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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 29, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that does it for us here today. thank you for joining us. i am sandra smith. i will see you again on tuesday on the fox news channel and each weekday at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. have a reflective memorial day weekend. we will see you next fox news sunday. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> good sunday morning and welcome "sunday morning futures." i am sean duffy. tragedy in the lone star state as a deranged gunman goes on a rampage data elementary school in uvalde, texas. we have a congresswoman here on the investigation and the continuing humanitarian crisis at the southern border. pain at the pump. president biden signals it is
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all for a greater cause. >> here is the situation, when it comes to the gas crisis, we are going through and incredible transition taking place. god willing when it is over we will be stronger and the world will be stronger and relying less on fossil fuel when this is over. sean: the incredible rise in gas prices and the sticker shock americans are dealing with basic necessities. baby formula out of stock 70% nationwide. up 45% from last week. former hillary clinton campaign lawyer will soon learn his fate or his role in russia gate. the jury begins to deliberate on the charges he lied to the fbi. congressman darrell isa joins us the white house walking back its
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remarks. >> are you willing to get involved to defend taiwan if it comes to that. >> yes. >> you are? >> it is a commitment we made. >> all of that and more as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪♪ buffers to uvalde, texas and the latest on the devastating s shooting there. we have a correspondent there. casey. >> the president and first lady will be making multiple stops here in texas meeting with multiple people associated with the senseless tragedy, the senseless act that happened
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here. the second deadliest shooting in u.s. history which happened on tuesday. nineteen children, most of which were fourth-grader and to adult teachers murdered in their own classroom. the 18-year-old shooter manageda to get inside robb elementary school through a door that propped open. when responding officers got on scene, the commander decided to wait on the swat team instead of engaging the gunmen. as a result, 45 plus minutes ticked by. officers in the halls at little kids flooded 911 with please orl help. until federal agents arrived,ch brief chat room and shot and killed a teenage gunman as he emerged from hiding. >> of course it was not the right decision. there is no excuse for that. >> officials say the suspect
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legally purchased the gun and the ammunition that he used at a local store days before. right now they are pouring through a social media searching for a possible motive there. they says the national meeting is being held this it was on the calendar prior to this tragedy. a few keynote figures chose not to attend like the texas governor and lieutenant governor while texas senator cruz and former president trump ahead of the larger headliners in attendance. here in uvalde come at the funerals will begin this a lot of them. a week they look forward to, it was supposed to be the very first week of their summer break, their summer vacation. just devastating. back to you. sean: thank you.
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four more let's bring in republican congresswoman of she sits on the transportation and infrastructure committee and also as a former mayor of texas. thank you for joining me. this is a tragic tragic incident. fourth-graders, 19 of them killed. a lot of american frustration right now. overru and hour's time went without law enforcementho preaching that door. it was supposed to be a barricaded situation as opposed to an active shooter situation.i what are your thoughts? >> a lot of failures that you saw happen. beginning when this kid was a bully and had social media posts and having police called with fighting with his mom. a lot of failures earlier that may have prevented this shooting they have shown study afterg study after study that shows ifu you have a student resource officer on campus that is armed that could perhaps stop the
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shooter before he enters the school, that is the best way to prevent the shooting. that door never should have been propped open. if they are not followed, expect more of this to happen. >> congresswoman, you are right. we could have all the protocols in the world, but if you don't follow protocol, bad things cant happen. it was a mistake that the teacher propped the door open, even with the door shut, it does not automatically lock. unless there's a physical action , there are not automatic locks on the doors to keep kids safe. >> absolutely. best practices. we can look at what those are. there was a bill that chuck schumer blocked. keeping them safer with other school districts across the country. democrats have one tool. there tool is controlled.
