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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 31, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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everything in between and did we mention it all six free shop sale now store and in an income for six million dollars a day is a funny guy joseph does what i have got my fauci billion all over money goes back to what he whataboutism. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight it was that aago today deranged teenager called salvador ramos' m murdered nineteen children and two teachers in an elementary school in texas. you know this because we've had seven days of full saturation coveragegeco. ve that's alld. deserved givent' that it's amazings what we still don't know about what happened that day. let's start this becauselear the most obvious with how the shooter could possibly have afforded the firearms used.
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sarahh ramos was eighteen years old . he worked part time at the drive thru at a local wendy's. yet police say he had atice leat four thousand dollars a brandng new weapons including two ar 15 rifles, sixteen hundred rounds of five five six ammunition, a ballistic vest and sixty magazines. one of ramos' rifles is a high end model manufactured by a company called daniel defense, according to a receipt that ramos' posted in a privated message i that gun cost two thousand dollars and he paid in full. now ramos' could have bought a effectively the very same rifle at any gun store for a third of the cost but apparently to p ramos' price was no object. it's pretty weird if police know where ramos got the moneyex to buy one of the most expensive ar 15spes in the markm they'reat not telling us nor for that matter have they explained why they lied about the most basic facts of the shooting for the first twenty four hours they told us that a school resource officer firedoufi the gunman, quote, engaged ramos'.
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he atusy must have known the time they said it, butt that was not true .r they must know the resource officer was not even at the school when ramos' arrived ,but they told us otherwise. d why do they do that ? and by the way, how longts was ramos' outside the school firing his gun at people at a nearby funeral home beforeld he went inside and killed children? that seems like a fairlyy s sime question, certainlyy an important question. last week authorities toldthd us that ramos was outsideut the school for ten to twelve minutes. here'sim a claim. >> we got a crash and then with a gun they have responding officers. that's what it is. it is twelve minutes from eleven thirty to forty . that's the information we have twelve minutes from eleven thirty to eleven forty . that's the information we have quote.mati but that information is clearly wrong because elevenon to eleven forty is not ten minutes. the timeline matters.
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so what's the real timeline. well on friday the director of texas dps came up with a brand new timeline. here it is. twenty eight the suspecthe vehicles crashes into the ditch as previously described. the teacher runs to the room one thirty two to retrieve the phone and that same teacherh walks back to the exit door and door remains propped open during the cpac begin shooting in the room what eleven or 1 one twelve? it's not possible to12 determine from the videoeo angle that we have at this point in time. so actually and that wasec the director of public safety in texas. it was sa only five minutes that ramos was outside shooting at people. okay, but here's the key takent away from that statement. here's what they want you y tokd believe. oo the s the back door toch the school ws open because a teacherer the school left it open after going outside to retrieve a phone. ns soid it's the teacher's fault t the ramos was able to get inside. that's what they said on friday . but this too appears to
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be untrue. reporting the houston chronicle isto reporting tonight that surveillance footage ofoo the school shows that the teacher slammed the door after running back inside. ense since and of course that would make sense since by this point ramos was firing his rifle and thatth same teacher was using the phone in question to make a panicked call to 911 one no one disputes that . so why did the authorities tell us otherwise? id and for that matter, why didd they initially deny that the on scene t police commandernd ordered cops to stand down and remain outside children being shot to death inside the school on thursday. a spokesman for texas dps called that account a rumor quote, but there was videotape to show that it was true .e, it actually happened. so the next day forced by the videotape, texas dpsps admitted the rumors were true . what bring that none of that to
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the, the on scene commander at the time believed that to transitioned from an active shooter to a barricade subject .. >> [in disci say that they that wrestlg well, we're well aware of that obviously. obviously. obviously, you know, based upon the information we have the work children in that classroom that were at risk and it was in fact still an active shooter situation and not a barricaded subject. but that's not really an explanation, of course, because no one disputes that everyone on the scene, including police, knew that ramos had weapons, was firing them at people to kill people and was inside the school with children. no one disputes that . so why did heavily armed police
