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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 31, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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teamed up with girl scouts make up edition line includes scented eye shadow colored lipstick. >> greg: can i be a girl scout? >> shannon: collector's box. >> jesse: can't eat that makeup, greg. that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: thin mints are so good good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the hillary clinton campaign lawyer accused of lying to the fbi about the trump-russia probe has been found not guilty. several experts, court watchers believe the evidence against michael sussmann was cut and dry but the jury didn't believe it was or felt it was immaterial to the big picture. the question now what is the next step for special counsel john durham who did open new doors of inquiry during this trial. correspondent david spunt is at
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the federal courthouse where he has been following this story from the beginning with our top story. good evening, david. >> good evening, bret. it is back to the drawing board for special counsel john durham just hours after losing behind me in federal court in this high profile case aimed at exposing the origins of the trump-russia narrative from several years ago, bret. in court today, michael sussmann sat stoically and listened eagerly as the foreperson announced the not guilty verdict. special counsel john durham says that sussmann lied in 2016 when he brought debunk information to the fbi linking the trump organization and russia and claimed he was doing so as a concerned citizen. not as a partisan with the clinton campaign. durham had evidence for jurors showing sussmann billed the clinton campaign the same day he met with the fbi and ultimately the jury believed michael sussmann. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized
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that with their unanimous verdict today. despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed in my case. >> john durham thanked prosecutors and investigators adding an n. a statement, quote while we are disappointed in the outcome, we respect the jury's decision and thanked them for their service. shortly after durham's office released that statement, we saw him outside of the court and i asked him if he had anything else to add. >> mr. durham, any reaction to the verdict at all. i know you sent out a paper statement. >> durham said nothing, which is not unusual for prosecutors and the government not to speak to the media after a case. even though, bret, durham did not win in the courtroom. in the court of public opinion he showed the highest levels of the hillary clinton campaign including hillary herself approved of releasing this sussmann story to the media. even though the campaign was not entirely comfortable with it he is up for bat again special counsel john durham with this
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guy on your screen igor danchenko going before a grand jury in october five counts of lying to the fbi for his role in the steele dossier. bret? >> bret: david spunt. david, just switching quickly to federal court there to down the street at the u.s. supreme court. new information about that investigation to try to find out who leaked the draft opinion that suggests roe v. wade will be overturned. >> yeah. this is another big story and we are conforming. confirming through supreme court sources that there is already an investigation underway and it's been in process right now to have some of those law clerks that work at the supreme court to turn over not work cell phones but personal cell phones to try to find that leaker. we are told that part of the investigation is in process. now, the draft opinion was leaked to politico earlier in may. ing and it showed a majority of the supreme court, bret, in favor of overturning roe v.
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wade, a woman's right to an abortion chief justice john roberts ordered an internal investigation done by authorities. bret, the final opinion on the matter is not expected to be released by the court until likely the end of june. that's when we always get these big decisions and also, bret, an important point, just because these law clerks are being asked to turn over personal cell phones doesn't mean they are necessarily going to comply. bret? >> bret: that will be fascinating to watch and watch for the chief justice and how he weighs in here. thank you. speaking of the supreme court a ruling today from the highest court in the land with potential major free speech implications, the supreme court is blocking enforcement of the texas law that would have prevented large social media companies from censuring individual users based on content. the user restrictions amounted to viewpoint discrimination claiming certain conservative points of view were being stifled. a high court order means the law cannot be enforced for the time being at least while litigation
