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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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. we went to mariupol on the front lines and then we also were in kyiv and talking to musicians and you get a sense of the culture. but there was the you know, the wagner problem that was going on at the time. and so the administration was
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very slow. we couldn't see him. we came back and then this thing really escalated. so then we went i think we got there roughly a week before the invasion and we met him i met him face to face for the first time the day before the invasion and then spent t time with him in which we document in the film during the invasion on the day of the invasion. and ii don't know that there'sn a person on earth who who could know that they were born forld such a day that they could rise to it. i want to make sure i saw when you say invasion, was this him taking the two regions, etc. or whatever they were also rockets coming in . this is also when they this is when they hit the airport fifteen klicks out of right. kids. so it was it was a game on and so to in him i saw something that i've never seen before in my lifetime that like i said, having seen him.
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yes. prepared for it. yes. hoping against hope it would not happen. who had not yet been challenged with it's happening and the next dayy. i saw something that is a man but it's a man with thewi adrenalized. he is the face of something that you see in all ukrainians. we saw and talked to whether they were in uniform out of uniforms, school teachers, even children. this extraordinaryhi courage that's come up and it was in his eyes and it is clear to me that the ukrainians will win this . the question is at what cost did they have in those early hours? i know that trump gave them chaplains. i know that they had some defenses. but to goav back to the budapesa agreement, they were at the time the third largest nuclear power in the world and they they made an agreement
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that they give those weapons to the to russia to be destroyedge in exchange for protection from russia, great britain and the us lesson to be learned here. don't give up your nuclear weapons if you have them because you can't believe people like vladimir putin, mi even countries that have nuclear weapons can remain intimidated to use them. and we're seeing that now with our own country. fear what that legacy is going to be . we don't want no one wants to see a nuclear i don't want to see one nobody at the same time if only one bully is going to be able to use those weapons as a threat, we got to rethink what we're doing. see, i think the west made a mistake in this up that putini as he brought in 10,000 troops in twenty thousand and we get up to one hundred thousand and became very clear , transparent and obvious that he was going to go in and all the military equipment with it.h at that point i thought nato countries and western european countries and the us should have antisec say it was pretty
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obvious and then arming the ukrainians for that moment and i don't think they were prepared either. am i wrong? well, look, this could happen tomorrow alsoul we can get 15 , 16 and then they can fly those with three weeks of training. they can fly the migs and the issues. now we know that not for sean penn. we know that from the california national guardom who has had a thirty year exercise training mutuel with, with ukraine and we're there with the ukrainian aviators juste shortly before they were pulled out because of the politics and the policies are related to this , you know, impending invasion, our invasion. so i think we we really have to rethink this because this is these are at this point truly humanitarian that candace owens i want to get to what you see, but i want to go back to this question poland offered was 28 or 29 migs. yeah, every report says joe biden vetoed that to
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get politics. i think he made the wrong call.a i think he should have thought everybody should have known. everybody says he vetoed it and i'm not going all right. whoever veto, they have a lot of fun with it. it was some people say that something that was meant to be covert got t leaked and became overt and that that compromised these nato partners . that what matters to me is and what's true is is were a squadron which is two squadrons is probably what itn take from everyone. that's an expert i talked to to end this thing. and that's that's that's about three hundreded million dollars one billionaire could pay for those planes if the nato countries would overfly and deliver them. all right. i look at that and i've had arguments with a lot of my friends here. i , i do not believe i think if we learn from recent history that politicians, republicans and democrats, they're all gung . they start these wars. they don't fight them to win
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them. they they start the war gung . then they politicize the war. then we lose our national treasure. our sons and daughtersi and others come home with debilitating injuries, f lost limbs, legs, arms, youun know, deformities that you can't even imagine. i've met many of them in thefe course of my life and then they say never mind. and like the disaster in afghanistan, they pull out so out i'm not for one boot on the ground. ronald reagan had a doctoratene and the doctor was in the caseca of the former soviet union invading afghanistan in the 80s. he supplied stinger missiless tf the mujahideen, by the way, not perfect partners by any means and they were able to defeat the former soviet union. he helped the nicaraguan freedom fighters, the contra rebels against the sandinistas and daniel ortega. okay, i support that doctrine. i support the trump doctrine that if you've got to fight a war, you push buttons using military weaponry and technology and you bomb the livingy . i call it adam schiff you probably should out of but
