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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 29, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we lost track. my apologies. >> focus on the prize. this was expensive, $20. >> we will see you next weekend. >> "fox report" jon scott will start right now. ♪. jon: president biden minutes from now expected to meet with first responders entry into texas. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪ the president along with first lady jill biden arrived in uvalde this afternoon. the visit marked the president second time traveling to the site of a mass shooting in less than two weeks. after the supermarket massacre and buffalo new york. earlier they visited a memorial
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for the victims of the deadly mass shooting at robb elementary school. they also met with families as well as community and faith leaders. in the meantime the u.s. justice department announces it will conduct an independent review of the law enforcement response to the shooting. the d.o.j. says that review comes at the request of you alls mayor. jeff has the latest there. >> in this community, there very much in the beginning stages of grieving. they have come to terms with the unthinkable loss, that is a big reason why president joe biden first lady jill biden are here to comfort the city that just lost 19 kids into teachers. the president make his first stop at robb elementary school, that is the scene of the mass shooting, they were joined by a bipartisan group of politicians. that included texas governor greg abbott and uvalde's mayor. some protesters shouted at greg abbott to do something with legislation that might prevent a
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tragedy from occurring again. the motorcade made its way to a nearby catholic church but after church or crowd once again was caught chanting this time at the president. take a listen to that moment. >> do something. do something. do something. >> if you did not catch it, after hearing chance to do something, president biden steps up into the vehicle stated in the car door way to see the crowd. he pointed gives a thumbs up and says i will, i will. the president then went and meant for a few hours with the families of the victims of survivors before heading off to meet with first responders it took some time to ask folks who call uvalde home their thoughts on the president's visit. >> i'm glad that we can come together, not today but in the future have a discussion. this is so senseless that this is happened. i cannot imagine what the parents are going through right
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now. i am grateful that my kids came home at the end of the school year. i cannot imagine. >> as much as this community is morning their losses and the thoughts on frustration and anger due to the handling of the shooting investigation in the shooting itself. investigators had to walked back one being the shooter was confronted before entering the school when in fact he was not with the fact that we now know at 1.19 officers were in the hallway of the school for more than 45 minutes while investigators say they were kids inside of the school calling 911 begging operators to send in the police, that is a big part of why uvalde's mayor has called on the department of justice to take a look at this investigation and those findings will eventually be made public. jon: jeff paul live in uvalde texas. thank you.
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the mass shooting in uvalde is prompting conversations about gun control and how to keep school safe as well as identify potential security threats. kenneth trump joins us now, the president of national school safety and security services which help schools improve their security and emergency preparedness. there is a lot we don't know about what happened in uvalde but we do know what transpired. when you look at the big picture what are your thoughts? >> thank you i have been in the field for more than three decades over 30 years, two of the biggest concerns are the open doors, we saw the gunman easily got into in questions around the tactical response, the open door is a particular concern because we can put all of the technology and hardware that we can, we are sending millions if not billions of school security hardware. the first of been best line is
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the people behind it. if we are not training those people then the equipment itself is no good. on the tactical response, i think we also learned more than two decades ago after columbine the police tactics pivoted from setting a perimeter in the swat team to come after that to the first officer entering to neutralize the shooter and while there is a fog of war at initially when we talk 30 minutes, 60 minutes out in the children have still not been taken out of that room safely where the shooter taken out. there are a lot of questions that are gonna be difficult to answer. >> we have a number of full-screen safety recommendations. i want to go to this first one you say the basic drills should be taking place on things like lockdown, police controlled evacuation, how to shelter in place. he recommended every school go through those things? >> those three things are fundamental best practices.
