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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 31, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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evening for a thank you for being with us, thank you for making the show possible. we hope you will set your dvr s you never miss an episode of hannah d barrett if you're looking for news by the minutes by the second, by the hour,, and yo can get all the news. laura ingraham is next, "the ingraham angle." have a great night ♪ >> i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight when when we could today a deranged gunman took the lives of 19 children i two teachers at the uvalde texa elementary school. another teacher sent a frantic text to her husband who is an off-duty customs and border, bu a gym. he grabbed a gun, race to the school and went inside. he is here to tell us his story exclusively enrollments. first, democrats, collateral
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damage, that is the focus of tonight's angled. >> the next time you hear democrats claim that republican or pro- second limit types don' care about children or their safety, i want you to do one thing, i want you to laugh in their faces. they are the ones that don't care about the kids. their policies create the fertile ground person some of the most nations most violent figures have emerged. they ignore any of the cultural and societal issues simmering beneath the surface and instead accuse conservatives of refusin to compromise on guns. very quickly, maybe more folks would be willing to compromise on guns if democrats themselves hadn't told us what the real goal really is. kicky it may not be politically popular, not only should no one be able to purchase an air 15, don't think they should be able.
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>> them. kicky we need a moratorium perhaps on gun sales. who will say on this network or any other network and the next few days it's time to repeal th second amendment. >> as usual, when joe biden shoots his mouth off, he reache new heights of idiocy. the idea is high-caliber weapons . there is no rational basis for its. remember, the constitution, the second amendment is not absolute . kicky i guess we have to add th ballistics expert to joe's resume very does he even know what the number nine refers to or the letters mm for that matter? i'm not quite sure.
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most democrats on tv, lately, they only care about dead children when they're of political points to be scored. last year was the most deadly i a quarter-century in chicago, nearly 800 killed. over the protest and the valleys ? where was beto or biden? the victims have often been young, rarely acknowledged, and quickly forgotten. in january, eight -year-old ortega shot in chicago by a gan banger stray bullet. sincere goal was shot 24 times just around the block from his home. early this month a 16 -year-old boy was shot and killed near th being, a popular tourist attraction. and over memorial day weekend, it was the typical carnage in chicago with 51 shot and nine dead the most violent weekend since 2017.
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in baltimore, for florida including a 17 -year-old. the angle has actually done two major town halls in chicago examining the violent crime tha has plagued the residence there for years. we ask the maker to appear with us in front of a live audience. she never agreed. we found out a lot though. kicky we need to stop waiting until we hit our doorstep. we need to say something if we see something. kicky i raise my kids here. i am scared. kicky we need to stick together we need to speak out this is th worst thing ever. these are our kids. kicky her mother that was the mother of a young man burned alive. but nothing did change, in fact things got worse and left-wing politicians continue to support policies that made life more
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dangerous for our young. things like covid lockdowns fro schools to rec centers, that is all on the teachers unions, the dropped a match on a powder keg. of course only now are media outlets finally admitting how damaging this closures were for children. then the tolerance and even celebration of criminal behavio during the summer of love, summer of 2020. that has a justified atmosphere of rage and rampage. take it nobody said they have got the protest has to be peaceful. people should be angry, they should voice and shame and blame , that's all allowed in america even if it makes people uncomfortable grades the left has been on mission to deemphasize the importance of fathers and the home in the results have been disastrous fo all americans especially youngman in urban settings. kicky we have a private notion of children, your kid is yours
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and totally your responsibility we haven't had a collective notion of these are our children . we have to break through the private idea that kids belong t their parents or their families and realize that kids belong to whole communities. salvador ramose was another mas shooter who was the product of broken home. no data on the scene, mom lives with boyfriend, mom is a user. police even show up at the hous during aggressive fighting between him and his mother. like so many isolated young men i guess perhaps he looks for belonging and safety, it may be a new identity, changes his looks, wears all black, planes hours and chat rooms with strangers, cuts himself on his face, all over his face for fun. he drops out of school. no one seemed to step in. no one. the only one who may be tried h ended up shooting in the face, his grandmother. a stable home for children run
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by adults that hold themselves in the kids accountable is of paramount importance. a dysfunctional home life where drugs are easily accessible, puts too many young people on a highway to hell these days. speaking of drugs, according to the daily mail, the new york times had originally reported that ramose smoked pot. then mysteriously, the referenc was missing from the online edition. why is that flags of bad information or is that the pro- marijuana bias we've been accustomed to that is so powerful because billions are o the line with it nationwide. this story now irrelevant? we reached out to the times on this, but they have not responded. the american people are hearing a lot about ar 15's and background checks, but they als deserve to hear about this as well.
