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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 31, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: hundreds gathering to pay respects to some of the tiniest victims of the texas school shooting with the first wakes being held in uvalde. today marks one week since a gunman claimed 21 innocent lives in the halls of the elementary school. you're watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. this week would have been the start to summer break, funerals will continue. media going silent at noon local time today to honor the community and nation continues to mourn. >> today marks one week since the uvalde school shooting. hundreds of mourners stood in line yesterday to pay respects at wakes for garza and
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rodriguez. services will be ongoing in the coming days. the mayor is calling for robb elementary school to be demolished. >> i don't think anybody's plans are to tear that building down. it needs to be torn down. i never expect a child to walk in those doors ever again. that building needs to be gone, taken away and gone. >> a teacher from the school is speaking out about the horrifying moments bullets shattered her classroom. >> i just kept hearing boom, boom, boom. it kept going off, felt like an eternity. >> i had one student lay og top of me and a bunch of other students here by me. i just remember praying, please
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god, please god, keep us safe. >> carley: that teacher is being hailed a hero for getting her students to hit the ground seconds before the bullets flew into her classroom. all 15 of her studentss survived the attack. texas governor greg abbott taking a moment to remember the students and teachers in the face of tragedy. >> what happened in uvalde was a horrific act of evil. as texans, we must come together and lift up uvalde. >> carley: today at noon central time many media outlets will go dark for 21 minutes to honor each of the victims. >> todd: president biden wanting more gun control, this time on nine-millimeter handguns, listen.
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>> president biden: a 22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, we can probably get it out and save a life. nine millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body. the idea of high caliber disav fact checkers. >> carley: trudea proposing a total freeze on gun sales. >> we need less violence, we cannot let the gun debate become so polarized that nothing gets done. we cannot let that happen in our country. it will no longer be possible to
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buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in canada. >> carley: that's a big deal. trudea saying he doesn't believe canadians need handguns in their everyday lives. james comer says this takes away people's right to self-defense. >> i think what you will see in cities like washington -- crime goes up. criminals will break the law, they will continue to own guns. >> carley: canada reported highest number of homicides in 2020 in 19 years, despite strict gun laws already in place there. we could be just hours away from the verdict in the trial of michael sussmann. >> todd: the former clinton campaign lawyer chose not to testify in his case last week.
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brooke singman joins us. >> brooke: the jury could deliver a verdict today in the trial of michael sussmann. the judge sent the jury into deliberation friday afternoon following closing arguments. the judge said jurors should not be impacted by political affiliation. john durham's team came with e-mails, bills and receiptss for jurors to see as they made their final argument to prove sussmann lied to the fbi when he said he was not bringing trump-russia allegations on behalf of any client there is an invoice where the clinton campaign was billed on the same day he met with the fbi. this was for work and communication regarding confidential project. michael sussmann went to see
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james bake they're same day, claiming he had information about covert discussions between trump organization and russia. attorneys argue the fbi meeting was separate. court is back in session this morning at 9 a.m. the jury met friday afternoon and it is unclear if they will have a verdict this morning or if there is more deliberating to do. we will bring it to you as it comes in. >> todd: brooke singman, thank you. daily mail's josh boswell says democrats are sweeping scandals under the rug. >> starting to see this pattern emerging among prominent families in politics, where you get, maybe not charged with any crimes, but certainly investigations swirling around many of them going through
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generations. one example we've been talking about is the pelosi and the issues of improper stock trades and her son was embroiled in over five federal investigations, one is still ongoing, in fact. just look at the president of the united states, joe biden and his son, hunter biden, who i've done reporting on and the laptop and everything it showed. there is a pattern here. >> todd: seven after the hours. minor necessary florida arrested for making violent threats against schools, including a 10-year-old boy. >> carley: twisters tearing through the upper midwest and severe weather threat is not over yet, fox weather forecast ahead.
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>> carley: florida police released a mug shot of a 10-year-old boy arrested saturday after allegedly threatening a mass shooting at his elementary school. the boy texted images of assault rifles to a friend and told them to get ready.
