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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 31, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> looking at the beach, ocean city, new jersey, great day to be on the boardwalk. 88, full sun today. let's go. >> bill: stay tuned for bill and julie banderas. >> bill: good morning, 9:00 here in new york. memorial day marred by violence. some of america's biggest cities it's unchecked. dana has time off. i'm bill hemmer, hope you had a wonderful weekend. >> can't complain. beautiful weekend. i'm julie banderas. good to be back on tuesday. let's get the show rolling. you are watching "america's newsroom." here is how the holiday weekend got started in new york. not exactly a positive story. a man in a ski mask chasing down a random guy and stabbing
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him multiple times with a large knife in broad daylight on the upper east side. attacker still at large. >> bill: los angeles smash and grab robbers pummeling retailers clearing out a store as the staff appeared customers look on in disbelief. >> dana: a bad weekend for gun violence. 39 people shot and killed across the country. garrett tenney is live in chicago. good morning. >> good morning to you. let's start with the stabbing in new york city. police are still looking for that suspect dressed in all black wearing a mask who got off of an e-bike, pulled out a knife and with no provocation started attacking a 29-year-old man carrying a brown paper bag. this happened thursday afternoon. the victim was slashed multiple times in the back and arms. police say the victim did not know the attacker and they're still looking for that suspect. this comes after chilling video
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was posted on social media showing an individual shouting obscenities on a new york city subway and grabbing a woman's hair as she tried to move away. as other passengers stand there the woman whispers, somebody help me as she sits there being held by her hair for almost 30 seconds until her attacker says get up and lets her go. there are also questions about another video that went viral showing an asian man being held and beaten on a subway platform. nypd is looking into it. the man who recorded the video tells the "new york post" it was vigilante justice. the asian man had tried to sexually assault a woman in a subway car. this morning the mayor eric adams said police are trying to zero in on dangerous people on the city's subway system. >> omnipresence. we'll get more and more officers out of desk duties into the subway system to deal
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with the feeling of disorder. then zero in on those who are impacting our quality of life. >> nationwide there were at least 14 mass shootings including two here in chicago. one of which took place early sunday morning outside an elementary school where five people were shot. city officials are expected to give an update on the weekend violence this afternoon. >> bill: that's a lot. garrett tenney leading the coverage in chicago. thank you. >> dana: take a look at another piece of crime for you at that smash and grab video out of los angeles. this was at a sephora. shoplifters clearing out shelf after shelf throwing items into trash bags. a witness posted the video. a nearby forever 21 was hit. los angeles is one of many big cities that are seeing a surge of smash and grab robberies. it is a sad state of affairs.
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>> it was common for sometime. we haven't seen that for several weeks. as for the mayor in new york, he is a former transit cop, remember, nypd. he needs to get on the subway and ride it and do it every day and bring tv cameras with him and let people know they aren't going to take this. he needs to walk the sidewalks of new york city and bring tv cameras with him and needs to be out there. he has yet to do that. >> he needs to be out there talking to the cops. they're so frustrated for so many years with our former mayor deblasio who didn't feel like the mayor was giving them the support they need or listening to them. i would like to see him talk more with the cops. >> bill: we're on the verge of a dicey summer not just in new york but all over the country. the elected leaders have a job to do. get it done, get on it. people are waiting. >> for sure.
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the lawyer for house speaker nancy pelosi's husband is pushing back at reports on his drunken driving arrest in california over the weekend. police records show paul pelosi was released on $5,000 bail. mark meredith is in washington with the latest on this one. >> good morning to you. the california highway patrol says paul pelosi was arrested after he was driving a car that was in an accident. he is 82 years old and not hurt in the crash nor was the other driver. after the collision pelosi was arrested for suspicion on dui. his attorney claims his client was driving home alone from a dinner party in oakville when the crash happened and that following the collision, pelosi was cooperative with investigators and booked into a nearby jail and released sunday
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morning on a $5,000 bond and getting a statement from spokesperson for speaker nancy pelosi who says quote the speaker will not be commenting on this private matter which occurred while she was on the east coast. there pelosi's attorney insists this is not something that is happening all the time. not a common occurrence. denying other reports out there that paul pelosi was charged with similar offenses before. the attorney saying it could be confused with another person living in california with the same name. while paul pelosi is not as well-known as his wife he is very successful. he has a san francisco-based investment firm and they own a home or vineyard in napa valley not far from where the crash happened. >> bill: back to texas we go. justice department saying it will investigate law enforcement's response in the mass shooting about a week ago in uvalde, texas. police waited about an hour outside the classroom with 19 police officers in the hallway. 911 calls from kids trapped
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inside were made during that time. casey stiegel is back on skeen live in texas to begin another week unfortunately there. good morning. >> good morning to you. the mayor of this community is the one who requested that d.o.j. probe so that it is done by an independent agency to help insure transparency and fairness to use the mayor's words because as if this act itself was not horrific enough, learning that police made admitted mistakes with their response absolutely crushing. that 18-year-old gunman was inside robb elementary school for more than an hour as you said. responding officers were there for more than 45 minutes of it but told by the school district police chief to stand down until swat arrived. all the while calls flooding the 911 center, little voices on the other end pleading for
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help. >> i just kept hearing boom, boom, boom. it kept going off. it felt like an eternity. i had one student laying on top of me and i had a punch of other students right over here by me and i just remember praying please, god, please, god, keep us safe. >> faith-based groups, volunteers, grief counselors have descended on uvalde the past week, a city most americans had never heard of prior to this. but it is neighbor helping thy neighbor. >> one word comes to mind beautiful. it has been beautiful and been getting larger and larger. more people are coming and locking arms to get through this tragedy. >> anne marie garza celebrated her 10th birthday two weeks before the shooting. today friends and family will
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celebrate her life at one of four visitations that are scheduled just for today. the family says the little girl was very creative, so much so she wanted to be an art teacher. >> bill: casey, thank you. the stories continue unfortunately. casey stiegel, thank you. >> dana: we'll have much more on this coming up later with a state lawmaker from uvalde who will be telling us about a harrowing account from a mother. she believes the law enforcement delay caused her child's life. >> bill: 10 minutes past the hour. president biden holding a one-on-one meeting, a rare meeting inside the oval office with the head of the fed. what further measures will they take to fight inflation? we'll ask that. >> we're on verdict watch in two major cases. one involved clinton campaign
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>> julie: jury deliberations resume in the johnny depp/amber heard defamation trial. it has gotten underway. the actor is suing his ex wife for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote in 2018 about being a
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victim of abuse. the column did not name depp but everyone knew who she was talking about. over the weekend he made a surprise appearance playing guitar at a u.k. concert with jeff beck. keep it here for any news on the depp/heard verdict. have you been watching this thing? >> jeff beck is phenomenal. what is johnny depp doing there? jeff beck is legendary. >> julie: it was a surprise pop-up. they wrapped up closing arguments friday and next thing he is on stage with blond hair. he colored it. >> bill: we're on stand by for a verdict. it's about defamation, isn't it? >> julie: we forgot. that's not what they talked about the entire trial. it was fun to watch. >> bill: president biden set to hold a rare oval office meeting with fed chair jerome powell as
