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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 31, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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that is all the time we have in a special edition of "hannity". as always, wespti thank you for being with us. please setet your dvr so youev never miss an episode ofer o hannity at fox news, .com, hannity, .com and i hope you have a great night. ingram go downhill from orlando, florida and the american comeback. i'm laura ingraham and this is the english angle from ourth landow for our american comeca back town hall with florida governor ron de santos. now we have an amazing crowd cpac commentariat . i mean this is a ragtag group g but we're going to keep them here, okay? they're pretty fun.w, we've been hanging out with them now last year almost to the day.
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it's hard to believe it's been a year we all gathered here in the same location with fivele republican governors who pledged to keep he open to growco their economies and to protect the basic freedoms of their residents. we never had a statewide mandate. we never give a stay at homecr order and the far left ofve the democrat party who believedl that government should control all decisions made by all americansns and that's somethina that we have tond be willingta and able to stand up and push back against. we're going to give parents 100% option to have their child in the class room five days a week and every school district in the stateee of iowa is going to adhere to that . it doesn't matter what your color, what your backgroundd. or texas is a land of opportunity for absolutely everybody and we want to do not everybody not divide. we're not having that same path. courts in the state of floridaan and not just saying government can't make you privateu businesses can't make you because here's the thing you have a right to participatein in society without them asking
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you divulge this type of health information. we will have a resurgence ofnf freedomor in this country in twenty, twenty two . i think it's going to be a great year for in every single one of those governors lived up to their pledges. but the democrat in the media, they really thought they hoped that these anti lockdown governors would be finished politically. but now while we see they were right all along. w nowit a recent report shows that the states with the most draconian covid rules like new york , they fared poorly in states like floridaly were among the best. and today the new york times grudgingly conceded that governor de santos has governed with remarkablele a effect, embracing policies that once seemed unthink all. but he's been under relentless assault by the press an entire entire term really as governor. and this is because in the past
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year alone he's takene t on the leftak more aggressively than any other a governor in modern memory. meanwhile, on the national level, year over year things are rapidly falling apart underr biden's leadership, negative ceonomic growth, soaring prices nearlys, streaming acrossng the border, rising crime and obviously muddled foreign policy all self-inflicted damage by the democrats in charge. so no wonder the americanno people overwhelmingly are thinking that things are goingin to get worse in this country. not better yet here florida things are booming. hundredsomin of thousands of pee are flocking here to keep o freedom and opportunity. sopp a tonight we're going toe examine the man leadingth this sonon, sunshine state, what some are calling the laboratory for in your face
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right leaning policy and empathizes approach to actually be replicated elsewhere and what'sach next in his showdown with disney and will hispanic voters and women support this ? no holds barred take no prisoners approach in november. joining me nowpp as governor of florida, ron defensive fellow florida.
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i mean, you're going to have to get those guards. you know, those stars like elvis had to start throwing them to a crowd. , this is crazy, actually . like your governorthey. now what we're seeing with this economy nationally, the news that came out one point four percent downturn, a loss of growth for the united states. here was joe biden today, governor , on this depressing economic news. i'm not concerned about the recession. i mean, you're always concerned about recession, but the gdp fell to one point four percent.% i think we're what you're seeing is enormous growth in the country. governor reaction we've seen enormous growth at one point four percent negative growth. well, and he is going to plunge this country into a recession f and that's just the bottom line. he comes into office,ffff they spend trillionsons
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and trillions of dollars, trillions of dollars. you do that , if you are going to sparke a significant inflation. we have eight point five percent and it's really higher than that on the things that matter like energy e and food. ne and so now they're going have to raise interest rates. that's going to sloweres down the economy and it's going to cause a downturn and that is manufactured by joe biden and his inept policies. they want to spend now. twenty two billion more in h covid funding. governor , we have a crowd here, a huge crowd here tonight . florida has been open since 2020 since may of 20200. twenty two billion. >> and kofod what ? well, that's the thing. when he came in and did the trillions the reason c they did it they said covid and they did spend some stuff but it's mostly to bail out the blue states. that's what they wanted to do because a lot of those blue states were governed so poorly we were open our economy is doing well and all it's done is fuel the increases in prices that we're seeing. and it's now i leading tofo
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unfortunately i thinkrt more economic problems on the horizon than i imagine where the growth numbers h would be if they didn't include government spending. right. and i mean, you take out government spendingeg and probably be negative three and a half years and whatat was the growth numbers if you didn't have states like florida and texas actually doing well economically? and that's a big, big lie, governor part and what we want to cover next because just today cbs news reportedy essentially that things are too good in florida saying that florida is the least affordable place to live in the united states. and charlie crist just picked up on this to attack you. so i guess they'd prefer they'dt prefer too live in a state where people don't want to move there and there's a glut glut in housing and you know, for that reason prices stay low. but this is the supply and demand issue a that not of a growing state. we've led the nation in migration since covid.