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>> todd: jack, also in florida, a teen charged with a felony for allegedly posting a picture of himself with multiple firearms. these were air soft guns, the message he read, siri, directions to the nearest school. jack, we were both teenage boys, 10-year-old boys interested in sports, school, boys depending on the age. how do thoughts get in the kids' minds? >> i work with kids everyday, coach them and have a mentorship program in florida tochlt see the mentality of the children have really changed, what they're capable of has changed. a lot of times, they don't have discipline in their lives. the vast majority of these kids are fatherless, they do not have a person in their life to put
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the fear of god in them. they are capable of anything when they consume so much media. we can't comprehend as adults how much media these kids are able to consume and information, they are seeing guns and news and playing video games with high-powered weapons and now they have vr virtual reality, they can walk into rooms and select any form of gun or weaponry they and want they become immune to life, immune to really what humanity looks like because their brains can't comprehend it. we have a problem in our nation and have to address this as a problem and sickness. we have to call the doctor to do the healing. we can't walk around and pretend everything is okay when we are seeing what is happen nothing our streets. over memorial day, 50 or 60 people have been shot in one
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u.s. city. we have a problem, a problem seeing it is not the guns, it is actual people pulling the trigger. >> carley: going back to the 10-year-old boy in florida who was arrested after texting a friend saying he bought four assault rifles. now he says he was just joking. do you think it is okay to handcuff a 10 year old and release his mug shot? i think it is to scare him, some people say too aggressive. >> we have a soft culture that doesn't want to hold the kid responsible. do not spare the rod or you hate your son. you have to start disciplining kids again. we need to bring the paddle back to schools. police officers need to handcuff kids so they see there are repercussions. i walk into prison every week and look at men who have given their life sxup given up their families for one stupid mistake,
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it is not fun. reality of the penitentiary, there is reason the united states of america has the most people in prison per capita than any other country in the world, why america is the most fatherless nation in the world. we need to start show thanksgiving and kids need to know they will be held accountable and bring discipline back to our schools, but more importantly, word of god and discipline back to our homes. >> todd: jack, instead of that, some are teaching this. north carolina preschool teacher caught using woke flash cards featuring a pregnant man in order to teach kids about colors. there they are on your screen. jack, why are teacher/activists insistent on filling our kids' minds with insanity like this? >> they have been indoctrinated by universities and now the same
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people are running our schools, teachers unions, the most loudest voices in the room. can you imagine teaching a baby, giving a baby this type of knowledge at this age? you know what you are setting them up for. imagine what our society will look like in 10, 15, 20 years if we continue to allow people to educate our children. there must be accountability in public schools. i'm blessed. i can afford to send my kid to a private school, get a great education, i know what they are putting into my child's heart and mind. some people can't afford that. it is not right that your children are being exposed to this demonic teaching and this thought you are going to push sin, that the bible calls sin, upon kids, it is not right. >> carley: your perspective is invaluable right now. thank you for sharing with us. >> god bless you.
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>> carley: god bless you. >> todd: the white house communication department getting help from friends in the media. >> there is very little any sitting u.s. president can do in the short term to lower prices. >> carley: joe concha has his own message coming up next. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions to help you engage and retain top performers today, so you can have more success tomorrow. ♪ one thing leads to another, yeah, yeah ♪
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>> todd: gas prices taken up a cent to another record height today. that is not president biden's fault if you ask cnn. >> there isn't much president biden can do in the short term, remains to be seen what solutions they will find, options look bleak at this point. >> carley: joe concha is here.
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the biden administration would certainly agree with that, do you? >> joe: i am certain, carley, as sure as you were born and the sunrises in the east, if gas prices were at all-time high under the previous president, we would not be hearing the excuses that the current president is a victim of circumstances. remember, the biden administration that shut off the keystone pipeline five minutes after taking office and shut down drilling in alaska oil rich region and biden administration cancelled three off-shore oil leases scheduled for the gulf coast and in alaska. polls show americans say energy independence should be a top priority in this country, north of 80%. this president, this administration is out of touch and out of step with what voters want and will pay a huge price come november midterms, carley
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and todd. >> todd: drilling down on the business expert cnn trotted out there, correct me if i'm wrong, do you think she is one of the economist joe biden references talking about how great his plan is? >> joe: is she a noble winner? >> todd: she could be one of the 17 noble laureates the president mentions that nobody has heard of. >> joe: they exist, the problem is the noble laureates that talk about build back better, the bill that was supposed to lower inflation and decrease the deficit, which is impossible, they exist, but have since said no, we misunderstood what we were being asked and we no longer support this or the argument that i just made.
