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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 31, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about the botox dictator in canada cracking down on gun ownership. one of the many ways that country has creeped towards authoritarianism, some are speaking out against him, former national hockey league star in canadian says we could be next. that's tomorrow, we will see you then. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." tonight america's two-tiered system of justice is alive and well. after disseminating the russian hoax in 2016, clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann, he has been acquitted of lying to the fbi, which by the way was protectable to me and, yes, i respect the jury's verdict. my problem is with the judge who allowed a jury pool from the very liberal washington sewer and swamp that in my strong opinion was tainted. sussmann was and remains frankly a small player in this whole case, but it's what we learned
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during the trial that is far more significant. as testimony showed that hillary clinton herself okayed the big russia collusion lie, the upper echelon of the 1% of the fbi, not rank-and-file, they knew it, and they went with the biggest election corruption lie in history. we got a lot more straight ahead tonight. plus, trans swimmer leah thomas is speaking out claiming she is no threat to women's sports and is now plotting a bid for the summer olympics. we will cover that tonight. also tonight, the biden white house is adrift. listen to this. according to nbc news, joe is now hemorrhaging support from hispanic americans, african-americans, suburban moms, and of course young people and amid a rolling series of calamities and sinking approval ratings, the president's feeling lately that he just can't catch a break. poor joe biden, he's just not getting the respect he thinks he deserves. naturally he's not looking for someone to blame. it is always putin, there's
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always fox news, hannity, trump, whatever. but productively he shamelessly now is using the horrific shooting in uvalde for political gain. no doubt there are serious concerns surrounding this massacre in texas, the uvalde school district police chief has stopped cooperating with the texas department of public safety's investigation. that can't happen. that is incredibly troubling and should be to everybody. make no mistake, there is absolutely zero excuse for the hour plus that it reportedly now took law enforcement the storm that building and rescue those kids. that is their job. there's no reason this country cannot secure every single school with well-trained and prepared armed guards, including retired cops, retired military personnel along with metal detectors and a single point of entry into every school. joe biden is not addressing any of this. instead, he's, what, predictably vilifying the second amendment and responsible, lawful gun
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owners everywhere, even threatening to ban 9 millimeters handguns. really, joe? take a look. >> president biden: 26 caliber bullets were lodged in the long, we can probably get it out and maybe save a life. a 9 millimeters bullet blows the long out of the body. the idea the high caliber weapon -- there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of hunting, and remember, it's never absolute, you couldn't buy a canon when the second amendment. >> sean: that was debunked but that's a different issue for a different day. joe, before you rip up that document called the constitution, what about we offer schoolchildren, our precious children, our national treasure, same exact protection
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that you joe biden enjoy. and all the other high-ranking politicians enjoy and hollywood stars enjoy. that's armed security. and by the way, absolutely nothing biden said is true, not a word. watch, will we the people be totally defenseless? what do we do when evil people break into our homes? how did that defund, dismantle, no-bail stuff worked out so far in this country? now disarming every law-abiding citizen? no, that's not the answer, that is a prescription for chaos, death, and destruction, the american people won't tolerate it, and nor should they. keep in mind, according to one study cited by the almighty cdc of all people, there up to 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year, meaning saving lives. another study found there are at least 2.1 million defensive gun uses annually. that means the guns that joe biden just demonized are used more for self-defense than for criminal acts. and according to a multiyear
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study from john lot -- or member, rode more guns, less crime -- well, the states with the largest increases in gun ownership, they also have the largest drop in violent crimes. coincidence? i don't think so. of course joe biden doesn't care about the facts. is looking for political win. whatever happened to "follow the signs," or in this case, follow the statistics connect after all, biden cared so deeply about gun violence, where has he been the last 15 years? take a look at your screen. since 2019, at least 4,642 kids in this country have been shot and killed. all of these lives are precious. again, our national treasure, many of these kids were murdered in chicago. we have been scrolling their names that you never hear about 2009. joe biden hasn't mentioned their names once, not one single time. when he was vice president for eight years, all those years, 500 years in the senate, never mentioned it. and this weekend, guess what?