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they are to a list to individual rights. that is what you see as theal situation here. watch some of my democrat colleagues, they seem to be pumping that narrative that this is all about gun control. so many failures that happened here.t' let's look at ways that could actually preventedt the shooting instead of politicizing it and making it about the party. >> i think a lot of americans look inside the congress sent $40 million to ukraine. how much do we send nationwide to keep o our kids safe? all with the backdrop that we have a massive $30 trillion debt you'd we should have priorities. isn't there something else at play? taking god out of culture. we have fatherless homes where meds are not in homes raising young men. kids are spending more time on
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social media and less time interacting with their families and fellow friends. >> a lot of kids right now growing upar in single parent households. the single parent, majority is mom speared they used to have it back in the 70s, seven-9% of children born into single parent households. you have kids who are spending their time outside on social media. you have kids you have shown if you don't have a father in their life, much more likely to havel mental health issues, to have drug abuse, to drop out of school, to be lower in socioeconomicc wealth. all of those have been proven. why are we not having that conversation? why are we not looking at ways the federal government has descends a fight theseho single-family homes. we were actually paying single moms to not have fathers in the
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home. those are conversations we need to start having. i think that it is just lazy politics right now. talking about gun control without looking at the solutions that would have prevented -- >> i want to ask one last question. the role of social media. this shooter posted a lot of things online that would've been an indicator he would take drastic, horrible action. i don't know what the role of social media is, but the people online interacting with this man could have tipped people off that he was deranged and going to commit violent acts. what happened to you if you see something, say something. >> i think that we as a society have gotten very complacent. we don't think of these things happening to us. we all need to be much more diligent in what we can do. this shooter's interactions wit. his teachers, with police, with his parents, with his fellow schoolmates, with people online,
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there were red flags around this kid everywhere and no one seem to do anything about it. >> stay with us right there. we will have more with congresswoman of texas and just moments as we look ahead onbe "sunday morning futures." ♪♪
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mornings on maria. the continuing humanitarian crisis at the southern border. 1.2 million migrants have been encountered with border agents in the last fiscal year. they have blocked the biden administration from blocking title 42. let's bring back congresswoman, what is the last, title 42 if it is used's properly.tu here you have the biden administration so they can actually lift and have more migrants come into the country. >> this seems to make no sense. going through protocols and we are allowing millions of illegal immigrants m to come into ourur border without being tested. it makes no sense. one last tool that we've got to
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protect our borders in the bidee administration is calculating and very strategic in getting rid of it. it has been held up in court. this is appealing that. actually helping the border control. >> alejandro has a message for those making their way to the southern border. >> the bottom line is the u.s. borders are not open. individuals and families continue to be subject to border restrictions including expulsion do not come to the border. >> that is a boldfaced lie. this administration lifted title 42, they stopped building the wall, every strategy that they could have has been to open a border, not close them.
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>> why do we have over 2 million folks enter? why in may do we have one that we can identify to enter. the border is not close. they have done everything they can. it is destroying the country. biden will not go anywhere. he will not resign. this is all part of theiry strategy. if biden resigns, now we have h. has not even talked about solutions. kamala harris resigns, who do you have? nancy pelosi. has not bothered to bring forward any real form, any of the hearings that we have in the house. this is planned, this is calculated and this is the entire democrat party. >> you may have nancy pelosi
12:17 pm
today, you may have kevin mccarthy third in line. i think that that is what so many americans are waiting for. at least the republican majority cannot do oversight hearing speared they can control the this is not all safe because the f vi director christopher rae is facing our country. take a listen to what he had to say. >> certainly, any porous point of entry is a potential vulnerability that bad actors of all sorts including national security threats can seek to exploit. and i have been down to all of our field officers that have these crossings as a responsibility. they have a heck of a challenge on their hands.
12:18 pm
>> you have to be someone measured in what you say. i take quote as alarm bells are ringing. bad people want to come into the country that want to do us harm. >> 200 potential terrorists that have already crossed the border this year alone. the administration has admitted it. the question is, what will they do about it? what are the answers that they bring to the table other than the tools that cdp actually has two address the problem was your mark it is interesting that you brought up the november elections. we think about what the long-term plan is by having this on border insecurity going on right now, i think having people come in that democrats believe will vote for the democratic party. you start to see what is going on our border, areas that have been democrat stronghold. those congressional seats are upper.