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and if you look at the states that performed poorly by most metricsha they hemorrhage peopl. florida performed well across the economy. education, all these things and we've gained people. and so the demand to livebe in florida is more intense than it's ever been in the history of our state. enand that's just the realitybe because i think people realizep who your governor is and your state government policy has more impact on your daily life i than even who the president of the united states is. and sos people i made a reference to this in the open ,governor , that almost since day one they have been attacking. i mean, there's always going to be your politics, you know that you do that when you're in the house of representatives. but they saw youey as a particular threat , especially since you and georgia governor abbott and texas christie know a lot of the governors we had here last year when you said no, we're not going your way.
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they took that as a frontal assault on the lockdown policies of the bush administration. what is your response nowtion to years into this two years aftert that they thought you guys were dead politically. they hoped it.lly. well, first of all, my job is to be a leader. it's not to b worry abouter the politics and i never took a poll during covid. i never tried to put my finger in the wind. did you notice to open and to stay open because that was: what the data was telling us . if all youou did was listen to y fauci or some of these people, cnn, you n would think you could never open. actually looked atat the data w very clear . people needed to work. people needed to haveto businesses open and needed to be in school. that was veryde clear . and so. we did an we were when we had the schools, for example, h the media was having an absolute spasm. they were saying this is just so outrageous. and actually we were the ones following the data they weren'tt . and ofof course now you look lok at the collateral damageow
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that happened in those lockdown states locking kids out of school, displacingn people from work, ruining all these businesses. it's going to take them years and years and years to overcome that . whereas i think florida, ourur our society is vibrant because we protected people's freedom. you were dangerous. the kids were going to everyone is going to die.yo the teachers arenen th going tou i mean, it was a constant drumbeat. but florida right now, after all of that criticism, florida now is growing in republicanvo voter registration and the registered number of republican voters now i believe for the first timefo ever is outnumbering the democrat registrations.. so let me just finish because i think it was yesterday, ed governor , that the miami herald reported that there is a growing reluctance from out of state democrat donors tomo spend more money here becauseis they think it's throwing good money afterhr essentially kind f conceding that they don't have
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a chance in florida. your reaction to that ? when i became governor to now we've seen, a shift of four hundred thousand registrationsst in favor of republicans that we've never seen that typen of movement and it'st. building and so by election day we probably will see and a half a million votes shift from november of 18 till november of notwenty two . that is historic n. and i think if you look ater those voters, people are energizedop. we are going to have the biggest turnout that anyny republican has ever had in the r state of florida formb a governor's race in november and that'sng going to help peope up and down the ballot.t and i think that the democratic party in this state is dispirited because what do they stand foris? i mean, it's basically a woke train wreck of a party. we have an audience question from pamela smith. pamelala. hi, laura . thank you . my question this evening is what if what is the gop plan to
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ensure election integrity for the midterm elections? well, i can tell you what our plan in florida is and so in the last year i've signed legislation banning ballot harvesting in the state of florida, in fact making it a third degree felony. we we require voter id when you request an absentee ballot, we don't allow mass mailing of unsolicited ballots and maybe most importantly, we ban zucker books in the state of florida. we are not going to allow somebody like zuckerberg to plow all this money in and commandeer the machinery of the elections and to make sure all that actually works. i just signed a bill last weekfo for the first timer in ourhi history we have in state government an election integrity investigations and prosecution unit whose solet focus is to enforce ourn election laws commentariat they
