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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 31, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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20 years ago. we had a full slate of golfers, a big group of volunteers, terrific people. we raised a nice pile of cash and had a load of fun for the bailey senior center. one of the finest senior centers anywhere that you will find. they do great work. my family knows it firsthand. thanks for taking care of my grand parents and you get the shout-out of the day. >> julie: "the faulkner focus" is next. >> harris: it is a very big day for the hunt for who set up president trump. at any moment the jury could issue a verdict in the trial of michael sussman former hillary clinton campaign attorney. he is accused of lying to the f.b.i. about who he was really working for. the decision will mark the first courtroom test for special counsel john durham's investigation into the origins of the now-debunked
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trump/russia collusion hoax. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". deliberations resumed just this morning. a guilty verdict would put more evidence behind former president donald trump's claims that he was unfairly targeted by the f.b.i. an acquittal could raise doubts about the legal merits of durham's entire investigation. former attorney general bill barr. >> i think whatever you think of trump, the fact is that the whole russia thing was the grave injustice. i believe it is sed i shallous, whether it can be proved in court as a crime in one issue but people are coming to see what actually happened. >> harris: ranking member jim jordan is in "focus." let's begin with david spunt live at the district court in washington david. >> special counsel john durham began his investigation into trump-russia narrative three years ago. we're still on verdict watch.
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the jurors are looking at a single charge f.b.i. false statements case. they passed a note to the judge about 90 minutes ago asking specifically what the government needed the prove. the government attorneys special counsel john durham's team asked on friday and were told the evidence is overwhelming to convict former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman when he told the f.b.i. that he was delivering information about an alleged secret communication back channel wen the trump organization and a kremlin-connected bank on his own not on behalf of any client. durham argues that sussman was politically motivated meeting with his friend james baker weeks before the 2016 election. prosecutors showed emails between sussman and reporters but they say it comes down to this text from september 18th, 2016. jim it's michael sussman. i have something time sensitive and sensitive i need to discuss. do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? i'm coming on my own not on
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behalf of the bureau or a company. not on behalf of a client or company. want to help the bureau, thanks. sussman's team said despite what the government said it was not a giant political conspiracy theory. they accused the government using smokes and mirrors. they said the sunday night text message doesn't matter but what sussman said to baker on monday. there are no notes or recordings of that meeting. it is he said, he said. baker has told different people different stories about what sussman said. at the end of the day sussman's team is confident he will be acquitted and insists he would have never misled the f.b.i. and that is what he is being charged with doing. >> harris: we'll watch it all. thank you very much. jim jordan, republican of ohio, ranking member of the house judiciary committee. that's appropriate. on the oversight and reform committee. great to have you in "focus" today. you heard what's at stake on both sides here. i want to get your take on it.
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>> i think sussman lied and it is material. whether a d.c. jury will convict him only the good lord knows. the big takeaway is what we learned a few days back when we learned that secretary clinton told sussman to take information -- false information to the press that was also then taken to the f.b.i. step back and think about this. the former secretary of state, the former first lady, the former senator from the state of new york and candidate for one of the major parties for president of the united states. and she is encouraging a false narrative to be taken to the press and of course it was also taken to the f.b.i. i mean i think that is huge and so much so that the former attorney general called it seditious. her campaign manager in court under oath making that statement.
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that's the big takeaway. we'll see what the jury does when they reach a decision. >> harris: important things to point out. as i laid out, an acquittal here could bring into question durham's entire legality in this but so much has been unearthed along the way that i'm not sure legally that you can just wipe it away at this point. here is an expert. constitutional law attorney jonathan turley calls it a friends with benefits situation arguing the trial is a black eye for the f.b.i. the trial confirmed what many have long alleged about how top officials eagerly accepted any russia collusion claim involving former president trump's 2016 campaign. special counsel john durham's investigation is an indictment of department and bureau that once again appeared willfully blind as they were played by hillary clinton's campaign. >> i think professor turley is getting at the point we talked
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about before. how did the f.b.i. not know? sussman mails jim baker. the email didn't say mr. baker. he said jim. how did they know it wasn't coming from the clinton campaign. he knew sussman was the campaign lawyer for the clinton campaign. when we deposed jim comey in 2018 he told us in the transcribed interview that up until the point he got fired, which had been 10 months of this russia investigation, up until that point he said we didn't know if we had anything. we still didn't know if we had anything. that tells you from the get go that this was baloney but they ran with it because they wanted to run with it. they were out to get president trump. >> harris: you know, as you are talking i'm thinking how critical the idea of resource and origin of material. it is so for journalists and on capitol hill with hearings that you give.