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americans feel the effects of the economy in turmoil. here is the situation. inflation is a problem. price of gas hitting another all time high today, $4.62 this morning. meanwhile the stock market has broken an eight week losing streak. the major industries still down. looming over all this shrinking economy contracting in the first quarter. the first time it happened since the start of the pandemic. want to bring in brian deese from the white house economic council. good morning to you. thank you for your time. i want to start with inflation. where does the white house see inflation? do you see it moderating, is it going higher, or do you see a slowdown? >> i think where we are now is in a transition. transitioning what has been historically strong economic recovery to what can be more stable and resilient growth but at the front and center of that is tackling inflation and
6:18 am
bringing down prices and bringing them down as fast as we prudently can and that's what the president planned today and the meeting with powell is about. we need to give the fed to operate and use the tools it has to address inflation. we need to bring down everyday costs for families during this transition period and third we need to bring down the federal deficit. we have made progress on that front. the deficit down more than 1.5 trillion already this year. but we need to make more progress there as well. >> bill: with regard to what you just said due respect i won meddle with the feds, the subtitle. it is an oval office meeting one-on-one. >> well, it's standard practice for presidents from time to
6:19 am
time to meet with the chair of the federal reserve to get their perspective on the economic outlook. that's standard. in this case, what the president will do is underscore publicly his commitment to supporting and respecting the independence of the fed and you have already seen that from this president in terms they are now in chair and the president is looking forward to hearing from powell. what he will underscore is his commitment to respect the independence of the fed, give the fed the space it needs to operate and that is not something that we can take for granted and not ways that some prior presidents, including the former president, approached this issue. so president biden will underscore his commitment to doing that today. >> bill: you said the independence of the fed twice. will there be a camera in the oval office? >> i believe the president will have an opportunity to make some remarks at the front of the meeting. meeting itself will be a
6:20 am
private meeting between chair powell and the president. >> bill: we're hanging on that word won't meddle with the fed. diesel costs today versus last year. it is a killer for so many. the price is up here and handed down to just about everyone across the country. do you feel the pain? >> absolutely. look, this president and our entire team understands that when the price goes up at the pump typical families feel it. as to your point when the price of diesel goes up it affects transportation and lodges particular costs. that is the impact of putin's war in ukraine. the price of diesel and gas at the pump are up more than $1.50 since putin started amassing troops at the border because we brought russian oil off the market and russian refinery capacity to create diesel off the market as well and we're focused on doing everything we can while keeping the pressure on vladimir putin. >> bill: i get it. it comes up in every
6:21 am
conversation. it was pointed out in the "wall street journal" piece i point out as well. your energy policy has taken us from energy independence in the other direction. on case after case. >> respectfully we're producing more oil. we're producing more oil this year than in the first year of the last administration and producing record amounts of natural gas and exporting record amounts of natural gas and we worked with the industry to encourage them to increase production further a million barrels a day is their public commitment by the fall. this president has taken the step of releasing a million dare else a day from the strategic reserve to try to address the immediate supply challenges we have here. and also to reduce the cost. >> bill: the whole strategic petroleum reserve is pennies on the dollar. that is what it amounts to. i know you won't budge on this but i want to move to one more topic. student loan. call for five.
6:22 am
here we go. wiping out $10,000 of debt per borrower could cost billions of dollars. that price tag notwithstanding. the "washington post" has been reporting it that the president will forgive student loan debt. the white house won't confirm that. will it happen, brian, on behalf of the commander-in-chief? >> the president hasn't made a decision on that. those reports are premature and so it is an issue among many that we continue to look at. the president continues to look at. there are millions of american families out there who are not well off who are working and trying to get ahead and for whom the burden of student debt is a real practical issue and why the president spoke to it on the campaign and why he continues to assess options that make sense in that space. he has not made a decision and i won't get ahead of that. >> bill: we'll wait on that. what do you say to those who --
6:23 am
the millions of americans who signed contracts for those loans and they could possibly be forgiven? there are millions of americans who made a decision not to go to college, it might have been financial and it is their taxpayer dollars that may ultimately relieve some of that student loan expense. how do you square that? >> we want to create more economic opportunities for everybody across the income and education spectrum. one of the benefits of the strong labor market recovery we've seen is right now there are more opportunities for those at the bottom end of the income spectrum to get better jobs with higher wages than there have been in decades. at the same time, there are families out there struggling with student loan debt and i think for a lot of those families having the ability to breathe a little easier at night and maybe make economic choices to start a new business or take a new job would be good for them and good for the economy. i think we can help people
6:24 am
broadly across the spectrum. that is certainly what has happened in this labor market recovery and what the president is committed to do. but again beyond that i won't speak to any specific proposal before the president does. >> bill: the economy is issue one. please come back. i have a ton more questions and we'll cover more ground next time and see whether or not there is movement on student loan debt and more houses that go with that. brian deese from the north lawn. >> julie: the crisis at the border taking no break over the memorial day weekend. the stunning number of migrants who tried to enter the u.s. illegally. plus outrage growing over the police response to the mass shooting in uvalde, texas. anguished parents asking why it took nearly an hour for law enforcement to finally storm that classroom and if the delay cost their kids their lives. what happened that tragic day one week ago? a texas lawmaker shares one mom's harrowing story next.
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>> julie: president biden rejecting a request from top ukrainian officials for vital military aid. he says the u.s. will not provide weapons that can hit targets inside russia. this as the european union tightens the economic screws on russian energy. we have mike tobin joining us live in kyiv, ukraine with the latest. hi, mike. >> russians are praising president biden's pledge to not provide ukrainians with the long range rockets. ukrainian sources say multiple launch rocket systems they've been requesting is not ruled out with shorter-range rockets. that would give them an advantage with fighting on the ground. meantime the russian blockade in the black sea threatens the world's food supply and a broaden conflict. >> with russian warships on patrol in the black sea the ports on ukraine's coast are shut down. that means a quarter of the world's wheat substantial harvests of corn, barley and
6:31 am
rye are stalled and at risk of rotting. poor countries food supply becomes more insecure with weak or corrupts government and terrorist groups become more powerful controlling the food. that is why the u.s. general on the fast track to taking over as nato supreme allied commander suggested allied warships should secure the route. but experts say with the military already stretched thin, russia would not provoke a larger war. >> i think the risks to the u.s. or others should be seen to be low because the consequences for russia crossing that line are so high. >> russia has offered to ease the black sea blockade in exchange for an ease on sanctions. ukrainians call that food terrorism. >> terrorists there can be no negotiations. quite opposite.