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another 47 people shot, nine killed in the windy city. and baltimore, four were killed during a spree of shootings in new york city, three more were murdered. and all told, more than 130 people were shot and killed across this country just this weekend alone. in fact, last week's tragedy in texas, there have been at least another -- there have been at least 15 other incidents that could be classified as mass shootings with at least four victims. joe biden rarely if ever mentions any of these acts of violence. why is that? because it does not help him politically, sadly. much of the violence is occurring in america's big blue democratic citizens in those deep blue democratic states where there was big liberal socialist democrats have rolled with impunity for nearly a hundred years. all of these cities, for the most part they have strict gun-control laws and the violence is only getting worse
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and hardly a peep out of any prominent democrat. instead, they cling to groups like blm, black lives matter, the group that chanted "what we want, debt cops, when do we want them, now." and thanks to the defund, dismantle movements, no bail movement, these cities are in tatters. police budgets slashed, vilified, insane no bail laws and a refusal to even prosecute violent repeat offenders but joe biden, he doesn't dare speak out against the radical left. he doesn't have the courage, he doesn't have a commitment to law and order and safety and security for any american, which by the way would be the fundamental prerequisite if we want to have the ability in this country to pursue happiness. life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. he also can't count any of his accomplishments, afghanistan, war in europe, inflation, stagflation, gas prices, another
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record -- a million covid deaths under biden's watch, he said he would end the virus. didn't happen. now the midterm strategy is, what, a heavy dose of fearmongering surrounding, banning guns, whipping up the democratic radical base, roe v. wade if, in fact, that is sent back to the states, it will not result in abortions becoming illegal in america, they will demagogue bat. don't expect them to offer any real solutions. you know, the self-proclaimed -- the guy that said he was the great uniter, he won't even attempt to work with republicans. instead, he will vilify them. always, capitulating to the radical climate alarmist religious cult than actually making the country a better and safer place. here with reaction, former florida attorney general pam bondi along with former trump chief of staff mark meadows. pam, start with you. the numbers speak for themselves. big cities, blue states, crime, murder, through the roof.
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not a peep out of, you know, joe biden, or even barack obama. why didn't they lift a finger? i've been scrolling the names of people shot and killed their sins '09. why don't they show any urgency when it happens in democratic cities and states to >> because guns are banned in those cities and it's unbelievable how much it hurts the democrats, so they don't mention any of that. we all know, since 1791, the bill of rights of our constitution beaks loud and clear and says the rights of the citizens to bear arms should not be infringed on and the case in 2008, we can protect ourselves in our own home. get the biden demonstration and joe biden himself now wants to ban law-abiding citizens from carrying a 9-millimeter gun? if somebody is going to come in our home, we will be able to use a 9-millimeter gun to protect ourselves. i look at the guns that are freely going across this border right now in the country.
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they are doing nothing to look at any of that coming if they are going after law-abiding citizens and they are vilifying -- they are villa dicing our law enforcement officers around this country by signing executive orders, taking things away from them, instead of doing everything they can to increase the great men and women of law enforcement in our country and give them the tools they need to harden our schools, to protect our kids. that's what they should be doing in this country, and they are not, and it's going to come back to hurt them in 2022. >> sean: if you look in 2021, mark meadows, total number of kids aged 0-17, killed, 1,560. if you look 2022, already this year it's 684. under donald trump, there was an average of 3.3 deaths -- again, too many -- under him, but under joe biden it's 4.4, a dramatic 25% increase.
