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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 31, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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enforcement in new york city the street crime out there, get the guns off the street and do the job they are paid and trained to do and stop with the politics that are involved with holding the police back. enough already, let the police do their job. >> charles: that's why he is elected, good news, neil is back tomorrow, but you can catch me on fox business, i am there every day at 2:00 p.m. on "making money. trying to help you as much as i can. here is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, jesse watters along with judge jeanine pirro, jessica tarlov, sandra smith, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ president biden making some bizarre comments about gun control. as he says he did not think that we needed to ardennes schools, one week since the horrific fence in texas where a teen gunman went on a rampage inside a classroom killing 19 students
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in two teachers. the president says of the country needs to act. but so far he has not even talk to congress about solutions. and democrats so far do not seem interested in republican proposals like boosting school safety or addressing mental health. instead, biden is attacking the most popular handgun for self protection. listen. speak of the .22 caliber bullets lodged in the lungs, a 9-millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body, so high caliber weapons, there is no rational place for it in terms of self protection. it is not in the second amendment never absolute. >> jesse: the white house trying to clean up what he met while he does not believe in hardening schools. >> he supports a ban on the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and expanded background checks to
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keep guns out of the dangerous hands. he does not support a ban on the sale of all handguns to answer your question, and know there has been conversation about hardening schools, that is not something he believes in. >> jesse: and vice president kamala harris offering up one of her signature salad responses while calling for a assault weapons ban. >> i will say as i have said countless times, we are not sitting around waiting to figure out what the solution looks like. we are not looking for a vaccine. we know it works on this. it includes less assault weapons, an assault weapon is a weapon of war. it has no place -- no place in a civil society. >> jesse: greg, so the president is not supporting hardening schools after you saw what we saw last week. just out of pure tactical reasons, by going into a negotiation would you say, yes, let's put it on the table?
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speak all i will explain to you what is wrong with his thinking on the answer to this. if you want a solution that you can trust, the person that is venturing the solution has to have more than one variable or you don't trust them. so if you have -- if you are a single variable thinker which is what democrats are a about guns. everything they say will be guns. that's the ideological cause. no one can trust him, because they know what their answer is going to be. it's always going to be guns, guns, guns. and we know that maybe that rifle, the accessibility to the rifle plays a role in the role of this mass shooting, because a person got a hold of it and used it. all right, but you end up in this it is see where joe biden finds himself where he is banning just common handguns and dismisses hardening targets, which only makes sense if you are clinging to one variable and kind of this feeble brain. and this is why don't look at gun-control dies, because you can't trust the people who are
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pushing this forward. the solution should tackle three variables. it should be more than a gun control issue. you should look at social media, mental health, how are schools addressing mental health? and then you can look at the guns. i will be totally interested in raising the age to 21 for this rifle if it was done not as a wall, but as an experiment, rights, six years, try it out, compared to the previous six years. it's hard to get variables out of this, because mass shootings are not rare enough, you can go for six years without any, but the point is coming you have to treat it not like a log, but like test, it removes the slippery soap, what is next? then you can do the same thing with social media age minimums, because that would be really interesting to look at too and then you can look at better mental health services at schools. why are we testing all of these things? it's because we get stuck in a single variable thinking where you have the leader of the free
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world saying absolute gibberish because he can't leave his -- this is a single idea prison. he can't get out of it. >> jesse: can't get out of his own prison. judge >> greg: i have been there. >> jesse: they all have bail, so it should be easy for him to walk. when you are the president say, maybe we can work with the republicans and then utters out to this gibberish about the banning of 9-millimeter handguns, why would you deal with a guy like this? speak on his head i'm going to be the adult in the room i make this work. he wants to build up his numbers, he gets an idea and goes in his corner, this is what i am going to do and i don't want to do anything else, all of the republicans don't want to work with me. does removing guns limit the number of crime? i would like you to look at what is going on in the city of
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chicago which just this past weekend there were nine people killed and i think there was something like i don't know, 40 shot in chicago. guns are illegal in chicago. so you really have to look at when is the last time we analyzed this stuff? the last time we had a ban on assault weapons i remember i was the sitting d.a. i was in favor of it, and then we found out that there was no discernible change in crime when we ban assault weapons. now let's look at california, crime is going up, shootings going up, compton, los angeles, any of these places and it's where you have the toughest gun laws in the country. so the vast majority, and people need to understand this, the crimes that are being committed are being committed by people that have illegal weapons. in less than 2% of all prisoners had a firearm obtained from a retail source at the time they committed their crime. so stop with this background check and all of that, but if you want to, let's come together on that. want to come together on that?
