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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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gun homicide every year. unbelievable. arthel, ted? >> arthel: thanks. has to stop. thank you for joining us on this memorial day. i'm arthel neville. i'm bryan llenas. think of all of those that died for us for our freedoms that we're enjoying today. a "your world" special starts right now. >> the grills are sizzling, the roads and airports are bustling and inflation is burning a hole in you're wallet. hello. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is a special memorial day edition of "your world." and it's an expensive world. price spikeses are over 4%. now we're past 8%. now voters are getting fed up. we'll get to the fight for congress many just a moment.
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but first to connell mcshane to where you're paying more at the store. >> bryan: we haven't seen these types of price increases in 40 plus years. anybody that has put together the family barbecue this weekend knows about that. going out to eat at a restaurant, that used to hit americans the hardest. we have seen a 7% increase in an index of what they called food away from home. but it's heading to the grocery store. food at home prices are up by 11%. it's the largest one-year jump since 1980. the ground beef for the burgers, up 16.5%. from 4.10 to $4.92 a pound. chicken, huge increase. the cost of boneless check breast up more than $1 a pound. 36%. we found these concerns almost
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always are top of mind. >> prices are gone up. there's so much going on. it's a hot mess right now. >> all the prices going up. eggs are going up 22 cents. milk is going up. puts a bill on everybody that has a family. >> higher food prices are not uniquely american, we should point out. the u.n. says the war in ukraine is one of the factors leading to a 30% jump in global food prices one year to the other. whether it's here or there, we're all in the same boat right now. paying more for just about everything. that is certainly including putting food on the table. charles? >> thanks. even if you're not grilling today, you're getting grilled when stocking up your fridge. how are shoppers dealing with the spikes? let's get the read from the grocery go-to guy. sue leonard.
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you always have a big bright smile on your face. we appreciate you during holiday times. it's rough out there, my man. >> yeah, it is rough. i wound say people have to panic here or anything. prices are going up in certain areas like something that drives some of those percentages up are certain things like lobsters, for instance. king crab is really high. really high. you know, almost to the point where sometimes we don't want to sell it because of that. but the beef prices right there, you can pick and choose throughout the isle right there. chopped chuck, you know, your normal ground beef is reasonably priced right now. $4 a pound. what is interesting, charles, right now that this whole memorial day weekend was that the chicken prices for the first time --'s been in this business
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since i was a kid. the chicken prices are higher than the ground beef prices. used to be cheaper to put chicken on the grill. and the burgers were more expensive. that has changed right now. we saw this this memorial day weekend. >> that is interesting. traditionally you go from the beef and the different quality cuts of beef and then poultry, chicken and you go to pork. you high on the hog and work your way down. then you day dream about what kind of protein you can have. so what is causing that, by the way? why is chicken more than beef right now? >> well, one thing that you're seeing is there's this flu right now among the chicken flocks. supply and demand. you're a financial expert, right? there's nothing more that affects food prices than the supply. what you'll see is when the supply gets scarce, which it is
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on chicken right now, the price goes up. those are things that we can't control. really doesn't have anything to do with inflation. what does have something to do is that our chicken farmers have to pay more to put diesel fuel in their tractors. >> not only diesel fuel -- let me jump in. you have diesel fuel. you also have because natural gas spiked so much, fertilizer costs went through the roof. they're coming down a little bit. it's all connected. when you go to the gas station, it's not just the fuel in your car but natural gas going up means more money on the table too, right? >> the war in ukraine has an impact. i didn't realize how much product came out of ukraine. it's driving feed prices up.
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a lot of farmers, we have fishermen in maine going out in their boats every day. one of the things that they're just saying right now is it's tough for them. fuel. just the raw material costs for them to survive right now is tough. so what i've done, i said to them, look, of course they want to go up 5 cents, 15, 20 cents on items. i said look, i'll split it with you right now. we're doing half of what it is costing us. it will hurt our family's margins but we don't have to report like wall street or nothing. >> you're lucky. anything associated with groceries, walmart, target, kroger have been slaughtered in this market. this is probably where you can use your good will to even build
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your better big base. everybody in our areas loves you. stew, we have to leave it there. >> i have 20 pallets of baby formula waiting to be put on a 747 in germany. there's a glitch in washington right now about me being able to get that over. it's keeping me up at night. >> i hope -- >> what do i do? >> i'm hoping i can head you before the mid-terms. that's for sure. thank you. >> thanks. >> the numbers at the store are not that good. the numbers for president biden and democrats, they're not hot either. inflation topping a list of concerns for voters. does this add up to a big red wave in november? let's ask lauren mctomlinson and jenna arnold. jenna, i'll start with you. there's this things called the consumer stress index.
