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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 31, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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competing in women's sports. >> sandra: we look having her on tomorrow. great to be with you, john. and "top gun," full endorsement, right? >> john: go see "top gun," but in imax for the full effect. >> sandra: we were chatting about that over the weekend. live from studio j in >> i also saw "top gun." breaking now on "the story," reaction finding hillary clinton's ex-campaign lawyer michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. first, a pair of parents in a small town of uvalde texas are burying their children in what should have been their first week of summer vacation. funerals for the fourth graders
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begin this week as the justice department opens an investigation to the police department. and the president vowing to meet with members of congress about enacting new gun legislation. >> we've been -- i have dealt with more mass shooting aftermaths than any president in american history. it's just so much of -- much of it is preventible. >> in a moment, senator rowan gutierrez has this message for my potential school shooters in his county. >> we're going to shoot you graveyard dead if you come to a campus shooting at our children or shooting at us.
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>> we're with jeff paul with more. good afternoon. >> yeah, trace. the first of many funerals getting underway today as the memorial here in the city of uvalde grows. this is the beginning for the city as they say good-bye to the 21 that were killed and will continue on the next few weeks. if you look at the schedule of these memorials and funerals and visitations, there will be one until mid june almost every day for this city. one of the first being for one of the 19 killed. at her memorial service, the honorable student is being remembered for her brain and her bravery. her family says she was one of several students that tried calling police during the attack. and then there's a little by who is remembered for giving such
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great words of wisdom. and he loved all animals. the community is incredibly sad. they're increasingly getting angry over the handling of this shooting. the department of justice will be reviewing law enforcement's response and why it took 45 minutes for 19 officers to breach the classroom. there's talks amongst lawmakers next year and knocking down the current school and building a new one. jeff? >> thanks. let's bring in texas state senator, rowland picarros who is fighting for common sense gun laws. that means a lot of things to a lot of different people. state senator, what does it mean to you specifically when you talk ant common sense gun laws? >> yes, sir.
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you know what? you have to be 21 in texas to buy a handgun. seems like a 19-year-old shouldn't be able to access an ar-15. even republican constituents want to raise it to 21. i get the pushback on red flags but why not have a ten-day waiting period. create a texas size atf where our own agents can interview people getting assault rifles of this kind. we can do those types of things. there's smart solutions. limit capacity sizes. that may or may not do any good but a waiting period would have made sense. raising the age to 21 would have made sense. 70% of the assaults on campus are done by someone lower than 21 years of age. >> we should note for the record, you can buy a gun in texas if you're under 21 but it has to be from a private sale. you're a gun owner.
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you asked a question on friday, which i asked last week, which is which law enforcement agency should have been in control of the situation at robb elementary school? have you gotten an answer on this yet, sir? >> so i asked the question again saturday in a private conversation with colonel mcgraw. i memorialized it in a letter to him today. i have spoken to him. supposedly a full report will be by this friday. it's late for me. i'd like it sooner. i asked him to do it as fast as possible and break it down in pieces. i don't need ballistics. which agency officers were there when they arrived, where were they stationed or where did they station themselves. we have the technology and we know -- we can verify that information. i want to see that as fast as i can. >> you said it's not fair to put this all on the school district police officer because as you say, everybody failed in this situation.
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you talked to some of the parents down there. they also say there needs to be individual account ability. yeah, you can talk about group failure. this was on so many levels that they need to go through and have individual accountability. what do you think about those statements? >> look, everybody failed here. that particular person failed. the next level of agency had more firepower failed and the one beyond that had more manpower and ammunition and equipment failed. it wasn't until somebody at the federal government level said the hell with this, we're going in. that should have been done 40 minutes earlier. we had one child that died from one bullet wound in the back of her kidneys. she likely bled out. might have been saved. >> trace: the kids inside the
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building were giving the officials the number of dead and alive. this is from the former fbi agent that created the active shooter program. she says officers in uvalde didn't follow training. in the aftermath of the trenching after uvalde, we have to ask ourselves if the training designed to safeguard ourselves against killers in the schools is the training that is working. your final thoughts on what should have happened and what needs to happen now. >> well, i'll tell you what mcgraw told me saturday. never again will dps stand down for another person that is supposedly the operational officer in charge. i hope that's the case that this never happens again in texas. i would hope if it happens again in texas, every agency on that scene would go in immediately as the active shooter protocol suggests they should. >> thanks, sir, for coming on.
