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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 31, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we believe in parents rights in the state of florida. >> laura: will we do this again next year? >> absolutely. >> carley: remember, everybody, america now and forever. the laura ingraham show, all the freedom matters gear. >> todd: hundreds gathering to pay respect of the victims of the texas school shooting. in the first week held in uvalde. today marks one week with claiming innocent lives inside the hole is of the robb elementary school. here on a tuesday morning todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, this would have been the start of summer break but instead funerals will continue in the the days to come, 21 minutes today beginning at 12:00 to
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honor the lives lost as a community and nation continued to mourn, jackie ibanez. >> could morning, carley and todd, though shooting that left 19 children and two teachers did appear to hundreds of mourners stood in line yesterday to pay their respects and 10-year-old avery joe garza, rodriguez spirit private and public services for all of those will be ongoing in coming days but meanwhile the mayor of uvalde calling for side of the massacre robb elementary to be demolished. >> i don't think anybody's plans is anything but to be tore down. i would never ask or expect a child to ever walk in those doors ever again. this is a building that needs to be gone, taken away and gone. >> a teacher from the school speaking out about the horrifying moment bullets
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shattered the windows of her classroom. >> i just kept hearing, boom, boom, boom and it kept going off what felt like an eternity. i had one student laying on top of me. and i had a bunch of other students right over here by me. and i just started praying, please, god, please god, keep us safe. >> carley: that teacher nicole auburn hailed a hero to get her students to hit the ground seconds before the bullets flew into the classroom. miraculously, her prayers were answered in all 15 of her students survive the attack. governor abbott taking a moment during memorial remarks to the teachers and students to unify in the face of tragedy. >> what happened in uvalde was a horrific act of evil. as texans, we must come together and lift up uvalde.
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>> today at 12:00 central time, many texas media outlets will go dark for 21 minutes to honor each of the victims that were lost, back to you guys. >> carley: jackie ibanez live for us. thank you. charged with a felony for allegedly posting a picture of himself with multiple firearms with a threatening message account schools. the caption of the post allegedly reading "hey, siri, directions to the nearest school." revealing the guns were airsoft. also in florida, cops released the mug shot of a 10-year-old boy after jokingly text a friend that he had bought for assault rifles. the boy also writing he planned to bring them to an end at any event at school. former player, jack brewer will join us later in the show with his reaction. >> todd: president biden suggesting a ban on
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9 millimeters handguns. >> .22 caliber bullets were live and we could probably get it out and save lives. 9-millimeter bullets out of the body. so the idea is high caliber weapons. no rational place for it in terms of -- >> todd: the president also saying the constitution was "never absolute." the americans could not go out and buy a canon when the second amendment. and that was by many fact-checking organizations. now, dramatic gun-control measures of his own, listen. >> we need less gun violence. we cannot let the guns debate become so polarized that nothing gets done.
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we cannot let that happen in our country. what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in canada. >> congressman james comer joins us now, congressman, good morning to you. you are the prime minister say that if this bill passes up north, people in canada will no longer be allowed to buy guns here they are being encouraged to give up the guns they have through a gun buyback program. we want to talk about this with you because this seems like it could be something to move the goalpost in the u.s. this could be the new hole for gun-control advocates here. so, what is your reaction to this? what will happen to canada if it passes question work >> well, i'm not really shocked justin trudeau would push somete this. it seems like every year during his administration he gets
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further and further to the left. we see that with the democratic party in america. they get further and further to the left. i think canada is successful in banning guns, just like the prime minister proposed, you will see what happens in chicago and washington, d.c., where they annexed strict gun control. crime actually goes up here the criminals will break the law and continue to own guns. all that will be punished by the excessive gun-control will be law-abiding citizens who want to own firearms to protect their families. >> todd: based on what we are hearing do you expect a gun compromise with the democrats? or is nothing going to happen on that going forward besides staying in their entrenched positions? >> well, obviously this is an emotional issue. if there were evidence that shows excessive gun-control laws somehow limit gun crimes, then i
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think there would be the potential in the house of representatives for some type of government. but there is not evidence out there that shows in acting gun-control could do anything to relive to reduce gun crime. this is something the left has been advocating and successful against the united states. but everywhere there is gun-control laws in these blue cities, you have the highest rate of gun violence. so my concern is coming law-abiding citizens having the ability to go out and purchase firearms to protect their families. we have instances almost every week where there is a citizen that protects their family with a firearms. we also have horror stories like we saw in uganda. so this is a serious issue but gun-control is not the issue. i think republicans have advocated for many years for