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it includes the spike in food at home, the spike in mortgage rates and gasoline. a lot of people think we'll have a repeat of the election outcome because of it. your thoughts? >> yeah, i'm going to echo what stew said here. the local small family-owned businesses are the ones that are getting hid. charles, i have to flag for you, you mentioned earlier that kroger is also getting slammed. kroger just reported their highest earnings, higher than they expected. so as we think about how voters are approaching the mid-terms, we have to remember that we have a constituency that is increasingly more intelligent and questioning our very outdated tax code that is only benefitting the wealthy. i hope stew is listening. anymore to help him get those pallets of formula. find a way to get to me. >> they have an intelligent
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audience and they now more about revenue and earnings. people are paying a lot of money but earnings are down, which is why target is down, walmart is down and why the stocks are getting slammed. if they would be making so much money, they would be at all-time halftimes. the problem if we're going to keep blaming corporate american, capitalism, keep blaming american companies that hire other americans -- do you think that that will work? do you think the american public will say, okay. you know what? this has nothing to do with the people in charge and everything to do with wall street greed. for some reason, they weren't greedy until biden came into office. >> another thing to point the there, the party in power has always taken the largest hit for any sort of inflation that is involved. you saw it with nixon when it crept up in the 70s.
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that was compounded five other times that democrats were handed huge losses in the presidency and the mid-terms throughout the 20th century when inflation started creeping up. second, i was would point to the fact that edelman just released their public trust in davos. what it said is the trust, the american trust in american public's trust has creeped up and has returned to businesses as good stewards, not only for corporate social responsibility measures but also for people's economic well-being. it has shifted away from government, other stakeholders, et cetera. that is important to notice as well that people do trust businesses to do well and you see that throughout the polling. also people always blame inflation regardless of if it's right or wrong to the party in power. that bodes very ill for democrats come november. >> a lot of things drive the economy. sometimes things fall in to the lap of a person whoever it might
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be in the white house. sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not. with that in mind, when you go -- are you going to put the corporations on the ballot for november or the russians on the ballot? how are the democrats going to win this thing? >> i don't think there's anybody -- sorry. go ahead, lauren. >> i'm sorry, lauren. >> i was going to say, i don't think there's anyway that democrats is spin their way out of this. tomorrow factors that contribute to inflation. people look at the gas prices and grocery prices and hits everybody. so they automatically -- doesn't matter what they say. there's no message that can win against the rising prices. >> jenna, i noticed president biden taking more of an ownership on high gas prices. saying it's a necessary pain as we make the change to climate
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change. many people know that's the goal. that's what he ran on. maybe that's the right thing to do. this is the way we wanted it to be but it will take you to a better place. >> we're 10, 20, 30 years to late for this. biden will pay homage to the fact that he released crude that decreased gasoline prices while there's the war in ukraine even though none of us are thrilled with what it takes to fill up our car. employment has rebounded. there's a lot of opportunity for biden to check some boxes, but i do think to answer your previous question that you asked lauren, apologies for stepping on your answer, is everybody is going to be put on -- everybody is going to be put on the ticket this year. any politician that is protect ago corporation a corporate interest, making excuses, you
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have a smart constituency that will start asking questions. who cares about the political party. >> we'll see. happy memorial day. all right. here's good news. millions of you hitting the roads this holiday weekend. the bad news, you will had to hit the gas station. >> gas is absurd. this is terrible. >> it's taken a lot of money out of people's pockets. >> we're struggling out here. this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices to start your summer up... so you can mix things up. this is the sound of nature breathing. and this is the sound of better breathing. fasenra is a different kind of asthma medication. it's not a steroid or inhaler. fasenra is an add-on treatment for asthma driven by eosinophils. it's one maintenance dose every 8 weeks.