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maybe let's do it and make a deal. but this guy is too simple to make a deal. the constitution, this is a second amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and this guy is so ditzy he says you could not buy a cannonball when they pass the second amendment. he is so limited in its historical references, there is nothing that prevented anyone from buying a cannonball when they wrote the constitution. and my last comment is this, the gun related deaths we are talking about are not only most of them in cities where gun crimes are illegal, but that they are also in cities where we have individual who can get guns, who are part of gangs and in the end half of the gun crimes are suicide. and that's all i have to say. >> jesse: why won't he put mental health on the table? jessica. >> jessica: mental health is a conversation that democrats have nonstop. and it's republicans -- >> jesse: not about this.
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>> jessica: greg abbott does not want to medicaid expansion which makes sure that the poorest people have access to mental health resources. democrats will never not have a conversation with you about these other issues. they will also talk about the specifics of what happened. want to talk about chicago, that's a different box. we will talk about chicago. we need to talk about school shootings carried out with ar-15s. 400,000 ar-15s that are owned by americans between 199094. today there are 20 million. dan crenshaw was being interviewed about whether we have a common problem here. 3 million people and 400 million guns. if the founding fathers were around today, do you think that they would've said, we did this, yes, so that people can have more than one gun? people can have eight guns, 15 guns, you don't, you don't speak to the founders. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: why do we
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think it's an absolute! >> jessica: 1994 when we had the assault weapons ban, we had the kind of data coming want to say putting an end, we know that the number of mass shootings were lowered by 43% and then it was allowed by george w. bush, this is something that can be done again. people do not need this support just walking around. it is unnecessary and kids are dying because of it. and there are 19 cops in the hallway. there is nothing more valuable than a good guy with a gun, there were 19 good guys with guns that stood in the hallway and kids were still calling the police. >> sandra: people at home are going to say guns don't kill people, people kill people. hold on. what about the red flag laws? i find out the more republicans i speak to, there is more openness in some parts of the country to the red flag law. when you talk about bringing back moral values, which many republicans are doing in the wake of this, you can talk about the fact that you are talking about glacial change. people want to know what could've prevented a shooting
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like this? could red flag laws have helped? "the wall street journal" said it's as good as the data, basically pointing out that this was a person who broadcast over private messaging on facebook, which facebook has said that he was going to go kill his grandmother and that he was going to go shoot up an elementary school. that data at "the wall street journal" points out is only private to those he wanted that private from. how about the social media companies accountability in this interacting that kind of conversation over social media? maybe there is some bipartisan support for these red flag laws that could identify an unsteady person that owns a gun legally or illegally. >> jessica: we have tried this, donald trump who was in new york with liberal before he was a republican president was for gun control. and it was with the red flag laws and fellow republicans told him it will not pass. >> jesse: they did not work in buffalo.
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>> sandra: 19 states. >> jesse: don't tell them a gun if you have a bag of dead cats, i think we can agree on that. >> greg: where did that come from? >> judge jeanine: he was holding up bag of dead cats. he is a psychopath. >> judge jeanine: how he can afford those guns? >> jessica: because they can. >> jesse: the media won't pursue that. up next, president biden is trying to convince americans the economy is good and his policies drive us into the ditch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> judge jeanine: president biden desperately wants you to think his sputtering economy is doing well, rolling out a plan to spend sky high inflation and gas prices and keep setting new records. holding a rare oval office leaving this afternoon with jerome powell. and joe biden sharing his plans to fight inflation in "the wall street journal" op-ed. the goal appears to be to commence upset voters so that things aren't that bad and try to pass the inflation blame onto republicans. the president claims to know what he is doing, but one of his top advisors is refusing to answer simple questions. >> so give us a forecast, where can you have gas prices, let's say by the end of the year. where will they be? >> this is a serious issue, and what you are doing right now is trying to put me in the decision
2:17 pm
of being a forecaster. >> what is your ability to control those prices and bring them down? >> what you want from your president is that they are doing everything they can. >> judge jeanine: curious, sandra, i watch that back and forth. he refused to give you an answer and could not give you an answer. what was your take on it? >> sandra: i felt that they were really fair questions and not simple solutions, but he did not offer specific answers of what they are doing to bring the prices down. i had very specific questions about why they are touting this economy in some position of strength while people are paying high gas prices the new record high and inflation is at a 40 year high in this country and also asked him if it is reacting. but he trying to get ahead of things getting even worse here?