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call that they meaning your opposition, the democrat party call that voter suppression that you're you'rein scaring minorities away from the polls with theseit voter integrity measures. what would they want to do is they want to ballot harvest's. they want to send ballots out into the ether and then try tont figure out a way to manufacture votes and have people harvesttu hundreds of ballots. we have a question from the audience from santiago villa which is not as glad to see the governor's advances when i notice. so my question to you is every day more and more hispanics, latinos are leaving the democratic party in droves. what are you doing. to bring them into the republican party ? well, i think we've alreadyis done a lot. i mean, if you: look we've done over the last couple of years we were lifting people up while others were locking people down. we protected jobs. we made sure people had the right to earn a living. now that was good for everybody
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,but it was particularly goodd for our blue collar workers, are hispanic.e if you look at us making sure i kids could be in schoolar five days a week, we have a lotn of working parents. they needed to have the kidsno in school. we were standing up for theme and now more recently we are taking t a stand against indoctrinating our kids in our schools. you are right to send your kid to kindergarten without having transgendervi ideology injected and living the rest of them and having to stay right there . some step in our next topic now because we have a great theref is a gap coming out. a couple w of moms who helped kick start the parental rights movement here in florida. plus we're going to speak to to disgruntled disney employees who kind of feel burned by an new radicalism and that old family company we grew up loving don't move. m stay right there.pp
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over and over again it could be a serious defect of the immune system. early testing gives children a chance to dream. "t ingram engle town hall from orlando, florida. the in the american comeback, the system is accomplishing what it was created to do separate you from your children ,gain authority over you and indoctrinate them. this has no placena being taught
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to our children either. we are part of a sovereign state called florida, which isnd a part of a sovereign nation which is called the united states of america. >> well, there's a group of u voters that the left continues to seriously underestimate in twenty twenty four and 2020 two and they did in twenty twenty and they include many in our audience and those watching at home parents. now one month ago today governor dissatisfyo the parental freedom bill into law and now it's drawn the ire big time many on the left fromef derange media, personal tosu the usual tedious hollywood celebrities. now you'll likelytes ho have het described something it is decidedly not this don't say bill really breaks my heart. what the state of florida is doing is not only is itut irresponsible but also dangerous of us to be doing this in terms of the don't say bill when scary territory and nobody's using the word scary with this guy desanto is
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scary. now if you watch the show or not in thirty seconds of research you'll see that the new law has zero to do with that. it is aboutng protecting ourng young children from racial, gender and indoctrination. it's something called preserving in a sense this used to be notoctr a subject of debae in the united states somehow. now it is. joining us now on the stage is jan little john, the momui who lawsuit kind oft served as a catalyst for this parental m. ts movement and tina, the thoughts of it, it was the co-founder of moms for liberty. jan, telll us what happenedha with your teenage child that kicked this all off shore . the pandemic wasan hard on many adolescents and at the heightur of the pandemic, our d daughter came and told that she was confused about her . this is becoming more andan more common and this was after three of her friends and heree in person peer group at school also had come out as transgender.
