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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 28, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we leave you with a look at memorial day weekend tribute to our fallen service members at arlington national cemetery. [cheering] ♪♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday. we're back. hope you enjoy the show tonight. we are back, hope you enjoyed the show tonight. we will keep it superlight because he yesterday and today was pretty heavy, heavy for everyone but my job is to offer a break or a place to come up
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for air and breathing especially in the times. with that, tonight monologue. how about that monkeypox? [laughter] there's a transition you don't see. we beat covid and now we got monkeypox. let's go live to some monkeys. ♪♪ >> greg: practicing safe monkey pox i guess. we've been monitoring this closely but not that closely. we're following cdc guidelines to keep at least six feet of distance from the closest chimp. but there are no concerns here. well, except for this weird rash i just got on my back. in all seriousness, 200 people
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are being monitored for infection in massachusetts after coming into contact with a confirmed case, and it's not liz warren. although she now claims she's 13% primate. but the virus may have been spreading for months. and experts claim there have even been suspected cases in salt lake city. so who was just in salt lake city? sunday actually. i never should have gone to the zoo. i also shouldn't have whommed the fence to hang now the encloser. but i could have sworn that orangutan winked at me. don't laugh tyrus. >> tyrus: oh, i'm not. >> greg: you were there with me in salt lake, too. >>. >> tyrus: i went left. what did you do? >> greg: you shared my hair brush.
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>> tyrus: our hairs don't match. >> greg: tell that to my wife. >> tyrus: no. oh. >> greg: i don't even know what that means. >> tyrus: i kind of do and i'm not okay with it. >> greg: i don't even understand it. but it's getting so bad some people aren't actually even coming into work now. >> dirt bag diary entry 345, day one. i've been told i have to isolate because i was exposed to the monkey pox. but i only associate with meatless monkeys that i make out of soybeans in my own hair. no one's answering my calls which has to be because they're worried about the pox. there could be, there could be no other reason. oh, my landlord. i've got to hide. >> greg: oscar worthy. of course joe biden is concerned over monkey pox. but gas prices not so much. i wonder why. well, i'll tell you.
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because filling your tank will make you more sick than monkey pox ever will. but i wonder when it comes to gas prices we're going through an incredible transition. >> when it comes to the gas prices, we're going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, god willing, when it's over, we'll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less rely ant on fossil fuels when this is over. >> greg: i bet putin is relieved joe isn't blaming him anymore. only chen biden pay leadership service to millions of americans as they experienced an incredible transition of money from their paycheck to the pump. calling this crisis a transition is like saying kaitlyn jenner used to be kind of a tom boy. and we're supposed to chalk it up to progress. and now we're told there are going to be blackouts. i'm sure if you asked joe about them, what's the big deal, man? i have blackouts all the time. so in case you're wondering if
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this administration feels your pain? they don't. but they sure are great at creating it. even if they did feel your pain, they'll still think it's good for you. that reminds me, tonight's bon cage night at ducey's. . geraldo's always welcome as long as he doesn't remove the ball gag. but i've posed this question before. what makes our lives worse is exactly what the democrats and media wanted all along. not just a bunch of unexpected side effects like the time i took those pills i found in dana perino's purse. i didn't care for the diarrhea but at least i won't have heart worm. sure gas prices are high but isn't that what the left wants? the same way the anti tobacco folks wanted a pack of signifies would cost 20 bucks so you would quit. sure clean glass heats your home
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but witch white libs can endure while the rest you have to decide whether to fill your tank or serve your kids alpno. the shape of meat loaf and hope they didn't notice. it's forced upon you by old fossil in the white house himself. maybe that's why joe hates fossil fuels. for him, it's cannibalism. but this is part of the precious theology because you live in the greatest country ever you're guilty. it's inherit lin racist so deal with it. fewer cops more criminals is the price you pay for the revolution. anarchy creates chaos which creates change. they want you desperate angry and confused like a car crash victim or someone whose tv is stuck on the view. i wonder what joe biden thinks of this. >> hey, come on. look, we're going to go through a great transition in this country. to a country where less is more and more is less. and then we'll be the country we
