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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 1, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. thank you for making the show possible. we hope youse will set your dvr so you never miss an episode of' hannity if you're looking for news by the minute, by the second, by the hour. fox news .com hannity .com and you get all the news. but in the meantime, let not your heart trouble. laura ingraham, she is texting from angle. have a great i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . thanks for joining us . one week ago today, a deranged gunmand took the lives of 19 children and two teachers at a uvalde, a texas elementary school. well, another teacher sentte a frantic text to her husband who is an offte duty customso and border protection agent fauci grab a gun. he raced, to the school and he went inside. t he's here too tell us his story exclusively in moments. but first, democrats collateral damage
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. >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> now the next time you hear democrats claim that republicans or pro second amendment types don't care about children or their safety, i want you too do one thing. i want you to laugh in their t faces because they're the oneshe who don't care about the kids. their policies helped create the fertile ground from which some of the most the nation's most violent figures have emerged. now, of course, they ignore any of the cultural and societalsi issues simmering beneathmm the surface and instead accuse conservatives of refusing to compromise on guns. ofwell, very quickly, maybe more folks would be willing too compromise on guns if democrats themselves hadn't told us what their real goal really isll to the position may not be politically popular. maybe to want not only should no longer be able to purchase america, i don't thinkdo the people who have them right now civilian use should be able
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to we need a moratorium perhaps . gun sales wewe need who will say on this network or any other network in the next few days it's timeep to repeal the second amendmente> . >> and as usual, when joe biden shoots his mouth off, he's reaching he reaches new heights of idiocy hne. i've it blows the one out of the bottom. so why do i celebrate weaponizes across the world? no rational basis for concerns about self-respect. i just never be for something was never absolute. we couldn't buy a candace owens when we said to me, well, i guess we have to add the on ballistics expert to joe's résumé does j even know, by the way, what the number nine refers to or the letters m for that matter? i'm not quite so sure now
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the fact most democrats on tv they are lately appearing the only opine about dead children when there are political points to be scored. remember,, last year was the most deadly in a quarter century in chicago, nearly 800 killed. so where were the protestser? the rallies? where was vedo or biden? >> the victims have often been young, rarely acknowledgedrare and quickly forgotten. in january, eight year ht old melissa ortega shot in chicago by gang stray bullets by in february, 15 year old sincere cole was shot h twenty four times just around the block from his home earliers this month, a six year old boy was shot and killed neared the beam, a popular tourist attraction and over memorial dayti weekend there was sadly the typical carnage in chicago with stuffed one shot and nined dead. the most violent weekend since 2017. and in baltimore, four dead,
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including a 17 year old named neil mack. now the angle has actually done two major town halls in chicago examining the violent crime that's plagued the residents thered for years. and wewe asked mayor lori lightfoot to appear with us in front of a live audience there. all of her constituents, after all. well, she never agreed. we found out a lot, though, we need to stop waiting to hit our doorstep. weg need to say something if we see something that's been herera for over fifty some years. i raised my kids here. i am scared, but we need to stick together. we need totir, speak out. you know, violence is just the worst thing ever. these are kids and they are a force of her mother that was the mother of the young man who was burned alive in a barrel. in but nothing did change. in fact, things only got worse and left wing politicians continue to support policies
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that made life more dangerous for our young things like covidn lockdown'sgs from schools to rec centers. that's all on the teachers unions. they dropped a match on a powder keg. of course, only now our media outlets finally admitting how damaging those closures were for children. then there was the tolerance, even celebration of criminal al behavior during the summer of love summerng 2020 that created a justified atmosphere of rageof and rampage. >> i sayd nobody said a protest has to be peaceful, meaning that passive and tranquil peopleul should be angry. they should voice, they shouldan blame, they should shame. it'sam all allowed in america even if it makes people uncomfortable. the left has been on ami fifty year mission really to deemphasize the importance of fathers in the home and theth results have been disastrous for all americansu, especially for young men in urban settings. we've always had kind of a private notion of children your kid is yours and totally