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pin continues in the low you are courts. we will have more from the supreme court in a bit. let's bring in our panel early. guy benson political editor at town former white house press secretary ari fleischer and andrew mccarthy former united states attorney. andy, you are not surprised by this ruling but believed that the evidence was kind of heading that way that it was kind of cut and dry? >> well, bret, in order to figure out this case, i think you really have to make up your mind about what the fbi is. are they a dupe or a willing collaborator. durham staked his investigation on they are a dupe. you have to prove for teecialt purposes in a false statements trial that the duped party actually was fooled and i think the evidence here was pretty strong that even though what sussmann told them was false. it was factually untrue, they weren't fooled at all by it they
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fully knew they were getting political information from a partisan source and a lot of what they did was designed to conceal the fact that they knew that. >> bret: yeah. so the question was whether they thought it was immaterial. here's "the washington times" after the verdict the jury forewoman who declined to give her name spoke to the media. she said charges should never have been filed against mr. sussmann in the first place. quote: i don't think it should have been prosecuted, she said of the case there are bigger things that affect the nation and possible lie to the fbi. here is the federalist, guy, even without the jury convicting michael sussmann the special counsel has won measuring durham's performance by the outcome of united states vs. sussmann would be a mistake also in the case of an acquittal it would ignore the valuable information exposed to the broad err spy gate scandal using that gauge as a succeeded wildly. prosecution of sussmann sets the stage for more damaging about clinton's personal involvement in the scandal. it's tough to see today as a win
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for the special counsel but the narrative definitely was completed a little bit more, guy, throughout the trial. >> it was a set back because this was an acquittal, there is no debating that the pies you just quoted makes a decent point. the public learned a lot more about what happened on the russian matter. and hillary clinton's personal involvement in green lighting some of this oppo research being pedaled around turned out to be false. we learned that extra campaign manager there were a few of the donors on this jury. some people pointing to that as a factor here. i defer more to andy's legal judgment about why this became such a difficult case for the prosecution to argue and win given the behavior the actions of the fbi itself and how it handled the information they got many times talking about this, tweeted out the durham team was hit with limiting court orders and a jury that was hardly ideal. the limitations on this trial
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only reinforces the need for a special counsel report. the judge imposed limitations in the scope of evidence more about the development of this false claim and the role of the campaign. and i also hear from people watching and saying, you know, we understand it. would get the big picture because we have been following it. why is doesn't this ever end up with someone going to jail, paying a price or seeing some kind of retribution for what happened? >> well, several points. one, you said the jury was hardly ideal. well, yes, the jury was hardly ideal. it had three hillary clinton donors on it one alexandria ocasio-cortez cortez donor on it and one juror's daughter plays on a sports team with mr. sussmann's daughter. that jury in the district of columbia hardly ideal. look, i'm loathe to comment on jury trials unless i'm a juror
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and heard every fact about it jury rules you have to accept it but there are three things that go on beyond this trial. one, hillary clinton got away with it we all know now if you are going to commit dirty tricks and politics you hire a law firm. you lie about the money you are spends on a law firm. hire a spy about your opponent. that's how you get away with it. the other is the fbi was happily dund in this matter. >> bret: stand by if you will. >> bret: another ruling late this afternoon. just minutes ago the u.s. supreme court is putting a temporary halt to the counting of certain undated mail-in votes in the 2021 election. a specific election in pennsylvania. now that decision is expected to impact the very close u.s. senate race in pennsylvania among two republican contenders, justice samuel alito issuing that order temporarily blocking
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a lower court ruling that would have allowed counting mail-in ballots without a date attached next to a voter's signature as required by state law. federal appeals court had ordered of the state to count those undated ballots which were initially set aside. justice also consider the matter more closely and other orders expected in coming days. we're back with the panel including bring in amy walter to the conversation of a cooke political report. essentially what experts are telling us in just the past few minutes is that, amy, this is going to have a direct impact on the mehmet oz, david mccormick race where it's already in a recount but battle for counting these undated ballots. >> right. and, look, it makes it much clearer now that the ballots that are going to be counted are basically the ones that have already been tabulate helpful for dr. oz because he is ahead