6:32 am
>> ukrainian president zelenskyy spoke with the turkish president about a solution to the black sea. it goes through turkey. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: we mentioned this a few moments ago. wall street open 9:31 in new york. the long memorial day weekend where you can sit back and think about how things are going, right? we ended an eight-week slide. haven't seen that in decades. investors wondering if stocks have turned the corner from a brutal start to the year but we're off now 300 at the open. all the thought and consideration over the weekend led people to a different place here, right? we were just talking to brian deese from the white house about the economy and how the white house sees things. he made a strong argument that they will try to do their best to fight back on inflation. it's the fed we're watching now. they expect to raise rates two more times this summer. if they do that we sit back and
6:33 am
say how is it going? if they change their mind and don't do it it may give investors an idea things will go higher sooner rather than later. all that is out there right now. >> julie: that's something to ponder as people go into their summer break. >> bill: correct. i would say with everybody traveling over memorial weekend they looked at the sticker shock. >> julie: people are spending money. it's incredible. >> bill: they got a little more money from the government. >> julie: despite the fact it costs them double to go anywhereby car and 40% increase on airfare. it will be interesting to see how the stock market plays out. >> bill: 33 past the hour. jury deliberations resuming this morning in the federal trial of former hillary clinton campaign attorney michael sussman. he is accused of lying to the f.b.i. the first trial brought in special john durham's investigation into the trump/russia probe. david spunt with more on that
6:34 am
today as we begin again. david, good morning. >> good morning. we're officially on verdict watch in federal court in washington, d.c. special counsel john durham awaiting this verdict eagerly says the evidence is overwhelming to convict former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman who met with the f.b.i. in september 2016 and relayed allegations of a secret back channel between the trump organization and a kremlin-connected bank. durham says the lie and the reason see charging the former clinton campaign attorney with lying to the f.b.i. is sussman did not admit he was actually meeting on behalf of the clinton campaign. sussman said he was working on his own, not on behalf of the campaign. durham argues sussman was politically motivated meeting with his friend f.b.i. general counsel baker weeks before the 2016 election. prosecutors showed emails between sussman and reporters all comes down to the text from
6:35 am
september 18th. it's michael sussman and i have time sensitive and something sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow. i'm coming on my own. want to help the bureau. sussman's team told joour ors via a poster board despite what the government says it was not a giant political conspiracy theory. they accused the government of distracting from the facts. the sunday night text message doesn't matter. it is what sussman said to baker monday at f.b.i. head quaerts and no notes or recordings of that meeting. baker told different people different storesy about what sussman said. sussman's attorney said it's not a secret he worked for the f.b.i. and he argued the f.b.i. never interviewed them further proving that everybody new michael sussman worked for the clinton campaign and can't
6:36 am
prove what they told baker in that meeting. we're on verdict watch. when we have anything we'll bring it to you. >> trans people don't transition for athletics. we transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves. transitioning to take advantage. >> you didn't transition to win more medals? >> no. >> julie: that's lia thomas in her first tv interview since -- critics say she has an unfair biological advantage and a doctor at the mayo clinic agrees. supporters say she should be able to participate. clay travis, thank you for talking us to. i think the reason why people have been so upset about this and why it has been so controversial is you don't need
6:37 am
to be a doctor to tell or confirm that lia thomas has an advantage biologically, his gender was male, now female. nonetheless an advantage. how do these doctors now i guess confirming, verifying what we already knew, how does that change things at all, or does it? >> the reason why we separate men's and women's athletics is because men are bigger, stronger, and faster than women and if there were no separation, then women wouldn't win any sporting event at all, right? the olympics would have three men every single time gold, silver and bronze for every sport. that's just biological reality. and so what should happen is what republicans are doing all over the country saying wait a minute. these women who have worked their entire lives to excel at their sport should not suddenly have a man who decides to
6:38 am
identify as the woman jumping in and taking over dominance in their sport. it is starting to happen in every sport. we have swimming, we have weight lifting, we've got cycling going on in britain. more and more you are going to see transgender men who are deciding to identify as women dominating women's sports. you hear from people like martina navalny or caitlyn jenner making it clear it is not fair competitively and there has to be a resolution. i think you should compete against your biological gender. if lia thomas wants to be a woman and swim, that competition has to take place against men, otherwise lia thomas is stealing opportunities from biological women. again, this is not a crazy idea. the reason we separate men's and women's sports is because men are bigger, stronger, and
6:39 am
faster than women. biology isn't sexist, it is reality. i thought democrats were the party of science. here they are the party of anti-science. >> julie: just to be clear it is not a matter of inclusion, okay? also when you are trans woman or trans man it is not necessarily -- it is a choice, in other words, do you want to go through with the surgery and transition and the medicine and testosterone or blocking testosterone in her case. but nonetheless it is not a choice. they say they are born that way and i believe that but it is unfair when there is an advantage for one of the other. stat isically i want to bring it up. the data, elite adult male swimmers are 10 to 12% faster than females which has held over decades. a sports like fiez yol gift tells the time lia thomas is the manifestation of the scientific evidence and the world athletic chief and olympic champion runner says
6:40 am
gender cannot trump biology. these are the times we live in. what is the solution? >> i think the solution is you have to compete against the gender you are born as. look, lia thomas is bigger, stronger, and faster. giving testosterone blockers doesn't change height or shoulder width or hand size, foot size. men are bigger, stronger and faster than women. that testosterone through puberty that a male athlete is able to embrace makes a big difference. i believe the number is take it outside of lia thomas. alison felix is the fastest woman of all time. over 200 high school boys posted faster times than the fastest woman of all time. so allowing people to identify as whatever gender they want to embrace just -- remember, it only becomes an issue when men
6:41 am
identify as women. when you have woman identifying as a man you aren't seeing the same level of competitive advantage and disadvantage at play. it has to be the biological reality. >> julie: i want to go back to the interview on "good morning america." we're talking about athleticism and competition and fair competition. not talking about which is a whole other issue of trans women or trans men using the bathroom, for example. this is a completely different scenario that is one that needs to be addressed. let's listen to lia thomas try to give her side of the story for the first time speaking to the audience, us. let's listen. >> the mental and emotional changes actually happened very quickly. i was feeling a lot better mentally. i was less depressed and i lost muscle mass. i became a lot weaker and a lot slower in the water. >> julie: give you one final comment there. >> testosterone is a major
6:42 am
beneficiary to men and to women, right? here is the reality. we banned steroids because they allow people to have a competitive advantage that wouldn't naturally exist. in essence to provide fair competition. how in the world are we going to allow this to occur when this is steroids on an entirely different level for men to be able to compete against women and by the way, it is going to become increasingly a reality everywhere track and field, swimming, basketball, soccer, everywhere there will be transgender athlete and we need to make decisions here. you either choose biological women competing against biological women or otherwise the transgender women will become the greatest athletes of all time. >> bill: crossings at our southern border did not slow down over the holiday weekend. when will that day come?
