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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  June 1, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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been walked back. it was apparently closed it should have been locked but unfortunately it wasn't. i think one of the solutions here is hardening soft targets like schools so something can be done on. that was i can't decide who wore it better? >> todd: steube wore it better. >> carley: thanks, congressman. with that "fox & friends" starts right now. >> see you guys. >> president biden's economic crisis hitting another milestone. the national gas price average $4.67. >> shocked economy. >> plan to address inflanchts inflation is going to raise. he had no plan. >> united states needs to acted. >> biden considering executive action on gun control. >> he supports a ban on sale of assault weapons. >> i told the truth to the fbi. >> clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann has been acquitted after disseminating the russian hoax. >> justice has prevailed. >> see how bad it was in washington, d.c.
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>> i knew there would be scrutiny. >> transgender swimmer lia thomas speaking for the first time. >> transpeople don't transition for athletics. >> it's extremely frustrating. he has a biological advantage. >> we're going to be reporting on the queen's jubilee. >> 70 years in the same job. >> role model. the one to come. to say jubilee year. >> this celebration is our country. ♪ this is what you are ♪ you're my golden star. >> steve: look at that looking at virginia beach. right now it's 72. going for a high of 85. it's absolutely beautiful in southeastern virginia. it is where the chesapeake meets the atlantic ocean. good morning, everybody. it is the first day of june. it's a good day to be at the beach, if not, let us start your day live from new york city. we're here in studio m on this
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wednesday, june 1st, 2022. here on the curvey couch we have will cain back for another day of duty and katie pavlich. >> katie: great to be here. virginia beach where the u.s. navy is. lots of navy seals doing their duty. sometimes you will see them running along the beach just not today. >> will: home of the navy seals, i have never been there. >> katie: it's beautiful. >> steve: it's great. >> will: never been to the outer banks in north carolina. i have not seen the east coast beautiful beaches people talk about. >> steve: pete has an rv from the mid 80's the griswold stage. you should get in that and go clown and go down to duck and carolla in north carolina. >> katie: do you want to spend a week with pete hegseth in a it. >> yuck] >> steve: katie lives in the commonwealth of virginia. you live in the neighborhood of
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one of my children. >> katie: your very nice famous son peter doocy. >> steve: is he very tall. >> katie: can you find him anywhere. >> steve: who is that blond guy? >> will: glad to have katie on the couch this morning. >> katie: thank for having me. >> will: if we take that rv on a trip it will be expensive. new record high this morning 64.67 today. up a nickel from yesterday $4.62. and a year ago gas prices sat at $3.04. >> steve: thank your lucky stars you don't live in los angeles this is the actual image of gas chevron in downtown los angeles. there is actually a good value here. even though regular is 8.05. but, look at that premium is just 8.09. so hardly ever see a 4-cent spread. but, nonetheless, the headline is gas is 8 bucks in l.a.
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people are saying it's not price gouging but chevron same out and said there is a number of unique circumstances in california because the way they have to brew it up and stuff like that. also, every one of the that station independently owned they can set their own prices. >> katie: diesel number $9.19. a lot of our produce comes out of california on trucks that requires diesel fuel. if you are thinking about food prices going up you can thank gas prices as the bottom underlying factor. >> will: $8 a gallon. $2 over the average in california at roughly just over $6 a gallon. i can't imagine. i mean, if it's $8 a gallon, i'm going to start getting interest in shaquille o'neal mathematics when it comes to filling up a gas tank. >> katie: fill up a little bit, and a little bit more and. >> will: somehow that becomes cheaper instead of filling up the whole tank.
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shaq's math and logic is better than anything coming from the federal government. janet yellen had this to say about the entire economy and our rising prices and she wants a little bit of a redo. listen. >> i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. as i mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that the boosted energy and food prices and, um, supply bottle necks that have affected our economy badly that i didn't at the time didn't fully understand. but we recognize that now. >> steve: that makes me feel so much better there she is the former head of the federal reserve now our treasury secretary. her signature is on your dollar bills the new ones. she says i blew it but i recognize it. >> now the problem is now it's too late. because gas is 8 bucks.
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you do you know what? she was in the oval room with the president and the fed -- current fed head jerome powell yesterday. essentially the president said, you know what? we will let the fed do whatever they want, inflation, when which we all hate is going to be jerome powell's problem. set man 00 left thinking man did, i get a raw deal here. that's the one thing that i have a limited number of arrows in my quiver and so what they are going to do, according to the minutes of the last fed meeting may 3rd and 4th is apparently they are going to raise interest rates. your interest rates half a percent over the next two meetings. so, in other words, it's going to go up at least 1 more percent until they're done. probably not going to be done until they raise it 2%. >> katie: you listen to the experts like jacket yellen supposed to be the one who knows what's going on. people supposed to be in charge. they said we didn't see this coming. of course they saw it coming. pretty much everybody, including obama economists around with
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them that the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan would be inflationary. they decided to play politics. wanted president biden to be transformational president and pushed it through anyway. now, any basic american can understand that when you flood the economy with money, as jerome powell admitted and said a year ago you are going to see inflation. then for the treasury secretary to throw up her hands and say well, i regret it at lo of americans all over the country, every single american actually suffering as a result of these policies and decision-making. >> will: flood the economy with money on the heels of restricting commands. slow down the economy, break the supply chain. constrict supply and then flood money at the demand side. >> steve: that's what they're going to do. >> will: severing competing for products. every dollar competing for products. you are inflationary spiral. joe biden has a plan, don't worry, they are on it and here it is. >> my plan is to address inflation. starts with a simple proposition, respect the fed.
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respect the fed's independence. which i have done and will continue to do. >> steve: you know, what's extraordinary about what the white house is doing is over the last 70 years at times of high inflation, after world war ii, the 60's and the 70s, the white house didn't say hey, fed, you do whatever you want. no, the white house was saying hey, fed, do not raise taxes. we will have price controls and we will jack up taxes and we will do it legislatively. you stay back. but, instead, you know what? joe biden needs a boogie man, because every time something goes wrong he has got to blame donald trump, he has got to blame covid, he has got blame putin, and now he is going to be able to blame jerome powell, you know, the fed just -- they were late. and we know they were late. and now we have got janet yell be saying yeah, i blew it. it doesn't really help us. there is a new study that came out that said, you know, the amount of money that you put aside for your retirement because everything costs so much
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more, you are putting in less. people who are 18 to 34 years old, are contributing less because stuff costs so much more. you know, the s&p is down 12% so far this year. gas is 8 bucks in los angeles. and if you are thinking about retiring, you with your savings at the lowest point it's been in a while, 25% of americans are thinking, you know what? i'm going to have to work more because stuff costs so much more. thanks, janet yellen. >> katie: think the money had you in retirement account worth 10% less. stock market and 401(k)s going down it. >> steve: 201 ks now. >> katie: inflation is one of those things that we know so dangerous you never want to let it out of the box. it's out of the box now. very difficult to put it back in. >> will: as steve points out only so many quivers and they all hurt. raise interest rates.