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not much to add there. >> carley: i'm sure you have something to add here, there is "new york times" guest essay by zachary carrabell, he talks about russia versus china and says the u.s. has a choice to make issue adding intensifying fixation on china potential to disrupt the world order shrinks cooperation with beijing and distracts from the real threat in the world, which he says is russia. he suggests biden administration should work with china instead of compete with china, which sounds nice, except i don't think china is on board with that message. >> joe: carley, make no mistake, china is our number one adversary, the only peep they'll live otherwise have been living on krypton for three years and didn't see what this country went through and experienced in regard to covid, our personal
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health and the health of our economy and china again knew about this virus well before they let the world know and let us know and you have to wonder again, if it was created in the lab, was it intentional? we'll never know. china will never cooperate in an investigation and this obsession with russia and russia is an adversary, no question. you see what is happening, look at size of the chinese military and economy, which dwarfs that of russia, that is people have you to pay attention to working with nice thought, but they're not very interested in working with us and you need two to tango, as they say, carley. >> carley: exactly. look at the belton road initiative, replacing the united states as number one super power in the world and that is not changing, right, todd? >> todd: right, carley. i guarantee this guy has a tie
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to the ccp, probably getting paid somewhere down the road. >> joe: see you wednesday, bye. >> carley: fox weather alert, first hurricane making landfall in mexico. hurricane agatha delivering winds of 70 miles per hour as it batters the coast. national hurricane center says conditions are dangerous, two feet of rain could fall in some areas. the mexican government opened 200 shelters in advance of this system, strongest hurricane on record to hit that region in may. and eight million americans were under tornado watch yesterday with severe storms battering the midwest. minnesota getting brunt of the extreme weather, reporting multiple tornado touchdowns.
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[sirens] >> todd: at least 100 homes were damaged by the storms which delivered hail and high winds. over 50,000 still without power. janice dean, nonmeteorologist like me knew this was going to be a big deal, we got the messages from your team that said get ready for a bad night. that is scary. >> janice: fox weather.comhas you covered. we have storms hitting some of the same regions. area of low pressure across the midwest, bringing hail, damaging wind and tornados. we do not have a tornado watch right now, which is good news. i expect things to ramp up. cold enough for snow in the mountains. future track, we calm down this morning, watch what happens in the afternoon, storms percolate
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from the texas panhandle through oklahoma and kansas, toward chicago and great lakes region. severe threat today stretching from texas toward the great lakes including chicago, kansas city, tulsa down toward amarillo, texas and stays the same, this front lingers, stalling out and brings risk for severe storms from big bend of texas up to the interior northeast. that is tomorrow. we'll be watching the storms fire. you mention the hurricane moving across mexico, remnants could go into the gulf of mexico and could be dealing with this this week along the gulf coast. this is hurricane agatha, this is a pacific hurricane, we have not seen our first hurricane in the atlantic san. it will move to the gulf of mexico and could see potential for rainfall along the gulf coast.
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busy., we will keep you updated. >> todd: a busy holiday weekend for border patrol with flood of 4000 illegal immigrants crossing the rio grand. >> carley: yeah, violence rattling big cities across the united states, including some with the strictest gun laws in the country. >> we have super ultraliberal leftist politicians who are consistently destroying our cities and subbushes and now the united states. >> carley: what will it take to get leaders to act? tomi lahren joins us next.