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it is so for the lottery commission to make sure you have the right ticket. i mean, resource and knowing where things come from is so basic i would think. the january 6th committee. >> i was going to say the fundamentals were the clinton campaign paid perkins couey and it was lie after lie after lie and they peddled it to the media and f.b.i. the three years they put the country through and the three years that donald trump got so much accomplished for our nation. imagine what else he could have got done for the united states and american people but for the ridiculous efforts that the democrats started with a lie and secretary clinton. >> harris: i pointed to the taxpayer money but it is also the time and what needed to get done in between then and now. i'll move to this. the january 6 committee holds
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its first hearing next week and in are one of the five sitting house republicans subpoenaed in the probe. you have signaled in an op-ed you are unlikely to cooperate. the hill makes this point. bucking the committee entirely risks contempt. the panel and full house have referred charges for four others who defied their subpoenas and a suit to challenge the committee's authority to issue the subpoenas would be a lengthy and expensive proposition. there is no guarantee for success and it could solidify the rights of a panel to subpoena their lawmakers. what is your take on that and the expensive part, too. not just with money but again time? >> my take on this committee has been the take of the american people. it is political, it is -- you think back to when adam schiff ran the impeachment committee. this is even worse because at least when schiff was doing the secret hearings in the bunker in the basement of the capitol at least some of us got to be in there and see what was going
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on to control some of the crazy leaks they were doing and tell the truth to the american people. in this situation they get to leak things and lie about things. they lied about me and a text message i forwarded to the white house chief of staff. so much so the committee had to come out and say we regret the error. we got caught lying is their speech. we'll see what the first hearing brings. my guess is more of the same. the american people understand it for what it is. >> harris: it's conceivable they won't back off and the five of you will be caught in the crosshairs of all the flying subpoenas and anything. is there anything that gets you to the point where you say i'll go sit with this committee? >> we sent our letter and outlined our concerns. some of just what i talked about. the leaks, the lies and everything else. we have outlined that and the constitutional issue. frankly, the way they want to go forward. do you want one party being able to subpoena the other party? majority party being able to play politics that they're playing here?
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we'll see. we committed our letter to them last week. the second letter we've sent to them. they have yet to respond to the first one we sent in january where we laid out our concerns. the next thing they issue a subpoena and we responded with a letter. we'll see what their response is. >> harris: around and around we go. if they're serious they respond. right now it's just running around. always great to have you in "focus" congressman jordan, thank you. so much for taking responsibility. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband is really upset after getting charged with a dui over the weekend holiday. he is 82 with a dui. hum. and here is a head scratcher. >> simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection. >> harris: a lot of reaction to
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>> harris: one week ago today children and teachers were under siege by a teenage killer in uvalde, texas. the shooter walked in through an unlocked door at robb elementary and attacked a fourth grade classroom killing 19 young students and two teachers. speaking about the shooting yesterday, president biden made some rather confusing comments. critics are calling him out about his claims about a common handgun for home and self-protection, the 9
8:17 am
millimeter. he seemed to suggest banning that handgun. >> president biden: 22 caliber bullets will lodge in a lung. a 9 millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body. the idea of these high-caliber weapons, there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of self-protection. hunting, remember, it is not -- is second amendment was never absolute. >> harris: white house staffers turn down requests from interview upon interview and did not appear on any of the sunday talk shows to discuss guns after the uvalde shooting. a lot of people are keeping track of how long it has been since president biden has done a sit-down interview. that's the type of thing that you could really get to some questions with rather than having to share the room with 40 other people and the
8:18 am
president cherry picking who he wants to talk to. joe concha, fox news contributor, and media and politics columnist for the hill. 111 days, joe. >> long, long time, right? it just seems, harris, the president's handlers are not comfortable with mr. biden speaking outside of a teleprompter. he had an op-ed in the "wall street journal." obviously it doesn't allow for questions to be asked along a way as well. and look, i think when you do say something like what i just said the president's handlers are uncomfortable with him being out there. that's not an opinion. you look at the number you just mentioned. that's 16 weeks, 111 days since this president sat down for a broadcast interview. all the way back to the super bowl, harris. when you are polling in the 20s with independents and 30s overall with the country and your party is headed for a shell acting in november logic says you put the leader of the party to take questions and how