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by 900 or something votes. very rare to see in a recount that many votes, actually changing from one candidate to the other. >> bret: guy, of the past six recounts in the state of pennsylvania. three of them the opponent said i'm done, i don't want to go forward. three of them went to the recount and they all added votes to the person heading in with the lead. >> now a question for the mccormick campaign is how long do they want to drag this out in the democrats have their nominee. it's going to be a very tough campaign on both sides. do the republicans want to remain divided for days on end as they have during this process. that's a decision for, i guess, the higher ups in that campaign to make. >> bret: andy, quickly, to get a decision like this. does clear some things up. but there is a long way to go to clear up all the questions out of 2021, 2020, of how dinner states deal with. >> goes to show, bret, it's essential for the election
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happens and then afterwards as justice thomas said there simply isn't enough time in the window after an election to deal responsibly with how you sort through all these issues. see you later in the show. >> bret: biden met with the top money man to try to find out the economic malaise that the u.s. is dealing with that has crippled his administration politically. threatens to cost his party's control of congress. president and federal reserve chairman jerome powell discussing the highest inflation rate in decades prompting fears of a recession and growing discord be with the administration. white house correspondent peter doocy has details. >> my plan is to address inflation. starts with a simple proposition with respect to the fed. some doubt the federal reserve's recent track record on inflation. >> i do think there needs to be considerable soul searching at
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the fed as to how they missed this as badly as they did. >> as white house top economic officials are very defensive about months' worth of possible policy missteps as prices continue to rise. >> nobody did anything except say oh it's transitory. >> i just disagree with that and i could quote you 20, 30 other experts who had different projections. >> so is messaging sabotaging the president? nbc news reports quote biden is unhappy about a pattern that has developed inside the west wing. he makes it clear and succinct statement only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else. the so-called clean-up campaign he has told advisers undermines him. officials are hoping to keep things simple with the three-point inflation fighting plan trust the fed, lower prices and lower the deficit. but, these aren't new ideas. >> i would point you back to the president's state of the union.
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>> inflation is an issue above all others in this white house. >> i'm meeting with the chairman today and the secretary yellen to discuss my top priority and that is addressing inflation. >> the president thinks it's mostly putin's fault. writing the "wall street journal" inflation is elevated, exacerbated by putin's war in ukraine. biden's critics say there is plenty of evidence it's not. >> the president has put jerome powell in a box. we have excessive spending. we have had policies that pay people not to work. >> and for now biden officials aren't accepting any blame. >> does biden take any responsibility for his policies potentially contributing to inflation? >> his policies have helped the economy get back on its feet? >> to fight inflation, president biden is phoning the fed. there is not much he can do since he is now saying he is not going to tell the fed what to do but today he wanted to hear from them in private about a plan to
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lower prices by raising rates. >> peter doocy on the north lawn, the stks were down today. s&p 500 fell 26. the nasdaq was off 50. senior adviser to president biden. >> nice to see you. >> bret: listen, should -- is the administration saying that americans should feel good about the american economy? >> i think what they are saying is we have an international economic crisis. and the united states is in a better position than any country to deal with it if you think about it, the president has been able to create in partnership with the private sector 8.3 million jobs. unemployment 3.6%. unemployment insurance claims reduced by over 90%. the president understands the economy is a concern for people which is why today in the "wall street journal" we talked about
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having a 3 point plan, one of them was to let the fed do that job and dealing with the issue of inflation the other is to actually lower costs and continue to talk to congress about ways to do that and to use the infrastructure bill that i'm responsible for helping with do it and then finally to reduce the deficit. that's the plan. it's a pretty simple plan. but the president understands that everybody's concerned and uncertain about it he talks about this when he was growing up, understanding that the price of gas went up he felt it at his kitchen table. all of us do. all of us that have kids understand concerns that he has. i think he is sharpening his messaging and talking about the things we have to do to get the jobs done. >> bret: you concede that president biden and the experts he was talking to got it wrong? six months ago here's the president as he was talking about inflation. >> i think you will see a change sooner-quicker and more rapidly than it will take -- most people think.