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your responsibility. we haven't had a veryad collective notion these are ourd children. you have to break through our kind of private ideaa that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities. >> oflo course, salvador ramosng was another mass shooterod who was the product of a broken home no doubt on the scene mom lives with boyfriend moms use u or police even shows up to show up at the house duringri aggressiveng fighting between hm and his mother. like so many isolated young men, i guess perhaps who what looks for belonging and safety and maybe a new identity changes his looks, wears all black, spends hours and chat rooms online with strangers, cuts himself on his face all over his face for fun. he drops out of school. yet no one seemed to step no one the only one who maybe triedd. he ended up shooting in the face. his grandmother, a stable home
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for children run by adults who hold themselves and the kids accountablecc is of paramount importance. a dysfunctional home life wheree drugs are easily accessible puts too many young people on a highway to these days. and speaking off drugs, according to the daily mail,e well, the new york times had originally reported that ramos smoke pot then mysteriously the reference is missing fromn the online editions. >> now why is that ? was it bad information or is the pro marijuana biasha that we've become accustomed ton that's so powerful because billions are on the linene with it nationwide? so there's a story nowry irrelevant. >> we reached out to the times on this, but they have not responded. now the american people are hearingg a lot about ar 15s and background checks, but they also deserve to hear about this as well respected medicalha
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studies for years now haveed demonstrated that pot use, especially among teens, can trigger psychosis and increase the chance that a young person will develop the assobehaviorsp . the association of mature american citizens rightciof. a twentyty seventeen study identified marijuana as the single mosttmmon common correlae variable in otherwise diverse populations and circumstances surrounding the association of violence and marijuanaum reportd links exist to shooters and parkland. el paso. dayton. aurora, colorado. tucson, chattanooga. sacramone and perhaps elsewhere. now a friend of a dayton shooter, connor betts, told authorities that he was a gun owner and that he had done hard drugs with vets as wellit as marijuana and acid four or five times a week from 2014 to 2015. former t new york times reportr alex berenson has written extensively on this subject at 2012 paper in the journal of
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interpersonal violence examining o a federal survey of more than 9000 adolescents found that marijuana use was associated with a doubling of domestice violence in the us . then there's this the national library of medicine recent illicit and medical marijuana is of much higher potency and more likely to cause violent behaviorror. high potency marijuana is a predictable and preventabledi cause of tragic violent consequences. >> my question tonight is why isn't there a national conversation happening right now abouten this ? why aren't reporters doing more to demand information on the potential drug use in this case and others bothse illicit drugs and prescription drugs? anti-depressants have long been known to be a problem for some young people or we alloi just going to pretend that joeto confiscating all the nine or bato running a gun buyback program is going to heal and protect our youthth.
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is that what we're hoping you see? i'd rather operate in thee real world and that world is a lot more complicated than the antisecclo amendment anti-gd activists would suggest whenever there is a societal, cultural, familial and spiritual deficit, bad things are going to rush in to fill it guns, gangs, drugs then there will be harm to others or self harm. and until we're honest about all of this , young people will continue to be pawns t in a political game and that's the angle. joining me nowin isg dr. russet kamer, who is the medicalor director of partners in safety. dr. kramer, thanks for joining us tonight. again, it was initially reported that he was a user. in fact, he got angry that hisid grandmother, his mother didn't want him to usen' marijuana h. but again, we don't know more . it was just mysteriously taken out of an article in the new york times. but why aren't people in general not talking
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more about the pot psychosis violent behavior, connection? well, that's a very good v question. what we found in studies, it's very clear that the use of o the high potencyf of marijuana is strongly associated with the development of psychosis cl and this is clear .ealk but why aren't we talking about it? well, i'm going to blamey myself. i'm going to blame my generation of baby boomers who have some nostalgic view of marijuana. it was some drug and it used to be a simple puff of woodstock weed wasn't dangerous, but today's products are very highs thc. in fact, i didn't even think that marijuana could be associated with psychosis up until a few years ago we were not taught that in medicalse school. seeee now with the high potency that it's very clear myr colleagues in colorado where they're sounding the alarm is that was one of the first
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states to legalize.s it's practically a daily occurrence that kids come into the emergency rooms of florid cannabis psychosis. ki well, the studies on this are from various different journals studying even men in china and then thousands in the united states. and it's so, so shocking. alexex berenson wrote the book that kind of blew it out ofwa the water. but this is something that the medical community is well awarea of. yet you get the sense that the billions of dollarsio on the lie are more important than our kids and what's happening especially to young men in the united states who are frequent users of this high potency thc that's now in marijuana products sold legally in dispensaries acrosst the united states. i mean this at the very least needs a serious national conversation.
