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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 29, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> watch the race. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. sean: good said aborted welcome to "sunday morning futures" with maria bartiromo. i am sean duffy in for maria bartiromo. a deranged gunman goes on the sickening rampage entered elementary school in uvalde, texas killing 19 cents in two teachers. texas congressman joins us on the investigation they came to nearing humanitarian crisis at the southern border. then the pain at the pump as america's base gas prices a
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season. memo president biden signals at all for greater cause. >> here's the situation. when it comes to the gas prices we are going through an incredible transition that is taking place in god willing when it's over we will be stronger in the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. sean: congressman is here and the incredible rising gas prices. any sticker shock including a baby formula, out of stock 70% nationwide up from just 45% last week. plus former hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman will soon learn his fate for his role in a russian gate. as us begins to deliberate on the charges that he lied to the fbi. california congressman joins us on that and the federal investigation into hunter bidens. then they present goes off
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script on china and taiwan. causing the white house to walk back his remarks it. trucks are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> is a commitment we made. thirty-six near congresswoman claudia is here on the strategy in ukraine with its resistance to russian invasion but it all about and more as we look ahead to sending morning future. first to uvalde, texas the latest of a devastating shooting there that killed and 192 teachers. senior correspondent is in uvalde with more prey. >> the president and the first lady will beat making multiple stops here in texas meeting with multiple people associated with the senseless tragedy, the senseless act that happened
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here. now the second deadliest school shooting in u.s. history which happened on tuesday. nineteen children most of which were fourth-graders and two adult teachers were murdered and their own classroom. please see the 18-year-old shooter managed to get inside rob elementary school through a door that had been propped open. when responding officers got on scene the incident commander decided to wait on a swat team instead of engaging the gunmen. as a result 45 plus minutes ticked by, officers in the halls as little kids flooded nine memo with for help. until federal agents arrived, breached that room shot and killed the teen gunmen as he emerged from hiding it. >> the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision was the wrong decision, very wrong. there is no excuse for that. >> official said the suspect
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legally purchased the gun and the ammunition that he used at a local store days before. right now they are pouring through social media, searching for a possible motive there. this as a national rifle association is holding its annual conference this weekend down in houston which is about 270 miles or so from here for the nra event was on the calendar prior to this tragedy. a few keynote figures we should point out chosen not to attend like the texas governor and lieutenant governor while texas senator ted cruz, former president donald trump among some of the larger headliners that were in attendance. meantime here in uvalde the funerals will begin this week a lot of them. week many students had looked forward to because it was supposed to be the very first week of their summer break. their summer vacation. just devastating back to you.
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>> so devastating live in uvalde, texas thank you blood spray it replicant congressman beth van duyne of texas who sits on the transportation committee is also a former mayor of urban texas. congressman thanks for joining me. obviously this is a tragicomic tragic incident fourth-graders , of them killed. i think there's a lot of american frustration right now over an hour's time went without law enforcement breaching that door. it was assessed to be a barricaded situation as opposed to an active shooter situation. what are your thoughts? >> there's a lot of feelers you saw happen from beginning when this kid supposedly had a bully and had a social media post to having police called he was fighting with his mom for there's a lot of failures that had people stepped in earlier it might have prevented the shooting for the question is what we do moving forward? they have shown study after study after study that shows if you have a student resource officer on campus that is armed, that could perhaps stop the
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shooter before he ever even enters the school, that is the best way to be able to to prevent this kind of shooting. that door should never have been propped open. that door should have been locked. got protocols in place but if they are not followed, expect more of this to happen. sean: you are right we can have all the protocols in the world if you do not follow the protocol, bad things can happen. i watch lieutenant governor of texas danna patrick yesterday say yes it was a mistake the teacher propped the door (however with the door shut it doesn't automatically lock. so much as a physical action of locking the door, there is not automatic locks on the door to keep these kids safe. >> absolutely. this is one of the census best practices we can look at what they are. there is a bill that was in the senate last week that chuck schumer blocks that was looking at ways of sharing the best practices with schools to keep them safer with school district across the country. democrats have one tool in their toolbox. and they have to hammer every
