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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 29, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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pete: charlotte motor speedway. rachel: coca-cola 600 series. will: they keep the tires warm, it's a little chilly but were ready to go. pete: the longest walk to set. rachel: it is true. pete: a beautiful sunrise, really nice. it's a trophy you want to carry it?
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this thing is about 9000 pounds. rachel: tell us what is it like to wake up in the infield? pete: it is pitiful i took a shower in the rv this morning, i made my kid shower last night i threw men like cattle. it was awesome will came over and showed us photos we watch infinity race yesterday was a ton of fun and then the qualifiers were last night you get to watch the favorite drivers go around of each top speed. rachel: round and round. pete: my 11-year-old favorite driver is taking the pulled any hanlon he is in the first position and kyle busch second, you know what struck me it is an event you go to a basketball game at a football game, this is an event and even today the big race still to come. rachel: i love that you got to share that with your kids they were in the rv and you getting the experience together. pete: we bought headgear equipment so we could chat during the race. rachel: you guys are hard-core,
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his favorite driver mark junior, they get a chance to read up and get an autographed. he absolutely loves will came he calls them superman. good thing he threw him in the shower. there was a lot of barefoot action in general grind. rachel: it looks like a lot of fun. you're the official nascar fan. pete: i don't know about that but charlotte is america's home for racing. yesterday i think it was tyler reddick came off of the base qualifier and they asked him about the name on his windshield and he was able to give a couple of minutes of how important that story was to him to have the kia
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vet on the memorial weekend. i don't think it's for show, you see that and a lot of sports, support the troops, it's embedded ingrained in what nascar does and they did a nice job. everyone should water one military member who died in service. it's an awesome tradition at nascar. you'll see that the coca-cola 600. we will have dan crenshaw, congresswoman nancy grace, when some spears, sean duffy, dj moore will also join us a little bit later. pete: i went out with a light up with my kids and they were excited to see dj more from the carolina panthers. will: fox news alert president biden and joe biden are set to travel to train to texas this morning. rachel: they will meet with families of robb elementary victims families and first responders on the scene.
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will: casey siegel is live in uvalde. >> and marty they will be on the ground for about eight hours or so landing in san antonio and making their way by air to uvalde texas which is 80 miles or so to the west. there to be visited the memorial at the school and also attending mass while they are here in addition to the meetings with surviving family members and some of the first responders as you said and they have an awful lot waiting for them in uvalde. five days since the tragedy in talking with the locals they have said that they sure hope this does not become politicized. they rather there be a tone of comfort and concern since they are essentially broken right now. >> we must stand stronger, we cannot outlaw tragedy, i know
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but we can make america safer. >> police admit mistakes were made in the crucial moments after tuesday shooting. the new york post reports that the school district police chief may not have had a radio on him at the time when he made a call for officers to stand back instead of confronting the gunmen more than 45 minutes have now ticked by and the timeframe when all was said and done, 21 people were killed. 19 kids, mostly fourth-graders and two teachers. >> he was not anywhere near the victims he is held in a separate county in a morgue, we are waiting for the victims to all be released to uvalde. we sent in for the examination.
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this is for respect for the victims. >> according to the daily mail the shooter sister is enlisted in the u.s. navy and returned here to uvalde when your grandmother was shot. that is what started this whole incident the first place. the gunmen shot his grandmother in the face. she has survived in a hospital in san antonio but that is what led to the shooting in the first place. he fled the scene which is not far from the elementary school, wrecked and crashed his truck and we know the rest from their. we will be here on the ground covering the first lady and the president and the spoken community. rachel: thank you casey.
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pete: casey brings up the grandmother, rachel you did an interview on your podcast we had the doctor on the show yesterday, it is so important, we will mourn and grieve for those lost but to figure out how to move forward and did figure out what is happening with young people and their culture at large but young men in particular in this culture, i think the grandmother and the fact that she is anticipated to survive could help to begin to provide answer with this young man began to go wrong. we need to identify these individuals going forward speed what a great point, the grandmother, the grandfather was in his life and his sister who returned to take care of the grandmother who was shot in the face and recovering of the hospital. doctor helen smith we spoke to yesterday a forensic psychologist who deals with children who are violent and she said on my podcast that she is surprised there is not more given the stew in our culture
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and what's happening with families in this isolation that i think is been exacerbated by both social media input on overdrive perhaps even during this pandemic when kids were isolated more than we ever could've imagined. will: in sick corners of the internet it's quarter glorified. we will save some of the information for casey siegel's report. the police chief did not have a radio. that is an interesting video but an incomplete picture of what's going on, did he get the 911 call, did he have a sense of people were alive in the classroom, we will learn more about that. lawrence jones we were told the school resource officer initially told police that he did engage the suitor. but then when he wrote of written statement a sworn statement something the hospital up in the court of law he backtracked and said he did not engage with the shooter instead
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he drove past accidentally or did not engage she thought the teacher was a shooter. way too long and apparently the police chief went through mass shooter training just in december. too many mistakes to be had. also the initial incident becoming a little clearer now. rachel: it's hard to get past it, the chief of the school district now has police guarding his home because he is worried because people are really angry and they want answers and many people think this is unacceptable. you had children, pleading for help and there were officers outside the did not get in. also from the district he said he spoke to somebody it was one of the officers outside.
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a tightly reinforced because to keep shooters out of the classroom in a situation like this, maybe they hadn't thought about what happened with the shooters inside to get harder into the classrooms so they had to use something like a crowbar. >> we talked about how we move forward what we could do look at our culture, many wanted turn to guns, president donald trump was in wyoming last night and he put attention on another aspect that we talked about which is reinforcing schools. here's what he had to say. >> we also all the terrible tragedy that happened this week in texas. what a horrible horrible thing to see. i tell you, just having left texas, they are devastated. the whole country is devastated. actually the whole world is devastated. now we urgently need to invest in securing our schools, we spend trillions and trillions of dollars in iraq, afghanistan and
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we have absolutely nothing for. before we nation built the rest of the world, we should be building safe schools for our own children in our own nation and in our own towns. will: $60 billion just sent to ukraine. in addition to the equip of the fight in afghanistan. plenty of money this is not a resource problem this is a priority problem. rachel: millions and millions for covid for schools, we only sent 7% of that. if you told the american people and asked them where they want the body to go at this point with covid behind as i'm sure most people would say we want to secure our schools without money. there's plenty of money to do it, just the will to do it. pete: president trump in wyoming because he is taking on liz cheney in a primary. it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. rachel: a packed crowd you can see from the footage.
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an interesting race. pete: a few additional headlines starting with fox news alert. six people hurt after shooting overnight in chattanooga outside of the tennessee aquarium. two people have life-threatening injuries, officers were patrolling downtown when the gunfire broke out, they believe it started between multiple groups of juvenile. one person of interest is in custody. solid gold tabernacle worth $2 billion is stolen from a catholic church and brooklyn. the thieves drilled and cut a giant hole into the tabernacle casing to pull it out. they also decapitated the head of a marble angel statue. nypd says is looking for an unknown number of suspects. the new jersey general clinched their spots by holding off the
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tampa bay bandits. the first usfl team to secure a postseason bid. another piece of usfl history they beat the michigan panthers in the first overtime game in the league's history, today on fox the undefeated birmingham stallions will face off against the pittsburgh maulers at 2:00 p.m. watch usfl and then watch coca-cola 600 all on fox. rachel: the best of the tabernacle, it is more than just $2 million. that for us is a very sacred, the holiest most sacred thing in the church. will: has to be have you can just walked on the church with it. is there one in each church? rachel: yes, a major deal for catholics that that happened. it speaks a lot to the crime that's happening in the city of new york. we have a fox news alert, gases
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high prices jumping again overnight. pete: 39 million americans are traveling this memorial day weekend. live from washington with the details. >> there is cane out there in the holiday road, 39 million americans traveled and 35 of them are expected to load up the family truck and drive. this is a record no one wants to hit. the average price of a gallon of gas. an all-time high today of $4.61 almost the same but we could go or a month ago at $4.15 in the year ago $3.4. there's nowhere safe to escape. gas prices topping $4 and every single state. i actually took a picture yesterday stunned because the first time in my life i actually paid $100. you see it there to fill up my
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toyota four runner, i'm not even traveling anywhere. flying is not better, flights are up 30% with average cost nearly $400. travelers are feeling it. watch. >> i wish it was a lot cheaper. i would like to travel a lot more. now that i have a good job i want to travel and do things. i wish it was lower. >> i think it's summertime everybody likes to get out we spent two years stuck at home. >> if you fluid you probably saw headaches, through 222 delays into a due date cancellations for u.s. flights. finally when you get where you are going anything you might want to throw on the grill, it's gonna cost an arm and a leg bacon up 18%, chicken up 16.5%, ground beef up 15% and even hot dogs almost up 7%. rachel: thank you.
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i think you were staying home this weekend because he wants to watch top gun. he loves it. pete: better than the original. pete: he says top gun maverick better than the original according griff jenkins' people working to watch and decide if he's right. i do love the original speaker he's strong to hyperbole. rachel: coming up the drug crisis is surging in new york city is telling addicts to feel empowered. a confusing ad campaign next. will: woke l.a. district attorney george gascon facing backlash, his memorial day message that you might say misses the mark. ♪
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♪ ♪. will: welcome back to charlotte the coca-cola 600 coming live this morning "fox & friends" we are going to turn to the other side of the country how about to los angeles where los angeles district attorney george gascon was a little tone deaf, does understand memorial day. pete: he misunderstood the purpose of the holiday but did it in a way where he's acknowledging he should know better. the guy does not know. actually he knows too well how to ruin a city. pete: his pro criminal. he tweeted this thinking allshare and the warm glow of memorial day weekend. i did not know george gascon. this is a tweet from george
3:24 am
gascon the infamous d.a. and los angeles whose burning the city. when i was 18 years old i joined the united states army. i would like to wish everyone a happy and safe memorial day weekend as we reflect and remember those who have served our country. rachel: then mike garcia a resident of california wrote are you a ghost, you have the wrong holiday george gascon, veterans day is in november this week and we honor those who did not make it home, it's not hard neither is recognizing the difference between felonies and misdemeanors. people catching on not only not understand memorial day but people in california getting frustrated. >> you should understand the difference between the two holidays. veterans day for those who served in memorial day for those who gave their life for our country. i think you make it a .., he
3:25 am
actually is a veteran, he's flexing that he is a veteran and that may come with special knowledge about what the holiday are remembering. pete: in the picture of him swearing an oath you think it would come with additional understated of the constitution of the things that you fought for, clearly it does not. it is what it is to bring about the nasca i think we have a shot of it. every single tire they have on the vehicle during this race today has a sticker this is honor and remember that is in honor of goldstar families. i think we rightfully pointed out we remember those who were killed but we also take about the families who lost the loved ones on memorial day weekend. every single car in every single tire has the goldstar honor and remember sticker just to remind everybody here it is a nascar race it'll be a lot of fun but this is a special weekend.
3:26 am
rachel: we went into the infield yesterday, i doubt a lot of people in the infield don't know what the purpose of memorial day is so maybe george gascon should come to the infield, come to nascar and learn a little bit about memorial day and maybe get some feedback from other americans on how to run a city. pete: my suspicion those also and then feel no difference between a felony and misdemeanor. not only do they definitely know, they know the distinction we went out there with a microphone we will share it later on and we pop the question to a bunch of people. what is this weakening to you. nobody was like to support the troops and the vets. it was about those who lost everything and passing into the next generation. i have three boys in an rv, you guys have a bunch of kids, sitting them down and telling them about the price of freedom on this weekend. in new york city appears to be
3:27 am
empowering drug users, the harmful campaign add causing confusion. will: it's insane if you look at the ad. nancy mace joining us live to share her memorial day message next. ♪
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3:32 am
thousand 13 when he overdosed on heroin. now she runs a foundation in his memory kathy joins us live. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. you lost her son tragically to a heroin overdose. when you saw this advertisement, i'm curious, what did you think? >> it was conflicting. i had not seen it until someone brought it to my attention because i had not been on the subway or the lirr for several years. it is great we will have a conversation and it's fantastic they want to bring it mainstream but we have to be careful about our messaging and particularly one of these two posters is harmful. it's harmful to tell people not to be ashamed your using, be empowered that you're using safely. if this is all a campaign about fentanyl, fentanyl is not safe
3:33 am
its use for end-of-life situations, tiny tiny amount can be fatal. i don't agree with that messaging, i think is dangerous. rachel: let me redo some of the tips of our viewer give us a better understanding of what the advertiser says. avoid using alone, take turns, start with a small dose, go slowly keep naxal and ready on hand, avoid using drugs, use fentanyl test strips, my concern is it's not just encouraging drug use for those who are doing it but is sending a message to those who are maybe think about using it you have not yet and says maybe this is safe if you just careful. >> that knowledge is not safe, that is the bottom line. avoid using alone and taking turns is interesting. most drug users that are
3:34 am
consistent users, particularly opioid, they don't share their drugs, the brain is looking for an immediate dopamine spike, they are not sharing. i guess when i looked at this campaign, what i have a probably who is the targeted audience. are we talking about the weekend party person or the person with a substance abuse disorder? it depends who your audience is that statement means different things. the other statement which is ludicrous start with a small dose, what is a small dose, does anybody know that is not been around that novel for, what a small dose really means. a couple of grains of sand size can kill you. using the term small is dangerous, why not show a visual of what amount can actually kill you.