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>> here is politifact, biden's american rescue plan fueled inflation. so did post covid shortages inflation 8.5%. 40 year high. $1.5 trillion american rescue plan helped fuel about half or less of the increase analysts say. "the washington post," u.s. policy makers misjudged inflation threat until it was too late. officials often played down rising prices as problems mounted around the world. is that a fair assessment? >> i don't think it's a full assessment. i think it's fair to say that in the last year and a half or two years with covid, that has been very difficult to deal with and unexpected on anybody's time scale. and then the war in ukraine, both of those things are major contributors as well. we can look back on it all we want. going forward one of the things you have to recognize is the president's economic policies created 8.3 million jobs. unemployment is really low. jobs are up. wages are up. savings are up. credit card debt is down. those are all good things. which is to say we are in a better position to move out of this very aggressive recovery
3:18 pm
into what is a steady recovery managing that is quite hard. it's not going to be easy. don't you think it's great idea for the president of the united states to hire people really really good and get out of way and let them do their job. that's the point he was making with the fed today he expects them to do their job. he also wants to do his job use every tool at his disposal lower cost for the american people. he has done that by opening up the strategic petroleum reserve which you know is headquartered in my wonderful state, louisiana. actually start working on reducing cost for high speed internet. to say ask congress to reduce the cost for prescription drugs and for child care. all of those things are going to help the american people and then finally to reduce the deficit. $1.7 trillion reduction in the deficit last year and there is more to come. >> bret: right. but a lot of that has to do with covid and those numbers. another guy that was really well respected. >> you are going to give. >> former treasury secretary from obama administration larry summers. he had been sending out the red flags about inflation for a long
3:19 pm
time. hereby he is about the current situation. >> when inflation has been above 4% and unemployment below 4%. we have always had a recession be with the next two years. the likelihood is that we're not going to get through this with a soft landing. >> so is the administration base bracing for that possibility? >> i think what larry summers just said is what the president said. it is the fed's job to deal with the issue of inflation. and i think larry's message right now was for the fed. i think that's what his message was there before. we will leave it up to the fed to do the job that the president asked them to do in the white house today. >> bret: i want to ask you one infrastructure question and i know you are dealing with a ton of things. spinning a lot of plates to try to find out the best position. why does it cost exponentially more to build infrastructure in this country than in european countries. >> isn't that the $60,000 question it's absurd.
3:20 pm
>> bret: how do we not waste taxpayer money. >> let me speak to it. it speaks to the issue of how we have gotten out of a really good habit of building big projects well in the united states of america. it's one of the things that it is my responsibility to try to figure out. as you know, in the last six months we have hit the ground running. we have pushed out $110 billion. we have 4 # hundred projects that are going 3200 counties. one of the things that we are trying to address is making sure there is no waste, fraud and abuse. also making sure on the permitting process we get money out fast but we do it the right way. i would like to peel apart the whole process and ask ourselves in this country why it takes so long to build projects and cost more than in other places. we should figure that out. because, once we do if we figure out what the way is we can build a whole bunch of great things. looking forward to the opportunity of figuring that out with the private and he public sector in years to come. >> bret: we appreciate the opportunity to be with you. >> thank you. >> bret: former mayor of new orleans mitch laundrie, thanks.
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♪ >> bret: inspectors general are asking for more authority to go after fraud stemming from
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covid-19 programs. fraud cases are capped at $150,000. justice department inspector general michael horowitz says the current threshold is far too low given the scope of the fraud and relief programs. is he asking congress to raise the maximum amount to at least $1 million. there was no holiday for officials at the southern border the past few days. the fox news has learned more than 4,000 migrants illegally crossed into the country in one sector alone this weekend there appears to be no end in sight as another large group could soon make its way towards the u.s. from the other side of the border in mexico. correspondent griff jenkins is in la joya, texas tonight. >> south of the border, more than 5,000 migrants gather in tapachula, mexico, demanding humanitarian visas from mexican authorities and threatening to form a caravan that will head knot later this week if their requests are not met. here on the u.s. side of the border, migrants from honduras,
3:27 pm
guatemala, el salvador, nicaragua, costa rica, and peru gross crossing in groups in la jolla, a mix of single adult males, family unit and unaccompanied children. this comes as the u.s. department of homeland security implements a new rule effective today. establishing a process to expedite credible fear in asylum claims faster in the u.s. to reduce existing backlog. >> cbp sources tell fox news there were 4,000 n 84 migrant encounters over the memorial day weekend in the rio grande valley sector alone. with the border patrol chief tweeting: a recap of activity this last weekend, which includes the seizure of 43 pounds of narcotics, as well as the apprehension of two sex offenders. former border patrol chief rodney scott says the administration is at fault for the crisis. >> there is no effort to actually secure the border. and to figure out who and what is come in. when you create a day 00 particular situation like this and they have created this through their policies.