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more funding for mental health issues and for better coordination between law enforcement agencies whenever you have these types of threats, especially among high school students. we also advocated for security. what we saw in texas, a great amount of security. we saw a school that was supposed to be secure but unfortunately, there were mistakes made in the shooter went in the back door. so we have to learn and certainly do everything in our ability to never see this. >> carley: senator, led by texas john cornyn, they will meet today to talk about possible bipartisan gun reform bill. i know red flag laws and universal background checks are something that are being floated. we will have to wait and see if anything comes of that. going back to what prime minister justin trudeau said introduced legislation on basically a gun ban. in canada, other than using
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firearms for shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in canada should need guns in their everyday lives. and i think he just left out a really important point why somebody would want to buy a gun. and that is self-defense. >> self-defense. if you look at rural america in kentucky, any respective criminals know that every household in the community, the rule community, believes in the second amendment to protect their family. that is what the second amendment is all about. i think democrats want to lose sight of that. they are trying to score political points to push their radical left agenda. and i think we need to focus on security. we need to focus on mental health issues, better coordination, better training,
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but certainly not do anything to infringe upon our second amendment rights. >> todd: and talking about the fact it does not appear what happens from progress of our left perspective up in canada sometimes makes its way down to us. that is increasingly more so every single day. with that, congressman, your thoughts on this president biden will meet with federal chair jerome powell with the current state of businesses that typically thrive during the summer. your ice cream shop, shutting down overwork and, the decision to pay people not to work has put us in the mess we are in. your local ice cream shop not being able to hire people because people get enough to stay on the sidelines and they are used to it by now. >> exactly, todd. the president has put jerome powell in a box. the economy is seriously
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spidering right now because of inflation and because of supply chain crises, because of the labor shortage. all of these have been created by bad excessive spending and policies that pay people not to work. we've had a war on american energy that has led to more inflation. we've had american last agenda that focuses on ukraine's border security above american border security. all of these things have led to the situation where we are now in inflation continues to rise and it is affecting every american's paycheck every day. the federal reserve will only be left with one option to control inflation because that is their primary role to control inflation pure they have to raise interest rates. when they raise interest rates, that makes it harder to buy a home and usually makes the stock market go down as we have seen with the last few rate increases and that will affect your rate.
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this is what happens when you have bad left-wing policy and that's what we've had out of the biden administration. >> carley: the op-ed in "the wall street journal" began like this "global economy faces serious challenges. exacerbated by vladimir putin in ukraine and energy markets are in turmoil, supply chain that hasn't fully healed are causing shortages and price hikes." nowhere does it talk about the american rescue plan and extraordinary amount of money into the economy at a time when america didn't necessarily need to be rescued. >> we did not. and i said countless republicans in the house of representatives kept saying that. there are consequences to borrowing money from china and inflation. here we are we have a high inflation with locked down. i'm 49 years old and there's no end inside. to think you will see more and
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more inflation and the policies will shut the economy down. the economy of paying people not to work. these policies are going to have unintended consequences and that is higher inflation. i don't think jerome powell has any options other than to increase interest rates, and again that will have detrimental effect as well. but i think that outweighs inflation. joe biden has put us in a terrible situation with the excessive, unnecessary spending with his war on american energy and the only way to combat it, it appears is through higher interest rates. >> todd: 4.5 million people out of the workforce than pre-pandemic level. that is not good, congressman. congressman james comer, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me on. >> carley: the border crisis not using up with 4,000 illegal immigrants crossed over the rio grande into the u.s. over the holiday weekend. >> todd: border patrol saving multiple known sex offenders
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re-crossing the border. alexandria hoff with the latest, alexandria. >> crossing the border because likely deported. chief reporter agent tweeting "two days in a row agents in the del rio sector, and a picture there in total to an offender is now three days ahead of the border patrol praised his agents for additional findings as well which include 131 pounds of fentanyl and assassination suspect. the agents performed 22 water rescues. they found the bodies of three apparent migrants who died trying to cross the rio grande. in a statement, rodney scott laid the blame on the biden administration for this crisis "there is no effort to secure the border and figure out who and what is coming in with a chaotic situation like this and they have created this through their policies."