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establish more than two decades ago, still not uvalde the new generation of school leaders and first responders we have today safely locking down saves lives, not having kids and staff run all over the place and create a target rich environment, lockdowns and save lives. i worked as a civil litigation expert on the highest profile shootings and analyzing those as well as those cases that prevented a tragedy. we know those drills do work. >> it's sad that we have to talk about training for this kind of thing but we do. we are seeing more and more of these events happen. you say the training situational awareness for teachers, bus drivers and custodians and support staff and establish models for pattern recognition and decision making. i imagine that nobody expects this kind of thing is going to happen. they said that about you baldy
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they said this kind of thing would not happen and it did. >> time and time again we had the it can't happen. if there is anything that we've learned that is a worse mindset. we have been training schools on emergency plans and checklist and those drills. we need to train our school officials and we adapted our training based on my doctoral research the faux stone situational awareness being aware of your surroundings, pattern recognition. they know as educator what is normal, what anomalies are there, stranger outside the campus, something alarming there, stranger in the hallway, uncomfortable with the front door allowing access control. when she recognizing that knowing how to make decisions under duress. we don't want people alarmed in panic it's a different type of training of what most educators receive. this one especially salient given what happened. you say there should be ability
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for smoother tactical entry, police should have blueprints of the school, floor plans, fobs and keys ahead of time. we know the gunman locked himself in the room and officer sat outside for 40 minutes or more because they could not get into the room they finally got a key from the principal and that's what finally brought this horrific event to an end. >> certainly those tactical decisions are based on the fact that he and at any given case. there are ways to help facilitate that. keep us a care environment to keep the bad guys out through target hardening but making sure we can get the good guys in and the men and women in law enforcement in a quick manner, having a key card fob, even real locks so when they approach a building, if the school is lockdown they as first responders can get in for plans,
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prince even the shift supervisor put on the trump and look at the layout individually some schools are doing. some schools have even modernize their cameras where police can get real-time intelligence, remote actions to see was going on in the hallways. these along with planning, preparing and practicing, going through those drills making schools available at night and weekend, these tactical teams join exercises with multiple teams with the departments and multi-agencies can help identify the gaps in the holes and obstacles on the first place. >> good suggestions. kenneth trump, the president of national school safety and security services. thank you for your expertise. breaking news out of california. tmz reports that the house speaker, nancy pelosi's husband paul was arrested for drunken
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driving in napa last night. christina coleman is live in los angeles following that story. tmz was a first report that the california democrats husband paul pelosi was arrested saturday night. her office released a very brief statement this afternoon saying the speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the east coast. tmz reported that nancy pelosi's husband was arrested in napa county and booked into jail unto mr. meadors, driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher. we reached out to the napa county sheriff's office and california highway patrol for more details and were waiting to hear back, in the meantime we pulled up the booking report for napa county which show last night at 11:44 p.m. 82-year-old paul pelosi was arrested. he was charged with the to mr. meadors that i just mentioned. other than the brief statement
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that we received this afternoon about the arrest from nancy pelosi's office, the house top democrat has not commenting further on the incident which records show happened last night. nancy pelosi was in rhode island to deliver the commencement address at brown university. >> today the class of 2022 joins the ranks of the steam alumni who made a difference in our nation and in the world. >> also napa county records show paul pelosi was released at 7:2t at $5000. again nancy pelosi's office called this a private matter and stated she will not be commenting further. >> christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you. jon: panic at barclay center in brooklyn last night when false word of an active shooter outside sparked a stampede to get back inside of the arena. all of this happening as fans were leaving a boxing match. live in the new york city
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newsroom with more on that. >> everyone is okay, thank goodness after the moment of panic that you talked about. were gonna show you, all of these people thinking that they're running from an active shooter, thankfully they were not. new york city police say no shots were fired but there was a loud noise outside causing this panic and the person that was filming dropped their phone because they were bumped into, people writing all about the barclay center and it happened after 1:00 a.m. after a knockout boxing match between devante davis and armando romero, it was not fighters it was fans being sent to the hospital. ten of them with minor injuries. some were trampled during the chaos, you see a woman on the stretcher here. here's another young fan exploited the moment that he thought he heard ten gunshots. >> we heard loud shots.