3:28 pm
>> the journey for migrants is becoming more treacherous every day as the summer heat increases. republican senator roger marshall, a doctor by trade, provided aid to a migrant woman suffering from heat exhaustion on a recent border trip. and, bret, tomorrow the largest congressional delegation since covid began two years will visit the border here in the rgv consist of a dozen lawmakers led by the ranking member of the house budget committee jason smith. they will see the crisis firsthand and meet with border patrol officials. >> bret? >> bret: griff jenkins arng the border in la jolla. federal officials search for answers one week after the school shooting in texas with new information still coming out tonight as lawmakers on capitol hill search for common ground on gun legislation. we will bring you the latest first is here what fox affiliates are covering residents able to return their-to-their homes at large
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♪ >> bret: at least 17 mass shootings were reported across the u.s. over the long memorial day weekend. gun violence archives says at least 12 people were killed. 80 injured from friday to monday. the research group categorizes a mass shooting as an incident where four or more people are shot. not including the suspected gunman. the search for answers goes on one week after the horrific school shooting in uvalde, texas. we're learning more about those killed in the attack as families and friends of the victims share stories of the outcome lives lost and new information about that day. correspondent jeff paul is in south texas this evening. >> saying goodbye to the 21 who should still be here. >> the consolation that the parents can have is that they are angels. they are in heaven. >> 10-year-old ann marie is just one of the 19 kids killed in elementary school.
3:36 pm
elementary service the honor roll student was not only remembered for brain but bravery. one of several students who tried calling police since the attack. >> we are not innocent anymore. >> then there is fourth grader rodriguez honored. giving, charismatic. intelligent, just some of the words used to describe their little angel. favorite color was green and wore converse every day and loved all animals. >> those lives are done we never know what they could have done for the world and their families. >> the community's sadness is being met with anger. >> he is in the room full of victims. >> abc news obtaining dispatch audio that appears to capture operators telling police they have children on the line. the justice department is set to review law enforcement's response especially why it took more than 45 minutes for 19 officers in a school hallway to
3:37 pm
breech the classroom to kill the suspect. texas state senator rollin gutierrez says beyond the investigation he took time while president biden was in town discussing down the school and building a new one. >> such such a grant exists in the united states but it does. >> we are learning tonight that the teacher who had propped open the door just prior to the shooting did, in fact, close it. investigators previously reported that teacher left it open but we now know after learning there was a gunman on campus that teacher closed the door but the door didn't lock. texas dps is responding tonight to a report that local law enforcement is no longer cooperating with state investigators. texas dps saying they are cooperating but they wanted to do a follow-up interview with the chief of police at the school district, that was two days ago. and the he hasn't gotten back with them yet. jeff paul in uvalde, thanks. republicans and democrats in the senate are trying to work
3:38 pm
together tonight on new gun control legislation in the wake of the texas school shooting. congressional correspondent aishah hasnie on capitol hill tells us what that might look like and where things stand tonight. >> i have to more mass shooting aftermaths than i think any president in american history. >> with uvalde still top of mind, president biden pledged today to meet with congress on gun violence. although when or with whom exactly is unclear. congress is out this week in both chambers are on separate tracks when it comes to how to respond. in the senate a bipartisan group of senators continue negotiations over zoom this afternoon as talks center around school safety and red flag laws. some democrats are cautiously optimistic because the paulk talks are blessed by g.o.p. leader mitch mcconnell but still putting on pressure. >> the republicans over on the senate have to acquiesce. they can't be against everything. >> the republican leader hopeful
3:39 pm
to have an answer once congress returns. >> we are back at it next week and hope to have a result. >> the committee will come to order. >> the house, on the other hand, taking a more partisan approach. the house judiciary committee will meet thursday to mark up a sweeping gun reform package. democrats are calling the protecting our kids act. it includes raising the minimum purchase age for semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21. and banning new sales of high capacity ammunition magazines. republicans are already rebuking it. ranking member jim jordan exclusively tells fox this package is, quote: a hodgepodge of bills that is an infringement on people's second amendment rights. and, bret, senator cornyn of texas, who is leading negotiations for republicans just released a statement a little bit ago about that zoom meeting with other senators this afternoon. and in it he writes that he had a, quote: very constructive conversation with senators murphy, sinema and tillis and
3:40 pm