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we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> trace: also here grady judge, florida sheriff. he said any shooter in polk county will be shot graveyard dead. when you say that, sir, are you intimating that you think this thing in uvalde was start to finish down the wrong way? >> first and foremost, i want to share with the families that i'm heart broken and crushed and they're in my prayers. absolutely, the door was propped up or left unlocked. we know it took an hour before there was a response. that is 59 minutes, 59 seconds too late. at the end of the day, we know that shootings, these active shooters, are done between 0 and 5 minutes. the police response is plus 5 minutes. we also know that active
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shooters don't get in a barricade situation. when you go in shooting, even though you pause, there's not injured children or people lying there once an active shooter, always an active shooter. push in, save lives, neutralize the threat. we train for that. we expect that. i can tell you this. i want them to shoot them. shoot them so much that you can read the local number through them. neutralize the threat. >> trace: those are strong words, sir. i want to know what you think about the possibility of arming shooters? also, msnbc says the texas shooting shows the futility of arming teachers. going on to say while all the details are not clear, authorities accounts revealed that the gunman was confronted by multiple armed police officers yet they were unable to stop him before he killed nearly two dozen people.
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i don't think he was confronted by anybody until the very end when the units came in there. he was not confronted by a single person with a gun. >> exactly. the issue is that you have to go directly to the shooter. now, ideally, you have the programs and the systems in place when somebody sees something or hears something, they say something. you find this active shooter long before he arrives on campus. once he does, you have to engage him immediately. msnbc doesn't know about what they're talking about. that's not unusual. if they did, they could have create the training program and we would never have another active shooter. at the end of the day, as simple as it may sound, the only things that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. there needs to be multiple people on the campus in advance well-trained that is prepared to and can go in and stop the
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threat. why those 19 police officers did that, i don't know. the policy in here in this country is i am the chief law enforcement officer of the county. when i go to back up a police agency, that is what i do, back them up as long as they're following the right protocol. if not, i take control of the situation and then we follow the right protocol. at the end of the day, it's difficult to push through, but you have to train your officers and your deputies. that's how you save lives. >> we have about 45 seconds left. we talked about how you would handle an active shooter situation. what about the remedy in your mind about limiting school shootings, stopping school shootings to begin with? >> well, you have to find people long before they show up on the campus. you have to have the community working together. they all understand if you see something, you hear something, you say something.
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that person that is a loaner, you have to refer them for an intervention. the idea is that your armed people on the campus that are well-trained are the last stop gap, not the first measure, to stop an active shooter. >> trace: sheriff, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. >> trace: breaking right now, the request for law clerks. we learn more about a leaked draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. former clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann learned his fate in a d.c. courtroom. as republicans point to a major revelation exposed during john durham's first trial. that's next. >> the big take-away here is what we learned a few days back when we learned that secretary
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>> trace: the hunt for the supreme court leaker is intensifying and clerks are being asked to turn over personal cell phone records, which is an unprecedented move. investigators may look at other staffers that had access to the leak draft opinion that would have overturned roe v. wade. the court confirmed the document is authentic but it's not the final decision. the ruling expected by the end of next month. well, not guilty. that's the verdict in the trial of former hillary clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann. he was charged with lying to the fbi when he brought in a tip
12:18 pm
about a possible connection between donald trump and russia during the 2016 election. david spunt live outside the courthouse in d.c. good afternoon. >> trace, good afternoon to you. the former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann felt relieved today after being acquitted of lying to the fbi. as the verdict was read in court, sussmann eagerly listened to that verdict. in 2016 he went to the fbi and said he had fbi linking the trump organization to russia. information that did not pan out. special counsel john durham said sussmann lied when he claimed to bring the information just as a concerned citizen to the fbi, not as a partisan with the clinton campaign. ultimately jurors believed sussmann.