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i would argue out of the califate and now she has to and i got to go baghdadi and soleimani and the al qaeda leader in yemen. those are two doctrines i believe in . if weli apply those doctrines here, i believe ukraine would win. what's your doctor? here's what weis have to know is that the ukrainians are fighting to win and they're fighting to win for the very thing that we're able to do right now to be free to dream. and that is what we say we represent as americans. so we have a great example of fighting to win. there's another part of it because we've talked about the military part. of the civilian part of it also is that we know you see conflicts on journalists. yes. tragically, some die, but i have some colleagues. i'm going to finish my point. most of them, you know, over and over , we can watch it on tv. why?e because you can be smart and you can know where
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the strategic zones are when weather whether it's, you know,, a traditional war or or not and people can move so can aid. and so one of the things we'reof not seeing we're not seeing by any scale un organizations operating they can we're also told a lot of they talkan security for aid and supplies resource to civilians and the military and for civilians in many cases up armored are important. so one of the things i want to say just about is being there is that of course there are risks in the conflict zone, butp it is not what we picture so often about a bunch of here weom come toe save the day foreigners. you take one car and one truck of supplies to that border. give that truck and those supplies to ukrainians tas who aren't going tok leave if you ask them to and are going to be at risk with or without our help. so we might as well give them
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the help they'll bringto the supplies to where they've got to go. what how is that any different than i'm saying supplied the drones, supplyve the javelins, supply the stingers because i'm not talking about anybody's doctrine, put us into a lot of i don't know that the the anti-missile systems they need the defense systems, the, the anti aircraft systems and i would give them the migs . yeah. so we're in agreement. went we absolutely can fight the war to win it and that means to defeat russia. let them fight it to win it because they will. that's why i'm saying let le the ukrainians fight themselves. we agree. all right. nowno i want to talk about because you've been there a lot and then you also went to poland for a period of time. and i think most of my audience agrees if the ukraine and people keep showing the valor, the courage and the willingness to fight given the weapons, let them win. yeah, let's talk about what you've seen with your own eyes. we've been showing picturesre almost every night.
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i have to give a viewer alert. what we're about to show you is horrific and evil and on a mass scale we've seen mass graves. we've seen what happened to mariupol. we see what happened just outside of kyive just in the last two days we've seen, you know, hospitals targeted, neighborhoods wiped out apartment buildings wiped out.d, and i i want to know what you've seen. us how bad it isyo with your eyes, what you've seen. ta well,lk so as we talked about, i was there originally in november. i went back and was there whatever it is, the 30 or seven or whatever it is days ago when this invasion started for a couple of days, then i went back last week. it was last week, two weeks agoh my time screwed it up with this kind of travel. but to leave it you know, i'm i when i met with president zelenskyy, my colleagues
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and i'm making the documentary when we went to meet with him, it was midday and you know, we knew that there were rockets that were targeting areas just outside of that there were air raid sirens and a lot and that ultimately when we came out of where we met with him, there was a blackout in the city because of concerns about rockets. we were encouraged not to use our automobile to drive back because the lights wouldau draww rocket fire . weal walked and because of the experience of what of what this fight was about and seeing it in the faces of leadership and not the only thing we talked about, the onlyn thing wely felt was the deepest sense of heartbreak. first for the ukrainians who were going to fight the mayt
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the injured, the war of attrition. but very quickly i thought this one this one my children are going to feel if this thing is not one , they're going to feel it in tangible ways in their lives. our our children t in america can argue alld i day, but i look at you and i think you believe in this country in your way. i believe in mine and i think it's at risk because a great dream of it, the aspiration of it with all its diversity because ukrainians with all their unity, they got a lot of diverse thought over there to i think we're really at risk if we let the greatest, most historic in our lifetime fight for democracy against a gigantic superpower. i mean military intimidation amazingly well and with what they've had outmanned>>. yeah. so that's what i felt from
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my time there going back to the trip, which i was going principally with the documentary team but principally driven by the work with corps because we have two hundred staff in and out of ukraine, poland, romania and which i will make a call for help. we need we've got incredible refugee ukrainians working with us in that two hundred we've got ukrainian citizens of poland and romania and others but half of them half half of our staff there are now hired up. just since this time ukrainians so that trip was targeted on how to get supplies into. and by the way, just for your audience, there's been there's been a little shift here in the humanitarian world, which is that up to level for
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this body armor that is approved for humanitarian organizations to and i will say many countries poland has been the most impressive country of all to me in this they've been the bravest and they've also absorbed the most population. here's what i want to say about zelenskyy. i've been very critical over the years of ukrainian government corruption because it stinks to high heaven to me a separate issue for a separate day i. and i watch this comedian get elected on a on ending corruption platform. this all starts unfolding and i'll tell you what impresses me about him. you've met him. i have it is that there are many leaders in the world in similar situations as he's been offered asylum. i believe it is even offered asylum here. i've been told by my sources and get a private jet they pocket full of cash, other currencies, gold and silver, high heeled shoes.