12:22 am
and so after many weeks w of school had just started,d my daughter got in the car and said, mom, i had a meetingls with three school officials and they asked me which restroom i wanted to use a. an i immediately called the school and was told i cannot be given any information about the meeting because my daughter was now protected by a nondiscrimination law essentially protected from me. they presumed me to be a danger to my child. you're the danger c of a child and there what many are calling grooming a child. we have an update apparently from your lawyer who's in the crowd now. where is fellow? sure. so we after we filed a lawsuit ,predictably the school district filed a motion tol dismiss. have filed an opposition to that and we're waiting on the ruling. but what's more important t is that we are hearing the same exact m.o. of excluding and deceiving parents exactly h
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what we heard here from parents literally around the countryli. but the good news is that parents are fighting back and they're filing lawsuits in states all aroundov the country. and here in florida,erer govern, not only are parents protected by the united states constitution, but they'rere protected by the parents bill of rights and the parentsaf rights and education that youyo signed into law. thank you . it all reminds me of when you go to the pediatric and then the pediatrician says, oh , can you step out off the room when when you're with your child? we we're aree, yeah, no, not doing that . sa a assume that parents will say, oh yeah, you can take my child,, you can you can talk to my child outside my presence. no. can i i want youtiou t to listo biden's disturbing remarks on whom he believes your kids belong to. we always talk about these children. they're not someone else's children. thereey are are children or chin
12:24 am
truly realize yours within the classroom. haina they're not they're notra yours when: they're in they' classroom. apparently they're the educationre establishment, a.k.a. the teachers unions. re. your reaction to that ? the unitedes of states parental rights. it's outrageous.. i gave birth to my i carried them in my. ldren i change their diapers. i nurse them.m. they are my m every mother knowsy that it's their children. table that it is unacceptable that president biden orid anybou in the teachers union or anyone else would say that they are collectively someone else's child or collectively their children. they're they're they're you know, it's a giant i community a of ofnt education establishments and by the way, biden wasn'twi done with that becauseth t governor , he appeared to kinde of take a pot shot at you yesterday. >>id check it out today. there are too many politicians
12:25 am
trying to score political points trying to ban bookspo t, even math books. the other thing we teach you to be worried about book burnings and banning books all because it doesn't fit some of these stoptical agenda. stop making the target of the culture wars, governor . they love the culture wars and they were kicking god outtu of the classroomre. but suddenly they're upsetli because i guess you didn't want political doctor nation and something as simple as a a about that .alkk what we draw a very strong line. in florida. we want we wan education. ination. we do notot want indoctrination and that means m and the reason why we we believe that is because the parents have a fundamental role in thef upbringing and the education and well-being of their kids and i think biden and his folks believe you send them to school. but out and the school's job is
12:26 am
to indoctrinate what they think your kids should learn ornd what your kids should believe. and so thi this is a huge debata in our country. it's's sad that it is. why would you want not parents involved but they don't wantd parents involved becauseen they know that will represent an obstacle to them indoctrinatingt them the way they want to do that .he well, jan, what youar hear from eight main so-called mainstream media is that this is an attack on children, on children who identify differently and that this is a mean spirited piece a of legislation, whether it's a parental rightstb bill or any ofoo the textbooks. and they try to turn it against i think moms and dads, all political persuasions who just reading, writing, arithmetic, some history would be nice. that's fair. but it's an attack on children. your reaction to that ? that's t absolutely false. this is about protecting children because it iss so critical to have parents involved in every aspect of
12:27 am
a child's education. they have carved oututey this common to presume parents to be in enemy but only in thisi one area. ss and it's ridiculous and it's a false narrative being used to drive a wedge in between the parent child relationship. this is fundamentally aboutn protecting children and making sure parents are not cut out of critical decisions being made at schools without them. >> well, thank you , jan and tina. and we will get some more because the bill that came through about through thosese concerns that you just heard caught flak from an interesting corporation an . of course, we're talking about disney bullied by leftist activist disney decided to step out of its role as a great family entertainment company that we all love and into the role of a radical political advocate. and it's notms just moms and das like you just heardke y from fighting back , buts the employees of disney as well. so we raymond arroyo down in disney about 12 miles from here to talk to some of the fede up employees.
12:28 am
do you believe that there's political bias or at leastieve political pressure from within the company to conform towi >> absain ideal ? absolutely.ol this point,at att i believe thi a company has been hijacked by the left, the liberal left. are the silent majority. we go in and we are here to do j our jobob and we do our job. we take care of the guests. dont we don't bring politics into the disney made an even bigger mistake and not listen to us . weey support m the bill because we're parents or grandparents and we want to protect our children employeese everywhere,s people who have retired, people who can't wait to retire, people who work in the company right now in california, here in orlando, all over from everyt segment of the company, they have reached out to me, say thank you . what's going on in the companyor is not right and thank you for being a voice. we needd new leadership. our ceo bob chalfant, you know, he's supposed to be leading a company not following w the volkema. right. and he's the ceo. ceo. he has a fiduciary duty to the stockholders of this company.