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units decide not to stop salvador ramos fromat o executig children? let's not finger pointing to ask that question. these are very complicated circumstances. people are under immense pressure. people make mistakes but we're making long term policy decisions based on the specifics of what happened last week. and you follow politicians across this countryuval are calg for militarizing america's elementary schoolsci c, yet they can't answer why the military force effectively outside this elementary schoolel refused to stop the killing so this massacre could have beens prevented at some point it was not prevented. why was that ? wewe should know the answer, but don't hold your powererno o seems anxious to hold themselves accountable for what happened in ufology. hi and amazingly and this is so perverse it's hard to believe it's true , but it is some seem determined to make future school shootingsne more likely in california, the state assembly just votedus to end t
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the requirement, the long standing requirement that was putheut in place after school shooting that schools alert law enforcement and students, quote, attack, assault or physically threaten school officials . that's no longer in place.em and according to the democratict party , that's a win fory. equity. we knowe this because the sponsor of the bill, ta california state senator , called stephen bradford sensa. here's what he toldte the dailys caller quote black students, latino students, students of color, students with disabilities are disproportionately referred to law enforcement cited and arrested and quote so too many lacks and access. ir studentss in wheelchairs apparently are being blamed for school shootings. so there's more violence reporting in california schools et so how does that help prevent the next school shooting? well, off t course it doesn't, t it's starting to seem like helping prevent school o shootings is notf really the point of this exercise. amassing more power ise the point and we know this fromp is happening north of us canada
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is botox dictator justin trudeauicted wasted no timeo and using the tragedy in the us to his own political advantagean in canada nagavalli is more than 2000 miles from ottawafrom. but because of what salvador ramos was allowed to do in texas, canadiansare are noju longer allowed to protect themselves. justin trudeau has introduced ban canadiananld citizens from buying, sellingin and transferring handguns withing our own country. notn, handguns were the cause of the shooting in uvalde. he felt he's nowhere near canadaea and yet justin trudeau is using that tragedy to disarmn anyone who disagrees with them . by the way, that war would empower courts to confiscate guns from people even if they've not committed a crime watch justin trudeau announced this paragraph and as you do watch this special attention to the masked toadies behind him nodding in unison. n >> t we're introducing legislation to implement a national freeze on handgun ownershipp.
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what this means is that it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in canada. in other words, we're capping c the market for what's actually happening here isw that people like justin trudeau know that their rule is illegitimatell. they know perfectly well how resented they are and they spend an awful lot of timenr thinking about civil unrest. you probably don't you live in a democracy. you don't imagine that anyone needs to be disarmed for political reasons. but people like justin trudeau can feel the deep resentment aimed at them and they are fully intent on disarming the population. now we reached out to. justice's whose office today about this new law. we want to know iff trudeau will apply these laws to himself. that's always the first and most important test of sincerity.
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if it's good for me, it ought to be good for you too and vice versa. in wso in this case, will jusn trudeau state funded bodyguards be relinquishing their handguns? and how about their band ar 15 ? but of course we're not allowed to know the answer to that question because he's in power. we're not quoteha we do not comment on matters related to the prime minister's security o his office responded meaning of course not just it waspo that stupid. l he's going to continue to h protect his own family. you're asking me to protect yours in canada now here in the united states, as always, democrats are watchingnani very carefully. what trudeau is up to is they plan our future here and already the rhetoric of the democratic party has for years, democrats joe biden has forced the media to talk about banning ar 15s,h the so-called weapons of war which are not in fact used by any military but weapons of war have been their focus. h. >> watch the venom of the haters and their weapons of war assault style weapons that are weapons of war and purchase these weapons a of
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war to get these weapons ofns war finally ridding our streetso of weapons of war . should what we should be doing is taking these weapons of war out of the hands of civilians b becauseec they see what these weapons of war do on the street. an assaul weapon is a weapon. of war with no no place in a civil society. they wouldn't know it. the bullet comes out of they know nothing about this topic. they don't even know the basic crime stats in the united states, rifles kill fewer people every year than fists or knives y. there's no effort afoot to ban knives, surface. but weapons of war have long been their focus, meaning ar 15s, the single most popular self-defense rifle in the-d united states. self-defense is the point. on sunday, congressman adamefhes kinzinger has decided and sayssa it out loud that in order forhi him tom feel safe, we're goinge. to need to confiscate your rifle because he feels unsafee.