2:18 pm
you have had larry summers, steve ratner, inside democratic administrations who have been waving the flag, the red flag on what has happened with the economy for quite some time and there is nowhere to run and hide now. "the washington post" literally just publish this piece on the misjudgment of the white house of the inflation threat until it was too late and it goes date by date which the biden administration biden administration was playing down the economic consequences of the policies. going back to july 19, you remember the inflation being transitory and then it was shifting the blame to the companies, rights? that it was shifting the vladimir putin invading ukraine, so i was just trying to hold the white house accountable as we give them a lot of time to explain their plan and unfortunately we didn't really get it. >> judge jeanine: all right, jesse, sandra said, well, you said inflation was transitory, why can't you give us an idea?
2:19 pm
they even met today with jerome powell, and they keep insisting that it is not what they think it is. >> jesse: the economy is great, wake up, sir, 75% of the country says that it is an absolute you know what hole, and telling the people that are struggling, you don't know how good they have it. what house has he been working on? and then the bad things, none of it is my fault. it is the fed chair's fault, and just reappointed the fed chair and says it's congress' fault too, but the democrats control congress, then says it is vladimir putin's fault, but was invaded on the watch. and it's the solution, spend more money, any idiot knows that it's really dumb idea. americans are upset in the
2:20 pm
white house they are very angry and a lot of the black voters say what have you done for me lately? we put you in there and you have not delivered. some of the far left of that put them in there and has not delivered on the green new deal or anything like that and all the donors are angry too. and i saw polls at 35 percent in delaware. his home state hates him. at 29 percent in ohio with a senate race in ohio in his 30s in nevada and georgia and arizona. how is he going to win senate race when he is doing that bad. and the ultra mega backfired printing up t-shirts and the economy is teetering on a recession, no good for smoking joe. >> judge jeanine: what do you think the plan is? some bright people in the white house, there has to be a plan? where there is plan no longer transitory, we will fix this, tell me how great things are. >> noel. i don't want to do that, but i want to try to explain what is going on here.
2:21 pm
no one goes into an election saying our campaign strategy is say everything is. that's a bad idea. no republican or no democrat would do that. and there have been a number of focus groups that came out between the pennsylvania election with the elected candidate saying democrats won a fighter. and we overwhelmingly believe that republicans are always ready to go to the mat and that we see too much ground. and i think what joe biden is trying to do is to go a bit on the offensive and to also highlight which a bunch of the surrogates have been doing the fact that republicans except for rick scott's plan which they are running away from aren't really offering us much of an alternative. and coupling that with big social issues going on right now like guns and police focus opinions that there are democratic voters and independent voters and even some moderate to republican voters that can be animated by these issues were frankly republicans are completely out of step with the americans like ice. >> sandra: does the white house plan to bring down
2:22 pm
gas prices? >> jessica: i think he has a gas plan that he did offer us more drilling. >> jesse: releasing from the petroleum reserve and the gas prices went up. that was a plan. >> judge jeanine: he said that they could do more drilling and then he pulled back on it. >> jessica: i don't think that that is right. >> jesse: went back to increase production and they said screw you. >> jessica: everything is, everything about republican! >> jesse: finally. >> judge jeanine: is an important that a president feels the pain of the american people? jessica saying he can't say everything is crappy. at least he can feel the pain. >> greg: he would be a masochist because he is creating the pain, he says he wants to speak for himself, but that seems like that has been the problem since the beginning. he creates a word salad that
2:23 pm
would give you eco-bunt e. coli. people are animated by issues like abortion and guns, but everyone is animated by inflation. because there are some people that abortion will never enter their lives, right? but inflation hits them wherever they are. and i think that that is the issue. if you don't have a solution for that -- i am looking at i believe that the democrats have given up. they are behind five touchdowns and they are choosing to run out the clock. because clearly there is no political road back for joe. so rather than even help a little they are just leaving the field. >> jesse: a sports analogy? >> greg: i'm not even sure that it made sense to me. because frankly it was a long weekend and i am working on 10% of my brain. i come up with the analogies, i don't ask for permission. >> judge jeanine: are you done? >> greg: not really. it's been on a long holiday
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: it was a devastating holiday weekend for some, more crime and bloodshed, 39 people were killed due to a gun violence across this country including 15 in philadelphia loan, and 43 shot and nine dead in chicago. and on top of that, more shocking scenes of anarchy, startling footage showing three rands hackers taking a sip for a store, makeup store for those of you that don't know, before calmly walking away, and
2:29 pm