8:19 am
to accomplish it while being challenged on those ideas. >> harris: look at some of the things that have happened in the time since he last sat down or as i was saying to "the faulkner focus", it is a far and wide situation. when you share the room with 40 people they can ask -- some of them aren't even american journalists. when it's a one-on-one you can hit what's going on in the country with staccato, one right after the other. so much has happened. i might start with baby formula. i might start with putin being blamed for the gas prices which we know is not entirely true by any stretch of the imagination. but that's harder to do when you share territory in a room full of other journalists. a "wall street journal" op-ed says political narratives are the media's default in times of tragedy. quote, a crippling fallacy that characterizes our modern media and the idea that every event that rises to the level of news
8:20 am
must connote some wider societal or political crisis. it can only be remedied by government intervention. they aren't simply to be reported and explained for what they often are, the products of individual will or negligence, irredeemable human or complex set of scientific interactions. instead each event is sorted into its pre-labeled moral narrative file. that is a lot and it just hits so much of what we're watching happen. >> pre-labeled moral narrative file. that's perfectly worded, wow. and we've seen this horror movie over and over again. all too familiar. after any mass shooting the left calls for gun control banning certain weapons such as a 9 millimeter handgun. we have somewhere north of 400 million weapons owned in the
8:21 am
country already. what do we do? follow beto o'rourke's suggestion and confiscate weapons? you have basically all the right calling for enhanced school security arguing the second amendment is an absolute right per the constitution. so you have both sides barely budging on these positions and almost nothing changes, harris. lather, rinse, repeat. >> harris: who comes up with the pre-labeled narrative. whose job is it to tell us what our morals are when tragedies happen? why does it seem to have a drumbeat like that? >> boy, i think there is a certain conformity that comes with social media that there is an automatic reflex after these things happen to pick a party or ideology and blame that and blame all the people that may follow that ideology and no one looks for real solutions, right? i wrote a column over the weekend. i have a kindergartner and
8:22 am
second grader in elementary school. so many parents this is a very, very scary and personal thing. i think if you do two things it starts a conversation. i'm not saying these ideas are perfect or foolproof but i think honestly if you have one point of entry at all schools you stagger the school day by grade because you can't have hundreds of kids going through one entry point and a trained military or police officer there. so let's say my kids' elementary school my kindergartner's day starts at 9:30 and ends at 4 and second grader starts at 8:30 and ends at 3. one officer behind bullet proof glass would decrease them. if a door is left open in uvalde it all goes out the window. let's start with that and the common thread that almost all school shootings happen with people under 21 years old. some of those guns are purchased legally like in
8:23 am
uvalde, some were not like sandy hook and got it from a family member. let's at least start these conversations so we can decrease these things. you don't cure cancer but try to mitigate and manage it as best as you can given the circumstances around mental health in the country. >> harris: the recent metaphor is the pandemic and look how differently we're living in the third year rather than the first three months of the killer pandemic. we have to start somewhere. i like it when people disagree. it's how you find your answers and great things can come when great people discuss things. and we can't be afraid of that. but nonetheless, we pray for the families because their funerals, those things are about to begin in uvalde, texas and that's where we need to put our pressure from prayer right now is their healing. joe concha always good to have you. the biden team facing another
8:24 am
controversy linked to its disinformation board disaster. remember it's on pause right now. that's what you do when you break something, you have to put it on pause and maybe they can fix it. you knew they weren't going to get rid of it. the person tasked with reviewing the disinformation board has his own history when it comes to political hoaxes. they do, don't they? plus. >> the economy is seriously sputtering right now because of inflation. this is what happens when you have bad left-wing policy and that's what we've had under the biden administration the first year and a half. >> harris: the president meeting with the fed director for the first time in months as inflation rages on. even though the president said in his op-ed he won't interfere with the feds but you are doing a rare move of bringing him to the white house. raymond arroyo in "focus" next.
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>> harris: the president is meeting for the first time in 2014 that a prime minister from new zealand would be at the white house. that's happening right now.
