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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 30, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> todd: talk about two beautiful shots to kickoff memorial day first.
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lady liberty beautifully standing watch and the intrepid, we'll be live there coming up as we celebrate the men and women who make the sacrifice for our great nation. you're watching "fox and friends first" on monday morning. i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier. we've heard from so many great peep whole have served. today is about honoring them, but especially today. as everyone is enjoying their day off and barbecues and family time, remember why we're able to do that today. >> todd: if you missed your interview last hour, it was beautiful, very touching on a day like today. rolling to remember returning to washington yesterday honoring heroes who paid the ultimate price. veterans and bikers bearing flags and the names of fallen
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friends and family. >> we need to remember where we came from and who we are as a people. without these people that fought for our country, we wouldn't be here today. >> todd: the ride becoming a memorial day tradition in washington starting in the , bringing help for veterans struggling with mental and physical trauma. >> ashley: comedian jon stewart was disappointed in the crowd who showed up. >> it is hard to be here and not geterated. i see veterans and families and caregivers. where are the american people? this is memorial day weekend. >> ashley: stewart speaking on veterans during the rally
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saying, "this country cannot be this broken," now to this crisis, high gas prices hitting hards as thousands of fights are due to weather or staff shortages. >> todd: here more from washington. >> our obligation to give tribute to those who gave all and remember the sacrifices alongside friends and family, for the life-long gift we've been given. requires travel. many have done so by air this year compared to last. not everyone making it where they need to be, hundreds of flights were cancelled last weekend and today. >> when i travel, it is usually
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like weekends like this, i am not surprised. >> they have about doubled in price. i used to get tickets $99 each way, at least double, if not more. >> hitting the road has been a more economic option, average price per gallon is holding at $4.60. congressman byron donald weighs in. >> no strategy on reversing course on their crazy agenda when it comes to oil and natural gas and gasoline. joe biden and the democrats want gas prices higher, number one way to push peep intoel poverty is with rising energy prices. >> memorial day weekend staples on top of gasoline being $1.55 more expensive than last year,
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ground beef up 20%, potato chips 10% and 12 pack of beer up 5%. if you decided against rooming with in the-laws, triple a estimates average hotel stay is up 42% from last year. >> todd: no joke, hito get a hotel in the city last week, it was ridiculous. thank you. heritage foundation president kevin roberts is not confident in the president's ability to faa all this, this being inflation. >> they have a very radical leftist view of this country and the world. an example, my family of six and i were planning take a trip yesterday, it took me four tries to put dees nel my f-150. that is ridiculous. gas prices will continue to go up through the end of sum sxer
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have negative political consequences for the president and his party. they are responsible for implementing this. >> ashley: inflation hitting college tuition. boston university telling students they need to raise rates for the upcoming year. the university president says that increase doesn't begin to offset the costs. it is biggest jump in 14 years as salaries soar poof $1 million. it was a uvalde, texas. >> your childlikely bled out, in the span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived. >> todd: a texas army veteran
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>> todd: an investigation into
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the elementary shoot nothing uvalde, texas. >> and visiting the site over the weekend. jackie ibanez is live with the latest. good morning. >> jackie: an independent review of the law enforcement. doj saying the goal of the review is to provide account of law enforcement action and responses that day and identify lessons and best practices to help first responders respond to active shooter events. joe biden and jill biden traveled to uvalde to lay flowers at the site of the attack. the president reassuring residents as they demanded that he take some action.
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>> jackie: 19 children and two teachers were killed in the massacre last week, leaving families shatterd and learning more details about the deadly attack and steps taken by first responders. >> mom told me her child had been shot by one bullet through the back, through the kidney area. the first responder said their childlikely bled out. in that span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived. >> jackie: uvalde only pediatrician describing his experience of treating the wounded as a mad house. in clinic the next day, all i heard was i'm afraid he's coming for me, coming to my house. i was hearing that the whole day. this will be a mental health crisis.