terrific video with a mass attack are randomly a new york city pedestrian in broad daylight. there are growing concerns a spiking crime will just get worse over the next several months. this is just horrifying. on a week and were so many were supposed to be honoring those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and then go on to have a barbecue and celebrate the long weekend, it was a horrific weekend for so many, jesse. >> jesse: i live close to that knife attack, so -- you know what it means, probably thought it was mean. i did a little list, because you know that i like making lists, these are the stories we have covered recently on "the five." black on homeless people attacking asians, white blonde girl gabby potato. black nationalists attacking the people, white nationalist killing the people in baltimore, and people burning down the small businesses, killing black
2:30 pm
men like george floyd, school shootings, cartel violence, smash and grab, shot by a bernie breaux, and islamic terrorist shooting people, we cover all of that on "the five," but the mainstream media does not. the mainstream media cherry picks these events and only covers police, on black, or white nationalists with ar-15s. now they base our coverage on their race of the victim, the race of the perp, the ideology on the perp and the weapon, we don't do that. we cover all types of crime. if you are a casual news consumer, just kind of perusing the mainstream media, you get a really false vision of violence in this country. you think it is crooked white cops killing black men or white nationalists shooting up schools with air 15's. that is not the case, all right, so if you see that, you are
2:31 pm
obviously feeling guilty, you are divided and angry and that's what they want you. they want you like that so that they can control you. but if you just look at the weekend and memorial day over the weekend, most of that crime is committed by drug addicts, most of that is in democrat cities, most was from handguns, not the other things. so people need to wake up and watch fox and her local news to get the truth of what is really going on so that you are not brainwashed by the mainstream media. >> sandra: chicago had its most violent memorial day in five years, we know 2020 and 2021 were bad, nine killed, 42 wounded, and despite the fact that in that city they ramped up police patrols and had focus on neighborhood programs that city officials hoped would provide more peaceful alternatives and sadly did not happen. >> judge jeanine: let me explain something, we can talk item to item about this. there's only one way to stop
2:32 pm
crime, and that is to put criminals in jail. i don't want to hear any sob story about this, their mother, that, i don't want to hear it. i want to put you in jail. the democrats and want to put in jail, that's why we have the social justice nonsense in every state, the idea that people are being unfairly juried. these individuals, the violent gangs in the violence that we are seeing are by individuals who have no fear. they know there is no consequence. they are emboldened. they are brazen. and what is happening as a result is companies are telling their employers to dress down during your commute, really? supposed to be the best time of your life, dressed down, you may attract a criminal. and the most disturbing part of all of this is we are -- it is like john deleon, continuously down, what we are doing now, so normalized that people look the other way. and when a woman is screaming help me in new york city and no
2:33 pm
one helps her, that's what we are facing. and until we get to these democrats to change the laws, and it's not about being republican, this is in a democrat led city in democrat legislators, at them in jail and stop this. >> sandra: a sad reality, jessica. >> jessica: i am for putting these people in jail, the backlash over incarceration came from the amount of young black men put in jail for pot. and we have changed a lot on that. and i know you support that. so i don't think that you would meet a liberal in one of these cities who does not feel the same level of outrage. many who also feel that they voted for people who they thought were on the same page from a policy standpoint. in terms of the media mainstream media not doing any work on this, there is so much footage of lori lightfoot paste off that i know that the media is asking them, eric adams is being asked
2:34 pm
about this, while it gets picked up and the hosts do like talking about it because it is something that rates with what the people are concerned with, but it is as greg points this outcome of the randomness is what is so frightening. >> greg: we have seen murder jump by 42 percent in the city over two years span and you see two types of violence covering since friday, one is a mass shooting and one is consistent nightly crime going on killing as many people but over time so it is less shocking. so you go, okay, 30 some odd people were killed over the weekend, you don't have that feeling that you would with this mass shooting. and then when you talk to the left of the democrats, they will always focus on the gun crime. against a single variable thing, i'm ready to look at guns, yes you have to look at the criminal and the fact that we cannot listen to progressives anymore about law enforcement, because they over correct. they believe that the revolution
2:35 pm
that comes later is worth the suffering you experience now. they have no replacement for any of this stuff. when they brought -- they release people in jail, it's just like joe biden's energy plan, we are going to get you off fossil fuels, but we don't have a replacement. we get them out of jail, but we don't have a replacement, he brought up this horrible situation where no one was helping this woman who had been grabbed on a subway and held by a madman and people are now living in a situation where people refuse to share the risk in a public setting because they don't know what could happen next. they videotape it and it's like if your father with three kids, do you want to risk your life to save this woman? because this maniac could stab you? these are trolley exercises happening in every video of the subway, people have to make decisions, and once you are used to this, then society is done. if you can actually live a life like every night is death wish, it's over.