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i probably heard ten shots, my getting out of here. >> naomi osaka was also there, i was just the barclay center, suddenly i heard shouting and saw people running then i was being yelled out that there was an active shooter and we had to huddle in the room and close the door. i was so bleeping petrified. she tweeted again after that saying i hope everyone made it out safely. since i'm tweeting this we made it out okay. this comes after the mass shootings in buffalo new york and you baldy texas. ten people were killed at a buffalo supermarket. 19 elementary school students, and two adults were killed at uvalde school. as for this incident and brooklyn, it started with a fight outside the barclay center, it's unclear what caused
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a loud noise that sent some people running. jon: nate four in new york city. thank you. it is the last day of the national rifle association a meeting held as scheduled a few hours east of uvalde. protesters condemn the nra from holding the convention after the school massacre. alicia acuna says more from houston. >> protesters outside of the convention center in houston have been relatively peaceful for each of the days of the nra convention. many of the protesters have been yelling and screaming at the attendees heading into the venue. the protesters out here declined the timing of the event the nation's most powerful gun lobby refused to cancel or delay its convention something digitally done twice in the history due to the pandemic. at the opening on friday it honors the victims of uvalde
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with a moment of silence. those outside of the venue say now more than ever is time for change. >> it is outrageous, the timing is horrible. >> the cop stood around and did nothing because they feared the ar-15, ban assault weapons now. >> they have made their choice to let our children die, continue to die by selling these ar-15 that are weapons of mass destruction. >> there are gun owners in secondment in the protest crowd but those attending the convention see the protest solve nothing. >> these parents have enough to deal with its horrific and the fact that you're making it a safe thing, this is a way to get more gun control. >> were all suffering with what happened to uvalde some sort of new control, a mental check or something like that needs to happen in the process, the process failed. >> multiple performers and politicians scheduled to take the state in houston this week and canceled, it was due to the
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tragedy and out of respect to what happened in uvalde. others headed scheduling conflict. jon: from houston alicia acuna thank you. it is memorial day weekend, if you were throwing burgers and dogs on the grill, it is going to cost you, inflation driving up the price of just about everything we love to eat at the memorial day barbecue. more on that coming up. ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪♪
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>> rising price is affecting many americans as they travel this memorial weekend. gas prices hit a record high again today. the national average is up to $4.61 a gallon. as you can see much higher in some markets, fox business contributor gary joint is now president of capital management, he also hosts the nationally syndicated radio show, investors edge, it's good to have you with us. there is a national statistic that shows the rate of inflation is actually slowing a bit. what do you attribute that to and can it continue? >> you can only approve
3:21 pm
attribute we've only got them 16 months and a little bit of pullback, that is april and all i can tell you last week the commodity research hitting 11 year high and you just gave up the news on gas prices. i tell you right here gas prices over one year. if you stayed here if it wasn't for 2019 because of covid targeted additional children $75 billion having to be spent by consumer business on gas that did not have to do in 2019 i don't think the economy can stand too much longer of this. jon: diesel prices are through the roof, just about everything that we consume gets delivered by a truck which burns diesel and farmers, you have to pity the four farmers that are out there with the massive tractors
3:22 pm
burning diesel and turned her into money. >> is really the whole foodchain at this point in time that's what you've seen in the stock market the worst stocks being truckers and rails also. i was just a new york city couple weeks ago and somebody said to me i don't even know what discretionary spending is anymore because of how much i have to spend on gas. that is going on in droves right now and again, nothing good happens if it continues. my big worry this week. remember in march when russia invaded ukraine at the end of february we had a massive emotional move in prices, straight up to 130. we are heading back there again if that continues, you will see by 50 or even more, keeping the fingers crossed that things slow down a little bit and nothing
3:23 pm
good happens. >> there is more the administration could do to get more american energy into the marketplace, isn't there. there has been a lot of talk and there's a little thing called the permian basin in southeast new mexico, there are 20 billiot 5 million a day out of there already. i would target every big oil company to double it up. if the president just came out and stated were get into everything possible to add 5 million barrels a day you will see speculators, traders and investors sell the living heck out of the price of oil and we will head down again freedom virtually that is not in the cards and you are seeing the outcome of it. >> not only the inflation but there are fears that we are on the cusp of a recession. that is a one-two punch that's
3:24 pm
going to hurt a lot of people. >> where he had one number that was in contraction and they say it's two quarters. to me that does not matter. advocate two numbers, the savings rate of americans that is plunging in credit card uses is skyrocketing that is a one-two punch that will take us into recession if it continues. it is all based on consumers really having to make different decisions right now. we do a channel check and do the supermarket. the best-selling item is store brands in their much cheaper than the big brands. i worry about after the holiday. were getting a lot of spending right now. too much debt and too much credit card usage will have a shelf life.