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single second nail there tool is control. there tool is to remove her independent rights, our individual rights for that is what suit the situation here. and white so many of my democrat colleagues seem to be think that narrative that this is all about gun control. there were so many failures that happened here. let's harden our soft target. let's look at ways that could actually have prevented the shooting instead of politicizing it and making it about the party as opposed to actual solutions. sean: a lot of americans say congress just sent $40 billion ukraine but how much money do we send our schools nationwide to keep our kids safe? there should be a conversation about that all with a backdrop we have a massive 30 trillion-dollar debt. we should have priorities it. isn't there something else at play here, congresswoman? we have a society where we are taking god out of culture prevent fatherless homes were men are not in homes raising young men. we have mental health crisis kids are spending more time on social media and less time
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interacting with their families and their fellow friends. >> you got a lot of kids i know growing up in single parent households and single parent for the majority his mom's fathers have ended the situation where you used to have back in the 70s you would have -- 9% of children were born into single parent household now it is over 40%. that kids spend their time is set up with friends on the outside on social media. you've got kids who have shown if you don't have a father in their life are much more likely to have mental health issues. to have drug abuse appeared to drop out of school, to be lower in socioeconomic wealth. all of those have been proven. why are we not having that conversation? why are we not looking at ways the federal government is actually incentivized the single-family homes? back will be start increasing welfare, increasing entitlement programs are actually paying single moms to not have fathers
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in the home. those are conversations we need to start having. i think it is lazy politics right now to talk about gun control, gun control without looking at the solutions that also would have led to preventing this. sean: on test one last quick question there's a lot of conversation of the role of social media. this shooter post a lot of things online that would've been an indicator he was going to take drastic horrible action. i don't know what the role is of social media but the people who are online and acting with this young man could have actually tipped people off he was a deranged and going to commit violent acts. what happened if you see something say something? i may not be in your community but it may be online. because i think we as a society have gotten very complacent spivey don't think of these things ever happening to us. we don't think of how we could be able to prevent it. we all need much more diligent in what we can do. this shooter's interactions with his teachers, with police, with his parents, with his fellow
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schoolmates, with people online there were red flags around this kid everywhere and yet nobody seemed to have done anything about it. >> oh right stay with us right there. will have more with congresswoman beth van duyne of texas and we look ahead at sunday morning futures.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ et cetera i've had border agents myself down there seven -- 8000 people getting encountered everyday that does not include the got a ways. there is 100,000 gato is the last six month we don't of their intentions, they are in the country do not know where they are going for their scene through surveillance cameras. so what is the solution here? hugs the only solution we can have as joe biden needs to resign. i don't get this. he went open borders second of how men sit purity says the border is secure complete complete lie. sean: florida center last week
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on a mornings with maria. biden's immigration policies have had on the continuing humanitarian crisis at the southern border. already over one point to million migrants have been encountered by border agents in the current fiscal year but this comes as federal judge has blocked biden administration from lifting title 42 the department of justice is actually appealing. will bring back congresswoman beth van duyne. so congresswoman on the last vestiges of securing the border's title 42 of its actually used appropriately. here you have the biden administration appealing the court's ruling so they can actually lift the title 42 and have migrants commit to the country? >> this seems to make no sense. any american and has to be tested and goes through protocols to get back in. and yet we are allowing literally millions of illegal immigrants at our border to come into our country without being tested. it makes no sense. it's the one last tool that we
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have got to be able to protect our borders but the biden administration is calculating and very strategic in getting rid of it. it has been held up in court they need to be able to use it. yet this administration is appealing that in wasting resources on that one last tool we actually help border control. sean: 's are true security secretary mayorkas has a message for migrants making their way to the southern border listen. >> the bottom line is u.s. borders are not open. individuals and families continue to be subject to border restrictions including expulsion. do not come to the border. sean: congressman that is a boldface lie. this administration is not lifted title 42 they stopped building the wall. they eradicated every strategy they have had is to open the border not close it. >> let's face it if their
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policies were working the border was close why do we have over 2 million folks enter illegally last year? what have we already in may had over one point to million that we can identify already enter the country illegally this year. why do we have 11000 pounds of fence and i'll enter last year? the border is not close they have done everything they can to make sure that is the case. it is destroying our country and quite honestly i appreciate wrist scott's frustration biden is not going anywhere is not going to resign this is all part of their strategy but this is all very well calculated. biden resigns that we've got, a harris our czar is not been at the board is not talked about solutions. and then it's kamala harris resigns who do you have? nancy pelosi who is not even bothered to bring forward any immigration reform, any border control strategy to any of the hearings we have had in the house. this is a plans, this is a calculated the entire democrat party is to blame for this.