12:19 pm
>> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury recognized that with their unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful to the member of the jury for their careful and thoughtful service. despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice prevailed in my case. as you can imagine, this has been a difficult year for my family and me. right now we're just grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal and i'm looking forward to getting back to the work that i love. >> now it's back to the drawing board for durham and his team who began looking into the origins of the russian probe three years ago on may 2019. durham released a statement shortly after the acquittal came down. his team said while we're disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury's decision and thanked them for their service. i also want to recognize and thank the prosecution team for their dedicated efforts in seeking the trust and justice in this case. john durham is back in october
12:20 pm
when he goes over the river to eastern virginia, the eastern district of virginia. igor danchenko is accused of lying to the fbi five times in connection with the steele dossier. another attempt to take down the donald trump campaign. trace? >> trace: thanks, david. let's bring in andy mccarthy, national review contributing editor and a fox news contributor. andy, surprised by the verdict? what do you think? >> i'm not surprised. you could tell which way the wind was blowing last week. i've said this a number of times. the soft underbelly of durham's investigation has always been where do you come out on the fbi. he planted his feet on the notion that the fbi is an innocent dupe here. i don't think that is the case. a what you end up is a situation where sussmann clearly made a
12:21 pm
representation to jim baker, who was then the fbi's general counsel that wasn't true. namely that he wasn't representing the clinton campaign when he brought this information. the problem in the false statement case for the prosecutor is you have to show not only that a statement was false, but that the falsity was material. that it made a difference to the investigators. if the investigators weren't duped, if they were perfectly willing to take the information under a cover story, then you have a very hard time showing that the falsity was material. >> yeah, i wonder what you think and what bill bar would think. he said on the record he believes this was a political dirty trick and sadition at the most. he said -- >> do you get this feeling,
12:22 pm
andy, that the clinton campaign tried to weaponize this phony information to go after the trump campaign? >> sure they did, trace. you know, political campaigns do that. the clinton campaign notoriously is a little more sharp elbowed than most. but you know, you can't have something that is saditous. and sadition is the wrong word. it's associated with violence. this is not violent. but there's a betrayal of trust here. you can't prove that unless your position is that the fbi was in on it. if the fbi was a dupe, then you just have people that were trying to defraud the government. you know, in a political context, it's not that surprising to see each side pedal bad information about the other side. what made this notorious and dangerous, is the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of the government was
12:23 pm
put in the service of one side's political agenda. i don't think you get to the bottom of that, certainly not in a courtroom and not in an indictment unless you decide the government agents were in on it. >> trace: when you talk about get to the bottom of something, what do you make of the overall durham investigation going forward? is he getting truths out there? is he doing what we thought he would be doing initially? >> i think we learned a lot of information from the trial. it's ironic that it ends in an acquittal and the facts that were uncovered underscored the imperative of having an investigation about how the fbi conducted this case and how they investigated it, how they got involved in it in the first place and what brought them in to this political context. when you look at what that proved in the trail, the fact that they concealed sussmann's identity from the investigating
12:24 pm
agents themselves, the headquarters concealed it, the fact that they opened the investigation with a document that claimed the information came not from sussmann but from the justice department, there's a lot here that is very disturbing. it's good that we're getting light shed on it. i think it's hard to do this by indictments if you take the position that the people who were in on it were duped by it. >> trace: interesting. good stuff, andy. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: president biden says he laser focused on addressing inflation. but his way to do that is pushing the burden on others. susan li and david asman next. >> while we cite the global numbers to make clear that this is a global phenomenon, we're aware every day, but it's of little comfort for an american
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12:29 pm
could soon see fewer jobs created. if average monthly job creation shifts in the next year of current levels of 500,000 to closer to 150,000, it will be a sign that we're successfully moving in to the next phase of the recovery. let's bring in davis as minute and susan li. that seems to be the catch phrase of the white house now. they're in transition. we're in a transition phase. if you put up the numbers, a lot of people don't like where we're transitioning too. gallup says that americans, 77%, believe the economy is getting worse, david asman. >> that goes against what the president says in his "wall street journal." i used to be the editor of the op-ed page. i would have to accept a piece by the president of the united states. but if this was written by any economist, it would have been rejected. there's no facts.