6:43 am
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self-driving cars. our power grid. water treatment plants. hospital systems. they're all connected to the internet... and vladimir putin or a terrorist could cause them all to self-destruct... a cyber 9-11 that would destroy our country. i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. >> bill: lev it or not one week since the mass shooting at robb elementary school in uvalde,
6:48 am
texas. questions continue to grow over the police response to a rampage that left 19 kids and 2 teachers dead. senator gutierrez, good morning, thank you for your time. the funerals begin today. such a sad moment there. what do you need today in order to help the families make it to tomorrow and next week and the month and year after that? >> thank you, bill. clearly we need some mental health resources. that's number one. we asked the governor for a grant for a local clinic. we're waiting for the response. the president said we would get resources for that. the president suggested we were going to look to a federal grant to raze a school. a lot of fraud going on. i don't want people to stop giving but vet who you are giving to.
6:49 am
a lot of so-called organizations raising money on these poor baby's images and family's names and that money is not going to where it needs to go. so i would ask the attorney general's office this morning to look into that issue and maximize the victim assistance program the state offers. each complainant can get the maximum amount of $50,000. we shouldn't ask these families to be -- have to make the terrible decision that next week they might have to go to work. people need to grieve. this is the most tragic thing i've ever seen as a senator, as a state representative in my history as a public servant and i've seen a lot. i've been through katrina and rita and saw 16,000 refugees come to san antonio. at the end of the day this is the biggest thing that is devastating this community. we have to make sure the resources are here. >> bill: i can hear your voice.
6:50 am
americans are so generous. we want to make sure the money goes to the right place. here is the uvalde mayor talking about knocking down the school. roll this. >> i don't think anybody's plans but to tear that building down. it needs to be torn down. i would never ask or expect a child to ever walk in those doors ever again. that building needs to be gone, taken away, and gone. >> that's best for the community. the school district police chief gave the orders to stay outside the classroom the other day. he hasn't taken any questions and i haven't seen him in public. he could shed light on a lot, frankly. have you spoken to him or heard from him? >> i have not spoken to him. i don't know him. i saw him for the first time at the initial briefing. he is taking a lot of heat for sure.
6:51 am
every agency at that scene should be taking heat. listen, active shooting protocols say you go in. we're putting it all on the local cop with six cops beneath him. the police showed up. after that the sheriff showed up. after that the state troopers showed up and they have the incredible border force we added over the course of the last several months. when did they say we need to go in? so i have asked colonel mcgraw for more answers and i expect to get those this week. i want to know when officers were and where they were situated and i'm also asking for the manuals of those agencies to determine this notion of officer in operational control at what point do we not give that to the greater entity that has more manpower and more ammunition and more equipment? state troopers are fully equipped to handle this type of situation. that should have been done. even the federal government waited for a bit. one said to hell with it, we're going in. >> bill: thank you for your
6:52 am
time and good luck today. the funerals start today. if you have luck or success on the fraud and abuse angle, please come back and we'll stay in touch. thank you, sir. texas state senator gutierrez there. >> thank you. >> julie: president biden scheduled to meet with the federal reserve chairman jerome powell this afternoon as his administration struggles to keep up with the runaway inflation and soaring gas prices. karl rove on that and more next hour. best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan
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call now.
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my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> julie: baby formula shortage is getting more critical and lots of families across the country are out of supply. the out of stock rate for multiple brands jumped to 70% last week. nearly twice the april rate. it's not good. alexa is a mother of two boys who need medical-grade formula for the rest of their lives or
6:58 am
they risk permanent brain damage. this shortage for you, alexa, is life-altering. you have two weeks of formula left, i understand. what will you do in two weeks if there isn't supply? >> that's a great question. that's up in the air right now. we don't really know what we'll do. i guess we start transitioning them. it is not easy at all. it is tablespoon by tablespoon and takes days and days to do. it would be a rough, rocky road. we started transitioning them already and he is fought trying to drink all hiss bottles. it is a huge issue for us. if he doesn't drink his bottles and get all his formula we're in trouble. >> julie: your congresswoman heard your story and called you to tell you and assure you that 70,000 pounds had been delivered to dulles to
6:59 am
alleviate the pain. she said none of the 70,000 pounds contained her special formula. you are telling the congresswoman you do not have my formula. she says yes, they do and she called you back. what did she say when she called you back? >> so there is -- there are other special formula that's out there and has to do with the amine yeah acid based formula with kids with a milk protein allergy. this is different and it was not on that flight or anything. >> julie: you said you are right we don't have the formula. is there a solution? it's wonderful she called you and meant a lot to hear from you but when she called you back you were right, we don't have the formula you need in particular. did she have an explanation or solution? >> you know, she didn't. that was kind of upsetting because if she can't get any answers and i can't get any answers, who has the answers? >> julie: i don't know. what is your plan b?
7:00 am
where are you planning on getting this formula if you don't have it in two weeks? >> the director who makes the formula and said she can't get it. it is nowhere to be found. it is not done being made yet. they are still on back order. nobody has it. so if she can't get it for me, no one can. we'll have to just, you know, ride out as much as we can and try to transition him to the new formula as best we can and just hope for the best. after the past two days it hasn't been going well. >> julie: i hope that everything works out for you considering what you've been through i hope everything goes okay. thank you for talking to us and good luck to you. >> bill: the damaging effect of inflation eating away at your bottom line will be front and center today. president biden wants you to know he is meeting one-on-one with a fed reserve chair jerome powell in the oval office.
