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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 30, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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hours, please take time out today to remember the sacrifices that allowed you to do that here that is so crucial on memorial day. >> ainsley: it is so nice to hear all of these stories, and i really enjoyed it. i hope you at home and joined it as much as us. >> gnomic >> todd: "fox & friends" begins right now, have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> president biden in uvalde, texas. >> 219 students and two teachers killed in the shooting there. >> it is hard not to get frustrated. >> came to my memorial day rally with government accountability. >> this is memorial day we can. >> gas prices hitting record highs this memorial day we can. >> average price $4.21. >> they want gas prices higher.
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stop playing games. >> tom cruise is back 34 years later on "top gun." estimated $150 million debut. >> unbelievable! >> the final corner but they come to the wire! ♪ ♪ >> good morning welcome to "fox & friends" on this memorial day. will cain, rachel can post office, as we honor the fallen heroes. giving their lives for our freedom. glad to have you with this, rachel, joey, good morning to you. happy memorial day and you can say that. >> i said that to someone and one of the producer said "i
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don't know." joey gave me the stamp of approval. the next person, i'm going to say joey jones said. >> we are not just celebrating but memorial day. a corporal day, and actually, i think they got the pictures mixed up. a good friend of mine was killed and this day is always a point in my life, daniel greer from tennessee. the thing about daniel, a big tennessee bulls fan and i'm a georgia fan. so when we got to afghanistan may be more in common with the taliban than daniel. but we turned it into a great friendship. he was a marine reservist and we love him and miss him. >> rachel: your photos of fallen heroes that you remember today are pouring in. and this one of his son a green
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break, michael weathers killed in afghanistan back in 2014. >> will: derek census when a fellow service member, paul, who was killed in a dining facility ambush in iraq 2004 and we remember these heroes who risk their lives for our freedom. please send us photos and stories to friends at the three of us and pete hegseth in charlotte, north carolina, in one of the things i enjoyed about this spending the weekend memorial day is a reminder that yes, this just isn't a day of solemn remembrance but of honor and celebration of people's lives one of the things that resonate it with me the best way that we as americans who did not serve or perhaps have not lost somebody close to us and sacrifice to the country is too although it would not be small, i will say it starts small, the
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number one story, the number one individual. i spent an hour with you a good year ago talking about the story and i remember the story of daniel greer to this day. i remember you talking about him as an individual that day in particular. i don't know if it is something enough. i don't know if it should be described as small, but it does resonate with me. remember one individual, one-story command chair. >> rachel: i absolutely agree with that and one thing that was awesome in charlotte, nascar took that to heart, the entire event, the details of what they did, first of all, the preshow i've never seen anything like that. that was amazing what they have lined up. and the helicopters that we saw all, the flybys, but also every single car had a name of a fallen hero and also just constant reminders and it was awesome.
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>> will: it was very genuine in the way they honored a tagline or commercial. >> will: we move to fox news alert, president joe biden and first lady jill biden with the school shooting yesterday. the president vowing action has crawls cold to do something in the wake of the problem. >> rachel: casey stegall live with more, casey, good morning. >> good morning. it was a really emotional day, frankly for the president and the first lady. at times throughout the day, you could visibly see the president wiping tears away from his eyes as they stood and visited the school as well as the memorial that has been growing and growing since this began. and the fact that the building could be raised, president biden talked about that as well. he attended an afternoon mass meeting with families and
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first responders while he was here as well. 21 will lives remember, were lost a week ago. 19 innocent trail gnomic children and two brave teachers. here is the president's exchange with some of the locals as they were greeted with action. [screaming] >> now, while president biden was here the u.s. department of justice announced it will conduct an independent investigation. i'm quoting "the goal of the review is to provide an independent account of how law enforcement action and responses that day and to help identify lessons and best practices to help first responders prepare for and respond to active shooter
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events." >> mom told me that her child had been shot. through the back through the kidney area. the first responder that they originally talked to said the child likely bled out. in that span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that girl might have lived. >> last week, the world came to know the stories of joe and irma garcia. irma was one of the teachers killed. her husband, joe died two days later suddenly of a heart attack. they have four kids and i gofundme account set up. that account has now raised more than $2.5 million. the daughter saying online and i'm quoting here, "dad of my know this was too much for you. your heart couldn't take it. i will spend the rest of my life fighting for you and mom, continuing to quote the names and they will not be forgotten."
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unbelievable powerful stuff here on the ground and, of course, the resounding question will be, what is the action president biden said that will prevent future tragedies like this from happening? that remains to be seen. for now, the focus is on the panel and continuing to heal. >> rachel: thank you, thank you casey, great report. gosh, you guys come every day since i have woken up with a heavy heart. it is just so hard, obviously for that community but americans and especially parents across america appear that story, by the way, joey a question for you with garcia or the man who died of a broken heart, clearly he died of a broken heart after what happened to his wife. one of the blood teachers. one of the children is in basic training right now. what happened to someone in basic training when something like this happens? do they get to come home?
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>> will: absolutely they will be pulled out and they will come in with a chaplain, grief counselor, and it is like they will have an opportunity to go home and be more with the family. >> rachel: good. that is what is great about this country and the people who serve it. >> will: for children in that family and now without parents. president biden to text is a proposal to tear down robb elementary school. raise the building to the ground and rebuild with new federal funds there in uvalde. it will be a difficult building for anyone to return to. imagine a child to return to a class in that building. it seems like an impossibility. so joe biden offering to tear down and build a new -- >> joey: maybe they will build back a school that is the epicenter of school safety and security. >> rachel: it could be a model
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for that. >> joey: a model to the kids to show how we can build schools. >> will: we spend a lot of time over the last couple of days in the coming months and years at the core of the society and this seemingly growing problem. and the heart of the human heart inside of young people that is so evil to become their final act? you know, there is this mix to the the copycat. clearly, this trend of copycats action. we have already seen students rested in several schools, notified several schools across the country and another in texas and northeast planning some type of school shooting in the wake of uvalde. here is yet another example. a florida fifth grader fifth-grader, has been arrested for threatening that shooting at his elementary school by text messages appear this is just
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days after. >> rachel: that child perpetrator walked out of the school wherever he was in here is the statement of the lee county sheriff. this student's behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in uvalde, texas to make sure that kids are safe and as paramount we will have law and order and will not hesitate one second, not one second to investigate this threat. right now is not the time to act like a delinquent. it is not funny. this child making threats and there will be real consequences. first of all, good on them, absolutely. we need to have a knee-jerk reaction as soon as somebody makes a threat like that, we instantly take it seriously. now, this young man is clearly troubled. so i hope he's not thrown in jail. i don't think that's going to happen. but there is a lot of kids across the country that need help because our culture has created an environment where
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this can breed. it is a combination with amazing psychologist on talking about everything from broken homes, isolation and the internet, normalization of violence. and also, of course, the disintegration of the family. so many family values and boys who don't have a good role model are coming out angry, joey. it is not just that but they are angry. >> joey: in this country in the human experience there is a fine line between victim and perpetrator. victims become perpetrators. that young man at that school, today is a villain in the sense of threatening something so evil, but tomorrow may be the beginning of the rest of his life. in doing that is the only way to save any of these kids that come to this place where they think whatever the resolution, he may
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turn into a great american who saves lives and without somebody seen something or saying something and the police acting right away not only a chance to save him but other kids. >> rachel: put that picture back up. that picture of that little boy, an act of love here that is an act of love. >> will: you know, this is something we also have to address. you are right, rachel and i share your sentiment 100% both on act of love and where the deep problem lies within our culture. but there was also maybe a little more superficial but no more less complex this issue of copycat trend here that is a real thing that is going on. i don't know why that serves as an act of inspiration but i will say this, those who want to focus exclusively on a gun. we have had guns as part of the american culture for centuries. we've had nuns in schools, american gun clubs. joey and i grew up where
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probably you could bring guns to school because going on a hunt after school. semiautomatic rifles have been grounds for decades. but yet, we see this happening within roughly the past two decades, and more in the past decade. we asked ourselves why? what deep culturally and the copycat front is causing this to be -- you know, the shooter in buffalo went and researched mass shooters in new zealand and norway. so, there is a sickness of copycat on top of deep isolation and loss of young men. >> rachel: if you feel unnoticed or feel lonely, this is a type of notoriety, a way to get noticed. i will say and just the other side of the argument on the ground side, those people who say the answer lies in gun-control, well, these weapons, and ar-15, they will
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say, these weapons because more damage more quickly. so, it is harder to, you know, intercede in these incidents before there is mass carnage. that is what they will say in response. i don't know if you have a response to that. i would like to hear it. >> joey: it wasn't used in columbine and the first assault weapons ban that killed almost 200 people or the country. but bad people will find a way and that way isn't always more difficult than buying a certain gun is. i'm all about taking measures to make us safer. let's do it with clear eyes improve this will work. >> rachel: absolutely. >> will: still had gas prices at another record high as one university blames inflation to the largest increase in more than a decade. a new call for the biden administration to address price hikes next. >> joey: craig morgan
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♪ ♪ >> rachel: we are back with your headlines. two people are dead after two cars slammed into a group of pedestrians in lincoln, nebraska, last night. the crowd gathered to celebrate the memorial day we can. none of the victims identified but one is in critical condition at the hospital. the others who were hurt not to have life-threatening injuries. a holiday travel crisis,
3:21 am
thousands of flights canceled or delayed due to weather and staff shortages at the airlines. 160 flights canceled this morning. the frustrating travel back up comes after aaa predicted 25% increase in air travel this year from last. and you are watching country singer at the national memorial day concert yesterday. bedrooms stopped by fox news lived with the pride. >> we have been a great nation where we celebrate the freedom of religion. we have the opportunity to excel both mentally, physically, financially, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. we have those opportunities because we are a free nation. we owe that freedom to all those who serve and especially those open to sacrifice. >> rachel: morgan told fox news, every service member whether they serve are not should be proud. thank you.
