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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 31, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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to bring closure to loving families after 1 1/2 centuries. that is "the story" of may 31, 2022. march is back tomorrow at 3:00 and live from london. she's there as part of fox's special coverage of the queen's platinum jubilee. "your world" starts right now. >> president biden sitting down with fed chair jerome powell at the white house today. the president saying inflation is a top priority while defending the fed's independence. the meeting coming weeks after president biden appointed powell to a second term. the white house is now making a push for more spending. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." hillary vaughn is at the white house with the very latest. hillary? >> hi, charles. the president today says the fed is a very big part of his plan to fight inflation.
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even though the president was face-to-face with the fed chair today, he says he's still staying hands off. >> my plan is simple, respect the fed, respect its independence which i will continue to do. >> even though biden wanted interest rates raised is not an economic cure without its own side effects. >> put jerome powell in a box. they have to raise interest rates. when they raise interest rates, it makes it harder to buy a home, usually make the stock market go down as we've seen. and that will affect people's 401(k)s. jerome powell doesn't have a lot of options. >> republicans say the best option to get inflation under control is to get government spending under control. the white house today is not
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second guessing any past spending. >> do you think that any part of inflagrants this year is because of president biden's spending plan or is it all putin's fault? >> brian just spoke to this. we're at a historic place when it comes to the economy. now we're going to a place where it's going in transition. we're going to see an economy that is more stable. that is more steady. that's because of the american rescue plan that the president signed into law. >> more spending couple be underway. and senator joe manchin is reportedly open to a skinny version of build back better in his negotiations with chuck schumer over a clean and climate energy package, about $300 billion in tax incentives for clean energy with the caveat that it's paid for and it pays off some of the debt, but to do
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that, that would mean tax hikes. charles? >> trace: thanks. the president vowing to get inflation under control. but will more government spending make matters worse? joining me now, glary glazer. larry, we got here, the federal reserve pumped in trillions of dollars. the last $2 trillion is what sparked this run-away inflation. >> you know, when the fed chairman and the president met, they addressed the elephant in the room. that is the 40-year high in inflation is creating a crushing burden on working families. i'm sure the ed chairman reminded the president, he can't appear political. he also reminded the president that the $30 trillion of national debt. is it the fed's fault? it's washington's fault. more of that spending is creating more inflation, which is creating more volatility in the economy, higher gas prices, higher food prices. gas up more than 50% since
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layear memorial day. lower 401(k)s and lower president approval rating. there's certain tools that are washington's tools that are the fed's tools. unfortunately it's not fair to put washington's problems on the fed. jay powell's crystal ball is as cloudy as washington. he puts his pants on one leg at a time. when he went to top gun, everybody knew how expensive it was. everybody is complaining about high gas prices and he can't do anything about it if washington keeps spending. >> charles: what worried me, the notion that the fed might make a convenient scapegoat in recession. some people believe we're in one in you have a small business. by the same token, i don't think the white house pivoted as all. do you think anything they have done has contributed to this inflation crisis? >> it is amazing.
