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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 30, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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sacrifice. >> jesse: there's an old saying power corrupts and absolute corrupts corrupts absolutely. sad but true statement. when it comes to american pop culture, we oddly can't get enough of it. whether it's a dirty cop. >> i'm the police! you just live here! yeah, that's right, you better walk away! go on, walk away, because i'm gonna burn this bleep down. king kong ain't got bleep on me.
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>> jesse: or a corrupt colonel. >> come on, justice. did you order that? >> you don't have to answer that question. >> i'll answer the question. you want answers? >> i think i'm entitled. >> you want the truth? you can't handle the truth. >> jesse: sometimes fiction cross over into reality. and right now our federal government is overrun by corruption. it's like something straight out of the godfather. >> i want to thank you for helping me organize this meeting today. also the other heads of the five families, new york, new jersey. carmine corleone from the bronx. and brooklyn. >> jesse: that might have been don corleone introducing audiences to the fictional crime families of new york, but he could have been sharing the table with the five families of the democratic party.
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pelosi, biden, clinton, schumer and kerry. these career politicians have entrenched themselves in washington, enriching their families at your expense. over the course of tonight, we'll get into each family, but i want to start with the pelosis because there might be no worse offender than nancy pelosi. for nancy, corruption runs in the family. pelosi is the daughter of thomas d'allesandro a baltimore politician who would represent the city in congress and later serve as its mayor. thomas was no saint. his close ties with some shady figures led to an fbi investigation by the kennedy administration with reports saying r quote, in a 1961 memo to the white house, an agent summarized allegations that thomas d'allesandro took payoffs from applicants to the police force and helped hinder the investigation and prosecution of
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crimes. now, nothing ever came of this investigation but the fact that the fbi was looking into the matter says a lot. and six decades later, maybe the fbi should start looking at his daughter. pelosi came into the national spotlight in 1987 when she won her first term in congress. now, at the time, members of the house made just under $90,000 a year. a good chunk of change but nothing that would make her one of the richest members of congress. well, fast forward 35 years and pelosi is now painting a different picture. in april 2020, she was listed as the sixth wealthiest member of congress, with an estimated net worth of $114 million. while in 2021 disclosure listed over $300 million in assets for the speaker. quite the treasure trove, you've got there, nance. where did all this wealth come
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from? certainly not from your speaker salary of just 200 grand. that's where nancy's husband steps in. paul pelosi senior. he's a venture capitalist with a history of perfectly timed stock trades while his wife was running the people's house. like when big paul cashed in on $1 million worth of tesla stock right before the white house announced electric car initiatives. or when he exercised $2 million worth of microsoft options just before the tech giant got a $22 billion contract from the u.s. army. all told, the pelosi raked in up to $30 million from their tech stock holdings between 2007 and 2020. the same tech companies nancy is supposed to be regulating. coincidence? i don't think so. it sounds like nancy and paul's pillow talk is really paying off, as their stock moves
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routinely outperform the s&p500. pelosi doesn't want to kill the golden goose. instead, she's turning corruption into the family business. because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to paul pelosi junior. nancy's son has made himself quite a pretty penny while tied up in more than a few questionable business deals. according to reports, little pauly p has reportedly been linked to at least five business entities under investigation by authorities for alleged fraud. well done, nance. you raised a fraudster, allegedly. but while little pauly p's parer ins have had the hammer of the law dropped on them, junior never really faced the same consequences. must be nice to have your mom as one of the leaders of the democratic party. the pelosis are living the high life and they don't want the party to end. that's why nancy has repeatedly pushed back on restrictions of
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congressional stock trading. >> should members of congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks in congress? >> no, no to the second one. we are a free market economy that should be able to participate in that. >> jesse: nancy would slightly change her tune a month later, but this isn't anything new for her. back in 2011, "60 minutes" called her out same thing, when she raked in the dough with a questionable visa stock trade. >> i wanted to ask you why you and your husband back in march of 2008 accepted and participated in a very large ipo deal from visa at a time there was major legislation affecting the credit card companies making its way through the house. did you consider that to be a conflict of interest? >> i don't know what your point of your question is. is there some point that you want to make with that? >> i guess what i'm asking is do