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is that you may have nancy posted today but if the elections in november is the way many posters say they're going to go you may have kevin mccarthy third in line. think that's what so many americans are waiting for. there waiting for an election so at least a republican-led majority in the house or senate can do oversight hearings. they can control the spending because that is where spending starts is in the congress. christopher wright on the border challenges facing our country, take a listen to what he had to say. >> certainly any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts including national security threats can seek to exploit. i have been down to all of our field offices that have border crossings as part of their area of responsibility for they have a heck of a challenge on their hands. sean: fbi director christopher
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is part of the administration you can be somewhat measured in what you say. i take that as alarm bells are ringing for the southern border is dangerous. that people want to come into the country that want to do us harm. >> they've seen almost 200 potential terrorists of art across the board of this year alone. the administration has admitted they understand the problem. they are culpable and it paid the question is where they going to do about it? what are the answers they bring into to the table other than taking away the tools that cbp has to address the problem. it is interesting though you brought up the november elections were to start thinking about what is a long-term plan is by having all of this border insecurity going on right now, i think it is honestly to be able to have people come in that democrats will vote for the democratic party. it's amazing when you think about what is going on in texas, down at our border, areas have historically been democrat strongholds those congressional seats are up for play. the reason why they are his
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folks who have lived there for decades has lived under the failed liberal policies and are seeing their communities absently destroyed. they are sick of it. in those races now are with they've seen how these liberal policies destroy communities for. >> industry cities they destroy the country into your point the southern districts are mostly hispanic. the lowest number of approval ratings for joe biden are hispanics at 26% for they do not approve of these policies which went to be interesting to watch the elections as they come in november. and where voters go on the future of the country. beth van duyne thanks for joining me. coming up a federal jury and virginia starting the do state of michael sussman the former campaign lawyer charge with lying to the fbi. congressman darrell issa will be on that. and he lays on the investigation president biden's son, hunter biden. is next.
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she said knew in september how many warrants of the get to spy on the drum campaign? i spoke with carter page a number of times but he was spied on for a year by the fbi, no charges were ever brought down. what is the culpability for that? >> 45 of the wart start at the end of september 2016. i coupled the issue sort of metastasized by the clinton campaign and robby testified in court the former clinton campaign manager at hillary clinton herself annuitant. authorized it and they it leaks that false information to the immediate to try to gin up attention against donald trump as i said before all roads lead to the deputy director and the lovebirds in their office concocting an insurance plan in august of 2015 i think john
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dermot knows what that insurance plan is. so 64 dod chief of staff cash patel speaking with maria on what the rush at gate hoax and when. a federal journey and virginia is deciding the fate of former hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman who is charged with lying to the fbi. special counsel john durham says sussman met with the fbi general counsel james baker claiming he had information on a covid communication channel between the trump organization and russia's alpha bank. has info has come since been completely debunked. sussmann claimed he was not representing any specific clients. but durham teams alleges he built hillary clinton's prudential account presents a campaign for that fbi meeting for joining me now darrell issa member the house judiciary committee and house foreign affairs committee. congressman, thanks for joining me.