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if you look back 40 years ago, there was another fed chairman in place. he said if you let me do what i need to do beat inflation, you'll be a one-term president. that was the case. i don't think that's the conversation that is going on in the white house today. everybody will take some personal responsibility. there's a consequence to spending money excessively. families are seeing it at the grocery store and the gas pump. the end of the day, they pay for washington's excess. we have $90,000 of debt per person that we pay for every day and we'll inherit to the next generation. that is a burden that keeps giving. >> charles: we have austan goolsbee. he will join now. former chair of the economic advisers under president obama. austan, a lot of people concerned that the extra spending, the extra money, on one hand, you get these incredible accomplishments that you brag about but you get the idea that economicses 101, too
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much money chasing too few goods might spark something that we can't get out of now. >> yeah, the only thing that i would say about that is you're seeing highest inflation in 40 years in germany, in japan, in u.k., in a bunch of places where they didn't pass the statement lust that they passed in the u.s. so we do have to weigh off how much of this is from too much demand. how much of this is coming from till little supply. >> trace: i'm glad you brought that up. the other nations don't have something else in common with us. the amount of crude oil under our feet and the ability to get to it. if we wanted to, we could drive oil prices into the dirt. so is the white house sacrificing the middle class for a greater agenda of climate change? >> well, my take on what you're calling the climate change agenda is that has nothing to do
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with why the price of oil worldwide wendt to $125 a barrel. >> charles: i don't care about the world. >> it's a world committee, charles. >> charles: it is. but we can drill more. there's a ton of us under our feet. if -- you're saying we can't bring oil prices down in america. you know we can, austan, come on. >> we're going to set the record for oil production in the united states this year. >> and we could do even more. if we cared about america. rather than raising taxes -- >> and it would have -- >> are we going to raise taxes? is the biden administration going to try to raise taxes in the midst of this? >> i mean, they -- you've seen them say they want tax relief for middle income people. they would make high income people to pay more. do you consider that a tax increase. >> charles: a tax increase is a
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tax increase. let's bring in larry glazer. you see the damage going on to the markets. the fed wants it. i guess the white house accepts that we have to bring in the so-called wealth effect. it's really crushing the housing market. that's what i'm concerned about. more americans have homeownership than own stocks. if they tinker with this thing, how bad could it get? listen, you want to cool housing prices. what if we derail them? >> a year ago the fed talked about inflation. inflation is much worse than they talked about. excessive government spending contributes to high prices. that's what we're seeing at the pump. it's also bad policy contributes to higher prices. it's a rough combination, it's a toxic recipe. the financial markets are becoming unnerved because they lost confidence in washington's ability to navigate it. they want to see policy, an
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agenda and a plan. they haven't seen that from washington and haven't seen it from the ned either. everybody is trying to restore confidence. they're failing. s american families are suffering the burden. more than 50% of families live paycheck to paycheck. it's hard when wheat is up 40%, gas up 50% and you have rent with the highest increase on record. that is not a working family agenda. we need to change that agenda to support working families because they're the ones that pay the burden. >> charles: we have a full screen, austin, of gasoline prices again. the president released screwed from the strategic petroleum reserve. that did nothing to curb it. now we have less supply in case there's a real emergency. other than pointing the finger at oil companies, is there a plan to bring prices down? >> i don't speak for the administration. it strikes me that for sure the war in ukraine and the massing of troops which they announced
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he was massing troops in december of last year, that marks the spot where the prices start going through the roof. >> charles: no. the spot was marked on the day after the election. crude oil went up the next day and they never stopped going up. the markets are -- >> that's not true, charles. >> charles: when the president of the united states says i'm going to destroy the crude companies -- >> that's not what he said. prices went up and came down almost 25% in december 12 or 11th -- >> charles: austin, are you confident that we'll be about to skirt recession? that we'll get by without going to an official recession? >> i'm not confident. a lot of that depends on what happens with the virus. if we get a resurgence of a new variant of the virus, for sure we would have a recession. i'm not sure if the fed
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overtightens, we can also have a recession. >> families are more concern about inflation than covid in this country. if you look at -- china has been off line. their demand has been taken out of the global energy market. when they come back on line, it will drive energy prices higher. the biggest concern is demand destruction. if you slow the supply because people can't afford or drive or buy things, it will lead to a supplying economy. it's not a recipe you want. >> that's true. >> charles: we had news out that senator manchin may be receptive to build back better. i don't think that would include taxes. i don't know he's favorable to that. he wants some sort of pay-off. again, the additional spending, when a lot of folks in wall street are saying 2.5 trillion in excess cash sitting around that is exacerbating the recession and inflation issue,
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is that the right medicine at this time? >> well, i feel like that is mixing a few things. if your thought that excess spending is what caused the inflation, all that matters is the delta from last year when you're doing the accounting. so it's not going to go up $2 trillion from what it was last year. demand is going down. we're on path to have the biggest decrease in the deficit in the history of the united states. so spending is falling, not going up. the build back better argument is not really about inflation because that is a bill that is spread over ten years and is paid for. so i kind of think that's a red herring. we should argue about that on its own merits. >> charles: let's give props to the trump taxes for that deficit going down. we've bring in records amounts of money on the tax side. president trump's tax bill went through, we were told that
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corporations and rich people would be taxed less and we're setting record after record on receipts. so hey, i love talking to you but we're out of time. let's do it again. i hope all of this gets better for all americans. thanks, larry. let's take a quick look at corner of wall and broad. looking to end this month after seeing a big rally. it wasn't enough. the dow and s&p were up slightly. the nasdaq falling 2%. we're going to go live to uvalde texas for the latest in the investigation into the shooting. why is the justice department now getting involved? this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices to start your summer up... so you can mix things up. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer.