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revealing uvalde grandmother who he shot is in fair condition this morning. adding to consoling victim families president biden suggested tearing down the school in the wake of the shooting. todd and ashley. >> ashley: painful to hear those sound bites. thank you. one small town 200 miles northeast of the school a photo going viral. >> todd: that vet joins us. i had the same thought last week, i thought, i work marijuanaings, i had the same thought. why did you make this a reality? >> well, just knew with my background security and my background m the military i had the skill set to provide some sort of security. i live right across the street on the backside of the school. i have a son that goes there. my wife is one of the registered
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nurses there. i fell with my availability to step forward and do something. i think that is the first thing any of us can do is take the first step. >> ashley: with your family there, i can't imagine, security you feel that you are there if something were to happen. a quote from a mother whose child attends the school. him standing in front of the school is reassuring. i want you to react to that knowing you are giving these families the feeling of security, your presence being there. >> yeah, that was the whole point of me being there. selfishly for myself, to ease my son and my wife, her co-workers and the other children. i coach baseball, a lot of the students i have coached and the
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parents were feeling the same anxiety i was the night before and day of. to be out and provide them some sort of ease knowing somebody was watching, i would do it all over again. >> todd: to follow-up ashley asked reaction from parents. what has been the reaction from students seeing you there? >> some are wondering why i was standing there, they look at me. after the picture had gone viral and the parents let them know who i was and what i was doing there, a lot of kids coming up and giving me a hug, it is hard not to get emotional and having the reaction of parents. when a child comes up to you and gives you a hug, it warms your heart beyond belief. >> ashley: you are a veteran yourself, what is your message on this memorial day? >> i'd say that on memorial day,
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we're supposed to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of american ideas and freedoms and there is no better way to do that than to honor them by moving forward and taking a stand on action and just really honoring them by doing something for your community. they gave their sacrifice for our country and the first step is within our own community. let's start there. >> todd: hopefully other parents well trained like you will follow your lead to give parents and those babies piece of mind. have you heard about this? >> i think it is going to be not -- for anybody to come over and try to get something. >> i don't know anyone who has problems finding -- >> todd: parent says crossing into mexico to get baby formula
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for their kids. >> ashley: viewers sharing photos of loved ones they are honoring this memorial day. this family is upon sending in batches of photos, the united states marine private paul barbieri, served 1964-1965. >> todd: victor barbieri serving during world war ii and joseph vitalli, fighting from 1943-1946. we'll be right back. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> todd: can grant protection to migrants, something only immigration judges used to be able to do before this rule. the rule says officers cannot deny protection migrants rejected must face a judge and gives migrants the right to appeal a judge's verdict. >> ashley: jonathan fahey joins us. do you think this new system will help or hurt because texas attorney general paxton filed for preliminary injunction in court saying this will accelerate the illegal immigration. >> yeah, i think that's a great question. i think it will help and help illegal aliens get into the country and stay in the country and encourage more. in terms of helping, it will help in that respect. this is like everything this administration has done on illegal immigration, either
2:23 am
designed to increase illegal immigration or to pretend like they are doing something about the problem when they are not. this will actually do both. >> todd: jonathan, how is this legal? why does this administration think he can remove jurisdiction from a court and give it to a bureaucrat? >> yeah, that's a really good question because what are they doing here? they're basically delegaing judicial role, although these are not article three judges, delegating to employees of u.s. cis, that is trained by the administration. they are going to make it easier for people to be granted asylum and then once they are granted asylum, they're here permanently with legal status, but people not granted asileum will be
2:24 am
granted asylum, they won't be removed under any circumstances whatsoever. this administration talks about deportation proceedings, but they are not be deported. list of people not deported is 1.5 million, they will be put on that pile and at the rate of deporting 59,000 a year, we're looking at 25 years to get to people ordered deported eventually. >> ashley: what is the different in qualification with asylum officers versus asylum judges and how can that be muddy with information given out? >> i think some things that are dangerous is if it is asylum officers that are trained, there is no review of what they do, if they are granted asylum to
2:25 am