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>> charles: even though it's costing you a lot more to take a summer vacation, a lot more americans are still planning trips. so get ready for some traffic jams and crowded airports. we have you covered. jeff flock has the latest from the roads and phil keating on the friendly skies. jeff? >> we were rolling down the garden state parkway headed to the jersey shore beaches. you can see looking out, clear sailing. that may not be the case over much of the nation this memorial day holiday. 39 million people plus planning to travel according to the aaa. that's an 8.3% increase from last year. the vast majority travel by cars. we're 35 million or so. despite high gas prices, a lot of people out on the roads.
1:18 pm
gas prices obviously having hit their highest level in history. but folks, still driving according to the aaa. listen to the aaa's robert st. claire. >> folks want to get out and do something. that's why despite record high gasoline prices, 4.60 per gallon nationwide, we've never seen that before. that is why folks are getting out and doing things. >> that said, there's some indication that perhaps motorists are reaching the point of paying. take a look at these numbers. 8.8 billion barrel a days. that's down 2.7% to the lowest level it's been this time of the year since 2013. that's excepting the pandemic year, of course. but perhaps some early indication that people are maybe
1:19 pm
starting to drive a little less. shorter trips perhaps, carpooling. whatever it takes. we continue to make pretty good progress out here on the garden state parkway. all clear sailing. i hope i'm gooding good mileage. in new jersey, i'm jeff flock. >> from traffic on the road to the crowds at airports, the big surge in summer flying taking place to phil keating at miami international airport with the latest. >> as the summer travel season kicks off, busy airports are seeing more and more travelers who are paying more and more dollars for more expensive air fares. the number of passengers walking through here every day is now up nearly 20%. aaa predicted this travel holiday kickoff would return to
1:20 pm
near pandemic levels with about 40 million people choosing to travel over the three-day weekend. traveling more than 50 miles from home. that would be up almost 92% of the level of travel back in 2019. as you recall, that was before the pandemic took hold shutting things down. demand to fly is so high right now, beware. air fares are expensive. part of that is due to covid and crew shortages. a lot of it is due to more expensive jet fuel, so it's not just what you pay at the pump. it's what the airlines pay to fly you around. >> the biggest things i can tell you, if you're taking a domestic flight, come to the airport with three hours in advance. if you're taking an international flight, come three hours in advance. do your homework. go on the airport website, check with your destination before you get to the airport. do your homework before you
1:21 pm
travel. our travel right now has been up. >> when you get to where you're going, expect steep prices thanks to inflation. take florida's disney world, for example. day passes are $109. not including taxes. different extras and enhancements, that could put you close to $200 a head. that doesn't even include your hotel costs and all the meals as well. so as we look ahead this summer, here's great advice. plan ahead. call your air lines, make sure everything is on time. in the words of one aaa executive, he didn't expect this summer with everybody breaking out of their cabin fever from the pandemic to be hot in travel and hot in busyness. but on fire. charles? >> charles: thanks, phil. no green on the screen.
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that means that your priorities are ours too. our interactive tools and advice can help you build a future for the ones you love. that's the value of ownership. >> i'm mike emanuel from fox news in washington. "your world" continues in just a moment. first, this news break. president biden laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president said this is a day when pain and pride are mixed together. we're free today because the fallen are brave. the president says the second amendment was never absolute. he's pushing for new gun control laws in the wake of last week's massacre at a texas school. congress is exploring red flag laws to keep guns away from people with mental health problems. funerals are beginning in evalde this week. 19 children and two teachers
1:27 pm
died in the shooting. the gunman was killed by law enforcement. the justice department says they will review the law enforcement response to the attack. i'll be back at 6:00 for a live special report. now back to "your world." >> what do you tell investors that were enjoying that run up, when the bank stocks were soaring and now want to sock it away because it's fast and furious? >> people need to get in their bones that stocks are volatile. this is a period where it's hard for people to understand what's going on because we're having something going on that we don't normally have, which is normally in either a correction or the early time phases of a bear market, there's one or two big scary stories.
1:28 pm
this time i can count seven scary stories happening all at once trying to get your head around all of these and deciding is it a whole lot of bees stinging us that we have to run away from or is this something that is more potentially fatal? it's hard for people to get their hands around it. it's what i call the pessimism of disbelief. what it is you say, they have yes for it. >> charles: that was ken fisher with neil cavuto trueing to calm everyday investors that are seeing stocks way down from their all-time highs. so what can we do to figure things out the rest of the year. let's ask our market gurus. lisa, let's start with you. it was interesting to hear ken fisher talk about seven scary things at one time. it does look like this is a unique period. we're off the first 100 days of the fourth worst in history, in history. so that puts us sort of in context. where do we go from here?