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clearly we are witnessing the beginning of the new addiction for profit industry, l tobacco, alcohol, evenco the opiates are fading away and now the money is shifting over to the new industry and this shapes hape even in the medical field. there are many of my colleagues who are not aware that this current marijuana is much more dangerous. >>a well, in fact, a lot ofll parents kind of roll their eyes like, oh , my kid got caught smoking a joint or big deal edibles. >> and then you hear stories of parentsed doing the pot with their kids. and i guess that's the cool thing to t do in some communitis it's it's like they have no clue. am but i'm doing this topic tonight . i'm going to probably get a lot of hate mail because of it because it's so serious. and yetot people like bado and i'm not trying to drag you on a political conversation. dr. camer, but you know,
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they're fine with going to do a run on the guns. i guess you can argue that if that's what you want to do, try to get rid of the second amendment but completely oblivious to what legalization of marijuana haset has done and is doing to an entiren generation of americans with violent consequences. scar' it's very scary what's going to happen. we have just seen the beginning because even here in new york where it's legalizedin, the pot shops have been opened up and the damage happens when the pot shops open, when more marijuana is used. we'vee seen traffic fatalities that have gone up dramatically. it's clear that fatalities have gone up 20% if the nation if marijuana is legalized , we predict m that there will be at leastth 7000 excess traffic fatalities a year. yet these things are ignored. g >> how violent psychosis, schizophrenia, traffic deathst
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other than that , it's just wonderful. dr. camer, thank you for joining us . we really appreciate it. now one week ago, off o duty u.. customs and border protection agent jacob albarado, he started a stay at robb elementary school and uvalde, texas. he was at an awards ceremonyd for his eight year old daughter jada. she's a second grader att a school. he well, shortly afternd the ceremony ended, he went ton get a haircut. well, that's when all brokee, loose at eleven forty one a.m. got a text from his wife tricia, a fourth grade teacher at the same school. lp there's an active shooter help love you. he immediatelyly jumped up, started looking for a gun. the barber had one . this is a shotgun and together they raced toward the school. when jacob arrived, he saw the chaos unfolding and he knew he needed to get insidew te bring his family and anyone else he could to safety.. jacob is here with me now exclusively and i'll let him l pick up from there. jacob, what happened once you got to the school, how did you get inin?
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was trying to get to my wife's room. my wife's been working there for seven, going on eight years and i know the majority of the law enforcement players arei just j announced who i was and i made my way towards my my wife's room. and what did you see when you went to: as i went in , i just saw a whole bunchch of kids running out running, running off campus, jumping o through windows, cops breaking windows and was a complete chaos pretty much. and you saw your daughter and i know you gave her a big hug. yes. i mean, had spoken with my wife on the phone. my wife had told me that she had already left her roomthen through across the street at the funeral home. and from that point on i went to go look for my daughternt . now on cnn today, jake tapper had secret service agent on talking about this issue. watchout an off duty cbp custos and border protection agency
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agent who was able to go inside the school on the day of the shooting. other parents and other loved ones were standing outsideof the school at the time. some of them even reportedly being handcuffed. >> this is a clear example of the complete breakdown of the incident command structure ,the fact that the public wasal allowed to get so close to this critical incident site is shocking to me. it breaks all these protocols with so many unanswered questions right now . do now,n' jake, i don't think you the parents and the protocol shoes are the overall problem here, but the implicit criticism from taffer, you'reyo probably not be surprised tou heart be maybe it's slighte criticism or maybe i'm making more of it than it should be . that , you know, you got to get in there and let the other parents didn't and you got tove make sure your kid was okay even though you were helping othershe get out. do you have a response to that ? once again?
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i mean, it was just complete chaos. everybodycote c is concerned for their child. thankfully, like i said, i was off duty. i've been born and raised in reality for forty going on forty two years.uval it's a small community. a everyone pretty much knows who i am. and like i said, my wife works so they all know who i was. so i was able to get on campus and like i said, i wasn't just trying to save my child.s pe i wasop trying to get as many people out there as i could. jacob, the community is in such deep, immeasurable, inconsolable grief. butve i've been reading about how important the churches havee been. the catholic church and others have been as a comfort to all the families, the grieving, the surviving and the children who we think about tonight . what have you seen about the community coming together after this unimaginable evil?