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and raise interest rates man that that's going to be painful for americans. >> steve: it was in the last quarter of 2021. so, about, what would that be? about six, seven months ago, the federal reserve of san francisco did a survey, and they looked at all the money that got pumped into the economy, which, katie, you were talking about aened will, you were talking about it as well. they figured out that of the inflation rate, which was in the 6s back then, 3% of the inflation was from this vast government spending. so, in other words, you know what? it's on us. the federal government is saying, but that's okay, because they have got a plan. they wants you to pay 8 bucks, 9 bucks, 10 bucks a gallon so you will drive less to save the planet. >> will: that federal reserve bank, i believe attributed those percentage point of inflation to the $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed by the biden administration. look, there are a lot of contributing factors including
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shutting down the supply chain. according to one analysis right there that spending pang led to a big chunk of what we are experiencing right now. >> steve: do you know what joe biden did yesterday? he was pushing build back better. he still wants. >> will: more. >> katie: wow. >> steve: he wants to pump a trillion 2 more dollars in the. inflation is right bigger and bigger. maybe trying to get it up into the tens. >> katie: build back better originally $6 trillion. joe manchin saved joe biden from himself it would be far worse if that bill would have passed. >> steve: lots to talk about. sorry about the gas, folks. all right in the teen time 6.11 in the west coast. west wing woes. president biden reportedly fuming at his staff members for constantly walking back things whether they have to clean it up. well, another clean up campaign is now underway in the white house. we are going to talk about that coming up.
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uvalde police department stopped cooperating this the investigation that left 19 students and two teachers dead. funerals started yesterday as 10-year-old rodriguez and an marie joe garza were laid to rest.
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>> will: todd piro is here with more. >> todd: victims are held for two of the victims little girl tried to call for help. friend and classmate describes the moment she watched her friends and teacher died, my friend, she started trying to call the police. and whether he did that, he started saying you will die and my teacher was screaming saying no. and he shot my friend and my teacher and then after that, he said when he started shooting everybody. >> todd: that has to be the most heart breaking soundbite you are ever going to hear. grieving community answers. teacher opened the door say she did shut it. according to her lawyer.
3:18 am
remembers pulling called 911. shooting. she thought the door is would lock because it's supposed to always be locked. jacob alvarado describing how he was getting a hair cut. we. wife, will active shooter on campus. >> when i went in i saw a bunch of kids running off campus. cops breaking windows. complete chaos pretty much. >> todd: victim's families understanding why it took school district police 45 minutes from the time the shooting started to breach that classroom. and according to texas dps the district police chief pete has stopped cooperate the uvalde police department and police have been cooperating with investigators. the chief provided an initial interview but has not responded to a follow-up interview with the texas rangers that was made two days ago. regardless he was sworn into new spot on the city council after being elected earlier this month. but uvalde mayor done mcglaughlin canceling his
3:19 am
inauguration ceremony. back to you. >> steve: todd, thank you very much. a state lawmaker in texas said apparently local law enforcement never gave the word to go in, you know, the go signal to storm the place. and instead the border patrol showed up and they said we're going in. >> katie: yeah. >> steve: that was the beginning of the end. >> katie: too much waiting around happening. little kids dying. >> steve: horrible. >> will: obviously, too often the case when national tragedies take place we turn to the national debate over guns. you notice in canada justin trudeau has proposed restricting the sale of all handguns in that country. >> steve: a freeze. >> will: that has led to questions whether or not joe biden would want to do the same here in america. he has given some, i think, i'm being kind to say confusing statement on his position when it comes to handguns. first of all, this is joe biden yesterday, we'll make sense on
3:20 am
the back end. >> a .22 caliber bullet will lodge in the lung and we can probably get it out, may be able to get it out and save the life. a 9-millimeter bullet blows the lung out of the body. so the idea these high caliber weapons it is -- there is simply no rational basis for it in terms of thinking about self-protection, hunting. you couldn't buy a cannon when the second amendment. you couldn't go out and purchase a lot of weaponry. >> will: there is many, many two things to address there not to admit it, when the constitution was written the internet didn't exist. does that mean the first amendment ceases to be applicable to modern day society. i don't know what his medical diagnosis there the effect of different calibers of weapons. it doesn't make sense to me. i don't know what he is trying to address particularly.
3:21 am
the 9-millimeter bullet is in most common sues sage which it s he addressing his position going forward on handguns. >> katie: i do personal capacity for firearms on social media pages. when it comes to policy positions and the president is trying to make an argument there is some negotiations here on capitol hill. if you are going to be talking about very specific things when it comes to the caliber of a firearm, the kind of firearm, handgun, a sporting rifle, you better know what you are talking about because it's about legislation, he wants to negotiate in gadd faith, him starting at the position of 9-millimeter handgun, which the most popular round of handgun in this country and used for self-defense, people kind of take a step back and wonder, look, i'm all about enforcing schools. i'm all about trying to find some place where we can have some compromise in terms of keeping kids safe in schools. but this idea that the president is going straight for this issue. especially right on the heels of
3:22 am
justin trudeau in canada coming out with his policy position and statement on handguns it really just raises questions for law-abiding citizens citizens where the federal government is going with their plan. >> steve: exactly. there is still a bipartisan group of u.s. senators who are working on something. we don't know exactly what it is. however, yesterday from the podium the new press secretary made it clear the president is considering some sort of executive order. we don't know exactly what they are talking about because you have heard what's been said so far. to the point, will, that you made earlier, that when you hear the president talking about 9-millimeter and how devastating it is, a lot of people assume he is talking about the 9-millimeter handgun. and that is where this question came up yesterday from our white house guy. >> canada is making it impossible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in that country. would president biden ever consider a similar restriction
3:23 am
okay handguns here? >> so, you know, we will leave it up to other countries to set their policy on gun ownership. the president has made his position clear. the united states needs to act, as i just laid out. he supports a ban on sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines and expanded background checks to keep guns out of the dangerous hands. he does not support a ban on the sale of all handguns to answer your question. >> will: okay. so despite the reference to 9-millimeter she is saying he does not support any type of policy when it comes to handguns is that a walk back? i don't know. we often see this. a confusing. >> steve: walk back or clarification or correction? >> katie: not clarification. it's very unclear. >> steve: it is unclear. >> steve: if we could diagram what joe said earlier during the course of any day, the white house itself, the communications team, has, you know, they have
3:24 am
had their hands full. yesterday, got to hand it to nbc. they had -- the headline was inside a biden white house adrifted and apparently the president is really steamed every time he says something that doesn't make sense, which is significant, they do a walk back. and he feels like they are making him look bad, and why are the republicans not getting more blame? and why isn't he getting more credit? why are there more democrats on tv saying i'm doing a really good job? the president has had it up to here with the staff and with the reaction. >> katie: this is what the nbc us? story said. quote: the so-called clean-up campaign he has told advisers undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. worse, republican talking points that he is not fully in command. look, the statement is not clear despite the press secretary coming out yesterday a number of times and advisers coming out on
3:25 am
television saying the president has been clear. nothing is clear. the approval rating from the americans across the country and joe biden's approval is at a record low compared to other presidents, including donald trump. and, yet, they continue to act like everything he is say something clear in terms of his policy goals, what he may do for an executive action. et cetera. >> will: the president seems confused about his job. and exactly what the american people have given in terms of a mandate. to the extent that, you know, 80 million votes were cast in joe biden's favor. can you say this. elon musk in fact tweeted this the president think he is was given a mandate to fundamentally transform america when america just wanted less drama. he thinks that his authenticity led to his rise. i beg to differ. people to the extent that they voted in that last election. at those numbers, voted for or against donald trump. it was not i want more of this from joe biden. nobody saw the confusion over
3:26 am
9 millimeters, for example and says that's what we were looking for. but the president thinks that's exactly what he should be giving us and those around them should stop contradicting him. >> steve: every time the president says something that confusing, and it is confusing. the white house always starts the statement with, as the president has clearly stated, which you pointed out a minute ago. they always say hey, the president is clear, we get it you just don't. so yesterday white house spokesperson andrew bates said of the nbc report as we said before, no clarification of the president's remarks are ever issued without his direct approval. >> katie: they are contradicting him again in a statement about contradicting him. >> steve: not only do they have to clarify his remarks. >> will: authenticity. >> steve: what we have heard from the president himself is after people are querying him about why did you say that? he goes i never said it. so they clarify and he denies.