people that don't deserve asylum, no way to review that, no judge trained on this. it doesn't look like there is annad verarial process in there. they will be granted asylum and it should be a thorough process. asylum is not coming to this country saying you prefer to live here than where you currently live because you will be more prosperous here. these people are supposedly fleeing persecution and massive migration patterns that have happened are not people fleeing persecution. they are people fleeing to the united states because they have joe biden as president and he will give them every right, privilege and benefit that american citizens receive. >> todd: asylum is tough
2:26 am
standard to reach, 31,000 granted asylum in 2021. under this new approach, how high thal number go when you have look at the screen right now, a million people encountered at the border in fiscal 2022 so far? >> you figure the purpose of this is to one, encourage more people to come, they will know it is going to be easier. my guess, it will be lower than the 90% number, the flood gates are wider open and also people will be granted asylum quickly and if not granted quickly, put in the same old process. they are going to be staying in this country, too. my guess, far lower than the normal standard and the administration now will control what that number is because they
2:27 am
can train people to let in as many people as they want, loosen standards as much as they want. this has been a political move and they want as many illegal aliens to come in as possible and will do everything they can to do it. this is to make it look like they are protecting in the midterm. open borders and amnesty. >> ashley: former ice director, jonathan fahey, thank you, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ashley: and the baby formula shortage has families in the u.s. waiting months for splooi
2:28 am
supply. >>-- i don't have any problem with that. >> president of the heritage foundation dr. kevin roberts joined us earlier about fixing the crisis at home. >> the wic program delivers baby formula for families in need basically controls the market. wonderful "wall street journal" report from a week and a half ago, we need to change that and need the government to get out of that business so people who want and need baby formula can buy it. classic example of government overreach. >> ashley: roberts calling to reform the fda. three veterans who risk it all for our nation are now looking to fight for freedom in the halls of congress. congressional candidates are joining us this memorial day
2:29 am
monday. >> todd: and check nothing with adam who is live at the intrepid. that is adam in the foreground and the intrepid in the background, just to confirm. [sfx: ding] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads. it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here,
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>> todd: u.s. veterans running to represent their communities in congress after fighting for our country on the front lines. three are them join us now. jennifer ruth green, candidate and air force veteran. thank you all for being here and thank you for your service. why did you choose to run after serving in the military? >> i served in uniform, the way things are in our country, the doched withdrawal in afghanistan, it only made sense to run and hold the biden and harris administration accountable. >> todd: why is it those who serve continue their service after they get out of the military, in your case, trying to go to congress. seems like something end emic in
2:34 am
the individuals, they can't get service out of their blood. >> that is because we get it, we have the honor and privilege to wake up in this country and breathe free sovereign american air because we've had brave men and women die for us. 14 of my west point classmates are no longer with us, they were killed in the global war on terror and four more committed suicide. they died for all americans, it is incumbent on us to continue to find ways to serve because they are no longer here to serve for themselves. i am running for united states congress. the people on this panel get that. >> todd: they get it more than anybody else gets that. jennifer ruth, what is it about this nation that one, led you to be willing to put your life on the line for the nation and now putting so much on the line running and if you win being in
2:35 am
congress and all that entails? >> being an american is amazing, i've had the opportunity to visit all seven continents and i understand the gravity of our situation and what is at stake. we see the benefits being an american has. serving and seeing people in the other countries, my heart goes out and i want to help serve in that way. thinking you through the process of seeing how the military, who had been previously united, seeing people stand along side one another. like wesley losing classmates in combat, it has been incredible and a responsibility i feel. i want to make sure people understand gravity of their sacrifice, it is important to pay homage to people who fought for people they knew and did not know. >> todd: what does your military service mean you will bring to
2:36 am
the office of congresswoman? >> the answer is very simple, first thing you have to be able to do in the military is responsible decision-making. that is what we need in congress today more than ever. our country has been divided along lines that don't need to be here. i will bring responsible decision-making back to congress. >> todd: wesley, one thing that stands out from the three of you, you are all republican. why do you think that is? why do you think there is tie-in between you three individuals, the military and wants to run as republicans? >> because if you look at what is happening in our country today, the republican people believe in the american dream. we want to defend our freedom for us and this generation and generations to come. i am direct descendant of a slave and here i am running for united states congress in
2:37 am
