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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 30, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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strong and they are not going to be able to -- russia will not be able to attack those countries and succeed at all. >> charles: daniel davis, thank you for your service and thank you for watching, you can catch me on fox business weekdays at 2:00 p.m. on "making money" it's a treacherous time for your money, but i have your back and have you covered. in the meantime, "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i am dana perino along with kennedy, geraldo rivero, 5:00 in new york city, this is the five. ♪ ♪ it is memorial day, the unofficial kickoff to summer and is here. americans are hitting the road for a getaway, soaking up at the beach or firing up the grill, but the true meaning of memorial day is to honor and pay respects to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country and
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freedom. we salute all of our military heroes. and with that said, we have a jam-packed show ahead, answering your sound out questions, so let's get started i guess i am first. nancy m, i'm going to start with you, are you ready? what will you be grilling for memorial day? >> i laugh about this, because i am assuming that fox brought me here to cohost so i would not be grilling. it's a little problematic. i thought this was an intervention -- >> grubhub. >> by if you want to know in the house it's not just eating, it's more of a hazing ritual than a meal, we go with the basics. memorial day as drumsticks come burgers, dogs, and then you can get rad with a salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad, i make a world-class gruyere mac and cheese. so fact -- we bring a guy who saws off your foot to write at the picnic table. you will love it.
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>> dana: i might have to eat that over the course of a year. >> geraldo: nothing like blood clotting. >> dana: as i figure you have a grill at your house? >> geraldo: it depends on how much i have had to imbibe, i love corn on the cob on the grill. sausage when i am ambitious, dogs and hamburgers of course. grilled vegetables, the lady is like grilled vegetables, so we brought in the menu a little bit, but keep it simple, you know, some onions, stuff like that. >> dana: i like a sweet potato on the grill for like an hour. not longer than an hour, because in the problems cleaning it out. kennedy, what about you? >> kennedy: obviously in new york city you can have a grill and i thought about it, i thought of ways of importing kerosene and trying to sneak it up the elevator.
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>> geraldo: do you have a balcony? >> kennedy: yeah, but i don't want to get kicked out of the building. i was like i smell kerosene, i am calling downstairs. i'm a big believer in the american staple starting with apple pie, and as a celiac it is very easy to make a great gluten-free pie crust. you swap out the flour with brown rice flour and then add obviously ice water, butter, or vegan substitute, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar, and the key to a good piecrust is an egg. >> can i quickly added, the shame is that nobody remembers any of the food, because she pours the heaviest drinks. >> the gooey sweet potato thing, you just wrap it in tinfoil. >> dana: i know. >> just double wrap. >> kennedy: the aliens can
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never get it that way. >> you could also put it on your head afterwards, but i'm old school when it comes to the grilling, first of all, no one is allowed at the grill but me. >> dana: is that your quiet time? >> no, i usually invent if you cuss words while i'm doing it, but it is always steaks. it is steaks and the occasional lobster tail here and they are. depending the earning week, but it will be prawn. and sweet potatoes, and then you know, just the salad whatever, but no one is allowed to go near the grill, not even the plate, i serve it, too many chefs coming know what i'm saying, friendships are ruined, nothing worse own you have another alpha male coming over from a different neighborhood or house. hey, did you put -- we don't do that here. >> dana: jimmy is the uncle gus of long island camino and the steak is done when somebody
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yells, now, that's fire! my only secret for grilling that i will tell everyone from desiree sale in washington, d.c., is day-old seasoning for the marinade. that is the tip and you will thank me for the rest of your life. >> tyrus: you have to do it the night before coming can't do it in the morning. >> dana: the next question from henry k from facebook is what is in your beach bag? kennedy, let's start with you. >> kennedy: tequila and sunscreen. because you have to constantly be hydrating, hence the tequila, and the sunscreen, because i want to look super when i am 80. with like big glasses, and the tanned, and every week will be sleep week, but i need the sunscreen to get me there. >> dana: i am on the sunscreen train. >> geraldo: i am more of a boating person then a person. i have everything you need, but the key is taking off of
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kennedy's suggestion is frozen margaritas in a thermos, and so the icy frozen part stays cold as can be and it really does cut the beach -- the kind of mouth you get from being in the salt water, the frozen margarita. >> jim: if i am going to answer that honestly, i have to review my contract, there some items that i could get in hot water, two things for real, i always bring a portable vote speaker, a bluetooth speaker. >> dana: you are one of those guys? >> kennedy: not only does he do that, he holds it over his head like "say anything." >> jim: never let down the crowd, was shut down the dinner with everybody dancing to my jams. so i will always bring the vote speaker and number two, and an apology note for everybody high look with my shirt off right now, back in the water, you got
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to get them back into the salt! >> dana: what do you bring to the beach? >> tyrus: my bag is full of kid toys, and i always buy, i don't know why you can't save the buckets and pails every time it's like you take them out there, and you go down there with five coming come back with one, and then of course you have to buy a whole new set each time you go out there. so that's i have to keep them occupied. >> dana: i am the only one who takes the beach bag. i said everyone is only allowed to put three things in my bag. have to have sunglasses and a hat, i think iced tea because it can't drink during the day. >> kennedy: as a person who carries it, everybody knows that because nobody wants to carry a beach bag so they are like a great has bag. >> dana: bug spray and the sand. >> geraldo: drinking during the day is the way that you get rid of them.