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always knew we were on the inside. and we'll have new pronounce. she xi pinning. come on. >> greg: the modern day let them eat cake philosophy nobody can afford a main course so forget desert. we're a corrupt country although one everyone still wants to come to and because we're hopelessly bad we're unpardonable so instead of forgiveness we deserve punishment. and not the good kind where there's a safe word involved. [cheers and applause] >> greg: let's welcome tonight's guess. she's as sassy as she is gassy. fox news anchor julie banderas! [cheers and applause] >> greg: he's the peter pan of comedians because his jokes never land. writer and comedian, joe devito! [cheers and applause]
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>> greg: people want to feed her to sharks. fox news trip for kat timpf. [cheers and applause] >> greg: and he makes a mockery out of elevator capacity limits, my side kick and the nwo television champion tyrus. julie, julie, julie. >> julie: oh, god why do you have to come to me? into do you want me to skip you. >> julie: no i'm excited. by the way there's a difference between monkey pox and hemorrhoids. >> greg: what is it? >> julie: you don't have monkey pox. next. >> greg: not yet anyway, the night's still young. the bars stay open. >> tyrus: you keep going, the night's going to be over. [laughter] >> greg: all right, i'm just curious isn't it interesting how when a republican is president, it's always the fault of the president. but when the democrats are in the white house, it is never the
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fault of the president. it is so obvious right now. because it's like, honestly, whether it's baby milk, what is it -- >> julie: it's called baby formula for god's sake. >> greg: i don't have kids. >> tyrus: >> kat: baby milk, ha ha. >> julie: thank god. >> greg: baby milk. >> tyrus: that sounds horrible. >> milk made from a baby. >> greg: baby formula greg. all of this would lead to impeachment if it was trump. here it is to say transition. you know a lot about transition. >> julie: like when i transitioned to male? is that what you're getting at. >> greg: no, into a bot. >> julie: was that a question. >> greg: you're not even listening to me. >> julie: i actually did. i listened to biden and i was quite confused during that press conference when he actually said that it would be a matter of great discussion at his kitchen table talking about these gas prices which to me is amazing. so basically you're saying growing up in the 40s and 50s where gas was around $0.27 a
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gallon is similar to now. which is what i love about joe biden he's so relatable. like i really feel like he gets me and he's also talking about the incredible transition. what's incredible is he actually thinks it's 1952. i think he may not actually know what decade it is. >> greg: he stopped thinking about things awhile ago, joe. underlying everything, though, is this belief that we somehow deserve it, right? isn't that the case? we had this coming. we had it good for too long. we had it agree under trump now you have to have it bad because you deserve it. >> joe: all medicine and no sugar, he's talking about the incredible transition, sure, when the come it hit mexico that was an incredible transition when the dinosaurs he was personally friends with were alive. only one way out of this financial problem, joe's going to have to get a summer job. maybe go back to being a lifeguard because if they dragged you out of the pool. >> julie: or a truck driver,
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he's done that. >> greg: wait. i want to hear the punch line julie he was just about to make a joke. >> joe: i'm glad to see your injured foot didn't stop you from stepping on my punch line. >> greg: nice. >> joe: i'll save that joke for next time i'm on span. [laughter] >> greg: that was so funny don't you hate that. you were just about to --. >> tyrus: it was right there and you got gutfeld in the middle of nowhere. >> greg: it's like when the phone rings when you're watching porn hub. i've been told. [laughter] >> greg: kat welcome back to the show you took some time off >> kat: yep. >> greg: it's weird how the dems >> kat: sort of. >> greg: how the dems get to decide what bad things are accept acceptable but then using the wrong pronoun is not acceptable. like certain things you're damned forever but in this case, oh, you know what? you can live with this
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>> kat: yeah, i just don't think it's ever a good idea to talk about how great it's going to be when you're still going through the roughest part of something. because there's people that just really matters to, people who -- gas prices are crazy. i think it's kind of like, if you like catch your spouse cheating on you and they're like, babe, i can't wait to see how we grow as a couple. like maybe you will, but that's not the time. >> greg: yes, exactly. we'll get divorced and then remarried >> kat: we're going to grow so strong together. i know you're mad -- no, that's how people get killed. >> greg: exactly. tyrus how you get a transition, people actually don't have the energy to replace it. >> tyrus: i think you're missing a big point in that speech gutfeld. i don't know if anyone's caught that. it's always nice when your leader of the free world says, well, it's in god's hands now.