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medical studies for years now have demonstrated that pot use, especially among teens can trigger psychosis. and increase the chance that th young person will develop violent behaviors. the association of mature american citizens rights at 201 study identified marijuana is the single most common variable in populations and circumstance surrounding the association of violence and marijuana. they live parkland, el paso, dayton, aurora, colorado, chattanooga, sacramento, and perhaps elsewhere. a friend of the dayton shooter told authorities that he was a gun owner and that he had done hard drugs with it and as merritt well as marijuana and assayed assayed for our times week from 2014 through 2015. former new york times, new york times reporters had written extensively on the subject at
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2012 paper and the journal of interpersonal survey of more than 9,000 adolescents found that marijuana use was associated with a doubling of domestic violence in the u.s. then there is this, the nationa library of medicine, recent illicit in medical marijuana is a much higher potency and more likely to cause violent behavior . marijuana is a predictable and preventable cause of tragic violent consequences. my question tonight is why isn' there a national conversation happening right now about this? why aren't reporters doing more to demand information on the potential drug use in this case and others. illicit drugs and prescription drugs. great antidepressants have bee a problem for some young people or are we just going to pretend that joe confiscating all that gun back program is going to
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heal our youth. i would rather operate in the real world in that world is a lot more complicated than the anti- second amendment anti-gun activist would suggest. whenever there is a societal cultural familial, and spiritua deficits, bad things are going to rush in to fill it. guns, gangs, drugs, there will be others or self harm. and until we're honest about al of this, young people will continue to be ponds in the political game, and that's the angle. joining me now is the medical director of partners and safety. dr., thank you for joining us tonight. again, it was initially reporte that he was a user, in fact he got angry that his him grandmother and mother didn't want him to use marijuana, but we don't know more it was just taken out of an article in the new york times, but why aren't people in general not talking more about the pot psychosis
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violent behavior connection? kicky that's a very good question, laura. what we find is it's very clear that use of the high potency marijuana that is strongly associated with the development of psychosis. this as clear. why aren't we talking about it? i'm going to blame myself, i'm going to play my generation of hippies that have some nostalgi view of marijuana that it was a weak drug, and it used to be. as simple puff of weed wasn't, but today's products are very high in thc. i didn't even think that marijuana could be associated with psychosis until a few year ago we were not taught that in medical school, but now we see with the high potency that it i very clear. my colleagues in colorado where they are sounding the alarm
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because that was one of the first states to legalize, it is a daily occurrence kids come into the emergency room's with psychosis. kicky this studies on this are from very different journals studying even men in china and then thousands in the united states, and it is so shocking, know they wrote the book that kinda blew it out of the water, but this is something that the medical community is well aware of yet, you get the sense that the billions of dollars on the line are more important than ou kids and what's happening, especially to young men in the united states who are frequent users of this high potency thc that is now in marijuana products sold legally in dispensaries across the united states. this at the very least needs as serious national conversation.