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>> dana: not for me, no, no. it is a no. that's really my fault and why it is heavy. instagram question from lily and then lots of numbers. the best thing to put on a hot dog? what do you like? >> jim: i'm old school, i eat the boar's head hotdog come in the natural one in the casing and it has like a snap to it in terms of texture. my best thing is a good hot dog is nothing. i just in the words of the beatles. >> kennedy: i like a hotdog buffet, they have gluten-free kiosk and i go when i load up cut ship, mustard, relish, spicy mustard and hot sauce if they have it. >> jim: you have to at yankee stadium, because it is $23.75 for a hotdog. you are getting your money's worth. >> tyrus: it's just one thing, so catch up.
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what the combo, mustard, relish, and the catch up, but i grew up in a different socioeconomic, one and that was it. my brother and i had to split one condiment. >> geraldo: that's what you need the french's mustard, the yellow kind and it taste the best, and the hot dogs have to be coney island connection nathan's or something like that firm coney island. >> tyrus: you have to presquirt, otherwise it's mustard soup. >> dana: i will tell you another secret, they have a jalapeno cheese hot dog, so when you grill and you don't need anything on it, because it has a jalapeno in the cheese inside. if you come visit me i will make one for you. the last question, oh, kennedy is going to crush us, you are planning a summer concert, who opens and who is a headliner? >> kennedy: living or dead?
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>> dana: it's your fantasy, do what you want. >> kennedy: open taylor swift, headliner guns n' roses. want something for everybody. >> tyrus: i would probably open with ice cube and finish with ac/dc. >> jim: that's pretty rad, i grew up in a big elvis houtz, elvis as the headliner, and want will smith to open as a rapper and we storm the stage. >> geraldo: springsteen opens and dylan is a headliner, but you could also reverse. >> dana: just for like right now the things that i am listening to, walker hayes opens and kenny chesney concert. great summer concert, lots of fun drinking songs. but i don't drink during the day, so would have to be a night concert. lots more to come on this special edition of speed 25, where is the first place we live to alone, the answer is when we
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return. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: i was born in downtown manhattan, welcome back to "the five," we are answering your questions this memorial day. kennedy, start with you. where was the first place you lived on your own? >> kennedy: after high school
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and moved to pasadena, california, with a friend of mine who was in drama school and my parents did not want me to a malingerer, so they were like we will pay you to leave. and it was like, i kind of feel good about that, but i'm also a little hurt, but i left and i moved in with my friend laura and we ate frozen snickers every day. >> geraldo: your parents evicted you? >> kennedy: pretty much, yeah. i did not graduate high school even though it is very ambitious. >> geraldo: how long did you end up on mtv? >> kennedy: less than two years. >> geraldo: so the hobo landed the job in california. >> jim: and my heyday it was the atlantic city's men rooms. if you want insider trading information -- that's a little munch. i thought you looked familiar. it's okay, geraldo. but this could be embarrassing in some circles, the first place i ever lived independently of my mom was a house i bought with my wife. my parents were married 30 years
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and got divorced after 30 years, which is like saying to someone i would rather die alone then do any more of this, but anyway i lived with my mom in the immediate aftermath, helped her get on her feet and then moved and when jenny sailing in the house in strong online. >> dana: fully on my own my own place was during graduate school in springfield, illinois, and it was an apartment too -- it was like an addict, really. >> geraldo: past school? >> dana: i would call washington, d.c., on capitol hill. >> geraldo: by then you were already employed in a grown up? >> dana: you could call it that. i'd student loan and i paid it. >> geraldo: didn't we all? tyrus, where did you live? >> tyrus: if you read my book it was park benches when i was 16 and inference couches and then my first real place i got my own dorm room in college i was pretty proud of that. avc, and then nebraska.