3:35 am
rachel: rights, here's the statement from the new york department of health. they said every four hours a new yorker dies of a drug overdose. shame pushes people underground, shame drives people away from services. shame puts people at greater risk and shame is life-threatening. we want to fight shame and stigma and we want people to live. we have to leave it there but maybe you want the new york department of health to call you and your foundation for some advice next time they put out a campaign? >> that would be absolutely fine. if we message correctly in this conversation continues for the broader public, we can do better read we can absolutely do better but we have to message correctly and no who were targeting each and every time we message. rachel: that is right. i will note your foundation is after beloved son jake is about helping people find lifetime
3:36 am
recovery. thank you so much for joining us. >> you are welcome, have a great day. rachel: happy memorial day. we are live from charlotte motor speedway ahead of the coca-cola 600. as you can see ricketts making the most of it, he is live on c street. congresswoman nancy mace is here with the memorial day message. stay with us. ♪ big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions.
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will: in one hour president biden will head to uvalde texas to me with devastated families after last week's school massacre. this comes as investigators are probing whether the police chief had his radio when he ordered to stand back rather than go in and confront the gunmen. the gop congresswoman nancy mace and troy carolina. good morning glad to have you here in charlotte. we'll talk about the race and the first time that you said -- let's pick up on the sadness president biden scheduled to go to uvalde.
3:41 am
with this news i don't know if it's a communication the breakdown or the equipment broke down but something failed in the process of communicating what was happening inside the classroom. >> something failed miserably i hope the president will not politicize this event and so important that we get all the information we gather the information before we talk about. the stories about parents that were being arrested on site at the school who was just trying to rescue the kids in the gunmen was in the school for over an hour, he was outside the school shooting for 12 minutes in relearning these details, mom who was arrested and got out of the and got out of there. the community deserves answers to the questions that i hope we will focus on the on the days ahead for what happened why. >> that should be a focus on the days ahead i hope they don't politicize this tragedy. are there things that congress could do in a bipartisan manner?
3:42 am
addressing school security, are the things that republicans and democrats can come together to try to stop a growing tragedy. >> to find common ground we have to find common sense. either side politicizing tragic events to their political gain, that's not what needs to happen right here, i have two kids one in high school and one in middle school. these are things that we care about, there are things for example look at a criminal formation, why was this kid known to be shooting kids randomly with a bb gun allowed to buy a gun legally. there's a lot of questions but most states don't keep criminal information in one database. we should know what's going on there should be a threat matrix. there is ways to harden schools as well you talk about bulletproof doors or bulletproof glass. there are things that we could do common ground with common sense. i was part of an active shooter alert built two weeks ago.
3:43 am
i learned also recently in the last couple of months another bill that i'm on the fbi and federal agencies when they communicate with law enforcement agencies they can only communicate via fax machine. this is 2022 we have the technology and the memes to communicate but why are we using a fax machine only to commit a criminal information about people committing crimes. >> that the communication failures in uvalde. speaking of communication failures and president biden there was a moment where he was speaking at a naval graduation for the naval academy and he said north korea stood with us when we impose sanctions on russia. of course north korea did not stayed with the united states of america out of dave everson with united states of america. what did we read into. it would be nice if this was the first time but it's not. what are we read into the
3:44 am
president's mistakes. >> he should go into the dmc between north and south korea and see where the actually stand on the world stage we look weak and what america is strong we have a president who is not going to whisper into his microphone in front of future leaders of this country. we need to but he is good to be serious, strong, stable and steady and that's what our country needs right now and that's what the world needs right now. we have to stop the far left partisanship and we have to come together. when you talk about the border and immigration shooting in our schools. ukraine and afghanistan 70 issues facing our country right now and all were doing is dividing rather than unite. >> i know you grow up in a military family your father, born at fort bragg in north carolina and here you are with us. it's your first time in special is not just any race they honor and there's a picture of your father on the screen right now. where they honor those who have lost. i don't of you know this or if you been aware every windshield
3:45 am
honors a servicemember who have been lost. what do you think. >> that is amazing we would not be able to celebrate this memorial day for all the sacrifices from our men and women have made throughout history and throughout our lifetime in this country. my father said for 28 years he is an army ranger and he was the first one to command the army ranger again, most of her family are in the military and the birth of a son. i'm really grateful for the service to each of them do for all of us. >> we are grateful that you got up early and made it appear in charlotte. we are glad to have you. we will toss it over to you for headline. rachel: a woman who attacked a flight attendant knocking out some of her teeth is sentenced to 15 months in prison the incident happening last year on a southwest flight when she was
3:46 am
told to buckle her seatbelt and put her facemask on properly. on top of prison time a federal judge ordered the woman to pay $33000 in restitution and banned her from flying for three years. it barking up the right tree some animals on tiktok making $26 the furry phenomenon the top earner is a gray cat with over 27 billion followers. number two is a pomeranian known with 20 million followers the puppy bracketed $20000 per post. my dog skippy not forgetting anybody for my family. let's turn to chief meteorologist. in the past year to be like
3:47 am
richard williams and train your kids every day for hours a day to get them to become to make a lot of money right now use have a have a dog and take some pictures. that is crazy. i have the best seat in the house the charlotte speedway a marching band getting ready for the showdown and i can see on the other side of the stands. an absolutely beautiful boarding north carolina is beautiful. early this weekend i got to go out and have experiences including an amazing amusement park with 14 roller coasters and i got to go on whether the roller coasters unfortunately twice and it did not end so well. it was a good time. we have a lot more coming up and other adventures in western north carolina that i got to do. you will not want to miss that. sunday the back over to you. rachel: coming up a nonprofit is working with service members after they returned from war. the founders join us live with
3:48 am
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>> tomorrow is memorial day as we honor and mourn the heroes defending the country we also highlight those who help the men and women when they return from service. founders of the secure foundation tom and jen join us now. it's a pleasure to speak with you this morning. our viewers may not know this you were there, you know what this is like, you're trained for but a whole other world and then you have to come home and you're trying to help other guys. >> it's a difficult thing to do i need to work on myself and i decided to take that around. >> the scope of the problem for guys like you to come home is
3:53 am
deeper and broader than most people realize. >> and doesn't want to admit reaching out for help or training you on something you have been trained on. and it's for families to that's where you come in the conversation. >> it's a war-torn country and looks a little different than other countries innocent women and children who are suffering from secondary pts is a real problem. >> when the vet comes from the inner woman of the going through this you have spouses and kids wondering what the heck is going on what can those parents and spouses do refer to the foundation, connecting with other people? >> reach out you never turn anyone away if you having problems or issues may be an veteran or an active duty is not ready to get help with the families questioning what to do. were here for the entire family
3:54 am
unit. >> how long did it take for you to realize the scope of what you are up against and managing posttraumatic stress and realize how many other guys face it to. talk to me about that process. >> it was a process of mistakes feeling, denying, continuing on and finally meeting a woman and owning up to it when i hit rock bottom, don't tell me when i'm at rock bottom and finally bouncing back and realizing i can change and be happier. it's been a lot happier this way. >> commandeers 20 years of special operations. >> 22 years. >> i see you breaking out the jackhammer. a summary is a probable show you something. >> nobody can tell me anything i knew it all. >> now that you've used in this foundation? >> really tough times and really frustrating times. i felt really alone as a spouse
3:55 am
and he felt alone as a warrior. as soon as we realize this is an injury you can heal from is not a life sentence. the success rate was so great that we felt that we have to help others there's a way out. >> the foundation was our website. >> all secure and also social media platforms. >> of your event or family member, if you know someone who is struggling reach out you guys have resources to help. real quick on memorial day weekend what is your message. >> not to overly mourn but remember how they lived and rejoice in the fact that they gave us this freedom and to move past that and always say their names are never forgotten. >> or think it's so cool the nascar is putting the names of the fallen to replace drivers. we had cory the said he feels like his driving was 600 more pounds on the car without name on there. tom in jan, the foundation.
3:56 am
>> all secure foundation. the perfect guest for this weekend. thank you. coming up will, rachel and i on a very different note. with a surprise guest, that is coming up next. ♪ tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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4:01 am
>> sometimes you have to bring the officer conversation on air. what you looking at is the patriot pride of freedom high school marching band performing i want you back to which pete hegseth asked is that the real name or do we make that up for the show. pete: the freedom high school? rachel: the pride beyond. >> are producer wet and are year, you are not in new york city anymore. will: freedom high school playing at the charlotte motor speedway, i love it. pete: "fox & friends" we can live from charlotte motor speedway ahead of the coca-cola 600. will can come up rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. rachel: you but an rv with your
4:02 am
kids getting the full experience. pete: will joined us for a big party of the affinity race which was a lot of fun. it's a social activity. if you're with people you enjoy being with, friends, your kids, you soak it all in. i would say you never get to go to every nascar and you should watch them on tv on fox at 6:00 o'clock but try to find one that is near you. once you go when see it once you will be hooked. rachel: going to watch the races one thing but going into the infield as a whole of their experience. we did that in charlotte and we had a special surprise guest with us. take a look. >> there is one consistency wherever we go. >> 15 years. >> 27 years. >> tell us what you have going. >> in 1953 ford f100, a great
4:03 am
set up. >> high-class living, the rv you're not doing a tent. >> with a porta potty. >> was over here. >> were here to stack the cash. >> what makes charlotte unique? >> this is home, the crowd at night. [laughter] >> memorial day weekend honoring those who paid everything,. >> eight years active duty in the air force. >> what does memorial day mean to you. >> those who did not come back. >> those who fought for us so we can do this. >> i want to play corn hole with them.
4:04 am
>> will just make rachel on my team. >> you know what it's like to be in grade school nobody wants to pick you to be on their team. >> you can't cheat you have to be way back here. >> don't pick him on your team. pete: we were celebrating we did meet some locals in enfield. rachel: that was amazing. >> not bad. rachel: the most patriotic military friendly corn hole game. >> infantry rifle, why are we doing that. really short. why are we over and over playing
4:05 am
it. >> you have to edit that out. we played this more than any other. rachel: that was a fox news alert. pete: i did carry the team yesterday little bit but the locals were talking a lot of smack. rachel: we had to take them down. pete: one was an air force vet, great guy they did know the reason for the weekend. rachel: yes unlike george gascon in los angeles. we have a big show ahead representative dan crenshaw is with us, you just saw nancy mace, lieutenant governor winsome sears, sean duffy, joey jones, dj moore carolina panthers wide receiver. pete: we want to give a shout out to clint boyer who hung out with us. everybody loves clint boyer. >> nobody knew who we were but everybody knew clint.