12:30 pm
he said in january 2021 when he took office the economy stalls. that's not true. it was growing 4.5%. he had a strong economy coming in. he said since i took office, families have increased their saves. we have nor debt. americans feeling more financially comfortable. you showed those figures were wrong and business investment is up 20%. he hasn't been to silicon valley. business investment is down. all of the facts are incorrect, particularly those in regarding gasoline prices and other inflation, which began not with the russia invasion but began the day he was elected to office. not just the day he was inaugurated. traders knew that the war on fossil fuels would diminish the supply and increase the price. >> trace: yeah, you tweeted that. we're going to put this on the screen. the president talking about gas
12:31 pm
prices in that "wall street journal" op-ed. he said -- >> as david alluded to, you look at the graph. this is beautiful the war and you can see oil prices were on their way up. i laugh here, susan li, it says 4.75, 4.61. out the door here, it's about $7. we would love to see a $4.75 sign in california. it won't happen. your thoughts? >> gas prices are up 50% the last year. the biden administration has very few options right now to bring down gas prices. yes, they're blaming external factors. what about motivation? new gas and oil leases for those to maybe pump more gas and to explore in different areas across the country. refining capacity.
12:32 pm
there's not been a lot of motivation for the oil companies to brings capacity online after shutting refineries during covid. this is a problem. because it's accepted on wall street that for every penny increase in gas prices, that's a billion dollars less when it comes to consumer spending. do the math here, trace. what does that mean for an economy? >> trace: yeah, it's amazing. this is peter doocy taking to the white house press secretary about gas prices. watch. >> doesn't biden take any responsibility for his policies potentially contributing to inflation? >> his policies have helped the economy get back on its feet. that's what his policies have done. >> trace: back on track. karine jean-pierre says that. your thoughts? >> it's exactly the opposite. was it alice in wonderland where she was in place and everything
12:33 pm
was the opposite? he came in with an economy growing at 4.5%. we now have a negative economy. we did in the first quarter of this year. we had negative growth. it was down 1.5%. that is a huge drop in the gdp. so it's going in exactly the opposite direction. all of his policies, selling off the strategic reserve, our petroleum strategic reserve has not caused gas prices to go down. they have come up. remember a couple months ago, the president was wagging his finger at mom and pop gas stations for raising their prices because oil is going down. oil came very close to $120 a barrel today. it's now down about 115. it's still more than it was two months ago. >> trace: any final thoughts on the meeting with jay powell and president biden? some in cnn said it was the worth meeting since kanye west tried to sell the air force wing
12:34 pm
with the high -- hydrogen. >> and larry kudlow was one of the first to note the concerns over frustration. he said we have never seen a quarter that hasn't been followed by a recession when you had inflation above 4%, unemployment below 5%. the reason is because you have to bring down demand by a lot. that means raising interest rates by a lot as well. it's a blunt instrument as you heard from jay powell, the federal reserve chairman. they have few options and putting the onus on is central bank, which hasn't had a great record of toeing the line and fight inflation while growing the economy. it's a tough balancing act. >> trace: the economy is in nor a rough go. thanks, david and susan. we appreciate it. the long list of frustrations president biden has with his aides as the crises pile up and
12:35 pm
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>> trace: the white house denying parts of an nbc report that claims president biden is unhappy with aide that are undermining him. white house official saying "no clarifications of the president's remarks are ever issued without his direct approval." here's just a sample of what they're talking about. watch. >> you were asked whether or not you believed that we would have free and fair elections in 2022. you think they would in any way be ill-legitimate? >> yeah, easily would. >> i talked to the president about this.