that their staff members have now been instructed to continue working together on those details and he hopes to be able to talk about those details very soon. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live on capitol hill. thank you. trying to get the framework of what they are talking about soon as well. former trump adviser peter navarro has been subpoenaed in the justice department's investigation into last year's capitol riot. revealed court filing request for him to appear before a grand jury this week. he claims it's unenforceable. first known instance during the probe of federal prosecutors seeking testimony from someone who worked in the trump white house. up next, russian troops pound key areas of the ukrainian city. we will have a live report from there.
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3:46 pm
specifically deal with or address the specific dui charge. ♪ ♪ >> bret: russian forces are said to be in a frenzied push to take control of the key eastern ukrainian city. bomb bashedment has caused the toxic leak from industrial facility there causing residents to stay inside where they are advised to wear gas masks as ground fighting continues outside their homes. russia is igniting a food fight blaming short tages on ukraine and the west. senior correspondent mike tobin reports from kyiv tonight ships don't move from ukrainian ports that means a quarter of the world's wheat. substantial harvest of corn, barley and rye stalled and at risk the of rotting. >> the fact that there is a severe food crisis developing is
3:47 pm
only the fault of russia's unjustified war. >> food becomes more insecure. groups become more powerful. that is why the general on the fast track to be confirmed as nato supreme allied commander suggested to the senate armed services committee woreships could secure the route. >> what i would do, if confirmed, is provide the military options required by our civilian leaders. >> although nato and russian ships in close proximity threaten a slide into a wider conflict, experts say with russia's resources already stretched thin, they would not provoke it. >> i think the risk to the u.s. should be seen to be low. because the consequences to russia of crossing that line are so high. >> thousands continue to flee the fighting in the east russians fight street to street deadline. they are struggling to capture the last pocket of ukrainian control in the eastern region known as luhansk.
3:48 pm
they need to do it before more of the weapons supplied by the west arrive with a possibility of giving ukraine the upper hand. >> our plans are clear. we deoccupy our entire territory which historically belongs to us. >> and the latest information is that russian forces are managed to take control of at least half that city. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live in kyiv, thanks. up next, the panel returns on president biden's meeting with the federal reserve chair and what's happening with the u.s. economy. first, beyond our borders tonight. democratic senator tammy duckworth of illinois reiterates america's support for taiwan during her second visited in a year to the self-governing island claimed by china. duckworth met with taiwan's president following last week's confusion over u.s. policy sparked by comments by president biden abroad. this is a live look at jerusalem. one of the big stories there tonight, israel and the united arab emirates sign a free trade
3:49 pm
agreement the first of its kind that israel has concluded with a arab country. intentions with israel and u.s. brokered deal by the trump administration in 2020. the first of the so-called abraham accords that israel eventually concluded with four arab nations. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ we can work it out. ♪ we can work it out. ♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. ♪ ♪ wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> to more mass shooting aftermaths than i think any president in american history, unfortunately. and it's just so much of it is -- much of it is preventable. >> we have a great group led by senator cornyn and senator murphy on the democratic side discussing how we might be able to come together, to target the problem, which is mental illness and school safety. we will get back it next week and hope have results. >> well, in the end i may end up being heart broken. i am at the table in a more significant way right now with republicans and democrats than ever before. >> bret: so where are we on potential legislation dealing with all of this? we are back with our panel. guy benson, amy walter, ari fleischer. ari, we have been down this block before. seems like conversations are
3:55 pm
happening in earnest. that people aren't, you know, pulling to their corners at least yet. but, it's an emotional issue. >> if people can compromise something can be done. it will be modest and not stop all school shootings that would require changes of heart and changes of behavior, the very essence of who these young troubled males are. that's really the biggest thing we need to talk about. i will say, this bret. i saw the democrats are pushing to raised age for which you can purchase a long gun to 21 years old. and they don't even exempt members of the military or people who served in the military? that is lunacy. so, if they are going to push that they need to at least have that exemption in there wanted and some people say they shouldn't even push that but the school safety issue is certainly one they can and should get their arms around there are a host of organizations nonprofit and profit that exist to build facilities that things like doors that do automatically locked.