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i look at what information has come out now how the hillary clinton campaign completely orchestrated this hoax, fed it to the fbi. than the fbi for three years with the media runs with the story, right? i want to know did the fbi and d.o.j. know this was a hoax and this was politics? or were they completely duped? >> they absolutely did know. if you have to choose with the fbi between completing competence for wrong doing you have to choose wrongdoing for they are too well-paid, too well trained into well-equipped not to know better. and there is evidence they specifically did know better. they knew this was incredibly wrong when it brought to them. but it worked. let's member one thing, if something works you keep doing it. hunter biden made $11 million off of his father's name and reputation. he is now an artist making millions more selling art while his father is the president. so if akon works you do it.
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in this case that worked not only to have the false narrative but continued with it throughout the entire trump administration. most people in america today have these sort of with was a trump too cozy with russia when in fact he was hunter biden that got millions from the mayor of moscow that cannot be explained in any way other than a payoff to him for being the son of his father. >> having a lack of faith in the fbi in the d.o.j. is dangerous you want to have faith in those institutions that justice is blind the law is equally a plate is not useful for political purposes i think you are right they weren't duped they were fully in on what happened here. i wonder do you think you're going to see more prosecutions come out of this investigation or does this and with sussmann and the trouble waiting for results on? >> a lot depends on the outcome. to be candid with this jury it's very possible to get a hung jury or even an acquittal. that does not mean the case is
7:27 am
not been made that the american people have not seen sworn testimony that hillary clinton knew what they were doing when they falsely accuse the president. when they paid to mislead in some way the fbi. and it does mean that we take control in january as we anticipate we will, that we have got to clean house and the department of justice and the fbi. these are good organizations with lots of good people but very clearly they had enough people in high positions, many of whom are still there. to undermine that administration. and that kind of what i would call lawyer treason has to be dealt with and has to be dealt with by a suspicious congress with this one is not suspicious for the next when it will be we will be looking for the kind of wrong doing and we will do it with the inspector general, with others that can help us root out
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people who have in fact crossed the line and not done their job. sean: every american once had to happen to root out the corruption that d.o.j. and went faith in those institutions. and i want to pivot let's talk about hunter biden. new information has come out of the laptop from hell we now know hunter biden purchased burner phone app so he could make phone calls and place text messages with different phone numbers. i don't know about you congressman, i don't have a burn phone app page on any american with the burner phone app for it if you have that kind of app you are doing some pretty shady things which would necessitate an app that can help you hide your phone number. >> you are exactly right sprayed the fact is you do not need these kind of virtual phone numbers unless you intend to buy drugs or do something clandestine and make the line go away. it is very clear he wanted to do that. he wanted to have multiple numbers so that someone would
7:29 am
think they were talking to someone or texting with something on a number and he could make it go away which he obviously did. sean: i am not sure where this investigation is within the department of justice within hunter biden were not supposed to know that and i understand that. but if republicans take control the house with a actually do oversight? will he do investigation to issue subpoenas to get to the bottom of what hunter biden was doing the foreign business dealings? i think congressman that matters. if he was doing for business dealings and hunter, joe biden is getting a kickback joe biden's compromise he is given dirt to the russians and the chinese that can be used against him, that means joe biden is not putting america versus putting his family in his career and his politics ahead of the country. what you are exactly right we have to do two types of oversight one to push to make sure the department of justice does their job which is criminal prosecution. and in our case the kind of
7:30 am
research we need to do to improve legislation and compliance the fact that hunter biden got on the vice president aircraft was taken to the countries he was doing business with is very likely when you change the law so that can never happen again. the god of the president, the vice president essentially bringing his family in and using them current law apparently allows for it. there are legislative regions manage investigation of most importance on we started with, we got to get the department of justice to be reliable do their job and divinely. right now as you can see hunter biden is not even paying a price for his income tax evasion. he's going to pay back apparently couple million dollars he deceived and got away with for a period of time. that is not what would happen to you or i pray if you are i cheated the government out of millions of dollars he would not be pay the fine later there be criminal prosecution for that is
7:31 am