3:22 am
>> thank you, ashley. >> will: the number one issue facing america, this is america's number one concern. it is inflation. we have yet another record high today for the national average per gasoline. $4.61 in a year's time, that is an increase of $1.57, $3.04 a year ago for a gallon of gasoline. >> rachel: it is absolutely crazy and it is impacting everything. it affects everything you buy, causing all kinds of heartache. yesterday, i should say, yesterday morning after "fox & friends" sent tonight teachers and byron donalds was on and talked about why this is happening. that this is actually intentional by the biden administration. take a look. speak with the administration has no plans, no ideas, no strategy of reversing course on
3:23 am
their crazy agenda when it comes to oil, natural gas, and gasoline. joe biden and the democrats want gas prices higher. let's stop relating games. they want gas prices higher. they want the green new deal accomplished. they want to follow the people" at the world economic forum as opposed to helping world-class families in the united states. the number one way to push people into poverty is with rising energy prices. this administration is not going to change anything that they are doing. these are the things we can do through the budget process. it is important to take a stand against one of the most radical economic energy agendas our country has ever seen. >> rachel: joey, isn't it incredible that this administration is willing to make the citizens poorer for this green agenda? by the way, technologically, we are not ready for? >> joey: you know, the irony
3:24 am
of the first response the biden administration habit, jen psaki talked about the pipeline years to go before it could be completed. the irony is it would have been completed with the keystone pipeline and the response to where we are, this is a long-term problem and we have to invest in green energy with long-term solutions. i wish i could be upset about gas prices being around $4 but my fuel being $6 a gallon. but it is not about convenience or getting to the movie theater or driving to the grocery store. especially with diesel, that is not making a living. it is about driving a ford truck where you put gasoline in the equipment to go do 10 yards and make $20. before that, $80 but now they make $20 because they spend it all in fuel. but you get the point. the margins that we think about our convenience, the merchants most people think about our livelihood.
3:25 am
is it worth going to work today? people are considering parking they are semi because they will break even. >> rachel: we talked about that yesterday, will, it is -- i have a big family and i don't like the fact my grocery bill's $200, $300 more a week, i don't like it but i can do it. there are people that can't do it. we are literally impoverishing our own citizens for a green agenda so we can transition to electric. by the way, cars, we cannot afford $60,000. >> will: i agree. here is a luxury angle to this that i find very -- the president of the university sent a letter to faculty and said the following, "by far my greatest concern is the impact of inflation on faculty and staff, the university. we have increased undergraduate tuition 4.25% the academic year. the largest increase in 14 years with an increase of 3% last
3:26 am
year. this increase does not keep up with the current national rate of inflation and cannot offset the increased cost of university or salary increases that would fully mitigate the effect of inflation and the families of faculty and staff. i'm very unsympathetic to this letter and of course everybody is doing with inflation and rachel, those who deal with inflation, most acutely. but colleges have been increasing their cost ahead of the reagan administration for decades. college costs is out of control. it is absolutely out of sight. it is insane what it cost to go to a university. >> joey: the return is not there. just like a house purchase for the bank $500,000 that is worth $300,000. and you go for an education and an opportunity to make that money on the back end is the amount people screaming for loan relief. >> rachel: i don't know if i should do this on the show but i
3:27 am
will call b.s. on this letter. i am so mad because i pay cost for tuition. over the last few years in the pandemic they charge the same amount of tuition and decreased all of their services. you couldn't go to the gym and they were not using lights, electricity because everything was on zoom. they collected all kinds of money, gave no grace in all of these universities just like boston university are sitting on piles of endowment money that they have never, ever offered to help any of the students. >> will: billions of dollars. >> rachel: of course they do! >> joey: and i don't know where they have the money at but billions of dollars and understand what that money is allocated for but you know what, if kids are trying to go to georgetown and can't afford it, they can pay tuition. >> rachel: by the way in the same letter, we had record fund-raising. i couldn't believe it.
3:28 am
these people are horrible. we need to think differently about how we spend higher education money because there are republican universities by the way who stalled tuition and so we will keep it the same periods >> secretary alejandro mayorkas to fix this. >> rachel: i agree. >> will: the university is not the top of the list. >> rachel: still had a fox news op-ed encourages all americans to treat every day like it is memorial day. senator and combat veteran joni ernst joins us next for the family of fallen heroes. ♪ ♪ ...slider sunday? sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! we've got philly cheesesteak sliders on king's hawaiian slider buns! oh, my. and we got cheeseburger sliders on king's hawaiian pretzel slider buns! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunndayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! [crash] everything's better between king's hawaiian bread.
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even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ ♪ >> will: one former navy seal with a crucial message to americans on memorial day. a fox news op-ed jack carr writes "i encourage all americans to visit a memorial or cemetery this memorial day. don't let the sacrifice of those who are honored on plaque be forgotten." respect and appreciate what they fought and died to protect and be an active guardian of the freedoms to ensure they did not perish for nothing. honor their sacrifice. remember that every day as memorial day. joining us with a memorial day message, combat veteran joni ernst. great to have you with us this
3:33 am
morning on "fox & friends." what is your message on memorial day? >> yes, it is exactly what mr. carper said. we should remember the fallen today. we have so many families that enjoy the day off from work, school and other activities, but we have to remember the essence of the day and those who gave a selfless sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy every single day. so please take time out to remember those who have fallen for all of us. >> will: jack carr not just a writer on but soon to be at a movie theater near you. i want to talk to you about your bill that you have put forward to. it will use unused border wall material. been sitting and rotting now for over a year. it was not deployed. the biden administration actively took this border wall material out of service. you are proposing a bill to put it back in service and allow
3:34 am
states to finish what the trump administration started. tell us about this bill and what you think you can accomplish and whether it can pass. >> thanks, will. and they don't realize that president biden called the border wall a waste of money! and yet, every single day, the biden administration paying contractors upwards of $3 million to basically babysit the materials that are left lying in the desert. so, my bill would allow states to transfer those materials from the federal government to those states if they continue building the wall along the border. there are a number of states that have already initiated their own building, states like arizona, texas, and it's sitting there unused. let's allow the states to finish the job. i do have a number of republican
3:35 am
cosponsors, and i actually have a couple of democrats as well. you can guess who those democrats are. they are the ones that are actually considering the bill as well. i would love for this bill to pass, away for the things that have already been purchased by the trump administration sitting there totally unused by the biden administration. >> will: i would love to hear the rebuttal to your bill articulated. explain to me, not just to rot but to pay it to babysit while it rots instead of using it. we will see if that makes it to the floor of the debate. joni ernst, have a memorial day you. >> god bless our fallen, thank you so much. >> will: coming up the fda issuing a warning about strawberries. check the packaging if you recently bought the fruit. in honoring fallen heroes, that is the mention of the next guest
3:36 am
paying tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ ♪ ow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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♪ ♪ >> joey: this memorial day two groups to pay tribute to our fallen troops. the honor project and the travis foundation with the arlington salesman terry to teach the stories behind the sacrifice. to go with the next guest honoring the lost brothers today. army special forces men andrew ross killed by an ied serving in afghanistan in 2018 and marine first lieutenant was killed in combat in iraq 2007. ron and sarah join us now with the travis menon foundation and cofounder, good morning, ladies, thank you for joining us. i'm honored to say, i have met you both and i've seen your work on the honor project, sarah,
3:41 am
welcome to the show. i hope it is a beautiful morning for you. emily might want to start with you. the honor project, what motivated you to start this back in 2020? >> so in 2020, i was visiting my grandfather, who is buried in arlington cemetery and when i pulled into the cemetery, i realized the cemetery was closed for everyone but family members during the pandemic. so typically you would see a lot of military in the cemetery over memorial day weekend. so on behalf of people around the country i expected a few responses and got a thousand so i spent the whole day in arlington that memorial day and a need to expand this project. that is where the incredible volunteers came in with the travis foundation. >> will: back in 2020 incredibly inspirational but how
3:42 am
does this fit the mention of the travis manion foundation? how does this fit and how are you working on this to make it bigger? >> it was a partnership we were so grateful to emily to bring it to us, the travis foundation, about getting out there and making sure we are recognizing and honoring the service members. so to have this happen, last year at arlington but this year, several around the countries we have thousands of volunteers coming out to honor the service and sacrifice of the nation's fallen heroes. >> will: it is an amazing thing but sarah i want to go to you a gold star sister and thank you for your sacrifice, we love you. how does it feel to be here and why should people want to volunteer to do this? >> for the same reasons everybody in the cemetery gave their lives for us.