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kicky definitely, we are witnessing the beginning of the addiction for profit industry. tobacco, alcohol, even opiates are fading away and now the money is shifting over. and it shapes the conversation, even in the medical field, this current marijuana is much more dangerous. kicky in fact, a lot of parents kind of roll their eyes like oh my kid got thought smoking a joint or no big deals, edibles in than you hear the stories of parents doing the pot with her kids and i think that's the coo things to do in some places. it's like they have no clue. i am doing this topic tonight and i'm going to get a lot of hate mail because of it because it's so serious yet people like beto, i'm not trying to drag yo into a political conversation,
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they are fine with doing a run on the guns and i guess we coul argue that if that's what you want to do, but completely oblivious to what the legalization of marijuana has done to an entire generation of americans with violent consequences. kicky it's very scary what's going to happen. even here in new york where it is legalized, the pot shops haven't opened yet and the damage happens when the potshot open window marijuana is used. we've seen traffic fatalities i as key clear that fatalities have gone up 20 percent. if marijuana is legalized nationwide, we predict that there will be at least 7,000 excess traffic fatalities a year , yet, these things are being ignored. >> violence, psychosis,
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schizophrenia, traffic test, other than that it's just amazing. now one week ago on dewey u.s. customs and border protection, he started his day at uvalde he was at a number of the word ceremony for his eight -year-ol daughter pray. tease a second-grader at the school. shortly after the ceremony ended , he went to get a haircut right that's when all hell brok loose, at 11:41 amen he got tex from his teacher, there is an active shooter, help, love you. he jumped up, started looking for a gun, the barber had one, it was a shotgun to mark together they raced toward the school. when jacob arrived, he sought the chaos unfolding and he knew he needed to get inside to brin his family and anyone else he could to safety. jacob is here with me now exclusively and i will let him pick up from there. jacob, what happened when she got to the school. how did you get in?
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>> i was trying to get to my wife's room my wife has been working there for seven, going on eight years and i know the majority of the law enforcement there so i just announced who i was and made my way towards my wife's room. >> laura: what did you see when you went in? >> i just saw a bunch of kids running out, running off campus jumping through the windows, cops breaking the windows. complete chaos pretty much. >> and you saw your daughter an i know you gave her a big hug. >> yes, i had spoken with my wife on the phone, my wife said that she had already left her room, she was across and then from that point on i went and looked for my daughter. >> on cnn today, a secret service agent was on talking about this issue. watch. >> and off-duty custom and
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border patrol agent was able to go inside the school on the dat of the shooting. other parents in other loved ones were standing outside the school at the time, some of the even reportedly being handcuffed . >> this is a clear example of the complete breakdown of the incident command structure. at the fact that the public was allowed to get so close to this critical incident site is shocking to me. it brings in protocol pride there are so many unanswered questions right now. >> jacob, i don't think you is parent and the protocol issues are the overall problem here. the implicit criticism from you might not be surprised to hear that, may be a slight criticism or maybe i'm making more of a defendant should be, you got to get in there and then the other parents did and you got to make sure your kid was okay even though you are helping others get out. you have a response to that? >> once again, it was just
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complete chaos great everybody was concerned for their child. thankfully, like i said, i was off duty. i was born and raised in uvalde for 40 to years. it's a small community and everyone knows who i am. my wife works there so they all knew who i was. i was turned get as many people out of there as i could. >> jacob, the community is in such a deep and measurable inconsolable grief, but i have been reading about how importan the churches have been, the catholic church and others have been as a comfort to all the families, the grieving, the surviving, and the children we think about tonight. let's have you seen about the community coming together after this unimaginable evil?
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>> it's amazing. everyone here, even a helping hand, you would never think suc people would come out of the woodwork and help out. everyone. walmart. everyone, we are getting food trucks from all over the place, barbecue trucks coming in and feeding people knowing everyone's hurting. it's amazing how much people have been helping out uvalde. >> laura: jacob, how is your daughter and wife doing? >> my daughter is fine for the most part. she still has friends that have passed. my wife is the one that's reall affected because she was right there by the shooter. that they shooter bypassed her room when he shot up the rooms on the opposite side and my wif last summer of her close friends . >> jacob, if i had been you and i had gotten the same call, i would've done the exact same
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thing that you did. probably not as well as you did it, but i would've done the exact same thing that you did. i am thankful that you ran into that building, may be other parents would have run in and helped, but i'm thankful that you ran in and did what you could end our prayers are just so strong for the entire community and there are no words . please extend our concern and our prayers to your wife in to all of those around you. thank you for your work with th border patrol as well. >> thank you. >> up next, joe biden has americans feeling more worried now than during the height of covid. plus, could something uniquely terrible about california code nationwide? i will explain in moments.