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he literally said god willing hopefully something will -- one day we're going to look back at this and we're all going to have a good laugh. no one's laughing. >> greg: no. >> tyrus: so that's the panic button. that's when you go, okay, we're in trouble. he's leaving it up to god. and i'm sure he's busy. he's got a lot of other stuff going on besides fixing the gas prices. >> greg: who is god? >> tyrus: for a while i thought it was putin because he was responsible for all things. so it grows everyone else's fault to it's going to be fine. but in between those two things the one thing we would all take and be happy to hear is give us one solution, just one. even if it sucks. even if he says i'm going to pull all the gold from fort knocks melt it down and turn night coin so everyone gets a gold coin during these tough times. and we'll all go, what? and at least five of us will go
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i've actually like gold coins. i always wanted those. >> greg: is there still gold in fort knocks. >> tyrus: go to hell, you just tried to ben barrett my joke. you are now a catch phrase for people who ruin dreams. >> greg: yes. yeah, banderas i'm going to use that every day now. >> tyrus: we use gutfeld on our product cast. anything creepy or horrible you've been gutfeld. >> greg: you've been gutfeld iffed. i do a lot of gutfelding in the woods. >> tyrus: doesn't even effect him. >> greg: no >> kat: makes him stronger. >> kat: makes him stronger. >> greg: up next should the psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection
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or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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>> greg:ing greg: angering me. is the lowest and right doomed to fight or is media coverage
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lopsided when america's divided. apparently true the media pours gas on the fire. turns out republicans and democrats may not hate each other as much as you think and the bipartisan is exaggerated according to a new study from the university of pennsylvania, a school for people who couldn't get into college. their football team is named the quakers. which means the players probably do go to class. because they're not good. anyway, researchers found that the main reason americans choose and stay lo to a party has more to do with love than hate. ie it's not that either side wants to trash the others, it's that like a quality pair of boxer briefs they just want to support their own. weird analogy i agree. but the study's author says the hatred between parties clouds people's better judgment to a fault. by pointing this out they hope to quote, clear up some of the
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misperceptions people have about how much they're hated by their political opponents and by extension discourage people from eating their own hostility t well, what a bunch of [bleep]. i kid. maybe they're right. despite the fact that we still disagree on things. we can overwhelmingly agree that this lady is amazing. >> you know, when we talk about our children, i know for this group we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they are a children of the community. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges and to work together. >> talking about the significance of the passage of time, right? the significance of the pass age of time. so when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time. >> you're going to literally see the creators on the moon with your owner eyes. with your own eyes, i'm telling you.
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>> greg: you know, tyrus, that would send better with what? >> bong 0s. >> when we talk about our children i know for this group, we all believe. when we talk about the community, they are a children of the community. we will work together and continue to work together to address these issues, to tackle these challenges, and to work together. >> talking about the significance of the passage of time. right? the significance of the passage of time. so when you think about it, there is great significance of the passage of time. [cheers and applause] >> greg: yes always works. >> tyrus: she should literally take the sign language person out and bring the bong 0 guy in, we would tune in to her every night. >> greg: exactly. do you think this elevation of conflict which i think the media is definitely responsible for, makes things like even this mass shooting, it makes it impossible
4:22 pm
to have a conversation because there are two sides are -- we only lites ton the extreme sides, right? the nra is say ton or everybody must be armed and there's like -- well, actually it's because --. >> tyrus: well, only because the loud ones get the mic because they're willing to talk about it. the rest us are dealing with it. that's the thing. when you go to the shopping market there's not a democrat line and republican line. >> greg: there should be. >> tyrus: yeah. and let's be honest, how many rear people spend their day talking politics? usually it's people board and often and what they saw on tv. it's not part of our every day lives when it comes to voting it will come up but most of us are dealing with raising kids and our wives, family, working. and the people on the news especially main stream, they need us to watch, they need to see the fire so of course the extremes get the mic because if you ask a regular person or normal american person, it's about the tram i did it's about
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making soft targets hard targets. they don't care about discussing it they want to solve it. and when you solve things, it's boring. you can't make money off reality. you have to bring in somebody who, when they speak, everybody goes what? and they want to convince us it's real. and it's on both sides. and when you don't do those things there's no money in it. it's about clicks and ratings. we all hate each other. we don't, we listen and they try to trick us into thinking we do and create a scenario. >> greg: kat, tyrus made a good point but you might disagree. because i was going to say when you leave this world you don't think people see party affiliation. that's not always the case. >> no. if someone asks me where i work and they don't know, i just say it's like something less controversial. like porn. [laughter] >> kat: i work in pornography.