7:01 am
a rare get together happening as biden offers a plan to fight inflation in today's "wall street journal." join us and we'll talk about it. hope you had a great weekend. dana has time off. i'm bill hemmer. hello to you. back for more pain? >> julie: i love it. i'm julie banderas. today's face-to-face in the oval office comes as the worst inflation in decades takes a hefty bite from paychecks and pushes markets sharply lower. that is hurting investors and also punching a big hole in retirement funds. so president biden's top economic advisor sticking to the party line on who to blame for rising energy prices. >> what he will underscore is his commitment to respect the independence of the fed. this president and our entire team understands that when the price goes up at the pump typical families feel it. this is unfortunately the impact of putin's war in ukraine. >> julie: jacqui heinrich is live at the white house with
7:02 am
the latest there. hi. >> good morning, julie. the president's meeting with the fed chair comes amid historic inflation which the fed is trying to cool off by raising interest rates. what that does is it makes the cost of borrowing and credit more expensive. it costs everyone both companies and the consumer more. everyone ends up paying more for interest payments. the president says it will take a hands-off approach and let the feds do it job and not the one seen ratcheting up the lever on the financial pinch. >> they will have to raise interests rates. when they do that it makes it harder to buy a home. it will usually make the stock market go down as we've seen with the last few rate increases and that will affect people's 401k. jerome powell doesn't have a lot of options now and this is what happens when you have bad left-wing policy. >> biden outlined his plan to bring down inflation yesterday.
7:03 am
the piece reiterated the same points we've heard before. inflation is putin's fault, the pandemic's fault. the economy in a strong place, the u.s. is better off than most other major economies post pandemics and americans would feel it less if congress would spend more money and pass biden's plan to deliver affordable healthcare, housing and elder and childcare. none of that legislature lace has moved for months on capitol hill. it is dead or hibernating on capitol hill. the only new statement in the president's op-ed was his acknowledgement in the future we might see fewer of the signs that the administration often points to as a signal for economic success. during this transition growth will look different. we'll likely see fewer job creation number, record job creation numbers. no cause for concern. it's average monthly job creation shifts from current levels of 500,000 to something closer to 150,000. it will be a sign that we're successfully moving into the
7:04 am
next phase of recovery. cameras are allowed into the meeting for a brief moment off the top but reporters won't be in the room for the bulk of it and we haven't been told if we'll get a read-out. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: karl rove nice to see you. here is the "wall street journal" headline that jacqui referred to. joe biden, my plan for fighting inflation. sub header i won't meddle with the fed but tackle high prices while guiding the economy in the transition to stable and steady growth. you read the piece. what is your takeaway. >> it is a cover your posterior piece. this is not a serious plan. let's look at it. the main point is he says the primary responsibility for dealing with inflation is the federal reserve. in other words, it's not my fault or my responsibility. it is the federal reserves. then i have practical steps to reduce costs. we'll do something about supply chains. haven't you been doing that for a year and a half?
7:05 am
we'll do infrastructure. didn't we pass a bill on that last year? we'll build one million homes over the next five years. we have 142 million homes in america today. why is adding 7/10 of 1% of homes over the next five years paid for with taxpayer dollars going to reduce the cost of housing. price control on drugs and child and elder care. we have build back better. we have the $5 trillion spending bill. that's what he is talking about. finally he says we're involved in deficit reduction. he suddenly admits that most of these so-called deficit reduction. we didn't repeat the covid stimulus bills that we had in march of 2020 and december of 2020 and by not repeating those we're reducing the size of the annual federal deficit. the national debt continues to go up. what is his answer to that? raise taxes. we'll raise taxes on american companies to match the levels
7:06 am
of foreign countries. making our countries less competitive and raise taxes on the people who have more money because as he says in his article they ought to pay as much as their secretaries do. but this is -- he says i want an open and honest discussion. that's not what he wants. he wants the political talking point to say i've got a plan. maybe it doesn't make sense ordeal with it. it is happens it appears on the same day this devastating headline in the "washington post". u.s. policymakers misjudged inflation until it's too long. it lists all the mistakes the biden administration made starting with the big spending last year and all of its attempts to ignore the inflation as it grew to its 40-year high in december. >> bill: wow, strong there. back on the piece. we'll work with anyone, he writes. democrat, republican or independent. anyone willing to have an open and honest discussion that delivers real solutions for the
7:07 am
american people. in the "wall street journal" piece today. take you back a couple of weeks ago "washington post" with regard to the republican tax plan. they said we reaffirm our rating of three, nearly four pinocchios. they weren't buying that, karl. >> that same paragraph what you are alluding to in the same paragraph in biden's column he once again says senator rick scott's plan is the republican plan and he wants to raise taxes on everybody making less than $100,000 a year or all republicans do and the republicans want to cut medicare, social security and medicaid. so honest and open discussion. let's start by telling something that won him three pinocchios from the "washington post" which is hardly a right-wing rag. no, this was as i said a cya. cover your posterior. the president says i have a plan but he doesn't have a plan.
7:08 am
>> bill: cyp. last week we saw a slowdown if you want to call it that of inflation, 3/10 of a point. it is really hard to know what inflation is going to do, okay? so i don't know how you answer that but also how often do you have an oval office meeting with the commander-in-chief and the head of the federal reserve who basically works right next door? >> well, first of all let's be clear. last month's inflation went down 2/10% compared to the previous month driven by a 5.8% decline in energy prices which we know went back up in may. so let's -- we have not peaked. this is maybe plateaued but we'll have to see one month from now i bet the inflation rate in may is higher than 6.3%. so we're plateaued. we're lucky we've plateaued. not peaked. today meeting with the fed
7:09 am
chairman is what? in his op-ed i will honor the independence of the fed but have him come in and meet with him so i can show like i'm doing something. baloney. >> bill: thank you, karl. i won't meddle with the fed. see how that goes. thank you, karl. we're all feeling it and see where it ends. thank you, sir, for your time. here is julie. >> julie: crossings at our southern border did not slow down over the holiday weekend. sources telling folks news more than 4,000 migrants have illegally crossed the border since just friday. in just the rio grande valley sector alone. griff jenkins is live in la joya, texas, to explain. not a good weekend. >> good morning. no, it has not slowed down at all. here they have been streaming in migrants across the border here since early this morning. this group here has been loading onto a bus for the last hour had upwards of 100 by our
7:10 am
rough count. they are migrants from honduras, nicaragua, el salvador, one from costa rica and migrants as far as peru. as you mentioned, sources said that over the friday, saturday, sunday of memorial day weekend there were 4084. this comes in this steady stream is coming across the border after we learned last week of that plot to smuggle iraqi assassins across the border to kill former president george w. bush. over the weekend, it is this porous border that troubles former border patrol chief rodney scott who had this to say >> the cartels are using the migrants to shape the border and bring in the other threats. the latest plot if you will against the former president of the united states is just one example of that. that one is unclassified now because of the indictments. >> in fact, current border patrol chief putting out a three-day cap last week that
7:11 am