4:06 am
rachel: now we have a fox news alert. president biden and first lady jill biden are said to travel to uvalde texas in about 40 minutes. >> they will meet with the families of robb elementary school victims and first responders who were on the scene. pete: casey stegall is live and you've uvalde with more. so many twist and tragic ironies with this story as it unfolds. as it turns out the school district in uvalde texas just hosted an active shooter training in this community and it was training that was specifically designed for school resource officers and educational purposes for school installations. as we know now it appears responding officers did the opposite of what they were trained to do back in march after the uvalde school district
4:07 am
police chief told everyone to stand back versus confronting the shooter immediately. because of those actions official say more than 45 minutes went by as they tried to get through a door as 911 was flooded with calls of little voices on the other end taking for help. >> i spoke directly to one of the initial officers that engage the situation. he took fire, he got wounded and what they were telling me i'm asking why didn't you get in sooner and he said we did not have those tools we were scrambling looking for. there was a game warden who had a crowbar and a hammer that they ended up, they found a key eventually. these folks wanted to get in there as fast as they possibly could. these are our children in our community and we cannot lose side of that. >> today president biden joe
4:08 am
biden will be here on the ground serving as consoler and chief and recent weeks following the deadly supermarket shooting in buffalo. >> we must stand stronger. we cannot outlaw tragedy. but we can make america safer. >> local members of the community tell me they hope nothing gets to political. we know that's difficult to do in a story like this but the bottom line at the end of the day. you 21 people who lost their lives in this community. 19 mostly fourth-graders. that is the focus the community is hurting and grieving and that's what they're hoping to hear words of comfort from the president today. >> thank you so much, i think that's what we all hope to hear in light of the reflex we have to get from the white house i
4:09 am
would not be surprised if it becomes political. rachel: i would not either hats off to congressman gonzales he is a congressman from the district a father of six by the way it he was talking to a lot of people, police as well as a family. he spoke to somebody you said they dealt with in the past, they said this town is going to take a long time to heal. well over years. i think he said 18 months but i suspect it's gonna be longer. these moments are crucial what the president and joe biden the first lady when they come in the really tender raw moments following the shooting is going to be significant. this is the hispanic community. this weekend you can be sure mass will be full, people reaching out for some hope in some sort of place to put their
4:10 am
hope in. pete: from one tragedy to another form of insanity, and new york city where a public health campaign facing some backlash for empowering, seeming to empower intermediate drug users to use drugs safely instead of moving away from drugs. this is an acknowledgment of the nation's fentanyl crisis that you can and probably will encounter fentanyl if you're a drug user and perhaps if you're not a drug user also infecting prescription drugs as well. this is new york city i campaign you'll find it across the city still be ashamed you are using. be in power you are using safely. they went on to give you health tips to do so. >> on the poster to avoid an overgrowth in new york city. avoid using alone and take turns. sharing wasn't a good idea. >> start with a small dose and
4:11 am
go slowly. have naloxone, a drug on hand. avoid mixing drugs, test your drugs using fentanyl strips. what kills me, isn't that now the perfect reason to say stay away from drugs. you don't know what's in it. a tiny graham will kill you. instead they're saying start slowly. >> sharing is caring. >> it's insane is impossible. who came up with this idea. >> the new york department itself. people push back it's so insane. here's a statement from the new york department of health. every four hours a new yorker dies of the drug overdose. shame pushes people underground. shame drives people away from services. shane puts people at greater risk and shame is life-threatening. we want to fight shame and
4:12 am
stigma. we want people to live. i would say the answers all your questions they are not fighting drug abuse they are fighting shame and they laid it out right there, the main purpose is removing shame and not removing drug addiction. is not this bad advice for drug users. i mentioned this. a woman on the show who has a foundation because her son died of a heroin overdose and she said this is absolutely the wrong message. i believe a lot of people who haven't used drugs and may consider using drugs or situation where the confronted with making the decision. if you can manage it you're gonna be all right. this is absolutely asinine. >> the name of the woman you spoke to earlier she lost her son to fentanyl. >> we have to be careful about
4:13 am
our messaging and particularly one of the two as we saw as an example is harmful and to tell people to use safely, this is all the campaign about fentanyl, fentanyl was not safe. it is used for end-of-life situations, a tiny tiny amount can be fatal. i don't agree with that messaging i think it's dangerous. >> shame has a useful role, something that pushes you away from the bad and toward the good. i don't know if we should describe the mindset and ideology which is metastasizing as a cult of death or the cult of the slouch, it is something about let's not worry about your actions in life, the negative actions you may have that impact you and other people. let's worry how you internalize and how you feel. let's protect you from bad
4:14 am
feelings. how about we protect you from death and bad actions read this is beyond insanity there needs to be accountability. rachel: this is not the only word the other word they used was empowering another word that's abused in our culture. you will see nicki minaj and beyoncé shaking their booties and they're saying that empowering and now you see the new york health department telling you that drug abuse and putting empowering and drug abuse in the health add, it is insanity and its misuse of words and a lot of confusion for young people who are trained to figure out how to make it in the world. we really need to be better. >> there's a lot of good things to be said about shame. it we have a lot of things to be ashamed of. the reality shame is a natural thing to feel where you know you're doing something that isn't good for you and is
4:15 am
knocking for others. to say that drug use is empowering that is up is down, left is right, evil is good. that's what's becoming public messaging about drug use around fentanyl. i don't know if i have a better signal. >> bill bennett wrote a book called the death of shame. here we are. >> a few headlines will stay in new york city, to nypd officers are injured in a suspect is shot an incident in brooklyn. two officers responding to shots fired were standing feet from the suspects vehicle when the suspect sped away. one officer thrown across the street and managed to fired three shots of the car. police believe the man checked himself into a hospital 20 minutes later is a suspected driver. he and the injured officers are in stable condition. the vehicle was tracked down into other arrests were made. beijing and shanghai are easing
4:16 am
covid restrictions after months of brutal lockdowns with police. the virus outbreak fades. locking residents in their homes and forcing others into quarantine, stores and offices are partially reopening but restaurants are still closed and still closed for dying in and in both cities and shanghai and beijing. residents still have to use special passes to leave their homes. this we can we honor u.s. military personnel that died serving our country this memorial day the tradition started after the civil war in 1868 it was originally known as decoration day grieving families decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with flags. the first was held at arlington national ceremony in 1971. he became memorial day created national holiday the last monday in may to keep the memorial memory alive of all of the men and women who made the ultimate
4:17 am
sacrifice. those are your headlines. >> i love hearing that history. this memorial day weekend a brand-new fox special the lost ship of world war ii highlights the teams tracking america military wardship. >> bill served on one of the ships and led one of the teams tracking it down. he joins us now, before we go to you, thank you for being here here's a clip from the lost ships of world war ii on vaccination. >> now that it's been discovered the underwater video can solve mysteries that have lingered since the day. the big question how can a ship design for war sinking 12 minutes. the first clue came at the initial discovery that thou was severed from the ship. if we watch. >> this is the first strike in
4:18 am
the second one will happen under number two. how many minutes. >> that seconds. 90 seconds, two minutes, something like that. >> this looks really interesting really well done tell us what our viewers will learn from this. >> the title is the lost ship in world war ii. we could really call it the lost crews of world war ii. we try to focus on the heroism of the great truths lost during the war. what were gonna see, working to discover the ships using footage that's never been seen before exploring their stories in a way that's never been done before. the tenant ships the ward the ship that fired the first shots for the united states. indianapolis the one that you discovered, the hornet the ship
4:19 am
that launched the doolittle raid. the juno were five brothers were lost on one ship in the most heroic act of the united states navy history, the uss johnston. all of those will be covered in the eight episodes and it really does bring home what memorial day is all about. >> the ship were somebody sailors were left floating in the water and it'd been attacked by sharks. the lost ships of world war ii on vaccination. >> what a perfect thing for memorial weekend the lost ships of world war ii on fox nation. not always we show a clip and i'm hooked on about watching not how it was broke down that something to see. rachel: into preserve our great history. two moms join us live in
4:20 am
charlotte with the top issues they feel are facing america. >> the patriot pride of freedom high school performing the fight song. right here at the charlotte motor speedway. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends" on this memorial day weekend we are reflecting on the importance of service. we are also gearing in on some of the top issues our country is facing. north carolina mom panel joins us live alyssa and danica, welcome to both of you. let's start with you melissa what are your top issues you see a lot going on in our country it's almost overwhelming. what are the things that you look ahead to the midterm election that you are seeing the issues top of mind. >> of a 10-year-old son, what
4:25 am
happened in our country this past week hit home for me. it's the same age group, same for grade 10-year-old and it hit home because we have some problems in our country and our kids are the ones being affected by it. they are starting to suffer and seeing all these things happen and they have access to social media and they're asking the questions or they're not asking the questions. we really need to step up to the plate because we have children to worry about. >> i have kids to i'm really concerned about the loss of innocence. it's things that you and i never thought about. what are your top issues? >> isaac is very important to have an open dialogue with their children about what is happening so we can get in front of any anxiety or worry or depression about what is going on in being
4:26 am
able to guide our children to the process. >> it's interesting i've been doing these panels for multiple weeks all of it was inflation, education and crt and something like this happen and keep my kids safe. let's talk about this weekend. and you think our military is something that we need to carry about an passant respect onto our children, tell me about that. >> for kids and for as we look at the weekend is a three-day weekend in the celebration the pools are opening and summer is here. we have to remember all of the veterans, the two cousins their kids are in the military and we might scroll past and look at the pictures but when you think about it there sacrificing their entire life for our country and
4:27 am
the disarray were in today probably makes it more difficult. we just need to thank them for their time and their service and dedication. >> on the surviving spouse of a veteran who died by suicide. for this we stand for me and my family is incredibly important. it's a weekend that we remember those that pay the ultimate sacrifice and we live every day honoring them and being worthy of our lives by donating to charity and volunteering for charity and being kind to her neighbors in voting and remembering we get to live in freedom and that's very important to remember those. >> out but she we want to thank your husband for his service and we thank you both for joining us. moms will be an important voice in the selection in the issues are big and they are shifting in the gonna make a difference in november. thank you for joining us.
4:28 am
north carolina congressman ted but joins us live. fallen service members will be honored during the coca-cola 600 including john sullivan who was killed in baghdad in 2006. joey jones spoke with martin seymour who was with sgt sullivan that day. >> i'm sorry ng sounds] ♪♪
4:29 am
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will: you are watching the marine corps silent drill team. we had a chance to go talk to the. joey is here we will introduce him in a second. all on timing, no command. phenomenal. this memorial day weekend nascar is honoring the fallen heroes with 600 miles of remembrance. rachel: joey jones got a special preview, take a look. >> charlotte motor speedway for the coca-cola 600 the longest reset nascar on memorial day weekend. to 600 miles on the track, six a miles of remembrance. every car on the track tomorrow at the raceway will have the name of a fallen servicemember
4:35 am
on their car. one of those is sgt john sullivan. in 2006 in baghdad sgt sullivan was in a convoy struck by an ied in the truck with him at the time staff sgt seymour now major seymour at fort bragg. >> i gravitated toward john early in iraq and baghdad he was a member of my team and they treated him like a son. >> you showed me a picture of you and sgt sullivan so young but best friends. >> that was last picture he and i took together he was one week from going home to visit his wife michelle sullivan at the time to be at home for the birth of his child. >> talk about will happen. >> december 30, 2006 we were on a patrol the first ied hit john side when it rolled to the right hit another one on my side. the only thing i could think of
4:36 am
at the time is where is john i didn't think about my own safety i was only concerned about john. that's when the news broke to me at that time that john passed away that night and did not make it. >> war is an ugly thing it's not fair were happy you're here. thank you for your service your hero whether you like the word or not and we love you for. what were about to do, don jr. the son that was born john sullivan's death and john's stepdad charlie are here and you couldn't beat them for the first time. >> that's right emma little nervous when you're in a leadership position and in charge of america's sons and daughters and not able to bring one home. i have survivor's guilt and i always wanted to meet them and tell them how wonderful their
4:37 am
son was. >> it does mean a lot to me. i'm sorry. >> it's not your fault. >> it's great to meet him i been wanting to be in for a long time. i finally get to meet him. my son is one of his best friends. i have a picture of you and him coming back from the barracks at lunch. >> you had to place and he had just one. >> were not get to talk about that. >> john solomon. you want to grab that.
4:38 am
i could be more proud to do it. >> that is beautiful. >> memorial day weekend is having fun with friends and family but remember the lives that are gone in over a half million people watching live memorial day sunday. >> were often victory lane. >> he is with us now. rachel: that was great. >> my job is to get in there and tell the story and get out. not to go when there and put the camera on me and something like that. but with that being said before charlie and don jr. and philip who was in the truck behind them got there i was talking to sgt
4:39 am
major. i'll be honest he was very nervous about meeting the family. they had not seen each other in social media were met in person. i shared a personal experience for 70 was killed when i was injured read that explain sometimes you're not doing it for yourself you doing it for them. we got to a good place when he rounded the corner and use all that happened. it's a most human thing i've seen in a long time. what was really neat, it's like i was born for the opportunity that i got yesterday charlie has worked on my house when they remodeled it for me too be accessible when i was in the hospital i never met him and did not know what. he lives in town away from my parents. telling the story and be a part of it. sometimes god put you in the right places at the right time. he put those two people together yesterday so they can heal after all these years. he is 20 something years old and the maturity that he brought to be there for that moment it was really special and a special
4:40 am
day. >> i cannot speak for these two because i was looking away to be quite honest and being tough. your pulling emotion out of more than one person today. thank you for telling that story. >> you have me crying. >> that's what the country is about those of the people we are honoring today. >> it's wonderful to see the sun. >> don jr. plays wide receiver he wants teresa go kart we will make it happen. >> thank you so much. we'll be right back
4:41 am
4:42 am
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4:44 am
>> president biden and the first lady are set to depart new patacsil delaware and any moment. president biden will visit the site with the massacre at robb elementary school in uvalde texas were 19 children and two teachers were killed last week. he is expected to meet with victims families early this afternoon and then meet with first responders. we are joined here in north carolina at the speedway
4:45 am
republican congressman ted budd. great to have you this morning. >> let's focus on texas for a moment. the president is headed there today. what would you like to hear from the president that he speaks to those that suffer through the tragedy. >> as a parent, our hearts are broken. no parent or teacher or law enforcement should have to face anything like that. all of our hearts are broken across the country especially for those in uvalde. we will him not to politicize this event. we will him to go there into console and comfort and let him know that were thinking for them in our hearts are broken and they are in our thoughts especially this week. those families will never be the same. we want to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. >> you just won the public and primary in north carolina and you'll be on the ballot in november to be the next senator from north carolina. were here in your home state.