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i am sure they get their out right. geand he didn't do that . he put on his body armor and he went around the world begging for help from the world, not bootsgr on the ground. he's asking for munitions and humanitarian assistance. now that to me that impresses me becausepr most of it many of the leaders would not have done that . i'll give you the last thoughtve on him and how what you think y they need the mostou. i'll let you sum it up. i talked to the mayor of kyiv who is the mayor klitschko, who former world heavyweight champion now read about this is this was in november. this was somebody who very well could have run against solinsky in the next election and perhaps beat him. we talked to a lot of peopleon that seemed to be the consensust that this would be competitive . a lot of have praise for the president tonight as
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we're sitting here, that same very powerful figure klitschko has enlisted in president zelenskyy, that commander in chief's military he's in is in the fight. so everything i mean this is leadership. wesh talk about leadership. we talk to leaders. no one on the planet's been tested in leadership like this human being really a emotional about this . yeah, well, i got to tell you something. as a conservative, forget ouru, political differences. i don't want to see one moreea dead kid in the street, one more innocentd woman or man dead. i don't want toinno see anydo more images in my lifetime of mass graves like we're seeing there or in chicago fori that matter anywhere. i don't want to see it and we can fix all of these problems if we have the will and desire to. i believe we're the greatest and i thinkarth the ukrainians will win western europe and america needs toer
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supply them with the weaponry to win. and if they do, they'll be defeating in my view, evil in our time. and that's following the reagan doctrine and frankly the trump doctrine, even though you don't care about doctrines, you know the hannity doctrine has we'll give it to you quick. if you invade a sovereign country, you forfeit your right to lead a country and you forfeit your right to live, ti meaning vladimir putin has forfeited his right to live. well, i think that what would be most interesting about that conversation is to ask those generals, those military commanders in russia who also have been sanctioned whose children won't be come to the united states for their education. they're going to england for their education or a lot of other places. if i am i i'm i don't i don't want to invest in the conversation. not that i don't have itt privately about my feelings about what should with direct action should happen to a leader who does that . but if there is a god, thereer
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welcome to fox news live. i'm jackie ubinas in new york. memorial day travel turned into a nightmare for many americans with nearly 7000 flights canceled worldwide about 400 of monday's cancelations involved aircraft scheduled to fly to or from us cities. delta airlines canceling the most flights among major u.s. airlines. the airline blames problems with weather aircraft control and staffing shortages due to covid-19. meanwhile, an annual memorial day cruise night turns deadly in lincoln, nebraska.