2:36 pm
anyway. >> sandra: thank you for that, nancy pelosi's husband busted for drunk driving, the media somehow finds a way to false republicans. ♪ ♪ we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: the media rushing to defend nancy pelosi's husband for getting arrested. paul polar sea in a porsche. ppp, he was driving with a jeep in napa county, nobody got hurt. but after the collision, he was arrested on suspicion of dui and released on a $1,000 bail, the
2:41 pm
attorney denying reports that he has been charged with similar offenses before, pointing out that the rebuild of course in this article headlined after nancy pelosi's husband is arrested for dui. in the break and were saying how disgusted you were by nancy pelosi and that he got off so easy. >> jessica: that's exactly what i was saying, i was wondering aloud if paul pelosi actually did anything wrong when he was arrested. and i can see you are going this guess so. what are you talking about, no, he said, okay. spewing getting arrested with a guy with a gun. a drunk in a car. >> jessica: are you kidding me, because someone who is driving home, if you have had anything out to drink at napa,
2:42 pm
are we making paul pelosi into a bad guy here? spin on! prosecuting drunk drivers were killing people. you want to talk about a guy who was a drunk, let's talk about a drunk in a car. let me explain something else, this guy spend the whole night in the lock up, you know why? he was so drunk they could not let him go. and was charged in the second count of dui which is .08 or higher because they took his blood alcohol and it was higher than .08. so let's not pussyfoot around on this one. >> jesse: let's not. >> greg: the judge putting the hammer down, no one was hurt, he was lucky i guess. >> sandra: no laughing matter, do not drink and drive, colin huber, and when i look at the reaction that nancy pelosi is talking about she talked about some sort of vital twitter reaction, that the republicans were pouncing, fine, first of all, but it's really not, i don't find -- i have not read through all of them, but they are not -- how much jail time will paul
2:43 pm
pelosi spend? >> greg: he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, why not get into burger drive or have a driver like you do. >> judge jeanine: do we know that for a fact? >> jesse: that's what they said. and also said, don't you know who i am? >> greg: he was completely naked, jesse, did you hear that? >> jesse: it was insider trading and you are on your way home from a dinner party without your wife while she is in the east coast giving the commencement address to her brown which is not really an ivy league college and you almost kill someone in your porsche heading back to your napa valley $40,000 -- spewing crossing the road when he should not have been. >> jessica: guys, this is insane!
2:44 pm
>> jesse: this is pouncing and i will have none of it! >> greg: we are tired of your pouncing, this show should be called pouncing. >> jessica: that's all that show is. you guys. >> greg: coming up, the new "top gun" movie is apparently so good it's bringing men to tears. that more in "the fastest" coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jessica: welcome back, it's time for "the fastest" "top gun maverick" chattering box office while shattering men everywhere, millions of dudes reported crying their eyes out, while tom cruise gets his hundred million dollar opening weekend. social media hearing grown men sobbing in the theater over the bromance story line. has anyone seen it yet? >> judge jeanine: i have not seen it. who has seen it? >> jesse: clips. >> sandra: i am obsessed with seeing it. >> judge jeanine: you want to go tonight? >> sandra: let's go, judge,
2:49 pm
and they feel like are gratuitous shirtless men. >> greg: i have not seen in, and waiting for it to come out on vhs, it sounds like if it is successful they should make a sequel, right? is this the sequel? [laughter] >> jessica: you always prepare so well for my block. [laughter] >> sandra: so into it that the director was given 30 minutes to pitch tom cruise on this. and he picked up the phone and said he would do it. >> jessica: i can identify which movie would have done it, but doesn't it feel like would've already. >> judge jeanine: he is so good coming practices and does his own sons coming you remember with covid he was like so strict when they were trying to get it out. i mean, you have to admire his discipline. >> jessica: scientology instills that in people.