12:40 pm
he's not predicting that the 2022 elections would be ill-legitimate. >> are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> we oppose any ute lateral changes. >> marc thiessen, america enterprise institute scholar and a fox news contributor. we could have gone on there, mark, for quite a while. the nbc article says the president has to remind his staff that he's president. not confidence building, mark. your thoughts. >> not at all. the taiwan statement, he -- it wasn't a gaffe. he didn't say it once. he said it three times. he said it in august, he said it in october and he said it the other day. each time the administration said no, he didn't say what he meant. who is the president of the united states? who elected these people? i don't recall voting for tony
12:41 pm
blinken or jen psaki or any of these people? they're not the president of the united states. when the people that are closer to him constantly are correcting what he says, what he said on taiwan was a strong statement. i supported it. it's what needed to be said and then they walk it back. they make america look weak and make him look weak. they have to stop doing this. if the report is right that he's upset about it, he has every right to be. >> trace: you go back to when he said putin cannot be in power. hen agreed with the walk-back. it's not as if you can say i agree with the walk back and complain that they're walking things back. >> that's true. he was right the first time on putin as well. there's nothing wrong with him saying it. he didn't say we would have regime change. he said putin ought to go. there's not one person that thinks putin should be in payer
12:42 pm
if there were anyway for the russian people to replace him. they have to stop undermining the president of the united states. for better or worse, often worse, he's our president. nobody elected him. >> i want to play this back and forth with peter doocy and get your thoughts on this. runs 20 seconds. watch this. >> are you worried that other leaders in the world will start to doubt that america is back if some of these things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back? >> what is getting walked back. >> sound like you told u.s. troops they were going to ukraine, you said it was possible the u.s. would use a chemical weapon and sounds like you were calling for a regime change -- >> none of the three occurred. >> the final thought is you cannot complain about walk backs and say they never happened. you have to handle all of this stuff straight on. your final thoughts on this.
12:43 pm
>> even on the taiwan comment where he was right the first, second and third times that gist you an idea wasn't a gaffe, that he meant what he said, after they bullied him into it, he said there's been no change in strategic ambiguity. i don't know how you can have that and be given an unambiguous answer like that. he's not really in charge. >> trace: that is a fair assessment. thanks, marc. >> thank you. >> trace: the white house clarified what the president meant when he said the u.s. wouldn't be sending ukraine a type of rocket system that they requested. that is next. >> doesn't biden take any responsibility for his policies potentially contributing to inflation? >> his policies have helped the economy get back on its feet.
12:44 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i wrote the software that keeps our air defenses secure. i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. >> we're not going to send to ukraine rocket weapons that will reached russia. >> trace: president biden ruling out sending ukraine the rockets that can strike in russia. fox news says they're planning to send the multiple launch rocket systems that ukraine has repeatedly ask for as russian forces capture more towns and zelensky vows to take them back. curt volcker is standing by. first to jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. good afternoon, jen. >> hi, trace. the multiple launch rocket
12:49 pm
systems can fire different links artillery with different ranges. that's what created the confusion. fox news has learned that the pentagon does plan to sent multiple launch rocket systems known as mlrs to help ukraine fend off the russian military in the donbas. the next tranche of weapons, which come in a variety of ranges, will be sent to ukraine, this is a weapon that has been a top request of ukrainian officials for some time. president biden has ruled out sending the 185 mile rockets that can be fired from the mlrs system, but has agreed to send the shorter range version. >> we've been hearing about the mrls. what is the hold up? >> there's not a hold up here. i'm not going to get ahead of decisions. we've been in constant communication with the ukrainians every day. i understand they've been asking for them for a long time.