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you think it's all right for speaker to accept a very preferential and favorable stock deal -- >> we didn't. >> you participated in the ipo. >> i have many investments. >> you don't think it was a conflict of interest? >> no. if you decide you're going to, elaborate on a false premise. it's not true and that's that. >> i don't understand what part's not true. >> that i would act upon an investment. >> jesse: the pelosi have been gristing the american public 30 years. nancy and pauly p have made themselves into american royalty while supposedly serving as a representative of the people. we don't let athletes gamble on games because that might affect the outcome. why do we do the same for politicians in the market? it's scary. but these are the types of people running our country. five families who only care
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about using their political positions to fill their bank accounts. josh boswell is a senior reporter at the daily mail. so, josh, we talked about her, saying it's a free market economy, you know? it's a free country. then she said maybe we are going to do the stock act thing but it still has yet to pass. isn't that right? >> yeah, that's right. you know, you have nancy pelosi making all of these negative noises about the bill. she's been against that kind of thing in the past. clearly it's something she's been able to benefit from through her husband. it was just the bipartisan political pressure on her that made her slightly u-turn after those initial statements that we saw a minute ago. it's still a question over whether this will pass. she's one of the most powerful people in congress. so she's got a serious sway over this thing. >> jesse: it's going nowhere. because she controls the
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legislation. it's gonna go nowhere until she's not in congress any more, which could be after the lame duck session in 2022 because it's not looking good. when you hear about the father and then you hear about the son and then you hear about, you know, her father, what kind of image does that conjure up to you as a family that's kind of looped into all these issues, we'll say? >> i think we're starting to see this pattern emerging among some of these prominent families in politics, where you get maybe not being charged with any crimes, but certainly investigations swirling around many of them. going through generations. one example here we've been talking about is the pelosis. you've got her father and then these issues of potential improper stock trades. then her son who was embroiled in over five federal
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investigations. one of them is still on going, in fact. just look at the president of the united states. joe biden and his son hunter biden, who i have done a lot of reports on, his laptop and everything that showed. there's a pattern here. i think we need to be asking questions about it. >> jesse: yeah. but as long as these people in power, if it's schumer, biden, nancy, kerry, the clintons. they run the show in washington so they're not going to do anything to jeopardize the cash that's flowing in. it's a system that works for them. it works for every member of congress. they can make noise all they want about, we have to do something about corruption and cleaning things up. but they never do anything about it. the rest of the country doesn't have access to this type of information. and if we did have access to this information, and we acted on it, we'd be charged with insider trading. is that right? >> yes. there are some very strong red
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lines drawn by the fcc. if you cross those, you're going straight to jail. it's easier when you have money. countless times you'll see rich people, powerful people, negotiate with these federal agencies and cut themselves sweetheart deals or not even be prosecuted in the first place. >> jesse: they put the people that work for them into those agencies that are investigating them. that's how it works. they have people at the sec. they have people at the fbi. it's a game and we're all getting played. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up, if you thought the pelosis were corrupt, wait til we dig into the biden family history. that's next. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? so you can have more success tomorrow.
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>> jesse: corruption doesn't just happen overnight in washington.
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it takes years of lying, backstabbing and hanging out with some of the shadeiest people in town. and if you have your eyes setted on gold, like the white house, that's just the bare minimum. but don't take our word for it. listen to what a young senator out of delaware had to say in the early 1970s. >> i'm noted sure you should assume i'm not corrupt. i thank you for that. the system does produce corruption and i think implicit in the system is corruption. whether or not you can run for public office, costs a great deal of money to run for senate. you have to go to those people who have money. they always want something. >> jesse: almost five decades later, that young senator went on to become the most powerful man in washington. he may as well be the most corrupt, too. because if your last name is biden, you learn a thing or two about corruption growing up, especially when you're the son soft sleazeiest used car sales