12:19 pm
the folks that have lived there for decades have lived under failed liberal policies and seed our communities absolutely destroyed. those races are now in play for republicans. they have seen how these liberal policies destroy. >> they destroyed the cities, countries. most ofth those are hispanic. the lowest approval are hispanics at 26%. they don't approve these olpolicies. it will be interesting to watch come november and where voters go. thank you for joining me. >> coming up, a federal jury and virginia deciding the fate of former hillary clinton lawyer charged with lying to the fbi. darrell issa is here on that. the latest on the investigation into president biden's son. ♪♪
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the fbi knew in september 2016 and yet how many pfizer warrants did they get to spy on the trump campaign? i have spoke with carter page four a long time. spied on for a year by the fbi. what is a culpability of that? >> it is metastasized by the clinton campaign. hillary clinton herself knew it, authorized it in they leaked that false information to the media to try to jam up attention against donald trump. all worldly to anti-medicaid the director concocting an insuranci
12:24 pm
think john durham knows that insurance planning. >> speaking with maria on what the fbi knew about the russia gate hopes and when. deciding the fate of form a hundred former hillary clinton campaign charged with lying to the fbi. john durham says he met with the fbi general counsel james baker claiming he had information on a covert communication channel between the trump organization and russia's alpha bank. that info has since been completely debunked. they claimed he was not representing any specific client, but durham's team alleges he felt the presidential campaign for that fbi meeting. joining me now with california congressman darrell issa. a member of the house judiciary committee in the house foreign affairs committee. tethank you foror joining me. i look at what information has
12:25 pm
come out now about how the hillary clinton campaign completely orchestrated this hoax. vetted to the fbi. the fbi for three years runs with this story. i want to know, did the fbi, doj know this was a hoax or they completely duped? >> if you have to choose betweee completing competence for wrongdoing, you have to choose wrongdoing. too well-paid, too well-trained and too well-equipped to not know better. there is evidence that they specifically did no better. it worked. let's remember one thing. if something works, you keep doing it. hunter biden made $11 million off of his father's name and reputation. now he is an artist making these if a con works, you do it.
12:26 pm
it worked not only to have this false narrative, but continuing it through the entire trump administration had most people in america today have this whiff of was trump too cozy with russia when it was biden that got millions which cannot be described in any way except for a payoff. >> having a lack of faith in the fbi and doj is date dress. it is not useful for political purposes. they were not duped. they were fully in on what happened here. do you think you can see more prosecutions come out of this investigation or does this and in the trial we are waiting the results on? >> a lot depends on the outcome. it is very possible to get a hung jury or an acquittal. that does not mean the case has
12:27 pm
not been made. the american people have not seen sworn testimony that hillary clinton knew what they were doing when they falsely accuse the president when they paid to mislead in some way the fbi. it does mean that when we take control in january as we anticipate we will that we have to help clean house and the department of justice and the o fbi. these are good organizations with a lot of good people. they have had enough people in high positions, many of whom are still there. during the trump administration to undermine that administration that kind of what i would call a lawyer to treason has to be dealt with. it has to be dealt with by a suspicious congress. the kind of wrongdoing. we will do it with the inspector who can help us root out people
12:28 pm
that have in fact crossed the line and not done their job. >> every american wants them to have that happen. i want to pivot right now. let's talk about hunter biden. new information has come out of the laptop from hell. we know hunter biden purchased burner phone so he could place different messages with different phones. i don't have a burner phone app. i don't know any american that does. i imagine if you have that kind of app, you are doing some pretty shady things that would necessitate an app that could help you hide your phone number. >> you are right. you don't need these virtual phone numbers and less you intend to buy drugs or do something and then make the line go away. it is very clear that he wanted to do that. he wanted to have multiple numbers so someone could think they were talking to somebody or
12:29 pm
text with somebody on a number and he could just make it go away, which he obviously did. >> i'm not sure where this investigation is within the department of justice and we are not supposed to know that. i understand that. control ofans take the house, will they do oversight?t? will they issue subpoenas to get to the bottom of what hunter biden was doing with his foreign business dealings? if he was doing foreign business dealings, hunter, and joe biden was getting a kick back, joe biden is compromised.mi he has given dirt to the russian and chinese that can be used against him that means joe biden is now putting america first, he is puttingme his family and carr and politics ahead of the country. >> you are exactly right. we have to do two types of oversight. make sure the departmentar of justice does their job which is criminal prosecution. the kind of research that we need to do to improve legislation and compliance, you
12:30 pm
know, the fact that hunter biden got on the vice presidents aircraft and was taken to the countries he was doing business eswith, it is very likely we ned to change a law so that can never happen again. you cannot have the president, vice president essentiallyce bringing his family in and using them. current law allows for it. the most important reason is the one we started with. we've got to get the department of justice to be reliable and do their job and do it blindly. as you can see, hunter biden is not paying a price for his income tax invasion. he will pay back apparently aou couple of million dollars that he deceived and got away with for a period of time. that is not what would happen to you or i. if we cheated the government out of millions of dollars, it would not be paid the fine later, there would be criminals prosecution.