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>> charles: well, it's been one week since the horrific school massacre in uvalde, texas. devastated parents are searching for answers as they mourn their loved ones. now the justice department saying its investigating why officers at the scene waited almost an hour to storm the classroom where the gunman barricaded himself. to jeff paul live on the ground in uvalde. jeff? >> yeah, charles. as in memorial here behind us continues to grow, this community is just beginning to say good-bye to the 21 people that were killed last week.
1:18 pm
they will continue to do so for the next two weeks. there really won't be a day until mid june where there won't be some sort of visitation or memorial service. one of the first ones today being that of joe garza. just one of the 19 kids killed at robb elementary school. at her memorial service, she's being remembered as an honor roll student and her bravery. her family says she's one of several students that tried to call the police. and then there's mitai rodriguez, giving, courageous, intelligence. some of the words her family uses to describe their little angel. and anna may whose favorite color was green and loved all animals. >> the consolation that the parents can have, is that their angel is in heaven.
1:19 pm
it's a good place for them. >> while the community is sad, they're increasingly getting angry over the handling of this shooting. we know the department of justice is going to be reviewing law enforcement's response and especially why it took more than 45 minutes for officers to get in the classroom and kill the shooter. there's talks, charles, from lawmakers here about knocking down the school, robb elementary school and building a new one in time for next school year in the fall. charles? >> charles: thanks, jeff. i want to get right to former deputy assistant attorney general john yu. what will be the doj be looking for in this investigation? >> charles, it's interesting what they're doing here. they're not conducting a criminal investigation. they're not looking into as we see in other kinds of situations whether police used force illegally. instead, they're operating through a relatively obscure office of the justice department
1:20 pm
that is involved with grants making to local police departments. what they're going to do is try to do what we call after action report. they're going to look at what happened, what mistakes were made, try to get the facts on the ground straight because we're still seeing conflicting stories when police were on the scene, why did they way so long to get a border patrol unit there. maybe we can learn some lessons. hopefully recommendations about what can be done to stop these terrible school shootings. >> charles: what makes it tougher, john. the police chief on december of last year took a course at southwest university junior college, school barricaded on this sort of thing. he also took the same course in august of 25 of 2020. in june 10, 2019, he took a 16-hour course on terrorism response with a focus on active
1:21 pm
shooter. he had the preparation. so where do you go from there if the police chief has taken all of these courses, he's been entrusted with this job. i mean, where do we go from here? a society that we want to send our kids and grandkids to school and feel safe. >> charles, it's a tough question. looking backwards on it, i think the chief made a mistake when he decided that the situation had moved from an active shooter. when you do want to get people in the building and rush in to the rooms and move to someone that was not longer a threat, more barricaded in the room and would be harder to stop. i think clearly now we know that was a mistake. you're getting phone calls from the children in the classroom with the shooter still shooting. we can look back and said he made an error. whether he knew -- the police
1:22 pm
chief knew those calls were being made, something that the justice department will find out. in terms of what we can to here, we can train officers and we can spend more time talking about how to secure schools and look at tougher types of gun control. the gun control that is consistent with the second amendment right that all americans have to keep and bear arms. >> charles: is there any way to test for heart? i hate to say it, but again, training is fantastic. we need training, more police training with police officers throughout the country. almost every time we see any sort of incident on tape, it's during the arrest process. i always said we need more there. we talk about the criminal side of this. how do we test for heart? how do we know when the time comes, the folks that we've entrusted to take care of this and we put on a high pedestal will answer the call?