predominantly white district in houston, texas. that happens only in one place, this country. republican country believes in meritocracy and the three people on this panel believe we can continue to do this for the future, it doesn't matter what you look like or where you are from. if you are a red-blooded american, come onboard. >> todd: jennifer ruth, military service used to be prerequisite to being in higher office, that has gone by the waste side, how important is it to get it back? >> i believe like amal said, it is important to bring responsible decision-making to the table. i recognize benefits that exist. this panel with amal and wesley hunt and just the gravity of their willingness to serve is an honor to be able to see how people are willing to extend themselves for two years at
2:38 am
another and again another two years at a time. you have to fight to fight and people are willing to do that and i'm proud to wear the uniform alongside people like these. >> todd: it was an honor to interview all three of you on memorial day. i wish you three the best of luck in your campaigns. come visit again. >> god bless you, thank you so much. >> todd: fleet week has returned. ♪ -- >> todd: after a hiatus, tourists get a chance to take a peek at visiting naval ships. >> ashley: adam klotz is here. good morning, adam. >> adam: good morning, this is one of my favorite spots along the west side highway, on the west side hudson river behind me. as you said, the intrepid
2:39 am
museum. one of my favorite places. you can run up and down the highway here and what a shot, great reminder of everything we can do and if we focus ourselves together, this is impressive ship to move on, fought in world war ii and made me think of the people that fought and died for this country and sets us up to enjoy a really beautiful holiday weekend, beautiful memorial day and we'll dive into the forecast because especially here in new york city, it is gorgeous this morning, looking at temperatures in the middle 60s. west of the mississippi river is the only spot we're seeing cooler air. temperatures in the 50s and 40s this morning. 75 early in kansas city. 71 in chicago. there is a whole lot of warm air where the warm air and cool air meets. that is typically where you see severe weather and we are seeing heavy thunderstorms from the
2:40 am
dakotas to minnesota and even snow at higher elevations stretching back further to the west. largely the southern portion of the country and east half a lot of sunshine for today and a lot of heat. that sets us up for memorial day forecast. temperatures in the 80s across middle of the country, storms in the high planes. we will be watching that weather n. general, for millions, great day for memorial day barbecues, weather looking nice out there. >> todd: speaking of the intrepid. u.s. field trips in elementary school to the intrepid, pretty darn cool. i get to drive by everyday on my way into work, good reminder of our freedom and how we got it. >> ashley: that would be cool. you were talking about that earlier, the field trips. i'm not from here, pretty cool
2:41 am
that people get to do that, little kids. >> todd: you got to do cool things in missouri, right? >> ashley: state capitol, yes, not the intrepid. we are honoring the fallen this morning on memorial day. meet one member of the elite ceremonial guard paying respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> todd: viewers sending photos of friends and family who are serving. morris tepperserved in the pacific theater during world war ii and abram daniel served in the army as a radio operator and instructor during world war ii. ashley sent a photo of her grandfather, a u.s. air force staff sergeant serveing from 1952 to 1956, this during the korean war. at, finding perfect isn't rocket science.
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and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. >> todd: fox news alert. ain't good. holiday weekend travel crisis. more than 250 airline flights already cancelled just this morning. national average price of
2:46 am
regular gasoline holding steady at record $4.61 per gallon, that is up 44 cents from that time last month and $1.50 higher than it was last year, ash. >> ashley: not good. each memorial day, elite group of guard members hold special responsibilities to honor fallen comrades in washington. paul mcroy is joining us now. tell us how you are paying respects to those who sacrificed everything for our freedom? >> this morning there is going to be a tomb wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown. we also do a wreath laying at the u.s. navy memorial in the capitol region. there is a couple parades that all of the different service branch guards will be partaking in to pay tribute to our fallen
2:47 am
shipmates and soldiers that have come before us and paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> ashley: you've had different things you've done leading the 200 most junior sailors, that is something you love, tell us what it means to you. >> i think what makes that so honorable, the fact these are sailors that have just come into the navy, we recruit them out of boot camp and bring them in and they go out and pay tribute at arlington national cemetery to do the ceremony for those that served before us and have now passed on. they get to be part of that and learn some history from some of the folks that were laying to rest and showing our respects for. and the different type of
2:48 am
training the guardsmen go through for two years they serve here, they really, really learn a lot of different unique skill sets they wouldn't learn anywhere else and get to be in front of and next to the major personnel associated with the navy or the armed forces in general. it's a rare opportunity and to see the excitement on their face when they get to come back and tell stories of people they were able to meet and talk with and just learning how to navigate the different upcoming adventures they will have once they get out to the fleet. it is an honorable thing to be a part of and at my position, great to be with the junior most folks. i learn a lot from them, i hope they are learning from me, too, in the long run. >> ashley: what does memorial day mean to you personally?