12:31 pm
it is very clear that he is not being prosecuted. >> it does not mean that the crime was not committed. thank you for joining me this morning on "sunday morning futures." >> thank you.k the summer driving season has begun. costing drivers more than ever to fill up the tank. does president biden have a solution? congressman donald's of florida joins us next as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." ♪♪
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wewe note that we've got 40 year high inflation. we know we have not seen the worst in terms of gasoline because we have not approach the summer driving months yet and yet they are still trying to get portions of build back better in other policies. >> it is really remarkable. they continue to push their ideological agenda of new taxes and new welfare spending rather than addressing the causes of inflation. c one of the reasons gasoline cost so much right now it's abutted administration is waged a war on fossil fuel. this is what joe biden promised in the campaign. this is what far left members >> senator speaking with maria last week about president
12:36 pm
biden's continue push for green energy amid skyhigh energy prices. drivers continue to feel pain at the pump as a summer driving season begins. the national average is $4.61 according to aaa. over $1.50 more than this time last year. does the president have a solution to provide immediate relief for drivers? let's bring in iran donald's. he sits on a house and reform committee. congressman, thanks for joining me. i wonder how many people, how many americans have to be thrown into poverty struggling to put gas in their car and food on the table. before this changes course on oil and gas. >> first of all, it's good to be with you on this memorial day weekend. i want to thank all of the families who lost loved one serving our great country. i've got to tell you, this administration has no plans, no ideas, no strategy on reversing
12:37 pm
course on their crazy agenda when it comes to oil, natural gas and gasoline. joe biden and the democrats want gas prices they want gas prices higher. they wantle the green new deal accomplished. they want to follow the people last week at the world economic forum as opposed to helping working-class families and seniors on fixed incomes here in the united states. the number one way you push people into poverty is with rising energy crisis. this administration will not change anything that they are doing. >> i think you are 100% right. this is absolutely intentional. take a listen to this. >> here is the situation, when it comes to the gas prices, we are going through an incredible transition that is taking place. god willing when it's over we will be stronger in the world
12:38 pm
will be stronger. >> congressman, it's going to make us stronger as a country? we have oil and gas in america that is ours. if we make a transition to green energy, their critical -- we cannot find them here so we have to get them from somewhere else. we are outsourcing american security and autonomy to the t rest of the world. this does not make us stronger, it makes us weaker. y >> you are right. joe biden is wrong again. why would we be surprised? oil and natural gas, you go to g these renewable energies, you mean china. china is the one dominating mineral production across the globe. joe biden is selling us out to the chinese. that is why he is happy about this transition while millions of americans suffer each and every day trying to figure out how to put gas in their car and
12:39 pm
how they will put food on the table. this is a reality and what happens if you follow his economic plan. they are disastrous for our country. they empower china primarily. food prices are up. one of the reasons is becausens fertilizer is a derivative of oil production. you get fertilizer from oil. you don't get it from wind belts, you don't get it from solar panels. this is terrible economic policy and you are correct, it will hurt us on the world stage, not help us. in this transition he thinks is great, that's cool for him and his family while there making millions of dollars cutting deals all over the world but what about the mom-and-pop making $100,000 a year they have three kids to feed. it does not work for them. this is not a glorious transition for them. >> it is not just high gas prices. groceries, used cars, airline fares, electricity all up double