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congressman, you doo still oppose a ban on the kind of assault weapons that were used in the shooting. can you explain s why private citizens need weapons of war ? look, i have opposed a ban, you know, fairly recently.. i think i'm open to a ban now. e can youxp explain, congressman, why private citizens need weapons of war now? cnn anchors need to be surrounded by bodyguardsds or weapons of war because they'remi important for you and your family. no, you don't need weapons ofe war . so for years it's been about the ar 15 , but things are changing. joe biden is now cha calling for a ban on the ubiquitous nine millimeter round. watch this nine millimeter bullet closed for long hoursrs upon the idea that these highso caliber weapons simply no rational basis for about
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self-protection by just another u.s. army was never absolute. we couldn't candace owens when we set the . so this is a guy who can't evene recognize his own wife of o 40 years public lecturing us about what the rational basis is forti this quote theres simply no rational basis for the nine millimeter roundnd in terms of self-protection. ofof course the opposite is through the nine millimeter is the main self-protection round in the united states along with the five five six the round used in thee agese of 15 , both of them are small rounds. people use them to protectf their families and if you take them away, americans no longer be able to defend themselves in the middle of a crime wavee it was wholly manufactured by the same people were trying to strip your guns fromri. a and that's of course the point. this isca a power grab and you can be certain that is a power grab and not an effort to make this a safer country becauseer the people who are calling for
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it are exempting themselves from its requirements . once again, that is the acid test. if you're for a . will it apply to you do michael bloomberg's bodyguards carry the dreaded nine millimeter or two toer three rounds so, they high capacity magazines? didn't nancy pelosi's bodyguardsds pay for to mitch mcconnell's bodyguards carry those rounds? whenwe we wanted to know why wouldn't we want to know? why don't weha have a right to know? so we emailed all three of their offices today and unlike we have to say justin trudeau's office, none of them even bothered to reply to us . u so obviously they won't be disarming their own bodyguard w. they'll keep their own weapons of war . in the meantime,n continue to pass legislation against weapons they know nothing about. ing been doing this for decades. we didocum a documentary on this actually and we spoke to probably the person knows more about self-defense weapons in any living american hickockig
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forty five , one of the most popular figures on youtube and trulyn an expert on the use of firearms for self-defense. enpart of what he told us and of course it i has the famous tucker carlson barrel shroud on the barrel shroud that peacock forty five is referringgicer to congresswoman carolyn mccarthy of new york who famously didn't understand the firearm. she was trying to ban them. no. what about the last time?ha i actually don'tt know what a barrel shot in your thing that goes up. no, it's b not a barrel makes the more deadly. right really shroudsl. that barrel. you know a lot of what people come up with do not know firearms. they just dooth not like them. they hate them and you know, sob they're looking for reasons to hate them. they don't everything aboutes the cartridges a bullet is dangerous. let's face it. they'll. l hammer a chainsaw, a ladder, a car. they'ree potentially dangerous. you've got forty five joins
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us now. we're happy to have you got forty five . thanks so much for coming on . seems like the rhetoric has changed if the president and people around him are now calling for banning nine millimeter ammo and two two three five five six am the rounds used in the air15 15 that prevents most americans. from defending themselves, does it not?t? hot? well, yes, it is the mostas common y as you said, it's the most common defense ofmo cartridge probably on the planet, certainly in the united states as well as five, five , six extremely common and lightweight coiling very popular for young and old p target shooting, plinking competition and the parsecs, the aitaroun, which isrl actually fairly light recoiling and not considered powerful enough even for deer huntingngte and i think a lots. of states. so there you go. yeah, i'd like to say also before we proceed, i the event
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in texas is it's just rips your heart out as aa former middle school teacher for over twenty five years, it really is unimaginable. i've heard a lot of people say and how you just can't even it's unthinkable. we hear a lotin. it really is. it truly is because you get so t close to thoseho kids in the classroom. and so whether you'reet a gun owner or not, it's just it's just horrible. yeah, but what's interestingte and you know, we alwaysof give the benefit of the doubtrc to law enforcement. i think too few do. but this does seem like a case where we can learn something really important fromm the action and the failure to tn act by law enforcement on the scene. but we're blowing right past that and trying to take guns out of your closet. why do you suppose we're not learning the real lessons here ? i don't know.w. it almost makes you want to put your tinfoil hat on doesn'tan and i'm not one ford conspiracies really. but these days, you know,ll
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the thing that really bothers me is through the years the anti-gunrs they have they refused to really assistte and get the schools protected, get the schools harden, get the law enforcement officers in there, get the schools . yected first priority this is youhi know, for eight or ten years they should have had this done by now they'd rather focus on firearms, inanimate objects and that's where they want all all the there their clout going guns and all the rhetoric. and meanwhile, the schools arero not protected. they should have been protecteda by now. you can't protect against every eventualityinvery, but you can certainly make a lot ofog progress and they just ignore that seemingly if if this and i want to be as fair as possible, it's the state of california has ended the requirement to report to law enforcement students who make violent threats. can you think of any legitimate
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reason to do that if you if you wanted to reduce a number of school shootings, why would you do that ? the exactly a very good pointse because you say comments onlin occasionally. i think abou it in today'sy' environments who would be silly or crazy enough to make a comment or a violent threat or anything relateded t to hurtg people with or without a firearm in a public forum where people could hear you like you either you either are crazy or you are planning to do something. yeah. so you know, they need to look y into that now. yeah, i would say he got forty five of youtube fame. great to see. thank you .s o good to see you. thanks. i so if you were to judge what's happening the white house by joe biden's public comments, you would suspect pretty chaotic behind the scenes and it turns out that's not d even the half of it. a new report describes the white house is rife
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enfold for pig.