12:50 pm
we've been talking to them. i'm not going to get ahead of where the decisions are. >> russia has objected to the move. vladimir putin spoke with the leaders of france and germany saturday and warned about the continued transfers of weapons to ukraine. there's still concern at the pentagon about certain weapons systems with a particularly long range and drawing the u.s. in to direct conflict with russia. >> if like for example, the ukrainians decide to use u.s.-provided weapons against the russians in russian territory, it's a policy thing is. that a problem for us? >> there's always a possibility of escalation and manage the changes of escalation. we do that. that's why you saw secretary austin talk to his counterpart. you saw me talk to my counterpart to prevent this thing expanding to something much more horrific than it already is. >> congress is being notified
12:51 pm
about the decision to send the multilaunch systems in the next tranch of $40 billion in aid. >> thanks, jen. let's bring in kurt volker, former u.s. am be as -- ambassador to nato. a bit of confusion there. we're not sending the long range missiles. but there's been this reticent of the president to antagonize russia. >> right. there's some things that shouldn't be communicated this way. the first thing is, let's be clear. we're sending ukraine multiple launch systems but they're of a long range. this is important because the russians right now can shell the ukrainians and the ukrainians can't shell them back. this will change that.
12:52 pm
this is good. everything else about the roll-out of this decision has been botched. first off, we should not be telegraphing to the russians what we will not do. we should not be saying some weapons are in and some weapons are out what if the ukrainians did hit the russians in russian territory? why is that a problem when russia is committing car crimes, atrocities? i don't see the problem here. >> trace: people have said for months now, we are we so afraid of offending russia when russia has done nefarious deeds? you've been adamant that the west does not pressure ukraine in giving up territory. >> absolutely. >> trace: any question to you is, do you see a path, an off ramp out of this war without giving up things like the donbas region, the land bridge to crimea? >> well, first off, let's be
12:53 pm
clear. we're in the middle of a war where russia is trying to take ukrainian territory and if they can, exterminate ukraine as a country. ukraine is literally fighting for its life. they will fight and have done incredibly well. they want to push the russians out of their tire -- territory. what we've seen to date, every time the russians have tried to advance, they stall out. they have poor leadership, poor training of personnel, poor equipment. they stall and get pushed back. ukrainians see that pattern and they want to fight. we're not fighting russia. let's be clear. this is another fallacy in the administration's argument. we're not fighting russia. ukraine is defending itself against russia. we're giving ukraine means for them to do so. but we're not fighting. >> trace: yeah, the former u.s.
12:54 pm
ambassador to russia said the following, some of us want to increase arms to ukraine as a means to disarmoring thing. is there a feeling that we're keeping it alive, keeping it going? >> that's right. the russians are not doing well. if we tilt the playing field in russia's favor but not giving ukraine the weapons that they could use, we're prolonging the war. the way this war ends is when russia gets exhausted and decides it's time to end it. then there can be a negotiation. right now putin and the russian military are determined to fight and kill ukrainians and take territory. the ukrainians won't accept it. >> trace: when you talk about length, how long are we talk something are we talking something that could transition to a year's long battle? >> it certainly is possible. i think months is more likely. i think as we go through the
12:55 pm
fall, the russians will exhaust thenselves. they're throwing everything they can at this one little town right now, donetsk. when that is over, they will be exhausted and the ukrainians will be pushing back. then i hope finally the russians will come to their senses and say it's not working. we have to fullback. >> thanks, ambassador. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> trace: a memorial to help honor soldiers killed in africa during world war ii. that is next.
12:56 pm
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>> trace: fallen heros will get the honor they deserve. the remains of unfiled service members killed in world war 2 will be sent from a military cemetery in tunisia.
1:00 pm
the u.s. embassy says they hope to bring closure to loving families after 1 1/2 centuries. that is "the story" of may 31, 2022. march is back tomorrow at 3:00 and live from london. she's there as part of fox's special coverage of the queen's platinum jubilee. "your world" starts right now. >> president biden sitting down with fed chair jerome powell at the white house today. the president saying inflation is a top priority while defending the fed's independence. the meeting coming weeks after president biden appointed powell to a second term. the white house is now making a push for more spending. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." hillary vaughn is at the white house with the very latest. hillary? >> hi, charles. the president today says the fed is a very big part of his plan to


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