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♪ >> laura: long road trips, remember those? visiting your family and friends ? summer is supposed to be a brea when american families get to g on vacation after a very hectic school year. now with gas pricing or than double what it cost on election day in 2020, recession lurking, grocery bills surging, american
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are understandably freaking out. a new survey shows how worried americans are, only 14 percent rate the economy as excellent o good. 39 percent say it's fair, 46 percent save for a. to put that in perspective only 30 to percent rated the economy as poor when everything was shu down at the height of covid in april of 2020. think about all the peace and prosperity that america enjoyed back in the summer of 2019 during trump grade we had low gas prices, high consumer and investor optimism, raising wages , no inflation, and no new wars. now summer is looking very uncomfortable. of not talking about the weather . after first dismissing inflatio as transitory and then blaming it on putin, biden came out today to make you think he really cares. >> and meeting with the chairma today and the secretary to discuss my top priority my plan
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is to address inflation, respec for fed, respect for fed independence which i have done. someone needs to wake him up th next time he speaks, okay, his three-part plan and the wild pitcher not his typical biden nonsense. first, the federal reserve has the primary responsibility to control inflation, that's not a plan, joe, it's a recognition that he has no control over wha he's unleashed. second, he wants to take practical steps to make things look affordable for families. these practical steps include addressing things that are not driving inflation like housing prices or negotiating drug prices. it also includes the largest release from the global strategic petroleum reserve and that not only didn't help anyone , but it was actually putting our national security a risk. third, biden wants to reduce th federal deficit.
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he doesn't care about doing tha because if he did, he wouldn't be spending $54 billion in aid to ukraine. no strings attached, no offsets or even floating student loan forgiveness which. now even cnn cannot put lipstic on this pig, it is going to be grim economy for the foreseeabl future. >> it's very possibly going to be a recession. interest rates are going up, growth is going too slow, stock will continue to be under pressure, and eventually, unemployment is going to rise, the reality is people are feeling poor, there are some very difficult months ahead. >> vote democrat. and how biden's plan to address this is just a total crock, it can be completely summed up in the washington post today it would make things worse, hiking taxes on corporations and
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business would make it more difficult to pay workers higher wages, which means business int ordinary workers would have to sacrifice once again, joe biden is asking americans to sacrific while he and his washington buddies lined their pockets. it seems to be the feature, not the bug of the biden presidency. joining you now is monica crowley, former assistant secretary of treasury under president trump and host of the monica crowley podcast. today the biden treasury secretary made a big admission. watch. >> core inflation has come down. it is still too high, but in recent reports, we have seen it move down so that's an encouraging sign, the president is authorized historic releases of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, but we can't
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rule out. >> she goes on to admit that sh missed inflation a year ago. how does she still have her job? >> welcome and she has her job because biden wants her in ther and she's useful for the fundamental transformation of the u.s. economy which is what the left is all about. jenny allen and the fed have veered off their core mission o stable prices reining in inflation and maximizing employment. those are their corporations. that is to make sure the u.s. economy is strong and healthy. you know what? the people suffering the most o the american people. we have been screaming for well over a year that inflation is taking root. is going to get entrenched and then it's going to be incredibl
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painful for the american people but also incredibly painful to dislodge inflation as we saw an the early 1980s. it's a very painful process to get with it once he came through . now we are in this situation, you have the president, the treasury secretary, and the chairman of the fed also looks at daisy, are bad, we told you this was going to be transitory but guess not. >> laura: monica, we said this months ago. the council of economic advisers , he should be gone. i don't know why we had to hear from him to taper it yelling, i would not hire her to text that let alone run the treasury department. powell gets re- upped as chairman of the federal reserve. so there is no accountability for completely screwing over th american pillared people. zero accountability.