12:40 pm
digits compared to a year ago at this time. i guess that when we look at this, earnings are falling when you look at the rise in your wages compared to inflation as it has consumed the country. as we kind of play this out, is there anything a republican congress can do? should you take the majority to push back on these policies? you look at senator mansion right now and he is bringing back build back better in a smaller form. he wants to push increases. he will add fuel to the inflation fire. >> there are a lot of things that house republicans can do io we take back the house. if we win senate seats on the republican side of the aisle. through the budget process, we can actually force the administration to open up oil production. through the budget processss we can tie the hands of this administration. defending the oil leases that they extend in the permitting
12:41 pm
process. we need more finding capacity. bringing more manufacturing and get it away from china and other countries around the globe. if you are not refining more oil and natural gas here at home, if we don't expand our refiningg capacity, it will be so difficult for manufacturing plants to come back to theac united states because you won't have the energy foundation for the manufacturing plants to actually operate. these are things we can do through the budget process. it's important they take a stand through one of the most radical economic agendas our country has ever seen. >> it's not just refining. you have to be able to transfer energy around the safe lines are how we do that. as you pointed out, this is really bad politics for
12:42 pm
democrats. they have a tough election coming in november. joe biden now has a plan he will forgive $10,000 of student loan debt for young americans who have gone to great universities, they've gotten this skill sets coming from that university. why is the taxpayer footing the bill for college? if they cannot afford to pay those debts, go back to the college themselves, have the college paid for the education that they did not get. frankly, tap into their billion-dollar trust funds in these universities. >> first of all, let's just beor honest about this. they will go back and pay somebody's debts because the second you graduate they are busy calling you to get a donation. even nancy pelosi says joe biden does not have the authority to do this. he has no legal authority to do this. if he does it, it is unconstitutional. this is more important than anything this creates a significant moral
12:43 pm
hazard in our country. when has it ever been okay for president ran late to say that contract law, binding contracts are no longer valid. they are null and void simply because he chooses to. ie know people are struggling with student loan debtia especially if you got a degree from a university and you are not working in that field today as an adult. that's a terrible situation to be in. the president has no authority to void contracts in the united states. that is a complete violation and destruction of the rule of law. i don't care how bad his polling numbers suck, he can't do this, he shouldn't do this. >> saying it the way it is. i could not agree with you more. thank you for joining me today on "sunday morning futures." >> any time. >> the invasion is closing in on 100 days. what will it take to bring peace to the union? sitting on the house foreign affairs committee. here on that and the growing
12:44 pm
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for ukrainian people don't ask for american men and women to fight. they just want the weapons to defend themselves. just saying sanctions after you enter was not the appropriate thing. if he had provided the weapons that we are now to ukraine, i think the war would have been different. it could have maybe never happened. >> house minority leader kevin mccarthy last week on president biden's response to russia's brutal invasion of ukraine. closing in on 100 days. resistance continuing told strong against the kremlin. ukrainian president says hiset country will likely need to hold talks withns russian president vladimir putin to end the war. u.s. congresswoman who was a member of the house foreign affairs committee joined us now.