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>> how high can fuel prices go? well, we'll find gasoline prices set a new record this weekend. and gonzalez isee a reporter for fox los angeles and we're happyg to have you. even for good evening, everybody. you know, even for the record high right now in l.a. county, which is six dollars, 17 cents a gallon. check this out.-- this is we're talking over eight dollars an hour. if you're looking at diesel, you're looking at d over nine dollars an hour and this is one of two gas stations in the area. it caters to peopleasons who run the gas and the tourists like the four guys from florida who are just visitingisis had no idea what they were going in tot check this out. one hundred forty dollars below . that's crazy. crazy but not unexpected atat over eight dollars a gallon. that's at this chevron off
10:26 pm
alameda in downtown l.a. i didn't want to come here to fish in front of a camera that's got these h prices are wy higher than are going average of six dollars and 17in cents in l.a. county when we tried tol ask why we were asked to leave. but other oth than running out ? gas, why would anyone pay this kind of money? we're from florida over here on vacation. oh , okay. i printed it out. post it on social media. this is like crazy. now the state attorney general, we reached out to them. they'ree sayingwe that they're looking into this . but you know, honestly, there'sc nothing they can do unless they declare a state off emergency and i guess eight dollars is in a state of emergency. live in los angeles, back to you. looks like one to me. christine, as always, thanks so much for that . so things are going so poorlyws for the white house that even nbc news can no longer ignore it. both for biden. he's an adult. not anymore.
10:27 pm
here's the line for nbc.. quote, biden"b is rattled by his sinking approval ratings. m therean are signs of managerial breakdowns at the white house. nbc also reports that biden is furious that his aides keep walking back his demented comments quote biden was furious.s.en his remarks wus his remarks aren as unreliable. i wonder why is he repeatedly declares war on variouss countries? and that's just the beginning. politico no publication is to biden harder than politico. but politicoti is reporting that the biden white house is awash in malignant white supremacy. are you surprised? not really. ofof quoteac at least twenty one blak staffers have left the biden white house since late last year or are planninghias to leae soon. sources blamed the quote, work environment, the words the racism of the biden administration. so things have gotten very bad for joe biden, both publicy facing and internally. do what are they doing about it? well, they broke glass in caseed of emergency and invited
10:28 pm
a korean pop group to speak at the white house today. watch. i repeat. yes. and it is a great honor to be invited to the white houseim tonight to discuss the important issues of a.h. and hate crimes-asi, asianiv inclusion and diversity. yeah, so we got a korean pop group to discuss a asian hate crimes in the united states. okay,ed good job, guys. there's no apology points out,e quote the administration is defending anti-gay and racial discrimination in university admissions in a case before d the supreme court. in case you wanted to compare substance versus prte saying vey good pr. this is not even the first time the administration has done something like this . last august they invited a tick tock staff of the white housey becauseo that'll make things better. >> hi, my name is cooper and it's a day in my life as a white house intern. we pay everyone get me i put you in the appointment lab. yeah, i didn't have to do
10:29 pm
that . it's called initiative. i have to workk. >> i don't think so. i yeah, i hate the country tryingo to degrade itun and it's workinh . butem the headline here is that the white supremacy in the biden white housewh is so intense. twenty one black staffers t can there be more than twenty one total not a huge staff at the white houseth. twenty one black staffers have fled speaking to the new jim crow, candace owens is the founder of the charity blacks. it probably f surprised butar this she joins us . so are you surprised at the racism of white supremacy sothe white house is intense that black staffers are fleeing for their lives? i have to say i'm a littlesi bit upset that i'm not involved in these strategy sessions at the white housese . i just picture them all sitting around a table and just quick, quick black peopleck p are wakim up and they're not happy.ut grab me an asian and put them in front of the podium. we've got to shift gears p completely on the pr strategy. i mean, this is.r this is actually what they're doing, right? because black americans first
10:30 pm