1:23 pm
there's no way. >> the best we can do is hire people with experience that have gone through this before. this police chief did have a long history in law enforcement. he hadn't had to face this kind of threat. that's what we have to do, look to military veterans that have had to face fire under these kinds of circumstances. maybe those are the best people to lack to for leadership and help in these terrible circumstances. >> charles: thanks, john. always a pleasure. we'll be right back after this. ♪ ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. i'm trending so hard that “hashtag common sense” can't keep up. this is going to get tens and tens of views. ♪ ♪ ( car crashing ) ♪ ♪ but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for this... yourself. call a local agent or 1-888-allstate
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>> charles: coming up, a major update for the supreme court leaker. and the ransacking at sephoria. what will it take to stop this?
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it's 5:00 a.m., and i feel like i can do anything. we've been coming here, since 1868. there's a lot of cushy desk jobs out there, but this is my happy place. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at >> charles: now to that supreme court leak investigation that is heating un.
1:28 pm
some clerks looking to lawyer up after being asked to turn over cell phone records. joining me now, doj prosecutor jim trusty. jim, good to hear or see there's movement on this. where are we right now with the process? >> yeah, great question. seems like we're in an ice age for this investigation. i'm worried that the supreme court police department is a little overmatched. they typically focus on security, not on investgative type of materials. each justice has about four clerks. so it's a good pool of people. we're starting to hear some rumblings that the law clerks or some of the law clerks are considering getting counsel rather than volunteering any of their personal data to the investigators. >> charles: what is interesting to me that is whoever is the leaker was lauded as a hero be many on the left and maybe this
1:29 pm
person, he or she, hasn't been persuaded to out themselves. they're not facing what -- would they face any real criminal liability? >> i think it's unlikely. you're right. one of my biggest concerns the day this story broke, that they would be treated as a heroic whistle-blower, which is nonsensical. they violated a serious moral code on the supreme court. on the criminal side, it's thin. that might be one reason why the supreme court has not fully engaged. you're looking for hyper technicalities when it comes to theft or misyou. plenty of stuff that could be wrong and it's not criminally wrong. >> charles: what about the notion that this is the supreme court of the united states. the public has to feel confident. it's already been politicized,
1:30 pm
being ripped apart in the media. for this to go unpunished or not find a leaker, wouldn't that do irreparable harm to the -- i'm looking for the right word. we need supreme court to be that branch of the government. >> look, it's a historic low from my perspective, to have someone break that moral code for political purposes is outrageous. it's a little like a book called "the bleeding." everyone in a village lined up in a murder rape investigation and said take my blood, test this thing for dna testing and let's eliminate me from contention. i'd like to see the supreme court do the same thing. the clerks should be lining up saying hey, if you want to look at my cell phone, eliminate me so you can find the person that
1:31 pm
did something terribly wrong to this institution and the court. >> charles: with respect to the cell phone records, are these clerks and any other potential suspects, are they obligated to hand over their phones? >> they're probably not obligated unless they got the phones as part of the job. a lot of times we find out downstream that phones that were being used by people like lisa paige and peter strzok at the government were government issued phones. you don't have the same privacy right. you have no ability to stop the government to look at the phone that they gave to you. if it's their personal phone, they could fight it until there's sufficient evidence that a seizure warrant is available. it's uphill but you want people to act out of a sense of obligation to the institution rather than in court. >> charles: no matter what side of the political aisle you're on, we have to find out how this
1:32 pm
happened. >> thanks, charles. >> charles: a robbery caught on camera at an l.a. sephoria store. ♪("i've been everywhere" by johnny cash) ♪ ♪i've traveled every road in this here land!♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere, man.♪ ♪of travel i've had my share, man.♪ ♪i've been everywhere.♪ ♪♪ it's still the eat fresh® refresh, and now subway® is refreshing their classics, like the sweet onion teriyaki sauce, topped on tender shaved steak. it's a real slam dunk. right, derek? wrong sport, chuck. just hold the sub, man! subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshi- if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure you're a target for chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease your kidney health could depend on what you do today.