4:24 pm
[laughter] >> kat: the study didn't make me feel better either because it was saying people really love like their political parties. that's like creepy to me, too. like to love anyone in the government, like to love someone who has power over you. i don't know. i guess -- it's not my kink personally but i think that it can -- you are going to have some hatred. . big government porn, the worst. >> my least favorite kind >> greg: what are your thoughts joe? i'm trying to let him complete his joke, banderas. >> joe: well i wasn't sure if i would say something that sounded intelligent until we showed those clips of the vice-president and now i realize it doesn't matter. she sounds like someone who's at the end of an is a question word count and needs to repeat phrases over to fill up the blew book. and in conclusion if i could reiterate and so forth. when it comes to politics you
4:25 pm
can't change people's minds especially not with the drum section at 3:00 in the morning telling them you love them. >> greg: maybe you should step on his jokes. >> joe: here's the key. if you disagree with someone, say to them -- >> kat: truckers. [laughter]. >> sorry. . >> joe: you know what's crazy? that was going to be the punch line. she guessed a little ahead. >> greg: what was the punch line. >> joe: you'll never know. >> greg: now you're two for two banderas. [laughter]. >> julie: i can't stop. >> greg: i was going to say something nice about democrats and something critical about republicans. can do you that? democrats have better taste in music and democrats can be less judgmental. can do you that and flip and say something about those you disagree with? >> julie: i can't say anything
4:26 pm
nice about -- >> greg: truckers. >> julie: i love it. truckers >> kat: we have threats. >> greg: this side is falling apart. >> julie: i can't say nice things about anybody. >> greg: you hate everybody. >> julie: i actually do. in general you're guilty until proven innocent that's my role, i've never been a juror but it's a lopsided hate because democrats absolutely hate reps more than republicans hate democrats it is not even at all. and i don't believe hating everybody over their party, i hate everybody at the party but not for their political affiliation. >> greg: i think that's a fair point. we're going to move on unless joe you have a joke that --. >> joe: trucker. >> greg: all right.
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>> greg: if you're homeless and about to roam why not break into a home? a socialist plan to provide
4:31 pm
shelter that's as welcomed as nude pics of seltzer. rebecca pardon running for congress in washington state which makes her a moderate. she doesn't look like a socialist. she's proposing homeless people break into abandon homes to seek shelter. she talks about it in a highly produced campaign add that shows her living in her car, finding about how the system is evil and co-rupp. maybe spend some of that money on rent, am i right person asking a question to himself. so why not break into houses. >> imagine having a housing for all bill in congress, then all of a sudden you, me and a medical of our friends took acc nationwide and they couldn't ignore us. no one has ever done anything like this. that's why it's going to work. >> are you ready?
4:32 pm
>> greg: that's some edgy music, huh? yeah, i guess the reject from sons of anarchy. where's her jacket? fox reached out to par son's campaign for details of her plan but so far no response perhaps due to. nate side parking. and we probably shouldn't have called her home phone. because she doesn't have one banderas. it's a joke. >> julie: oh. >> greg: she also says the minimum wage should be $30 an hour. i guess she thinks rising inflation means putting too much air in your home's tires. but she's full of practical ideas. meanwhile in tennessee, that's a state, they're taking a different approach making homeless camps on public land a felony it goes into effect on july 1st and tent cities and local public property punishable by up to six years in prison. six years seems harsh but i get
4:33 pm
it you let crazies take over the streets and now some states are taking the streets back. now if only they could take the streets back from these people. [horn beeping] >> greg: you know, this will be the fourth time i say this today, joe, but that's a lot of duck. worth the time. so, okay, telling people to rake into homes, is that a good idea? >> i think we can see why this woman has trouble paying her rent. i don't know if i'd elect someone who mentions an idiotic plan that's never been tried. it's so crazy it's got to work. yeah. never saw somebody juggle chainsaws with their feet but come on, the time is now. so here's clearly a buffoon and doesn't understand how money
4:34 pm
works. i'm happy to see cities are cranking down on tent places because it's not sustainable. you can't address the homelessness problem that way. and people are homeless because they're down on their luck, they have tragedies and you can help those people. there are others who are profoundly mentally ill and then there are others who can't fit into society. you can't treat all three the same. san francisco tried it and you end up turning a residential house into a crack house: . >> greg: so true and you're an expert on crack, kat. >> yeah, i hope your father's not watching >> kat: my dad's always watching. he's really proud of me. >> greg: anyway, let's go back to this tent thing because if you actually afford this sort of thing you will be betrayed as heartless. but joe makes a good point, it does knob any good, especially property value