3:43 am
we owe them a debt of gratitude and it's the very least we can do by honoring my brother, going to visit him but also other people that want to be here, families who can't travel for a myriad of reasons. but they've done so much for us. it is the very least we can do to honor them this weekend. >> will: sarah, real quick tell me about your brother. >> he was fantastic, the best of the best. the best of my parents kids. he was incredibly inspirational and he would never quit on any day. and he wouldn't let you quit either. so as hard as it is to carry on and do things, to run a foundation and volunteer in his name, it is all worth it because he would have done it for me and it's an honor to do it. >> will: listen, i know that
3:44 am
each of you are connected to this personally, emily your grandfather, ryan, your brother but it is also our country and you guys i can't thank you enough for this. i have friends in arlington and across the country and i will partake in this project. thank you for joining us and have a great day in arlington. a great day, and god bless you all for doing this. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> will: visit travis manion and follow along with the #thehonorproject the intrepid sea, air and space museum, good morning, adam. >> good morning, and this is one of my favorite spots and all of manhattan and i'm on the west side of highway. a bicycle trail so i've been up and down this area a lot of
3:45 am
times. but even just riding my bike come i want to sit on the bench because it is an impressive view and humbles you a little bit the types of things and the sacrifice is that this country has made and the men and women of this country have made to set us up to be able to enjoy what will turn out to be a really beautiful day. guys come i will be up on top of this in a little bit but it is a gorgeous day. i will dive into the forecast. here in new york city starting off pleasant with temperatures in the mid-60s. temperatures across the country in the middle of the country 75 degrees in kansas city. 70 degrees chicago and a big cold front a little further to the west temperatures into the 40s and 50s. with that cold front, typically to see some showers northern plains from the dakotas to minnesota, big thunderstorms early with the chance of severe weather in those areas. i will leave you with memorial day outlook. a little bit of snow in the
3:46 am
west. we will track the weather forecast but dies in new york city, beautiful, beautiful day along the hudson, back to you. >> will: adam, thanks and do not have too much fun. >> you got it. ashley strohmier with the headlines. >> we will start with this five people dead after two boats collated on a river savannah, georgia, saturday. four pronounced dead of the same family. the driver of one of those boats survived and arrested for drunk driving. meanwhile, one person is dead and another missing after a vote capsized and 11 passengers in the hospital and eight victims killed, one of whom airlifted. aunt this is concerning the fda warning strawberry sold at trader joe's, walmart, aldi's safeway, could be linked to hepatitis outbreak. the agency's saying anyone who purchased a batch
3:47 am
march 5th-april 25th from those location should throw them out. linked to impacting seven people so far and unrelated to an ongoing outbreak of hepatitis that has infected 216 people and in 37 states. her majesty queen with the platinum jubilee celebration a historic monument displays eight pictures of queen elizabeth symbolizing each decade of her reign. in london her grandson prince williams took the stage and the royal guard preparing for the color ceremony on thursday. later today, piers morgan will join us to talk about the queen and her 75 years on the throne. and i don't know where -- okay, i'm going back to joey. there rico, joey, back to you, no problem. >> joey: man, might project my
3:48 am
face on here someday. from combat to congress, florida congressman and national guard, mike waltz and three navy seals running for congress share their memorial day message. an top gun maverick is soaring through the box office expectations and the latest film has viewers flying back to the theaters. ♪ ♪
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we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rachel: "top gun: maverick" soaring past expectations at the u.s. box office raking in $124 million for its three day opening. >> combat committee level nobody has ever seen. >> you think up there you are dead. >> my dad believed in you. and i want you to do the same. >> rachel: here with a spoiler review fox news contributor and movie critic kevin mccarthy. i can't tell you, this is my favorite segment of the day because i'm going to see the
3:53 am
movie and i love top gun. i will tell you mine and you tell me your take. good morning to you, rachel, it is an honor to be on with you with the biggest imax screen and i've seen the film twice and i'm going for a third time this week. it did make me happy to tell you that movies are back, movie theaters are back and a reminder why we go to the movie. this is a film designed for audience emergence. and the emotional with the people that love this film 36 years ago. the beauty as it works both emotionally and from an active perspective. sometimes you get one or the other. the beauty of the film is going back to the original, the character of anthony edwards who died in the original film. going all these years later, that little boy is grown up and playing goose's son and maverick "top gun" the actual tom cruise with training top gun graduates to go on a very, very yet
3:54 am
seemingly impossible deadly mission that they will go on. the whole goose relationship with rooster and son and maverick is incredible to watch. they sequences are absolutely mind-blowing. what they did to the film, the director's he threw imax quality cameras in the cockpit of the 815. and they are being flown in f-18 pilots and taking seven gs act, perform, stay in character not blackout or involvement in running the cameras themselves the cameras in the cockpit and responsible for pressing record while being flown here that all has to happen while in character. that really makes it a sequence for this film. emotionally, everything is written by a story. every action films you are driven by that. performance wise, tom cruise is
3:55 am
amazing, jon hamm, miles teller, glenn powell. this movie is a reminder how great a summer blockbuster can be. to make them i was speaking out beyond belief because tom cruise really, really understands the audience deserves an immersive experience that are done with minimal cgi. what you are actually watching on this film is real flying. you actually feel like you are right there. emotionally a fan of the first "top gun." the sequence in this movie that is absolutely perfect. i love it and i how lame i would highly recommend seeing it. 4.5 out of 5 for sure. >> rachel: everybody says it's better than the original which is hard to do. tom cruise a real hollywood movie star like paul newman, john wayne and understands what it means to be a movie star. thank goodness. they remade oiled up volleyball scene and all the training that
3:56 am
went into that, this movie embraces masculinity and takes us back to an idea of the '80s where things were simpler and clear enemies and men can be men. i can't wait to see it today. thanks for bringing all of this information and not spoiling it for me. great to have you on. >> i really enjoyed the movie. movies are back and i could not be more excited to talk about movies on "fox & friends" 4.5 out of 5. go to the movie. lady gaga come amazing, by the way. save for the end to listen to it. >> rachel: the credits will roll, thanks, kevin come appreciate it. coming up, if prices have put your summer travel plans on hold, state and for tips to transform your backyard into a paradise getaway. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> rachel: good morning, everybody, it is 7:00 eastern time in new york city. that is a beautiful shot of orlando, florida. i am here with joey jones and will cain. joey jones sitting in for pete at sec. pete hegseth. pepe memorial day.