8:30 am
let's take a watch. >> president biden: we last saw each other, which is, i think, a fairly big deal for all of us and we need your guidance and we are -- it's a pleasure to see you in person. you understand your leadership has taken on a critical role in the global stage, it really has. galvanizing action on climate change and gun violence, extremism online like what happened at christchurch. we want to be -- i want to work with you on that effort and i want to talk to you about what those conversations are like. the united states is, you know, there is an expression by an irish poet says too much suffering is a stone of the heart. there is a lot of suffering. i've been to more mass shooting
8:31 am
aftermath than i think any president in american history unfortunately and it is just -- so much of it -- much of it is preventable and devastation is amazing. yesterday -- the day before i was down in texas and people sat in a room about 250 of them in a large room with me for almost four hours. nobody left. they wanted to -- i spoke to every single person in that room. every single person. they waited until the very end and the pain was palpable. even one of our closest partners with a long history of friendship of 80 years ago, came into the pacific theater in world war ii and i think i told you i met my -- two of my
8:32 am
mother's brothers who were in the pacific, they were deployed at the same time in those days. one was shot down in new guinea and they never found the body but it is -- you know, it's -- the history goes back a long way. a long way. and i want to, by the way, recognize new zealand significant support for ukraine. as a lot of indo pacific countries are doing now. it is more than just a regional war going on. i look forward to our conversations today, a lot to talk about and delighted to have you here, really. >> can i say -- >> julie: a little hard to follow there. the president was hitting several things. he did mention the christchurch
8:33 am
mass shooting which happened in new zealand a few years ago. and the new zealand prime minister from new zealand is there with him. again the first visit at a high official from that country since 2014. an opportunity there to come together. and again, a little struggle to figure out which direction we were going in. we'll pull back >> we're in a transition transitioning what has been a historically strong economic recovery to what can be more stable and resilient growth but at the front and center of that is tackling inflation and bringing down prices and bringing them down as fast as we prudently can and that's what the president is planned today. that's the meeting today with chairman powell is all about. >> harris: the white house economic advisor looking to put a positive spin ahead of the
8:34 am
meeting of the president and fed chief. he is poised to race interests as a way to tame rising prices on just about everything. president biden lays out his steps to fight inflation in a new "wall street journal" op-ed. some include leaning on the federal reserve for its perspective and not trying to interfere. boosting production and fixing broken supply chain issues. reducing the federal deficit and when it comes to gas prices, which hit another record high today, the president is shifting blame. here is a quote. the price at the pump is elevated in large part because russian oil, gas and refining capacity are off the market. i have done what i can on my own to help working families during this challenging time and will keep acting to lower costs where i can. but now congress needs to act, too. that's the quote from the president's op-ed. liberal media has his back. >> president biden has already
8:35 am
pulled the short term levers at his disposal and tapped the strategic petroleum reserves and appealed to saudi arabia. the unfortunate reality there isn't much he can do in the short term. >> harris: cnn reporter says he has done everything he can and he is unsuccessful now you know why his poll numbers are so low. a piece in fortune magazine doesn't seem hopeful either. a quote. president jobe has vowed to do everything in his power to fight gasoline and diesel pricing including releasing millions of barrels of oil from the strategic reserve which is what the reporter just said. however, costs have continued to rise. raymond arroyo fox news contributor is in "focus" now. you and i have talked about this. if this is the president at his best let's pray he doesn't actually sit down and go back to the basement. >> i have to tell you, i didn't
8:36 am
expect to see the clip of his meeting there with the new zealand prime minister but watching that it breaks your heart, harris, watching this. this is clearly a white house adrift and a president who just does not have a grasp on very much of anything. when the full quotes of the meeting is and, huh and by the way. he is married to the note cards and what the meeting with jerome powell will look like this afternoon. biden reading, reciting a series of questions or the way i see it after reading that "wall street journal" article op-ed chances are the meeting with powell will cast biden as the jeopardy contestant. every issue jerome powell raises when he says putin, biden will say who caused inflation? and when he brings up congress biden will say who caused inflation? it is always pointing fingers to someone else when even democratic economists and
8:37 am
members of the obama administration, the clinton administration say from larry summers to steve ratner it is the spending, the covid stimulus that went way too far in the trillions, harris, which brought us to this crisis point, in addition to the other policies of the biden administration. he has to pull back. he has to take responsibility. reading this op-ed he is not on any front. >> harris: they need to put all that on the card so he can read it. >> i have agree with you. >> harris: the mess around that now paused disinformation board is not going away, controversy now over michael, the former homeland security chief who the administration has tapped to review the board. you said it, raymond. they aren't going to do anything like pause this permanently? they are putting it on hold and keeping it warm. this is the guy that will heat things up apparently and he is. critics say he has a history of falling for or ignoring
8:38 am
national security risks or political hoaxes. most recently he cast doubt on a bombshell report that turned out to be true. the federalist headlining a story oon him this way. heiden laptop hoaxer tapped to lead disinformation board. the white house said the disinformation board never even met and denied any role in putting it on pause. watch. >> it was never about censorship or removing content from anywhere. the function was to keep homeland security officials aware of how bad actors including human smugglers, trans national criminal organization and foreign adversaries could use disinformation to advance their goals. it will pause. there has been a mischaracterization from outside forces and so we're going to pause it and do an assessment. the work doesn't stop.