12:29 am
that means he has to protect their investment, protect their money and they what do you do to protect the feelings of a few small minority workers in the whataboutism josé castillo is only one of seventy seven thousand disney employees at this park and two thousand more are coming from the west coast. in fact, floridad incentivized the move by giving disney five hundred and seventy million dollars tax cuts over the next 20 years. well, now long time employees are making their voices heard and a lot in the past year has, been heavy, heavy, heavy against this day. not to say don't hurt people's feelings, you know, don't say he see, ladies gentlemen, just very like you know, basically we have to be in fear of what we say now is the letter that went out to the disneyr management asking for political neutrality. n these people said they don't feel welcome in the company anymore. t. in fact, they felt estranged from it. is that how you feel? absolutely. that was that was how i feltut wanting to come to work, put
12:30 am
our heads down and doo the work, create the man and everything like that . it became increasingly harder to do. i am deeplyer saddened by what disney has chosen to take their stand politically and with just their money in general and where i've really seen the company gone such a drastic change from how i started at t the company o where we are now. i meanan t youhe can clearly see the magic is gone. they've made it very clear that conservative christian voices have no place visiting their parts for working at n their partor they . joining us now are two longtime disney employees who are kind of fed up with mickey's political pivot. nick cammarano is an eighteen year disney cast member and food and beverage role in the park and the maga on a thirty year cast member also in food and beverage in the park. nick, what was the initial i reaction from the employees whenni t disney decided to wade into this political morass? i i think everybody's just kind
12:31 am
of confused. they they don't know how to how to take it. we it's been a slow, gradual it's not really a surprise, but it just seems to be accelerating all of a sudden. is that what you: thoughtis t t were going to buy into and decided to take a job with disney? no, no. so many people to dream job.b we thought it was a great job. i've loved my job for 18 years . amy o loves her job and a lot of us cast members and we've just beenen caught by surprise. and recently i had a manager reach out to me that in a managerial meeting they were talking about fighting against the parental rights bill and encouraging all the managers. ow so it's really surprising to a lot of people and she's like, why would you even bring this up in a manager?>> how about just getting the food and beverage to the people who are paying a huge amount of money for those soda sorry those supercops they're expensive and you've thirty year cast member so what are your thoughts here given how insane this political battle has become?ec i justom hate the fact that disney has taken sides.
12:32 am
i just wish disney would just focus children and families and entertaining them and making them happy m and having a magical time instead of just taking sides. sides. i locations are divisible sometimesocat difficult to eveno to work because there's two sides. there's animosity, there's attacks and disney was about americaty.. it was just american wonderful corporation and now it's just another political forum for people to get upset with each other.political forum. go governor , i think it was a new york times in alo piece about yu and a lot of this today saidsi that , look, the original mission of disneyon early i thought was settle disney world in st. louis that was the original thought for disney world. and so they're like t dd. why nt have announced a five year plan to move disney worldced in response to you to st. louis or to atlanta or jared polis and colorado governor paula said bring it on to coloradora will welcome you with open arms. what if you're the governorar
12:33 am
that drove disney out? >> you want to bet that they will not move out of florida? i would be willing to bet a lot of money and you know,i it probably cost a half a trillion dollars to do that . so literally that's a lot ofro big dick cheney. of course it isl is. there in florida. they have huge investments here. where does this end and where you and disney. how is it what's the next step? it just simply ends with theme being treated the same as every other company in florida. they're going to follow laws.e they're not going to have their own government. they're going to pay their debts, payayvern their tas and it's fine. i want i savm to do it. i save tens of thousands of jobs in orlando. if you o had a governor like ane california, these people would have lost their jobs because disney land t is closed for over a year. i gott them back . y in fact, i wanted back earlier and they did. and i and you know, i did it because i cared about the people jobs and their livelihood. butob in the process of doingne that , we made disney millionsol
12:34 am
and millions of dollars because we had sensible policies duringa it. just the reality. so i want everyone to do well, but i am not comfortable having one company with their own government and special privileges when that company has pledged itselfegt to attackg the parents in my state whenta that companyny when that company has very high up people talking about investing pantex into programing for young kids, it's long road. wou they would not want that . want and so get back to the mission you wish you did great. that's why people love the company and you'vee lost your way. be theyb wake up call that they need to get back on track relaxium tony fauci. x you got up next , we're going to be joined by we're going to w be joined by superstar surgeoneo
12:35 am
general dr. joseph lopinto. and asn fauci continues a trip over his own words and his's guidance, we're going to discuss, discuss not just how florida got the coveted response right but alsofu how they're going to react to some of the future challenges to our freedom from the next one . we are the first people to see this . forty two . so yeah. oh , well, good to bring closure to those families who lost loved ones so many years ago. it will be an incredible challenge that one area is right here. this is a good school. no small container with this. that's something that kind of takes your breath away.