4:02 am
>> joey: i'm remembering and celebrating the man among men that i got to serve and be around and get to know and the women too. in combat and i'm happy because i know they are sacrificing. >> rachel: absolutely. it is an amazing day. a lot of families getting together. all of us remembering those who have sacrificed everything. of course, we did a lot of that in north carolina where we were in charlotte. >> will: throughout the morning, your stories with loved ones who sacrificed in this country at in the first hour, it is the best way to honestly remember and celebrate memorial day. and that is the story of one individual. joey, you began by telling us the story of daniel career. >> joey: absolutely. killed by an i.d. that took his legs. there is a father and son out of out of dalton, georgia, major
4:03 am
jeff mcdonald who was my football coach in middle school. he taught for 30 years and his son chris mcdonald was my best friend employed football with me. what is amazing jeff and chris are no longer with us. celebrating both of them today. chris was one of the veterans that succumb to suicide and chef we lost a few months ago. both men served in the exact same unit. jeff went to desert storm with that unit and chris iraq he freedom. in the same unit and they fought two different wars in the same place. they were both instrumental in my life and determining who i became apparent were not just marines but brothers and a dad to me after i lost mine. so i am remembering jeff. take time to learn they are story or learn a story in your hometown or teachers you had in school or somebody went to school with and pay tribute to them. so to the mcdonald's, i love
4:04 am
you guys. and chris and jeff were always the best. >> rachel: we can keep remembering more veterans are more fallen heroes if you send in your photos. send your photos for those you know and love and want to remember today. many are pouring in and this one from howell, his uncle who died in v-17 that crashed during world war ii. everyone on board was killed. >> will: and this one, daniel a gummy who was killed in an ied in iraq and 2007 and awarded the purple heart and bronze star. remember these heroes and so many more who risked their lives and please send in your photos at >> rachel: joe biden and first lady jill biden make a trip to this before shooting
4:05 am
yesterday. >> will: of the president considering demolishing the school after the tragedy while morning with the community who made that announcement. senior correspondent casey stegall with an update tell us more. >> good morning president biden telling a state senator that, in fact, he was on the ground to pledge federal resources to the community in the form of many things, possibly raising the side of that robb elementary school and putting a brand-new school in its place similar to what we saw don and sandy hook after that tragedy. some of the parents here have told me that their kids have already said that they don't want to go back to that school. so, that is one of the things president biden said here yesterday here at the first lady making rounds here in uvalde, a community where people know one
4:06 am
another and they know everything and their families. it is very tight knit. listen to what president biden said to one resident as they were walking into afternoon mass yesterday. [screaming] in the meantime the u.s. department of justice launching a probe. a statement sent out that reads and import i'm reading, "the goal of this review is to provide an independent account of law enforcement actions and responses that day and to identify lessons and best practices to help first responders prepare for and respond to active shooter events." that come of course on the heels of admitted mistakes by local police here which cost precious time. >> mom told me her child had been shot by one bullet through
4:07 am
the back of the kidney area. the first responder that they eventually talked to said the child likely bled out. in that span of 30, 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived. >> help is coming in from all over the country. that is heartwarming to see in such dark times. even these canines from san bernardino, california, came. lupe and dozer with crisis response k-9s and therapy dogs for the community. anything is welcome. we have seen a lot of prayer of church groups and organizations from all over have come here, no doubt a very painful few weeks and months ahead as now they look to plan funerals for fourth-graders. >> rachel: casey, thank you for that report. i have to tell you i really love the k-9 story and god made these
4:08 am
beautiful creatures on earth and they can be used for a beautiful purpose of relieving anxiety, stress, which you know so many of those children, even those who weren't in that classroom are going to experience for years to come. also, really glad to hear they are thinking about just raising that school and putting up a new one. hopefully, maybe even a new york station a route would be kind of nice. i'm definitely hoping it serves as a model the way to secure schools to be built in the future. >> will: absolutely an opportunity. a lot of people want that opportunity with gun laws and others want safer schools. i think for us, it is an opportunity to have that conversation and also respectfully honoring these children who should not have been murdered. >> joey: it is inspirational to see how a nation can come
4:09 am
together. and do our best to try to help those. and we will see the potential solutions to try to heal that community. we moved to this this morning, gas prices soaring at a record high $4.61 this morning. >> rachel: as american wallets are getting pummeled at the pump, parents in need of baby formula are getting desperate with some heading to, get this, mexico to find cans of formula. >> will: alexandria hoff live with more on this. >> hi, guys, this is interesting, i wrapped up holiday travel with flights canceled in 300 more today. the airport was chaotic but given that we are traveling with a baby, it was interesting how we were waiting in line and people asked how we were handling the formula shortage. everybody talking about it whether airport lines or at the gas pump, we don't need it but tens of thousands of parents
4:10 am
absolutely entire position. 70% right now, never mind some babies needing a particular kind with health issues. the biden administration pouring in tens of thousands of baby formula. the goal is to offset shortages by supply chain and shutdown of the major factor that produced formula earlier this year. but listen to this, you mentioned mexico, families there say the shelves, the formula or just about full. one person told fox digital, or family has attempted to cross the border. >> we couldn't find it in the pharmacy at home. >> but moms from a facebook group, they are like crazy trying to get the milk. >> traveling to tijuana for formula is clearly out of reach for many. including a cost to get there. a gallon of gas $4.61.
4:11 am
compared that to a month ago where gas was $0.41 less across-the-board. you can escape the price per gallon $4 in all 50 states now. president biden will meet with the federal reserve chair ahead of friday's challenge report for may. guys. >> rachel: thank you, alexandria, for that report. it feels like we are living every day everyday a little bit more like these empty shelves. america is going to mexico to get formula. this is really -- i mean come if you have a little baby and you are experiencing a shortage and worried about this, you are not just going to remember this midterm. this is kind of like the way my parents remember the double-digit inflation under the days of jimmy carter. and still remember why they love ronald reagan. >> joey: we have a menu in my family about depression foods. >> rachel: yes.
4:12 am
>> joey: you have a traumatic experience and my grandmother, there are certain things she could never do because that's all she could. it is that kind of monumental thing where you band together out of desperation. >> rachel: it has actually gone viral on the internet. there are people passing around depression era recipes and talking about gardening in a way not like happy hobby way. listen -- -->> what an international embarrassment. >> rachel: it is an embarrassment. >> will: to go to mexico quite honestly we are more -- -- >> joey: in san diego, we didn't want to bring anything back and it was not a clean place to go. why do they have it and we don't? why is it just across the border, they don't have the fda or the stuff that we were not allowed to buy anymore. >> rachel: we have to remember
4:13 am
that all of this is intentional. the gas prices and the inflation is intentional. this is a policy that joe biden has admitted her last week. this is about transitioning america over. and this shortages in formula, that was predicted by the situation to shut down a factory that produces 40%. they didn't have a plan but also supply chain issues that we also knew was going to happen and shut down an entire economy that for years to come and probably a couple of years dealing with the repercussions of that. again, intentional, this government is trying to make you poor in order to accomplish their green energy fetishes, really. >> will: so you may be familiar with jack carrico made navy seal on the fox channel and i took a family road trip across the west. we listen to an audiobook by
4:14 am
jack r. not necessarily kid friendly and i have told jack that his spirit it wasn't the audiobook for my kids at the time but an awesome book being turned into a movie. he's a former navy seal but he's waiting for and an op-ed about memorial day and he says the memorial day should be everyday in america. it is our responsibility to citizens to safeguard and protect that freedom for the next generation and to instill in our children respect and appreciation for what was sacrificed on their behalf. don't squander the gift which so many gave their life. so many men die on our watch. a local memorial national cemetery this memorial day weekend. note that the sacrifices of those complex statues and gravesites be forgotten. respect and appreciate what they fought and died to protect to preserve. be an active guardian to make sure they did not perish from this earth. we owe them nothing less. honor the sacrifice and remember that every day is memorial day.
4:15 am
>> rachel: that is right, jon stewart, by the way at a memorial date event and he was really shocked by how people were there. this is what he said about the lack of support for our military. speak with the people, it is hard not to be here today and not get frustrated again. as a lookout out in the crowd i see the same thing i always see, veterans and the families and caregivers. but where are the american people? this is memorial day weekend. man, you will read the tweets this weekend and look at the facebook pages and say to yourself "oh, does america love me. boy they love us." and yet, we come out here today looking for the support of the american people. and it is veterans organizations. it is veterans.
4:16 am
it is their families. this country can't be this broken. if we can't do the simple [bleep], we have nothing! >> joey: that attacked i don't know, listen. people are active through social media. the bso are dying because brick-and-mortar facilities. so i don't think you judge america's will to help veterans based on the amount of a crowd of the size of the crowd that jon stewart talked about. >> rachel: i agree with you, actually. >> joey: he is onto something underneath his message. i do think the vast majority of the people too far removed from the commitment of those who served and given this country. i would be interested in a conversation how we can move to a model where we have required service, some community service, military service. i think too many benefit from the luxury of the price that you, for example have paid.
4:17 am
but with that being said to come at the message and listening to this is the same as listening to the daily show. he's always so disappointed in america. he's got another sermon and listen for us how we have failed him once again. >> rachel: i think if he wants patriotism maybe he should quit watching cnn and watch the fox news. unabashedly so. i will say this, he's right about one thing. there is a lack -- you can see this in the polling of young people, the left for people has declined. i don't think the answer is entirely what the op-ed that you write about is that we need to take kids to cemeteries and talk about what joey has done. of course we should do that but the other side is in this site is not being told to children, what does it look like in countries without freedom? you don't have to go if very far back in history. you can look at that as well, tell them the story of cuba.
4:18 am
tell them of -- our kids don't know that they killed millions of people. that is the story that we need to tell. what would it look like without freedom and those willing to sacrifice? >> joey: if you don't appreciate what it is to be an american, how are you going to appreciate -- >> will: ashley strohmier oval with additional headlines. >> we will start with shocking footage of a knife attack outside of the subway station on thursday. and gets off of a bike and appears to randomly attack a stranger. the police are looking for the suspect. the victim is recovering. meanwhile another video shows what appears to be an attempt on a train. multiple suspects appear to take turns punching a man in the torso. the case is being investigated. north carolina preschool being called out for showing it to pictures of a pregnant man. the cards are being used to teach -- and i'll refer to the
4:19 am
district superintendent. the state of north carolina looking at passing legislation to let parents opt out of age inappropriate material. and sometimes, better in the stance than the baseball field. a bare hand to catch while holding two beers. >> a baseball there but yes, he didn't lose the two beers. >> obviously, it is hard to make a catch better than this. especially holding two beers whom i would have completely dodged the whole situation. nope, not for me. >> there is a video of a guy catching a ball and holding a baby and a beer. it doesn't get any better than that. >> thank you, ashley. school is out for conservatives the shocking new survey rebilling how harvard grads are republicans.
4:20 am
>> three former navy seals running for office and join us to honor the fallen memorial victims. ♪ ♪ the tempur-pedic® breeze° makes sleep... feel cool. because the tempur-breeze° transfers heat away from your body... you feel cool, night after night. for a limited time, save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic® adjustable mattress sets. get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful.