3:27 am
>> steve: so far. >> will: keep everybody in a perpetual state of confusion, never can be pinned down. >> katie: that's true. >> will: mask mayhem is back. latest request that could bring back travel mandates. >> katie: jurors find exclinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. former attorney general matt whitaker proves there is a two tier system of justice. he is with us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> carley: we are back with your headlines, starting with this. chicago recording its bloodiest memorial day weekend in five years with at least 50 people shot and nine dead. the violence happening even after mayor lori lightfoot enacted a hollywood safety plan which has some officers working 21 hour days all crime in the windy city is up 35% from last year. to a fox weather alert. at least 11 people confirmed dead after hurricane agatha unleashes mud slides and winds over 70 miles per hour in mexico. officials reporting massive power outages and damages -- damage, rather, to buildings.
3:32 am
the storm was a category 2 storm when it made landfall on monday breaking records as the strongest hurricane in may. agatha was the first hurricane of the season. the biden administration is now asking an appeals court to reverse a ruling that lifted the federal mask requirement for public transportation. the mandate was ruled unlawful by the court in april when a judge declared that the cdc overstepped its authority by issuing the mandate. the justice department said at the time they would appeal the ruling if they deemed it necessary. prince harry and meghan markle's popularity plummets to all-time low just days before they head to the queen's platinum jubilee in the u.k. that according to a new poll. the same survey revealed queen elizabeth is the most popular royal and that could be because of her famous love for corgis. the queen's favorite dogs will take on a starring role. statues of the dog being put up throughout london and fox news
3:33 am
channel special coverage of the platinum jubilee hosted by piers morgan, ainsley earhardt and martha maccallum starts tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. eastern time. steve, over to you. >> steve: those corgis are cute. short little legs. jurors have found clinton campaign lawyer michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. he was the first to stand trial stemming from john durham's probe into russian collusion during the 2016 election. the democrat operative speaking out after the verdict was read. here is sussmann. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that with their anonymous verdict today despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved the justice ultimately revealed in my case. >> steve: former acting u.s. attorney general matt whitaker joins us now now from the d.c. area. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: we saw that text message where it appeared that he was lying to the fbi.
3:34 am
i'm not working for anybody i just want to bring this because i'm a good american. how much did the fact it happened in washington, d.c. where something like 90% of the electorate voted for hillary clinton and three of the people on the jury not only voted for her but apparently contributed to her campaign? it's crazy. >> it is crazy. and, you know, 4% of washington, d.c. voted for donald trump. and so, obviously. this is going to be a pro-democrat, pro-clinton jury. my biggest concern is the jury foreman came out and really gave up, you know, what the jury was discussing, which was they thought this case should have never been brought to their attention in the first place. and that's a little concerning. because this looks more like a jury nullification where even though the evidence was overwhelming. even though the government proved their case, that the jury just decided that this wasn't a case worth pursuing and
3:35 am
therefore -- remember, 12 of them voted anonymously not guilty. that mean the evidence as we know it which he said in that text message. he had also gone up and testified under hill under oath he was representing a client and his billing records show that. this case to me factually and legally was a slam dunk case but as i said earlier. leading up to this jury verdict. this jury was going to be very difficult for durham and his team to get a conviction. >> steve: but, at the same time, matthew, this particular judge appointed by barack obama. he had so many restrictions on the evidence and the things that the prosecution could say that would tie it to a larger clinton campaign. john durham had a very narrow pathway and he presented it but he could have gone wide. >> that's such insightful thing if you compare to michael flynn,
3:36 am
you sought judge made much more broader rulings and allowed much more broader evidence. the judge in this case limited at every turn the government's ability to really present evidence that would show why this case mattered. so the jury foreman's comment that i mentioned earlier also demonstrates sort of how they didn't see it fitting in to the broader narrative of the russian collusion fable. >> steve: one other question i see the u.s. supreme court in the image behind you and a couple of weeks ago the leak electrified the world that apparently the supreme court was going -- is going to overturn roe v. wade. now, apparently the marshals at the supreme court are asking for the cell phones and they are taking statements from the clerks and other staff members in this leaked investigation. and reportedly the clerks don't like thattedy. that idea.
3:37 am
>> this is advancement of this investigation. obviously they have done everything behind the scenes to this point. now they are going to have to go what we call overt with the investigation although we all knew the investigation was going on. they are going to talk to these individuals. they are going to ask them for their cell phone records. there is going to be a digital trail of whomever leaked this opinion but at the same time there should only be one person concerned and that is the person that leaked. the rest of them should be willing to cooperate and demonstrate they had nothing to do with the leak. >> steve: sure, if the leaker is revealed. that leaker is going to be a hero to a lot of the country. >> which is kind of sick and twisted. it is the america we live in right now, steve. it's very disappointing that leakers, when they benefit one side or the other is hailed as heroes because, in my experience, leakers disrupt the operation in and regular order and ultimately don't accomplish their goals. they just reduce the faith in
3:38 am
government. >> steve: matthew whitaker joining us from d.c. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. >> steve: coming up on this wednesday. >> katie: good job. halfway through. >> steve: gas prices hit another record high overnight. is there any relief in sight for americans? fox business correspondent jackie deangelis is here as president biden calls inflation his top priority. it's about time. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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surging costs save less as the personal savings rate drops to lowest in 14 years. fox business correspondent [inaudible] joins us now. we have got to talk about gas
3:43 am
and we have got to talk about the future. this is pretty stunning, the personal savings rate being this low. as low as it's been in 14 years comes on the heels of the pandemic. >> exactly. people stayed home. they weren't going out to eat and buying clothes to go to the office. they saved money. personal savings for the first time in a long time start go up. now we are starting to see that people have spent through and blown through that money. blown through their stimulus checks and 4.4% in april was the lowest personal savings rate in this country since 2008. i will add to that. we are seeing high inflation 40-year high. also seeing debt go up. according to the new york fed, $860 billion in debt in this country in the first quarter. and 229 million new credit cards added. that says to me people blew through the savings and they are back to using plastic to pay for things. >> will: wow, so the president says americans are saving more reduced their debt and that is in your estimation.