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>> gary, we appreciate your information. thank you. a shocking attack in broad daylight. it is the latest in a string of violent crime on our streets recently. police have the surveillance video. we will bring it to you straight ahead. ♪ if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths,
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jon: i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". let's take a look at the top stories. the nypd released surveillance video showing did hackett new york city thursday afternoon. a man was slashed multiple times in the back and arm while he was walking down the street. the suspect remained at large. six people were hurt in the shooting in chattanooga tennessee. police tell her fox affiliate two of the victims have life-threatening injuries in a person of interest was detained
3:30 pm
but later rolled out as a suspect. divers have recovered the bodies of three voters who went missing after crash near savannah georgia bringing the death toll to five. two motorboats with a total of nine people aboard were traveling in opposite directions when they collided on the wilmington river. the four others on board suffered minor injuries. for more on these and other stories you could download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to there has been news leaks in washington including from lockdown institutions like the supreme court in the intelligence agencies. congressional correspondent chad pergram explain the tennessee and the nation's capital. >> usually a leak is a nuisance a leaky roof, leaky faucet but the drip avenues leak is a fixture of washington.
3:31 pm
it's who knows what. >> information is power and of able to affect outcomes. >> washington from leaked audiotapes to the prospective supreme court decision to the intelligence community. >> tension is too high, the country is too crazy. >> that is a small suspect pool. >> i'm confident we don't have a master criminal working at the court. >> it's dangerous when people talk too much whether it's leaking and private or talking in public about specific intelligence issues. >> leaks are not new they spring leaks during watergate. the pentagon papers even a leak about the roe v. wade decision in 1973. >> is like oxygen to the press to have sources on the inside to tell them what is going on. ethic it's really a matter of how business gets done in washington. >> leaks come in all forms, mysterious envelopes, encrypted e-mails and ron dave use with parking garages woodward and
3:32 pm
bernstein style, leaks flooded about embattled gop north carolina representative madison cawthorn just before his primary. >> leaks are never on accident that one thing you have to ask yourself when leaks happen, who benefits. >> the public is suspect of leaks especially of news consumers don't trust reporters. >> they can do a lot more to educate the public on how that they handle leaked information and they might have more faith in the journalistic process. >> sometimes they dry up when they plug a leak free good political plumbing a reporter and a source can get the information to sink in. on capitol hill chad pergram, fox news. >> another tough week for president biden politically rising gas and food prices across the economic spectrum hitting lower indo class americans a hardest. plus the president appeared to
3:33 pm
make a significant gaffe that brought our taiwan policy into question. is there anything that he could do to turn around plunging poll numbers and help his fellow democrats ahead of the midterm elections. that's bringing charlie hurt opinion editor at the washington times in a fox news contributor, good to have you on memorial day weekend. let's talk about what the president in the question that we asked is there anything that he could do to turn his numbers around? >> i'm sure they get it try to do some things it would be hard to imagine to wonder what that would be successful. the problem for president biden they are the problems that you cannot hide from, you cannot hide from his store gas prices, you cannot hide from this kind of inflation that i would argue with never seen before even by the own government numbers in nearly a half-century, making
3:34 pm
matters even worse are all of these problems that can be drawn directly from policies if this a administration were in place. i.e., the invasion of the border were made the problems much, much worse gas prices and inflation in all of these things can boil down to very simple easy campaign ads. obviously we are not really in the thick of campaign ads season yet the democrats in congress no those ads are getting cut right now as we speak and they will start rolling them, they are not rolling them against president biden they will be rolling them against democrats in congress who have to defend their seats in november. >> photo republican congressman byron donalds was on fox news live a few hours ago and he had these observations about the administration and its policies.