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i left my dorm room, that was -- >> jim: where you a poster guy? so postcollege? >> tyrus: i was chasing football all over the country, so football life, it is a lot of apartments. always on my own. never a group thing, no check from mom, always on my own. >> geraldo: we moved to huntington beach and lived in a ranch extended stay motel right on the beach, and i took the bus to lakewood mall, my first -- i will never forget that place. from facebook, from melissa i, what is the most outdated piece of technology that you own and actually use? >> kennedy: i have one of those ipod micro ipods? the small one that clips on. it still functioning. i can't put any muse on -- music
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on it anymore, but what i have will suffice. i have tupac and the shins and that's really anyone needs. >> jim: a nintendo, i have an original old-school nintendo. it's phenomenal, techno bowl with the great bo jackson. the punch out which is the most realistic. >> dana: i have moved several times and anytime it is a downsize, i feel like i don't really have any older technology. i might need to borrow it. >> geraldo: an old magnetic compass, so all of these electronic gizmos and i watched the old compos on which direction i am going. from catching the yard, and instagram question, the most memorable neighbor you had growing up? >> kennedy: that's a great question, such a memorable street it's hard for me to
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narrow it down, but i have to say there was an older couple that lived next to my mom that brewed their own weed that you don't one of my brothers would steal and they cannot complain because they could not admit that they were going at. and that we had a gardener whose name was rose moss and it was the most perfect, and she would always go, i just touched lavender, smell my fingers, but she was very memorable. >> tyrus: stuck in a memory lane, first -- not sure that i was going to go again. was a question? [laughter] >> geraldo: the most memorable neighbor and the memories are aging. >> tyrus: making food while we played touch football on the street, cupcakes and all kinds of goodies. set out in the lawn chair and she would cheer and booed different kits from other neighborhoods. >> dana: laurie and missy baird lived next to me.
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now in denver, and it was her grandmother's house who was our neighbor, but they would come every weekend and i would just wait for them to get there, and they were our good friends. >> geraldo: mrs. hawke was a native american woman who lived two houses away, but also lead us into her garage when she was draining a deer she had killed. and as a 5-year-old, very traumatic, geraldo. it was a lot. we had a guy by the name of little mikey, i don't know his last name, but he was at his fifth birthday party wearing the patch because he was already trying to quit smoking was like a troubled kid and a foul mouth and the one that taught you everything. i love the little mikey, so shout out a little mikey. >> geraldo: my neighbors were john peters and barbra streisand and we lived on one side and they owned seven proper bees. i really got to be friends with john. at the other side was make cleveland from fleetwood mac.
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>> kennedy: during the swingers era? that's incredible. >> geraldo: the last question we have time for in this, your favorite sports moment? >> jim: my favorite was my first yankee game, burn away. don mattingly home run, dave winfield got the last out of the game and caught pop up in right field and throughout a tagging up ron kittle at home plate to beat the chicago white sox and i do believe that that moment and the passion i experienced was why you did have a gambling problem. >> geraldo: your favorite. >> dana: her name is not coming to me, but kennedy will help me out, gymnastics, perfect ten, vault, probably ten years old. mary lou breton, it starts with an m, yes. >> tyrus: probably will leave inter-field, knocked out mike tyson. i was the only guy in the room who picked them, a lot of money that night and you could drop a
2:23 pm
pin in that small apartment that had all 50 guys in and as i just looked around and said payout. >> kennedy: i was a judge on the missed team usa pageant, third string goalie for the rangers, gave my room an end i tickets to every game including the stanley cup finals game 7, and drink champagne out of the stanley cup in the rangers locker room, best moment of my life. >> geraldo: golden state bring in the nba championship home, lebron james, kai rearing, the reason that i moved to cleveland palatable. that's all the time we have in this segment, coming up, what is the coolest thing in our offices? we will answer that a much more on this memorial day fan mail special. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i mike emanuel from fox news in washington. this special report to newsbreak, president biden says memorial day is a time when pain and pride are mixed together. and reads at the tomb of the unknown soldier today. it said that americans are free today because the fallen were brave. the president says the united states will not send long-range rocket launchers to ukraine. this comes as leaders press the rest for more and better weapons for russian troops. expanding the attacks on the eastern part of the ukraine. the house-senate speaker nancy pelosi is facing a driving under the influence charge after he was involved in an accident saturday night. 82-year-old paul pelosi was taken into custody in napa county, no injuries were reported. speaker nancy pelosi is not commenting. i will be back at 6:00 p.m. eastern for a live "special report." now back to "the five."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kennedy: only in america, baby, we have a lot more fan mail questions to get to come of this beautiful memorial day. so let's get started. question number one comes from instagram from wheat jeffrey who writes, what is the coolest thing in your office? how can you narrow it down, geraldo? >> geraldo: it's a lot after a 52 year career, but with manson, castro -- >> kennedy: marilyn manson. >> geraldo: not that charles gillett man charles is cool. >> kennedy: i thought it was about the offices in general. >> dana: do you remember when
