the governor and the mayor of were also there to pay tribute to whitfield and the life she led perna may 14 whitfield visited her husband at a nursing home before stopping by the top grocery store. that is on the 86 joel grandmother was a brutally gunned down. she is survived by her husband of 68 years. her son reportedly said she was the glue that held the family together. today the vice president spoke at the funeral and after the service. >> there is the tragedy of the personal loss each of these families have faced. mrs. whitfield funeral today let an extraordinary life. i'm out the other families there were community leaders.
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there is a father of an infant. >> three of the other buffalo shooting victims were buried yesterday paid 62-year-old 53 of andre mcneil and 52-year-old marcus morrison. it's being invested as a hate crime in case of racially motivated violent extremism. almost immediately after this attack law enforcement gathered together to condemn the violence. >> on behalf of the fbi like to offer my condolences once again to the families, to the victims who were viciously attacked by. >> and of the ring the full weight of the full weight of the nine states of america to bear justice and bring justice on behalf of this community which is in mourning right now and that pain, and in desperate need of healing. >> to visit funeral the last one to be held for the ten victims shot and killed in the buffalo attack. the atrial loan suspect has been
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charged with first-degree murder. kevin: christina coleman forest but that story out of buffalo. arthel: may we never forget the people killed in that mass murder. we return now to the war in ukraine for the battle rages on for control of the eastern donbas region pretty heavy fighting is focused on two key cities that still remain under ukrainian control. that one is live in kyiv, this is still far from over. >> arthel good afternoon paid apps delivered russian troops are making small territorial gains in eastern ukraine as officials here in the capitol of kyiv continue their calls for international support. we do know that according to new satellite images, russian military activity has increased around two key cities. russian troops recently seize control and these images show
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the destruction of the wake of that advance but much of it due to artillery units are showing severe in the areas. it's considered to be a key strategic city is russian troops control more of the donbas region for ukrainians arc entering their evacuations for many hard-hit areas but intensive fighting makes those difficult for the united nations has more than 4000 civilians have been killed so far since the war began. that number sticking higher each day. much of the international attention on other stories, ukrainian president zelenskyy is urging the media to stay in ukraine and continue reporting part in a video message to student at stanford university, he had this to say about ukrainian efforts to survive the invasion. >> ukraine is a country that is destroyed the extraordinary power of the russian army. an army that anyone born a few days be a crate is a country the russian army continues to wage a war it does not want to end. now, rush is trying to occupy the whole country.
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>> even this morning air raid sirens were sounding across the capitol of kyiv. reminder every single is in russian sites. arthel: tran went live in kyiv. arthel: the roller coaster of johnny depp amber heard trial is over. but now the jury is tasked with deciding if either side will win a multimillion dollar settlement pair but the question remains it either side effectively prove their case? and could this open the door for more defamation trials? we take a deeper dive, next. (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. before nexium 24hr, one gram of sugar, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up.
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now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? the census tells you a lot about people. you could tell on the census records that at very, very young ages, they were cooks, they were farm hands, they were servants. there's auralia, 4-years old. i have learned a lot about the rest of the family, it was really finding gold. one of my grandfathers, didn't even know his birthdate. i figured out the exact year he was born. the census records fill in gaps, it helped me push the door open.