and foremost, what's happeningh? parallel to this black americans are waking uppan to the lie that was black lives h matter. soav at the same time you're having these black americans that were quite literally just uin' given these positions.t they weren't meant to do anything. they never wanted them to a t t actually do anything. they probably were underqualified for the missions that they even had. but uthev the idea was, oh , lo, we're getting on our kneesne literally. nancy pelosi, the black livesrr matter narrative, right? no, sheat did that notorious bot got downsh on one knee and we're going to do this and show you dat we're going to hire a bunchon of black people but wt don't actually care what they think. we just need them tod be sit there and be black. now the black americans in the white house are waking up y and going, you know what ? m that'se, not okay with me. and they're franticallyar searchingch to find up drum upoi a new narrative of hate and this one's going too be asian-american . lives matter.e quick grab me k pop and hopefully americansns are going to fall for this when in reality we're focused on the gas prices, the inflation prices and it's just an absolute complete t joke . is there anything more destructive than white liberal guilt? ithahite feels like it's hurt
10:31 pm
more people in nuclear weapons . it really has. and people are e starting to ser that even petrie's colors right belowic the person who started black life matters basically said, well, it's not my faulter that you guys gave your white guilt dollars. and it lied about what i did with it and bought myself an entire, real estate empire and that's the truth. so it's not just black americans. i need tot have bca an awakenin. it's white americans. you know, you have to stop allowing people to manipulate you emotionally and tell you that you're a bad person just because you're born a certain color. and hopefully we're going to start to see that as weea head into this election cycle.e people hate themselves, are not good leaders, weak men and i'm happy women. i great democratic party candace owens absolutely neither grapeseed. so thank you . thank you . rutbah,rb one of the great quarterbacks in nfl history, also a great guy it turns out really an interesting person, one of the best games he ever playeded in the day after his father died, brett favre 1%
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.com. that's free trump guide .com. many, many thousands of drug addicts are living outdoors in the city of san francisco.utt they've completely changedy of the city oding on drugs, committing crimeme, making life almost impossible for the people who live there. but the mayor of cisco london has a plan. she's going to fix this , but w only homeless peopleho happen to be wearing women's clothing are going to get her help. i'm making this up, jason is a man on the west coast. he joinsex us tonight to explai. and jason, hey, tucker mayer, london breeducke vows to endes transgender homelessness. no, we are not talking abouts.s. homeownerswh who identifys, as homeless. we're talking about w transgendr people who happen toar be homelessgend, which 5 only accounts for about% five percent of the population according to the city. and yettiy rather than focus on getting everyone off the streets regardless of e e identity, mayor m bridges introduce a supposedly groundbreaking five year plan to end transgender homelessness essentially by creating free housing. now this plan expands rental subsidies to the trans
10:38 pm
community while also helping too create these permanent supportive housing units or trans and gender nonconforming youth. so if you're transgender nonbinary or genderqueer, whatever that actually is, youac might end up with free housing . now reidsh points out the data showing that lgbt people, particularly youth, are overrepresented in the homeless populatione, you. in that's certainly true , but it's just the data pointgn that ignores a big chunk as to why they become or at least stay homeless. ou and it'ssa the same reasons that thousands of other people in san francisco are living o on the streets tonight substance abuse and mental health issues. the homeless. lgbt population is more likely to suffer drug or alcohol addiction l and or suffr from a mental health issue. but their lives are no more important than any other homeless person. she could very easily offer c more funding to get the homeless people who arere currently on the streets regardless of identity into treatment. but she would win any bonus points for virtue signaling. nor would she quelle si the ang' that she caused last week when
10:39 pm