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regarding the administration's tactics, i'm sure migrants and planes like westchester, new york, and we saw the images 2021 but telling "the new york post," she plans to subpoena the dhs for control of congress. telling the post "we need to get all data, all information from the department of homeland security from any federal agency involved in the smuggling operation of human smuggling traffic operation paid by the taxpayers in the dark of night and a republican majority can demand and subpoena the records. we intend on doing that." elise stefanik said they've gotten little to no response from dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas. >> todd: alexandria, thank you. we can be hours away from -- >> carley: the jury to deliberations with campaign lawyer to not testify in his own defense last week. brooke singman live in washington and what to expect, brooke, good morning. >> good morning, the jury could
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deliver a verdict as early as today in the trial of michael sussman. judge cooper sent the jury to jury deliberations friday afternoon with the government and his defense but cooper said jurors should not be improperly influenced by biases including political affiliation. special counsel john durham aim to court armed with evidence including emails, bills and receipts for jurors during closing arguments as they make their final arguments to sussmann lied to the fbi when he said he wasn't bringing trump russia allegations on behalf of the client spirit and build the clinton campaign on the same day he met with the fbi. according to the evidence, sussmann built a campaign 2016 for work in communications with a confidential project. that same day, sussmann went to fbi general counsel james baker claiming he had information of a
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covert communication channel between the trump organization and russia. sussmann's attorney said he it is possible he spent three hours working on clinton campaign items and rightfully build the campaign. his attorneys argued about that. the fbi meeting was separate. the session 9:00 a.m. and met several hours friday afternoon. to deliver a verdict this morning or more deliberating to do but we will bring it more to you as it comes in. >> todd: thank you. >> carley: senior reporter josh boswell said that democrat sweeping under the rug, the hunter biden scandal, the clintons and speaker nancy pelosi's husband, watch. >> we see this path emerging among some of these prominent families in politics where you get maybe not being charged with any crimes, but simply swirling around many of them going through generations.
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one example we have been talking about is the pelosis, and these issues of potential stock trades and then her son embroiled in over five federal investigation spirit it is still ongoing, in fact. look at the president of the united states, joe biden and his son hunter biden. we've done a lot of reporting on, of course, but that showed there is a pattern that we need to be asking questions about it. >> carley: take a look at this a boy who can't swim plunging into a pool. we will show you the split second decision that say that little boy's. >> todd: plus the national gas price average up another one sent. you are watching "fox & friends first" on a tuesday. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: welcome back. take a look at this. a father and son on her by the police for saving a 4-year-old boy with autism. as you can see surveillance video showing a baby nonverbal plunging into a pool. 12-year-old maddox bought at the
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boy in the water from his window and quickly warned his dad who rushed to his life. he is reunited with savior at a press conference. crazy man as hometown hero. >> carley: maddox and dad, you are heroes, god bless you. americans planning to eat out list thanks to the cost of inflation, 60% of restaurant owners feeling the strain from record high gas prices. west palm beach, florida, doing everything it can to keep cost down for customers. the restaurant general manager drew shane joins me now. drew, good morning to you. it is always tough to be in the restaurant industry, but it is particularly tough now. what are the challenges you are facing? >> good morning and welcome to a rare moment of solitude. i think some of those spoken about rising cost, the labor pool coming out of the pandemic.
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these are all challenges that the industry phase. the important thing is to keep an eye on the quality. the quality of the food, beverage, service. we have to work hard with the vendors to find ingredients that are available during these scarce times. so we can serve our best stuff to guests. the shrinking labor market is turning around. i think people are coming back to hospitality as they see we are resilient in the face of some of these challenges. here specifically, you play with the menu a little bit. so we run the specials when we have to. we changed our wine list and i can't count how many times because it is so hard to get the products in all the time because the supply chain is not what it was. but all of that is slowly coming back. you will see the great days ahead. we have certainly come out of a great season with a great
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memorial day season. we are optimistic. >> carley: showing images of your restaurant, i know what is beautiful and you have been successful despite it all. i was talking to a restaurant owner and he said for him it is avocados. a box of avocados cost $100 where it used to be $40, $50. those prices have to trickle down to the consumer. >> you know, when you get to specific items like that commit is very, very difficult and we are fortunate here, a scratch italian pitch it where avocados will not impact this restaurant specifically, but yet you have to be creative in menu planning and it is an opportunity for chefs and culinary's to trying to find ways to use different ingredients in different ways. i know it is a challenge and i know business and restaurants are pushing through it.