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>> charles: the border surge showing no signs of slowing down, even as we enter the dangerous summer months. griff jenkins has more. >> good afternoon, charles. the heat here in south texas is oppressive. it's 107 degrees creating dangerous situations for the migrants that also have to go through brush with rattlesnakes and other hazards. senator roger marshall, a republican, got a first hand look at this. take a look at this video. this is senator marshall on a
1:37 pm
recent border trip. he was having to leap into his other job, which is doctor by trade treating a migrant woman suffering from heat exhaustion. meanwhile, thissed morning, we saw the numbers are not slowing down. because of the heat, all day long, groups coming across. these are migrants from honduras, nicaragua, costa rica and peru. cbp sources tell us that over this memorial day weekend, there were 4,084 encounters. that is just in the rio grande valley tech or the alone. last tweak, the border patrol cheap, raul ortiz talk about all of the problems that were created. here in the rgv, there were four members that got arrested. governor of arkansas, asa
1:38 pm
hutchison says that it shows the cartels are in control. listen. >> the cartels are controlling the border versus law enforcement. and we've got to go after and build cooperation going after and reducing the influence on the cartels. we've done that before. mexico, i think, can step up to the plate to a greater extent than they are. >> charles, when you talk about the cartel control, here along the border, hundreds of these are found. these are wrist bands that came off of migrants. there's a four digit number on there. it's that organized. that's how much control the cartels have here on our southern border. charles? >> charles: supply chain efficiency there. thanks, griff. border patrol union president brandon judd joins me now.
1:39 pm
he's been on the front lines this. the efficiency and the brazenness is over the top right now. it's amazing. we're the world's preeminent nation. obviously we're choosing not to control our borders. we're allow ago cartel to control them. that's the case. >> it is the case. when you look what's going on, it's all about the reward. they know they're going to be released in the united states. that's the reward. as long as we continue to reward people, cartels go throughout the world, this is not just central, south american and mexico, this is throughout the world. we see people from everywhere. easter europe, western africa, from the asian countries. we see people from everywhere. it's all about the catch and release. if people will be rewarded by being released in the united states, which is what they want, they want to be here, they'll
1:40 pm
will continue come and the cartels will generate billions in profit and continue to pull our resources out of the field creating gaps in coverage to pass higher value products. we've spoke about this going back to 2017. how these cartels work. we were able to control it under president trump. this administration gave it back to the cartels and now we have stretches of the border that are completely controlled by criminal organizations. >> i read a tweet. it struck me. i want to ask you about this. the threat to america is not russia. it's our border and we're under a susstaineded attack. we need a full immigration moratorium and he goes on to say we need a deportation czar. really strikes me. we have sent billions of dollars to ukraine austinsively to push back russia. both sides of the aisle concede
1:41 pm
spending 40, 50 billion. why can't there be agreement on this problem here, that this is a bigger problem than russia is right now. >> because right now the democrats are simply politicizing this issue. they want open borders. they want to make it what it is. that's why we have the situation. this is easily controlled. this is not rocket science, this is something that whooef done before and we can control this. we can even act within this administration's parameters. they're not willing to do that. i met with secretary mayorkas. i told him what can be done. they refuse to do what is necessary. we can hold people in our custody pending a deportation order or asylum proceeding. they know this administration knows that once we start holding people rather than releasing them, everybody will stop coming. we will be able to control illegal immigration. by controlling it, we can go after the cartels. we can go after the fentanyl and cocaine. we can go after the aliens from
1:42 pm
special interest countries. we can protect the u.s. citizens if they would allow it. they won't do it. >> charles: you referenced the fentanyl and the drugs. it's mind boggling just how bad it is. if griff showed us how republican senator roger marshall came to aid those suffering from heat exhaustion. the senator will join me tomorrow at noon on coast-to-coast. meantime, we've talked about this for at least six years and longer. keep up the hard work. it's mind boggling it's come to this. thank you. >> thank you. >> charles: this is one way to empty a shelf. literally, right? robbers at a los angeles makeup store caught on tape. is it a case of bad people or bad policy at work? you report, you may want to hide. (♪ ♪)