2:30 pm
they put in the new water machines and you could get sparkling water? it's the coolest thing. and in all offices. it's just room temperature water, but it makes you feel better. i've had a lot of fans over the years paint pictures of my dogs, so i have all of those. >> kennedy: that is great and beautiful. >> tyrus: my godzilla and xbox, i'm going with those two. >> kennedy: do you have fruit roll-ups too? my my godzilla. >> jim: has will be in his blanket. i do have a mean pair of white ostrich cowboy boots that are the talk of the town. but my favorite thing is a keepsake a picture of me and lincoln when my son was one i was doing a stand-up set, the babysitter canceled and i brought them to the club when the mc brought me on stage, lincoln started crying so i did 15 minutes with him on my arm
2:31 pm
and i have a picture of that on the wall in my office is a nice reminder of where it started, and where it is heading based on how the show is going. [laughter] >> kennedy: i have a giant signed man with two brains poster from signed by steve martin, and i have a signed joe torre picture from my old assistant, thank you, ben, wherever you are, somewhere in the gutter, i am sure. he went to a competing network. he is dead to me. [laughter] and i have a selfie wall with flavor flav and floyd mayweather. it is nothing compared to what geraldo has. kyiv liquor. >> kennedy: i have a globe that you open -- theoretically i would if i were in a place that allows you to have liquor, but i don't, because we can't. >> tyrus: denny you have a thing in one of your desks?
2:32 pm
oh, yeah. she pulled it out to give me a book. and all of these little alcohol bottles came out. they are not mine. [laughter] i have the evidence. i'll find it. >> kennedy: i can't remember who they were. i will clean them if you don't find them paid here's a facebook question from cheryl. if you could own a prop from a movie or tv show, what would it be and why? >> geraldo: at the slippers they gave me from "dancing with the stars" i saved those. but my favorite item is my santa monica lifeguard read from baywatch was a guest star and baywatch. to the highest rated baywatch. [laughter] >> jim: i guess my favorite movie of all time is "the naked gun" with george kennedy who plays ed, a deadpan classic
2:33 pm
music and i would want the script from the movie, because i loved every joke and i grew up in a stunted intellectual household where we communicate. >> geraldo: that is a weird thing to want to. >> jim: sorry, geraldo, we can all party with fleetwood mac. >> kennedy: the night is young. >> dana: i have an answer to this one, do you remember the show "justified." so the love interest, i can't remember her name, she would always wear this leather blazer type jacket that has cut outs, sort of like address, and i became obsessed with this jacket and i was like where did she get it, and i knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody on the set and then i finally get to the wardrobe person and it was like, i will do anything, i would love to have that, not that jacket, but where can i buy a jacket, they got it at a vintage shop. >> tyrus: i want the bain mask from the tom hardy "batman" movie. i do in impersonation when you
2:34 pm
work out. so i want that. >> jim: i want the batman mask that ben affleck war so i can throw it away. >> kennedy: i want peewee spike. >> jim: oh, man! >> tyrus: you are dressed for it. a >> kennedy: i would love to have his bike. >> jim: you are in luck because it is in the alamo at the basement. [laughter] it's from the movie. >> kennedy: admitting, admitting! it's like a city bike. all right, coming up after college, they would go straight to work or take a little time off? the answers when we come back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tyrus: welcome back on this memorial day we are answering more of your fan mail questions, all right, dana, while i put on my specs, because they made my letters way smaller than yours, when he graduated college did you go straight to work? of course he did or take time off to do something else? >> dana: the concept of taking time off to do something else did not exist when i left school. and it could've graduated early and ended up staying because i had this opportunity to work at the pbs station that happened to be on the campus, so i stayed and did that and had a show, if the tapes are found i will get hired because it was so bad, but actually don't know anybody who did take some time off, now that said, i'm not against the concept, i think that it is a
2:40 pm