3:44 am
>> a lie. it's a lie. >> will: talk about the future, jackie, let's talk about gas prices first. i think every american is looking at this you feel the pain of the present. future, if i take a trip this summer, what am i going to be paying in gas? >> with, the future is reflected in the underlying crude oil price $117 a barrel yesterday. that's what people are, the speculators are looking out into the market. that's essentially how the retail price is caulked. $4.67. we are unjust 5 cents from yesterday and hitting new records every day. this is how i look at it covering this industry. for years. fourth of july is five weeks away. that's a long time. and that's usually the peak of the season. so five more weeks of increases. gas buddy says we are going to hit $5 national average by mid june. >> will: $5 by mid june. by the time you get to the fourth of july, what, 5.50. $6? >> we could be well over that and bank estimates that indicate
3:45 am
by the time we get to labor day, $6. >> will: oh my goodness. okay, then finally, the genocide of the economy, as we talked about, the fed is charged with controlling inflation, really the main quiver they have is to raise interest rates. >> right. >> will: we are either looking at increased cost of money for everyone out there at home paying their mortgage rate, their credit card debt as you talked about. or this inflationary spiral. >> right. essentially, no matter how you slice it, unfortunately, the news is, that i think we will be headed into some sort of recession if if we are not there already. if the fed raises rates and tries to whack down inflation, all of a sudden that will have an impact and jerome powell knows that right? if inflation stays this high and consumer pulls back and stops spending and only putting essentials on credit cards, for example, remember the consumers, two thirds of the u.s. economy. when it pulls back, recession follows. >> will: you know, jackie, i think sometimes we pay too much attention to politics. this is actually what is affecting america. here is what is going to happen,
3:46 am
i think. these are political killers. a recession is a political killer. the regime in office will look at that and they will try desprofitly to avoid inflation, a recession, all of it. which i don't know how that adds up, jackie. i don't know where you turn or how they distract or what to point our focus toward, but this right here is the story. >> well, abortion has been a distraction, for example, but this is the story and this is the kitchen table story. we live in a very blue state and a very blue city. uber driver this morning dropped me off here and says i sure wish president trump was back in office. the policies were not half bad compared to what we are dealing with now. people are feeling it. >> will: jackie, thank you so much for the context. don't love to hear it. >> it's the reality. >> will: thank you, jackie. >> turn to carley shimkus who has headlines for us. >> carley: we are going to start with this. injured in a parasailing incidents on memorial day. the tether lost control and
3:47 am
heavy winds causing the family to collide with a bridge. the mother was pronounced dead at the scene. one child walked away with only minor injuries. the other child's condition is not yet clear. no verdict yet in johnny depp's $50 million defamation trial against ex-wife amber heard two days of deliberation. van transformed into a makeshift pirate is ship outside the courthouse paying homage to the pirates of the caribbean star, of course. the jury returns for the third day of complication this morning at 9:00 a.m. nancy grace is going to join us later this morning with her analysis of the trial. and has this ever happened to you. >> god i have been starving myself 8 days. >> did you say that's 16 pounds for your shoes. >> new study reveals women might have better look working out in
3:48 am
the morning. that survey showing women may burn fat more effectively in the a.m. hours whereas men may benefit from working out at night. hobby that? janice, "fox & friends" is a good show to work out too, don't you think? >> janice: i am thinking maybe we put a treadmill on fox square while i'm doing the weather i would totally do that. >> carley: i like it. >> janice: i like it, too. cleaning me fit. let's take a look at the weather. you know what? what a change a day makes, this time yesterday we were talking about hot and humid conditions. it's 59. it feels really chilly here in new york. 70 in chicago. can you see where the cold front is centered across the u.s. see the potential for stronger storms, even snow across the colorado rockies. so large hail, damaging winds, even tornadoes looks like we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the texas panhandle. there is the threat today from texas all the way up towards the northeast. you know, including some of the big cities, we think, have the possibility for the stronger storms and then heavy rainfall
3:49 am
could cause flash flooding. this is through sunday by the way. look at south florida, um-huh. this is what is left of that hurricane that moved into mexico and actually could develop over the next five days bringing the potential for heavy rainfall in south florida. by the way june 1st is the official first day of hurricane season. so we will keep you up to date fox for all the details. will over to you, my friend. >> will: you don't have to have a treadmill do a lap around the block between hits. >> janice: no just walking on the treadmill. >> will: brother of president biden james biden denies reports he is the family fixer. his defense as he claims he calls the claims up against him offensive. but, first, making history. for the first time ever an all women's honor flight takes off. a veteran who served 25 years in the army joins us live from our nation's capital ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> katie: well, for the first time ever honor flight takes off
3:54 am
from washington, d.c. made up of 1 o09 female veterans including our next guest keith davenport served in the army for 25 years and she joins us now. so, tell me about this amazing trip that you are on. >> oh, man, it was really amazing yesterday. we started out like 1:00 in the morning. had a huge sendout. you know, police escorting us to the airport. and people at the airport, you know, welcoming us, flew up to d.c. and then we got to go do some of the museums and everything all day yesterday. very long day. great banquet last night and now this morning we are going to go to arlington cemetery and actually place a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. >> katie: i absolutely love seeing the honor flights come to washington, d.c. walk around the mall. see the monuments that are dedicated to those who serve the country. you enlisted in the army in 1978 and retired in 2003. what does it mean to you to be on this trip as a woman serving in the military?
3:55 am
>> it's really cool because we are with all other female vets. and some of them they came into the military when there weren't very many women around. men didn't know how to, you know, see it and everything. and i had some weird, you know, interactions earlien. they just weren't used to women. to see all these female vets. one a world war ii vet. 97 years old. so it's really nice to see all these monuments with them. >> katie: you mentioned you will be visit guiltying the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington cemetery. what does that mean that we are just coming off of memorial day. >> we had very nice memorial day celebrations down dr. in the villages and in central florida and now to come up here and actually be able to go there. i have been stationed at the pentagon twice. so i have gotten the honor of, you know, being there before. but some of these vets have never seen it and three of them are going to get to place that wreath. so it's really wig thing for
3:56 am
them. silent corps come by the lincoln memorial and could their thing. that was really impressive as well. >> katie: we think this trip is impressive and you are impressive and thankful for all the veterans you are with visiting washington, d.c. today and for their service. thank you so much for sharing your story. >> oh, thank you. >> katie: enjoy. safe travels. all right, coming up you, a father and son jump into action to safe a child from drowning. the duo joins us live on the heart pounding moment coming up. ♪ ixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me.
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4:00 am
president biden hitting new national average $4.67. >> on track with the economy. >> my job is to address inflation. >> he had no plans. >> the united states needs to act. >> biden is considering executive action on gun control. >> he supports a ban on sale of assault weapons. >> i told the truth to the fbi. >> campaign lawyer michael sussmann has been acquitted after disseminating the russian hoax. >> justice prevails. >> they can see how bad it's become in washington, d.c. >> i knew there would be scrutiny. >> transgender swimmer lia thomas speaking out for the first time. >> trans people don't transition for athletics. >> it's an extremely frustrating. he has a biological advantage. >> we are going to be reporting on the queen's jubilee. >> 70 years in the same job. >> just a role model.
4:01 am
>> this is the one to come for jubilee year. >> the queen. celebration for our country. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> will: from london to the superdome. that is new orleans, louisiana here. welcoming you in to "fox & friends" on this wednesday morning. steve doocy and katie pavlich hanging out with us this morning. whenever i think of new orleans or see an image of new orleans i think of wily nelson. >> katie: i have never been there. still on list of places to go. >> steve: it is great. when i think of that image i think of the super bowls that i have been to there which means i was working which means like today if the super bowl was sunday, today i would be camped out at a calf dumon extremely strong coffee and beignets fried
4:02 am
dough covered with sugar. >> will: i would just be getting back to the hotel. >> steve: you would have all those decorative hurricane glasses. >> katie: you may be filling up your gas tank and looking at the cost and oh my godness the average now across the country is $4.67. it's the highest on record that jumped up 5 cents from yesterday. $4.62. and last year, it was $3.04. so, we are way above average on every single calculation. >> steve: will, you were talking to jackie deangelis a little bit ago talking about the projections of where your gas is going to be in five weeks. five weeks until the 40 of july. historically the fourth of july is the height, but we are climbing and she said there are bank estimates that by labor day that number on your screen could
4:03 am
be $6 as a national average. now, keep in mind, national averages taking the low price with the high price. >> will: right. >> steve: speaking of high prices, you want to pay a lot? go to the city of angels. los angeles. >> will: yeah, where it is $8.05 for regular. $8.09 for supreme. that particular gas station in los angeles is above the california average by a good $2. however, to your point, steve, let's do the math really quickly if we are at $4.67 as a national average right now. i believe if we looked particularly at california. california is in the 6.5 range. $6.20 on average in california. it so if we are headed in a couple of weeks or by labor day to $6 a gallon nationally in places like california, you will be looking at $8 a gallon across the entire state here in new york. you will looking at something similar if the national average reaches $6. >> katie: as they say the way california goes the rest of the country goes.