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>> the border crisis not easing up, 4000 illegal immigrant says crossing into the u.s. over the weekend. >> carley: border patrol nabbed multiple known sex offenders entering alexandria hoff has more. >> alex: writing two days in a row, agents encountered convicted sex offenders. the findings included 131 pounds
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of fentanyl, heroin, three gang members and an assassination suspect. the agents performed 22 water -- bodies of three apparent mifwrants who died trying to cross the rio grand. former patrol chief rodney scott laid blame on the biden administration for the humanitarian crisis. there is no effort to secure the border and figure out who and what is coming in. they have created this through their policies. regarding tactic of ushering migrants by plane to westchester, new york, congresswoman stefanek says she will seek legal transparency. we need to get all data and information from the department of homeland security involved in the smuggling operation paid for
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by taxpayers in the dark of night. republican majority, you can demand and subpoena the records and we intend to do that. stefanek says her office gotten total no help from secretary alejandro mayorkas. >> todd: bring in tomi lahren, fox nation host. tomi, you heard alexandria hoff go through the tweet listing drugs and other items caught. that is well and good. if that was caught, can you imagine the scope of what is getting through? the bad guys, the drugs, all of that? >> tomi: those that want to come into our country to do harm are taking advantage of the situation that has been created by democrats and the biden administration that sent a message to the world. if you wanted to come unvetted and undeterred, now is what you are seeing.
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glad you mentioned what we are not catching coming across the border and that is what most americans should be concerned about, when you have this chaotic situation, you have thousands of people coming, you have border patrol agents as baby sitters and ushers welcoming people in, spending time babysitting or rescuing, the worst of the worst are slipping through the tracks and coming across multiple times. they are taking chances because they know the chances are high, they will slip through the cracks. we need a new dhs secretary, new leaders who will take it seriously and i hope the american people understand what is happening because once we open the flood gates, there is no going back and we'll have to deal with it, it is not simply changed with the new administration, this will be a lasting problem, fix it now while there is a chance.
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>> carley: going over chief ortiz's report, 131 pounds of fentanyl, 26 pounds of heroin, 13 pounds of meth, 22 water rescues, which can be extremely dangerous. 10 of the migrants are sex offenders, three gang members, one assassination suspect, one suspect wanted for murder and three agents were assaulted during the work to keep the border safe. what is motivating democrats to turn a blind eye to this issue? is it political? are they motivated by blind compassion in some sort of way that is clearly misdpieded? what is it? >> tomi: this is not compassion, look at the individuals coming to the united states of america, they will not come over to live the american dream. they exactly to live in the
2:38 am
shadows. when i hear democrats saying having open border is compassionate, i throw the bs flag on that one. i believe democrats want to usher in as many people as they can, dedicated democratic voters, indebted for getting them across i believe they are looking for a new voting block. otherwise, there is no excuse, dangerous for migrants and for americans and not something that can be sustained much longer. >> todd: memorial day weekend violence leaving 38 dead, dozens injured across the nation. look at this map. philadelphia, what a horrible, horrible weekend there. 13 people dead. chicago, nine dead. baltimore, eight. how can leaders of the cities continue to stay in power when carnage is in the streets seemingly every weekend including holiday weekends like this? >> tomi: listen, we just spent
2:39 am
the last week talking about tragedy and violence and it is important topic to bring up, look at what is happening in the cities across the nation on weekend by weekend basis, we have mass violence and lawlessness and so easy for the democratic party to call it gun violence and move along. if they call it gun violence, they can blame an object instead of blaming the government. it is rampant, culture of lawlessness and fatherlessness and people believe they can do whatever they want in the streets. it is lack of leadership from administration, politicians and the household and that is something more difficult to address and tackle. we have to if we want to get a grip on what is happening. not letting felons and thugs run the street, that would be a good step. look at policy that allows people to do this every single
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day. cities with the strictest gun laws in the nation, mind you. >> todd: thank you very much. this fox news alert, explosions ringing out -- in omaha, nebraska break out into massive three-alarm blaze. nearby neighborhoods being evacuated. >> carley: full-blown travel nightmare over the holiday weekend. cheryl casone is breaking down what is behind it, coming up next. >> a lot of it is post-pandemic, so many workers in the u.s. disappeared from the labor force. for pilots, there is a pilot shortage, we are fighting that, as well.