1:29 pm
>> i think the rest of the year is tricky, charles. people are so used to the market being bullish, they're so used to the market running up. there's a high probability that the market may not have new highs for the rest of 2022. if it does, it will be very late in the year. the last time we didn't make a new high on any calendar year, i can't even tell you. remember from 2016 to 2020 before covid hit, the market was bullish under trump. there's this seeing, when the economy is great, everyone benefits. low income, medium income, high income earners. right now we're having a problem with the economy. i don't know what the seven things are off of the top of my head, high oil prices, the war with russian, inflation. nobody knows or predicts where we're going to go from here. i think the volatility will continue. people need to be prepared for that. >> the other three times that it was worse than this, the last
1:30 pm
was 1970. the good news is the rest of the year was up 32%. of course, different circumstances then as to now. how do you handicap maybe the rest of the year? >> okay. so i'm having a great memorial day barbecue. i'm with friends in los cruces. i put me suit on just for you. have a vegan hamburger for you. i i've been getting cornered. people are like what we we do? we have two things for a summer rally. i think the summer rally will be like a halloween rally. that is not the big point. the point is number 1, first you have to have all news is bad news. that's like target going down a quarter. that's like the retail stocks like macys and dick's sporting goods getting crushed. you have to go from that to any news is good news. look what happened thursday when
1:31 pm
amazon had their big annual meeting and the stock was up 5%. that's a little example of not great news, but the stocks rally. then we have to have the second thing, this is the hard part. we have to have the federal reserve -- people are sick of hearing about the fed. we have to have them suggest that maybe there needs to be a pause. maybe they have done enough. last tuesday they said maybe we'll pause in september. so we have a wonderful summer rally that will happen but just because i think a summer rally happens, don't think it won't happen till halloween. it's like dividends and value. that's what's doing well. >> charles: the speculation of the fed has driven this market. the fed chief maybe we pause in
1:32 pm
september. on one and they don't do too little and inflation keeps going on but they don't do too much and crack this economy wide open. >> the problem is, charles, that the fed has been wrong the last two years. they have a difficult job to begin with. when you're in an environment when things are costing more, raising interest rates is a terrible idea for consumers. because we're trying to prevent a recession. people are going to spend less if they can't afford to buy more because rates are going up. like houses and cars. credit card bills. so i don't think raising rates is a good idea. their insistence on doing it is a bad idea. i don't think it's going to create a recession. the problem with inflation is we still have supply chain issues and the biggest problem we have right now is the administration has policies in place and those policies have cost -- have prevented oil prices from coming down. they're going up.
1:33 pm
so everything you buy, eggs, chicken, everything you buy, if you order a washing machine, how does it get to you? how does it get to the store? diesel, by a truck. it's because of the cost of oil is up. we have inflation because of high oil prices. if the fed raises rateds, that won't pull those prices down. you understand? so i hate to say it, until a new administration, we may be in for 2 1/2 more years of high prices no matter what the fed does. >> charles: we're going -- they're not coming straight down. a lot of folks are looking for the next cpi report to see if they peaked. if there's a sense that they peaked, that will given the market relief? >> this whole market is about inflation. when i talk to people, people that are more technical and savvy, it's all about peak inflation. you have some smart people that say it peaked in march.
1:34 pm
i don't know about that. you have the imf say things are peaking now. people at j.p. morgan say we're going to peak this summer. the smartest people on the street do not see inflation peaking next year. they think it's happening right now. why everybody is so bonkers and has this fever by what's happening this year? it's darkest before the light. i think we're peaking three months ago and that's what the market needs to feel. >> charles: we have to leave it there. thanks for the vegan busher. see you later. why more of us are taking work with us. and how much do our four-legged friends mean to us? wait till you see what folks are willing to give up for fido. ♪♪
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>> charles: taking off without taking time off. with summer travel season heating up a new survey finding one in four travelers will work remotely and avoid using vacation days. why are they doing this? let's go to mike gunzelman and abby hornacek. abby, is this part of your summer travel plans? >> i feel attacked. i haven't taken a vacation for a very long time. this is so interesting. 34% of millennials say that they're going to work on vacation. you know what i say to that? it's because they want to have it all. they want to take more vacation, so they're like okay, if i'm going to remote okay, why do it from a 500 square foot apartment or when i can do it from disneyland, the bahamas, hawaii. this survey found that americans are taking less vacations on average this year as opposed to
1:40 pm
the two or three, but they're spending more money. $2,700. millennials should be looked at differently. they're a small subset and because they want to go on vacation and also work and not waste their vacation days. >> charles: mike, this is a time to do it. to work from home, nobody has to know that you're not at home. >> i'm in a hotel right now. but still working, see? i'm doing what this story is about. i'm on vacation and still working with you guys. no, if we learned anything from the pandemic, it's a, you're trying to hire millennials or gen zers, you have to have remote working opportunities. and as she said, it doesn't matter where you are. i do believe that it's important for mental health and more to have to separate work from personal life. but save the vacation days.