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>> carley: you are lucky. the reason why the price of specific items like avocados affecting your restaurant because it is a larger place. but the small mom-and-pop shops, it can be a real pressure appear there is a new poll out which i thought was interesting that i wanted to ask you about. 1,500 u.s. consumers. it says 74% of people are likely to dine at restaurants and 74% are less likely to skip things like dessert, 72 said they will skip appetizers. are you noticing trends like this at all and are you concerned about them? >> we are very fortunate to be in palm beach county a thriving part of the country and thriving part of south florida. people are moving here a lot. so, we have been fortunate to not see that trend. besides, we have the best tiramisu that you would ever have. so who would skip the tiramisu? >> carley: up your restaurant
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has an interesting story because it opened during the pandemic at the height of the pandemic, i believe. what was it like going from covid-19 to record high inflation? >> well, at first it was interesting because we were interviewing and hiring our team during the height of the pandemic. meeting people in masts and try to get to the know them it was interesting. when we open we didn't know what the response would be like. it was amazing right out of the gate. so we open to a full house. the guests loved us to the point where we were voted best new restaurant in palm beach. so, we persevere through those tough times due to an amazing team around me and our staff was unbelievable. so, we are feeling things are more normal day by day. and our sales and guest response reflects that. >> carley: cost to eat out 7%
1:29 am
but the best tiramisu, it might be worth it. thank you for joining us come appreciate it. >> have a great day, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome. moving on to this, more than 30 people dead after memorial day violence rattled big cities across the u.s. including some with the strictest gun laws in the country. >> todd: so where is the outrage from local leaders and communities? 911 dispatcher in chicago.
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>> carley: update on the war in ukraine. president biden said the u.s. will not arm ukraine with missiles that can range as far as 185 miles, which could hit russia. watch this. >> long-range rocket systems to ukraine? >> we are not going to send to ukraine rocket systems that would strike russia. >> carley: those remarks, as
1:35 am
retaliation missiles argued against territory. a multiple launch system has long been a top request for ukrainian officials who call essential to slowing the russian assault. south carolina congresswoman and alice veterans affair nancy mace will join us later in the show with her reaction. the first-round pick jeff is dead after memorial day car accident here and he was drafted by the vikings and the first round of the 2020 draft. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. his alma mater, paying tribute to the stand out writing he was a frequent visitor to campus and was at the spring practices and proudly joined by his young son. he will be missed by our entire community. the viking sharing this memorial on social media. and he was just 25 years old,
1:36 am
todd. >> eight people dead and thousands injured over the violence over the memorial day weekend and many of the tragedies unfolding in democrat cities like chicago which has the strictest gun laws in the country. keith thornton jr. and 911 dispatcher from chicago joins me now. keith, nothing seems to be improving and the liberal cities. are we going to be back here next memorial day doing a segment about a horrible weekend of violence? >> it looks bad. good morning, todd, my position and title. i can't go any further before saying thank you to all of the personnel of the united states who have made the ultimate sacrifice but what a horrible thing on this beautiful day that we are supposed to commemorate the people who gave us the freedom of the united states to only lose it mass shooting after mass shooting throughout chicago. 40 killed and shot in over six killed this week and so far.
1:37 am
>> todd: let's look at this map, the map of the most violent cities this holiday weekend. philadelphia leading the list with 13, your city of chicago, nine new york, three. baltimore, fatal shootings. the cities have the strictest gun control and run by liberal mayors. white aren't the people who live in the city say enough is enough and vote the people out of office who are allowing this to happen? >> well, we have super ultra liberals for leftists, politicians consistently destroying the cities and spreading to the suburbs and now the united states and the type of things we continue to do every year. and this nonsense has to stop. and we vitalize the stress and be honest, be real.