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>> todd: thank god the band got back in time. other people did not. memorial day misery as airlines cancel thousands of flights over the four-day weekend. >> carley: it was the worst. cheryl casone joins us. airlines struggle with post-pandemic staffing. >> cheryl: rough weekend. good morning. u.s. airlines canceling thousands of flights
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over the memorial day weekend. more if you count the global amount of cancellations. florida and new york, you had weather and staffing shortages due to covid and other issues, travelers are frustrated. >> as soon as we got here, we got the e-mail our flight was cancelled. >> apparently, we had inclement weather and i arrived in atlanta 3:00 a.m. in the morning. >> cheryl: airline fares are higher with average round trip jumped up 34% from the same period in 2019. deta announcing service reduction from july 1 to august 7, industry officials explain the challenges ahead for the airlines. >> a lot of it is post-pandemic, so many workers in the u.s. disappeared from the labor force, for pilots, there is a pilot shortage we are fighting,
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as well. >> cheryl: that pilot shortage is a big deal. military is not cranking out pilots anymore, that is a big deal. 200 flights are delayed, almost 50 in the u.s. this morning, that could go up today, as well. >> todd: your favorite summertime staples could be in trouble and the economy is to blame. >> cheryl: yeah, president biden set to meet with federal reserve chairman powell today. it is interesting timing wise, friday jobs report for the month of may. dealing with record high inflation and labor shortage, businesses cutting hours of operation. powell has been put in an impossible position. >> the president has put powell in a box. we've had expensive spending and policies that pay people not to
2:47 am
work, a war on american energy that lead to inflation. federal reserve is left with one option to control inflation, they will have to raise interest rates. >> cheryl: on friday, economists expect jobs created, but that is slowdown from april's 428,000. >> carley: if you are watching from california, you are about to be bummed out. >> cheryl: you were talking about high gas prices last hour. look at this, top 10 states with highest prices. no surprise, california $6.15 a gallon. hawaii close second at $5.44. oregon, illinois, all over $5 a gallon. today national average is $4.62, new record we're seeing. we were at $3.04 a year ago, a lot of that is because of more regulation, less drilling and less domestic production, having to do with the biden
2:48 am
administration policy when it comes to energy. trying to play catch up, not willing to go the distance to get what needs to happen to happen. >> todd: thank you. boston university raising -- 4.2%, highest increase in 14 years putting cost of tuition for the next academic year over $61,000. dr. carol swain is former professor at princeton, vand bilt and senior fellow for constitutional studies and joins me now. statement from bu's president. this increase does not keep pace with the current rate of inflation and cannot offset university operations or fund salaries. assuming that word salad is true, dr. carol swain, where is the money going? >> i think it is such a waste,
2:49 am
university education these days because they are not teaching young people how to be critical thinkers, how to be prepared to live in our society, they are not teaching them to respect the constitution, i think parents need to think long and hard about whether or not it is worth it, even at elite institutions they turn out future supreme court justices, members of congress, newspaper editors, we see what is happening to our society and part of that is because we're not educating young people to be citizens of america. >> todd: let's get to more on that. new survey by harvard student newspaper finds pour % of graduates lean conservative and 2.4% lean very conservative. how can we have a functioning democracy when not all sides are
2:50 am
represented at the collegiate table? instead you are getting indoctrination pure and simple and you bring that into the real world? >> i believe the same survey suggests they are not selecting students that lean conservative, only a small percentage of students who indicate conservatism are actually getting admitted. then once admitted, to make it through the system, they have to adopt progressive views, otherwise they have a difficult time. it is possible for conservative students to go to universities and make it through, but it is very difficult, it shouldn't be that way. i can tell you that after 28 years of experience in academia, it wasn't always that time. you had conservative prosecute fessors, liberal professors and moderates, you had an opportunity for students to get
2:51 am
more than one viewpoint, that is no longer the case. sad for america and the institution, in general. >> todd: and sad for students, they are not getting ready for the real world. thank you, carol swain. some are speculating who might run if biden doesn't run for reelection. congressman nancy mace is on deck to react. >> carley: check in with steve doocy to see what is coming up on "fox and friends." hi, steve. >> steve: hold on a second, i'm ordering coffee for the show. >> carley: order me one. >> steve: they have a new mango pineapple dunker refresher with lemonade, green tea and cocoa nut milk. sign you up? >> carley: let's do it. >> todd: do i get coffee today? >> steve: we'll see. good morning to both of you. on "fox and friends" on this tuesday, today marks one week since the devastating school shooting at the school in
2:52 am
uvalde, texas, the latest on the investigation as a teacher recounts the haunting tragedy and a busy weekend at the border, they nab sex offenders and deadly drugs. asa hutchinson will join us. and fighting inflation. and tom cruz has a need for speed, soaring to the top of the box office with "top gun maverick," how accurate is the film? we'll weigh in and will went to the movie and he'll give us his review. we have a busy three hours, kicks off eight minutes from now. don't go anywhere, todd and carley back in a couple. honey, what's guy fieri doing at the neighbor's house? it's sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! everyone grab a king's hawaiian slider! ...slider sunday? sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday!