4:46 am
on the campaign trail yet to hear all about inflation, gas prices to another record high. as a senator or the federal government, what can be done to address this. it doesn't feel like anything happening from the white house with a serious proposal. >> when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging, every policy that joe biden comes up with, everything that the left does that of the house, the senate and the presidency and every energy policy that they make is driving grocery prices and making hundreds of everyday american families. we need more energy exploration we don't need the green new deal which was a 93 trillion-dollar proposal now they're working their way towards the ever so slowly and we see with the average everyday hard-working american families. >> it's incredible all of us complain we have a big family are grocery bills, they can actually see their families. hurts, but a lot of people, they
4:47 am
cannot make it and i do understand how the body to administration things that climate is more important than people putting food on the tables are getting their prescription fills or the basic things of life. >> a lot of the fans it'll be here today have to make choices, groceries or the ticket to see one of the greatest races at the charlotte speedway. these are the decisions people are making. we want people to live great lives. the policies that we republican support but the policies that joe biden the left and the progressive support hurts average day working families. >> give us a prediction how do you feel about november. >> we have to put the work in whipped around like were behind and you can never let off the gas especially when you're going into the last lap 160 days until november we have to earn it. were for the average every day
4:48 am
small business owner, less regulation and making life better for people. >> if there's going to be republican takeover, the key component will be north carolina. thank you for being here. still to come nascar driver cody ware and his racing sponsor tyler merritt will join us live. that is next. ♪ frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans of fast. (johnny cash) ♪ i've traveled every road in this here land! ♪ can take one to four days to fully work. ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪
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>> were back with the fox news alert joe biden in joe biden at new patacsil delaware at any moment the pool in the back of air force one international guard base, the president boarded air force one. he and the first lady will visit the site of the massacre at robb elementary school in uvalde texas. as you know 19 children in two teachers killed last week. he's expected me with victims families early this afternoon and me with first responders and what we are told mostly private events. he boarded the plane and press will get on in the three or four hour flight down to texas. events unfold down there in texas, we will bring them to
4:53 am
you. back here in charlotte at the coca-cola 600 volunteer service men being audited in today's coca-cola 600, this includes the racecar, cody ware joins us now the racing sponsor, ceo and friend of the show tyler merritt. thank you for being here. if you will we will get to the race it a bit. what is it like to race with the name of a fallen servicemember on your windshield in on a significant weekend. >> to have a master sergeant on her car this weekend honoring and share that with a fallen soldier into partner with tyler in the foundation is a really awesome experience to get back in obviously this is a brutal weekend for drivers but it pales in comparison to what people have given up their lives for the men and women who have served this country.
4:54 am
to be a part of that and any kind of way is very special for us. >> it's one of the longest races in nascar if you put that into perspective of why we are here it makes it doable. i love to see you getting into racing, talk to us why you're involved. >> it's been a few years but is always a value-based organization we like to lead from the front partner with organizations that hold the common values. we worked with them for a while and worked with you guys for a while and they really do care about honoring the fallen. it's our hope not only tell the family members but the entire nation that we remember what your family member sacrifice. we remember them in our hearts, right now we get to utilize this credible platform that you have for good to show people, just because your name is not on a building or bridge, that does not matter, your sacrifices the same as everyone else. that's what you have to do you equalize everyone and say were all going to remember these individuals about 500 plus names
4:55 am
on that car. those family members, the united states and hope you guys remember what type of sacrifices were made over the last few decades. >> this is not just a promotion for nascar. they really do mean and they do it right. >> you see a lot of sports out there they use us to capitalize and is for show. these individuals truly care to bring family members out here, when you watch the family member see that their loved ones are on the drivers names were on the hood, you see that motion and it brings great satisfaction to all of us and sponsors as drivers. >> really quick you see on the screen the race kicks off at 5:00 o'clock, i'll give you 20 seconds how are you feeling. >> i hope today goes better than yesterday. along 600 miles i got a trust my crew but the foundation and the
4:56 am
leaders today. >> for the 51 car. >> you should into the front of the race. that's my suggestion. >> the sponsor giving advice. thank you both so much. top gun maverick in theaters is more real they weekend. joey jones will give you some knowledge on the movie coming up next. ♪ u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, [ marcia ] my dental health was not good.dicine. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well.
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♪ muck. ♪ ♪ ♪ if. ♪ ♪
5:01 am
♪ ♪ pete: we're at pit row here at the charlotte motor speedway. rachel: that's right, ahead of the coca-cola 600. pete: tough to beat that. will: 2,000 members of that band? pete: it's a big school here in north carolina. the band is over 100 people. and, i mean, freedom high school patriot band. they play well,ing good kids too. i've got the chance to talk to a number of them which means good parents. rachel: yeah. look at that. pete: "fox & friends" right there. rachel: yeah. they got us a band named after freedom. pete: named after freedom. rachel: i mean, come on.
5:02 am
pete: here at america's home for racing on memorial day weekend. we want to thank nascar for welcoming us, everyone here at the speedway. every single tire says honor and remember, every single banner says memorial day weekend, honor and remember, every car has the name of a fallen soldier. the race will be on fox today at 6:00, but it is about so much more than that. we appreciate that. rachel: it sure is. and this is, of course, memorial day weekend, and we have asked you to bring in your photos, send us your photos of fallen heroes that we can remember with you this weekend, and, boy, are you pouring them in. here's one from marine veteran john sends this one of his fellow marine lieutenant the corporal sammy luck and i lieutenant the corporal michael decision, both -- diggings -- diggs. pete: lieutenant colonel joshua
5:03 am
birchfield. will: this one's from david, his dad served two tours in germany, three tours in vietnam. please send us your photos at friends@the pete: i just want to make a quick note, but i've never heard of a lieutenant corporal, so i apologize if we got that wrong. it might be lance corporal, could be corporal, could be lieutenant. no disrespect to anybody, or i've got my marine corp. ranks wrong, but i appreciate -- we want to get things right, and thank you for serving your photos in this memorial day weekend with. all right. we move on to other news this morning as well, just moments ago joe biden and jill biden left delaware on air force one enroute to uvalde, texas. rachel: they will meet the families of robb elementary
5:04 am
shooting victims and first responders who were on the scene. will: casey stegall is on the ground with more. good morning, casey. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president and first lady will be on ground here in texas for about 8 hours total. just as you said, they're going to be the making multiple stops and meeting multiple people visiting the memorial outside of robb elementary school which is not far from the town the square where we are now. they will also be attending an afternoon mass. they have an awful lot waiting for them on the ground in this community now five days since this tragedy. in talking with some of the locals here ahead of the president's visit, they have said they hope that he doesn't become too political when he addresses people, and they hope to hear more of a tone of comfort and concern like this from the president. >> we must stand stronger.
5:05 am
we cannot outlaw tragedy, i know, but we can make america safer. >> reporter: now, police admit mistakes were made in those crucial moments after tuesday's shooting began. "the new york post" reports the school district's police chief may not even had a radio on him when making the call for officers to stand down instead of confronting the gunman right away, so more than 45 minutes, as we know, ticked by. in the end, 21 people died, 19 kids -- mostly fourth gridders -- and -- graders, and 2 teachers. the shooter was also killed, and out of respect, the remains are all being kept separate. >> he is not anywhere near the victims, he is being held currently in a separate county in a pork. we're waiting for the victims to
5:06 am
all be released to uvalde before we send him in for the examination. that's just respect for the victims. >> reporter: now, the gunman's sister is apparently a member of the u.s. navy, that according to a report from the daily mail this morning, and she has reportedly flown home here to texas to visit her grandmother who's in the hospital. remember, the suspect shot his grandmother prior to the school shooting. and so she is currently visiting that grandmother still in a san antonio hospital as we speakment that's the latest from the scene here, back to you guys. will: all right. thank you, casey. rachel: thank you, casey. will: so we've spent a couple of mornings now talking about how to get to the roots of this issue. there are many different places where we could and should place our focus, talk about the hardening schools, devoting more resources to school resource
5:07 am
officers to protecting our children. but ultimately, i think we all recognize -- i think three of us as individuals and as a group have recognized and addressed there is something deeper here, something deeper plaguing the united states of america, plaguing acutely our young men. something at a cultural level that is approximating a rot. and if we do not address this, we're not addressing in the problem going forward. dan bongino brought this issue up last night on "unfiltered." 9. >> our culture is rotting. we've got an increasingly godless society, a plague of broken homes, an entertainment culture saturated with glorified violence. throw this in the witches' brew with children isolated and pulled away from their friends and communities while being told what to think and what to do. rachel: dan actually went on to say, he said it's politics to score a few votes in your next
5:08 am
election because you can't get a real job. they want to punish us free americans for the actions of an evil, evil individual s. and when conservatives call out that evil, the same people who are not serious at all about fixing the cultural rot do everything they can to place the blame right back on guns. and it's an interesting point. he's saying the same people say, you know, it's got to be this, it's got to be guns. they're the same people who don't want to put brakes on what we all see as parents, this really horrible thing that people have to deal with whether it's social media, what we did to them over the pandemic locking them down and forcing them onto the devices that we all know are not good for them. pete: i loved what dan said. when he talked about a godless society, he's not talking about holier than thou religiousity,
5:09 am
we are all in need of forgiveness, in need of grace. those conversations actually happen in churches and in communities and with families. it provides a perspective on your own life that otherwise if you don't have that, what's to live for in that case? live for glorification, live to pay somebody back. and all the impulses that are supported on social media or on the internet by other groups, and it is a crisis of young men who have too few role molds that show what real masculinity looks like. instead the, i'm going to be the infamous by using an ar-15. will: it's a culture devoid of purpose. pete: yes. will: we now laugh at that question, why are we here. it's a lack of connection to anything, pete. it is, most importantly and prominently, a higher power. but it is also a lack of connection within your family, within your community, a lack of
5:10 am
connection with your friends and your family. and then the device only further isolates, the social media only further isolates. we can't overlook the fact that pharmaceutical drug prescriptions are on record pace when it come to our young people. you put all this together, and it is a wicked soup that has created this cultural rot. rachel: i mean, not -- i don't think, you know, when i spoke to that forensic psychologist, she said 80% of those young men who go on to do the mass shootings come from broken homes. we have to talk about broken homes, and we have to talk about the policies that are encouraging that the or that are discouragementing family formation -- discouraging family formation. the more we learn about this shooter, this killer, salvador, the more we learn that he was isolated, that he was, you know, definitely not in an environment that would give him a good path.
5:11 am
and so i think that's something that we can't be afraid to talk about the -- pete: there were warning signs across the board -- rachel: yes, there were. pete: both public and private that adults around him should have seen and confronted. will: all right, fox news alert, gas prices jumping overnight reaching new record high up to $4.61. rachel: and this as more than 39 million americans are hitting the road and the skies this memorial weekend. pete: griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more details. >> reporter: brace yourself, pete, will and rachel, there's pain out there on the holiday road, and there's really nowhere safe in the country to escape the misery. take a look at now. gas prices topping $4 in every state with the entire west coast you see there getting hit the worst, they're over $5 while states like new york, pennsylvania, illinois and arizona also above the national average. and it's hitting d.c. as well. check it out. i took a picture yesterday when
5:12 am
i filled up, because it's the first time i've ever paid $100, and i'm not even travel thing anywhere. flights are up almost 30% with the average cost of a ticket nearly $400. and travelers, well, they're feeling it as well. >> wish it was a a lot cheaper. i mean, i would like to be able to travel a lot more. now that i've got a good job, i want to travel and do things and see people. wish it was lower. hopefully, it'll get back there. >> i think it's summertime the, everyone likes to get out. >> reporter: so far there have been 322 delays and 218 cancellations for u.s. flights, and by the way, anything you want to throw on the grill from steaks, burger, chickens, even hot dogs all off the chart. what's the best remedy to treat this misery? go see top gun: maverick and forget about it for about two hours. [laughter] pete, will, rachel? rachel: we love you, griff.