8:39 am
>> harris: raymond. she started with you can't pause something because it never started and she ended with so we're putting it on pause. >> right. the work never stops. that's the big takeaway. this is the establishment strikes back trying to grab control of the narrative in all platforms. that's what this disinformation board was designed to do, patrol free speech. you heard joe biden the other day saying the second amendment is not absolute. apparently he thinks the first amendment is not absolute, either. this review board is a doozy. if you are going to choose people to lead this thing, harris, you better find more reputable sources. this is back to the future big time. chernoff was the guy who dropped the ball on hurricane katrina. they had no plans when he was homeland security czar and also the guy who drafted the patriot act let's not forget.
8:40 am
jamie oversaw fanny mae's demise. if you are looking for people who know how to allow government to fail while they succeed, these are two great candidates. biden once again has chosen winners. >> harris: oh my gosh, your words just then is exactly what's happening. the whole tie that you make between chen hoff and katrina. it was on the maps for a week. >> it would be like making george w. bush the federal speech czar or hillary clinton the email and health consultant for the federal government. bad choice. this is the establishment. wanting to control the narrative and control information and it has to be resisted. the first amendment doesn't need patrolling. >> harris: you have a little bit for everybody. raymond arroyo, thank you. >> spread it around i always say. thank you.
8:41 am
>> harris: president biden insisted he expects to run for president in 2024 as long as he is in good health. but what if those plans fall through? who would the democrats have on their bench to run instead of biden? plus top house republicans are already making plans for what they will do if and when they retake the chamber. power panel next.
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>> harris: our 81-year-old speaker of the house nancy pelosi and her husband are caught in quite the scandal with a dui at the center of it. sounds like something for tmz. he is pushing back on news reports about his arrest over the weekend for driving under the influence. and for the speaker herself, she has no comment. mark meredith is live for us in washington, d.c. with the details on this, mark. >> good morning to you. an attorney for speaker
8:47 am
pelosi's house is offering up some new details about his client's arrest. there are still some unanswered questions. the 82-year-old was arrested late saturday by the california highway patrol after the car he was driving collided with a jeep in napa county. neither pelosi or the other driver were hurt in the crash. the attorney said the accident occurred after he left a dinner party and later chargeed with two miss demeanors including with driving with a blood alcohol level that was high. he was fully cooperative with the highway patrol officers. a priefr driving offense that was attributed to him is untrue and likely another person with the same name. a spokesperson for the speaker says she won't comment on it and it is a private matter. speaker pelosi was not with her husband saturday night. she was on the east coast and at brown university for a commencement speech.