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man in scranton and your dad was cashing in side checks from the most corrupt union group in the state. the biden house hold has always been about making a quick buck. over the years as power grew, so did the money. it really all kicked off in 2013 when the biden family business picked up steam after vice president biden boarded on air force two destined for beijing, china. alongside him was the smartest man he knew, his son hunter, who was on the trip strictly for business that day. he was about to start up the biden family global affair. what better time to launch it than when you have the vice president of the united states ready at your disposal. hunter being the opportunist that he is set up an introduction between his dad, the vice president, and a shady chinese business man named jonathan lee in a chinese hotel lobby. that meeting was as sweet as apple pie. the two shook hands and it was
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later described as a good social meeting, and the reward was even better. just like that, the biden family was offered a $20 million fortune ten years later. a full 10% stake in a chinese finance company directly backed by the communist party. and to sweeten the deal, hunter got to sit on their board and play businessman. but the best part of it, the bidens finally had some street cred in china. no better time to milk dirty chinese money than when joe had some bills to pay and hunter had a crack addiction to fund. so in 2015, the bidens began cashing in checks from a giant chinese energy conglomerate that serves as the arm of the communist parties road initiative a direct national security threat to the united states. it wasn't just hunter. even joe's own brother jim got involved. the two of them raked in almost
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$5 million from these chinese, most from consulting fees. it didn't take a genius to realize these guys reeked of corruption. one of the company's top dogs, patrick ho, was put under fisa surveillance by the united states intelligence arm for bribing african leaders and helping iran evade u.s. sanctions. seriously. but hunter actually saw more dollar signs out of it. he flaunted his yale law degree and somehow got the chinese to pay $1 million for his legal services. they even gave him a 3karat diamond. big rock. the guy ended up in jail because hunter's no criminal attorney. they didn't know that but hunter got a quick million. that's what bidens do. the biden family business was booming in china and joe couldn't help but get directly involved. when scheming up a joint chinese company, e-mails show they were
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openly talking about cutting 10% of the deal for the big guy. if there was ever any doubt as to who the big guy is, hunter's former business partner made it clear for us. >> it has 10% for the big guy held by h. 1,000% know the big guy is referencing joe biden. that's chris call clear to me because i lived it. i met with the former vice president in person multiple times. >> jesse: joe told us he never once talked to his son about his deals. well, i guess he's just a lying dog faced pony soldier then. he was bank rolling cash from china, all while he was vp. guess it paid off. the bidens earned at least $31 million in chinese money. soon enough the biden family business expanded all over the globe. hunter was reeling in clients and joe was closing deals with one on one meetings.
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obviously, hunter didn't read the art of the deal, but he did know that meeting the vice president went a long way for these guys. so he was setting up meetings between his dad and sketchy foreigners right in washington at the glorious cafe milano. like meeting sketchy business men from khazistan or meeting with a russian's wife right before she handed them a $3 million pay check. the best deal of them all when joe met someone from an ukrainian energy company. we know this because he wrote hunter an e-mail saying thank you for inviting me to d. c. to meet and spend sometime with your father. at the time, barisma was paying hunter up to $83,000 a month just to sit on the board. when the owner got wrapped up in a federal investigation in ukraine, the case was quietly
4:23 pm
dropped around the same time joe was demanding it be dismissed. what did biden have to do with the ukrainian energy corruption case? now we know. you see corruption in washington goes a long way. a lot of money flows in if you just meet the shadeiest people you can find. around the globe there's always a sketchy billionaire who wants to blow money on the most powerful family in washington. and if you're a biden, you do what bidens do best. you take the bait and rake in that pretty penny. better yet, you take in millions of dollars and don't ever look back. peter schweitzer's been all over the biden family. he's the author of "red handed." peter, you did a lot of this work yourself. i think the country owes you a debt of gratitude. more and more information still continues to come out though, doesn't it? >> yeah. i mean, that's right, jesse. good to be with you, as always. yeah.