5:13 am
we are definitely seeing top gu- pete: top gun: maverick evangelist. will: i was just talking about your love of op gun. rachel: yeah. pete: we're going to try to grab you into that conversation because we know you've seen it, we know you love it -- >> reporter: i will report for duty as needed. it's a movie america has been waiting for. [laughter] rachel: all right. turning now to youred head hughs, russia captures a strategically important town in ukraine. the town gives moscow critical access to railways and bridges. the capture yesterday is part of russia's, quote, next stage of invasion focusing on the donbas offensive. russia's also claiming it successfully test thed a hypersonic cruise missile. they say the launch covered 625 miles striking a target in the white sea. and a story that really has
5:14 am
me fired up, a large, solid gold tabernacle worth, get this, $2 the million, is stolen from a catholic church in brooklyn. police say the thieves drilled and cut a giant hole into the tabernacle's casing to pull it out. they also decapitated the head of a marble angel statue. the nypd is looking for a number of unknown suspects. yahoo! and back to the -- to the insurance companies -- to the usfn, new jersey is the first usfl team to secure a postseason bid. and in another piece of the riege history, the new orleans breakers beat the michigan panthers in the first overtime game in usfl history. today on fox the birmingham stallions will pace the that off against the pittsburgh maulers at 2 p.m., and those are your headlines.
5:15 am
pete: thank you, rachel. well done. rachel: you've got it. pete: all right. this mow moral day weekend we remember the fallen. how the parents of a navy seal who made the ultimate sacrifice are honoring their son by helping other gold star children. don't go anywhere.
5:16 am
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5:19 am
♪ pete: on memorial day we honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to protect this country, and this weekend marks the first memorial day since the debacle, the way it ended, in afghanistan. our next guest lost their son, navy seal aaron vaughn killed in action august 6, 2011, after a chinook helicopter was shot down heading into battle. billy and karen vaughn join us now, both dear friends of mine. i love them both, and thank you for all that you do. we're going to get to operation 300, which is so important. karen, you actually reached out and said, hey, this is a different kind of memorial day. talk to me about it. >> yeah, so, pete, it just dawned on me, this is the first memorial day in 20 years that we haven't had sons and daughters at war on the soil of
5:20 am
afghanistan or iraq, so it was the significant to me. and i did think about the loss over those 20 years, you know, over 7,000 families. and then the, what, over 30,000 that far taken their lives since hay got back on these shores. this is a sacred memorial day, and as a nation i think need to pause and think about what this means postwar. pete: great point. billy, same question to you. i know how much you think on these issues. it's personal, obviously, for you and karen. >> it's the really hard to put into words when we've lost so many brave men and women, so many families affected forever, so many children affectedded. and it was just squanderedded at the hands of incompetent leadership, and if then the way we left, i've just never witnessed -- you know, pete, air never studied anything or seen
5:21 am
anything like in my life how we left afghanistan and how we left the taliban well armed. there's no explaining it, no excuse for it, and i don't think it'll happen, but people need to be held accountable. pete: you're right. absolute embarrassment. and just looking at the two of you, you bring to life so well aaron vaughn, the best of the best. and it's the best of the best that we lay on that altar of freedom and why this day is so very important. you've launched operation 300 in honor of your son aaron to help other gold star kids and families. karen, tell our audience about operation 300. >> yeah. when aaron died, he left behind two little babies, a son that was not quite 2 and a daughter who was 9 weeks old. so his widow kept asking who's going to teach my children what aaron would have taught them to do. billy incorporated the idea and turned it into real estate, and he would host weekend-long
5:22 am
adventure camps for kids whose dads had died and let them spend a weekend doing all the things they would have done with their dad if he was still here. and it has grown through the years, unfortunately, lots of gold star children out there. now we have a 20-acre property that these kids get to have a blast on, and we've started hosting gold star fathers retreats which i'll let billy talk to you about. what a blessing it's been. pete: we're almost out of time, billy. >> we've got two more camps this year, just old men like me who have lost their sons or their daughters in the military, and we get together and do things that men do. they hunt gators -- [laughter] they fish -- pete: you hunt gators. if you would, operation, anyone out there that loves the military, loves gold star families whether you're a vet or not, you can support operation 300. check out the web site. you can give, you can give your time. god bless you guys.
5:23 am
love you both. >> thank you. love you. pete: all right. retired navy seal and congressman dan crenshaw joins us live, still to come. plus, do you have the need for speed? as top gun: maverick soars into theaters, joey jones puts our movie trivia to the test. griff jenkins is a wringer. we'll see how we -- is a ringer. we'll see how we do. ♪ playing, playing with the boys ♪♪ev so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. so many people are overweight now and asking themselves, "why can't i lose weight?"
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5:28 am
be sure to catch america's top rangers 2022, 10 eastern or watch the full special -- pete: you're going to want to see it, i tell you. the special tonight, the whole series on fox nation. america's best of the best, and our next guest can attest to that, because joey was there covering the whole thing as well. rachel: that's right. joey jones is here to put our top gun knowledge to the test as top gun: maverick is cruising to a massive memorial day opening weekend. and top gun's big fan, griff jenkins, is joining in -- [laughter] we had to have him back. pete: yeah. >> all right, let's do it. good morning, griff, get ready to put your thinking caps on. you guys have been talking about top gun all weekend. so i've got four questions, and i want you guys to make 100 on this test. at the beginning of top gun, a pilot freezes up during an encounter with a mig 28. s what is the call sign of that -- will: got it.
5:29 am
c, cougar. >> all right, let's take a look here. >> mav, we've got a little problem up here, that mig really screwed him up. i don't think he can make it back. >> you're okay, cougar. just stay on my wing, i'll take you all the way n. >> oh, yeah, we've got to get griff. >> i'm feeling the need for speed, joey. give something harder. [laughter] rachel: by the way, cougar turns in his badge whatever, and he can't go to top gun. >> well, we're going to stick with the ones who made it to top gun. second question here, listen, val kilmer's iceman isn't fond of tom the cruise's maverick rick telling him i don't with like you because -- rachel: oh, that's easy. >> it's, a a, dangerous. everybody knows that. will: it is. rachel: a, he's dangerous.
5:30 am
[laughter] >> you're everyone's problem. that's because every time you go up in the air, you're unsafe. i don't like you because you're dangerous. >> that's right, ice -- man -- [laughter] i am dangerous. pete: hold on. unsafe is the -- [inaudible] it's kind of a compliment. rachel: no, no, it's dangerous -- [inaudible conversations] >> hold on, guys, another question here. >> -- is in this new top gun: maverick movie, and it is absolutely a amazing. will: really in val kilmer's in it? >> he had, i believe, throat cancer. >> to not give it away, he is the fleet commander while maverick, he's still a captain. [laughter] >> all right. question three, kenny if log begins' danger zone became the top gun theme, but one other song played in the volleyball -- >> we're all ready, c. rachel: i have to say, joey --
5:31 am
♪ playing, playing with the boys. ♪ >> that moustache. i'm telling you, the moustache is the sexiest thing in there. [laughter] will: give us something hard now. >> all right. who founded the original u.s. navy fighter weapons school also known as top gun? >> i can see the screen, it's a tough one although as someone who has a family member that went to top gun, i'm going to go with c, captain dan pedersen. pete: i am also going with c. >> get out of here! >> all right, so -- captain dan pedersen is actually here, so i think he's going to come in and hang out with us. pete: is he really? rachel: are you kidding? >> oh, there he is. rachel: wow, that's amazing. >> good morning.
5:32 am
pete: you were the winning trivia answer for the fourth question of our quiz, commander. you founded top gun. what's it like to see it featured the way it is and to see america respond the way it has to these films? >> it's wonderful. top gun's 53 years old, still going strong all run by young people, young naval aviators, and i went to the premiere a couple nights ago in san diego, and i bought seven or -- i brought seven or eight of the former seals that were there. i can give you some comments on the movie if you really want to hear 'em. [laughter] >> yes, fire away, please. >> you know, the movie was great entertainment, great photography. the music was good. tom cruise's acting was
5:33 am
sensational. his girlfriend was beautiful, and the rest of it was great entertainment, but it wasn't what i experienced 53 years ago when we started the school. [laughter] a little more serious. rachel: are you saying you weren't shirtless at the volleyball -- [laughter] pete: a little bit of hollywood? >> we never had, we neverred had time for anything except work. you know, if you read my book, top gun: an american story, i wrote it to make sure the legacy was clearly defined by the original eight guys that i had selected. we were all combat twice in vietnam and were pretty dissatisfied. i was the oldest guy at 31 years
5:34 am
old, and the youngest one wrote the forward to my book, condor. and there's a picture of him for you. and that was before the moss got us all. there was a building, we never had much support. the war had been going on for five years, and the kill ratio was 2 to 1. and when we got the school up in 60 days -- and it was a graduate school, not more of the same. we had to get well out in vietnam. so that's a rough beginning, but it worked. we ended up 24 to 1 kill ratio. we got 24 of them for every 1 of us from the date top gun started to the end of that war. will: wow. >> and we lost a lot of guys, which we ought to reflect on memorial day. so thank you.
5:35 am
pete: amazing. rachel: wow. will: we appreciate you being on the show telling us about the true story behind top gun. thank you so much. pete: you saved lives because of that school that, you're right, probably a lot more hard core than the movie portrayed, but put hollywood on top of everything, we thank you so much, sir, for your service to our country that continues to this day the. >> it was great fun, and i wish you all there at station the best. pete: you got it. will: thank you so much. pete: joey, that trophy -- >> i think i have to give it to griff. pete: we'll get it down to washington, d.c., you can hold it -- >> bring it on down and go see top gun: maverick, it's better than the original, i promise. rachel: wow. that's a massive commercial. will: griff, thank you so much. let's go now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who's on the track in the fox
5:36 am
weather beast. i just heard him blow by. pete: again? rick, day two of this gig? rick yes. i just went over the finish line that they painted, and nobody told me, so there's probably now paint going across the track, and i took out a a couple of own cones. that's what's going on. there's nothing but crazy transitions this weekend here on "fox & friends," and this is one of them out here. i'm on the charlotte speedway -- this is turn three, right here, going across turn three in the fox weather beast. by the way, this is a ford f-250. yeah, so we're team ford this weekend out here for fox weather. not bad, guys. will: how fast are you going? pete: come on, rick, give us your top speed. rick: right. here's what i just found out from the guys at the track, 70 is the limit, so i'm going to
5:37 am
tell you i'm going 70 -- [laughter] will: rick's going 70, and there's a couple of painters out this on the track -- pete: can you imagine if he just missed up the entire finish line? will: have fun. all right. coming up, retired navy seal and texas the congressman dan crenshaw's going to join us live with his memorial day message. that's next. ♪ ♪ the race is on and here comes -- ♪ ♪
5:38 am
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from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
5:41 am
although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. will: fox news alert, president biden is now enroute to uvalde, texas, where in just a few hours he'll be meeting with the devastated families after last week's school massacre after investigation -- investigators are probing whether the police chief had a radio when he ordered his officers to stand back. congressman dan crenshaw, look forward to talking to you about memorial day, but as we know about your history, you're a former navy seal. you have direct knowledge then in the operations in general. not that that necessarily
5:42 am
translates into exactly what we saw last week, but what broke down? we now hear about this potential radio that may or may not have been on site with the on-site commander. something seemed to break down. >> yeah, it absolutely seems that way. now on this memorial day weekend we're memorializing small children who were executed by a madman. it's hard to fathom that kind of evil. me personally, i'm pretty desensitized to the lot of things, but you cannot be desensitized to this. this hits you real deep. and now we're looking at how it could have been prevented and what kind of mistakes were made. there's two types of tactical scenarios in general when you're going on a target. one is there's no hostages, right? there's no need to worry about innocents in the line of fire and the other is that there is hostages. now, this completely changes the kind of tactics that you do. you have to throw
5:43 am
self-preservation out the window if there are hostages. you have to put their safety before yours. it's much higher risk and, therefore, it's scarier. and that appears to be what happened here. it was clearly a sharely -- scary scenario. they don't want to get shot each though they've had the training that specifically says you need to put their lives before your life. the training specifically says in the man yule that grow -- manual that if you don't like that, you should find another career field. the fact that that was not followed is heartbreaking, and we need to know why it wasn't followed, whose call it was, why they made that call. it was a little strange to me that the person in charge on the ground was an isd officer as opposed to a city officer who maybe has more experience in day-to-day crime fighting. and law enforcement. so that could have been a potential breakdown as well.