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it's amazing. everyone everyone's giving a helping hand . it's it's you would never thinku such people would come out of the woodwork and help out everyone. wal-martne, everyone, everyone getting food trucks from all over the place. barbecue trucks coming in from alabama feeding people knowingng that everyone's hurting. it's just it's it's i mean a its amazing how much people have been helping out uvalde. jacob,b, how is your daughter doing and how isis y your wife doing? my daughter's fine for the most part. she's she still she still has friends that have passed. my wife is the one that's really affected because she was. right there by the shooter. the shooter bypassed her room and shot up the rooms on the opposite side and my wife lost some ofme her girlfriends fromr jacob. if i had been you and i had gotten the same call, i would have done the exact same thing
12:20 am
that you did. probably notobab as well as you did. but i wouldit have done the exat same thing that you did. and i'm i'm i'm thankfulat that you ran into be other that building. maybe other parents could have could havehelped should have put on everything. but i'm thankful that you ran and did what you could and our strong are just so and fervent for the entire community and we just i mean, there are no words but pleaseea extend our our concern and our prayers to your wife and to all those around. and thank you for your work for the border patrol as well. already. thank you . up next , joe biden has americans feeling more worriedt now than during the height of covert. yes. plus, could something uniquelybo terrible about california go nationwide? ut what that i'll explain it in moments. hunter biden is the most protected person in the country
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. he was given rights and saved jobs well beyond his credentials. it just is astounding. you really can't find any business venture that does not revolve around his father's political power. tens of billions from ukraine, china on washington entities country is barely functional. humans can't ignore a addiction obsessively videotaping every aspect of his life. he's got a problem there and walked in a customer clutching three malphrus. it's not stuff you would ever see the light offering to pay some big guy joe biden himself this is americans how to do business now do a panel of experts say deeper into the media coverage and hope who is hunter biden live streaming now exclusively on fox nation. do you suffer from painful knees, hips, pain, keeping you from living the life you love?
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dot now and try and rip free for thirty days plus get a free father's day with your first long road trips. remember those beach time?mi visit your family, your friends . some aresu supposed to be a brek when american families get to go on vacation after a very hectic school year. but now with gas pricing more and double what it costio on election day and twenty twenty recession and grocery bills surging, americans areoc understandably freakinger out nw
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a new survey by gallup shows just how worried americans are. only 14 percent rate the economy is excellent or good. who are those? fourteen 39% say it's fair. 46% say poor. now, p just to put that intoon perspective, only 32 percently rated the economy as poor when everything was shut down at the height of covid that was in april of 2020. i think about all the peacepe and prosperity that america01 enjoyed back in the summer of 2019 during trump we had low gas prices, high consumer and investor optimism, rising wages, no inflation and no new wars. butis now summers looking very uncomfortable and i'm not talking about the weather after first dismissing inflation is transitory and blaming itid on putin. biden came outut today to makely you think he really cares suddenly. >> i mean, he was chairman of a structure you discuss marchelle priorities that is
12:27 am
addressing inflation. our plan to address inflation starts with a simple proposition respect the fed,sp respect the independenceec which i have done and someone needs to wake him up next time he speaks. okay, pl but his three part plan that was outlined in the wall street journal is typical biden nonsensehis . first, the federal reserve has a primary responsibility to control inflation ,. well, that's not a plan, joe .ti it's just a recognition that he has no control over what he's unleashed now second, he wants to take practical steps to make thingss more affordableli for families. now thesel practical steps s include addressing things that are not driving inflation like housing prices or negotiating drug prices.. it also includes hyping the largest release from the global strategic petroleum reserves and that not only didn't help anyone, but itt was actually putting and is putting our national securityed at risk now. third, biden wants to reduce the federalra deficit.