4:24 pm
the more revelations that come out, it confirms what we know. if you look at the hunter biden laptop, and we've gone through all the e-mails. there's not a single e-mail, a single e-mail, where a partner, an associate suggest something to hunter biden involving the father and hunter biden says no, we can't do that, that crosses a line. it never happens. we know that this is about money. we also know a lot of the money that flowed from china came from business men who have ties to the highest links of chinese intelligence. so, you know, this is a story of corruption. it's also a story, i think, of compromise, which takes it out of the realm of not just corruption, but something i think even more sinister. >> jesse: to me it's also a story about a lack of patriotism. they're in bed with a business entity in china that was the arm of the belten road initiative. explain what belten road is and
4:25 pm
why it is a threat to national security. >> this is a crucial point, jesse. the bidens have globalized corruption. we're not just talking about a politician who arranged a job for his nephew or takes money from a contractor. that's bad enough. we're talking about actually taking money from those around the globe who view themselves as our enemy. so in the case of china, the deals that the bidens have received money from all emanate from chinese state backed entities, some of them involved with the belten road initiative. if there's one thing the obama administration and trump administration agreed on, it's the fact that the belten road initiative for china has one goal in mind, and that is to subplant the united states around the planet to make china the convening global authority. so if you are taking money from those entities and you are helping those entities, as hunter biden has done, you are helping america's chief rival
4:26 pm
defeat the united states. it's that simple. >> jesse: so he's in business with a company and a country that's directly threatening u.s. global supremacy, u.s. energy policy, u.s. job security. pretty much everything. not to mention the fact that these guys, they're bringing in fentanyl through mexico, killing our people, and the fact that this awful, awful pandemic sprung out of that sketchy lab. if there was media in this country that would explore the tentacles of this situation, this man would be impeached or be shamed out of office. peter schweitzer, thank you very much for coming on primetime. >> thanks for having me, jesse. >> jesse: whitewater, travel gate and the clinton global initiative. bill and hillary have a history of cashing in on corruption, and we'll break that all down next. "peace of mind." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means -
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>> welcome to fox news live. president biden pushing for new gun control laws in the wake of last week's massacre at a texas elementary school. he said the pain he witnessed this weekend in uvalde was, quote, palpable and unnecessary. but the president stressed major changes to gun laws are out of his authority and would need to be authorized by congress. last week's shooting killed 19 children and two teachers. at least five missiles hitting an iraqi army base hosting u.s. troops. iraqi officials say the missile struck inside a base in the anbar province, yards from where u.s. forces are stationed. the aerial assault only caused minor damage. no injuries. u.s. forces are currently playing an advisory role to iraqi forces in their fight against isis. now back to jesse waters.
4:33 pm
>> jesse: we couldn't talk about corruption in washington without mentioning bill and hillary clinton. i mean, nobody loves power and money more than these people. the dynamic duo, perhaps the most famously crooked couple in the united states. they met way back in 1971 at yale law school and the rest is history, literally. these two have managed to do a lot in their 50 years in politics. some good, some bad, but mostly ugly. tonight, we're going through it all, the greed, the corruption, the rotten to the core clintons. starting with one of their biggest controversies, whitewater. started back in 1978 when the clintons partnered with another couple james and susan mcdougal. together they borrowed money from the bank with a plan to turn some arkansas mountain land into a spot with vacation homes. but the real estate opportunity
4:34 pm
flopped. bill and hillary lost a lot of money and jim mcdougal went into banking. started a savings and loan company called madison guarantee. that's where the story gets more interesting. madison guarantee ended up being a pretty sketchy business. mcdougal used it to defraud millions of dollars. that opened up a federal investigation of all mcdougal's business dealings, with whitewater, bill and hillary at the center. the timing wasn't great for the clintons. the investigation blew up in 1994 while bill was in the white house. key witness alleged that bill pressured him into giving an illegal loan for the whitewater deal. according to fox, other allegations swirled about the clintons and madison, including claims that mcdougal used madison funds to pay off bill's gubernatorial costs and bill
4:35 pm
appointed a friendly bank solicitor to protect mctkoubgal. lot of sketching spendy, lotted of corruption. here's bill on cbs in 1997. >> this thing's been going on for over three years. tens of millions of dollars have been spent. there have been, by the way, two federal reports by independent agencies, saying that what i said and what my wife said in the very beginning of this was true. that we were not involved in running the savings and loan. that we lost money on a real estate deal. and that this whole inquiry is going after two people who lost money on a real estate deal made almost 19 years ago now. >> jesse: the thing about the clintons is they always seem to weasel their pay out of trouble. so while other people went to jail for the fraud scandal, the clintons didn't. bill kept running the country. which brings me to this. travel gate.
4:36 pm
in 1993, not long after bill took office, he fired a handful of long-time white house employees working in the travel office. it was a pretty questionable decision, like most things the clintons do, there's an ulterior motive. turns out bill and hillary wanted to make room for their buddies. you know, take the cronies from little rock and move them to d.c. that raised some ethics concerns and didn't sit well with america. the new york times reported back in 1993 that over the course of several embarrassing days, the white house was forced to retreat, rehire five of the seven investigates. most of the fired employees got their jobs back and all is well. but not really. bill's time in the white house was just the start of the clinton corruption. enter the clinton foundation, the mother of all money schemes. they established the nonprofit in the '90s with the goal of
4:37 pm
helping others. at least that's what they told us. that doesn't really always look that way. back in 2015, the federalist reported that between the years of 2011 and 2013, the clinton foundation spent less than 10% of its budget on charities. that's odd. so we have to wonder, where in the world did the rest of the cash go? well, i'd like to point out what fox once reported. at least 181 companies, individuals and foreign governments that have give ton the clinton foundation also lobbied the state department when hillary ran the place. hmm. it sounds like the so-called charity was double timing as the clinton slush fund. and this wasn't the only time bill and crooked were accused of using their political stature to make money. in the book "clinton cash" peter schweitzer writes this. of the 13 bill clinton speeches
4:38 pm
that fetched half million or more, only two occurred during the years his wife was not secretary of state. sounds a little odd, right? that's a lot of money for a speech. we can't ignore the timing. these big payouts mostly occurred while hillary was secretary of state. almost makes you wonder what was really happening behind the scenes. i'm not the only ones asking questions. the pricey speeches have been raising eyebrows for awhile. hillary tried to explain it back in 2014. >> it's been reported you made $5 million making speeches. the president made more than $100 million? >> well, if you -- you have to reason to remember, but we came out of the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. bill has worked really hard. it's been amazing to me.