4:04 am
administration federally has done nothing but cause more exacerbation of gas price problem. like at the diesel cost figure $9.50. every tractor in america pretty much takes diesel fuel. all the trucks driving to the grocery store, your clothes, any goods going to market are usually being driven on a truck. that is, of course, factored into overall prices for americans. >> steve: we are getting to the stage where americans are not seeing any good news. every morning we talk about it's a new world record on was. and people have stopped looking at the number because it's just a fact they have got to buy the gas. >> will: right. >> steve: i cannot tell you over the last couple of months when have gone to the gas station and i look across and i'm watching the person at the other pump and they're just pumping a certain amount of gas like it might be, i can only afford $5, so i'm just going to fill up $5, which is about a gallon, how far is that going to get them? i saw one person who told me
4:05 am
that what any had done is they stopped looking at the price, instead, they figured it takes them 6 gallons of gas for the week. and so they -- rather price, they were looking at the gallon. because they could not afford anymore. they would get to 6 gallons and turn off the pump and pay that because americans are strapped. you got a choice, am i going to pay 6.15 at that gas station or is my family going to have dinner tonight? >> will: to your point, steve, maybe you have some wiggle room on whether or not you take that. >> steve: you are right. absolutely. >> will: start looking at places where you can change your lifestyle. one of the places apparently americans are turning is how am i going to work? how long do i have to continue before i retire? in 25% of americans, this is according to a new poll, it 25% of americans say they are going to have to delay retirement
4:06 am
because of generalized inflation. not just gas, generalized inflation of everything out there. >> katie: terrible. these are real life decisions that people are having to make. they are also changing the way they shop for groceries, 42% of americans. >> steve: katie, let's talk about each one of these things. i bet we all do this. how have you changed the way you sthop for groceries? what i do now is i look at the price, i just marvel at the price of chicken, in particular. you know, chicken thighs six used to be 5 bucks. i bought six two days ago, $12. >> katie: i avoid this probable by letting my husband do the grocery shopping. is he the one at the grocery store looking at the prices this is absolutely out of control. dining out, of course, is one where people are cutting back, 46% of americans doing that 31% driving less to offset the cost of all those gas numbers that we saw. 23% spending less on vacations or canceling them all together. and 22% canceling subscriptions to the gym, cable, et cetera. will, this shows this isn't just
4:07 am
a gas problem with the prices, this bleeds into the rest of the economy and slows down consumer spending on a number of things. and they have to make these choices. >> will: you asked us to go through those and asked how we change our lives. many producers have suggest i cut back on the gym. they're in my ear right now i see where will saved some money,. >> katie: walk around the block. >> will: true. >> steve: gym take in less money have to let somebody go. spend less going out to eat, someone gets less tip. there is ripple effect across the economy because of the high prices of everything. people keep talking about inflation. a lot of people don't understand how it works, how to get it down. inflation is a tax that is being levied on all of us with every single thing we buy across the board. >> katie: it's a big, big problem. the administration is having a hard time after letting that cat out of the bag so to speak.
4:08 am
>> will: the other news item of yesterday now, is that michael sussmann, the former clinton campaign attorney, who has been on trial for the past two weeks for lying to the fbi, misrepresenting whether or not he was there on behalf of the clinton campaign when he presented himself as a do gooder, a good samaritan, suggesting to the fbi hey, you need to look into some of this stuff about president trump or then candidate trump and russia. well, a jury in washington, d.c. found michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. this in the face of, in my estimation, overwhelming evidence including a text message to michael sussmann to the fbi saying i'm only here as a good samaritan. testimony by the fbi's lead counsel. no, he never mentioned that he represented the clinton campaign, charging the clinton campaign for his time and a thumbnail drive with data he turned over to the fbi. despite all of that, a jury said hmm, not guilty.
4:09 am
>> steve: a jury in washington, d.c. -- washington, d.c. is a town where 90% of those people who voted in 2016 voted for hillary clinton. there were people -- three people on the jury who not only voted for hillary clinton, but they also contributed to her campaign. and so, for him to get that news from them, not shocking. and he did -- he was thankful yesterday afterwards, but i think he knew this was coming. watch. >> i told the truth to the fbi. and the jury clearly recognized that with their anonymous verdict today. despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed in my case. as you can imagine, this has been a difficult year for my family and me but, right now, we are just grateful for the love and support of so many during this ordeal. and i'm looking forward to getting back to the work that i love. >> katie: well, first of all, we never got to the bottom of why
4:10 am
he had a badge to the fbi and was able to just get in to meet with a number of attorneys at the fbi. that seems like that was a problem. >> steve: cozy. eight. >> katie: what else he was doing inside that building. the durham probe, the first trial we have had. the first charges. and he didn't win on this. obviously there was enormous bias with the jury. also allegations that a number of the jury members were not just clinton donors but friends of the sussmanns and their children play together or play sports together at their school. so that is, i would say, far from blind justice to speak. i think we will have to see what this means for the rest of the durham investigation as we -- they move forward. >> will: i agree. this has always been about a story and accountability bigger than michael sussmann. there will be political pressure now, i would imagine there is going to be political pressure to attempt to shut down special counsel john durham and his investigation into whether or not the clinton campaign was
4:11 am
part of this fabrication. wait it the. >> katie: we know the clinton campaign was part of it. >> will: we need accountability, only going to come in the form of something, something from john durham. a report, a conviction, in the fall, there is another trial. there is scheduled to be another trial igor danchenko who helped create the false steele dossier the most salacious stuff in it as well there will be another return to this, we are presuming in a court law. but there needs to be something more from john durham. >> katie: absolutely. >> steve: one other component that went into this particular verdict was the fact that the judge, who was appointed by barack obama. limited the prosecution in what they could present the jury. you can't talk about any of that clinton stuff. you can't do this. you can't do that they had a million rules on what they could and could not del them, instead, it was very narrow and it was very focused about we're just talking about that one lie, was
4:12 am
it a lie the jury said no. matthew whitaker had this observation. he used to be the acting attorney general for the u.s.a. watch. this general flynn or roger stone's prosecution in the same courtroom, you see the judges made much more broader rulings, allowed much more evidence and in this case, the sussmann case, the judge at every turn limited the government's ability to really present evidence that would show why this case mattered and so, the jury foreman's comment be that i mentioned earlier also demonstrates sort of how they didn't see it fitting in to the broader narrative of the russian collusion. >> katie: here is exactly the question. is do we have two tiers of justice in this country? is everybody really treated equally is lady justice blind or different standards to republicans and democrats in washington, d.c. and what does that mean for the future of the country and the faith the american people have not just in the justice system but in their
4:13 am
institutions and in the electoral process. >> steve: ron johnson tweeted further proof there are separate systems of justice in america. one for liberal democrats and the elite backers and everybody else. somebody tweeted the swamp protects their own. >> katie: they do. >> steve: to your point earlier, will, forget about the verdict. what was revealed and what a lot of people wanted to know is hillary clinton personally okay -- she personally signed off on sending this dirt out. that was made up, to a reporter and then what did she do? she immediately retweeted the made up story. >> katie: the fbi opened the investigation as well. >> steve: so anyway, 7:13 now here in new york city. katie, what's coming up? >> katie: all right. president biden says he will now send advanced rocket systems to ukraine and new op-ed for the "new york times." >> will: this comes as russia cuts off gas to denmark. the fifth european country moscow has refused to supply amid global sanctions in it's
4:14 am