she decided she wouldn't march in the gay pride parade because it actually banned officers from appearing in uniform. soerha perhaps this is one of te ways that she's earning some extra points in my memory failing. . it was about 20 minutes ago when the propaganda told us we don't care who you sleep with and now government aid is dependent on your sex life. so is that i mean it's sort of an inversion, isn't it? yeah. we're not supposed to pay attention to these things, but also that's all we're supposed to pay attention to. that's the directionon bll we ae going to put it and it's great to see tonight . rthank you . great to s thanks. so brett favre was one of the great football players ofe, all time. he's been 16 seasons as at 16 ss quarterback. the green bay a but we talked to him for about an hour. tucker carlson today not muchh about football. f he talked a lot about his relationship with his father and how his dad motivated him to have one ofis the best games of l his life and death. >> watch to me and my brother
10:40 pm
my older brother scott were two years apart. i'm guessing we were probably he was twelve say nine , ten . so we lived on a half a mile dirt road one way in , one way out., no neighbors anywhere remotelycl close several miles away. so for whatever reason we did ride bikes a lot. but this one particular day we ride down the gravel road and i got my if you rode bikes as aan kid you probably got spenceley s called chain atom some point. so m i got my pants. th i called the chain kind ofo wrapped up pretty good and so we're trying to get it out meom and my brother scott.d so my dad comes driving down the road from going out. you can hear the truck coming, you see the dust and he stops t and i was tellinghe you i'm telling you the truth. t the passengerruth window there no passenger went in the door was held shut or somewhat shut a
10:41 pm
with an extension cordn . so he pulls up, he looks out the window and he said, well, yeah, i'll do it. so we'll ride bikes, my i gotin caught a chain. we helped me get oh ,'t i got time for that .es so he takes off. he gets about 50 to 100 yards down the road and i do that and all of a sudden brake lights you see brake lights and you see the truck stop and gravel flying and he hits in reverse and starts coming back at my brother scott says you better run or keep your mind. i got my pass caught in the chain and i'm not runningds anywhere. so i'm trying to hopop into the world. needless to say, it was the last time i flipped anyone off for a long time and this isr the god's honest. i told my dad that i only did that because i saw people do d t when they were mad at other
10:42 pm
people. he didn't buy it. he didn't even know what it meant. i didn't knoww what it meant.y w i just knew that people did it when they were . so it was quite a bit longert before i ever did w that again.y but that was yeah, that was my dad. he was you know, again, if he would have very littlele compassion and if my dad would l have said to me, son , i love, i would have thought that are you okay? you got a favor. but i knew he loved me in his weird sort of way when he died famously suddenly you played one of the best games of your life the next day i would say it was the best game statistically b speaking, i donk think anyone can argue justlf the first half alone. t youhe know, when i left the game after twenty years and i will say this briagolong, i had every passing record good and bad that you could possibly
10:43 pm
own. now since they've all beensithey passed. but i say that only because only once in my career i think once, maybe twice did i throwfo for four hundred yards ever. nowys guys do that all the time now at y one time i had yardage passing record but but it was it wasn't because i was still for four or five hundred yards a game at halftime ofe this game i had three hundred ninety nine yards guys do it for me time now but in the way i play that was nothing short of a miracle and four touchdowns at the end f of the first half so i couldtt the end of the game right there with better statistics than i had in any other ball game in my career. the day after your father. ker:d the day after. how how'd you y do that ? well, it was the hardest thing that i ever had to do. there was a lot of talk prioramt to the game on whetherhe whether
10:44 pm
or not i would play speculation. meanwhile, at the hotel k in oakland, i knew i was going to play because that's what my dad would have wanted me to do. the and the people who knewpe my dad and the way that he carried himself all understood youde better playing that game. i mean, i could just hearing you know, what you set out for this brett favre good guy. t interesting guy. you can watch the entire conversation tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. on fox nation. so perkins coie is the most important democratic law firm in the world representing hillary clinton. apparently perkins points to maintaining a secret relationship with the fbibith if true . shocking, congressman mascotte says, is evidence the fbi was offering a workspace within the offices of persons. how can that be 10%?
10:45 pm
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latest news and news headlines on sirius xm anytime anywhere on fox news on sirius xm america is listening right now in the new legislation what it means weathertech you will go fr
10:49 pm
to so much going on .se you mayd have missed this .