12:28 am
admirable until you realize he doesn't actually care about doing that because if he did, then he wouldn't be sending fifty four billion dollars in aid to ukraine, no strings attached attached no offsets orf even floating student loan forgiveness, which he's also doing spsp. an even cnn cannot put lipstick on this pig. a it's going to be a grim economy for the foreseeable future. >> >> there's very possibly goingin to be ag recession. interest rates are going up. growth is going to slow. pres stocks will continue to be under pressure and eventually unemployment ispl going to rise.oy the reality is people are feeling poorer. there arefeel some very difficut months ahead. vote democrat now biden's plan to address this malaise is just a total crock. and as henry olsen neatly summed up in the washington ost today, it would in fact make things worse hiking taxesta on corporations and businesswo
12:29 am
that would make it more difficult to pay workers higher wages to match rising prices, which means business and ordinary workers would have to sacrifice if bidensine got his way. now once again, joe biden isg asking americans to sacrifice while he and his washington buddies line their pockets. this seems to be the feature, th not the bug of the biden presidency. joining me now is monica crowley, former assistant secretary of treasury under president trump and hostcr of the monica crowley podcast monica. today. i know you've been waiting fort this . the biden treasury secretary. made a big admission watch. >> core inflation has come down . it's i still too high. too but in recent reports we'vet seen it move down and that's an . horized histgn the president is authorized to start releasingor of oil fromic the strategic petroleum
12:30 am
reserve, but we can't rule out >>y further shocks. >> she goes on to admit that she missed inflation a year ago monica. how does she still have her job? how is she still have her job? yeah, i well, she has her job because biden wantsr her in there and she's useful for the fundamental transformation of the u.s. economy, which is what the leftal is all about. laura . look, janet yellen and the fed have veered off their core missions of stable prices, reining in inflation and maximizing employment. this is our core mission. at the treasury department's core mission is to make sure that the us economy is strong and healthy. and you know what , frankly, treasury and the fed have fallen down on all of those jobsbs and people suffering the most are the american people. we have been screaming for wello over a year that inflation was taking root, that it was goingto to get deeply entrenched and that it was going to be incrediblynd painful for
12:31 am
the american people but also incredibly painful to dislodgesl inflation as we saw in the early 1980s, the very painful process to get rid of it oncear it takes root. and now we are in this situation. you have the president, , the treasury secretary and the chairman of the fed all saying waps dazy our bad. t weol told you for a year it was going to be transitory but guess not. no relief in sight. but monica weeks said this months ago the brian d.c. council of economic advisers, he should be gone. i heardo ow why we had too from him today. yellen i . i would not hire herding cats sit let alone run the treasury department. okay, she should be gone and powell is just gets three up. this as you know as chairman ofh the federal reserve. so there's no accountability for completely screwing over the american people. zero accountability. if you're a basketball coach , you would have been fired.
12:32 am
that's right. there's only accountability. laura , if you're a republican or a conservative for president trump if you're a democrat in office, all you do is fail up and you fill up because in large part you've got the protection of the press. they're pretorian guard that just covers for them and makes excuses for them and doesn't cover these storiese the way the american people are experienced. no one has tertiary no one has lost her job. i look at what treasury and the fed domo almost every day,ed laura . o they have veered off onto climate change and social justice experiments and things like that rather than focusing on keeping the united states economythe on an even keel. monica, we know there's no accountability. there must be accountability and it can't wait another moment, but we won't hold our breath there. monica,are. thank you . okay, here's a clue for tonight's wits end segment that's going to be revealed aten the end of the show.