ongoing war in ukraine. >> steve: lucas tomlinson joins us from washington with more. yesterday there was back and forth. okay, we are not going to send long range missiles. we are not going to send those long range missiles and now we are sending some kind of missiles. >> that's right, guys. higher caliber weapons are going to ukraine, according to president biden writing in the "new york times," quote: we are not encouraging or enabling ukraine to strike beyond its borders. we do not want to prolong the war. just to inflict pain on russia. the new longer range g.p.s. guided rockets would double the current range of the n 777 hawrts previously sent to ukraine by the in range of is begging for the new rockets. >> going to send long range rocket isn'ts to ukraine? >> we're not going to send ukraine rocket systems that can strike into russia. >> biden says he does not want
4:15 am
to seek war with putin while the biden administration says ukraine will not use these new rockets to strike inside russia. it's not immediately clear if the u.s. has requested the same assurances about potentially striking inside russian held crimea. as you mentioned a short time ago. den marks' largest energy company says russia could gas because the refuse to pay in rubles. previously halted to finland, poland and bulgaria. russia did this recently to finland. turned to a texas based energy company to make up the difference. despite sanctions on moscow, russian oil exports have actually increased since the invasion late february. steve, katie, will? >> steve: all right, lucas, thank you very much. >> will: thank you. let's go over to carley for additional headlines. >> carley: i certainly do update on horrific story we have been following. the 16-year-old connecticut high schooler accused of stabbing lacrosse player james mcgraph to death is now free. the connecticut post reports
4:16 am
raúl posted a $2 million bond after a judge denied his lawyer's request to cut it by half. the teen is charged with murder and two counts of first degree assault after a may house party turned violent. police say he crashed that party. igniting the brawl which left mcgraph dead. a pre-school teacher resigns after using flash cards featuring a pregnant man to teach kids about colors. the deeper in school facing strong backlash over those cards. the principal denying she knew they were being used and the school now says the flash cards were concerning and not part of the official curriculum. pennsylvania republican senate candidate dave mccormick is asking for a hand recount in a dozen counties as he trails dr. mehmet oz by less than 900 votes in the primary vote. today counties must begin a mandatory machine recount triggered by the margin of oz's lead. the mccormick campaign claims there is a discrepancy with vote
4:17 am
counting machines. claiming the hand counting system will be more accurate. and if you think bay watch made being a lifeguard seem glamorous? ♪ some people need to help somebody >> carley: well, it turns out it's even better than most of us knew. a new watchdog report finds that some los angeles lifeguards earn up to half a million dollars in taxpayer money last year, whoa. that's because of overtime and other benefits. that's more than 15 times the average salary of a normal lifeguard which is about $30,000. they can afford gas, guys. my goodness. >> steve: they run everywhere. they save so much money on clothing. >> carley: they are going to the gym, will. >> katie: they are in great shape i have seen them work out. >> will: that doesn't surprised
4:18 am
me. i went to school in southern california. i played water polo and a lot of guys knew this and this was like a career i want to go be a lifeguard. >> carley: they're saving lives. >> will: these guys make a ton of money. >> katie: you missed your calling could have been on a beach in california. >> steve: spend so much money on sink oxide. just saying. >> katie: coming up, recent tragedy in uvalde, recent rise in inflation. lot of facing parents issues with your kids coming up. >> will: later caitlyn jenner joins us live the take on the side for fairness in women's sports. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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4:23 am
steve from rising inflation to baby formula to recent tragedy down in texas. there are a lot of on tackles and challenges and emotions that parents are facing right now. so what can do you and how do you get through these tough issues? let's talk to family therapist and author of disconnected, thousand reconnect our digitally distracted kids, tom kersting. tom, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve i went through the list between covid, on the back side of that. parents are up against it when it comes to baby formula. it's hard to buy chicken because it's so expensive, it's hard to buy gas. parents anxiety levels ratcheting higher and higher and
4:24 am
higher. and something, the worry is something has got to give. right? >> you know, there is a reason why our children's anxiety and depression rates are through the roof. you know, we parents, our kids pick up on everything. when you have a household where there is a lot of tension and a lot of stress and parents are holding onto the stress, they are projecting that upon their kids. they don't realize they are doing it our kids are like sponges experiencing that parents need to take a breath, pause, find calmness and try to bring that into the equation when they're around their children. >> steve: sure, we were talking about the economy. and inflation and gas prices and stuff like that. when i was growing up, our family didn't have a lot. and so there was always an underlying tension about money. and it seems like, you know, the new study says 25% of americans are thinking about delaying retirement because of they are not saving as much and everything costs so much. how do you handle that? you know, the kitchen table talk about money because, like you said, the kids are sponges they
4:25 am
can hear you talking. >> kids are so used to instant gratification and hate button get whatever you want. now there could be a positive take-in from this from our children where they can realize like the way i was raised very similarly that things were pretty scarce and so much abundance nowadays and now seeing inflation and all these other things they are getting a taste of scarcity which i don't think is necessarily a bad thing. i think it helps them to maybe have a little bit of depression era mentality, really see the value of things, the value of dollar and how to work hard for that dollar. >> steve: what could you do, tom, if you feel like you have for the most part masked your emotions for the most part and you don't think your child has processed your frustration but they are suddenly quietedder or they are not quite as verbal as they were? something is going on with the kids. they actually heard you? >> that's the thing. depends on the age of the kids, young kids we want to keep the television off in the background so it's not in earshot so they
4:26 am
are hearing all this bad stuff. middle school, teenage kids, let them kind of -- you could ask what we call open ended questions. everything okay? and kind of let them guide us believe it or not? if you pick up as a parent on things that are, you know, not characteristic of your child, like they are being quiet, they are too clingy or doing things out of the ordinary, then we want to open up that conversation more. >> steve: the conversation does not open up with what's the matter? why aren't you talking? that doesn't work? >> exactly. the conversation is just you know, just want to make sure everything is okay with you. that you are feeling good, you know, that you are doing well in school and that you are happy and know that you are loved. >> steve: there is a lot going on. >> sure is. >> steve: tom, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> still ahead, tragedy in florida, a mother is dead and two kids are hurt after parasailing in the keys. what we know about the investigation coming up. plus, biden's brother james slamming reports that he is the biden family fixer. fox news contributor charlie hurt reacts coming up next on
4:27 am
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4:31 am
mother dead and two children injured on parasailing accident on memorial day. this picture showing the aftermath of the tragic scene, the chute slamming in the bridge florida keys after getting caught up in high winds. the boat toeing the family lost control of the sail after the wind pick up the operators of the boat cut the tow cable launched the family of three into the bridge and then plummeting into the. safety experts said cutting the cable in that scenario is not safety protocol. the will mother is dead. one child's injuries unclear and another walked away uninjured. it went from flat, calm conditions to blowing 30 miles per hour in a matter of seconds. i knew right away the outcome was going to be bad. sure enough the line connected to the parasail broke myself with two passengers on board i cut the harness to free each victim from the attached chute
4:32 am
hung up on the bridge we were able to pull the victims onto the boat all of which were unconscious. the family had been on vacation. will? >> will: katie, over to you. >> katie: president biden's brother james says reports calling him the family fixer are offensive as new emails from his nephew's infamous laptop appears to show ties to hunter biden's foreign business dealings. in a 2017 email validated by "the washington post." james urged hunter, quote: you need to call me now. just got off the phone with your father. we have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us. we must be smart or everything goes up in smoke. please call me. you must remain calm, timing could not be worse. calm and measured. paybacks come later. joining me now fox news contributor charlie hurt is here to react. so that last line paybacks come later? >> i don't -- it's a real
4:33 am