5:44 am
and if he doesn't have a radio, my god, that means he's not getting the word that children are calling 911 from inside, and that's a real problem. will: right. right, yeah. the reports suggest he did not know that it was a hostage situation or that people were left alive but, you're right, 911 calls were coming in, he's not getting that information. in the wake of in the, obviously, horrible, horrible national tragedy, congressman, many politicians and entertainers pulled out of the scheduled nra convention that followed n past weekend. -- this past weekend. you pulled out of the con convention. why? if. >> well, i was in ukraine. i didn't have to make that decision on whether i would pull out because of uvalde can. i did a last minute trip to ukraine all week and got back late on friday. so, look, it's -- [laughter] i'm not sure i would have pulled out either way. you know, it doesn't change my
5:45 am
stance on what i believe the proper laws to be surrounding guns. these are hard situations to prevent and they're heartbreaking for a lot of reasons. but, no, my -- i was taking a last minute trip to ukraine and kyiv, we were the fist to revisit the newly-reopened u.s. embassy there. will: i appreciate that. and what is your stancing? we're looking for answers, we're looking for solutions. there's a lot of focus on school resource officers, conversationk appropriately -- about deeper cultural problems when it comes to young men. but for much of the country, they do turn to guns, so what is your stance when it comes to guns and proposed new regulations? >> yeah. yeah, look, i think there's two easy buttons that people on the left and the right like to press. on the left, they like to press the common sense gun control button, on the right people say mental health. what do either of these things mean? they're too general. and, you know, common sense,
5:46 am
common sense to somebody is maybe not others, and if that particular law infringes on the rights of millions and millions of law-abiding citizens, then it can't be done. and furthermore, it's not clear that any of these proposals would really prevent these kinds of atrocities. now, the kinds of mass shootings that you're trying to prevent here are very dramatic in nature. they're these anomalies where a madman, usually with little warning, is doing something that's unfathomming bl to a normal might be. that makes it very difficult to prevent. and i think what we've seen is the sort of contagion that's happened since columbine. young men have had access to guns for decades. young men have been frustrated for decades going through normal teenage angst or whatever it is in your life, but it's only since columbine that we've seen this trend of theatrical mass shootings. so there's clearly a contagion that's occurred. what we need to do is harden
5:47 am
schools in a very serious way. you know, there's no reason every school can't have an armed guard at all times. the school did not have the armed forward there. he was off premise and had a to respond later. there's no reason why you can't have single points of entry and, you know, insure that cops have access to doors. there are reports the cops were trying to access this door and couldn't, outward-opening door, steel door, difficult to breach. so if that's a the case, then i understand the position a little bit better, but why don't they have a master key? that's common protocol. there are things that republicans have been proposing for a long time to harden these targets. will: yeah. semiautomatic rifles have been around for decades, long before we started to see in the horrific tend trend. wanted to get your message on this memorial day. >> look, a lot of people want to know how to commemorate those who we have lost fighting for our country, and i'd like to suggest the following: pick one.
5:48 am
do a few minutes of research, take one person's story, get to know it just a little bit just for a few minutes and memorialize them that way. keep that memory alive for as long as you can. and second i would say remember their families. you know, we, we go out and we do what we do and we're very happy to be going and doing it. i don't think any of the friends i've lost regret their decisions going into the business that they went into. but the families are still here. the families have to wake up every day and be without that loved one, and on memorial day i think it's more important that we think about the them, think about those families that are going to visit grave withs today the while most people, you know, barbecue with their friends. that's who you should be thinking about. will: we appreciate that reminder. we appreciate your service, congressman and appreciate you being on "fox & friends" this morning. thank you. >> appreciate it. will: all right. still ahead here in charlotte it's not just race cars to watch ahead of coca-cola 600, rick
5:49 am
reichmuth got a chance to try out some of the other fun things the queen city has to offer. that's next. ♪ ♪ a new sensation, a new sensation. ♪ dream, baby, dream, of all that's come and going ♪♪ people with plaque psoriasis, are rethinking the choices they make. like the shot they take. the memories they create. or the spin they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, you can achieve clearer skin. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla can cause serious allergic reactions. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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will: we're back with some headlines. a traffic stop turns violent in brooklyn, two new york police officers are hurt when a driver sped off. the suspect was pulled over in connection to shots fired near a nightclub. both officers have non-life threatening injuries. the suspect was tracked down at a hospital shortly after with a gunshot wound. he's in stable condition with charges pending. a boat bursting into flames at a marina in illinois. 17 people were onboard at the time the, 14 were hurt including a marina worker. one person has serious injuries. police say the boat was having engine problems and was refueling at time it caught can fire. cause of the incident is still under investigation. and the world's old man celebrates his 113th birthday --
5:54 am
pete: what? will: how about that? remembering in the -- ringing in the big day less than two weeks after the guinness book of world records gave him his title. he says the secret to a long life is a glass of sugarcane liquor. read 'em and weep, rachel -- [laughter] 18 great grandchildren and 12 great great grandchildren. family says the 113-year-old is completely lucid and, quote, full of health every day. those are your headlines. i want to leave some time for this. you guys know what's coming, right in rick, over to you. we have some questions for you. [laughter] are. rick: oh, do you? okay, good. guaranteed rachel will have that many grandkids, and i guarantee you pete and i will live that long because of the secret to
5:55 am
life. angelo, after everything that's happened, i forgot your name. you guys are with the globe of death, globe of which is this is the globe of death. how hard is this? how dangerous? >> it takes a lot of -- little bit of skill, you know, but it's pretty fun once you get it down. you can see we go all around. a little tidbit of what we're doing. rick: you guys travel around the country doing this? >> yeah, everybody where. we just came from minnesota, pretty soon we're going to new mexico, colorado. rick: this isn't the only thing in the area, take a look at some of the the adventures i had this week here in charlotte. you like the speed of the coca-cola 600, you'll also like the the speed of this place, home to 14 amazing roller coasters. to -- 20 minutes away from the track, the only amusement park in the country that is in two
5:56 am
states. let's see if i can handle it. this has been voted the best steel coaster in the world five years in a row. let's do in the. this is going fast up. oh, mid god, oh, my -- [bleep] oh, my -- ah! oh, my god -- [inaudible] ♪ this is called fury, and i don't think i could ever do that again. but it was the awesome. all right. so if you come to north carolina, one of the must-see
5:57 am
things is the gorge, one of the fastest, longest zip lines in the country. she's going to bring me down 11 zip lines. can i go? >> not quite yet. rick: why can't i go -- [inaudible] >> you're going to turn around. rick: all right. i was trying to see if i could pull that one over on her. by the end, i'm going backwards. >> have fun. rick: bye. [laughter] >> [inaudible] rick: oh, good. holy cow. >> amazing, isn't it? rick: i had no idea. this is the first of three 1,000-footers? >> that's right. rick: all right.
5:58 am
>> we're about to start four of our longest lines. rec rick so this is an 131-part canopy -- 1 11-part canopy course. did i mention they also have rappeling? >> this one's the teach thest, so get ready to go fast. muck finish. rick: this is it? >> this is the last of the day. rick: i'm so sad this is over. the gorge is so cool. i tell you what, that zip line, i've been zip lining before, but if you ever have a chance to go to the gorge,s it ises so spectacularly beautiful, that zip line, you have to do it. i would go back today if we could. guys? will: rick, so we got a little intel about what happened after the roller coaster ride.
5:59 am
what happened in. [laughter] rick: all right. let me just tell you, when i got off that roller coaster, i said i will never do that again. right away, they go, oh, the camera fell from the speed, so you have to do it again. so right away i did that thing a second time, and then i lost my breakfast which, fortunately, was water -- [laughter] it was awful! 53 years old. [laughter] will: 53 and i heard your 25-year-old producer was comforting you as you got a little sick -- pete: rub aring your back. [laughter] [laughter] >> he was holding my hair back like. college. it was not pretty. >> i heard one of the things you hate the most is throwing up, that you really don't like doing that. >> who likes it. >> that sounds like a fun day.
6:00 am
rachel: yeah, like some people would rather hold it than he throw up, you get what i'm saying. >> this is a morning show. >> it's one of my biggest fears in life, my biggest fear is throwing up. i've done it now like three times. there you go. and they're a saying like stop talking about this, which we should and we will. back to you guys. >> well -- rachel: sorry. >> he knows how to have a good time. showed it again right there. rachel: awesome, rick. great stuff. >> our fourth and final hour of this sunday edition of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ by the dawn's early light. ♪ what so proudly we hailed. ♪ and the twilight's last gleaming. ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars. ♪ through the perilous night.
6:01 am
♪ oer the ramparts we watched. ♪ were so gallantly streaming. ♪ and the rocket's red glare. ♪ the bombs bursting in air. ♪ gave proof through the night. ♪ that our flag was still there. ♪ oh, say does that star span spangled yet wave. ♪ oer the land of the free. ♪ and the home of the brave. ♪ ♪
6:02 am
what is this? >> all right. you heard first our nation's anthem from the 82nd airborne all american chorus, they came from fort bragg and now you're taking a look at the patriot pride band at freedom high school. that's the name of the high school. freedom high school, performs the horse. and they gave us flags. we've got the checkered flag. >> so yesterday we've been live here at charlotte motor speedway all weekend for the coca-cola 600. yesterday, i took to the infield to join our co-host pete leg seh at his rv, we watched a bit of the race, wore our headsets and he pretended we knew something
6:03 am
about nascar. i would ask random questions and a pete he pretended like he knew the answer. rachel: he's a total bs artist. >> this is what he did. i'd go, wow, look at the 7 car, he's really fallen back. >> and a pete's like, i think he probably needs new tires. >> i've got a shot that i'm right on that. >> that was the extent of his shot. after that, i'm all out. here's why i have to bring this up right now. >> we know checkered flags. >> that's the on caution, that's stop now. >> stop now. i had to look it up to make sure. my boys who are over here to the left, they knew exactly what it was. >> did you look it up? >> i didn't. rachel: i said is this the ukraine flag. >> might be. there's seven different flags. the drivers know what they are. if you're watching the coca-cola 600 at 6:00 on the fox news channel you get a chance to enjoy it as well. will, you mentioned it. i've had a chance to have my boys with me for the race. we're going to stay for the race later today. will joined us on top of the rv in the infield.
6:04 am
we watched the xfinity race yesterday and the qualifying race. we bought headsets so you could talk over the noise. that's william byron, rex's favorite driver. you heard it. when he met him and got a photo and a signature with him, the drivers are gracious with the kids. took a picture with mark you trx junior with all three of the boys. rex, loves him, what do you call will? >> superman. >> superman, his best friend and there's a photo bomb there as well. rachel: with the head sets and everything on top of the rv, you look professional there. >> we've got a denny hamlin fan. it's an experience. if you haven't been to a nascar race before, it's an experience. in a 30 seconds the black hawk
6:05 am
helicopters will land right here. tear rehearsing for what will happen at the opening of the race. 6:00, you've got to watch this, they've got a band playing and blackhawks landing, they'll do the colors, there's an a invocation. then they play amazing grace, a 21 gun salute, followed by taps and then the national anthem by the 82nd airborne and there's a fly-by. so it's aamericana across the board. the black hawk helicopters will land down, drop off troopers around take off. rachel: nascar is not megsing around on -- messing around on memorial a day. that's amazing, that lineup. >> we haven't mentioned how much they're focusing on the core of the weekend which is remembering the fallen, names of fallen troops on the windshield of every driver. when you talk to the drivers, they know the names and they know the stories because it means something to them on this very day. >> honor and remember as you
6:06 am
pointed out earlier, honoring and remembering gold star families, every goodyear tire has that insignia who also contributes to the weekend of remembering what this is all about, memorial day. >> absolutely. >> there's the shot right there. they told us we have a little bit of video from our visit to the infield as well which is where the real magic happens here at any nascar race. >> look at that. >> here we go. there's the live shot. >> my boys are pointing it out right there. apparently they make a quick trip around the track. they go around the backstretch, following sort of the path of the car and then if we time it right, which this is live tv so we'll see what we can do, right about where you see the start/finish line there, the blackhawks will be circling around, landing, troops get off and then take right back off and that's part of what will kick off the festivities tonight. i talked to the folks doing the tv for this. they said the five minute win he dough at a 6:00 on fox -- window
6:07 am
at 6:00 on fox will be about the most patriotic five minutes you can imagine. if you're spending time with the family, you're psyched for the race, at the very least catch the beginning and you'll see a great show of patriotism. >> watch the blackhawk helicopter making its way around charlotte motor speedway. should land right over there. >> we think right behind us. >> in a few minutes. >> hopefully we feel the wind of the rotor blades on us. have you had that feeling of a helicopter landing near you? it's intense. rachel: i bet it is. >> everything on the ground erupts. hold your hat. that's what fans are going to experience here too. rachel: this is really incredible. this is the most -- as far as i'm concerned, the most patriotic sport there is. when we did go into the infield, you really felt that too. every rv has a flag flying. veterans, we met multiple of them as we were talking walking around -- walking around, just drinking. so pretty awesome stuff.