decent one, but i like the idea of adventure. i think that's pretty incredible thing, but i also really like the idea of going to try to help somebody else, so if you want to do that here, there is plenty of opportunities in america defined communities that need help, but in my future i would like to go and do a longer term mission on a mercy ship. to be on pretty much every friend of mine said that they wanted to take some time off had nothing going on and were going to move back home if they could, so i am assuming you did not take time off either. >> jim: i don't mean to whip everybody with my prosperity, but you don't like graduate, you just stop hanging out in the parking lot and drinking and smoking after a while, but my life was a series of telemarketing jobs, one after the other. i started them in high school and did them all the way through where he started doing stand up that led me to calve driving, in
2:41 pm
comedy you get paid weekly, very weekly, good night, everybody, but there was no time off. >> kennedy: i graduated when i was 32, my oldest daughter was born two weeks after i graduated, so i was 38 weeks pregnant when i graduated, so yes, i took three months off and then i started atv job when she was three months old, which was really fun because i only worked half the day so i got to bring her in and they had a crib for her at work that was really great. >> geraldo: i was broke, i was married, had college debt, he said because i was a good b.s. are, why don't i be a lawyer? i took the lsat, to greats, got a tip that the brooklyn law school during the year was building up to that law school, i worked at alexander's apartment store in south bronco,
2:42 pm
in charge of the ladies cutlets, and i were to my's diner and then, you know, i finally got a job as a legal intern and so forth. the rest is history. >> tyrus: all right, here we go, this one is going to be awesome, i will go with you because i know you did this, what was your favorite thing to get from the ice cream truck, please keep it down to one. >> jim: loved bomb pop, a red, white, and blue pop, and it was delicious. the american pop that was into licks it turned into this crippling sticky goo of juice that leaked out the bottom of the thing and it was like the original handcuff that you could not move your hands after that. but it was delicious. >> kennedy: my brother's little league game, i will never forget getting the grape snow cones, it was the best thing i ever had in my life, but from the actual ice cream truck when i could eat it, and ice cream sandwich, because we'll get a little soft in the middle and
2:43 pm
the softer it got, the more delicious. i was never that adventurous, tyrus. >> tyrus: when the ice cream horse cart came, what kind of ice cream? >> geraldo: it was carvel, it was the -- they all of the horror movies, yes, that was me. >> dana: we do not really have an ice cream man. and ice cream truck that came by. but i mean, we would have a -- this one man would come to the ranch, you know this one man? yes, it they would deliver like just huge gallons of ice cream and that would be in the freezer, but the flavor ice camino, the otter pop, or flavor ice or something. >> geraldo: the gooey red is going to slurp with me.
2:44 pm
>> kennedy: on my birthday all he wanted was one of those 5-gallon tubs of ice cream, that seem like the greatest thing in the world. spin on the ice cream man was a jerk and we chased him forever screaming ice cream and be out of breath and he would pick for us, because he would be that kind candy, and he would be like i didn't want cotton candy, but my thing was the push pop. they were phenomenal. all right, geraldo, what you're most looking forward to the summer? >> geraldo: i have a house in the hamptons, it's fabulous, my birthday is in the middle of it, and to get my bow back with a new engine and ready to go exploring, and from the hamptons east to block island and then to martha's vineyard, nantucket, like that. i take lots of friends. >> dana: i love having friends come over, but my mom is a 75th birthday this summer, so it will be a good celebration.
2:45 pm
>> jim: kennedy's fourth of july barbecue is the most outrageous thing. the way this works is everybody is fireworks and they have their uncle sam costumes, but what we have is the age of the country, so this started around 241 years old and we just walk around going, yeah, 243! we chanted all day and nobody knows why, we are actually out patriating them, because we are celebrating a birthday and i look forward to that and all of the ordinances in the state police. >> tyrus: phenomenal, do we ever participate in the school talent show? our answers next on a memorial day fan mail special. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every road in this here land! ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jim: welcome back, let's get to more of your fan mail questions this memorial day. did you ever participate in an end of the gear school talent show? >> tyrus: in junior high i
2:50 pm
ended our talent show, and a won and did a stand upset. and got away with dropping the f-bomb. >> jim: no! that's great. spin on my principal came up to me and i was waiting to hear it, and he said, you know, you are going to one day, you're pretty funny, but you have saturday detention. it was really worth it, yes. and even said f-yeah. >> jim: where you are a school talent show girl? >> dana: no ice cream, no talent show, but in the junior high i was in a play called "the girls of the garden club" and i had a part. >> jim: that's not nothing. >> dana: i was on the speech team, but that's not really talent. >> jim: depends on the quality of the speech. >> geraldo: don't you feel like it really helped you? >> dana: it's an important thing in my life, i did not drop the f-bomb? let men. maybe i should have.