curiosity what exactly that means. we know what the rest of it means. >> the rest of it means a huge payday. >> katie: cha ching. >> this is from 2017. this is joe biden is retired from the vice presidency. this is going to be their biggest business day of their lives. and it's kind of interesting, brittles, james brittles at the bristles at theidea of being ca. families the word family fixer. you dig down into this what you figure out is that the biggest business day of their lives revolves around selling access and connection -- political connections between joe biden and people, you know, a big part of it is, of course, the environment-out totally corrupt environmental movement, let's go jerry brown and talk to him about some rail project or
4:34 am
china. do you know who does not care about the environment? china. but, they are going to make billions and billions of dollars off of the united states because of politicians like joe biden who created this whole industry and so that's what too many times their biggest business. >> katie: he talks about the timing, 2017 joe biden was definitely thinking about running for president that gets kicked off in 2018, 2019, will. what james just said in that email i just spoke to your father. the white house has been changed for years since biden took office. he had nothing to do with hunter biden's business december. very clear from hunter biden and james biden based on the laptop which the "the washington post" originally said was russian disinformation which they are now citing that he was deeply involved and benefited from these business dealings. >> yeah, of course they trot in
4:35 am
independent forensic experts even though everybody knew, everybody in the political world knew the laptop was real, they knew those emails were real. most of us know people who were in email exchanges with hunter. and verified, yeah, that was definitely me. i definitely wrote that and so, but, you know, it's amazing the degree to which, you know, msm, mainstream outlets like "the washington post" would go to before they will believe corruption in the biden family whereas with donald trump, you know, any lunatic that walks across the street babbling some fairy tale this is -- and then they will win a pulitzer prize for it no, it really is -- it does bear, of course, more investigation because, as you point out, all of this stuff was going on directly involving the former vice president, president, and it was all done exactly, you know, based on
4:36 am
that -- those political activity headed by joe biden. >> katie: that's the emma sis. it's not about hunter or james, it's about the president of the united states and the business dealings and conflicts that he may have with foreign governments. >> of course, also lawsuits where, you know, business partners fell out with one another. and you get this real sense that james biden -- james biden is as dishonest and corrupt and incompetent as business as joe biden has always been in politics. >> katie: he thinks that's very offensive of you charlie even though it's true. >> i wear it with pride. >> katie: great to see you. transgender swimmer lia thomas revealing no intentions of slowing down after winning the ncaa division one championship. >> are there olympics in your future? >> it's been a goal of mine to swim at olympic trials for a very long time and i would love to see that through. >> katie: caitlyn jenner on the fight for fairness in women's
4:37 am
sports up next. ♪
4:38 am
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♪ >> i knew there would be scrutiny against me if i competed as a woman. i was prepared for that, but i also don't need anybody's permission. trans people don't transition for athletics. we transition to be happy and authentic and our trueselves. >> will: transgender swimmer lia thomas there opening up about the tidal wave of backlash that came following the decision to compete against blige women at the college level. and leah now reveals olympic intentions. saying in that interview as you just heard leah's desire to be authentic and happy is taking precedence over everyone else's pointing out this is unfair for other women athletes. now leah is saying that beyond
4:42 am
the ncaa, there are olympic aspirations. watch. >> are there olympics in your future? >> it's been a goal of mine to swim at olympic trials for a very long time. and i would love to see that through. >> will: so there you hear it what's important to point out there and important for the viewers. we were expecting caitlyn jenner in this segment. we are having technical difficulties bringing kaitlin into this conversation. what's important there is leah's aspirations reach beyond the national stage international stage. we as a society and a world will have to answer the question whether one person's feelings take precedence over fairness for all. i think we are still having technical difficulties bringing caitlyn jenner into the conversation. so, i believe do we have kaitlin right now? okay. kaitlin, i think we got you. there you are, kaitlin. glad to bring knew this
4:43 am
conversation. >> here i am. >> will: there you are. i don't know if you are capable of hearing everything on the lead-in right there if you are capable of hearing lia talk about motivation and sports. i would love to hear your feedback on what you think about that interview from lia thomas. >> well, honestly i thought she did a very good job. this is not lia thomas' fault. she played by the rules. and did a good job and played by the rules. really, my concerns are with the ncaa. their rules have to be a lot more stringent. i think they have to be more difficult. i can't -- i don't think just one year of hormone replacement therapy is enough. and actually on the abc special they even had a doctor on there saying it isn't enough. even four or five years on hormone replacements they wouldn't have an advantage. i mean, i have been on for seven years of full transition.
4:44 am
been on hormone replacement and i can still hit the golf ball 280, 290 yards. there is a lot left over. so i'm not blaming her. i'm just blaming the system right now. that has to be seriously looked at. >> will: kaitlin, also, by the way, as we pointed out. that's the ncaa soon be perhaps dealing with the ioc as well when it comes to these issues. i want to follow up on a couple of things that you said. right now, and it's different for every governing body for every sport. one year of hormone replacement is the way lia thomas is being governed. you are pointing out even four or five years there is biological advantage male that went through pursuant as a male that never really goes away. is that your position? >> absolutely it never really goes away. i mean in my own life i have felt that. you know, i will always say when i got left over is more than most people ever had. you know, and i think in all
4:45 am
trans people that is the case. one year of hormone replacement therapy is not going to make it you just look at it, when she is standing on the line, she is taller, bigger, she has a longer reach. she has bigger hands. she has tremendous advantage over the women. but i respect her right to be able to transition. and but i think it's very difficult, you know, she did it to be happy. and she talked a lot about in the interview about being happy. but, on the other hand, she may be happy but i'm sure the girl, the sis girls in the blocks next to her and sees this very large woman who she knows she can't beat, i don't think she is that happy. >> will: right. >> i don't think the person that, yeah, that missed out on making it to the ncaas by one position who now all of a sudden doesn't go, i don't think she is
4:46 am
happy. if you saw kind of the revolt of a lot of the people they kind of believed what i believed and i have said from the beginning, i don't think biological boys should compete in women's sports. it's just not fair. i have have always been tout protect women's sports. i think we need to do it. and the only way you are going to do that as far as the trans issue is to really look at these rules and find out what is going to work where a trans athlete does not have a big advantage over the sis women, the sis athletes. >> will: you have made this point several times in the interview. you don't blame leah you say. we heard in lia's words search for happiness or authenticity. isn't there not an inherent selfishness in placing your own happiness over a generalized fairness as you point out? what about the happiness and
4:47 am
thawntd of those female athletes that got second or didn't make the finals cuts. i understand rules and we should. what about the individual athlete? shouldn't leah bear responsibility for inherent unfairness? >> yeah. she got a tremendous amount of publicity out of this. but, i have always felt from the beginning when i transitioned in 2015, that along with this transition there also comes an awful lot of responsibility and integrity and people will be watching on how you deal with this issue and how you treat other people. and i think that's really important. you know, lia is young. just graduated from college. and i think in a lot of ways done a good job but in other ways it's been difficult because, you know, she has been out for her happiness but the happiness of a lot of other people has not really been considered. >> will: right. >> so, yeah.
4:48 am
and so it's not an easy thing to go through and to be honest with you, there is no one answer, i don't think there is a right answer right now. i'm interested to see what's going to happen now that she has said she is going to look at trying to go to the olympics. >> will: right. >> the olympic rules are a little different. and, let's just see what she does? it will be kind of interesting to watch. >> will: kaitlin, i'm glad we worked through the tebleg thank you for getting up early this morning. >> very early. the sun is not up yet will. >> will: talk to you next time. thank you. let's check in with janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> janice: good morning, my friend. good morning, everybody. it's cooler than it was yesterday in new york. we got up to like 95. and it's barely 60 degrees. take a look at the maps. let's show you where we have this back door cold front moving.