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>> there is only accountability if you're a republican or a conservative or president trump if you're a democrat in office all you do is fail up and you fail up because in large part you got the protection of the press, that just covers for the and makes excuses for them and doesn't cover the stories the wear of the american people are experiencing them. i look at the treasury in the fed almost every day, they have veered off onto climate change, and social justice and experiments and things like tha rather than focusing on keeping the united states economy on an even keel. >> monica, we know there's no accountability, there must be accountability and it can't wai another moment, but we won't hold our breath they are. , thank you. here is the clue for the witch and segment that is going to be revealed at the end of the show.
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what theatrical fashion choice has the ccp upset, tweet me you guesses at ingraham angle. biden get mental help from an unlikely source. raymond arroyo has the details seen and unseen is next.
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it's time for our seen and unseen segment. for that we turn to raymond arroyo. raymond, biden has a pretty tough midterm season ahead with i guess three quarters of american saying that we are on the wrong track as a country. >> meanwhile, his approval numbers are lower than trumps. a new nbc biden is rattled by his sinking approval rating, biden is unhappy about a patter that has developed inside the west wing. he meets a clear sustained it meant to have aids rushed to explain he actually meant
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something else. the so-called cleanup campaign, he undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled hi rise. now, at that clear and sustaine authenticity was on display today when the president met with the new zealand prime minister. >> welcome to the white house, we last see each other [inaudible] it's a pleasure to see you in person. you know, i want to work with you on that effort. the history goes back a long way . along way. >> this was, this was a pitiful
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display. this went on and on, when you have a president this bound to his notes, and he still rambles incoherently. it such a lack of leadership an strength at a time when the world is crying out. >> i'm also wondering why the prime minister was wearing her coat the entire time. it was like she wanted to run out. it's like she wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. it was 95 degrees today in washington today. >> biden also said he was relying on the new zealand prim minister's guidance on combatin extremism, and it is to seek th guidance of the country that locked on the population for years, outlawed guns and has an economy in full collapse, but here we are. >> he forgot one thing in his
7:41 pm
poise to be puppets of china,. >> and he's complaining about the staff rushing in and trying to change things around, reframing what he just said to. when you have a president that is doing threatening war with china over taiwan, threatening to go to war with russia, they've got to clean this up, it's a matter of national security. as you noted for months, when the president runs into policy difficulties, he calls and the celebrities. when biden was having trouble getting young people to take th covid vaccine, he gave olivia roderigo driver's license to promote their shots. now he wants to highlight his work with to stem asian hate crimes very he quote he met wit boy band, he would turn to another celebrity for assistance , for selena gomez got roped into a white house visits on healthcare, mental care, tha
7:42 pm
at times felt more like a biden intervention. >> thank you for all you are doing to lift the burden off of people with mental health that feel lost and not sure what to do and sometimes they are ashamed to acknowledge they hav anything bothering them. >> it doesn't matter what age you are, i think mental health is really a crucial issue. >> they are telling their stories whether they are soldiers of the military, leaders like the president and first lady. >> well, i guess it's okay, oka to ask for help or had. >> it really is okay to ask for help, even if you get angry whe aids corrector misstatements or help is always available. i guess that's a good message, i'm not sure if joe biden is th best pitch man for mental health
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, but there he is. >> the whole thing was like a cry for help, it was a cry for production help, they needed better music underscoring that was the worst music. selena gomez like she would rather be back with justin bieber. who did she date? i forgot to ask one of those cutie pies. >> i watch this and what the thing that kevin to mind, what other celebrities is he going t call. when he looks at hispanic numbers, i guess jayla will mak an appearance into night the biden administration asked an appeals court to allow them unilaterally to impose a mask mandate on air travelers, they're trying to get that mask mandated place tonight so he ma call tom cruise before this is over, will have to check in. >> the mask mandate back, unbelievable. remember, if you can't watch us
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live, set your dvr so you don't miss any episodes of "the ingraham angle." up next, two-tiered justice on display and the dc circuit cour room today less what happened t the leak at the supreme court, we have a breaking update on that next.