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why do you think that is? >> yeah. sean, every life is precious, you mentioned that. i think is the thing that we see. this is going to play out as politics as usual. the democrats are known for being soft on crime. they are against law enforcement, you know, when you talk about standing with the men and women in blue, they don't see that as a patriotic duty, and yet donald trump and many in his administration saw exactly that. is the other thing you're going to see play out. we know that already jerry nadler is going to have a hearing in two days. why is that? because carol maloney, his opponent in the primary was going to have on the following week. this is all for political theater, and sadly they are going to pass eight bills, none of them will address the issue. you said it best. why don't we spend some money, harden the envelope of the schools, protect these children, we will spend $40 billion
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sending it to ukraine to fight off putin, but we won't spend the same amount of money to harden our schools? you know, something has to change. >> sean: let's stay on that. i hate to vilify police. i know how hard their job is. every person i know this ever become a police officer usually has wanted to be one since they were young. i can't -- there's no justification for how this was handled in uvalde. but i do know this, that there are retired police and military that would love to protect kids in schools and i think we ought to offer every child in every school protection, every politician on the state level and federal level that they get them armed guards protecting them. why can't we offer that all of our kids? >> it should be offered to all our kids. look what we did in our airports after september 11th. look at we strengthen security there. we need to strengthen the
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security of our schools. i was on the ground up to the horrible parkland shooting. i was there when those families were notified. i still talk to many of those families to this day. we had a sheriff there who really messed up. but it's what you do next and the great men and women of law enforcement, former military, just like you said, in florida we strengthen our schools and that's what we need to do around the country. you know, the problem with the liberals is -- we got biden, saying that 9 millimeters handguns are high-caliber. you've got beto roque wanting to go door-to-door to take them all, and then you've got the justin trudeau, the liberal social icon out there, banning guns there saying -- saying he wants to ban guns and you can't purchase guns, you can't have guns, so with that telling the people of this world? they are coming for you, and they're coming for our firearms. instead of doing everything we can to protect our kids, it's absurd. >> sean: mark, it's not going
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to go anywhere. the american people are not going to render themselves defenseless in this. >> they're not. when you see the kind of rhetoric that's coming out and joe biden talking about 9 millimeters being high-caliber, honestly that's probably the most popular caliber in a handgun for defense that's used. here's the other thing. summary breaks into your home, my home, or anybody's home. what did they do? they don't go out and look at a lot to try to make sure that the bad guys don't have guns, they try to make sure that they got an alarm system, bars on the door, whatever it takes to make sure their home is secure. we can do the same thing and actually there's bills that have been out there to allow for law enforcement to be reimbursed by the federal government to make sure that we come alongside these local jurisdictions where they have the financial capability to protect. >> sean: pam bondi, mark meadows, thank you both. tonight, as we continue, biden is not the only democrat
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attempting to politicize what happened in uvalde. of course beto o'rourke is once again looking to capitalize on this horrific tragedy. on friday he called and his supporters to get in the faces of those attending an nra convention. take a look at this. >> so i ask you, for those in power, and you hold office right now you are in the way and refuse to act, please promise me you will get in their faces before another child is shot in their face. >> sean: imagine sodi that supports donald trump saying get in their faces, what if something happens? they of course will blame the trump supporter -- depending on the day his position on gun ownership varies. he is vowing confiscation in texas. here's what he said earlier this month on may 21st. take a look. >> i just took the position that it may not be politically
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popular, that not only should no one be able to purchase an ar-15 or an ak-47 because they are designed to kill humans that had high-impact, high velocity rounds will just tear up everything in sight -- they will bleed out before we can get you back to life. but i don't think that the people will have them right now should be able to keep them buried >> sean: the past couple of years, his views on the second amended, they've been hard to track. after threatening to come for your guns, he promised to protect the second amendment, so which is it? take a look. >> americans who own ar-15s, ak-47s, will have to sell them to the government. >> i fully expect our -- there ak-47s. >> are you in fact in favor of gun confiscation? >> yes. >> hell yes, we're going to take your ar-15, you're ak-47. >> are not interested in taking anything from anyone. what i want to make sure we do