8:48 am
the speaker has one public event on the schedule today. not likely she will talk about this. paul pelosi was released on a $5,000 bond early sunday morning. harris. >> harris: i smell privilege there but we'll leave it there and let the facts chase us. mark, thank you. >> you are going to run for reelection? >> president biden: i said that's my expectation. >> the president has every intention of running for reelection. >> president biden: i'm a great specter of fate. if i'm in the health i'm in now, in good health, then i would run again. >> harris: i thought he was very transparent when he was talking like that because that's the truth. president biden and the white house say he will run for president as long as he is in good health. who has a crystal ball? with his approval rating mired in the mid 30s now in recent polling, democrats are
8:49 am
reportedly considering other options behind the scenes. probably behind his back. the hill has ranked the top five democrats most likely to win the nomination if president biden were not to run for reelection. vice president kamala harris tops the list followed by pete buttigieg, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and amy klobuchar. a former trump white house advisor for strategic communications and david car lucci former new york state democratic senator. david, i'll start with you. it would have to be behind his back. we haven't said the president say he will sit down. what is it like for discussions like this? you are a strategist so what's the strategy? >> i think right now all eyes and effort has to be on the mid-terms and the reality is that we don't have a crystal ball, you are right. we have a better chance of picking the winning powerball numbers than to know who will
8:50 am
be the next president of the united states if biden is not the candidate. all we have to do is look at the last election when president trump was a candidate. if we were two years before that, we would have no idea that trump would have been the president of the united states. so the economic climate is changing more rapidly than ever before. the political environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. i think it is very plausible that you will see someone that's not even on that top five really start to make it to the upper echelon if biden is not the candidate. >> harris: yeah. you tried to cover every base there. the economy isn't on the move. it is plummeting. we'll move on. mercedes. >> well, i have to tell you, i think you see the growing number of democrats would prefer that jobe -- joe biden not run again. you know who is in charge of the democratic party. it is barack obama. and he will be the one who i
8:51 am
think would make very strong recommendations to joe biden whether to run or not to run. what we have to be watching for is obviously not only what happens after the mid-term elections which we're seeing it move towards a big red wave. will joe biden adjust his strategy? he cannot continue aligning himself and being advised by the progressives. it is really hurting him. hurting his brand and hurting his policies. he will need to adopt a bill clinton approach which is moving toward the middle to try to regain ground with the independent voters. i think, harris, that's what we will have to watch for is where joe biden shifts towards whether it's the progressive or more to the moderate to determine whether he can run again and improve his poll numbers. >> harris: those are great points and i would push back in this point. there is no way he can become bill clinton. he doesn't feel anybody's pain.
8:52 am
he says he feels america's pain at the pump now and been saying it since last fall when he first tapped the oil reserves in an epic manner. i don't think he feels anybody's pain. the polling numbers -- >> the polling numbers. i was looking at gallup poll numbers from 1994 that showed bill clinton in the 30s heading into the mid-terms. who got elected in 1996, bill clinton. to push forward and look into the crystal ball is very difficult especially now, too. >> harris: you have made your point that you think the mid-terms where you'll put everything and mercedes made a beautiful point. if that's the guy you are banking on for the mid-terms republicans buy the drapes for the offices. let's move on. republicans gearing up for a red wave in november as we've been talking about. the cook political report just revised its fall house forecast to a net republican gain of 20
8:53 am
to 35 seats and calls 35 democrat-held seats a toss-up or lower. g.o.p. conference chair stefanik is making plans if republicans retake the house. she says her top priorities are getting answers on former new york governor's cover up and the hunter biden laptop story and the secret migrant flights into new york that she claims are a human trafficking operation paid for by american taxpayers. >> it is important for the republicans to have an agenda to work through when they win the house of representatives and most likely the senate. part of this i think stefanik lays out are the investigations. if jim jordan is running the judiciary committee that will be very prominent part of what you are seeing on the republican side. in addition to that, they have to work through the legislation piece of this which is how do
8:54 am
you insure that we try to control the situation at the border? remember we'll end up in a gridlock because while house republicans and let's say we have republicans take the majority in the senate, the reality is, you'll have joe biden basically vetoing any bill. he will try to stop the work of the republicans. it is what happens when you have a divided government. the key will be where can we find common ground? is it for example legislation where you curb the flow of fentanyl coming into this country? there you can find common ground and that will be really i think the challenge as we move forward with a republican majority in the house and senate. >> harris: david, i want to drill down on something mercedes said. she said barack obama is in charge of the party now. you say what? >> i say right now that both parties are run by the rank and file. that it is this power of the people. they are rising up.
8:55 am
for anyone to anoint someone is the politics of the past. barack obama extremely popular, of course. whatever he says and who he supports will have amazing -- we say everyday people, the voters are getting smarter and smarter saying i won't let someone choose. >> harris: certainly sound like barack obama was running it from what you said. we'll leave it there. great to see you both. thank you. "outnumbered" after the break. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. turn your equity into cash with the newday100 va cash out loan
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>> harris: we have breaking news now. as we start out with "outnumbered" now. breaking news because there is a verdict now in the assessment trial. that's the first trial of john durham's investigation into how it all started. the russia collusion hoax movement against former president trump. what we have found out, now,


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