2:51 pm
>> tyrus: no, you have integrity. >> jim: we know that you interviewed the gladiators at the roman colosseum, but prior to that's where you and any type of -- >> geraldo: i had no talents and wanted to be a forest ranger. i did try out for "cheaper by the dozen" i was the 11th child and had one line. >> jim: at least you made the 12. catering, school talent show? >> kennedy: i did an impression of the toaster strudel gaia. >> jim: can you replicate it? it's before it was just screaming fake german! and throwing things in the toaster and screaming at it and squirting syrup on it which i thought was very funny. i oddly enough did not won it, kind of surprising, but that's what i am on tv now just going for the trophy. >> jim: i did not get to participate, we had seen her and
2:52 pm
me night and they were concerned that's my set was going to be problematic in making fun of people. i did not get to perform. >> kennedy: you got pretty canceled. >> jim: i won five class favorites. and the one that did not let me perform has invited me to speak at their commencement story. so it's a really funny comeuppance. it got delayed by 27 years, that's all, it has to age like fine wine. >> geraldo: i can see the speech now. >> jim: i am hanging out with geraldo, i will just name drop. with dana perino and geraldo doing some tv. if you could see a movie again for the first time, what would it be? >> tyrus: empire strikes back, because that's when i figured out what a cliffhanger was. and oh, he has his dad. even though his name in german means dad. and had to tell everyone who would listen before spoiling was frowned upon. >> jim: the modern woke disney
2:53 pm
would be like luke, i am a birthing parent. >> tyrus: and he would say don't call me luke. >> dana: my go-to on any movie is usually "love actually" but i remember going to see "eta" and that was an incredible movie and i would see it again for the first time, that would be cool. >> jim: i love it so much, "love actually" if we were going to be an around calm called love handles and i think that's far more relatable. kennedy, is it pee-wee's big avenger? >> kennedy: no, it is "the sick sense." i would love to see it again and have no idea. we know bruce willis is a communist spy at the end. [laughter] >> jim: i was going to ask you this, geraldo, what movie did you enjoy in the theater, what would you see again? >> geraldo: lawrence of arabia without a doubt.
2:54 pm
they do peter o'toole of course, and i always identified -- it's so funny in 2011 when i got caught and a terrible cross fire in libya, jon stewart made fun of me ducking the bullets and putting me in the scene at "lawrence of arabia." he was making fun of me and i loved it. >> jim: mine is definitely "rocky iv" because it came up to be the most patriotic moment i had lived through until then. one more question coming up next! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs, or if you plan to, or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi.
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♪♪ >> time for one more question. what's the top song on your play list? that's a facebook question from deborah m. kennedy, got to start with you. >> little throw back, christina
2:59 pm
aguilera, genie in a bottle. >> all right. geraldo? >> bob dylan acoustic forever young. >> welcome to the jungle guns and roses. my lead song. >> always your lead song? >> yes. it could be on your play list for working out. it takes me back to that era of, i was in 6th grade when that song came out. >> the reason i'm nervous for this question. josh williams said what's your favorite band? i said reo speedwagon. he said, that's so lame. for the rest of my life i feel embarrassed answering any pop culture question. >> that's larry the cable guy's favorite band ever. >> they are very good. tyrus? >> ice cube. >> one of the best children's songs ever played. >> i never heard that. >> and you won't. >> mine is rainbow by casey
3:00 pm
musgrave. >> that's good. >> adorable. >> it's a disc track. >> i enjoyed everybody's company. thank you for being here on memorial day. that is it for us. we will see you back here tomorrow. have a great night. ♪ might be a little dust on the bottle but don't let it fool you about what's inside ♪ >> mike: good evening. welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel. breaking tonight, it is a particularly solemn memorial day following last week's massacre at a texas elementary school. president biden is continuing to push for new gun control asserting the 2nd amendment is not absolute but denying he has the authority to take unilateral action. the president's also marking this holiday during a time of war involving one of the world's most dangerous adversaries. white house correspondent jackie heinrich begins our coverage tonight. >> reporter: good evening, mike. today president biden indicated


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