10:50 pm
a jury today comprised of several hillary clinton donors acquitted a lawyer called michael sussmann of lying to the fbi. who'sac michael sussmann, who is a former partner at the law firm perkins coie, the biggest democratic firm. the firm represented hillary clinton's campaignse and in that capacity of perkins coie, susman laundered false information at the trump campaign to the fbi. so pretty tight relationship between us and the fbi.about the we're learning much more about the connection between the fbi a and sussman's former law firm perkins court. congressman macm gates and jim jordan have just received a letter from perkins attorney . this show can reportpo exclusively that in that letter perkins coie admits the fbi hasi maintained a quote, secure work environment within perkinsec offices for more than a decade going back to twenty twelve what according to the letter quote perkins quote his responsible to the fbi foros maintaining the secure work environmentec. that workspace, whatever it is,n is still in operation today. is?
10:51 pm
of anything like this ? no one we spoke to has met. gates is the man who found this . he's a first member of congress in the state of florida.night, r coming he joins us tonight. congressman, thanks so much for coming on .s b this is bizarreizar. tell us what it is and what you think it means. we got a report frome- a whistleblower that we confirmed through multiple admissions, including this letter showing that the party's law firm, the law firm that received forty two million dollars from the democratic party has this koloo created workspace that they operate in concert with the fbi. se why in the world would that be the case? why would christopher wray it t continue then you also have to ask yourself why within the lastwi twelve months was the person on behalf of perkins operating that worksite? michael sussmann himself? and we heard through this trial that you just referenced m that the fbi believesicly michael sussmann was lying to them in twenty seventeen when
10:52 pm
he was shuttling false information about trump into the intelligence process. and now we learneded forur four years after that lie, i michael sussmann was in fact operating this secure work environment. so what reason wouldldul there be for that ? and what leverage would the perkin's law firm have over the fbi given this work they're doing together? so i know the story tol the extent they can will be ignored by the media and they can ignore it. they'll say, well, this is just normal. they're good reasons for this . you're an attorney. you serve with a lot of otherno attorneyst . this is not normal, correct? i have spoken to former federal prosecutors on the judiciary committee and throughoutttee the country and i have nota heard any describe a relationship like this with a private law firm and especially becausend michael sussmann was an election lawyer. why in the world would an election lawyer be operatingn this facility in this way?d and our concern a is that politically motivated dirt was being converted intool
10:53 pm
politically motivated investigationstiva. that's why jim jordan and i are making demands for answers on christopher wray immediately. and it's it's my hope certainly that we shut this facility down. the democratic party shouldn't have pdn't this special access special portal to the fbi, especiallyly knowing what we do now that they were often trying to take this oppositiont research and then use that fort law enforcement and counterintelligence purposesannt. you can't politicize the country's biggest law enforcement agency b that's completely third world and you've borne the brunt of that as congressman markey, i appreciate your breaking this story forof us .ng thank you .. amazing. we'll stay on it.ln thank you , tucker . and one news after the break. you can only one thing to life to be pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet is the complete opposite of blocks of barbecue
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10:59 pm
in our midst. turn los angeles into a war zone. the this is los angeles under george gascon. people who break the law are celebrating tucker carlson original suicide . los angeles street is now on fox nation. children are the most reliablebl source ofe happiness and meanin, in this life. we often make that point. this is true and we live it out.ant to c they want to celebrate forelebrn one of our producers, drewus carmichael, a wonderful guy.t he and his wife share this , welcomed baby william jamesae carmichael, born about a monthl, ago at seven pounds, 11 ounces. his brother you can see i in these picturesn is andrew thomas karmichael the second he's for s are adding to the sum total of awesome in the world by doing that there is nothing better and we raise a glass of perrier to them a heartfelt. toast. congratulations. that's it fororco us tonight. early show we told you about
11:00 pm
the botox dictate in canada cracking down on gun ownership. it's one of the many ways that country has creep toward, authoritarianism. some canadians are speaking out against trudeauau sp from national hockey league star adrian theo fleury saysoc we could be next.. tomorrow.. we'll see you then. and welcome to hannity.come >> and tonight, america's two "tiered system of justice is alive and well now after disseminatingg the russia hoax in twenty sixteen , clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann, he has been acquitted of lying to the fbi, which by the way, was predictable to me.s and yes, i respect the jury's verdict. my problem is with the judgem who allowed a jury pool fromto the very liberal washingtonha sewer and swamp that is my strong opinion was tainted. our system was and remains frankly a small player in this whole case. but it's what we learned duringf


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