1:41 pm
you know, you can work and might as well get paid even on vacation. >> europeans will hate us more. we already work too much according to them. now we work on vacation. here's the question, what would you give up for your pet? 1/3 of dog and cat owners would choose their pet over their horse. others would choose their four-legged friend over their significant other. what do you say, abby? >> i love my pet more than anything. so it should all be moved in to 1. they're part of the family. but i saw something that seven in ten gen-zers prefer a pet over a kid. i read that in this survey that 31% of people said they thought
1:42 pm
their pet being being gone kept them up overnight. you have a pet and their life span is 10 to 15 years if it's a dog. at the end of the day, people see their pet pass away multiple times in their own life span. so you have more compassion. you don't know what the pet is thinking. people have a special place in their hearts for these little guys. >> charles: i agree. we had three yorkies. one dade during the pandemic and my wife can't bring herself to getting more. we want more dogs. i love them. i would run into a burning building and get my dog for sure. but it's the way it is, isn't it? >> yeah. sorry about that. but i mean, let's be honest. the pet is something -- human beings can be exhausting at times. they can be the worst.
1:43 pm
so it's like hey, they're your loyal companions for sure. listen, i also read that, you know, people spending up to $200 a month on their pets, whether it's grooming, protecting them, taking care of them. humans and people definitely love their animals. whatever brings joy to people. they are loyal companions. >> charles: i'm older. i grew up with the alpo days and people let them outside. so thanks, guns and abby. the trump bump hitting a road in georgia. the former president still racking up a lot of primary endorsement wins. could it help lead to more wins in november? we report, you decide. (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. fanduel and draftkings, too conservative two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents
1:47 pm
is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. >> charles: former president trump making his presence felt already this election season scoring primary endorsement wins. how much this carry through in november? let get the read from susan crabtree from real clear politics. it's been -- some of these states have been sweeps, ohio,
1:48 pm
pennsylvania is close. but take a candidate like dr. oz that probably would have been an also ran. no doubt the presence has been felt in these primaries, but how significant do you think it will be in november? >> well, it's no doubt that trump endorsement will carry sway right now. there's a lot of talk about how his king maker status is lost in georgia because he maid it his own hill to die on. but i think it was a bad candidate that he choose. purdue came off of a -- was weak off of a loss from jon ossoff in that tightly hotly contested senate run-off race. so he really couldn't find a better candidate even though he vowed revenge against brian kemp for not contesting the results in georgia. so i think it's a bad
1:49 pm
endorsement that was a mistake on trump's part but no doubt that mehmet oz who is still in the lead in pennsylvania have their looking like wins. j.d. vance was propelled by the trump endorsement. that will help any kind of rallying cry from trump is going to help that his base is very loyal to him in november. >> charles: it's interesting. there's a lot of folks that would love to dance on president trump's grave no matter whether it's premature or not. you're right. david perdue was a long shot. i didn't see in major victories for anybody that ran as an anti trump, anti-maga candidate. >> yeah, you have the bush dynasty go down with ken paxton and george p. bush.