12:36 am
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12:41 am
us troops. iraqi officials say the grad missiles struck inside al-assad base in the anbar province just yards from where us forces are stationed. the aerial assault only caused minor damage, no deaths or injuries. u.s. forces are currently playing an advisory role to iraqi forces in their fight against isis. i'm jackie banias. now back to the ingraham angle for all of your headlines, log on to fox news .com. y nowea last year our red states have latest town a year ago tomorrow night if you can believe it focused primarilyst on gop governors not only kept their states afloat buter the rise during covid now they truly put their citizens first, which is what they'rech supposed to do. i and forr that they werele actually called reckless by the left. but none noness worse than the governor sitting next to me and president biden's remember it was so bad and so he was so
12:42 am
vindictive that withheldod anybody treatments in an act of political retribution against florida. now anthony fauci said that he was worried for all of florida under governor sandersons watch. but ve the governor ignored it, stuck to his gunst and now even the most hardened on the left are kind ofar forced in a way to tip their caps. >> c i was critical of governor desanto still during the height of covid, butut if yu really look at the numbers, florida actually came out of florida too he has a story about the economy and the economy is strong. the campaign commercial well, you bet the economy strong. back with mee governor romney descenders along with florida surgeon general joseph lokodo now mr surgeon general, now anthony brown, he has a duty toi the democrats, but even god iss
12:43 am
having trouble kind of getting his story straight on whether the pandemic is mostly over or not. to your response to the latest flip flop by the great doctor .s you know, it's funny you bring that up because i was i was reading that today, you know, because it wasr. it'sst over yesterdayer i think today.i oh ,t it's still on , you know. and we'llee see what tomorrow brings. but this is the kind of inconsistency that has really fueled the distrust for public health officials and it is well earned and well deserved.rved. i mean, whether it's whether it's how they talked about masks initially as something that worked and then obviously the datata show that they wereve not effective in terms of everyone walking around wearing them and but instead of just owning up to it, it was becausei oft omicron, you know, so it just fits in with j that with the with the story changing depending on the political winds. i do got to say something about the surgeon general. he's the anti faucihe is the hey
12:44 am
came from. s and applau yes. stands upp and speaks the truthe . he doesn't care what the narrative is. s.he will tell the truth about all these different issues. and you know what i tell him i don't always see everything you do day to day. but if you're beingut attacked by nbc and cnn, i know you were doing it now. now there is a new office of disinformation that has been that has been instituted in the department of homeland security. this woman, ninaec yanquis is going to head it. they're going to as president obama kind offth referenced this the other day, we have too deal with all the quackery out there. i guess they were kind of talking about you, dr.ere. buffo ..apo: i you know, i take no offense because if quackery means being honest with people, you know, d being straight about what the data actually show and what clinical studies
12:45 am
actually show instead of, you know, holding the flag of whatever you're politically, you know, fueled idea about how a pandemic should unfold is i'm happy to be that i'll be that all day. i mean, there's beenn so is s really stunning how much dishonesty there has beendish i and how little integrity there has been from the public healthh community. and you look at these policies, very burdensome policiest that they push and what dod we have to show for it? i mean, the differences that have happened between states are not related to thesee policies, whether it's keepingt kids out of school orha whatever , but the harms will be related to the policies. will they ever retire, dr. fauci? you know, if i had my druthers,, you know, you'd take him and you chuck them across the potomacc. okay, that's a lot, governor .au and justra stay right there
12:46 am
because last october you made an offer toto police officers and blue cities and states across the country. come to florida. we're f going to give youl the resources and the respec g that you deserve. while many answered that call, includingma two of new york's finest who join us next say their 11 month really calls on americans every day that can chip in and be a part of the promised foundation this may i live to live one life in the chair and i live my life and my prospects to be comfortable as an advocate as myself in my home. that's priceless. the issue that i deal with on a daily basis, i don't have to worry. it allows me more time with my family, a lot more time with my kids. what it means to get the house. i mean that was the heart and soul.