1:38 am
we have black on black crime and yes, white people doing things as well. but we need somebody to take the position and say you need to cut this out and if you don't do it the accountability of what we will do to you. it's not happening here. it's not happening. >> todd: keith, you mentioned the spread but we have video of looters clearing out the shelves and some really nice doors here these folks don't seem to care. new york city write up the street from a very nice area, the upper east side become a guy randomly stabbing someone just randomly. will that finally be the catalyst to change and rich people see the impact and they will sort of lead to change finally or is this going to continue on? >> well, i certainly hope it doesn't continue on. the big cities came from the l.a. city in chicago where i grew up. i came from a not good area but my parents instilled things like hey, you don't kill and stab people.
1:39 am
but this is a new generation of youth coming up nowadays without those parents and without those mentors here is what this is what is taking place. when you don't have that at all liability and you have -- accountability and you have city council within the cities,. we will keep coming back to these things. >> todd: what is your mayor in chicago doing to take care of the problem? here is a thought, keith. why not flood the zone with the cops on the payroll, not just chicago but all of these liberal cities throughout the country? why don't the liberal mayors and councils do that? >> you know, she is extending their shifts and over and over all summer long this will go on, beat up and retired and tired of nonsense. that is not the answer and the police is not the answer, counselors coming out. and we need parents to take accountability for their
1:40 am
children we need the mayor and everybody else in the chief of police to kim fox, the state attorney here, she needs to do her job to keep these individuals in jail and prison and that is what they are supposed to be doing but that is not taking place here. a curfew, give me a break they let them out of jail after shooting and murder and what the heck are the people going to do more than a letdown her? >> last question, the travel season and a lot of people like to go to the cities to worry about the history, shopping, food and if you were planning a trip would you go to the cities profiled on the map? philadelphia, the birth place of the nation, the greatest city in the world, chicago? would you plan a trip with your family to any of these places? >> you know, i would love to but right now, no. anyone saying that they would like to come here in chicago or,
1:41 am
hey, law enforcement, so many great people within the city and neighborhoods who wanted to come and i would say it's not the best time to do that. i've never done that before and it is sad, very sad and we need to change that. >> keith thornton jr. come appreciate you giving us the reality what is going on on the ground, we appreciate it, sir. >> todd, god bless. >> todd: likewise, sir. gas prices another record high this morning. a list of the states where it is costing the most and some on the list may surprise you. speak to thousands of flights canceled or delayed with the but holiday weekend which is the worst and what is really going on we talk to the head of the southwest airline pilots association coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: an estimated 39 million people travel for memorial day weekend holiday. that is right. and cast prices hitting another record high creeping close to $5 a gallon on average.
1:47 am
over the memorial day weekend come americans in some cities all the prices go higher. take a look at this, california drivers paying $6 a gallon, $6.15, and including nevada, oregon, hawaii, alaska and washington. drivers in new york paying under $5. like i mentioned earlier, carley, aaa estimated 39 million of us hit the road. >> carley: i cannot emphasize that number. >> todd: i would have thought that number would have been higher. >> carley: 39 million. >> todd: the beautiful weather on the east coast but again, maybe the gas prices are impacting people. >> carley: $6.50 in california. some gas stations, $7. i remember i read an article last year and estimating for a dollar a gallon gas and people are like no, that is not going to happen. and now way above that. the recent gas is so high because of the gas tax which is
1:48 am
about to increase july 1st by $0.03. >> todd: that is what the people want. >> carley: so democrats want to keep the gas price up to stop using gas altogether and use electric vehicles and one of the workarounds because people are upset at how things are is that they are proposing a $200, cutting $200 checks to anyone making less than $125,000. >> todd: but your original point, they want people to not drive and want people that do drive to drive electric cars. whatever california will do, watch the biden administration to follow suit. it is interesting remember trump, california had strict rules? you can't have that. we need to make one standard so these companies in detroit and throughout the country can make one standard. they don't need 18 different standards for 18 different states. i find that fascinating, just because again, this is part of
1:49 am
the overall progressive approach. you would be shocked by the things on the list. we are shocked by alaska. don't they make all the oil ha ha, no pun intended, drilling in alaska? it has to do with the fact the producer said if you cannot drill for it doesn't do any good to. >> carley: california, hawaii, nevada all democrat run in washington number four and rather than something that is so in interesting and a huge detriment to the country rather than encouraging the oil companies to increase drilling like the regulation, the biden administration is apparently looking towards venezuela. and they have a plan in place to ease tensions on venezuela to allow companies to tap into their supply. this is risky with bipartisan criticism. new jersey is furious about this. >> todd: he is not a fan of venezuela and rightfully so. you saw diesel $8.99.