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is defend the second amendment. >> sean: defend the second amendment, here with reaction, geraldo rivera, larry elder is with us. geraldo, putting aside -- it's pretty despicable that they ignore all these other deaths, they ignore city violence, blue states, they only focus on things that they seem to be able to politicize. with them the bigger question is this now that they want to make it about gun control. you tell me what your liberal friends -- and you have friends that are conservative and liberal, what are they going to do if beto o'rourke's way becomes the law of the land? what are they going to do? what are you going to do it summary breaks into your house at night wanting to bring harm to your wonderful family that i know? what will you do? >> i was shooting with my .38. i have no qualms about that, and he will be dead, or whoever it is, they will be dead. >> sean: i have a
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9-millimeter, i have a .40, i have shotguns, have a pretty big gun collection. >> but you only have two hands, you got to pick a lane. i don't care about -- i don't care about beto o'rourke. i don't care about any of these politicians. what i see happening is that the spotlight, the world spotless, which is so finicky, so fickle, it's moving on from uvalde, texas. the two sides can't agree and beto o'rourke is making calls for gun bans and this and that in seizures and confiscation in all the rest of it on the right there saying second amendment and our rights -- we can't do everything. there are so many things being discussed, nothing is going to happen. we can do one thing. we can do what rick scott did in florida, we can pass juvenile assault weapons ban. no beer, you can't buy a beer, you can't buy an assault weapon. the last two mass shootings were kids barely 18 years old. we have to stop them.
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no beer, no assault weapons. very simple. >> sean: every single school, the protection that we give every elected official that we pay for -- and i believe rightly so. we've got to protect our high-ranking officials. why don't we give them the same protection? >> your talked about 19 officers was it, how may officers, 20 officers there in uvalde? why didn't they going? what's the role? >> sean: that's not the norm, is it? you've been out with them enough. >> you go in with guns blazing. that's the world. you sacrifice yourself if you have to. you take the bullet but the guys going to use on the child. go in guns blazing, that's the role, you can't be all hat, no gun. it is absolutely ridiculous -- the other thing, hardening at all the rest of it you and i are in absolute agreement. but you are alluding to and mention -- >> sean: larry, there's no excuse -- >> [indiscernible].
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>> sean, is this a private argument or can anybody join? >> sean: you can join. >> a monologue. you had a spot on monologue where you talked about how often americans use guns to defend themselves. by some service, as much as 2 million americans every single year use a firearm to defend himself or herself and of that number, 40% believe but for the firearm they would have been dead or suffered serious bodily injury. the day after uvalde, the day after in charleston, west virginia, a man shows up at a graduation party with an ar-15, local authorities say as many as 25 or 30 people could have been injured if not killed, and a woman there with a ccw, a permit to carry concealed, shot the would be mass murderer several times and killed him. this happens quite frequently in america, we rarely have a discussion about that. and one more point, after buffalo, biden talks a lot about what's a premise he, what's a premise he, what's up ramsey. but it turns out when you look at the percentages that white
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people in this country, roughly 63%, about 54% of the mass shooters, mass killers, are white. so they are underrepresented. when you look at the percentage of blacks in america, 13% or so, about 17.5% of the mass shooters, are black, so they are overrepresented. this is about the breakdown of the intact family and we are not having a discussion. >> sean: kamala harris praised when they cut back and started to defund the l.a.p.d., they did the same thing, a billion dollars out of the nypd budget. how things worked out in l.a.? because they haven't worked out very well in new york. >> last two years, shootings and homicides up 40% and overwhelmingly the victims are the very black people the people at kamala harris claim they care about. and this whole lie about the police engaging the system is causing the police to pull back and engage in passive resistance and elective policing and thousands of excess deaths have taken place in places like villanova, boston, new york,
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chicago, los angeles as a result of the police pulling back and not -- the bad guys realize there's a greater chance they're going to get caught, convicted and they're going to be incarcerated. >> sean: i got to let you both go. larry, good to see her, geraldo, always good to see you. thank you both. when we come back, trans swimmer lia thomas broke her silence about trans women competing in sports. we will tell you what she said coming up next. of course biden reportedly angered, rattled by his disastrous ball numbers, and he should be. where a trump, kayleigh mcenany, they way in, we will tell you the details next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, turning to another developing story, transgender college swimmer lia