3:56 pm
making sure you can go through only a front door and double door. we're not talking about fortifying schools. we are talking schools be designed and retrofitted so they are sara. safer. who could object to that. >> bret: everybody is going to have to get something amy if this is going to happen. [barking] >> bret: the dog agrees by the way. janet yellen agrees on inflation. take a listen. >> as i mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that the boosted energy and food prices and supply bottle necks that have affected our economy badly that i, at the time, didn't fully understand but we recognize that now. >> bret: treasury secretary now a lot of officials coming out. obviously we had mitch alan drew on, amy. not much this.
3:57 pm
>> transitory turned out not to be transitory. while that's important and while the president came out today with an op-ed saying this is our number one focus now, it does feel like it is a little bit too late, in part because the levers that the president has are pretty minimal. now that i knowflation sits where it sits. obviously it's the fed's job now to focus on this. and usually when the fed gets involved in trying to reduce inflation, it means that the other parts of the economy are gonna take a hit. and we are already starting to see some of that happen in the housing market and we could see it ripple through our economy later on in 2022 or in 2023. so, look, it's clear that the issue of inflation now is a top of mind issue for every single american. it's one of the few issues that across the spectrum democrat, republican, independent is a top
3:58 pm
issue. and the issue is not one that a president can just do something like this and make it go away. >> bret: not in four or five months definitely not. >> no. >> bret: meantime inside the house beyond policy biden is unhappy about a pattern developed inside the west wing makes a clear and succinct statement only have aides rush to explain he actually meant something else. so-called clean-up campaign he has told advisers undermines him and smother the authenticity that fueled his. the white house pushed back hard on this story. in other words, they pushed back saying, what? that they do control him? or what about this. >> well, what struck me, respect bret, is the president is reportedly upset that he keeps getting walked back or cleaned up after. he hasn't fired anyone. if that is happening and wants to assert himself as president
3:59 pm
if people are undermining him and undermining policy changes and changing them he should fire them. that has not happened. a sentence i believe later from the excerpt you just read from us. they quoted someone inside the white house we don't actually do that. they walked back the complaining about the walk back. walk back inception in nbc piece. >> bret: pretty amazing. panel, thank you so much. okay. time for "tuesday tweets" jan wants to know why do president biden's plans to deal with our failing economy fail to include any measures to increase oil production? that is great question. didn't have time to get through it with mitch landrieu about infrastructure being used for oil production it is not on this administration's plan. that's one of the things republicans keep on hitting. nathan asks: hey, bret what's your advice to students graduating college this spring and entering the workforce. one, dream big, two, hustle. because there is a ton of jobs out there and the person who works the hardest usually gets
4:00 pm
the best ones. tomorrow on "special report," president biden meets virtually with baby formula manufacturers to address the ongoing crisis there thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid "jesse watters primetime" is right now. work hard, right, jesse? >> all right about the hustle, baier, have a good one. ♪ >> jesse: nothing symbolizes the kickoff to summer like memorial day weekend. the grill comes out for the first barbecue of the season man some vacations are planned. >> am i going to eat or starve to death? [dog barking] >> catherine, did you tell clark and ellen the good news? >> no, i was just about to. >> catherine, what's the good news? >> you are driving me to