had heroin, meth and one assassination suspect. is treacherous journey. we saw on friday video that you can look at of senator roger marshall taking a tour of the border and going into action as a doctor himself assisting a migrant woman who was in distress. now if you come back out here, just to give you a little bit of who these migrants are. we've seen groups of individual adult single males. family units. we've seen unaccompanied children just two walked past 10 years old and 17 years old. it is interesting because title 42 is still in effect. some of these migrants will be sent home but many of them will be released. it comes as the u.s. puts in an expedited rule to try to reduce back logs. >> julie: griff jenkins live in la joya, texas. >> bill: a huge fire at an
7:12 am
omaha chemical plant. it forced neighborhoods evacuated. we'll get the latest trying to get that under control. >> julie: progressive democrats fighting to take down yet another moderate incumbent. the latest on a key texas runoff and what it could mean for the mid-terms. >> bill: interesting story. americans dealing with more than 7,000 flight cancellations over the weekend. how much does a pilot shortage have to do with that? could this get even worse for the rest of this summer? >> the time they tell you the flight is delayed you are in uber on the way to the airport and then there and delayed and delayed and delayed again. can get an average ofana, u $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values,
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>> bill: firefighters are still battling hot spots from a huge fire that engulfed a chemical
7:18 am
facility in omaha, nebraska last night. hundreds forced to evacuate as explosions could be heard from inside the plant. officials say they were caused by bursting propane tanks. trying to figure out what sparked the fire that occurred at 7:00 at night. no injuries have been reported in omaha. >> julie: summer travel spike, so do covid cases. cdc reporting more than 760,000 in cases of covid in the u.s. ahead of memorial day weekend. jonathan serry has the latest covid surge. >> going into the holiday weekend aaa forecast as many as 39 million americans would travel more than 50 miles from home and 8% increase over the same time last year. a vast majority traveled by car although the tsa reports the number of air travelers passing through security checkpoints during the long weekend increased by more than 24% over last year. >> despite the record high
7:19 am
gasoline prices we're expecting based on what we're seeing for memorial day that it will be a very robust travel period for summer. people just want to get out and go. >> the surge in travel comes as daily covid cases are increasing and the real numbers are probably much higher because increasing number of americans are testing at home, which often goes unreported. but official case numbers can still show trends and serve as an early warning. julie, back to you. >> julie: all right, jonathan serrie, thank you very much. >> bill: 20 past. one week since the texas congressional runoff election between the democratic incumbent cuellar and cisneros. no winner has been declared. mark penn, good morning to you. i don't know who wins here. i do know republicans think that if cisneros beats cuellar they stand a good chance of flipping that seat.
7:20 am
how do you see it? >> well look, 175 votes is still 175 votes, you know. it's a very hard number to overcome. the entire presidency a decade ago was decided on maybe 500 to 1500 votes. so i think it will stand. we'll see what happens. there will be some legal work. i think the important point and lincoln said it best is house divided cannot stand. a series of primaries against moderate democrats by the left is destructive to the party and ultimately shrinks the party into look, only 27% of this country is liberal and consequently even smaller percentages purely progressive. so i think it's an unfortunate trend and it divides the party. >> bill: on that point, how do you rate the progressive's success rate in the primary season so far? >> i call it significant. they won some, lost some.
7:21 am
they -- this race looks like they will lose. so there is significant power and force within the party but they diminish their own power in many ways if they take people out who frankly, you know, people can switch their party, they can move over. the moderate seats can switch over. you saw what happened in britain with the labor party. they isolated themselves for a decade just after they were in power. and this could happen here. i think if the progressives go too far. >> bill: there was a piece in the guardian yesterday. progressives take aim at democratic leadership over support for centrist candidates. the gist of it is they think the leadership in washington does not have their back in these close elections or these elections period during the primary season. >> the leadership doesn't. the leadership supports the
7:22 am
incumbents who have been repeatedly reelected and who are members of the party. how could you serve in a party where your own leadership threw you overboard? the party would shrink. i don't think that's a surprise at all. the question is, after this election, nancy pelosi supposedly is going to step down. who is going to be the new leader and which direction will they take the democratic party? >> bill: pelosi will endorse the incumbent which is what she did with cuellar. that is what you do. do you think now, is this the beginning of the appearance of the crack within the party? based on your first two answers you seem to suggest that. do you see that now? >> well i've always been one that believes that moving to the center is the key to elections, not moving farther and farther to the left and supposedly getting higher turnout. the only way you bring the country together is the center. so there is going to be a fight
7:23 am
within the democratic party over the direction of the party and over this particular point. we will see who wins here in the next years and really we will see who is the presidential candidate. obviously joe biden won in the presidency because he was the leadership endorsed more centrist candidate and it worked out pretty well for the progressives. >> bill: thank you for your time. hope you come back real soon. mark penn, thanks. >> julie: talk about a fall from grace. once elizabeth holmes was among the hottest names on with a street and now looking for a judge to overturn her conviction. a terrifying seen. bystanders watch someone get assaulted. the latest on the crime wave in democratic-led systems. >> criminal justice system is bottlenecked. it is time to give back the
7:24 am
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7:29 am
>> julie: former wall street darling elizabeth holmes is pleading with a judge to overturn her conviction. she was convicted in january. seven years after her healthcare company was exposed for misleading technologies. in a letter to a judge, her attorney argues, quote, no rational juror could find beyond a reasonable doubt that miss holmes and others conspired to defraud. the judge is set to consider the appeal in july. >> bill: fox news aleft now. violent holiday weekend in cities across the country including new york. david lee miller has the details from our new york city newsroom there. david lee, hello. >> the nypd is asking for the public's help to catch a
7:30 am
knife-wielding attacker who slashed a man on new york's upper east side. police have released video of the incident happening midday thursday near the entrance to the subway. the person with the knife dressed in black with face concealed gets off an e-bike. attacker chases the victim into the street. the victim did not know the person who slashed him multiple times in the back and arms. it is not clear what if anything proper joked the stabbing or entirely random. cops are asking for the public's help in locating two people who assaulted a 42-year-old man friday afternoon on the platform of a brooklyn subway station. the video shows the victim being struck by unidentified men. an earlier incident may have led to the assault. mayor eric adams under pressure promised there will be more cops where they are needed. >> we want to continue to evolve to get more and more officers out of desk duties into the subway system to deal
7:31 am
with the feeling of disorder. then zero in on those who are impacting our quality of life. >> only hours before that interview with the may or there was more blood shed in the city. a 29-year-old man was shot in the head outside a brooklyn deli. it happened at 1:40 this morning. no details about the victim or the shooter have been released. >> bill: tough weekend. >> julie: for more let's bring in ted williams former homicide detective and fox news contributor. every time we talk about this the numbers go up and up. 39 people killed due to gun violence this weekend. 13 in philadelphia alone including a father and son who had just left a barbecue and their car was shattered in bullets. chicago eight dead. oklahoma one killed, seven injured at a shooting at an outdoor festival.