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two people were killed, 20 others injured when a crash sunday night sent two cars into a crowd of bystanders. lincoln police say there's no evidence suggesting this was intentional act of street where the accident happened as a popular spot for cruisers over the memorial day weekend and draws thousands of spectators. i'm jackie boneyards. now back to "hannity" for your headlines blog on the fox news .comm. >> i recently interviewed piers morgan about the debut of his brand new show piers morgan uncensored and much more .t take a look. i texted you the morning that you walked off the set of good morning britain. and by the way, the audience should know since you left that show, the ratings have gone like this . they totally went into a nosedive, which is a credit to you. and i told you whatever you do, do you remember i said i don't th think your remind me what did you say? i said whatever you do, don't
11:28 pm
quit. i warning you did i did say that . let show this . i was surprised. i understand how you feel about meghan markle and prince harry. i get it. i probably in full agreement with you, but let's show it and i'm curious why you reacted this strongly to that .un and ide understand that you dont make moku you've made it so clear a number of times on this program a number of times. and iot understand that you've got a personal relationship with macmichael had one and she cut you. she's entitled to cut you. well, if she wants to she said anything about you, she cut you off. i don't think she has. but you continue to trash her . okay, i'm done with it and that's all right now you know what ? that's pretty good. maybe not, but i think sorry. it's absolutely diabolical behavior. i don't think it was diabolical. i think he got rather than
11:29 pm
being on tv, decided to stay out. i'll come back later. that stuff doesn't bother me. everyone acts all offended. >> do you have any regrets at all about that ? you know, it's funny because in some said to me,e, i think yu over reacted with whatever guy he this is the state. why did you bother with him? and i agree the president was right. i did overreact. in fact, i did actually come back into the studio after i walked out aboutou ten minutes the show, nished which i don't think many americans realize i didn't storm off into the sunset . wa but what was interesting about it was there was this standing deputy weather guy who i asked to come in that day giving me this personal tragedy, which is fine but wasn't really a placee given he was on my team. but he was doing he was making mark on to you actually the night before after i delivered my verdict on that oprah win a thon which i thoughtth was soe disingenuous and so full of liesnu. i actually discovered latered the mega megamall written to
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the chief executive of itv, my company demanding that she finally and i was then told on the tuesday after that show that you just showed a clip from. right. here's the deal. you eitherr apologizeogiz but disbelieving meghan markle well, you have to leave. i said why would i apologize for honesty held opinion and i don't think so knowing along the lines i wouldn't have minded strong way. i don't i don't think you'd have ever apologized and that you genuinely felt i think you'd have been taken if that was the option you'd have walked. that's why i walked at that point i my understanding was you were handed an apology that they wanted you toap read . i agree with you and i think itt took a lot of courage tooo say o and walk. i would not havei read that either because you're entitled to your opinion and the wholeid idea that you have a government agency that is hovering over you and monitoring you is the antithesis of free speech. all right. one last question. the already shown is the irony of the government agency five months later found in my
11:31 pm
favor the number of complaints and ofcom rejected all of them. i said it would have beenbe a chilling infringement on my free speech, which it was.wa sos i was very pleased about that . we shouldn't have a regulator like that in the uk butthey they actually found my favoritee last question has to do with our bill marr and now i would never referar the queena as an old bag as he did. i would be more respectful. i'd say yes ma'am. no, ma'am. you and i would joke every time you were on and you took over for larry king and you were lecturing americans on the second amendment and guns. , that's only good for me because it's a part of p american culturear that i can totally understand. you might you might not understand. and i get that if i were to goea over and do a show in great britain and i were to start saying why are you calling the royal your highness, your majesty now i would be respectful to the queen.
11:32 pm
i'vesp she's beenec seventy yea. i think she's been a force for good in terms of world events. but for as an american i justju don't get the wholest royal thig and i'm not calling anybody your majesty or your highnessca except god and . what about me? so gunning for me, your majesty ,i'm just i'm not but i know you're friends with him now. do you understand why americans look at that with skepticism? you know, you made a very good point there about cultural differences. i got very irritated by what i love bill maher. but when he actually said that i had to defend my queen againstt because it's a cultural thing in our country to really love america, we do absolutely revere and love queen elizabeth fauci on the throne. seventy years you know, youth mentioned then the government campaigning i did at cnn. i would do it differently if i had my time again because i think you've got too
11:33 pm
be mindful if you're a brit in a foreign country like america, america has its own culture and it has a strong gun culture. it'sco not one that i feell comfortable with coming from a country with no guns. but i do think i went about it perhaps in a very overbearing way trying to tell americans how to lead their lives. try to're right, if you do that with our royal family, we'll be run out of you. you'd be run out of town. so and i think there are interesting debate to be had about cultural issues in america. but i should be respectful of american's right to lead their lives, how they wish to lead them. well, last note, i went to great britain and i was there and there was an anti trump protest going on . so i said, okay, let's bring our cameras down. nobody will recognize me within about three minutes we hades a near riot on our hands apparently w r people in great britain are pretty familiar with fox news, which i didn't expect anyway. weh wish you the best with the show. we always love having you. thanksyo for being on the show.