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from epic trips... to jurassic-themed at-home activities. join over 3 million members and start enjoying rewards like these, and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. ♪ ♪ >> will: today marks the first memorial day since the daily withdrawal from afghanistan. our next guest is a father of marine lance corporal jerry schmidt, one of the service members killed. today his organization freedom 13 honoring fallen heroes by supporting the veterans with everything from housing and mark schmidt joins us with flags for
4:25 am
fortitude cofounder shane. thank you for being here. on this memorial day, mark we would love to start with this spirit tell us the story of your son. tell us about jared. >> jared was an amazing young man. he had friends of every walk of life and cared about everyone. and he was a tremendous brother to his sisters and older brothers. just an amazing young man to. i couldn't be more proud to call him my son. >> will: we appreciate him as a nation for what ye and your family sacrificed, marked as tragically left afghanistan and lost her son and 12 others but shane let's talk about what you were doing together. your organization and what you are doing together as we talk about memorial day. >> yeah, so we donated 13 flags to the 13 families of the fallen and working with mark to donate
4:26 am
more flags for the veteran's retreat that he is doing in missouri. >> will: we can see some of those flags on the screen. these are custom flags that you are making, beautiful by the way, but tell us about what you are donating? >> they are mahogany maple, hand sanded and a labor of love, very difficult to make. very emotional about the teams for flags for fortitude so the least we can do for sacrifice. >> will: we saw one with jared's picture in the middle of the flag. more, shane mentioned the retreat for the freedom 13 in partnership with shane's organization but tell us about this retreat. >> we will build 13 houses on two and a half acres of lake front property. an error b'n'b where a veteran can pick the house that you
4:27 am
would like to use, select the week it is available to use it, prove they are a veteran and once they do, absolutely completely free of charge to them and their families. we will be working with local sports stores with fishing kayaks to be donated for these guys to hit the reset button and hopefully doing some bonding with their own families and camaraderie with other veterans that they have two get to know in the first place. hopefully they help each other out. >> will: mark, i don't know how much this organization has been up but a response to losing your son in afghanistan, which we know was not that long ago. we appreciate your sacrifice but also how you turn this tragedy to help other veterans. for more information, it is freedom or shane's organization, flags for
4:28 am, mark, thank you for everything. >> thank you, sir. >> will: gas prices hit another record high with sticker shock to not end there. we will tell you how much more it will cost to run your air conditioner this summer. it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
4:29 am
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>> rachel: the cost of memorial day prices and gas had a all-time record high. mitch michelle joins us now. let's talk about this inflation and rising cost. the biden administration has been asked about it. they say, we are doing everything to lower inflation, but are they if they are not willing to deal with opening up america oil and gas and unleashing american energy? >> rachel, it's only been a few weeks that admitted inflation wasn't temporary or transitory. they are not doing not doing everything they can do. we have to unlock our energy. right now saudi arabia is exporting $1 billion a day on process of their oil. it is not just inflation but national security threat this poses. reality is, they are doing very
4:33 am
little and americans are getting fed up. >> rachel: have you ever seen anything like this? impoverishing their people in order to achieve something like, you know, global warming or whatever it is my green energy, the green new deal when, you know, they are making people poor? >> you know, it is interesting. first of all, when gerald ford was the president and i am old enough to remember that, at least he admitted inflation is a problem. so no, i haven't seen anything like it. one thing and observing 50 years of business and failures in different kinds of administrations, when you have long-term solutions to short-term problems, that never works. that is exactly what this administration is doing. yes, everybody can drive energy efficient cars but you can't get the washer and dryer, what good is it? it will not keep your electric
4:34 am
bills down. >> rachel: absolutely pure let's talk about the housing market because it could cool off with raising interest rates. >> it is cooling already, rachel but i don't think that is a problem because it was red-hot and the prices were so out of reach for so many people, especially first time all important home buyers in search of the american dream. the fact that it is cooling is not a bad thing. it is anybody listening watching and worried we will have a bust and i don't think a bus tour bubble bursting. we have so much demand for housing and the reason the prices are going up is because of supply appearance of this means people will put their homes on the market, that is a good thing. and the speed of price increases slows down, also a good thing. i'm not waiving the caution flag on the housing market. i think what is happening is actually a good thing. >> rachel: the prices are definitely cooling off but to build a new one is very, very expensive. all right, mitch, thank you for joining us.
4:35 am
great insight. >> thanks, rachel, good to see you. >> rachel: and memorial navy seal running for congress next. ♪ ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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♪ ♪ >> will: good morning and welcome back to this memorial day. they heroes on the screen serving on the front lines on the war on terror and members of elite now running for congress. retired's heel sniper with 7th congressional district. served multiple tours in afghanistan and ma to represent
4:40 am
texas eighth congressional district. former secretary ron from the newly integrated district, joining us, welcome to the show. >> great to be with you, joey. >> joey: i like that. thanks for the love all the seals around me and i would think that secretary, i want to go to you first, you were in congress and left to serve in the administration but now looking to go back. as a retired seal, what does this presume and leave republican-led congress can get on for veterans and military? >> i want to emphasize them i know a lot of people have fear, uncertainty and doubt but america is far from weak. this administration is a week but there is a big difference. we have the energy resources, we have the innovation of the strongest military as you have or know assembled in the history of mankind. i prefer to be the glass is
4:41 am
half-full and i think congress can do great things. but we take the majority back and we need to learn how to lead. it is easy for the minority to say no especially with pelosi machine. with the majority, you have to consolidate a message about what we are going to fight for or stand for with the country and values. i think congress can. >> joey: i think americans want to see something done. they want to see unit t. morgan, listen, you know what the pitfalls of the b.a. health system and you are running for congress but is that one of the things you are looking to change and having more veterans and congress can do for veterans and the country? >> more veterans in congress is a perspective. we know the pitfalls and the shortcomings of the veterans affairs department. i look forward to getting in
4:42 am
there and saving the lives. and so many great people that work in the department. but there is a problem, a breakdown in infrastructure, if you will and as a future member of congress, digging in deep with my veterans around the country to understand their problems and driving back to the pertinent domestic veterans affairs. >> issues beyond just veteran issues today memorial day, i'm taking advantage of that. not only a navy seal but a christian minister. so yes, i can call you a warrior monk in a way that my question to you really is having experienced the horrors of war and the love of the christian faith, what do you think america needs from its leaders to heal from some of the wounds we have that divide us and the tragedy that happened last week? >> yeah, you know where i think the american people are hungry for a strong and steady leader
4:43 am
who is actually going to speak to the heart of the issue with what we have seen this last week in texas. we are seeing a massive issue with the stability of the mind and the heart of people coming out of the pandemic. we need to see steady leadership with the best in mind for those they claim to care for. that is what you will get from the men on the screen with myself is we serve this and we sacrifice for the country and we know the needs of the everyday american and the families are going with the chaos going on. so we have to put american families first and restore the american family. >> joey: absolutely, secretary ryan manion and each of you have brothers that you would like to honor. do you have a brother or a message you would like to share? >> certainly, the war and i say took a tremendous toll not just
4:44 am
on the troops but their families. i had to reach out to the old star moms and say thank you, thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for all that you have done. and lastly, joey, there will probably half a dozen seals and green berets to come to congress the session. think about that, that is to coteams. and i have people ask me, what you feel in control? they will do the right thing and defend the constitution 100%. >> joey: secretaries right there will be more in congress even more than going to be but you guys can work together and that's what makes this country amazing. it is memorial day, and we will honor one of them. >> thank you for asking me.
4:45 am
i have out of tucson, arizona, in army, i had never met him before, but i was there when he and his brothers fell. that is something something i will never forget. i met his family but i will never forget his name on the body armor and watching all of that go down. he has been in my heart. i see his name and face almost every night that i close my eyes. have never said his name out loud so thank you for asking. that is who i'm honoring today. >> joey: brady, a memorial day message for us? >> someone i want to honor, peter's a man a former seal who actually passed away during a performance over new york city on memorial day 2017. so, the message that i want to say to americans is, thank veteran serving and who have lost loved ones.