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i was no saint. he has never claimed to be one. he has made mistakes in his life as we all have. but he is not a violent abuser. he is not an abuser as ms. heard it claims but he did not and does not deserve to have his life, his legacy destroyed by vicious lies. >> is not whether he thanks ms. heard may be have been abusive to mr. depp it is not. remember i think they're both abusive to each other, that is what their witness attested then
1:21 pm
they both to win then -- amber went back actors johnny depp's ex-wife amber heard deliver their closing arguments yesterday bringing their high profile defamation trial to an end. the cases now the hands of a jury who will decide if either start will receive a multimillion dollar settlement or if both will go home empty-handed. she is criminal defense attorney. so first of all, who had the tougher argument to make? and which team did the better job? >> well, arthel first thanks for having me. i feel firmly that johnny depp was in the on enviable position of having to prove a negative all along. meaning amber heard me these horrific accusations against him, and johnny depp's position was listen, i didn't do any of these things. while proving a negative may sound easy, it is a lot harder than it looks. so what was the approach here? team depp had to basically show
1:22 pm
that amber heard is a liar. if you ask me they did a really good job of that. now look, they had ample evidence. for example amber heard often time claims should physical injury to her face and team depp was able to show pictures within 24 hours of such claims are showing a face. we also know amber heard leaked some of the content that she created, that she curated in this case. for someone who is married and in love with johnny depp she spent a lot of time recording him in some of his most untoward moments for that was odd and manipulative. the other thing is that amber heard, she did not have a lot of support at her trial. where is a johnny depp certainly had a lot for the things the jury is going to have to wait. if they believe that amber heard is a lying, that she concocted this story to help her career
1:23 pm
then johnny depp wins. arthel: what else has stood up to your legal eyes you mentioned johnny depp witness their kate moss was there, how does that impact the trial? >> that was something really interesting because kate moss was by the quickest witness use on and off the stand videotape very quickly. but she had a lot of impact, why? because amber heard is trying to justify her accusations by saying liquid incident on the stairs were i had remembered he had one time long ago pushed his then girlfriend down the stairs and i was worried he was going to do the same thing to me. that open the door to bring that then girlfriend who is kate moss on -- into the traveler say wait a minute that never happened. so that completely debunked whatever justification amber heard was a trying to promote to the jury in that case. literally kate moss was on the stand for maybe two minutes and had a very huge impact.
1:24 pm
the jury cannot sit there and believe, they believe both sides of the neither them are going to win. i think the impact of this is going to be either johnny depp wins or amber heard wins for neither of them went. you cannot believe both sides of this case because it is factually impossible. arthel: so jonna this is according to cornell law school institute for looking to look at the burden of proof or defamation here it is number one a false statement purporting to be fact. number two publication or communication of that statement to a third person. number three, fault amounting to at least negligence and number four, damages or some harm caused to the person or entity who is the subject of the statement. so, is there anything, jonna about the nature of this trial that could impact defamation character cases for civilians or
1:25 pm
is celebrity just different? >> i think this case is going to have a ripple effect that could be a positive one. think about this, defamation of character is the cause of action it's not defamation of your weight isn't defamation of character. character is that intangible, invisible thing that is the essence of who we are. if you break an arm get a cast on six weeks later you're good to go. somebody damages your character, your reputation it is a lot harder to fix. that is why with johnny depp here took guts it was not easy to do. i think it will set a precedent not legally, but perhaps immorally in the court of public opinion for other people who feel they have been wronged by somebody else's lies. that is going to have a big impact on a lot of people. >> are right jonna spilbor thank you very much for joining us on this memorial day weekend, take care progress you to thank you.
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we have celebrity or not domestic violence is not entertainment it is real because the national domestic hotline. 1-800-799-7233. 1-800-799-7233 or you can visit the all of the calls are toll free, they are confidential hotline is available 24/7 and more than 170 languages. >> thank you for sharing that, arthel. parents are still struggling with their hands on baby formula as a shocking nationwide shortage continues at local health department and michigan actually held a formula giveaway yesterday. but ran out of supplies and just a half an hour. veronica meadows from our philly and detroit families are increasingly desperate to find food for their little ones. >> a view from above shows hundreds of families and
1:27 pm
frantically waiting in line at an emergency baby formula distribution in dearborn, or after cart mom share their heartbreaking concerned about trying to find food for their babies admits the shortage. >> my daughter is four months. she has allergies and i could not feed her. i don't know what else to do. >> it is terrible. i have a 1-year-old and i have a one -month-old per it's hard to get formula. you should not have to struggle to worry about if you're going to feed your kid or not to be a. >> the city of dearborn department of public health partner were several community nonprofits for the drive through giveaway friday morning. here, the health department gave away 500 containers of formula, hoping at least one or 50 families get by for about a week. >> recalled nonprofits across the city they basically took it upon themselves to shop around, stop at ten stores in a day to travel across the ohio border of toledo to illinois and to do it they can help secure the formula for us.