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we researched numerous products and summarized rates and benefits of annuities all from silak insurance company called eight hundred seventy seven point one one eight then eight hundred seventy seven four one one eight call now when you can watch it get the latest news business news headlines on you any time anywhere. fox news on sirius found america is listening to. >> i recently spoke to former president donald trump about biden's horrific economy. take a look.k. the president great to have you back . >>yo how are you, sir? i'm very good, thank you , john. reyesterday inflation rose to is highest number in eighty i'm sorry. forty one years eight point five percent. when youou left office, it was one point four percent. today we learned wholesale prices are at the highest ever been at eleven point two percent when you left office it is one point six percent. the price of an average gallon
11:39 pm
of gasoline when you left office was two dollars and forty two cents and now well i paid this weekend four dollars and seventy nine cents a gallon to fill up my own tank . what happened, mr.nt president,i in a little over a year? agai >> well, i think a lot has to do with the fact that the energy you talk aboutut the barrel price or the price per gallon for cars, it's so much we actually had it down to about a dollar eighty seven a gallon and now it's you know, you may have gotten for it but you made a great deal because it's five , six and even seven dollars in some places i negotiated i followed m your lead negotiator. let's taket a lookde contract. so i think that i mean i just think that the energy is such a big factor and is driving everything else up and we are stopping production, closing up wells and we're going toin venezuelag and we're asking them we're going to a dictator
11:40 pm
that everybody is supposed to despise and we're asking them for oil and we have i call it we have liquid gold right under our feet. john. we're going to other countries. we're getting it from india directly. we're getting it from russia because it is indirect but it'sl still coming out of russia atid numbers that nobody's ever gotten before. by the way, we have to create e a tremendous amount of oil and gas and let it be clean and the environment. my last year was record setting clean water and er if you look at the air was record setting, you look at the water wasokg record setting and yet we weren't stopping businesses from functioning b. mrt president, i asked you about this the last time you were on but it's more relevant even you joe biden is inherited an america that was energy independent and he inherited america that wasas net
11:41 pm
exporter of energy. as i said when you left the average price of gas around the country, including all the taxes was two dollars and forty two cents a gallon. we'ree now set a record high after record high in terms of a gallon of gasoline and you made a good pointyo here. he put all these policies in place, kill the keystone xl pipeline. the alberta premier said we'd be literally nine hundred thousand barrels of canadian oil by now would be flowingou into ourr country every day, which would be a good deal for america at this point. we wouldn't need to import oil as joe did last year from russia and iran. but i want, to get into what the solution is. they won't even consider going back to and adopting your successful policies. mrck president, the bloomberg came out with an estimate that the average american household is going to pay five thousand two hundred dollars a year in biden'sin inflation tax.
11:42 pm
the poor and the middle classer in this country, mr president, or as you call them, the forgottene men and women.wo they cannot afford that type of money. to they're not going to be able to survive if this continues. if you're president, what would you do? so what you're saying is all sounds very easy and sounds very simple. not actually that simple, butbi i will tell yougg this is like the biggest tax increase in history. if you look at what inflation is doing and i saw a number today that wages can go up but they're nowhere near what's being taken out of families by pure inflation, just the cost of bread, the cost of gas, the cost of gasoline, the cost of everything. everything is up and then supplyyt chain, you go to stores and they have empty many stores. they can't get product. >> they can't get anything. you go to luxury stores or non luxury stores or supermarkets and the shelves
11:43 pm
are in some cases half bare and nobody's ever seen it. we had we didn't even have to discuss supply chain duringec my administration because it was it was perfect moving machine. it was beautiful. we created the greatest economy in the history of the world. we created an economy that was better than any economy a in history. then we got hit with the chinath virus and after the china virus we did one of the best jobs in the world doing everything including operation warp speedg and everything that entails. the therapeutics, the vaccines it ,everything we did and then they messed it up with the mandate and they absolutelytr were killing our country with the mandates which never happened. but this is just so sad to hear because this was allth a self-inflicted wound .wo inflation too.un the loss of energy independenceh . >> it is so sad to watch. and i also sat down with former
11:44 pm
vice president mike pence to discuss biden's mishandling of the crisis in ukraine. >> well, t i i just must tell that to see the way the biden administration has handled ukraine is a testament to a historic truth that weakness arouses evil. i mean, this is a administration from very early on approve the nord stream two pipelinepi literally virtually a gift to russia, reopen negotiations over the iran nuclear deal and t the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan i think has created the conditions that embolden our adversaries around the world, including putin and russia ton do exactly what they're doing today. i must tell you the lack of the strong american response which would not include military troops, but it would include redoubling our efforts