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thomas is speaking out and responding to the criticism about an unfair advantage, and here with more is our very own matt finn. what's the latest? >> hey, sean, lia thomas, the former university of pennsylvania transgender swimmer is speaking out on camera for the first time. she says she has her eye on the olympics and insists she did not transition to female during her college swimming career in an effort to win. >> trans people don't transition for athletics. we transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves. transitioning to get an advantage is not something that ever factors in terror decisions. >> you didn't transition to win or metals? >> no. >> you may recall lia thomas competed for three years on the male swimming team and then transitioned to the women's team or senior year, winning gold in the 500-yard freestyle championship back in march, becoming the first transgender
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athlete to win and ncaa division title in any sport. earlier this year though, one month after the ncaa updated it's transgender guidelines, 16 of thomas' teammates signed an anonymous letter writing in part that they support her for living authentically, but they feel she has an unfair advantage biologically. sean. >> sean: matt finn, thank you for that report. amid never-ending failures, blunders, and far left lunacy, staffers inside the biden white house are once again pointing fingers at each other as a new report chronicles the internal turmoil, blame shifting, dysfunction, from inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue. massive finger-pointing and blame in all directions. according to the report, biden is growing very frustrated with his aides were routinely walking back his rambling reckless statements with the president apparently worried it makes him look weak. joe, you are weak. in defense of his staff, what
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other choice do they have? or member his comment back in january about a minor incursion by russia into europe? that should have been walked back, and it was. biden suggested back in march u.s. troops in poland would be on the ground in ukraine. i think we needed to clean that up. and then later in march biden said the u.s. would respond in kind if russia used chemical weapons. that had jake sullivan doing huge damage control, and just last week biden said he was willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan, prompting yet another walk back from the white house. here to react to that and much more, outnumber cohost kayleigh mcenany along with fox news contributor lara trump. we start with you. it is so clear and obvious to even our enemies now, we know they know that he's in such a steep cognitive decline, i don't blame his staff, lara, they really don't have an option but to walk back the statements. >> yeah.
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i mean, you're absolutely right, sean. if you go throughout history, you can find at least one redeeming quality in every united states president. maybe they were a great speaker, they way they were great with the economy, foreign policy, inspirational, even had a great family. that is until you get to the most popular president in american history, joe biden, and he doesn't have a single redeeming quality. in fact, everything he's touched has gotten worse, any time there wasn't a problem he created a problem. things that could have been minor issues are now major disasters for americans, and so i think whenever you have the white house staff taking a look at this, even the swampiest of people, they do not want to resume the stain of working for joe biden and kamala harris. you know it's bad when joe biden
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is even underwater in the deep blue states of california and new york, as he is in the most recent polling. so i think it's very clear to doing a horrible job as biden is president of the united states. i don't even believe the most recent polling. i think it's probably single digits for people actually thinking that joe biden is doing a good job, and i look to those people and say what the heck are you thinking. >> sean: we are running all this video of joe biden and joe biden seems to need help walking. he seems very, very careful with every step. he doesn't have the strength, the stamina, or the mental clarity, awareness, and acumen at this point in his life to do the job. so what does the country do? 's policies are failing, what options do we have? we really don't have any, do we? >> we don't. we can put a massive break on the domestic agenda come november. he still has control of foreign
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policy, which is frightening, until 2024, when he can be voted out. it is scary though, sean, because think about the times we see president biden. they are short, they are often scripted, even those press conferences, it's a list of reporters he calls in in a distinct order. he hasn't done an interview since the super bowl, because he can't. it is frightening to think about what he's like when he's not in those few scripted moments behind the scenes. i will say this nbc article that you mentioned, sean, it was shocking to me. i mean, i worked for president trump, i was his press secretary. i didn't have to run around cleaning up things the president said, because the president was the one in control, he was the commander in chief, and in some ways biden has a right to be upset. he's totally contradicted by his staff at all times, but on the other hand, sean, as you mentioned, these are grave foreign policy issues he's making blunders on. another one suggesting regime change in russia, that was a huge one that had to be walked back by an anonymous source minutes later.