1:28 pm
>> it is amazing there so many more people in line behind me and there's not going to be enough progress unfortunately the need outside the community and for performing arts center was bigger they supply. health officials at least 300 families left without formula. >> mehr went to the most good for the most families as we run out here going to take in the information come the name, phone number the type of empty miller baby formula that they need to we can alert them if we have formula later on progress dearborn public health director says the fda expects the shortage will gradually get better. store shelves will be full again in the next two months. until then. >> we are doing all we can prove not going to leave any stone unturned were going to try to see what we can do to help alleviate some of the suffering of many mothers and families all across the region for. >> in dearborn veronica meadows box to news. arthel: after horrific deadly shootings in buffalo, new york and uvalde, texas will americans
1:29 pm
voiced their voices at the polls? the key issue in the midterm polls show they still face uphill battle to hold onto their majority in congress for that is coming up. ♪
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>> will be be very blunt. gun violence prevention is going to win the boat this november progress i say to all of my republican colleagues, this time is different. if you do not change your mind, the american people are going to change you as their representatives in the united states congress. fax okay it is politics season edge of democratic lawmakers warning after mass shootings and
1:34 pm
be a major factor in the 2022 midterms meet some other democrats are seizing the hot button issue after the possibility that abortion could be overturned by the supreme court where we are talking to roe v wade at least in some part of his approval numbers for the party and the president tanked over inflation, border, high crime and other stories but it's been tough for democrats they are trying to gin up some energy. take check out dave the editor for the report he tweeted this analysis moving ten morehouse raises toward republican candidates. he writes this, for many democrats going scorched earth again still undefined gop nominee looks like the only path to survival. that whelp may be the case for 2:00 a.m. that we welcome their art west which is a political and for the washington examiner. you know what, this is right in
1:35 pm
our wheelhouse frankly for you and for me bruno how this goes especially midterm year. yet you are a democrat. the danger is you are sort of trying to politicize something that at least for the time being i think is fair to say, sarah, let's just say raw for a number of americans, would you agree? >> absolutely democrats didn't run the risk of looking like they are politicizing both this latest tragedy in texas and the one in buffalo by pushing a political agenda so soon after lives were lost. they same problems around both abortion and gun control in terms of sticking their entire midterm strategy on these two issues. neither were really organically part of the political conversation until the events force issues that the headlands was a leaked of the supreme court mom was a pair of shootings. these issues are really only been talked about because of those headlines of the risk for democrats is those headlines start to fade from view and once people turn back to their everyday lives inevitably they will start to move on, as are
1:36 pm
still going to be momentum when the issue of abortion gun-control customer that is not at all clear november is a really long time from now. >> you could not of said it better because the fact is unless the economy turns around that will still be the forefront issue for most americans regardless of tragedy du jour as we say sometimes in the business pretty just never know what might pop up. and that we do know this, if the economy does not improve as a first and last thing people will be talking about come november, wouldn't you say? >> exactly when voters are asked what issues are going to dictate their vote in november consistently they are saying the economy per they are saying inflation. they are saying crime for those are issues on which democrats do not pull very well right now they don't really have a coherent agenda at the moment to address those sorts of issues was if you are a democrat you're looking to change their conversation to territory and wish her a little bit footing with voters. pulling doesn't show the same voters who say they are most concerned about the economy,
1:37 pm
also a majority of them support expanding background checks for example democrats know they're on the more popular side when it comes to those issues. gun control specifically more than abortion though. this might not be a clean hit for democrats so to speak because there is momentum on the republican side to support potentially some sort of consensus bill on gun control but if that happened to be difficult for democrats to argue that is their victory alone if republicans do cross the aisle and support something popular. >> i think even on the abortion issue we don't know if the draft that has been leaked is actually what is going to make its way over the finish line but the truth is if it goes back to the states of various estates might have rules where they say it is on-demand regardless. it may not have the sort of political edge that i think some people believe it might have heard let me ask really quickly while we have your comments are at westridge earnings may washington examiner, i'm going to have your forecast for me just a bit my friend, you and i have had our turns over at the white house.