6:08 am
>> for sure. we're going to move on, we're going to keep tracking the blackhawk if it lands. first, joe biden and jill biden are on the way to uvalde texas. >> in a few hours he'll meet with devastated families after last week's massacre. rachel: casey siegel is live in uvalde with more. >> reporter: good morning to you. the president and first lady on their way now. so many twists and tragic turns to this story, frankly, as it has unfolded over the last few days. as it turns out, the school district here apparently just hosted active shooter training a few months ago, back in march, training that was specifically he designed to teach scenarios related to schools. but as we know now, it appears responding officers did the opposite of what they were trained to do after the uvalde school district's police chief told everyone to stand down versus confronting the shooter immediately. they call it miscommunication.
6:09 am
but because of the actions officials say more than 45 minutes went by as they tried to get through a door as 911 was flooded with calls. little voices on the other end, begging for help. >> i spoke directly to one of the initial officers that engaged the situation and he took fire, he got wounded and what they were are telling me, i said hey, why didn't you get in sooner. he said we didn't have those kind kind of tools. we were looking for it. there was a game war den that had a crowbar and hammer. eventually they found a key. these folks wanted to get in there as fast as we could. these are our children and our community and we can't lose sight of that. >> reporter: today, president biden and jill biden will be on the ground for six hours,
6:10 am
serving on the ground as consolers in chief, in recent weeks, following the deadly supermarket shooting in buffalo. >> we must stand stronger. we cannot outlaw tragedy, i know. but we can make america safer. >> reporter: local members of the community have told me that they hope the president stays away from politics and too much controversial stuff while he is here today attending mass and also meeting with people. they say they're so devastated that right now the task before them is he burying the dead, remembering them, and then looking to how to prevent something like this from happening ever again. back to you. >> thank you very much for that report. >> you can hear a it here, the blackhawk we were talking about landing right behind us, quite literally. we can see it from our chairs as it moves towards the start/finish line to drop off troops. again, if you're in the
6:11 am
military, anything you're going to do you're going to rehearse and probably not just once. this is happening right now and happening again at 10:00 before they do it tonight at 6:00 to kick off the race. rachel: the 82nd combat aviation brigade, they're performing exercises ahead of the show. >> they're going to land there at the start/finish line, members of the 82nd combat aviation brigade, exit the hell p cop tear onto -- helicopter onto the racetrack which looks like it should be taking place right about now. >> that's what we have, a quick touchdown, see troops come off, it will be part of the opening ceremonies. if they were in combat, they would come off quicker. there we go, a couple are coming off, prepared. touch and go is how it works. depends how quickly they jump off. you can see the tactical vehicles in the background which will be part of the ceremony as
6:12 am
well. there's tons of military exhibits. my kids were getting in humvees and jests and stuff outside -- jets and stuff outside. not just these moments but throughout the day. there it is, it's taking off. rachel: pretty cool for your kids who are really up close, getting this view of a blackhawk just landing right behind them. >> it's the cost and the reality of freedom, these men train to do this every single day. we never see it. they don't ask for thanks and they do it knowing they could lose their lives in the process and that's what we're here this weekend with tomorrow with my tomorrow withmemorial day weekes what we're honoring those who are willing to write the check in full for their country. amazing. we're talking about the coca-cola 600. it's known for giving many nascar hall of famers their first time win. rachel: so what can we expect
6:13 am
today? well, daniel trotta hosts my dream car on fox business. she joins us now with a preview. >> reporter: hi, guy, happy race day. it's really interesting, rachel. over the long course of this race's history, 63 years, as you mentioned we've seen some hall of famers win their first race in tonight's coca-cola 600 over the years. jeff gore n don, the legend, the icon, won his first race in the coke 600. other hall of famers like david pierceson, bobby leboni got their first wins, austin dillon got his first nascar cup series win here. the question, why do we see first time winners in the race. there's two reasons. one, it's a major, like the masters in golf and for these big moments i think pro athletes rise to the occasion. the they want to step their game up. they want to win prestigious, historic events and the coke 600 certainly is that. the other reason, this is a home game, guys.
6:14 am
nascar travels 10 months out of the year, all across the country to different racetracks but this is a home game. this is a home race. all the teams are based here in charlotte, north carolina. all the drivers live here in charlotte. so their friends and family are here. you always want to win on your home tour. i think a few -- turf. i think a few guys will level up and win their first major today. there's a lot of speed at the racetrack. watch out for tyler and the other driver i think can do it is daniel suarez in the 99 car of track house racing. they've been the story this season. daniel's teammate ross chastain won twice already this year and daniel's got a lot of speed. he trains hard. tyler reddick and tyler suarez may pull off something historic tonight. >> thanks for that. i got a chance to hang out with tyler reddick a couple days ago. all of the cars on the track this weekend beyond honoring
6:15 am
military service members who lost their lives in service of this country on the windshield, the cars will be painted up red, white and blue. i saw tyler's car and austin dylan's car the other day. tyler's ready. >> you want me to give my nascar analysis now. as someone who witnessed the qualifying, denny hamlin looks fast. he's if in the pole position, number one. kurt busch is number two. kyle busch, in the fourth position. william byron in the fifth. bubba wallace in seven. they all looked fast. those are names that i know and i can therefore say them and i will be pulling for them. >> by the way, corey lajoie, he'll be in the field as well. he had a wreck during practice last night. they say he'll be back with his backup car today. rachel: don't forget to catch danielle on my dream car on fox business at 9:00 p.m. eastern with a new episode airing tomorrow. i believe the car is a bear cue da that they're -- baracuda that
6:16 am
they're restoring. >> coming up, carolina panthers wide receiver dj moore is here, he joins us live before getting behind the wheel of today's pace car, he'll be the one setting the pace on the track when we take off with the coca-cola 600. ♪ oh, rocking down the highway. ♪ oh, columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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6:20 am
>> as a pete said, the military never practices anything once. you can see there, that's a blackhawk helicopter touching down once again at the start/finish line at the charlotte motor speedway where tonight at 6:00 it will be part of the patriotic festivities as members of the 82nd airborne ex filling off of that blackhawk helicopter, right there at the start/finish line which they will do again tonight live at 6:00. >> tonight they do it under the lights, eventually the race will be under the lights, totally sold out at the charlotte motor speedway, all live on fox. and i think if you look for a way to show your kids, grandkids that there are still places where the military and the flag are honored, turn it on at 6:00
6:21 am
and you're going to see the anthem and a prayer and taps, 21 gun salute, c-17s, blackhawk helicopters, 82nd airborne, all coming together in about a five minute segment at the top of the show. rachel: the most amazing prerace show that you can imagine. >> the next guest is familiar with pregame shows. he's got from the gridiron to the racetrack, tonight. carolina panthers' wide receiver dj moore is the honorary base car driver for the 2022 coke he cola 600. >> dj moore joins us now. thanks for being here. >> i'm grateful for being here many this is my first ever race, first time driver drive -- driving the pace car, i'm excited. >> you're getting used to racing. you'll be doing more of it. we know you can catch passes. how are you behind the wheel here. >> have you seen the track, there's serious embankments on it. >> we did an event here, so we
6:22 am
had to drive around the banks of it so it was scary to be in a regular car so i can just imagine what they go through on the driving side. >> you've done it before. you had one practice run where you hit the embankment. you're driving, right, you're not in the passenger seat. are you behind the wheel. >> i'm behind the wheel. >> when you go on a pace lap and get the cars up to speed, how fast do you get going? >> they haven't told me that. [laughter] >> i'm really here to enjoy the experience and just drive fast. rachel: do you have a favorite driver? >> ty came to practice the other day and a me and him was talking so i'm going for ty right now. rachel: you pk drivers like i -- you pick drivers like i do. [laughter] >> the helicopter making its way over top. talk to me. it is memorial day weekend, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice. that's pretty cool to be a part of something that has even more meaning as well. >> right now, for memorial day, being out here all in one it's
6:23 am
going to be a great experience, everybody's coming out, supporting america, so it's going to be a great time. >> yeah. so you've been on the sidelines, obviously, high school, college, pro football. you've been in front of at least 60,000 fans. this is a big grandstand right here, this is going to be a big production. think it will feel any different than when you're having to take the field. >> most definitely. it's out of my comfort zone. so going from the field and having the fans yell to behind a wheel and just driving around it's going to be completely different. rachel: do you say you're originally from philly. >> yeah, i'm originally from philly. rachel: you're now in north carolina. you're going to get cowboy boots. >> i was thinking about it. rachel: if you have any questions at all, no one knows more about cowboy boots than will cain p. .>> i don't know if i've had dj
6:24 am
on my team but i've tried to draft him a few times. >> on your fantasy team. >> as a nascar driving expert, i like to call myself, don't hit the brake, only gas. if they tell you to go 70, go 90. >> that's all i need to hear. >> he knows how to go fast. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. rachel: great having you. >> have fun to daze. today.>> richard petty which jos live moments from now. rachel: first, winsome sears is getting ready to wave the green flag. she's the honorary starter of the coca-cola 600 and she will join us next. >> there he is. >> mr. cain, how are you doing? >> thank you, dj. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections,
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6:28 am
♪ ♪ bonnie boon i'm calling you out. everybody be cool, alright? we've got bonnie right here on a video call. we don't take kindly to video calls. oh, in that case just tap to send a message. we don't take kindly to messages neither. in that case how 'bout a ringcentral phone call. we don't take kindly to no... would you can it eugene! let's just hear her out. ha ha ha, i've been needing a new horse. we've got ourselves a deal. ♪ ♪ ♪ ringcentral ♪ this is not the stallion i was imagining. rachel: welcome back to fox and friends. we have a fox news alert. president biden now en route to uvalde texas where in just a few
6:29 am
hours he will meet with devastated families after last week's school massacre. >> well, the far left wasting no time of course politicizing the issue about gun control as our next guest says, mental health, family breakdown, other major factors that need attention. >> joining us now right here in charlotte is virginia lieutenant governor, winsome sears. good morning, lieutenant governor. >> great to have you. >> good morning. good to be here. we are here to honor our fallen men and women and a of course we are here to also honor those left behind, the gold star families, so this is a solemn time for us and here we are also honoring little children and the teachers and the families, you know, can't imagine that. rachel: it's just almost -- it's just we can't even fathom it. i think we've interviewed so many people on it, i had two moms on earlier today and they just seem to overwhelmed. they don't know what to say. they're saying, though, that
6:30 am
school safety has now gone up to the top of their list, maybe even above inflation for their concerns many coming up. your thoughts on school safety. >> i had three children go home ahead of me. it's that knock on the door that the sheriff comes and they tell you that your daughter is dead and a your other granddaughter is dead and the other one is on life support. so i have a different sense of it. but so these parents did not have an opportunity to say good-bye and a that hurts even worse, you know, and what we do need are school resource officers. these safety officers and in our budget in virginia which i have not seen yet and hopefully will see before june 1st when we're gavelled back into session. the governor, governor youngkin, put in there $50 million for school resource officers and, you know, folks on the other side that he was causing a militaryized schooling and our children are going to be afraid,
6:31 am
no, no, this is why we need it. let's stop making this political. i hate when folks just take a crisis and just, you know, put all kinds of filth and vial into it just to score electoral points. they're burning their own house down and the house is america. we have to come together. >> from a logistic call standpoint, we've talk about the funding of protecting our schools. you talked about the money going there in virginia. i'm curious, there's so much covid funding that has been dedicated to the states and then into school districts. how does that -- can that, if it's a hurdle, if money is a hurdle, if it's a logistical issue, can the money be ready verted. >> of course it can. the congress just passed 4 of 0. 40billion with a b, dollars, for the ukraine. just like that how is it then
6:32 am
that we say charity begins at home of. rachel: amen. >> our children need that money to be safe. we need them to know, the parents need to know when you drop your child off, your child will be there to be picked up. that's what this is about. this is our future. >> absolutely. if you look, we alluded to it in your introduction, if you look at what a the left does, they immediately go to guns, right away. >> there's a an nra a convention that you spoke at. many supporters of the second amendment avoided or canceled going to the nra. excuse us, we have a blackhawk helicopter coming behind us. winsome as a marine veteran recognizes this. >> i love it. it's the sound of freedom. >> the sound of freedom for sure. some have said i'm not going to the nra convention. isn't that giving in to the idea that the nra is part of the problem. >> when i was at the nra, i saw mothers and daughters, young
6:33 am
daughters and grandmother's and all they want is to be able to protect themselves. the nra was started by union veterans who saw that the forces were lacking in their skills. and they just want todd be sure that people would be -- wanted to be sure that that people would be able to protect themselves as well. and i have a second amendment right, you know, to have the guns that i have and nobody's going to take that from me because the first segment of -- demographic of people who had guns taken away were black people. martin luther king, junior wanted a concealed carry permit and he was denied because they said he didn't have good character. what we learned from history is that we never learn from history and we're not going back there but more than that, we have a first amendment right. this is america. you hear this? this is the sound of liberty.