12:48 pm
congresswoman, thanks for joining me. they will have to have peace talks at some point. is anyone in this administration or the congress incentivizing ukraine to sit down and have a conversation with russia to see how we can end this war? >> first i just want to say is the mother of a marine who was also a logistics officer, i just want to recognize memorial day this weekend, it is a really important weekend too honor thoe that paid the ultimate sacrificf here we are talking about a war, and incredible unprovoked war in ukraine in a modern war we never thought we would see again after world war ii. we have a crisis here we have to find a way to stop the human suffering and destruction that is happening in ukraine. president trump was proactive. when you are proactive, that is the best deterrent. we have a president that is indecisive, reactive and was
12:49 pm
really not quick to deal with this problem with russia which is costing lives and money to the americans and people across the european continent. many of our allies are taking numerous, millions of refugees in providing aid and care to them. i think erosion in many cases, many people see the ukrainians are struggling right now. they are continuing their onslaught against them. help from some of our bigger adversaries like china including the enemies in the middle east helping the russians continue this destruction and unprovoked war against ukraine. i think that we could try to have some talks. just this week one of the russian diplomats said putin needed to draw down this war and
12:50 pm
he was removed and criticized bt the leadership. we have a leader that just does not seem to want to stop. we have a week president and a weak foreign policy that is causing us problems around the world. we do have to look at everye option on the table. >> i think you are 100% right. with strong leadership you get respect. will have more with nek congresswoman and just moments. you are watching "sunday morning futures" right here on fox newsn be sure to catch mornings with maria weekdays from six to 9:00 a.m. eastern on foxbusiness. ♪♪ clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day...
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self-driving cars. for californ our power grid. water treatment plants. hospital systems. they're all connected to the internet... and vladimir putin or a terrorist could cause them all to self-destruct... a cyber 9-11 that would destroy our country. i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this.
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are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> it's a commitment we made. >> remaining committed to our one china policy. we oppose any from either side. we douo not support taiwan independence and we expect differences to be resolved byef peaceful means. >> secretary of state trying to clarify remarks by president biden on u.s. defense of taiwan against china. let's bring back the congresswoman that sits on the foreign affairs committee. i've got to tell you, weeks of projecting week is where the president says one thing about our strategy on taiwan and defense of china but defense has to come out and continually correct him and say, no, that's not what he meant. >> you are exactly right. he was in charge? the bureaucrats and the people in the white house? while joe biden wanders around?
12:55 pm
i've got to agree with joe biden on this. first of all, we have a policy of strategic ambiguity when it comes to taiwan. i think it's dangerous and i think we need to go back to a strategic clarity. we need to show that we will support taiwan. if we don't the chinese are only empowered. using military actions in the straight between taiwan and china. we know that they are getting aggressive. they aresi seeing an opening jut like putin saw an opening. t president trump, i referred to him being proactive. president trump is not a isolationist, he has more jacksonian. m more of a reagan type ofth doctrine. if we are projecting weakness and we are not taking action to defend our allies, we are projecting lady war which is what we saw in war. a disastrous situation in
12:56 pm
afghanistan which killed service members. a policy where we need to defend taiwan. yet some of your guests on earlier talking about energy. a lot of our technology is produced in taiwan. an important diplomatic ally in terms of economy. w i think we need to be really clear. >> to that point, they are lessons learned coming out of ukraine. as a lesson we are supposed to be arming taiwan for china to invade? >> we are actually providing. we said we would come to the defense of taiwan.ha that is in the relations act that was signed in 1979 under believe it or not, jimmy carter. it is sort of a vague standard. the chinesese are moving into taking advantage ofre teaming up with our allies. i think this is an important distinction where were talking about what are we doing with
12:57 pm
taiwan? is that one china policy and we will recognize taiwan as this separate entity? >> confusing to say the least. thank you for joining me today. i appreciate it. d that does it for us. i am sean duffy. for all of us at fox news is memorial day we express ouray deepest gratitude and remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. . dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.” so many people are overweight now, and asking themselves, the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. "why can't i lose weight?" for most, the reason is insulin resistance, and they don't even know they have it. conventional starvation diets
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arthel: present buying first lady joe biden visiting the site of a mass shooting in uvalde, texas 19 children and two teachers were killed by a gunman. at this hour the bidens art meeting with family members as well as community and faith leaders but as a second time in as many weeks they had to console a community devastated by gun violence. hello welcome to fox news like i am mark felt neville. >> i am griffith jenkins i am filling in for eric sean the present first lady visited a


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