1:38 pm
do you see jill biden being the standard there for this party come 2024? and if not, is kamala harris reputation performance strong enough to be that for the democrats? or will they have to go they wildcat? >> it's difficult to see jill biden in 2024 just because his age, he is not popular even within his own party. democrats are going to want to hold onto the white house are going to want to do everything they can to keep that spot for there is a lot of doubt kamala harris could do it as well i think you are seeing some prominent democrats in the senate, some democratic governors positioning themselves at the moment to be in a position to run for that nomination. which is really unprecedented in the modern era sink members of a party looking to replace a sitting president of their same party but that is what you're saying there's a lot of doubt that biden is going to run again in 2024. >> i would love to get your take on the student loan discussion
1:39 pm
on everything that goes along with that robot to extend the conversation for another time. by the way as you know, sarah people say in washington republicans fall in line, democrats fall in love for the maybe some candidate out there we are not thinking up maybe the president decides to run again and actually does run a 2024 we will all have to watch together. sarah westwood from the examiner thank you as always we appreciate your time. have a great week and be. >> great to see you. >> you too. arthel: that was a mouthful where there's been a state of big news leaks in washington lately but including from the normally secretive supreme court and intelligence community congressional correspondent chad explained the chemistry and history besides news leaks in the nation's capitol. >> usually a leak is a nuisance a leaky roof, a leaky offices but the drip, drip, drip of a big news leak is a fixture of washington. it is all about who knows what. >> information is power. they are able to affect outcomes regrets a geyser of leaks spewed
1:40 pm
from washington recently ranging from leaked audiotapes to the subtractive to the intelligence community. >> tension is too high the country is too crazy but. >> that is a small suspect pool. i am confident we do not have a master criminal working at the court. >> it is dangerous some people talk too much whether it is leaking in private or talking in public about specific intelligence issues. >> leaks are not new, washington spring leaks during watergate there the pentagon papers even a leak about the roe versus wade decision in 1973. >> it is like oxygen to the press of sources on the inside that tell them what's really going on. i think it really is a matter of how business gets done in washington. >> leaks come in all forms mysterious envelopes, encrypted e-mails, and even around davis was shadowy sources and parking garages, woodward and bernstein style. it leaks a flooded riesling button battle gop north :
1:41 pm
representative mass entrance just before his primary. >> leaks are never on accident at the number one thing you have to ask yourself when leaks happen is who benefits here? >> the public a suspect of leaks as positive news consumers don't trust reporters. >> journals could do a lot more to educate the public about how they handle leaked information so that the public might have a little more faith in the journalistic process. quick sometimes information dries up when an official plugs a leak both good political plumbing reporter and a source can get the information to sink in. on capitol hill, fox news. >> brought about friend great job thereby chad. meantime millions of americans are hitting the road for the holiday weekend to get away from it all. but as you know, record high gas prices are forcing some families to settle for a steak asian for details on that as we continue.
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kevin: 45 minutes after the hour. welcome back everyone. the herring car crash in arizona, on camera. before we sure the video we want to let you know nobody was seriously hurt believe it or not. police of the clark barrel through the window of a beauty shop on thursday for surveillance video showing two people inside the shop pushed back as the court plows into a store aisle. no police say the driver exited we had the gas instead of the break when trying to parker. one person taken to the house with minor injuries. police arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant not related to the crash. arthel. arthel: cast in the nation's airports during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. people looking to get out of town are being grounded by hundreds of flight
1:47 pm
cancellations. nate foy is alive from our newsroom with more, hey nay. >> not just gas prices, frustrating travelers but according to flight a were over 2900 flights were delayed in the country today in 482 are canceled already for the number growing by the minute. delta is the most affected everyone with 9% of its flights canceled, 10% of them delayed. we also sing a lot of delays that united in jetblue airlines with 12 and 33% of their respective flights impacted. here are the airports most affected. the cornea in jfk in new york. newark airport in nearby new jersey. both the reagan national arlington, and orlando international are seeing over 42% of its flights delayed bird this comes after a rough start to the holiday weekend yesterday more than 7000 flights were delayed and over 1200 were canceled, delta being the most impacted again. the airline blames it on bad weather and air traffic control issues but clearly airlines are having a hard time meeting holiday demand is more and more