2:50 pm
have you cried in a movie? >> jesse: i cry some, let me tell hollywood how to make some money. you make nostalgic pro-american military films that make red-blooded americans feel patriotic and fired up. it is that simple. everybody is shocked -- >> greg: it is a white supremacist movie! >> judge jeanine: you just missed it. >> greg: i watch "the killer elite" because bo hawkins died, 1975, you had james come on, you had robert do bowl, and you had bo hopkins, and it is great, and it had ninjas. >> judge jeanine: remind me not to watch that. you are dogging on tom cruise right now. >> greg: who cares about him? >> judge jeanine: take charge of your segment! >> jessica: thank you for letting me have the floor back, don't feel bad if you called off
2:51 pm
plans at the last minute, everyone is doing it, and it's no longer rude because of covid. i think canceling is so rude. >> greg: who makes plans? people who are drinking. who breaks them? the people who sober up. let's get together tomorrow, let's get together tomorrow. and then you wake up and go, i don't want to do it. that's why people break plans because they make them when they are drinking. >> jesse: especially if they are early the next morning after you have been drinking. >> sandra: i think there needs to be ample amount of time, like the last minute phone call when everything is all set, not nice. >> jesse: because girls take a long time to get ready? >> greg: sexist. >> jesse: you have to give a woman at least four hours. >> sandra: dates you can cancel anytime. >> jessica: that seems mean.
2:52 pm
>> greg: that seems -- the limit -- >> judge jeanine: nobody cares, because they talk over us. >> greg: talking over the judge is the funniest thing i've ever heard. >> jessica: they literally told me to cut the crap. >> judge jeanine: what is going on? >> jessica: "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ . .
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♪ >> jesse: time for "one more thing." we have mom texts. it's been a while. so sorry unable to watch. your position on the trucker fiasco too arrogant and small-minded for my tastes. sounds about right. i certainly hope that you watch steve corn knacky such a master of the numbers. better than anyone in terms of analysis of election returns.
2:57 pm
hemmer would disagree, mom, number three, stop yelling at geraldo, we need to hear his wisdom, perspectives and his life experiences. hush. no, we don't. number four, jimmy cricket sat on your shoulder when you were little. you know what's. goodbye. we have a memorial day quiz at coney island it is a mess. don't miss that greg? >> greg: first up tonight great show emily compagno, kat timpf. tyrus. watch this. ♪ robots are great. >> greg: first taking our jobs and now the animal job. is this the goat a goat? it could be the goat and i wonder if it eats tin cans. this is an actual first rideable
2:58 pm
robotic goat. i don't know why they chose a goat. >> jesse: why not a horse? >> greg: it can lifted up to 22t which is roughly 50 pounds. look at that. that's a robotic goat. looks more like a unicorn. they could have turned it into a unicorn of and they didn't. now i will shut up. >> jesse: keep going. >> that's the gastest it can go? >> jesse: a slow goat. judge? >> judge jeanine: this week 109 female veteran and guardians will go on grand tour of d.c. including monuments war memorials and banquets on the first all female honor flight out of florida. it serves as reminder how far women have advanced. one veteran said she is often mistaken for military service wife. she has to tell them no. the oldest woman on the trip is 97. we want to thank these women for their service. go women. >> jesse: that's what i always say. >> greg: you go, women.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: jessica? >> jessica: go women. >> jesse: what is a woman anyway? >> greg: yes, that's true or whatever you identify as. >> jessica: residents of a nursing home in windsor were treated as kings and queens woke up to find the facility transformed. you don't like monarchy? platinum jubilee. they were told to dress to impress. sandwiches, cakes and scones and room adorned in red drape. celebrating 70 years of her reign from june 2nd to june 5th. 96-year-old queen will be celebrated with parades and concerts. i used to live in london. queen crazy. fox has special coverage for the jubilee celebration. thursday and friday from 5:00 a.m. to #:00 a.m. martha, ainsley, piers morgan. so queen. >> greg: freddy mercury. >> shannon: anyone looking for new makeup girl scouts out with
3:00 pm
something you cannot eat. teamed up with girl scouts make up edition line includes scented eye shadow colored lipstick. >> greg: can i be a girl scout? >> shannon: collector's box. >> jesse: can't eat that makeup, greg. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thin mints are so good good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the hillary clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi about the trump-russia probe has been found not guilty. several experts, court watchers believe the evidence against michael sussmann was cut and dry but the jury didn't believe it was or felt it was immaterial to the big picture. the question now what is the next step for special counsel john durham who did open new doors of inquiry during this trial.


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