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
1:46 pm
>> charles: the massacre in uvalde moat investigating both sides of the aisle in d.c. to possibly do something on gun legislation. to aishah hasnie on capitol hill with the latest. aishah? >> hi, charles. good afternoon to you. president biden today pledged at the oval office that he will be meeting with congress when it comes to guns and gun
1:47 pm
legislation. as to who he's wanting to meet and when he's going to meet them still remains unclear at this hour. congress as you know is out this week. both chambers right now, charles, are on different tracks when it comes to how to move forward on responding to these mass shootings. this morning we learned the house judiciary committee will meet this week to mark up a sweeping gun reform package. the democrats are calling the protecting our kids act. it is major. it's massive. it includes measures to raise the minimum age to buy semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21. it will ban new sales and possession of high capacity ammunition magazines. ban new sales of bump stocks, background checks for those ghost guns and increase penalties for trafficking and introduce new rules for keeping guns in homes when there's a minor in homes. republicans are rebuking the
1:48 pm
package. jim jordan said this is a hodge podge of bills infringing on the second amendment. he said none of these bills would have prevented the tragedies that happened in texas or in buffalo. now, there's bipartisan negotiations underway in the senate. gop leader mitch mcconnell has task senator cornyn to broker a deal with the democrats. they're holding a zoom meeting this afternoon to come up with an agreement on a basic frame work with talks that are centered more on mental health and the red flag laws. mcconnell though was asked about the negotiations today. he remains tight lipped whether he has heard of any progress yet. >> we have a group led by senator cornyn and senator murphy on the democrat side discussing how we might be able to come together to target the problem. mental illness and school safety.
1:49 pm
we'll get back at it next week and hope to have results. >> the key words there, charles, next week, which is likely when we're -- we might see a meeting with the president as well here with congress. charles? >> charles: before i let you go, where does speaker pelosi stand right now? >> she was at an event taking questions. of course, gun legislation came up. of course democrats would love to see more expanded background checks. that would be a huge win for democrats. something that the house is pushing. but you have to remember that we're talking about a 50/50 senate and senators chris murphy and blumenthal have already admitted that that is likely not to happen. what is most likely to happen, what they could get across the finish line are the red flag laws and speaker pelosi has previously said in a letter that she supports the bipartisan
1:50 pm
meetingses in the senate right now focused on the red flag laws. >> charles: another brazen robbery caught on video. are soft on crime policies to blame? this memorial day, lowe's is home to prices that light up the whole season. big game today! everybody ready? alexa, ask buick to start my enclave. starting your buick enclave. i just love our new alexa. dad, it's a buick. i love that new alexa smell. it's a buick. we need snacks for the team. alexa, take us to the nearest grocery store. getting directions. alexa will get us there in no time. it's a buick. let's be real. don't make me turn this alexa around. oh my. it's painful. the buick enclave, with available alexa built in. ask “alexa, tell me more about buick suvs.”
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>> charles: crime ramping up in new york city, newly released video showing the moment a man was randomly stabbed on the upper east side thursday. just one of many recent incidents caught on camera. fox news david lee miller is
1:54 pm
live from new york with more. >> charles, it is a video that has let many new yorkers angry. chasing down a 29-year-old man outside a subway station and a mostly residential section of manhattan. what if anything led to the attack, we do not know, showing the attacker sealed getting off of and a bike chasing the victim into the street. the victim did not know the person who repeatedly slashed him in the back and arms. cops hope to release the video and will lead to an arrest. police also asking for the public health with two people assaulting a 43-year-old man on the platform of a brooklyn subway station. surveillance camera footage shows the victims face blurred, struck by two men that are being sought by police. motive is not clear. an earlier incident may have led to the assault. new york's mayor eric adams under increasing pressure to stop the crime surge met today with other mayors in the state to address gun violence.