12:33 am
what theatrical fashion choice. has the ccp upset? tweet me your guess is angle. we'll see if you get it right at the end of the show. all right, biden, get someli mental help from anke unlikely source. >> maybe he needs it. >> raymond arroyo has the details seen and unseen is next . the new york whispering pressure on this skeleton you don't want man over 40 that a large prostate have. you have to two or more times a night. what that your system is a minimally invasive procedure
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qualify for no interest and no payments for twelve months. when you call right now, would you do an additional safety upgrade pre go to jacuzzi bathroom models back come or call 800 nine nine zero five one three eight. that's eight hundred nine nine zero five one three eight oh oh now it's time for our cnn on unseen segment where we unpack the stories behind the headliness s that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond biden has pretty tough midterm season ahead with i guess it's three quarters of americans saying that we're on the wrong track as a country. yeah. meanwhile, his approval numberst are lower than trump's. a newhte nbcrs report reveals,ne quote, biden isw rattled by his sinking approval ratings. biden is unhappy about a pattern that has developed inside the west wing. he makeses it clear and succinct statement only to have aides rushed to explain that he actually meant something else
12:39 am
so-called clean up campaign.leap he has told advisers campai, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueledw his ride or rise rather now that clear and succincten authenticity. laura was on display today wheni the president met with the new zealand prime minister. first, welcome to the white house websitee mortuary's to and from first, you understand leadership taken well and you know, we want to i want to workk with you. it's you know, it's the history goes back a long way way and by the way, recognize oh my god, this was the this was a pitiful display and this went on and
12:40 am
on . we just can't run at all. but when you have a president that's bound to his notes and he still rambleses y incoherently, why couldn't they such a lack of leadership and strength at a time when the world is crying out for more ? >> well,wois and also wonderiny the prime minister was wearing her coat the entire time. it was like she wanted to try and run out, thought what a good go of her , laura . i know it's like she wanted tos get out of there as soon w as possible. it's ninety five degrees in washington today by the way. maybe it was cold and thatid and that old biden also said he was relying on the new zealand prime minister's guidance on climate change oil and combating extremism. it's a remarkable thing to see the u.s. seek the guidance of a country that locked down their population for years, outlaw guns and hasfo an economy in full collapse. but here we are lower and you forgot one thing and is poised to be a puppet of china.
12:41 am
so that's all good unprovided well and he's complaining about> the staff rushing in and kind changing things around or reframing what he just said. but whenat you have a president that's doing this kind of threatening war withdo taiwan, with china over taiwan threatening to go to war with russia, they've got to clean this up. it's a matter of national security and here we are. month, and as you noted for months, laura , when the president runs into policy difficulties , he calls in the celebrities when biden was having trouble getting youngng people to take the covid vaccine, he gave olivia rodrigo a driver's license to promotede the shots. nowth he wants to highlight his work to stem asian hate crimes so he met with the boy w band beats today at the white house. so it only stands to reason given biden's cognitive challenges that he would turn to another celebrity for assistance for selena gomez got roped into a white house visit on health care or mental care
12:42 am
that at times felt more like a biden intervene. >> thank you for all you'reor doing to lift the burden off of people who have problems with their mental health who feel lost not m sure what to do and sometimes they're ashamed to acknowledge they have anything this pardon matter what age youou are. l i thinkis mental health is realy a crucial issue of sorts of people standing up tellinget their stories, whether they're soldiers in the militaryy leaders like the president and the first lady. not sufferple to in silence. oh , well, i guess since okay,el okay, that's for health. it really is okay to ask for help even if you get angry when aides occasionally correct your misstatements or snap the gentlest queries from reporters help is always available. i guess that's a goodsa message i'm notth sure if joe biden isma
12:43 am
the best pitchman for mental health, butnt there he is. . well, it wasas the whole thing was like a cry for help. it was a cry for production help. they needed better music underscoring that raymond that was the worth music. all right. t muto now selena gomez looks le she'd rather be back wasn'ti a justin bieber way she did. i forgot one of those well cutie pies, laura , as i watchin it's the thing that kept comingg to mind was what other, celebrities is he going to call them?at his well, i mean, whenpani he lookst the hispanic numbers, i guess jay is going to make ant appearance. and tonight the biden administration just asked an appealsthe court to allow themo unilaterally to impose mask mandate on air travelers.., they're trying to get that mask mandate in place tonight . so he may he may call tom cruise before this is over laura. we'll check in the mass mandated will have back . unbelievable. raymond, thank you . and remember, if you can't watch this live, set your series record on your dvr, so you don't miss anyse episode
12:44 am
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12:49 am