1:50 am
even if you don't drive wherein one of these cities where public transportation and i hate cars, you are paying for it because you buy stuff. that is something -- >> carley: i hate cars. >> todd: by that diesel. >> carley: all right, turning to this now, speaking of travel, this memorial day weekend, they were more than 5,000 flights canceled globally and thousands more delayed. the casey murray, the president of the southwest airlines pilot association joins me now, casey, this was a headache for so many people across the country and around the world, really. what happened? >> well, this weekend -- thank you for having me, carley. this weekend was tough with weather. there was some widespread weather, widespread storms, quite a few tornadoes. with the amount of people
1:51 am
traveling commit was a rough week and for everyone. >> carley: here are some frustrated passengers telling us what they are going through. listen to this. >> since you got here, the emails, they canceled. apparently infinite weather. our flight got canceled and arriving in atlanta. >> carley: so we are hearing you say, talk about weather and. what needs to happen to get the airline industry back on track? >> well, speaking of southwest, you have a point to point system and everybody else and four southwest two takes a little bit longer to recover from these issues. and we are seeing a lot of inefficiencies as well as some shortages as well across the whole airline. and that is causing some issues for southwest. it also causes us to take a little bit longer to get back on track.
1:52 am
>> carley: way or the staff shortages happening? >> well, i believe on a macro level a lot of it is post-pandemic. there are so many workers in the u.s. that sort of disappeared from the entire labor force. from pilots, there is a pilot shortage. it is difficult to recruit and retain the best pilots. so, we are kind of fighting that as well. >> carley: all right, so, you know, in the summer months and kids are getting off school. a lot of family vacations that people are looking forward to. what can people expect as the summer months progress? >> i think it will be a challenge for everyone across the industry. again, shortages from the ramp workers to operation agents, those that check you land, checking bags as well as the pilot spirit it is going to be a challenge. and has to be managed quickly by management. >> carley: how would you
1:53 am
propose doing that? >> well, it is southwest. i was on with fox in october and southwest had a fairly large melt down then. i said, someone needs to have southwest what they are doing proactively to take care of these problems. we see the same the same inefficiencies to connect pilots to airplanes. a lot of that is in place and will present challenges with the shortages as well as inefficiencies. >> carley: do you have advice to people headed to the airport? there is nothing worse than going to the airport and having your whole day, week and planned out and getting a flight cancellation with seemingly no explanation behind it. >> well, i would offer to hang in there. it is going to get better. as far as the southwest pilots, they are the hardest working, safest production in the world and we will do everything to get you to where you are trying to go and as safely as possible.
1:54 am
>> carley: we were talking about gas prices and average price $383 per round-trip ticket, 34% increase from 2019. and we talk about the airline industry, gas prices are such a huge top of the conversation. >> yeah, it is definitely a pretty major headwind for us. you know, in today's world, especially the airlines, operational efficiency and operational success is the key to financial success. when we are talking about inefficiencies that i was just mentioning and how southwest is connecting pilots to airplanes, you know, that adds money and it also adds inefficiency with a very high fuel prices just breeds more inefficiency. >> carley: there is so much inefficiency when it comes to the airline industry these days. casey, thank you for joining us.
1:55 am
we appreciate it. >> thank you, carley. >> carley: you are very welcome. we were talking or land that showed the verdict of the case of the clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann as early as today. we break down where things stand right now. >> todd: and congresswoman nancy mace, jack brewer, tomi lahren, all on deck. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ you had me at allison® 10-speed transmission. ♪♪ premium and capable.
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>> carley: hundreds gathering to pay respects to some of the tiniest victims of the texas school shooting with the first wakes being held in uvalde. today marks one week since a gunman claimed 21 innocent lives in the halls of the elementary school. you're watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. this week would have been the start to summer break, funerals will continue. media going silent at noon local time today to honor the community and nation continues to mourn. >> today marks one week since the uvalde school shooting. hundreds of mourners stood in line yesterday to pay respects at


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