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this they said it's my chance to learn more . so can children dog fight house today the ingraham angle from orlando, florida and the american comebacknnou and flori not only are we going to want to protect the law enforcement and all the jobs, we'rere actually actively working to recruit out of state lawav enforcement because we do have needs and our police and our sheriff's department, nypd, minneapolis, seattle if you're not beingnn b treated well, we'll treat you better here. you can feel important needs for us .or now that was last call sensing the low morale lack of support, the democrat run cities and states are obviously givingf these officers the risk at all every day. program and governor, to say this began a program that was trying to bring officers to the sunshine state and despite the fact that 5000hat dollar bonuses dont even take effect until july 1st of this year, some officers
12:52 am
just couldn't wait. that includes my next guest here now our kalsi and william artis. nypd transfers now brevard county, florida sheriff's deputies. great to see both of you now chelsea, we were just chitit chatting because i used to live in new york and chitchattingiv where you guys are from. sofo you didn't even wait for get thef you had to heck out of?d say you know, i'd say dodge, butn you're kathleen. ue yes. we were very eager to come to florida to be in a state led by governor santurce and i work for sheriff of our county. now when you saw what happened during the riots w after the killing of george floyd, someone who lived in new york, i my heart my heart broke for the people of new york .hat goo good officers, peopleof tryingfh keep peace on the ground. william, as a police officer at the time, you get stuff chucked at you in the you.
12:53 am
what what went through your mind? the main thing that wentoi through my mind was i got to get home at the end of the day, get onto my family, my wife and you know, just wearing where i'm going to be where we were going to get sent to. but for the most part it was i got to go home at g the end of the day just like everybodyt else, you have to survive and it's all but youne know, being a police officer, kathy was going to be dangerous if that's the nature of the job. butt explain what was happening on the streets during the reign of democrat terror in thett in manhattan, in the boroughs, atan the time that you were most concerned. it just became a very day. it was a dangerous job that was already becoming more dangerous and it was scary. id we didn't see each other for days and it was just you were there to basically protect the people that were, you know,t
12:54 am
shouting, you know, harmful law enforcement at you. and it was very scary. and william, what do you say to officers across the country who are feeling the way youwi felt? you know,g to just some months back ? i'll tell them the same thing somebod told me florida is a great place to work. you got a great governor . there have been fantastic aboute the department and everybody i mean, i would say from the florida state house to william greatest both of you and we hope you have a great career here in florida. more with governor de santos next . carenever wonder how much your neighbor's house is worth ? go to only .com to search home value estimate and compare your home to be worth more than you think. visit bonaly .com today.
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hey, hey, everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium slate and here with my good friend, a country music legend, larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me does that relaxium really work? i remember that night because
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: first of all, it has been awesome out of washington, d.c. here in orlando, governor disanto's, final thoughts? >> we believe in law and order.
1:00 am
we believe in parents rights in the state of florida. >> laura: will we do this again next year? >> absolutely. >> carley: remember, everybody, america now and forever. the laura ingraham show, all the freedom matters gear. >> todd: hundreds gathering to pay respect of the victims of the texas school shooting. in the first week held in uvalde. today marks one week with claiming innocent lives inside the hole is of the robb elementary school. here on a tuesday morning todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, this would have been the start of summer break but instead funerals will continue in the the days to come, 21 minutes todann


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