4:35 pm
>> kat: you know what else makes it not good, a flown. they make it a felony to be homeless. like if you're down on your luck there's things i can help but i have not heard that about felony. >> greg: you're soft on crime. >> julie: i don't think it should be a felon any. >> greg: what should it be? just because you dated a homeless person, doesn't make it okay. >> tyrus: he was homeless >> kat: he was homeless thanks to me. >> tyrus: he lived on her couch >> kat: my record for homeless is unparalleled in this room. >> julie: she is the champion for anybody it turns out. >> greg: yes. sad story over there we won't get into it but what are your thoughts on either top i can, the getting --
4:36 pm
>> for a sex partner? >> greg: no. >> julie: sorry what? >> greg: getting homeless outs of tents and lady breaking into homes. >> julie: first of all this is why you can't be running for office, you have every squatter living for free, you don't have to go anywhere you can live for free off anybody's dime and it's disgusting. socialism for you. >> greg: tyrus? >> first of all you're stupid, that's the stupidest idea in your life >> kat: everything i did. >> tyrus: no. but here's the problem with that, how do you know the house is abandoned until you break into it? >> joe: exactly. >> greg: so now you're encouraging people to randomly break into houses if lights are off. >> joe: right. >> so you come in and yell surprise, that's going to come around real hard, the second
4:37 pm
thing is this the problem with government. the first solution was to hand out tents. they handed out tents to everybody. what did you think they were going to do with them? they were going to put them some place and this is the problem with government. we need to start doing things pry vat sector and figuring things out because government just creates more problems. now they have too many tents. and she got help us all if she's elected >> kat: i think the people she wants to watch the add are going to be able to see it. >> greg: really true. you are heartless. make fun of the homeless like that. >> julie: maybe she'll get toast. >> greg: by a trucker. coming up, when kids are jo before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake.
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>> greg: will suing facebook over mental health lead to parental wealth. and will california let you sue zuckerberg for 25,000 zuckerburg. take that whoever you are. if this new california bill passes parents will be able to sue social media companies for $25,000 if their kids become addicted to using them. that comes to $12 after taxes. it defines addiction emotional developmental or harm but unable to stop using it anyway. sounds like me with or physicians helping out those little bastards. what's the thing other people are addicted to, can you sue ben and jerry's because you're morbidly obese. could you sue fox because you're hopelessly a dictioned to my beautiful face? well if you want to you better
4:43 pm
get in line. let's go live to the people in line waiting to sue fax for becoming addicted to my beautiful face. >> huh? no. >> kat: a shrine to sue. >> julie: yes, a line to sue because of my beautiful face kat. you want to go outside right now? we'll stop the show, you doubt me. so you're one of those gen zs right? oh >> kat: i'm a millennial thank you. >> greg: do you think there's a case for suing social media. they think everybody young is an expert on social media >> kat: i'm an expert. i think it incentivizes get youring kid addicted to social media. how would you prove it? a lot can't get off tik tok, boom, 25 grand every single
4:44 pm
time, that's just free money. >> exactly and if you do a class action suit, that's -- you should have as many kids as you can and put phones in their faces leave them alone and go get rich. >> greg: like a big warehouse of kids on phones >> kat: yeah >> greg: that sounds like so much fun. are you going to sue the box of wine companies because you often wake up to an empty box of wine wondering where did that go. [laughter] >> julie: it's just like california, blame their freaking problems on somebody else. it's the parents, you're the problem. if somebody sued me every time i sucked as a parent or made a bad decision or drank during home coming or during the pandemic, i would be broke. parents need to take responsibility for their kids. take the dam devices away.
4:45 pm
>> yeah. >> tyrus, trying to get specific, could be tvs or refrigerators. tyrus? you know the unspeakable truth tyrus, the unspeakable truth is we're all companies and all products. you want the best strategy is addiction. i mean, you want people to be addicted to your stuff, because they're the best customer. >> tyrus: well, they're banking on [bleep] parents is what they're banking on >> kat: exactly. >> tyrus: because if mom is spending 12 hours a day on instagram and facebook and making tik toks can, show's nothing taking time with her kids if dad's doing that and then the kids get hooked on it because. so you want to look at your own braty child, put your own phones down and be a parent.