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i'm grateful to the members of the jury further grateful service. i'm relieved that justice prevailed in my case. >> laura: only in washington does a lawyer admitted he lied to the feds, get off scott free and then brag about it to press corps. his own defense structured around the fact that he lied to the fbi about being a democrat operative, but since the fbi knew he was lying, no harm, no foul. outside of his malfeasance, remember that this was the tria we learned that hillary clinton approved the dissemination of that this information that was meant to undermine our trust an the presidential election. so how could this courtroom be so easily duped?
7:50 pm
one of the jurors is the parent of a classmate of sussman's daughter. get this, the judge is married to disgraced former fbi agent defense attorney. the next time you hear all the caterwauling from the elite media in the. in dc officials, look no furthe than this predictable travesty. four weeks after the leak of th draft opinion on the roe versus wade case the officials of the court announced unprecedented measures will be taken to find the person or persons response before that leak very law clerk are being asked to provide telephone records and signed affidavits, some clerks are apparently so alarmed over the move they have explored whether or not to find outside counsel. joining as president of judicia of the former clerk, mmi for justice thomas, it seems like
7:51 pm
this took four weeks. >> it's kind of funny because those are the right off the bat. let's get affidavits, i'm glad to hear they're doing the affidavits at. >> why is that critical? >> if they were under penalty o perjury. and later it turns out they did that in itself underlying crime there, that in of itself, we ar getting toward the end of the term, they should have been fired weeks ago, they still haven't been, but even if this is a result that is a clear consequence that they are going to on top of. >> the person who did this or the persons who did that is potentially compromising other cases are doing something else untoward. the cnn reporter who broke the story said this about law clerk
7:52 pm
looking to hire attorneys. watch. >> if paid counsel had new suspicions, as we all our vibes or on telephones this has nothing to do with their point of view whether they had talked to journalist, but rather all the kinds of personal information images, data, text that are on our personal cell phones. >> what is your reaction to that ? did they think the marshall's office was interested in lookin at their i don't think so. >> it sounded for me, and she probably knows better than me, the witchhunt was a list of who have you called, and that doesn't include your apps, your photo stream, and everything, but i am relieved we are finall getting to this. it is so important, and for his own legacy to have this result is just outrageous, it you don'
7:53 pm
want to leave it like a $400,00 clerk bonus for someone who undermines that whole institution because just imagin you can remember now they've go this. it is really undermining. >> i've got to say since this happens, i have been hurt anything. >> i haven't heard one thing, i have been even heard that they are worried or their upset. i haven't heard anything. anything. may be it scares people. >> i hope they are scared straight because we can't have our nation's highest court wher you can't trust that this is going to remain confidential. that is part of the problem set of working effectively. >> it never would have happened under justice nyquist and great to see you as always.
7:54 pm
here is a clue. wet theatrical fashion choice has the ccp very upset? tweet your guesses at ingraham angle and we will see if you ge it right next. cap
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>> laura: what theatrical fashion choice has the ccp upset ? a van on platform shoes? masks? howard guest tight pants. here is the big reveal. >> having any fun yet? >> a lot of you got this one right because top top gun added taiwanese flag back on maverick jacket after originally taking it off in previous trailers,
8:00 pm
thank goodness. they smashed memorial day weekend records. haven't seen that yet with that be a lesson to hollywood. fantastic movie by all accounts. the 80s were awesome. finally, proceeds for this mont to kitchen and pantry's, gutfel is next. ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. welcome back, i hope everybody had a decent three day weekend. we have to do the news. following last week's mass shooting, 30 more people were killed over the weekend


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