4:46 am
thank the families for their sacrifice. the term happy memorial day does not set well with me. we should be relevant and reflect on the freedoms and the cost of freedom because it is costly. >> joey: gentlemen, you wore the anchor but most importantly the american flag. good luck to you to go represent congress and thank you for joining us today. >> god bless. >> joey: let's check in with adam with the intrepid sea, air and space museum. this memorial day he will bring a forecast and you are on a big ship right now. >> i am on a big ship and you saw me earlier on the ground and the ship behind me on the flight deck of that ship. it is a museum. the sea, air, space museum intrepid not only the ship itself but all of these different aircraft that have
4:47 am
been used in war. when you are up here, it is an awesome experience and makes you grateful for all of the sacrifices that set us up to enjoy a beautiful memorial day. and in new york city, the son is on me and the temperature starting to rise. the temperatures across the country. you go from close to 70 degrees new york city and warmer in the middle of the country. already the middle 70s, kansas city, chicago, and you notice the colder air for the western states, warm air and cold air meets. typically some storms and we do see thunderstorms currently firing off across portions of the dakotas up into minnesota. 44 is the forecast of the day. nothing but sunshine in the eastern half of the country, temperatures in the 80s and a chance of thunderstorms they are in the northern plains. and snow in the mountains. those are your weather headlines from intrepid to come back to
4:48 am
the studio. >> joey: some sun up there. still ahead, her majesty the queen is ahead of her platinum jubilee celebration. piers morgan will join us to talk about the queen and her 75 years on the throne. we've got tips that you don't want to miss if you are ready to transform your backyard into a paradise and a way this summer. the tempur-pedic® breeze° makes sleep... feel cool. because the tempur-breeze°
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make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. >> this is memorial day weekend. >> america wallets are getting pummelled at the pumps. >> gas, 4.61. >> doing very little and americans are getting fed up. >> tom cruise is back 34 years later as "top gun" maverick. >> go see it in the biggest screen you can possibly find. ♪ home of the brave ♪
5:01 am
>> oh, unbelievable. >> touchdown in the final corner, and they come to the line. ♪ sitting there, looks like i only got a one-way ticket over here ♪ >> good morning, well come to "fox and friends" on this memorial day. today we honor our fallen heroes, who gave their lives for our freedom. will cain, rachel, and joey on this holiday. we are remembering the story of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. all morning long you have been sending in your pictures and stories, we'll be showing some stories and pictures in a moment. in the spirit of sharing a story, joey has shared with us several stories about people he
5:02 am
served with, or who grew up in his community in georgia. that personal touch to a story of someone lost and you have another one. >> joey: absolutely. if you ever see me wearing this badge, eod badge, explosive ordinance removal, they go down range and take the bombs apart, roadside bombs, improvised explosive devices, i was a part of that community in the marine corps. when i went in there were less than 300 of us. but here more than two dozen of the member i knew, steven dunning, went to eod with him, amazing man, nick, i served with, went to school with, went to afghanistan with, they, right there, and just want to is an absolute the eod community, especially the marine corps that gave up percentage of our ranks,
5:03 am
especially between the years 9, 10, 11, 12, 4 years were incredibly deadly. adam benjamin. the names go on. men i knew, i served with, or got to know after they fell in that small community. so -- i just really want to take an opportunity to honor those men, a small blip on the amazing radar. >> will: thank you for sharing the stories, what we hope to be doing, not just on the show or network, but you at home as well. etre are >> rachel: and kimberly sent this in, her son was killed in afghanistan, he was 22 years old. we remember these heroes and so
5:04 am
many more. send your photos to friends at >> beautiful. fox news alert, president joe biden and bill biden at the uvalde school site. >> rachel: president is thinking of demolishing the school. funerals are held for some victims. >> some could argue the most difficult days are ahead. today, the first young victim who died in this tragedy will be laid to rest. a 10-year-old, we want to put her picture up, because aside from all of the noise and all of the debates, at the end of the day, this is what we are talking about. 21 lives lost, 19 of which were 4th graders. 10-year-old miete rodriguez, says she was an honor student who loved animals. so much so she wanted to attend
5:05 am
college to become a marine biologist. her favorite color was green. at robb elementary school, a place visited by the president and first lady on the trip to uvalde, president biden was seen wiping away tears at times and his promise to one citizen outside a church on how to prevent another one of these attacks. meantime, the u.s. department of justice has released a statement saying there is an active investigation now underway, a quote here, the goal of the review is to provide an independent account of law enforcement actions and responses that day and to identify lessons and best practices to help first responders prepare for and
5:06 am
respond to active shooter events because as we know admitted mistakes by police cost precious time. l>> mom told me her child had been shot by one bullet through the back, through the kidney area. first responder they talked to said the child likely bled out. in that span of 30 or 40 minutes extra, that little girl might have lived. >> last week the world also came to know the story of joe and irma garcia. irma was one of the brave teachers killed. her husband, joe, died of a heart attack two days later suddenly. they have four children. a gofundme account was launched for the family. now raising, we are proud to say, more than two and a half million dollars from generous people who just felt so compelled watching at home,
5:07 am
reading these stories, identifying with the victims. let me tell you this. since i have been here and we have talked to people, everyone tells me if it could happen here, it could happen in any community in any school across the country. back to you. >> appreciate that. you heard casey mention as did rachel in her introduction to casey that joe biden mentioned razing the school, demolishing on the site and in his proposal to rebuild a new school in its place, and i think you have made a great point, perhaps using it as a symbol, model to protect our youngest. >> rachel: yeah, absolutely. there's just no way that we can expect these children to come back into that school and yeah, if which could build a school that is a model of how a secure school should be built, that would be a good thing. and i mentioned this earlier, too, changing the location, maybe somebody will give some
5:08 am
new land for the school because i think even just the route to the school, all the memories there, i think will be very difficult for them. by the way, this is a very hispanic area, 80% of the people in the town of uvalde identify as christian, probably predominantly catholic, the bidens did attend mass and expect many, many rosaries, masses, and sadly so many funerals. >> joey: and it's memorial day, we turn battles into memorials, we don't build on them, we leave them where they are and put memorials on them. perhaps that's something that can be done in this situation. listen, those children did not deserve to be murdered but the least we can do is remember them. i hear you know, will we forget about it next week, we are not for getting about this or them, and more to the story. we will learn more what
5:09 am
transpired. >> will: we have had a conversation off air, sometimes appropriate to bring on air the conversation we have had off air. the response to the shooting needs to understand the causes and to contextualize, scientific america, the 13th mass school shooting since the 1960s. and 26 in this year alone, what is a shooting, or a mass school shooting. we are trying to specifically learn what is it that causes almost invariably very young men to go in and randomly take the lives of as many people as possible on the site of a school. that's what we are trying to learn and i think appropriately focussing at a deep cultural level. i think there are things we can do to harden the schools. many focus on the guns. there is something going on, i would say in the last two decades, and in part it is copy
5:10 am
cat. this is what we are seeing right now as we speak, a 5th grader has been arrested in florida for threatening a mass shooting in the wake of uvalde, texas. he sent text messages where he was threatening, a 5th grader and what you are seeing there is his perp walk after being found and arrested. >> rachel: the sheriff of the county issued this statement saying this student's behavior is sickening, especially of a the recent tragedy in texas, making sure our children are safe is paramount. we will have law and order in our schools. the team does not hesitate one second, not one second to investigate this threat. right now is not the time to act like a little delinquent, it's not funny, he make a fake threat and now real consequences and of course he should, and this is precisely how we should act when we even get an inkling that somebody, some young man or
5:11 am
whoever is threatening a school or any other facility in this kind of way, and by the way, this is a loving thing what they did, they interceded in this, and the perp walk, that is a loving act, taking this young man right now before he does something he'll regret for the rest of his life, and helping him and hopefully giving him some of the attention and the mental health that he needs because it is not normal for a 10-year-old boy to do this. >> joey: and people are focussed on preventing people, in this case kids from doing bad things, and prevent them from wanting to do bad things. and that's what this is about. the i don't you think man, he's not a villian yet, and his life can change. if we can work as a society, there's a book called "on killing" by lieutenant colonel
5:12 am
dave grossman, it's conditioning men and women to go to war and kill, but we learn how we lose respect what it's like, we don't intern the family members in the living room, buy bacon and a cartoon pig on it. our experience of life and death is vastly different than how humans had it for so long, there has to be consequence, all of this is a part of the conversation. >> rachel: we need to talk about everything so taboo in the culture. people don't want to talk about fatherlessness. we are, pretty soon coming up on father's day. we have denigrated fathers, and masculinity and social media, everything all together as you call it this wicked soup, will, what we have done is we have created a lot of angry boys. and we need to get to the bottom of that. not all of them act out but dealing with that hurt is
5:13 am
something we owe our children. >> will: overmedicated, overisolated, not connected to community or family or faith. >> joey: or love. >> will: or love, a generation wandering void of meaning and purpose. let's toss it over to ashley who has some headlines for us. >> start with this, two people are dead and 19 others are hurt, after two cars slammed into a group of pedestrians in lincoln, nebraska late last night. the crowd gathered near the americruise event, celebrating memorial day weekend. none of the victims are identified but one is in critical condition at a hospital. the other injured are not believed to have life-threatening injuries. and where are all the conservatives on harvard's cam p us? a survey from the crimson found 4% of graduates claim conservative. 2.4% claimed very conservative. these results come as conservatives on elite campuses
5:14 am
across the nation face public scorn for speaking out because of their political beliefs. all graduating seniors were sent a survey but 40% responded. 40.7% identified as progressive. and it was a big day on the racetrack, starting with nascar. denny hamlin wins the coca-cola 600 in charlotte. caution flags and the drivers got involved in several big accidents throughout the race. and in indycar, marcus erickson is the winner of the 2022 indy 500. giving the racing team its fifth victory at the brickyard. erickson is just the second driver from sweden to win the iconic indycar race. those are your headlines, guys. >> will: and the racing started in monaco for the f1, and then the longest race of the year in
5:15 am
nascar, the coca-cola 600. >> rachel: where we were at. >> joey: and he used to have teams in nascar. had drivers that would race the indy 500, get on a plane, fly to charlotte and race the coca-cola 600, 1100 miles of racing in one day. tony stewart has done it, a few others have. >> rachel: record-breaking stuff right announcement i'm hot on this story. me and griff jenkins. all right. so, maverick, the follow-up to "top gun," everyone who is my age loves, breaks memorial weekend box office records with $151 million and counting as americans feel the need and this is important, they feel the need for patriotism of the past and one magazine calling the movie a desperate call back to a lost america. >> will: top gun incredibly popular and the question and the conversation as to why. yes, nostalgia is part of that.