6:33 pm
he has a right to be frustrated about that but it seems like his anonymous staffers cleaning up the mess are keeping us from being on the brink of war with a foreign enemy. >> sean: i think my favorite of all, lara, is that they have to have a fake oval office because they can't keep the teleprompter in the real oval office, so they designed, you know, -- it's like a movie set version of the oval office. to me, that speaks volumes, doesn't it? >> yeah. i mean, you want to laugh at it but obviously it really makes you want to cry because this is the commander in chief, this is the president of the united states. there is no more powerful setting in the entire country than the oval office in the white house at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, and the fact that the president can't even give an address, can't even be in there, he has to be somewhere so ultra-scripted with a giant teleprompter, i mean, it's exactly what she said, it tells you all you need to know, it is very concerning is un-american to see this.
6:34 pm
>> sean: you know what november means a lot and november 2024 means even more. thank you both. lara thank you, kayleigh, thank you. straight ahead, the economic and crisis continues to spiral out of control. gas prices, yep, they hit a new high again today, he's not looking for someone else to blame. we will expand. larry kudlow will tell you how bad he think it's going to get and what you and your family needs to do to protect yourselves. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, americans continue to suffer under the surgeon cost of the biden agenda. of course the radical climate alarmist religious cult agenda, new green dealism, inflation continues to hover at a 40 year high, the crisis in the grocery aisle continue to soar and gas prices, yep, hit another new
6:39 pm
record high, one after another after another under joe biden. of course he artificially reduced the world's supply and gave up energy independence. one example for example all across california, we are now seeing the price of a gallon of gasoline higher than the federal minimum wage, which is 7.25 an hour. of course as the crisis build up and his approval rating goes down to 32%, the white house, they just try to blame putin, they blame covid, they blame fox, they blame hannity, they blame trump, and today they blame the federal reserve. meanwhile, biden's energy crisis is going from bad to worse as the international energy agency is warning fuel shortages this summer could be worse than the oil crisis of the '70s. for those of you that i don't member days, i grew up waiting online, odd days, even days, for maybe $10 worth of gas, 85 at the time. it all comes as americans are growing more and more pessimistic about the biden
6:40 pm
economy. look at the gallup numbers. the economic confidence index has now cratered to a whopping minus 45. that's the lowest since the tail end of the recession in 2009. here with reaction, fox business host larry kudlow, and that recession was pretty steep and deep and wide. i really have two questions. i don't see that they are doing a single thing to me that would help us recover. as a matter of fact, one of the best things they could do for inflation is returned to energy independence, that would be an easy fix for inflation and the high cost of everything we buy in every store we go to. number one. number two, you know the economy as well as anybody i know. for those americans, two-thirds of which are now living paycheck to paycheck, what advice do you give them? what about their 401(k)s, their iras, retirement money? what you tell them to do at this point? >> well, sean, bank you for having me on again, and let me
6:41 pm
tackle the first point. you know, biden's article in "the wall street journal" today that was the talk of the town had no new inflation plan, anti-inflation plan. it had nothing. what he is setting us up here is for his vision, this woke vision of a fossil free economy, which is going to do enormous damage to the economy. it will put it in a permanent recession. it will cause millions of job losses and rising unemployment. and of course, as you can see, the gas prices and the diesel prices and the world oil price -- that's gone back to $120, so inflation is going to raise. he had no plan today. he wants fossil free, he knows it's going to cause a recession and i don't think they care, and i think all this talk in this "wall street journal" article about a transition, i think he is saying it's a transition to fossil free and it's a transition to recession and they
6:42 pm
are trying to sugarcoat it people are going to see right through it. so it's a terrible ploy. i mean, look, you want to end inflation? i've got a plan. we will call it the kudlow hanley plan because i think you're moving up the ladder to a b or b+ in economics. >> sean: thanks a lot. i got a bad grade last week. >> i am picking it up. i'm actually picking it up. a domestic spending freeze, cut tax rates for supply-side economic growth, open up the spigots for drilling of oil and gas and pipelines. >> sean: and fracking. >> do regular business -- yeah, you can frack. deregulate all business, stop these price controls and the fed is going to have to raise interest rates and take some cash out of the economy. that would be an anti-inflation plan. but that's not what you sign the paper today. what you saw in the paper today is no oil and gas production increases, more build back