7:32 am
new york city, killed and stabbings in the city. why the spike in crime do you think? it's never ending. >> it is out of control, julie. i predict a long, hot summer but i would like to just go back for a second to your co-host bill hemmer and something he said about new york. and i agree with him. that is the mayor of new york should get down in that transit system with television crews on a daily basis, and i think that would also actually help to quell some of the crime in the transit subway system. but i've got to tell you, i think what law enforcement officers are going to have to do, executives. they will have to be proactive. if i was them, i would bring the men and women out of uniform and have them to flood the zone, flood these
7:33 am
communities. that is what is going to be needed. but julie, earlier you all showed a smash and grab. and did you look and see how casual these individuals were during the course of stealing in that store? >> julie: they don't care. >> we have to do something to bring it under control. >> julie: they don't think there is any repercussions and if they do get arrested which they do face arrest they will be out within hours, a day. that's it. i agree with you and i agree with bill. he has maintained this for quite some time the mayor here in new york city needs to go down and get in those subways and actually show some kind of presence and bring cameras, whatever. not only that, i just want to see this guy do less talking and more acting because i'm not really seeing that. this city needs it. it is not just this city, it is every democratic-led city in this country. >> julie, you just spoke to the frustrations of citizens around the country.
7:34 am
i think again if they saw more proactive policing in their communities, they themselves meaning the citizens in these communities would help police officers. get them out of uniform. the crooks, you've got to make the crooks feel uncomfortable. when you look at the smash and grab, that tells you that they do not feel uncomfortable. they don't give a damn. they go in, take their time, steal as much as they want. that's what is needed in this city. but i'm telling you, i anticipate a long, hot summer, julie. >> julie: that is unfortunate because that's when people have way too much time on their hands and it is already happening and we aren't even in june. new york city up 38%. chicago, philadelphia, los angeles all up staggering amounts as we have the numbers on the screen. new york city transit crime in 2022, 946 instances compared to 613 instances in 2021. plain clothes cops and more i guess respect needs to be out
7:35 am
on the streets. that's the problem. no matter how many cops you have out there, there has been a practice in new york city and many cities across the country about police reform and stripping them of their duties and leaving it up to the civilians. look where that has gotten us. nowhere. >> nowhere. and as a result of that, we've got a lot of police officers, good police officers who have left these various forces and they've left. you have to try to find a way to fill the void. i have suggested over and over they go to the military bases and recruit police officers from military bases. but we're in trouble. we're in trouble, julie. >> julie: one last thing every mayor in every democratic city that it's not working, talk to the cops. the cops are the ones that know. these elected officials making decisions about law enforcement to me is just growing tire some of the talk to the cops on the
7:36 am
street, nypd, anti-terrorism unit. talk to them and find out what is lacking. they have plenty of solutions, they just need to be heard. >> bill: 25 minutes before the hour. new push by beijing to solidify ties with islands in the pacific. threatening u.s. security in that region among others. does president biden have a plan to halt beijing's drive for dominance? ukraine asking the u.s. for long-range rockets to fight off russian aggression. why president biden is saying no to that request to take on putin. >> sign a formal agreement saying we will not use these weapons in russia. that's a better solution than sitting in washington and trying to modulate and calculate exactly what we want these people to do on the battlefield. i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool.
7:37 am
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
7:41 am
>> bill: the louvre museum in paris on sunday. a man in a wheelchair wearing lipstick and woman's wig stood up and smeared cake on the mona lisa. that painting is protected by a glass cover, which was quickly cleaned off. officials say it appeared to be a climate change protestor. the man yelled on his way out think of the earth. that's why i did this, end
7:42 am
quotes. he was arrested and put in psychiatric care. the mona lisa still hangs. >> julie: okay. a new diplomatic blitz from china could increase the country's influence in the south pacific. china recently signed a security deal with the solomon islands. despite the white house trying to block it. now the communist party is meeting with 10 more countries to push new agreements. we have rich edson on this. joins us live from washington >> good morning. the chinese government is trying to convince several island nations in the pacific to sign onto the security agreement. it appears to be a difficult sell. reuters is now reporting several island nations have balked refusing much of the security deal for now. china's foreign minister is pushing the agreement that would allow chinese officials to train police and expand security cooperation in the island countries including samoa and others. the state department warns the chinese government offers falls
7:43 am
into a familiar party. the party provides benefits up front to expand their presence across the region. >> they have a pattern of offering shadowing, vague deals with little transparency. we don't believe that importing security forces from the prc and their methods will help any pacific island country. >> chinese president xi is pushing his belt and road initiative. a massive infrastructure project stretching from asia to europe. the west says the program is little more than a debt trap for developing countries. the united states is watching taiwan, china sent more than two dozen war planes into their defense zone area yesterday. taiwan's government that's the claim from them. also this week this is after last week president biden was in asia and he said the united states would intervene militarily if china were to invade taiwan. later on the administration official said there was no change in policy there. back to you guys.
7:44 am
>> julie: rich edson live in washington thank you. >> will you send long range rocket systems to ukraine? >> we won't send rocket systems weapons threatening russia. >> bill: president biden requested the request to give ukraine long-range rockets that could stop the advance of putin's forces in eastern ukraine. they could also hit targets inside russia and moves that could provoke putin. dan hoffman studied the issue closely. he is a fox news contributor. good morning to you. nice to have you on here. do you agree with this decision? >> no, i don't. we're at a pivotal moment right now in russia's barbaric war against ukraine where russia enjoys an advantage in artillery and using that advantage to rain down hell on southern and eastern ukraine,
7:45 am
particularly the city which is under assault. ukraine needs that multiple launch rocket system. the mlrf and it is quite telling the biden administration has determined that kowtowing to vladimir putin outweighs keeping ukraine in the fight given the fact that russia has indiscriminately bombed neighborhoods and schools and, of course, the maternity ward in mariupol which caused a humanitarian crisis with 7 million refugees. they've caused a global food shortage by blockadeing the black sea. the list goes on. by doing this, we're hurting ukraine's chances of staying in the fight and ultimately winning the war. >> bill: why has the president consistently said out loud what we will or will not do? why is that? >> you know, i think sometimes the president is speaking maybe
7:46 am
just saying what he thinks, what's on his mind. he is giving putin essentially kind of preemptive concession. telling putin what we won't do rather than proceeding with what makes the most sense for our national security. i can't explain what's inside the president's head on this one. i hope in the coming days that the administration is held accountable by our media during the upcoming white house press briefings and such because i think this is an issue that really we need to focus on closely. >> bill: in your experience, would there be a back door channel between washington and moscow on what is acceptable and what is not given the state of this war? >> and i think the proper way to use the back channel in my estimation would be for the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff milley in touch with the russian army chief of staff and secretary of defense austin has
7:47 am
been in touch reportedly with the russian minister of defense simply to tell them we'll give ukraine this mlrf system and ukraine will use it to defend themselves on their territory. we have counseled ukraine not to strike targets in russia. if ukraine strikes targets in russia we shouldn't be held accountable and that's what we should have told the russians. perhaps there is intelligence out there that caused the biden administration to be very wary about providing this system? it does have a range of roughly 00 miles which would get it into russian territory but given all of the attacks that russia has launched on ukraine and using thermal barrack weapons, i don't understand how our administration officials can put their heads to the pillow to help ukraine defend their innocent civilians being ruthlessly targeted. >> bill: milley was quoted as saying we don't have u.s. vessels in the black sea.