4:46 pm
i'm not a friend at all. i ruin days. it's a point of pride. be a part parent. >> greg: before i get to you joe how are we doing on the ducks? are they still crossing? poor guys on the scooters joe. >> joe: they lod happier than the guys waiting to sue you. >> greg: for sure. are you with everybody else this stupid. >> joe: i'm amazed by california's legal system where wealthy liberals have a dumb idea. it becomes a law, lawyers sue everyone if you keep going around this human sent peed of stupidity it's mind your own business, leave the kids alone. smack the phones out of your kids hands and i see friends of
4:47 pm
mine that they go on social media vacations, no facebook and twitter. and i think that was great. and then i realize how did i find out about that? they were bragging about twitter on it. >> greg: yeah. i square somebody we know quit three times. keeps going back to let you know he's quit. >> tyrus: hemmer? >> greg: no, not hemmer. i'll tell you on the break ihis name isn't gutfeld mom mom >> kat: that's my motto lower the bar. >> greg: you lower the bar at the bar. it's disgusting the things she gets up to at the bar >> julie: you're an ass. >> greg: up next, new york bids good day to the phones
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>> a story in five words. >> greg: we're short on time so here's the story in five words. the last pay phone finally removed. look at that, kat. that's the last pay phone in new york city times square. have you ever used a pay phone? >> kat: okay. so you know that like mitch joke
4:52 pm
where elevators aren't broken they just become stairs. that's what happened in new york, they didn't become obsolete they just became urinals. >> greg: yeah it's hard to find places the pee now >> kat: i've never used a pay phone i've seen dozens of people peeing in them >> greg: just right out here. julie as you're entering your sixth decade what are your fondest memories of using a pay phone? >> kat: what? >> julie: why do i come back? you're always mean. >> greg: when you were dialing up for one of those cabs, those big clunky cabs. >> julie: what makes you think i'm not her age? what the hell? i'm gen-z. >> greg: yeah you're gen-z. >> julie: and i remember pulling up in my car because i was driving not after a bar i was
4:53 pm
driving totally fine but i needed to call for assistance. so i pulled over and needed to call somebody to pick me up. >> greg: very good, excellent >> kat: yeah i pulled over. i had driven a little bit but then pulled over. >> greg: pay phones were disgusting, weren't they disgusting. >> julie: yes but i actually liked them because i don't like the fact people can reach me at all times. i like the fact that i can drop off. you can't text me catch me at the gas station. >> you ever watch old movies and you're like how do they save nip i have to run to a pay phone, everybody had to have change in their pocket because there were no collect calls. >> joe: when you saw someone using a pay phone you knew they were up to some really shady [bleep]. you're like wow they don't even want that to show up on their t-mobile bill. one thing i thought was nice though after people urinated in them i like how they would turn around to zip up.
4:54 pm
i thought that was very gentlemanly thing to do >> greg: thank god it was just urinating, tyrus. are you glad? >> actually no. pay phones in my neighborhood, we always knew where the bad guys were. so you would see the guy looking at his pager going -- like all the cribs. all the dud letters, the prosecutes hung around the pay phone so you knew what zone you could hang out? >> greg: that was their office ithat was their office, yeah. >> greg: call me at this number. >> tyrus: nothing worse than calling your mom from a pay phone and you're like -- because you don't want to get stuck in a phone booth with a diddler. and then you feel bad like what is super man do snow he's going to get in trouble for exposing himself. >> greg: true. >> tyrus: you're watching a boxing fight and you're like you have to get in that phone booth and start hitting him and they're like what does that mean?
4:55 pm
shut up. it's like yellow pages, you rip a phone book in half now it's not impressive. doesn't know what that is. like a changing of the guards, tough guys and phone booths. >> greg: no you can't do it. i was thinking about collect calls did you ever have a code so you didn't have to pay for it, like if i would call my mom. >> tyrus: collect call be home in ten points. >> greg: i would be like my name is mr. jfk land 3, that would be i landed terminal three jfk and that was my little -- i thought i was the only one who did that. >> tyrus: no, i was broke, too. >> greg: we're all broke. >> greg: we're all broke. somebody's going to be the more information i found, got me more curious. researching my family on ancestry has given me a purpose. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years. it showed how much my family was really rooted in campbell county. it was really finding gold.
4:56 pm
the best part is feeling like i really have roots. don't be afraid to open the door, there's so much information on the other side.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
gregg final thoughts? >> thursday 26th i'll be in the anchor tavern in long beach, new york and next week in parks casino with kevin downey jr. >> june 11th always ready. i'll defend my world television championship and
5:00 pm
have a book signing. check it out! >> greg: you're what i see! >> stop. >> greg: all right. thank you! [♪♪♪] brian: welcome to "one nation" on his red, white and blue weekend. i'm brian kilmeade. you may be prepared to fire up the grill and enjoy time with family and friends. it's a stark reminder that freedom isn't free. it's about memorial d


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