2:49 am
>> personally memorial day means absolutely what it is designed for and that is to remember who paved the way for not just our navy, but for the nation and itself. these are folks that gave all. they joined the military with the expectation that they believe in defending democracy and the way of the american life and a lot of time its is unexpected when they don't survive and i just between those that gave all and those that serve their time and were able to move on and keep honoring the american tradition is what i love about memorial day. >> ashley: we appreciate your message this morning and your story, especially on memorial day. thank you for your service, command master chief paul
2:50 am
mccrory. doj launching an investigation into the uvalde school shooting as we learn more about the delayed response by law enforcement. what should be done to prevent another tragedy like this? a congresswoman is on deck. >> todd: let us check in with will cain for a look at what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> will: coming up on "fox and friends," this memorial day honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. our veterans share. zinke and morgan latrell. plus piers morgan is here on a monday. we speak to the father of one of the 13 servicemembers killed during the u.s. exit from afghanistan. his family marks the first memorial day since losing their son.
2:51 am
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♪ ♪ >> todd: house speaker nancy pelosi's has been arrested this week and charged with drunk driving. paul pelosi with a dui pulled over before midnight this past saturday. the 82-year-olds bail is set for $5,000. a spokesperson for nancy pelosi said the speaker will not comment on this private matter. the justice department launching an investigation into the mass shooting and uvalde, texas, as many demand action for president biden. [screaming] >> ashley: congresswoman, we heard biden and uvalde, texas, sunday and vowed to take action when people vowing to say what are you going to do?
2:56 am
the same day, the white house declined to do interviews to talk about what happened in uvalde, texas and the shooting saying they will leave it up to congress to act. so that is incredibly frustrating and actually perhaps infuriating because now we need a leader to unite everyone more than ever. not just lead but to do something about this. what do you think? >> well, i grew up around uvalde, texas, and a little town where my dad was stationed at the air force base. first of all come i want to say we are all morning with the community. this is a tragic and devastating loss to them, but there is action that can be done. so, i think the money that was appropriated last year, we can use that money and allow schools to use it for security risk assessment to have doors within
2:57 am
a one-way entrance and the doors where you can exit if an emergency but only enter through one way so helping to prepare schools in order to really focus on safety and security of the students in addition to school education. i think i have heard representative tony gonzales mentioned this where you have these located appear those are concrete actions that we can take right now and already have funds appropriated for that. >> brian: are you confident the doj can get to the bottom of what happened something as horrible as what happened last tuesday could never happen again? >> i certainly know different stories came out in this story unfolded when this murder came into the building, whether of the door was propped open, how long the response was, and yes, this is something i know not only are they looking at on a
2:58 am
local level but the state level. and also doj has said they will get involved. we do need to look at the response time, what happened and as this unfolds on memorial day, we know that courage is more and courage is going despite your fear. i think all of us are concerned about the response time and what was going on and what the police were thinking of the time of this incident. >> ainsley: and then, you actually talk about the freedom and sacrifice and especially memorial day. even listed and the united states army and for 24 years, tell us what your messages on memorial day. >> i think this is the reason why we remember memorial day. we are called to action that is greater than ourselves. so, memorial day to me and the reason why we honor those who have died in service to our
2:59 am
country is that it takes for us to go beyond self-preservation to have that courage to do so, knowing courage does not mean that you don't fear, but that you put something above yourself, whether the love of your country, love of your fellow man. extraordinarily important on this day to remember those who have died before in service to the contrary, that is why we honor them. so, we know as a whole we have this love of country for one another and that require sacrifice. that these values we hold so dear, our freedoms, liberties, they come at a price. we honor those who have been willing to pay their last full measure of devotion in support of us in support of the values as a country. >> brian: congressman mariannette miller-meeks, we thank you for your time a point in that morning and thank you for your service to our country. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> brian: with that, obviously, people will be doing fun things today but one common
3:00 am
theme throughout the last two hours, please take time out today to remember the sacrifices that allowed you to do that here that is so crucial on memorial day. >> ainsley: it is so nice to hear all of these stories, and i really enjoyed it. i hope you at home and joined it as much as us. >> gnomic >> todd: "fox & friends" begins right now, have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> president biden in uvalde, texas. >> 219 students and two teachers killed in the shooting there. >> it is hard not to get frustrated. >> came to my memorial day rally with government accountability. >> this is memorial day we can. >> gas prices hitting record highs this memorial day we can. >> average price $4.21. >> they want gas prices higher.


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