4:39 pm
>> do you think american will understand five times the median income in this country for one speech? >> welsh let me put it this way. i thought making speeches for money was a much better thing than getting connected with any one group or company, as so many people who leave public life do. >> jesse: nobody's buying that. the clintons have been and always will be all about the money. and they don't care how they get it, even if it means selling out the country. eric egers was the lead investigator for clinton cash. i didn't even remember that. $100 million for speaking engagements? that is an astounding amount of money. and while his wife was secretary of state. lot of that had to have been overseas, right? >> it was almost entirely overseas, jesse. that's such a great point. and you mentioned the fact that 11 of the 13 speeches that paid bill clinton over half a million
4:40 pm
dollars occurred while hillary clinton was secretary of state. put it another way. bill clinton leaves office and for eight years is only offered two speeches for half million dollars. then all of a sudden, bill clinton raises his prices and low and behold the international interest in what bill clinton has to say spikes dramatically, at the same time hillary is secretary of state and as we reported, other people reported, is absolutely an overlap with these international people that had business before the state department. don't forget in 2010, bill clinton was paid half million dollars by russian banks because at the same time 20% of u.s. uranium were being transferred to vladamir putin, of all people, at the same time money was going to the clinton found eight. there's always been an intermingling of interests, and none of it looks good. >> jesse: tell us about the clinton foundation. it was flying high for awhile. i mean, epstein was on the jets. bill was going to africa with
4:41 pm
hollywood celebrities. the money was pouring in. saudi arabia, all over the place. then all of a sudden what happened? the money dried up. why was that? >> well, i think it has something to do with hillary's presidential loss in 2016. >> jesse: right. >> they went from raising over $60 million in that year to now as axios reported, donations are down 75%. so obviously, to your point, the business model for the clintons has always worked on proximity to power. when they don't have it, no one wants to talk to them or give them money. it's one of the reasons they came out and said all of a sudden we're offering leadership classes through master class. the clintons may not be broke but they don't have the money from the clinton slush fund so they're course correcting. >> jesse: how much now at this point can hillary and bill make in the speaking circuit? because she's disgraced, to a certain extent. she lost the election, but she's disgraced in the sense that, you
4:42 pm
know, she's involved in this russia hoax. i don't think that matters to many leftists who are willing to pony up money to hear her crooked talk. you have bill clinton figured for being on epstein island running around in these jets. are people still willing to pay these people? >> unfortunately, i think absolutely. it's funny, jesse. you're having this special where you look at political families across the country. kind of like in school when everyone would get a different national park. i get to talk about yellowstone. clintons are the yellowstone of political corruption. like old faithful, it is consistent and has proven to attract paying customers from around the world. clintons will continue to have speaking -- remember, hillary thinks the election was stolen from her. you'll have lots of people who want to hear that story. bill will always have tales to sell internationally. >> jesse: all right. thank you so much. we really appreciate you sharing the sal tales of clinton
4:43 pm
corruption. >> my pleasure, jesse. >> jesse: when it comes to big tech and chuck shumer, it's a family affair. we'll tell you about that next. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover.