1:50 pm
paxton trounced george p. that was significant for me. and you know, there's mo brooks. he's still in the run-off, but katie, who is up nor the senate in alabama, she was ahead of mo brooks with trump's endorsement. so i think it was more of a mixed bag. but you want the trump endorsement and heading into november. i don't think it's going to hurt you a bit. >> charles: so the last election many say was just all about trump. it was more about maybe people having too much of the drama, whatever you want to call it. voting for biden by default. will democrats try to make that the same thing for the mid-terms? will they try to make it about trump? they have very little else to run on. >> well, certainly they're going to. we know that house democrats are
1:51 pm
going to be rolling out their investigation from january 6 and trying to make that a big deal. seems like we had a democratic memo come out from top democrat consultants saying the only issue that will gain traction, not even trump, it was the abortion issue with the supreme court's expected decision overturning row v. wade. we've seen that from direct mailings for candidates. it's all about abortion for them. you certainly don't want to talk about the economy heading into memorial day with gas prices spiking and inflation through the roof so the head winds are very bad for democrats right now. yes, they're going to talk about trump and they're going to talk about the abortion decision. jury is still out on whether that will sway voters. >> charles: susan, thanks very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: you've seen the heart breaking images as russian
1:52 pm
attacks on ukraine continue. this memorial day, we're honoring heros here and there who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. buying a car from vroom is so easy, all you need is a phone and a finger. just go to, scroll through thousands of cars. then, tap to buy. that's it. no sales speak, no wasted time. go to and pick your favorite.
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1:56 pm
those who have served and sacrificed to defend our freedom. retired u.s. army colonel joins me now. thank you so much for joining us, your thoughts as we celebrate this memorial day knowing that this conflict in europe, many people thought we would never see another conflict like this one, but here we are, russia has invaded ukraine and the death toll, the damage to this country continues, and yet, the fight goes on. >> well, it does, that's just heartbreaking to me, because over these last couple of weeks especially in the area you see some of the fiercest fighting of early anywhere since the second world war, and you see these casualty accounts go up. president zelinski talk about 100 casualties killed per day. and i just as especially someone who has been in combat multiple times myself, i just grieve for those men and for their
1:57 pm
families, because you know, they don't care about politics, all they care about is that they are on the front lines and their country is being attacked and they are sacrificing so many things to try to defend their country and so many of them are making the final sacrifice and they will never live to see the new day. >> it is pretty clear, everybody knows that vladimir putin tremendously underestimated the resolve of president zelensky's leadership, and we have shared that for many weeks, a couple of months, but you just reference the toll, the death toll to the nation, is there a feeling even though we are spending billions of dollars in weapons and equipment and health that this might be slipping away? for a moment there was a sense that they had the upper hand, and i did not feel that this past week? >> you are 100% correct and i regret to agree with you, in the
1:58 pm
first days after the russians were driven out of kyiv and the northern areas, you know, those had a light of optimism, but the problem was that the fundamentals were still weighing on the side and now seeing exactly what that was with overwhelming artillery fire power and rockets, aviation firepower has just continued to hammer through. and nobody can resist that after a while. it doesn't matter how brave or courageous you are, patriotic, those bombs don't care about your patriotism and if enough of them fall, i don't see how they are going to continue to stand in that area any longer. >> you know, we often say that freedom is not free, and i think that a lot of americans may be to this point take it for granted although we remember more today now than others. and certainly in real life. >> it really is. in the most graphic way possible. this is not a movie. this is not a video game. this is a life-and-death struggle and there are so many,
1:59 pm
even those that are surviving, i can assure you under that kind of bombardment as long as it has gone on are going to have psychological problems, many for the rest of their lives and that's just an underappreciated combat problem, or result of combat that many people don't recognize just how serious the penalty and the price paid by those who defend their country. >> charles: now we hear nato may have two more members, feels like the world may be trying to galvanize to make sure that however this ends, that this is it. that this stops their aggression, do you think that will be the case? >> well, i certainly hope so. i think that everybody does. it's not even a guarantee that those two will be there. because you have to have unanimity among all of the members and right now turkey is uncertain if they are going to give their consent for several different reasons. one thing i can say with a little bit of optimism is that russia has shown how weak they are, and i assure you that
2:00 pm
cumulative power of nato is very strong and they are not going to be able to -- russia will not be able to attack those countries and succeed at all. >> charles: daniel davis, thank you for your service and thank you for watching, you can catch me on fox business weekdays at 2:00 p.m. on "making money" it's a treacherous time for your money, but i have your back and have you covered. in the meantime, "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i am dana perino along with kennedy, geraldo rivero, 5:00 in new york city, this is the five. ♪ ♪ it is memorial day, the unofficial kickoff to summer and is here. americans are hitting the road for a getaway, soaking up at the beach or firing up the grill, but the true meaning of memorial day is to honor and pay respects to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting f


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