7:48 am
we don't intend to unless directed. that's the status of that at the moment. what the status of putin is health-wise is still a source of rampant speculation. love rofsh, the foreign minister said president putin appears in public every day a quote. you can see him on the screens, read his speeches, listen to his speeches. lavrov said i don't think sane people can discern any sort of symptom of disease in this man, end quote. so the speculation goes on. what do you make of that, dan? >> it goes on. i'll tell you, foreign minister lavrov is a mouthpiece of the kremlin's propaganda. he was told to say what he said probably by putin who has grown weary of the rumors. no indication that vladimir putin has cancer or parkinson's or any other things that he has been rumored to have. certainly not beyond the realm
7:49 am
of possibility but the best evidence we have is he continues to conduct his affairs of state which means raining down hell on ukraine. without any interruption. he is just recently abrogateed the law where russian military services is limited in age. now anyone can serve in the russian military which is a sign that his special operation isn't going according to plan. for sure he is probably feeling some stress and i'm sure c.i.a. leadership analysts are tracking closely his health. he has had back problems from having practiced judo. anybody who has done that martial arts probably understands that. it's something we have to continue to track. >> bill: nice to see you again today. we'll talk soon. dan hoffman, thanks. >> we're seeing a lot of inefficiencies as well as shortages as well across the whole airline for pilots. there is a pilot shortage.
7:50 am
inefficiency with the very high fuel prices brings more inefficiency. >> julie: those are some of the reasons for a holiday travel nightmare. thousands of flights canceled at one of the busiest times of the year. what is behind all the chaos and how can you find cheaper flights next?
7:51 am
7:52 am
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the process is fast and easy and newday can say yes when other lenders say no. call today. >> harris: at any moment we expect to get the verdict in the first trial in john durham's probe into the origins of the trump/russia hoax. keeping in mind what has already been unearthed, the clinton campaign's targeting of trump. countdown is getting president biden in the hot seat. 111 days since an interview. he doesn't want the take our questions. fresh today an op-ed how biden plans to fix inflation. i read it through. it is more like a to do list than an actual plan but we'll give it to you. congressman jim jordan, joe concha, raymond arroyo, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> julie: travelers left high
7:56 am
and drive over the memorial day weekend. more than 7,000 flights canceled worldwide over a four-day span. airlines blaming bad weather, staff shortages and air traffic control actions. a former airline training instructor and commercial pilot is joining us now. 7,000 flights. that's a loot when it's a busy weekend. delta canceled the most flights out of any u.s. carrier after it announced last week it will reduce service by 100 daily departures. hoping to have an extra staff on hand just in case of weather issues just like this past weekend and staff. what is happening to the airline industry? >> wow, the good news is it wasn't nearly as bad as what we saw over the holidays christmas and new year's with cancellations but we aren't getting off to a very good start and we have to stop blaming weather. there has been thunderstorms as long as airplanes. one of the issues is staffing and what we are hearing about is the pilot shortage.
7:57 am
but it depends who you speak to. if you talk to the ceo of united airlines he will say they've got a pilot shortage issue and they see it for the next four or five years. if you talk to some of the other airlines they'll say no and even the pilot unions are saying we don't see a shortage. what we see is mismanagement with current resources. it all depends on who you talk to. definitely with the regional airlines they are seeing a shortage. other carriers like alaska airlines they are going to the bigger carriers. all have one thing in common is training. training takes months and there is precious few simulators. to do the training you have to take other pilots off the line and that slows everything down. >> julie: good point. as if the inflation and sky high fuel prices, pun intended there and the pilot shortage. there are more than 264,000 new pilots that will be needed globally i understand over the
7:58 am
next 10 years in addition to 45,000 pilots needed to fly corporate jets. how do you catch up from this? that is a lot of pilots that are needed in the sky and now delta, like i said, is cutting down drastically as a result and that means airline prices will go up. we'll pay the price. >> that's exactly right. fares will go up. the biggest carriers aren't having the hardest time finding the pilots but everybody else is. we need corporate and regional airline and cargo pilots. there aren't as many people going into aviation. when i started it was 2 or 3% women and years later decades later it is only getting 5%. we need to attract more young people to this field. it is great. the average pay right now is over $200,000. it is a great field. we need to attract more people, young people and women into aviation and see that being a pilot is a great career.
7:59 am
>> julie: it's good news to see that this weekend despite the fact that airline tickets are up and americans are paying 45% more for tickets compared to last year. an average flight is costing $394 for a round-trip ticket. americans are still flying and spending. but they want to save. any tips to get a cheaper flight before we let you go? >> here is the thing. right now what you have to do is if you see a cheap fare, book it. you have 24 hours to change your mind. cancellations and delays, use yir prime credit. if you have a premium credit card you have some insurance backup. >> julie: kathleen, thank you very much. if you see a cheap ticket, book it. >> bill: nicely done. before we go, quick little shout-out here. back home in cincinnati last week and we held the annual memorial outing. there is mom and george was her dad and my grandfather.
8:00 am
he left us at the age of 100, 20 years ago. we had a full slate of golfers, a big group of volunteers, terrific people. we raised a nice pile of cash and had a load of fun for the bailey senior center. one of the finest senior centers anywhere that you will find. they do great work. my family knows it firsthand. thanks for taking care of my grand parents and you get the shout-out of the day. >> julie: "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: it is a very big day for the hunt for who set up president trump. at any moment the jury could issue a verdict in the trial of michael sussman former hillary clinton campaign attorney. he is accused of lying to the f.b.i. about who he was really working for. the decision will mark the first courtroom test for special counsel john durham's investigation into the origins of the now-debunked


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