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>> jesse: senate majority leader chuck shaoupler is one of the most powerful democrats in america. we haven't seen chuck use that power to help americans. what we have seen is chuck pulling some sneaky moves that have helped his family. being the senate majority leader, chuck has the power to kill bills that come through the senate or hold them up months or even years of back and forth negotiations. in january the senate judiciary committee voted to move forward the american internet innovation and choice online act. an anti-trust bill that would restrict big tech platforms from favoring their own products over competitors on their platforms. but, since january, the bill is still waiting for chuck to send it to a full senate vote. so why in the world is chuck
4:49 pm
holding up the bill? could it be because his daughters and other people close to him would suffer from the bill being passed? his daughter jessica schumer is a registered lobbyist for amazon. his other daughter is in marketing at facebook, which would also lose out if the bill is passed. chuck's son-in-law michael shapiro worked for google from 2017 to 2019 and then until january 2001. worked at an infrastructure firm where he closed a major deal with alphabet where hundreds of millions of dollars, according to his linkd in. over 80 of schumer's former staffers have leveraged their jobs with schumer to get jobs at google, apple, amazon and facebook. this is according to "the new
4:50 pm
york post." so now chuck has a whole host of people close to him working and lobbying for the big tech people while he can just sweep any bills limiting their power under the rug. axios is reporting schumer is going to put the legislation up for a vote this summer. i wouldn't be surprised if that plan gets squashed. i'll believe it when i see it. catch up. corruption and china. we examine the dirty deals of the kerry heinz family next. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save.
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♪ >> it's almost impossible to talk about controversial american politicians without mentioning tom gary. corruption and dishonesty seems to fear follow him wherever he goes right is a member of the forbes family, born is an elite and has had the world handled t her mom a silver platter. after bursting into the political scene in the 1970s,
4:56 pm
he married teresa heinz, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars for eight fast forward few decades and here is where i starts coming together john kerry has long been the hunter strident shady businesses, but doesn't everybody? back in 2019, he claimed to hav no knowledge of hunter biden's role, but it turns out the connections go way back you see one of the companies hunter biden was involved with lesser private investment company called harvest, rst, the fund was formed by a merger involvin rosemont centerton partners a company founded by hunter biden and none other than chris hines john kerry stepson. the children of two of the most prominent democrats were business partners, in a shady chinese private equity firm, no surprises there. this all went down in 2014, as their dads were serving as vice
4:57 pm
president in secretary of state as under private rock obama. the fund in joint and unusual and special status in china dhr touted its unique shareholding structure, and the global resources and network allowed i secure investment opportunities great funds were backed by the chinese government while biden and carrie were supposed to be protecting americans interest abroad, their kids were making bank with our biggest enemies very it's no surprise that when carrie got his new role as climate envoy in 2021, he had n idea health to handle things in china. >> of the climate issue is a freestanding issue. it's not for trade against the other critical differences that we have with china right now. >> how do you separate those things because art reporting suggests that the chinese will not separate them? >> it remains to be seen. we will figure that out.
4:58 pm
>> figured that out. >> figure that out very. >> and figure anything out. may be you are purposely slow liking china because you know it's going to hurt your son's bank account. how can we trust him to do anything with china when the country is enriching his family? joined me now is alina johnson, editor-in-chief in the washington free beacon. he's just filthy rich, and now he's in charge of climate? that tells me something sketchy is going on. what say you? >> gary got his money deals bac in the best way he married it, he married it, but let's look a the timeline here. joe biden is sworn in as vice president in 2009, in that year john kerry becomes term of the senate foreign relations committee bear the same year, 2009, john kerry and joe biden son hunter, found their investment firm, rosemont senec
4:59 pm
partners named after the hines families farm outside of pittsburgh rosemont farm. >> if you're a chinese investor are you going to invest with jo joe schmoe from wichita, kansas or will you invest with the son of in the stepson of two of the most powerful people in washington? the chairman of the foreign relations committee, u.s. senator john kerry, and the vic president of the united states, joe biden. >> carried by the way becomes send and of course in china, this businesses are just not businesses the way they are in the u.s., the government has a hand in every business there an you mentioned him becoming climate envoy in the biden administration, it's not crazy to think that when kerry as secretary of state or as climat envoy is negotiating with the chinese, the chinese in turn ca say you wouldn't want your
5:00 pm
business to get hurt, or they can incentivize him and say we could offer to help your business, if you do or don't agree to our demands. you think you so much for your great reporting, we appreciate you joining us on prime time. that's all for tonight's, always , i'm waters, and this is my world. ♪ >> welcome to a special memoria day addition of tucker carlson tonight. we talked about lots of genuinely interesting people an the last year. we talked to some of the bigges names of entertainment, politics , business, a lot of them you probably never heard of , we have niter, but we learned a lot every single time. one of those people we talked i was travis tritt, country music star who told us when his career


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