1:48 pm
americans travel. united airlines tells fox news impart quote united to sing unprecedented demand for leisure travel a rapid acceleration demand for businesses and long-haul international travel making this a busiest summer since the pandemic pretty night is fine double the amount of people as laster, listen to this. >> i wish it was a lot cheaper i mean i would like to be able to travel a lot more i've got a good job i want to build to travel and do things and see people. which is lower hopefully we'll get back there. >> think it summer time everybody like to get out. we spent two years stuck at home for. >> apparently some people cannot cut up the ground today per aaa says 39 million americans are traveling this memorial day weekend which is more than last year. but still about 4 million less than was so pre-pandemic back in 2019 will send it back to you arthel. arthel: it is totally frustrating oh my goodness. thanks nay. >> you got it. kevin: and expensive it should add that as we reflect this holiday weekend on the brave
1:49 pm
servicemen and women made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, activists are urging leaders to not forget about american prisoners of war and those still missing in action. that is next. folks, we seem to have a visitor. it looks like... looks like you paid too much for your glasses. who? anyone who isn't shopping at america's best where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. it's a quality exam worth $50. now, let's take a look at traffic. what are you doing? looking at traffic. two pairs and a free exam starting at just $79.95. book an exam today at hi mom!
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arthel: a command north carolina pays tribute to two members of the greatest generation residence in greensboro held a drive-through parade for a pair of world war ii veterans. look at them. ninety-six drilled harold and 104-year-old walter sticky birx. the parade was held outside their senior living center with decorated cars and a local marine core color guard for a third veteran was also honored at the event. he died last week at 100 years old. we thank them all and god bless them all. >> indeed america's greatest generation requests as america pays tribute to its fallen war heroes on this memorial day, the rolling to remember events returned to washington this week and to pay honor to the nations prisoners of war and those who
1:54 pm
are still missing in action. and, to raise awareness about the challenges facing our veterans read the great lucas tomlinson, one of my good buddies joining us live from the rally. lucas, this is something that is so important for we are honored you are bringing the story today. berkshire is, kevin. this memorial day weekend we honor the more than a 1 million americans killed fighting this country's wars. now things are quiet here today to remember but not for series of events happened yesterday at the national cathedral and vietnam veterans memorial. earlier jon stewart a longtime advocate spoke to the sparse crowd. >> become out here today looking for the support of the american people and but we have behind me? it is veterans organizations. it is veterans, it is their families. this country cannot be this broken.
1:55 pm
cook stewart complained there is a lack of attendance here at the rally for top executive for the group of american veterans as all americans to remember those who've lost a love that defense of this country this weekend. >> the gold star families is who we need to robert today for those families that lost their loved ones, their sons, their fathers, the brothers, their sisters, the grandparents those the ones with each member today. they are not with us today but they are not with their families today. those are the ones that are struggling for this date. ask about 7000 u.s. troops have been killed in the war on terrorism doubled the americans killed on 911. jeremy beutler the head of iraq and afghanistan veterans of american spoke about these sad data 22 veterans today are lost to suicide. he said this has made it worse. >> covet a lockdown did not help it adeptly made things worse. it increased isolation but we know isolation is where the
1:56 pm
biggest problems. >> ride through washington the capitol tomorrow and then on monday of course at the memorial day parade, kevin. four you can hear them from my house. lucas tomlinson thank you betty we appreciate it. be right back. (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. the more information i found, got me more curious. it showed how much my family was really rooted in campbell county. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years. researching my family has given me a purpose.
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an 8-year-old reaching new heights on his pledge to break record and rockclimbing. sam baker scales 1200 feet to the top at utah's national park
2:00 pm
this weekend. he said his goal is to become the youngest person ever to scale yosemite's famous mountain. currheld by a 9-year-old. all right, signing out. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> hello, i am alicia acuna along with joey jones and tyrus joining us shortly. welcome to the big saturday show. we begin with fox news alert. details emerge in the uvalde texas school massacre after the texas department of safety director admitted the on scene commander at robb elementary


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