6:34 am
let's not use the things that have happened to us to divide us anymore. let's just come together. because you know what? if we come to find the wrong problem, we're going to come up with the wrong solutions and it's going to continue. rachel: that is so true. >> we have fathers who aren't home. we have -- emasculated our men. the parkland shooter, 37 times police were called to his home. it's not the gun. rachel: i know one of the pieces of this puzzle that we're trying to put together is mental health and i know that's an a issue that hits really close to home. you alluded to it a little earlier when you talked about the tragic death of your daughter. talk to us about mental health and why are people not talking more about that? >> you know, when my daughter was bipolar and we didn't know that, you know. didn't know the signs and i had
6:35 am
to go get her from college because she had a psychotic break and i don't know what to do and one of the times -- she was in jail because they didn't have a bed for her. so we need and the governor, again, has put be it in budget to reopen the facilities all around virginia so that we can help the people, give the citizens the help they need. unfortunately, the other side politicized even that too. it's like is this only about an election? is this only about keeping a seat? the people are suffering. and you're talking about you don't want to give the governor a win. excuse me, this is our tax money that you're playing with so you know what i'm going to do, next year i'm putting in a bill. i'm going to find a senator and a delegate to carry it that tells the people if you delegate or senator don't pass a budget within the allotted time that
6:36 am
the constitution gives us, then you are going to owe the people of virginia $500 every day for the first five days that you don't pass a budget and then $1,000 after that until you pass a budget. you're going to do your job. the first thing that we did when we came back into session may 22nd when the governor saw there was no action, he -- the senators and the delegates voted themselves pay. they wanted to be paid to do a job they had not yet done. >> sounds about standard for politicians. >> in the real world that doesn't work. we get fired. >> make it four times since we've been talking that the black hawk has touched down at the start/finish line where which is where you'll be. you'll be waving the green flag to mark today's race and remembering as you mentioned earlier here on memorial day. >> who gave the ultimate sacrifice. yes, i'm a marine but they gave
6:37 am
the ultimate, their life. we thank god for them. >> have you ever done anything like that, waving the green flag. >> never done it. god bless america. we have a saying in church that i may not be what i'm supposed to be but i ain't what i used to b that's america. she's come a long way since 1963 when my father came. here i am, second in command in the former capital of the confederacy. don't say we haven't gotten anywhere. >> someone should clip that and -- >> winsome sears, thank you very much this morning. rachel: such a pleasure having you on. such n honor. >> thank you. >> the coca-cola 600 is hours away. legendary nascar driver richard petty is here with his predictions. we're going to hear what he thinks coming up.
6:38 am
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rachel: it's finally race day in charlotte. what drivers should we keep an eye on. >> we've got just the person to ask. here with a preview of the
6:42 am
coca-cola 600 is legendary race car driver and team owner, richard betty. we see you -- petty. we see you several times a year. >> we try to make most of the races. i had to make them all because i drove a car, being an owner now, stay home, take care of the bills. [laughter] >> makes it a little different. >> we're glad to see you here in charlotte after talladega and daytona. tell us what to look for here. what kind of drivers does this track reward. >> it's 600 miles. we have a couple 500. 600 is a long way for the equipment, the drivers, the crew, for the spectators as far as that's concerned and so -- and you start and it's daylight and then we end up in the dark time. so the track changes, circumstances change. so it makes it really interesting. you just got to be on the stick
6:43 am
and make the right decisions as things go along. rachel: there's certain drivers that are better at this longer race? >> you know, not really. all these guys, they work out, like football players or of baseball players. they've got trainers. they watch what they eat. they're really athletes. so whether it's a two hour or four our race, they trek right along and don't have that much trouble with it. >> so it's a long erase, 600 miles, it's a mile and-a-half track. it's not a superspeedway but it's got the big embankments. it's an oval. give me numbers, give me drivers. who do you think excels at a race like this today. >> it's really hard to say. that's the reason we run races like this, run 10 or 12 races this year, maybe a few more and i think maybe somebody's won maybe two. >> there's been a bunch of different winner. >>s you don't know.
6:44 am
it's a funny thing. you've got a team that has, say, four cars. and they all set up the same or particular deal, they've got different drivers and one of them runs off and leaves everybody else and what happened, they all come out of the same shop. it's one of the deals where you hit everything. to win a race you have to have everything and have the luck go with you and the skill, the whole -- it's got to be a complete program. like a football game. you know, or -- i've put it up like driving, it's not the good shocks, it's the bad shocks that hurt you. >> you brought up comparisons to football a couple times now. for those that don't race a, we all drive a car but we don't race 600 miles. what is the most physically taxing thing over four and-a-half hour race? what wears out? your focus? your eyes? what in your body? what is the most taxing part. >> bathroom break. >> no, not really.
6:45 am
the deal is concentration. you know, can you concentrate for five or six hours or four or five hours, whatever the race is and if you notice, watching the race a lot of times guys running really, really good and all of a sudden he's hitting a wall and he's he's lost his concentration from time to time and it's kind of a deal that you got to be ready for it no matter what happens and everything's split second. you don't plan nothing. things happen. every lap is different. because in different circumstances you're running a little different groove and you try to run the same and stay consistent but the hard part is staying consistent and the guys that stay most consistent are the ones that win races. >> real quick, we're almost out of time. memorial day weekend running the race with the names of fallen troops on the windshield, talk to us about what it means this weekend. >> without those people's sacrificing their lives, me and
6:46 am
you wouldn't be here. we wouldn't have racing and stuff. so i thank everybody, the whole world, the whole united states people, ought to say thank you, thank you, thank you, because what we're doing today is -- goes back to 1775 or whatever when they started fighting for the freedom here and we've lost so many many people over the period of years and we should go back and a say thank you, thank you, thank you, for letting me live my life. >> well said. >> great message. rachel: all right. >> thank you so much. great to have you on the show. >> good luck today. >> thank you, guys. rachel: let's check in with rick at nascar salute's wall of honor. >> reporter: mr. petty just said it so well. take a look at this, nascar salutes wall of honor, this has been out here every month for the month of may and what they're doing is you can come out here and you you can write a message to the troops and then you put it up here and it forms a mural and you're going to watch me take forever to write
6:47 am
my message that i'm going to put up here from "fox & friends" and then we'll be part of this mural. afterwards, this goes off to a military base here in the u.s. so that the soldiers can go out and read this. i think i am right there and so this by the end of the weekend gets sent off to one of the military bases, all the messages from the amazing nascar fans who thank our soldiers for all their service, especially right now on this memorial day weekend, one of the great ways to honor the country here from nascar. guys. >> that's really cool stuff, rick. thank you so much. >> as we continue to honor thefall fallen this memorial day weekend, many people are traveling to spend time with friends and family for the long weekend and the costs are hitting hard, they're peopling . rachel: fox news contributor, my husband sean duffy is in
6:48 am
today for maria bartiromo on sunday morning futures and sean joins us now. good morning and congratulations, you're hosting sunday morning futures. tell us -- let's talk inflation. that's a big topic right now. >> which is what we're going to cover on the show today. i don't know about will and texas but i know pete growing up in minnesota, us in wisconsin, we take vacations, might go cam camping, go to the national parks, see families, these are trips families take that are unaffordable. $4.61 a gallon. i remember looking at $4.10 a gallon as almost being unaffordable. prices continue to go up. i'm not sure how pete will drive the rv back to new jersey, it gets seven miles to the gallon. it's become unaffordable. i think more americans are more outraged because is truly having an impact on their lives, on their families and on their
6:49 am
alone time. >> well said, sean. just as another blackhawk comes overhead here as we're preparing for the race, we're going to hand the gavel over to you. there it is, sean. i'm not going to try to talk above it. still practicing here as they prepare for the ceremony that's at 6:00 p.m. tonight, that kicks off the coca-cola 600 live on fox. before we get to that live event and after we hand a it off, you're hosting sunday morning futures, sean, good on you. who do you have on the program. >> coming up in a little over 10 of minutes we have brian don donalds and darrell issa, claudia tenney. we'll talk about hunter biden, the economy and russia, ukraine and biden's gaffes all coming up in a little over 10 minutes. >> that's awesome of. from one duffy to another in 10 minutes. >> that's right. rachel: get a double dose. >> this is five hours of duffy. >> good to see you, man.
6:50 am
rachel: bye, sean. >> thanks, sean. rachel: he said get home. >> still to come, it's the coca-cola 600, what better way to watch the race than coca-cola infused treats. we'll get recipes from charlotte motor speedway's executive chef, coming up. ♪ ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪ ♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪
6:51 am
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6:54 am
rachel: what a better way to celebrate the coca-cola 600 on fox than with coca-cola infused dishes of. here with everything from a brownie sundae to pork belly bites, i definitely have to have that, i love that, executive chef rj parker, what have you got? tell us. >> here we have an appetizer, we have a coca-cola pork belly bites which is a coca-cola
6:55 am
infused barbecue sauce. >> how do you infuse if. >> i use a simple syrup of the particular brand of syrup, either cherry coke, coke or root beer. rachel: that's the way it's done? all right. >> a lot of people -- >> you make the simple syrup from it and make a glaze. >> yes, sir, make a basic barbecue sauce and add the syrup to it and cook it down, try to incorporate the flavors. >> it's good. >> for sure. >> i took a whole bite. >> rachel: how is the coca-cola used in the brownies. >> instead of using water, we use root beer soda. we replace the water with the soda and a bake off the brownies, then we did a chocolate and root beer sauce to go over top and hit it with some caramel and ice cream. >> and then you have coke glazed chicken kabobs. >> yes, with confetti rice.
6:56 am
>> how do you infuse the choke with the chicken. rachel: it's cherry coke, right. >> it's cherry coke. you have your peppers and onions and chicken already cut up. i marinade it probably an hour in the cherry coke or whatever flavor you use and you build your kabobs however you want it, you can put onions, peppers. >> it's not regular coke, it's cherry coke. >> diet coke? >> it's a thing. >> you marinade it for an hour. >> an hour in the cherry coke. rachel: it's fun to do with the kids, have them help out. >> it is a fun thing to do with the kids, absolutely. >> you put it on the grill. >> , yes, you put it on the grill and you basement it with your-baste it as you're grillings it. >> when you're making the batter and everything, instead of water, you -- >> you use whatever flavor soda.
6:57 am
i use root beer. please enjoy. >> everything is sweet. you can taste definitely in the pork belly, you can taste the coke. you're getting it there in the chicken. >> how long have you been the executive chef. >> i took over in august. it will be a year coming up this august but i've been here since 2011. i started out as a line cook. i moved up in the ranks. rachel: now you're at the top of the food chain, no pun intended. >> yes, ma'am, i finally made it. [laughter] >> it's okay if it's pun intended. appreciate it. >> rj parker, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me on. rachel: i would shake your hand but i'm eating your food. >> that's okay. >> we have one more surprise for you. we're joined by the best of the best over here, some of the members of the 82nd airborne who will be part of the event here at the coca-cola 600 when it kicks off later on today. and we've got sergeant first class, how are you. good, how areyou. >> thank you for your service. we appreciate it.
6:58 am
talk to me about memorial day weekend, being a part of it. >> it's really big for us to come out and honor those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation that we live in. i think teamed up with nascar, this has always a been a great event and we really look forward to honoring those individuals and having fun with nascar today. >> no doubt. no one more poignant to have here than the guys in cam knowledge. we'll go to the youngest member here, private owen. you're normally not able to speak and give your p own opinion. >> not really. >> we'll give you a chance on national tv. what's it mean to be part of this for you. >> it means a lot being new here to be given this chance to come out here and represent the 82nd airborne and just really remember those guys who have served before us and gave their life for us. >> how long have you been in the unit or in the military, i should say, and where are you from originally. >> i'm from ehrndon, virginia,
6:59 am
i've been with the army for nine months, with the 82nd for two to three months. >> you carry a heavy responsibility, a day like tomorrow is a reminder of why it all matters. >> it really does. at the end of the day, you know, serving our paratroopers is what we do best and it's the greatest honor that we could possibly have to serve those guys and then for a day like today and day like tomorrow, remembering those guys that we served with in the past. >> absolutely. well, we appreciate you all. thank you for your service. have a great memorial day weekend and i'm authorizing you a pass and beers. [laughter] >> is take right? okay. no, no, no. will over to you. >> we appreciate that we appreciate those guys. watch the coca-cola 600 on fox, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. rick's already got coke all over him. he tried to open a coke. we're going to leave you with the patriot pride of freedom high school marching band. they're performing land of 1,000
7:00 am
dances. >> watch the race. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. sean: good said aborted welcome to "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo. i am sean duffy in for maria bartiromo. a deranged gunman goes on the sickening rampage entered elementary school in uvalde, texas killing 19 cents in two teachers. texas congressman joins us on the investigation they came to nearing humanitarian crisis at the southern border. then the pain at the pump as america's base gas prices


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