in al capone type up event yet it's very clear is not being prosecuted. >> thanked the crime does not mean the crime is not committed. thank you for joining this morning on "sunday morning futures". >> thank you. >> the summer driving season has begun it is costing drivers more than ever to fill up the tank. this president biden have solution to over out of control facing families on daily basis? congressman byron donalds joined us next as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". to pag. uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. maria: do we do we have 40 or high inflation it's cutting into people's wages but we know we have not seen the worst in terms of gasoline because we have not approached the summer driving months it yet and yet they still are trying to get portions of "build back better" in other policies, now right? >> it is really remarkable, maria. they continue to push their ideological agenda of trillions of dollars of new taxes new welfare spending rather than address the causes of inflation. one of the reasons gasoline cost so much right now is the biden administration has waged a war on fossil fuel. this is not an accident this is what joe biden promises the campaign. this is what far left and members of the democratic caucus in congress want. maria: center time come speaking with maria last week that
7:36 am
present biden's continued pressure green energy amid skyhigh energy prices. drivers continue to feel pain at the pump as a summer driving season begins. the national average per gallon of gas this morning is a $4.61 according to aaa. over a dollar 50 more than this time last year. does the president have a solution to provide immediate relief for drivers question equestrian congressman byron donalds sits on the house oversight and reform committee on the budget committee print congressman thanks for joining me. i guess simply put i wonder how many people, how many americans have to be thrown into poverty, struggle to put gas in their car and food on the table before this administration changes course in regard to american oil and gas? >> first of all's good to be with you on this memorial day weekend pretty to thank all of the families who lost loved ones serving our great country. but i've got to tell you this administration has no plans, no
7:37 am
ideas, no strategy on reversing course on their crazy agenda when it comes to oil and natural gas and gasoline. joe biden and the democrats want gas prices higher. let's stop playing games. they want gas prices higher per they want the green new deal accomplished. they want to follow the people that were in davos last week at the world economic forum as opposed to helping working-class families and often comes here in the united states with the number one way you push people into poverty is with rising energy prices. this administration is not going to change anything they are doing. >> congressman you are one 100% right this is absolutely intentional. and to that point present biden seems to praise a high gas prices last week, take a listen. click here is the situation. when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through incredible transition that is taking place. god willing when it is over we
7:38 am
will be stronger in the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over. sean: congressman comes going to make a stronger as a country? we have oil and gas in america that is ours. if we make a transition to green energy the critical minerals that are necessary for windmills and solar panels and batteries, we cannot mind them here so we have to get them from somewhere else. we are actually outsourcing american security and autonomy to the rest of the world. this it does not make a stronger it makes us weaker. >> you are absolutely right. joe biden is wrong again. why should we be surprised? must be very specific. if we give up oil and natural gas we go to these renewable energies, you need china. dominating mineral production across the globe. joe biden is selling us out to the chinese. that's why he is happy about this a transition while millions of americans suffer every single day trying to figure how they are putting gas in the car but
7:39 am
also how they are going to be food on the table. we follows economic plans they are disastrous for our country. they empower china primarily part also look at food and food prices are for the reasons food prices are up is because fertilizer is a derivative of oil production. you get fertilizer from oil pretty do not get a firm windmills who do not get up from solar panels. this is terrible economic policy per you are correct is going to hurt us on the world stage not help us. this a transition he thanks is great is cool for him and his family while they are making millions of dollars in deals all over the world. what about the mom and pop who are literally making what are the thousand dollars a year end they've got three kids to feed? it does not work for them this is not a glorious transition for them too. >> maybe not a hundred grand a year to 60 grand a year is not just high gas prices are things costing more these days groceries, used cars, airline fares, electricity all in double digits compared to a year ago at
7:40 am
this time. i guess when you look at this, when you look at the rise compared to inflation as it is consumed the country. as we play this out is there anything a republican congress can do? should you take the majority to push back on these policies? one last point look at center manchin right now pretender manchin is bringing back "build back better" in a smaller form and wants to push a green new deal. he was to push tax increases but it's going to add fuel to the inflation fire if he has to deal chuck schumer. >> is a lot things a house republicans can do if we take back the house. mind you if we win senate seats on the republican side of the aisle. number one through the budget process we can actually enforce this administration to open up oil production. through the budget process we connection tying the hands of this administration, actually making them defend the oil leases they extend in that part
7:41 am
process are people trying to produce oil and natural gas in the united states. the big one we need to tackle we need to get on it as we need more refining capacity here in the united states. everybody likes document how we need to fix supply chain and bring more manufacturing back to the united states get it away from china and other countries around the globe. but if you are not refining more oil and natural gas here at home if we do not expand our refining capacity it is going to be so difficult for manufacturing plants to come back to the united states because she will not have the energy foundation for those manufacturing plants to actually operate. these are things we can do through the budget process. it's important republicans take a stand against one of the most radical economic and energy agendas our country has ever seen. sean: is not just refining its pipelines pretty have to build a transfer energy around the country. pipelines are how we do that. i think as you pointed out, this is really bad politics for