11:45 pm
to make sure that ukraine has the ability to defend itself by itself, continuing to ship, arms, record pace to haveti punitive sanctions before the fact of a russian invasion, which as we know has already begun i think is is a testamentt to the fact that the world has judged the leadership of the biden administration and found it wanting and now more than ever, we need to send a clear message of american strength. we say that , okay, now the trump administration didgr not grant the waiver foran the pipeline. now joe biden did grant that waiver. announcedsince today sanctions against nord stream two. okay, a reversal back to your policy. but i think there's anothere huge factor in all of this and
11:46 pm
that is i think one ofof the greatest accomplishments of the trump administration was for the first time in seventyti five years, america was energy independent and you left office giving america leaving americaft as a net exporter of energy.or how big i a factor is that in al of this ? well, it was no accident that russia did not attempt to redraw territorial lines in europe by force under administration. so. not??y why didn't they do it?in well, in 2008 when the bush administration was in office, they went into georgia in 2014 they took crimea when joe bideny was vice president of the united states. under our administration we came and the first thing we did was rebuild our military. we restored the arsenal democracy. we made a commitment rd to defed our nation and to stand
11:47 pm
with our allies around the world. we sent a deafening message of american strength and peaceer comes through strength. but it wasn't just that it was when russia's ally syria used chemical weapons on innocent civilians. . president trump ordereded 50 cruise missiles in when the last administration had allowed them to cross that so-called red line and did nothing. and then where we took down isis, abu bakr al-baghdadi, we took out qassem soleimani what russia saw what china saw under the trump administration was wasofni was american strengh a commitment to defend our nation and a willingness to use force to to prosecute our interests around the world. and i just must tell you that again, that combination of of capitulation to iran reopening the iran nuclear
11:48 pm
deal , a capitulation on the nord stream two agreement we had put the sanctions in place because president trump said early on we're going to call on our nato allies to live up toom their commitments to our common defense and we are going tomo oppose our efforts for germany and europe to become dependent on russia for an more natural g. we put those sanctions intont place and one step after another it wasr that communication of american strength that i think held russia at bay. but but it's been the signals of weakness and most especially the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistanth that i think has emboldened our adversaries. it's emboldened putin and the only response is american strength. and coming up, i recently had a milestone right here at fox. what is it? we'll tell you next at everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time
11:49 pm
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experts. we can take your parenting skills to new . >> so recently i did beat larry king's record and i have becomeg thanks to all ofs you,ru the longest running prime time cable news host in the history of cable news. >> my team, well, much to my chagrin actually put together some of the highlightsg from the pastt's twenty five years. it's kind of k humiliating to se the pictures of a much younger me. and welcome to hannity colmes on the fox news channel. i'm seanel hannity on some other sites this objective no, no.ou let g me quote it from an a.m. propaganda video. i'm going to be fair and balanced so that those are the complete works of karl marx, including communists, by the communist manifesto, by minister. welcome back, sir. good to see roseanne barr is
11:54 pm
with scores and thanks for coming. good to see you. thanks for having me on . charlie daniels. ee how are you, buddy? good to see you. d i had you let me do that ruina song and i had so much fun to not ruin it for the crowd got such charge i it just worked. the most influential presidentnc abraham lincoln. tonight we areol coming to you from mcallen, texas. yowe are broadcasting tonight from jerusalem. we are in israel where we are now about three miles from the gaza border. and welcome to hannity, nine p.m. on the east coast of the united states, nine a.m. right here in singapore. and this man, one of the greatest ultimate fighters of all time today.
11:55 pm
this is the oval office. i haveve all the answers and i'l explain the broadcasting live from hanoi. we are v in vietnam. yes. i we are broadcasting tonight .lo we're in london says resist. what are you looking and who's affected you? i'm atest simple question. the answer is yes. you support new york city. why not have an honest conversation about the reality ? just to be clear, the sameha exact shirt that i had the lastu time i was on your show. well, thanks for sharing. i keepep my word you absolutely kept your word or hannity right after this . you can only one thing the rest of your life. would it be easy? pretty sure that's not
11:56 pm
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that is all the time we have in a special edition of "hannity". as always, wespti thank you for being with us. please setet your dvr so youev never miss an episode ofer o hannity at fox news, .com, hannity, .com and i hope you have a great night. ingram go downhill from orlando, florida and the american comeback. i'm laura ingraham and this is the english angle from ourth landow for our american comeca back town hall with florida governor ron de santos. now we have an amazing crowd cpac commentariat . i mean this is a ragtag group g but we're going to keep them here, okay? they're pretty fun.w, we've been hanging out with them now last year almost to the day