and the jury clearly recognize that they're unanimous verdict today. i'm grateful to the members ofgr the jury for their careful despiteghtful service being falsely accused . i'm relieved that justiceju ultimately prevailed in my case. well, only inst washington doese this sleazy clinton lawyer admit he lied to the feds. get off scot free and then gloat about it to a cheering press corps. i want to recap what transpired at this trial.rp his is's own defense structured around the fact that he lied to the fbi about being a democratou operative. but since the fbi knew that he was lying, it was no harm, no foul. okay, well, outside of sussman's malfeasance, remember this was the trial where we learned that hillary clintonth approved of the dissemination of that disinformation that was meant to undermine our trust in the presidential elections. so how could this courtroom be so easily duped?d
12:50 am
well, one of the jurors is the parent of a classmate of sussman's daughter. get this the judge is married to disgraced former fbi agent lisa page's defense attorney. >> so the next time you hear all the caterwauling from the elite media, the political class about the tragic and misguided public trust in d.c., officials look no further than this predictable travesty. and four weeks aftere t the leak of samuel alito's draft opinionh on the roe vs. wade case, well, officials of the courtd announced unprecedented measures are going to be taken or persons personun responsible for that leak. according to cnn law clerks are being asked to provide cellco phone records and sign affidavits. some clerks are apparently so alarmed over the moves, particularly a sudden request for private cell data that they've begun exploring whether to hire outsideut counsel. joining us now is carrie severino, president of judicial crisisjo network, also a forme, clerk, azmy for justice thomas
12:51 am
. carrie, seems likeli this took four weeks. because it's kind of funny becausere those are exactly some of the things we're seeing right off at the cell phone. let's let's let's get affidavits because i'm really glad you're there doing the affidavit because i think that why is that critical if they if u they swear under penalty of perjury that they didn't have something to do with thisid and then later it turns out they did that in and of itself, regardless of whether there's underlying crimes that in of itselfthat would constitute a federal crime. and what's worrying me is, you know, we're getting toward the end of the term the personou should have been fired weeks ago and they still haven't been. but even if then this isn't resolved finally till after they're gone, that is a clear th consequence they're going to face on top of hopefully a lot of what was that the person who did this or persons who did this is still at the court denaturalizes right now potentially compromising otherwa cases or doing something else that's untoward or unethical. by the way, joan biskupic, the cnn reporter who broke the story saidd this about law
12:52 am
clerks looking to hire attorneys. . tch if they obtain counsel, they will. new suspicions come to them. but as we all know, our lives . e on the cell this has nothing to doin with from their point of view whethert her they talk tobu journalists but rather all the kinds of personal information, images, data attacks that are on our personalio cell phones. reaction to that , would they be worried? i mean, i think the marshals office is interested in like looking out there, right? i don't think sodastream i would hope the marshals office sounded for me and joan would probably know betterpr thn she's doing the reporting that we're talking a list of who have you calledd and that doesn't include your your apps, your your photo stream, et cetera, everything but again, i'm just relieved that we're finally getting to this . this is it isto so important and for john roberts, his oldle legacy to have this notga resolved would be is just outrageous. this person needs to be brought
12:53 am
to justice. you know, you don't want to leaving and then getting like a four hundred thousand dollar bonus for someone who has undermined the whole institution because just imagine you can remember how crazyca this time of year is anyway. i'm going out and now they've got this where you don't know who you can trust going on at the same time. i mean it's i've got to really undermine i've got to say since this happened, i haven't heard anything out of the court. even people i haven't eventh i haven't heard one thing not that i ever hear but i haven't even heardrd they're worried or they're upset or people i haven't heard anythingg anything. pl so maybe it scared people. i hope they're scared. they're scared straight because we can't have our nation's highest court where you can'tyo trustu this is going to remain confidential. that's it is a major part off the process working effectively . and i worry that it's going to take a long time before you have it neverit would have happened under justice rehnquist and it did not under the chief i clerk honor. all right, carrie, great to see
12:54 am
you as always. here is a clue all right. our wit segment is next . but remember, here's a clue what cpac fashion choice hase the ccp very upsetcc. r guessest >> hurry up. tweeting your guess is i that anger mango will see if you get it rightan next . do you struggle to fall asleepwa and stay asleepke? tunelessly formula combines five key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is cuno. i was trying to refinance my mortgage and when i went to check my credit score i found a ding and then i found a couple of inquiries that i had not initiated credit repair .com immediately understood my situation. they offered a plan that i could follow very my scores jumped up almost 60 pointsba and that allowed me to refinance my mortgage quickly and see my monthly payments drop by hundreds of dollars. that credit doesn't have to be worked toward better credit
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1:00 am
thank goodness. and guess what ? they smash memorial day weekend records. i haven't seen it yet. sei'm going to let that be a lesson to hollywood. don't go, okay, because you might go brokefa a fantastic movie by all accounts, the eighties were awesome. all right. finally, remember usa made freedom out of spirit. laura ingraham .com


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