7:42 am
democrats. they have a tough election coming in november. but in a way to buy votes joe biden has a plan is going to forgive 10,000 dollars of student loan debt for young americans who have gone to great universities have gotten the skill sets coming from that university paid what frustrates me is why it is a taxpayer footing the bill for college? why don't those kids if they can't afford to pay those debts go back to the college themselves have the college paper the education is kids did not get or frankly tap into their billion-dollar trust funds in those universities. >> first about let's be honest about this for the universities are not going to go back and pay back some of these debts because the second you graduate they are busy calling you to get a donation that is number one. number two even nancy pelosi said joe biden does not have the authority to do this. folks he has no legal authority to do this. if he does it in my view it is unconstitutional. number three, this is the one that's more important than anything else. this creates a significant moral
7:43 am
hazard in our country. when has it ever been okay for our president randomly to say that contract law binding contracts are no longer valid that they are no and void simply because he chooses to print listen, i know people are struggling with student loan debt especially if you've got a degree from university and you are not working in that field today as an adult that is a terrible situation to be in. the president has no authority to avoid contracts in the united states. that is a complete violation and destruction of the rule of law. he does not have this authority i don't care how bad is pulling numbers suck he cannot do this he shouldn't do this. sean: and congressman byron donalds sang at the way it is i couldn't agree more thank you for joining me on "sunday morning futures". russians are brutal invasion of ukraine is closing in on 100 days. what would it take to bring peace to the region? new york congressman claudia tenney on the house of foreign affairs committee is here on
7:44 am
that and the growing threat from china as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures". thankfully, voya provides comprehensive solutions, and shows me how to get the most out of my workplace benefits. what's the wi-fi password again? here... you... go. cool, thanks. no problem. voya helps me feel like i got it all under control. because i do. oh, she is good. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected.
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>> ukrainian people do not ask for american men and women to fight they want to have the weapons to defend themselves. i think in part i told the president, just having sanctions after you enter was not the appropriate thing. if you had provided the weapons that we are now to ukraine, think the war would have been different. maybe it never would've happened. sean: house majority leader kevin mccarthy last week on biden's response to russia's brutal invasion of ukraine for closing a 100 days of the training insistence holding strong against the kremlin. with no peace yet inside president zelenskyy says his country likely to hold talks with russian president vladimir putin to end the war. congresswoman claudia tenney was a member of the house of foreign
7:48 am
affairs committee joins us now. congressman thanks for joining me. the really good point they're going to have to have peace talks at some point. is anyone in this administration or in the congress incentivizing ukraine to sit down and have a conversation with a rush it to see can end this war? >> look at first i went to says the mother of a marine who is also logistics officer, i just want to recognize memorial day this week and it is a really important weekend to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice into the families. but here we are talking about a war and incredible unprovoked war in ukraine, and at modern air we never thought we'd see again after world war ii. but we have a crisis we do have to find a way to stop the human suffering and the destruction that is happening in ukraine. remember something think a lot of people forget, president trump was proactive when you are proactive that is the best deterrence. we have a president that is indecisive, is reactive and
7:49 am
really not quick to deal the problem with russia which is costing lives and costing money to the americans and people across the european continent. and many of our allies are taking numerous millions of refugees and providing aid in care to them. it is a problem we are seeing an erosion and many cases a lot of people see that ukrainians are struggling right now per the russians are continuing their onslaught against them. obviously probably withheld since of our bigger adversaries like china and others including those enemies in the middle east helping the russians continue this at destruction and war against ukraine. i think we could try to have some talks may note zelenskyy has been trying to do that. every family try to talk there's a break down pc just this week one of the russian diplomats and foreign minister said we just met putin needed to draw down
7:50 am
this war. and he was removed and criticized by putin's leadership. so we have a dictator who just does not seem to want to stop. now unfortunately have a weak president and a week of foreign policy that is costing us problems around the world. and i think right now we do have to look at every option on the table. >> you are one 100% right. you see with strong leadership you get respect you have weak leadership and bad things happen. we will have more theater congresswoman claudia tenney and just moments you are watching "sunday morning futures" right here on fox news permission to catch mornings with maria with maria bartiromo's weekday mornings with maria. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. it's a quality exam worth 50 bucks.