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♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. people evacuating their home after a huge, three alarm fire
2:57 am
eruption chemical plant downtown omaha, nebraska. firefighters battling that blaze early this morning. explosions would be heard from inside the plant which authorities assigned to bursting propane tanks. my goodness. no injuries have been reported. authorities are still investigating what sparked that fire. >> todd: provided a advanced weapon systems that could hit russia. >> are you going to send long range rocket systems to ukraine? >> we're not going to send ukraine rocket systems that can strike into russia. >> carley: south carolina congresswoman nancy mace joins us now. this reminds me over the debate over the mig fighter jets where president biden says that he doesn't want to send these multiple launch rocket is systems because he sees them as escalatory or too provocative.
2:58 am
volodymyr zelenskyy wants them. what should would he be doing here should the president send them or is the president right? >> what's provocative here was vladimir putin that invaded ukraine that has killed thousands of ukrainian civilians. committed war crimes. i believe that zelenskyy should have the arms and defense equipment necessary to beat back and defend his country. so we can keep putin out of there. we have got to make sure that, you know, most americans, i will tell you, they don't want troops on the ground in ukraine. the best way we can ensure that hans is ensuring that president zelenskyy has what he needs to defend his country. so far, it's working. >> todd: meantime, early primary voting kicking off today in your great state of south carolina. what do the voters in your state want, congresswoman mayes? and are the people that are currently leading the hill democratic power rankings should joe biden not run in 2024 the one to deliver results to the people of what south carolina want, maybe even including
2:59 am
harris, buttigieg, warren, klobuchar? >> they certainly wouldn't be winning in south carolina in 2024. you can see it now in 2022. democrats scrambling, seeing the polling that's out there. there is going to be a giant red wave, and that red wave starts in 2022 starts? south carolina's first congressional district where i serve it starts in every single swing district across the country it means that republicans need to show independence that our message and our policies and our values are what are going to lead our country out of the mess that joe biden has created because he has been on the wrong side of every single issue. and today marks the first day we have a new law, new voting law in the state of south carolina that governor henry mcmaster signed into law. you can vote early over the course of the next two weeks. i will tell you south korean families are worried binflation. they are worried about the price of groceries and food when they go to gas prices and the southern border.
3:00 am
we see member of the ms-13 gang arrested here last year. human trafficking and sex trafficking issues. drug issues. so we're working really hard to pull out of a big win. we are up 20 points right now and expect to hold the line over the next two weeks and looking forward to continuing to represent south carolina going forward. >> carley: there you have it. got to leave there. congresswoman thanks for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now ♪ multiple firearms and threats against schools. >> days after 10-year-old boy threatening a shooting miss had own elementary school. >> these kind of copycat instances have to stop right now. >> president biden will meet with jerome powell today businesses that directly thrive summer shutting down over worker shortages and high costs. >> all of these have been created and exasperated by bad policies in the biden administration. >> the north carolina


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