3:35 pm
>> this a administration has no plans, no ideas and no strategy on reversing course on their crazy agenda when it comes to oil and national gas and gasoline. joe biden and the democrats want gas prices higher, but stop playing games bring the number one way you push people into poverty is rising energy prices in this a administration is awkward to change to think that they are doing. jon: my apologies to maria bartiromo, she had him on her program first on "sunday morning futures". give us your assessment we just learned in a reuters poll the abided a administration has hit the low was number yet in terms of approval rating, 36%. >> is the president going to do something, is there anything that he could do, i don't know if there is but this is the big problem with what the president is doing. so many of the problems that we
3:36 pm
have right now are caused by policies that this a administration believes in. the congressman is exactly right this a administration believes in high gas prices if you believe the world is about to end in five years because of global warming and the only way out of it is to get us off of fossil fuels this is what you would do to make sure the people got off of fossil fuels. the problem is we don't have the backup and the future is not here yet. we cannot all ride unicorns to work, we still have concrete problems that we would have to deal with in the president puts in place the policies that destroy people's livelihoods, politicians tend to pay grievous prices for this come election time and it's not going to be joe biden that faces voters before democrats in congress. that's where his real problem is. democrats are gonna bail on him
3:37 pm
but also the little things that they can previously find an agreement on. >> the a administration basically said gas prices are high by an electric car. that rings hollow to americans who can't afford an electric car. >> is insulting to americans who just want affordable gas prices but also not only is it insulting but also all of these examples were the president comes on said something that is demonstrably untrue or we don't know what the release talking about lens to the whole idea that is losing credibility. for president to lose credibility with regular and normal americans even because he says crazy things or because he says things like buy a $90000 tesla, which of course after
3:38 pm
plug-in and pay increasing energy prices by plugging it in at home anyway. anytime you have a situation like this the guy loses credibility and want to lose credibility as a politician it's very hard to get a back. jon: especially when the world has been watching his son earned millions of dollars as advisor to fuel companies and other overseas operations. >> the ads right themselves and you know as well as i do they are getting written right now. >> charlie hurt opinion editor at the washington times and fox news contributor. good to have you one. >> great to see you as always. >> they are rolling to remember bikers from all across america in the nation's capital to honor our fallen soldiers. aishah hasnie has a report straight ahead.
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jon: rolling to remember makes its return to the national mall this memorial day weekend, the events brings thousands of bikers to the district and remember to fall military members. aishah hasnie reports. >> good evening to you what a site today as thousands of writers from across the country, all different states came here to the nation's capital and gave our veterans a thunderous sign of support at the national mall. the 36th annual rolling to remember ride officially kicked off this afternoon shutting down the entire area around the mall. these writers were calling attention to the prisoners of war and the 82000 missing service members out there, this
3:44 pm
year there also raising awareness for veteran suicide, the covered lockdown making matters worse and for toxic exposure from burn pits used in iraq and afghanistan pre-comedian and veteran advocate jon stewart spoke out about the at a rally today. >> when we go to war it has a cost. if we are not willing to bear the cost of the war on the men and women that fight those wars then stop going to [bleep] war. >> overall people one remind americans that they spend time with their families this weekend to not forget that this is a somber holiday, war has a cost into really reflect on the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women. >> my hope that people understand what memorial day means, what willing to remember is, this is not a celebration, this is exactly what it says.