6:43 pm
better for $5 trillion, tax wealthy people, successful learners, and corporations, and regulate business left and right. so it's the exact opposite, okay? and that is the problem, and that's why this inflation is not going away. >> sean: so we will beg opec, and they will reject us again. they will do a bad deal with iran, that's really dumb, making them all is rich again, do business with the murdering dictator thought of venezuela, but let me go to part b of my question, which was for every american that has, you know, money in the stock market, a 401(k), an ira, whatever it happens to be, what do you say to them as they see their hard-earned retirement money dwindling by the hour to >> well, look, i believe in stocks for the long run. this woke big government socialism from joe biden that's damaging the real value of
6:44 pm
stocks is going to go away. if not going to last, the cavalry is coming, the congress is going to change in 2022. this november. and so will the white house in '24. look, sean, my advice is, folks, don't sell. i actually think the stock market has more downside, okay? we have not seen the bottom, but i would still say don't sell. buy as the market goes down. stocks for the long run is the best way to do it, and finally, if you have some cash, buy the treasury savings bonds, they are called eye bonds, they are indexed for inflation. the yield is about 10%, so try a savings bond and stay in the market, do not out time the market, stocks in the long run, the cavalry is coming, these crazy woke policies are not going to last the test of time. >> sean: larry, the cavalry will start in 2023, assuming the republicans take over the house and senate, but you need the
6:45 pm
house, the senate, and the white house to really get the job done. so this is going to be -- this is going to be a lot longer than people wish, larry kudlow, thank you. when we come back, today, michael sussmann acquitted of lying to the fbi. if that's not the real story here. we will tell you what the real story is, trump attorney coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: earlier today a d.c. jury found clinton lawyer michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi when he told the bureau that he wasn't working for a campaign when he went to the fbi to push the trump alpha bank, you know, hoax, in the run-up to the 2016 election. of course sussmann overcame pretty damning evidence, in my view, but good for him, on the
6:50 pm
show was done by the principal people are innocent until proven guilty. tonight it is what it is. the d.c. jury found mr. sussmann innocent. but he was always a small player in this. as we have been telling you, there were major red flags with the jury pool from the very start. the jury pool is reportedly included hillary clinton and aoc donors along with a parent whose daughter is on the same crew team as sussmann's daughter. that would be the equivalent of having, let's see, hannity show viewers in the jury pool for a trial on i'm involved in. at this, i showed according to reuters, the jury for woman actually told reporters "i think we could've spent our time more wisely." in my humble opinion, durum likely know exactly what he was up against the d.c. courts, new the makeup of the jurisdiction in d.c. swamp is leftist, liberal, and likely was not counting on a conviction as much as getting more important information out of the general
6:51 pm
public. in other words, this is a preview of coming attractions. forget about sussmann. it's the system. what the system is. according to our laws, our great constitution, this case is closed, he's acquitted. this trial did reveal so much more -- that's where i'm interested, and confirmed all the reporting that we had on the show into the russian hoax. the two buckets, the one bucket which is awful bank and the trump service and trump tower and of course the dirty dossier. with reaction, former chairman of the house intel committee and truth social ceo, which is doing gangbusters, devin nunes is with us, along with trump attorney. let me start with you. you've been in a courtroom, i said early on i did not think they get a conviction in this case, but we did learn a lot of things. we learned that hillary clinton gave the okay under testimony that was given under oath. we learned that upper levels of
6:52 pm
the fbi seemed to almost be giddy. they didn't tell the rank-and-file the truth about what they really knew about it, and it seems early on that the fbi in fact new that this was all b.s., didn't that all come out? >> that all came out. as i said to you on the show last week, the key of this case, in my opinion, was not necessarily getting a guilty verdict for sussmann. he is such a small player in this. he was frankly the lowest of the barrel as far as i'm concerned. what we got was the evidence, and i think that was the key. durham was trying to put on evidence that there was a text message, and i do want your viewers to remember, the text message that came out by the general counsel only came out after the indictment in 2021, so the judge actually did not allow that to be considered when they decided his verdict today. that was critical. he had a lot of bad decisions by judge cooper, who by the way has a relationship with lisa page in some regard. so that's also concerning. let's not forget that.