5:16 am
yes, tom cruise is part of that, but we think here on the couch, to think we are alone, "revolver," a popular online publication said the new top gun is a desperate call back to a lost america. there is something deeper involved here, not necessarily particularly deep film but to the extent an underlying message, it was about excellence. cruise's maverick, the type american boys yearned to be for generations. today's america wants excellence and masculinity far, far away from the armed forces. >> rachel: it's a great article, you should read the entire thing. >> joey: so a heavy metal magazine? >> will: that's not true. >> rachel: "revolver" is a news site many of us go to. >> joey: not only do we need revival in movies, we need it in
5:17 am
music, too. we need music that's just, i can't even say the expression i'm thinking, to the wall like ready to roll, like you know, like oh, oh, the testosterone, up the adrenalin, it talks about not as deep, i don't want it to be as deep. i want it to be fun and loud and allow me to celebrate what it means to like just, you know, beat your chest and play volleyball or football and enjoy the day, the protector, the provider, willing to sacrifice. put your neck on the line for everyone else. >> rachel: i'm going to go see the movie today with my family, and in light of the sad news, the 1980s were a simpler time. none of us worried. >> will: simple for me, i was learning how to walk. >> rachel: thanks, joey. i was in grade school and junior
5:18 am
high and high school. i never thought about any of the things that i think kids today think about. the other thing i love about this movie and they did not wokeify it, it's unabash edly patriotic. and in the 1980s when the enemy was the soviet union, did not have to worry if the president was compromised with the chinese. it was a simpler time. and this embrace of masculinity, we have called it toxic, we had the forensic psychologist on talking about some of the things that are happening in our culture, and she said that the denigration of masculinity, toxic soup, and will, so excited they took the famous, bare chested, oiled-up, volleyball scene. if you love men like i do, you are so happy they did not cut it out. they made it better in a football theme where everybody
5:19 am
took their shirts off and oiled up, and i said to will yesterday about all the protein bars and fasting that went into, emergency workouts, i loved it. bring it all on, i love it. >> will: i'm going to see it today as well. >> rachel: will you get excited about the football scene as well? >> will: no. i'm going by myself, joey, let's go see the movie today. [laughter] >> joey: i'm all down for the football scene. imperfect messagers, we can't let people's personal opinions stop us from enjoying what americans can create. >> rachel: tom cruise is the classic movie star. he has done what all the old good movie stars did, you know, john wayne of our day. >> joey: coming up, michael waltz, former green beret and a
5:20 am
congressman. >> rachel: and successfully serving up the most juicy burgers. ♪♪♪
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5:24 am
>> joey: disturb being aing >> disturbing arrest in florida, a 10-year-old boy arrested after threatening his elementary school. colonel, welcome to the show, michael waltz. i know you are down there in florida. let me read this real quick from the county sheriff, the lee county sheriff. this student's behavior is sickening, especially after the recent tragedy in uvalde, texas, making sure our children are safe is paramount.
5:25 am
my team did not hesitate one second to investigate the threat. now is not the time to act like a little delinquent, this child made a fake threat and now he is experiencing real consequences. just real quick, let me get your reaction. >> joey, look, i -- my hat's off to sheriff marcino and his deputies. this is a time for parents, for school administrators, for teachers, for coaches to talk to their young people, to talk to their kids and say this is not a joke. we are not to play around, not even texting, posting, kidding in the hallway. you will as the sheriff said, you will face very real consequences. you will go to jail, and i think across the country this is a time for adults to step in, this is a time for parenting and these kind of copy cat-type incidences have got to stop
5:26 am
right now. also, to our sheriffs across florida. we had sheriff grady judd in polk county send a message to the adults, and say listen, you come at the schools and you are going to get a bullet in the forehead. our guardians, our sheriffs, law enforcement officer will not hesitate to protect our kids. and i think that's the type of 0 tolerance, 0 defect mentality we have to take to put a stop. >> joey: maybe they will turn that young person's life arounds and representative waltz, it is memorial day, you spent time in the military, you are a colonel. i know you have a memorial day message. how about you share that with us. >> joey, as you well know, this is a tough day for all of us. i wear the bracelet for one of my green berets, matt pacino who
5:27 am
took point on every mission until an ied finally got him, he was on an all terrain vehicle to scout ahead and see trip wires. sadly he missed one or brian woods who had premonitions of his own death but yet was charging a taliban position, he was not hiding in the back, even despite premonitions. he was charging a position to save his men. look, i would ask everyone out there two things. when you see a veteran, take an extra step and thank the families. the families bear the burden of all of this. either we don't come home, we come home missing limbs as you did, or we come home forever changed mentally. either way, those are three bad choices. it's a team effort and the families bear the burden. and joey, the second, every day i put the bracelet on, i go to the capitol, i tell myself to be worthy and that's my message to all americans. be worthy of their sacrifice, be worthy of those men and women out there right now prepared to
5:28 am
die for all of us and for the values of that flag, and there are times this nation falls short but at the end of the day if we tell ourselves to be worthy and all serve each other, our communities, neighbors, country, i think we'll be a far better country for it. >> joey: being an american worth dying for. i love that, and today, colonel michael waltz, and like you, we remember our brothers and sisters. thanks for joining us. all right. >> thanks, joey. >> joey: coming up on this memorial day, we are live on board the intrepid as we remember our fallen heroes. plus, the world is making an incredible milestone in queen elizabeth's reign and royalty. piers morgan joins us live what to expect as we count down to the platinum jubilee. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises.
5:29 am
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>> rachel: headlines, starting with this, house speaker nancy pelosi's husband arrested this weekend and charged with drunk driving. he was booked for an alleged dui. 82-year-old's bail was $5,000. spokesperson for nancy pelosi says the speaker will not be commenting on this private matter. and animal rights group peta is calling on lego to rebrand their
5:33 am
farm animal toys. they say the farm scene depicted by lego is unrealistic, asking "rebrand the set as a sanctuary where animals are free to live out their lives in peace." the reality for farm animals is a far cry from the lego peaceful happy scene which misleads children. lego has reportedly declined to respond. and have you ever dreamed of driving james bond's aston martin? it's hitting the auction block later this year. made the oo7 debut in 1964 "gold finger" and went on to become the spy's signature set of wheels. projected to fetch upwards of $2 million when it goes up for bid in august. unfortunately, spy gadgets are not included. >> rachel: the world is, making queen elizabeth's milestone platinum jubilee, watch as
5:34 am
stonehenge is lit up, displaying eight pictures of her, symbolizing each decade of her reign. and prince william taking center stage, royal guard preparing for the trouping of the color ceremony on thursday. special coverage also begins this thursday in london, hosted by our own ainsley, martha, and our next guest, piers morgan and he joins us now. piers, so good to have you. i'm not going to follow will's advice and ask you about who won the war in 1776, i'm going to start with, i'm going to start with what i want to know about with you today and that is explain to americans why this is a big deal that prince william is taking over these duties. >> piers: first let me wish you all a very happy memorial day, and my brother was actually, i discussed him on "fox and friends" last week, retired as a british army colonel but he was in afghanistan when joey
5:35 am
suffered his injuries in 2010, so he served alongside a lot of americans in afghanistan, so wish everybody, including joey, thank you for your service and every american who served and everyone in britain as well who served alongside the americans. it's a special day, we certainly acknowledge over here in england as well. after the platinum jubilee, there is big breaking news, actually, which just happened seconds before i came on air, quite a big deal. archbishop of canterbury, the senior churchman in the church england was due to preside over the big st. paul's cathedral service on friday with all the royal family to be there, and it's a service of thanksgiving for the queen to denote her 70 years on the throne. he just revealed he's tested positive for covid and mild pneumonia and as a result he has to pull out. so the top churchman in the
5:36 am
country will now not be presiding over this historic service in front of the world's cameras and the archbishop of york will step in and replace him. that's a big deal over here because justin wellby, the archbishop of canterbury has been in that position a number of years and presided huge events, but this probably the most important and prestigious event of his entire tenure. so a huge deal. so, that just happened. in terms of the general mood about it all, i think you saw the pictures of william rehearsing for trouping of the color. trouping of the color is an annual event, takes place around the queens birthday and a chance for the british army to show off literally its colors, all british army regiments have their own color, and celebration of pomp and pageantry. i'm sure this year the biggest and best we have ever seen and focussed around buckingham
5:37 am
palace, an amazing event to kick off the platinum jubilee celebrations on thursday morning. but i have to say a rising excitement here in britain about this occasion. there was a wonderful documentary last night airing on bbc, 90 minutes and raw footage which we have never seen from the queen's own archives from when she was a kid to right now, celebrating, she narrated and apparently only a few weeks ago, narrated the home movie footage and remarkable to show people a, how long she's been on the throne, 70 years, longer than i've been alive, and secondly, she's not just the greatest monarch the country has ever had, but she's also the oldest, she's 96 now, never had a monarch this age before and yokes in the movie, you know, we didn't even have the word platinum in relation to jubilee when i was young, none of us
5:38 am
ever lived that long. >> rachel: it's amazing and can't let you go without a little bit of juicy gossip, you know that's why i love you. brothers are now supposedly talking now, some warming of that relationship. but also the queen is going to meet lilibet, harry and megan's second child for the first time ever, big news, at broadmore cottage, by the way. >> piers: it is big news in a way, biggest news ought to be the queen, i just hope, rachel, megan and harry don't try to take the attention away from her majesty, extremely irritating over here. the queen is by far the most popular royal and meghan markle and prince harry are the least popular. i hope they bear that in mind, but they are coming over with their two children, including lilibet. never really got to the bottom of them using the nickname that
5:39 am
prince philip gave her lilibet when they chose the name for their child. queen was due to be at the big horse racing event, the biggest flat racing event we have each year. because of her ongoing health and primarily mobility issues, having a lot of trouble basically getting around and walking. has reduced the amount of exposure during the four-day holiday. the priorities for her on the buckingham palace balcony for the trouping of the color and other events. on saturday she's clear and will apparently be meeting meghan, harry and the two grandchildren, including lilibet for the first time. so, that is certainly an interesting bit of gossip but hope it does not detract from the bigger event, our country and the world paying homage to the greatest monarch in british history.