3:45 pm
it is a memory of those that we have lost that they gave the ultimate sacrifice to this country to keep us free. >> i got to speak to a woman today who came here all the way from north dakota. she has a family full of veterans. she tells me that her children actually bought her plane ticket for christmas so she would be able to be here in person and see this with her own eyes. this goes to show how important this event is for somebody americans. jon: henri those who made the ultimate sacrifice. aishah hasnie and washington. thank you. and "coast to coast" americans are taking off the start of summer on this holiday weekend hitting the beach for some sand and sun in new york the coney island folks got busy rushing to the beach there to take a dip. don't forget the sunblock. it's pretty bright in new york today. when we return thousands imperial and northeast brazil
3:46 pm
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jon: as russian forces gained ground in don voss eastern
3:50 pm
ukraine shelling has killed at least nine civilians in recent days. ukraine's president of a lot of musical and visited the front lines in the kharkiv region today the first journey outside of the capital region since the war began in february. mike tobin has the story from kyiv ukraine. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy made a risky trip to the fighting in ukraine second largest city. president zelenskyy awarded medals to some of the soldiers upfront, he discussed options for rebuilding all of the destroyed housing. there was artillery fire went president zelenskyy was in kharkiv, there was no injury. this has evolved into an old-school artillery work both sides are dug into trenches to blast each other, to this point russians had better artillery and that's why the recent fighting has seen russians made slope quality progress with towns in the east. the u.s. and triple seven ab
3:51 pm
arrived on the battlefield. president zelenskyy confirmed they will receive multiple launch rocket systems from the u.s. giving ukraine greater range, accuracy and mobility. >> we will receive many systems, that could change the situation of the battlefield. that will help us to win faster effectively with less victims which is very, very important. >> president zelenskyy said the dynamic which russia has greater range, firepower and supply is changing. >> every day we are pushing to the point to build the technology and fighting force. of course it all depends on our partners. >> russians are not happy about this development. russian and passenger to the u.s. called the delivery unacceptable. back to you.
3:52 pm
>> mike tobin reporting from kyiv. stories from around the globe. in turkey president erewhon tells reporters walking finland and finland from joining nato. he said meetings with the delegations have not been at the expected level. all nato members must approve the nation's historic bid to join the alliance. in brazil officials say a sudden landslide killed 29 people in the northeast date over the last 24 hours. it comes after two people died when they were swept away in river flooding on friday. flooding has forced more than 1000 people to evacuate their homes. the city particularly hard-hit. i was there recently and we will have a report on the upcoming edition of the "fox report". emergency crews are searching for 25 people missing after cargo vote sank.
3:53 pm
42 people were on board would've went down and bad weather thursday morning, 17 people were rescued. in nepal, rescuers have narrowed down a possible location of a passenger plane that disappeared in the countries mountains with 22 people on board. the airplane was on a 15 minute scheduled flight from a resort town east, and lost contact with the airports tower shortly after taking off. in israel thousands of israeli nationalists pervaded through the main policy to in jerusalem's old city. some chanting death to arabs, the crowds were celebrating jerusalem day and is really help to do that captures the city of the 1967 mideast war. in china shoppers returned to beijing as pandemic restrictions were slightly relaxed, this after officials declared a small
3:54 pm
covid-19 outbreak was effectively under control, restrictions are gradually easing in shanghai the country's biggest city. that is a look at stories from around the globe. there is no on our way to describe it. he is totally cute, the baby otter in france are headlining and new baby animal exhibit. we will take you there next. ♪ more protection, more sun, more joy. neutrogena® beach defense® the suncare brand used most by dermatologists and their families, neutrogena® for people with skin.
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>> the nashville zoo is celebrating the birth of an animal, you probably have never heard of a tiny mammal for madagascar related to the mongoose, zookeepers believe this is the first of its kind ever born in the united states. zoo officials are honored to have them here and help conserve
3:59 pm
this vulnerable species. need another daily dose of adorable, the aquarium and long beach, california has you covered. a brand-new exhibit called babies open this weekend featuring a baby tortoise, jellyfish, otters and other young friends. the aquarium is inviting kids and adults alike to come out and spend time with these cuties. the exhibit runs until next april, they may not be babies anymore, you better hurry. that is how fox reports on this sunday may the 29th of 2022. i am jon scott "sunday night in america" which reality is next. we leave you tonight with some sights and sounds for memorial day weekend events across america. thank you for joining us.
4:00 pm
♪ ♪. trey: good evening and thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy. it is "sunday night in america". recently there has been a lot of discussion and debate in our country about when life begins. it's been an ongoing debate for most of my lifetime and like you i have an opinion, my bias, my presumption is in favor of life that comes in part from having spent a lot of time in a courtroom surrounded by death. there is nothing quite like death to make you appreciate


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