6:53 pm
never mind the jury. so the key for us, and in fact for donald trump's case against all these individuals as we got the connection between hillary clinton to robby's testimony and the connection between the fbi, comey, mccabe, all of them, peter strzok, and how they hid his identity from agents when they asked to find out who the close hold source was. these are all critical and prove the collusion. that's what frankly i got out of this, which is more important to me and sussmann behind bars. >> sean: and you know, devin, the whole time you got it right. your counterpart, the congenital wire, got it wrong, lied to the american people. what did you take away from this trial and where do you think durham is actually headed here? seems like he understands this was more than october surprise of this was an lie and a hoax and many people knew it. >> i think you're hitting the nail on the head, and that is that durham had to know when he
6:54 pm
walked into the d.c. courtroom and filed that indictment way back a year ago, that it was highly unlikely that he was going to prosecute a well-known prominent democrat, one of the top democrat attorneys in the cesspool, so what he really did is ripped off the band-aid to expose for anybody was actually following the real news, like your show, sean, it can actually see just how bad it's become in washington, d.c. and so that's why think you've seen donald trump file what she was talking about, a civil case, civil conspiracy case down in florida. so that's moving. critical evidence for that case has now been -- is now out there that can be used in that case. i would also be shocked if durham does not bring additional indictments, and i think what he's trying to drive for is a conspiracy indictment. it's clear, we learned last week, there's fbi investigators who were involved in this that are now being investigated themselves, and then of course we already have the indictment that's going to be in virginia,
6:55 pm
much better, not perfect, but much better than washington, d.c., against the suppose it source of the steele dossier. i think there's a lot more to come. >> sean: yeah, well, it's going to be interesting. we will give you the last word. >> yeah, i'm looking forward to the future indictment. i hope they come sooner rather than later, but in the meantime our case is moving forward, as you know, we've gotten tremendous leeway from him and individuals who have been saying this, including you, sean, so justice will be served in time. >> sean: i think if there was, a lot of people i'd like to see depositions on, hillary clinton being one, james comey, andrew mccabe, page, peter strzok, and many others. we will see how far durham gets in this investigation. again, the two buckets, the dirty dossier and the alpha bank bucket. we will continue, more "hannity" straight ahead as we continue.
6:56 pm
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the time we have left this evening for a thank you for being with us, thank you for making the show possible. we hope you will set your dvr s you never miss an episode of hannah d barrett if you're looking for news by the minutes by the second, by the hour,, and yo can get all the news. laura ingraham is next, "the ingraham angle." have a great night ♪ >> i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight when when we could today a deranged gunman took the lives of 19 children i two teachers at the uvalde texa elementary school. another teacher sent a frantic text to her husband who is an off-duty customs and border, bu a gym. he grabbed a gun, race to the school and went inside. he is here to tell us his story exclusively enrollments. first, democrats,