5:40 am
>> rachel: you, ainsley, and martha will be hosting the coverage thursday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. eastern, and piers, please don't leave out the juicy details. we'll all be tuning in for the queen. >> piers: i promise you, plenty of gossip. i'll be on air for eight hours for "fox and friends" thursday and friday, it is beyond myself control not to give you gossip in that time, you made a clever booking. one more thing, rachel, "top gun," i went to see it on friday. it is the best movie i have seen since the first one. so, all your excitement about seeing it later is justified. it's fantastic. throw it back to what movies used to be, great fun, great action, and you come out feeling good. you remember those days? >> rachel: i remember, and hot movie stars. thank you, piers, you're the best. and watch piers morgan on fox nation weekdays at 4:30 eastern. always fun having him on.
5:41 am
coming up on this memorial day, live on board the intrepid as men and women are coming together, and less about what you say and more about what you do. the actions you can take to honor those who never came home. stay with us. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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5:46 am
share words on this day. tell us about your focus on actions over words. >> yeah, so, as a national non-profit that supports families of the fallen for the naval special warfare community among other programs we do, every year on memorial day we try to put together some content to remind people what this holiday is all about, and as we thought about what to say this year we really realized that there are no words, that there are no words to properly honor the sacrifice of the fallen. there are no words to properly convey our sympathy and sorrow to their families, and that's, this day really does need to be about action, it needs to be about what we do and not what we say. >> will: and in your estimation, chris, and your advice, what type of action is it that americans out there watching right now can take on memorial day? >> well, you know, i don't think there's any necessarily one
5:47 am
right answer for that. for me personally, i have teammates that i've lost over the last 20 years so i try to keep their memory alive by speaking with my family, like at dinner and tell them about these people so that hopefully their memory can live on. personally i will also go to my local gym and do a very hard workout with friends and in that moment like realize that no matter how uncomfortable i may be or effort i'm putting forth, it's nothing in comparison to what these people gave for our freedom and for the opportunities we have in this country. but i think it goes beyond that to just how we act on all the other days of the year, right. so it's not just about memorial day, it's about waking up tomorrow when it's not memorial day and the day after that and day after that. and searching inside ourselves
5:48 am
to act honorably, acting honorably ourselves and the principles which the country was founded. >> will: give back where we can give back and for you today i'm going to assume, run a mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and another 100 pull-ups, and i'm not going to wear the 20 pound vest, chris, i'll leave that to you, true warriors to wear the 20 pound vest but appreciate the reminder it is about actions over words and reminding us some of those ways we can act in remembrance and honor of those who have paid the ultimate price. thank you, chris. >> thank you. >> will: all right. coming up on this memorial day, we are live on board the intrepid where men and women of the u.s. armed forces are coming
5:49 am
together and firing up the grill to make the best burger for your summer cookout. a chef shares his secret coming up. ♪♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement.
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5:53 am
while waiting for the jury to deliberate in his defamation trial against his ex-wife amber heard, he made a guest appearance next to jeff beck in the u.k. shredding his guitar. ♪♪♪ and the duo rocked out to a remake of john lennon's 1970 hit "isolation." rumors are also speculating depp may join beck at london's royal albert hall tonight and tomorrow night. and in the usfl, undefeated birmingham stallions punched their ticket into the postseason. first place stallions earned their seventh win, 26-16 on sunday. meanwhile, the new jersey generals clinched their spot in playoffs, holding off the tampa bay bandits.
5:54 am
the first to secure a spot in the postseason. and now adam from the intrepid sea, air and space museum. >> i am here live on the intrepid, aircraft carrier built during world war ii now in the hudson as a museum, not just to the ship itself but also the aircraft that have fought in the wars over the years. it gets you in the sense of what we have sacrificed and all the effort to enjoy the freedoms we have in the country and grateful for them and allows us to enjoy a beautiful memorial day. temperatures rising in new york city. dive into the national forecast and talk about the temperatures, middle 70s in kansas city, warm one today. same in chicago. you do see a big cold front acos the country where the temperatures are closer to the 50s if you live in the western half where the warm and cold air meet, thunderstorms are firing up from the dakotas and actually some severe thunderstorms in
5:55 am
minnesota. i'll leave you here with the forecast. a lot of sunshine today in the eastern half the country. great for the barbecue, which i think you are going to be doing pretty soon. >> rachel: yes, we are. beautiful weather out here and despite the high prices and the supply chain shortages, americans definitely are grilling and so are we. >> joey: joining us, c.e.o. of stu leonard, stu leonard, jr., along with chef chris pap. let's make the perfect burger. >> you start out, this, your little cupcake. >> rachel: big burger but a sweet one. joey has a sweet tooth. >> we are going to show you how to cook a great burger. great meat. wine growers say you can't make great wine from bad grapes, same with meat. salt and pepper each side and
5:56 am
grill the good burger, we add a little bit, we have the burger seasoning, a little zip, some paprika in there. and that goes right on the grill and dimple it, too, bobby flay, martha stewart, everybody says to do that, so it does not blow up like a football. >> rachel: showing us the difference of a regular burger. >> you said you love filet mignon. >> no, i like rib eye, he likes filet. >> 80/20, you could go 90/10, not as good. that's your normal 80/20, ok. so we can all take a bite of that. >> rachel: it's delicious. >> it's delicious, right? now, here is what we did. we notched it up, took some rib
5:57 am
eye, now taste this one. added to the 80/20. >> joey: i'm not going to lie, now that i've seen that big steak out there. >> you are from georgia. what's that? juicyness? right? is that a wow, ok. so that's a rib eye burger. now, we are going down to the westchester food and wine festival. tell them when you did with the burger here. >> 80/20, chuck blend, we have our secret aoli, a seasoned mayo, apricot vinegar, and new york sharp cheddar. >> try this now. that's your burger, onions, put this -- aioli is a fancy word for flavored mayonnaise.
5:58 am
>> rachel: is that good. >> this is why everybody is going to eat. and why did we put cheese on it? nine out of ten people like cheese. >> rachel: i don't eat a burger without cheese. >> joey: and heard the stats on it, 90%. >> rachel: amazing. no reason for you not to grill out right now. and don't forget, great beer and wine around the grill, we have a bon jovi's son jesse started this hampton water, it's big in the hamptons right now, and the next is summer in a bottle, by wilfred estates on long island. >> rachel: you love kids and you are reminding everyone about water safety, especially on memorial day, i'll be at the pool with my kids. share a picture with you. when sean was in congress he was a, he got to fly with the f-16,
5:59 am
i guess they don't have the picture. >> joey: flew with the air force. >> rachel: in honor of "top gun." i'll put it on twitter. >> joey: i did that, too. i got in 9.2 gs i don't know what sean did. >> rachel: come here, joey. >> will: local seasonal vegetables. >> joey: asparagus from jersey, blueberries from jersey, heirloom tomatoes from pennsylvania, a lot of local stuff. and you talked about saving money, buy local. fuel costs are less, it costs less to get food delivered to stu leonard. >> will: how long on each side? >> 3 to 5 minutes on each side. rib eye burger, you do taste the difference.
6:00 am
>> rachel: that sounds very expensive. >> about $5 a burger, meat cost. >> rachel: can't do that with -- can't do that with a big family. >> you give the kids the 80/20. >> will: wonderful, thank you for the tips, stu. we remember those who serve and lost their lives. >> thank you for the reminder. >> julie: is someday of remembrance in america as we honor the men and women who laid down their lives for our freedom. families will be gathering for parades and cook-outs while pausing to reflect on the sacrifice that made it all possible. we have a live look now at arlington national cemetery where hundreds of thousands will pay their respects this weekend. president biden will be there at noon eastern to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. welcev


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