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quickly willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that is the commitment we made progress united states or means committed to her one china policy. we post any unilateral changes to the status quo from either side we do not support taiwan independence we expect differences to be resolved by peaceful means. what separate estate and today blinken to clarify remarks by president biden on u.s. defense of taiwan against china. let's bring back congresswoman claudia tenney sits on the foreign affairs committee. congresswoman, i've got to tell you this is just reeks of projecting weakness where the president says one thing about our strategy on taiwan and defense of china. then the ministrations to come out and continually correct him and say no, no that is not what he meant. >> you are exactly right projecting weakness who is in charge? is it the bureaucrats and the people in the white house while joe biden wanders around and
7:55 am
stay safe? i've got two great joe biden on this. because first of all we have a policy of strategic ambiguity when it comes to taiwan. think it is dangerous and i think we need to go back to a strategic clarity. we need to show we are going to support taiwan. if we don't the chinese are only empowered. they been using military actions on the straight between taiwan and china and we know it they are getting aggressive they are seeing an opening just like pollutants on opening. i want to point everyone to president trump referred to being proactive, president trump is not a pat buchanan isolationist. present trump's martin jacksonian more like a peace through strength that reagan type of doctrine. if we are projecting weakness were not taking action to defend our allies and defend strategic assets we are projecting weakness and inviting provocation and inviting eventually war which is what we saw in ukraine to resolve the disastrous situation in
7:56 am
afghanistan which killed 13 service members. and now we are seeing confusing policy toward taiwan where we need to defend it taiwan. you had some of your guests on earlier talking about energy. a lot of our technology are produced in taiwan. they have been an important diplomatic ally in terms of economy. we have a taiwan relation which is a little bit vague pretty think we need to be really clear. sean: too that point there are lessons learned coming out of you create is the lesson we are supposed to be arming taiwan to the teeth of a disincentive for china to invade? >> well, we are actually providing. we said we will come to the defense of taiwan that is in the taiwan relations act that was signed in 1979 under believe it or not jimmy carter. that is sort of a vegas stander but the chinese are moving in and taking advantage they are teaming up with our allies. i think this is an important distinction where we are talking about what are we doing with
7:57 am
taiwan? is it just economic relations? is it just one china policy are going to recognize taiwan as a separate sort of big entity? >> congressman it's confusing to say the least. thank you for joining me on "sunday morning futures" i appreciated but that does it for a synthetic morning futures. i am sean duffy in fortran eight. more on fox news we express our deepest gratitude and member those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. ♪ ♪ your dry eye symptoms keepking driving you crazy?l, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat
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♪ howard: how can this be happening again and again and again? last sunday id stood the here and talked about the heartbreak of 10 mostly black shoppers being gunned down in buffalo, now it's 19 young children and 2 teachers at a texas elementary school almost a decade after of the massacre at sandy hook. "the washington post" says there were 42 school shootings of some kind last year, and you probably haven't heard of most of them. virginia tech, charleston, orlando, rf -- las


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