1:55 pm
and called on help from washington. >> there must be a national approach to this. there must be solutions that include social media and how it is not using its communication ability to detect to those who are being radicalized and individually carrying out radical actions. >> only hours before they spoke, and 29-year-old man was shot in the head outside a brooklyn deli that happened at 1:40 this morning. no details about the victim but the shooter has been released. hoping over the memorial day weekend, violence claimed at least three lives. back to you. >> charles: david lee, thank you. all of this as meantime in california, new video cash bring brazen thieves stealing products, over a store over the weekend, dan springer has those details, dan. >> charles, when you watch this video it's great to see how casualties thieves are. they don't seem to be in a hurry
1:56 pm
at all or frankly have a care in the world. it happened saturday night around 9:00 at the los rito shopping center in los angeles county. wearing hooded sweatshirts but did not try to cover their faces as they filled up garbage bags with makeup and other cosmetic products at this up for a store and did it right in front of two employees who watched and at least one customer who recorded the whole thing on her cell phone and of course posted the video on tiktok. when they felt their backs they walked out of the door and they have not been caught, the sheriff's department says there were multiple robberies at the mall the same night, no word from sephora on the size of the loss but added to the billions of dollars in merchandise taken from california and across the country. the national coalition of law enforcement says in 2019 the gives stole $68 billion worth of goods from retailers. $4 billion in california alone, and surveys say that the problem
1:57 pm
has gotten worse since then. >> these are folks that do it constantly. these are people that are doing it over and over and over and over again, because they know that they are not going to be held accountable. >> the california retailers association has pushed for laws that would reinstate penalties for misdemeanor theft saying under $950, by the way, anything above that is a felony. but the democrats controlled this date legislature and those bills have gone nowhere. charles. >> charles: thank you very much, the lax policy is to blame with nypd lieutenant, joe, the losses they are talking about are removed in 2014, where a lot of those felonies became misdemeanors. i've seen videos of folks going to the story with calculators knowing they can fill up to a certain amount and nothing happens to them. how much of a mockery of the system is that? speak of the biggest mockery we have right now, because it is
1:58 pm
all revolving door of justice at its best, and you still have the same players that are causing this on both ends in the d.a.'s office and with the criminals, and they know that they are going to get away with it and keep doing it. and selling these goods out on the street is the other side of it too. so when they sell them out on the street and they sell for a nice low price, they have no need to go back into the store, because it is the real deal. so it's a round robin effect on the store and the consumers and that's who really pays the price is the community and the consumers. because it is going to reflect on them eventually. >> charles: i was shocked to hear $60 billion, 4 billion in california alone, prices goes up, security costs or they move them out of neighborhoods, it's just a no win situation versus society. in any law enforcement official or elected official would let this go on as long as they have. i want you to connect the dots did that what some people say it's a soft crime and in l.a. almost 400 homicides last year, a 15 year high.
1:59 pm
is there a connection when you allow this lawlessness to occur with harder crimes? >> absolutely, because they just graduate to the higher crimes and what happens if somebody tries to stop them and they use physical force against them. that will be the higher crime rate there. but what is it going to take it to understand? security, what security? there is no security. they don't want to put it in because they don't want to challenge them. so everybody commits unchallenged. it's just ridiculous how they go on with it. and you can think the people that put these people in power for the elections. you need to change it. in california better wake up, because that 60 billion is going to fall flat on their laps. >> charles: really quick, joe, you talk about elections and outcomes, becoming new york city mayor with great fanfare, has blamed guns and talking about social media, but nothing actually to deter crime, what are your thoughts you have ten seconds. >> you know, charles, get back to the old school of law
2:00 pm
enforcement in new york city the street crime out there, get the guns off the street and do the job they are paid and trained to do and stop with the politics that are involved with holding the police back. enough already, let the police do their job. >> charles: that's why he is elected, good news, neil is back tomorrow, but you can catch me on fox business, i am there every day at 2:00 p.m. on "making money. trying to help you as much as i can. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, jessica tarlov, sandra smith, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden making some bizarre comments about gun control. as he says he did not think that we needed to ardennes schools, one week since the horrific fence in texas where a teen gunman went on a rampage inside a classroom


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