4:49 am
in 640 in new york. 57 in boston in the 40's in main. there is 24 hour temperature change. cold front definitely making a difference this morning. and the high temperatures they are going to be in the 70s. 71 in new york. again, that's 30 degrees below what it was just yesterday as the daytime high. so the potential for showers and thunderstorms as a kind of lingers over the central u.s. that could bring the potential for thunderstorm texas to the northeast. large hail, damaging winds, the isolated tornado risk will also be possible, we are watching the tropics first official day of hurricane season. and this area of low pressure is going to move into the gulf of mexico and we think it has a 70% chance of developing into our first named storm for the atlantic season. florida, south florida, you need to watch it, here is one of our or a couple of our storm tracks over the next five days looks like even if it doesn't get a name heavy rain is in the forecast for south florida. will, we will keep you up to
4:50 am
date fox for all the latest forecast details. >> will: thank you, janice. >> janice: you have got it we are counting down to the platinumup below all the fanfare ♪ anything can happen ♪ ♪
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4:54 am
>> we are back with some headlines. growing vegetation fire in rural napa county california triggering evacuation orders in the region. they all fire sparked just north of napa yesterday afternoon in
4:55 am
group 570 acres in just over six hours. by 9:00 p.m., the fire with 5% contained as firefighters continue to attack the flames from all angles all night. the state of connecticut is a is affordably bringing in specialist to slide misinformation ahead of the midterm election. at the job as security analysts who will monitor and combat election misinformation on a full-time basis. the base salary is $150,000. coming to a theater near you, the suspense drama of the summer will be whether there will be enough popcorn for the season. "the wall street journal" say that healthy snack will be a hot commodity for the next few months due to ongoing labor shortages and supply chain issues. popcorn is the best part. that's not good. over to you. >> counting down to queen elizabeth the second's
4:56 am
platinum jubilee. a new report revealing their majesty is surprised by the outpouring of love. >> steve: author of "the war on the west" joins us live as well. douglas, they should not surprise her, should it? she had the job for 70 years. that is the ultimate job approval. >> that is. in a way surprising that there is an outpouring. she will be surprised because this is the person she is in the generation she's from. she doesn't expect outpourings of love. in some ways they don't. i think this is a reflection of the fact that the british people just have enormous respect for her. she said at the beginning of our brain that however long, long or short her life was, she was going to devoted to american dream. and she has. even now into her 90s, she continues her appointments and
4:57 am
our daily routine no duties. i think the public just admires that and respect that. and it connects them back to a generation they wish was around more. >> steve: i'm sure a lot of this was individualized area. what is the opinion of the british public toward the monarchy generalized? >> most people are very in favor of it. there's always this question of her and the monarchy as an institution. her own approval ratings -- talking about the queen's approval ratings. not that she has to put itself up for election. her own approval ratings are very, very high. individual members of the royal family not always so much. >> steve: nobody blames her for inflation or supply chain problems. >> she doesn't have those downsides. most people that are saying that they sort of connector back to this generation which he is really the last enemy of.
4:58 am
she joined the military as a young girl in world war ii. she served in the capacity she could then in the ats. on victory in europe day in 1945, she and princess elizabeth was on the balcony with the lake queen mother and the winston churchill to greet their british people and celebrate the victory in europe up with them. that is what we think about with harry. she connects us to our past that is a point of the monarch. she connects the british people to our past and represents the best of it. among other things, the stoicism. an attitude of not grumbling and getting on with things. a greatness but also of prudence, of not showing off. all sorts of things that were regarded as british birches which you might say were slightly falling away including and some members of her own family. i don't want to go to the tower.
4:59 am
>> ainsley: i love queen elizabeth the second. you say not showing up, but i think driving yourself at 96 years old and showing off. she still driving. she still takes care of everything. she's amazing historical figure. not just in great britain, but in the world. >> world leaders often benefit from this. often referring from private and public. you never talk about what we talk about with the queen. some of course do. they say that they benefit from our own experience just talking about the leaders she's known. in britain -- a bit nervous at his first meeting. she reminds him our first promised and are being winston churchill. she had 16 or so since then. the same with u.s. presidents. she met all the u.s. presidents going back 70 years. a friend of mine met. said the first composer she ever met was edward algar who died in 1934. she saw him in a carriage.
5:00 am
an extraordinary memory. it's a wonderful tribute to a life of service which is something i think we all need to remember. >> there was a great story of queen elizabeth was scheduled to meet president ronald reagan. couldn't helicopter and because of the fog. they drove her. she insisted on going on a rainy day after the ranch had made it. lots of stories like that. >> steve: if that shows they are is anything like our real life, she something. she has something. watch fox news special coverage of the queen's platinum jubilee tomorrow and friday. we start at 5:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m. eastern hosted by ainsley and piers morgan live. >> thank you, douglas. the final hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> national gas price average, $4.67.
5:01 am
$0.05 from yesterday. >> my plan is to address inflation. >> he had no plan. >> considering executive action from gun control. >> supporting a ban on assault weapons. >> campaign lawyer michael sussman has been acquitted. disseminating the russia hoax. >> they didn't see it sitting into the russian collusion. >> i know they would be scrutiny. >> leah thomas making up for the first time. >> trans people don't transition for athletics. >> she has a tremendous advantage. >> going to be reporting on the queen's jubilee. >> 70 years from the same job. >> this the one -- ♪ ♪
5:02 am
>> good morning, that is a live look at jacksonville, florida, where the sun is shining there. beautiful day. we are halfway through the week here on the couch in new york city. >> steve: we just saw the riverbend and london. now as we look at from this side of the pond in jacksonville, welcome to our number three of "fox & friends." ainsley is in london this morning and brian is on assignment, vacation assignment. in their place, we have katie and will. >> great to be here. thanks for having us. >> steve: let's start with -- you don't want to look at the gas pump, because a new record price was set again this morning. another $0.05, nickel up overnight at $4.67 per gallon. >> katie: many states are racking up major revenue from higher gas taxes. look at that. >> will: fox news reporter in
5:03 am
new york will have a look at the sky high prices. >> good morning, guys. as we see that new national average price at $4.67, we are seeing some states and gas stations around the country with prices that are much higher. you can see right here this gas station charging $5.37. in california with the average price now clocking in at $6.19 per gallon of regular. there's at least one gas station in los angeles that's charging $8 a gallon. >> i didn't want to come to the station but i ran out of gas. >> $140. to fill up my van. that's crazy. >> we are from florida. we are here on vacation. posted on social media. this is, like, crazy. speech of the soaring prices, as crude oil prices have surpassed
5:04 am
$115 a barrel. that's a sign that prices will continue to climb as we enter the heavy travel summer months and treasury secretary janet yellen now admits he was wrong about inflation being temporary. >> look, i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy. >> now, fighting 40-year high inflation is president biden's top domestic priority as he met yesterday with federal reserve chair jerome powell. >> simple proposition. respective bed. respective bed's independence. which i have done i will continue to do. >> he is going to respect about federal reserve's independence. we saw gas prices jump $0.05 on
5:05 am
average overnight. that means now, prices across the country about $0.50 higher than they were just a month ago. back to you. >> will: there are many political issues that affect americans. there are not many that affect every american. this affects every single american. gas prices, inflation at large. we had a conversation talking about where these prices will go. they are going to lay directions by labor day. $6 national average gasoline. i don't think everything needs to be a political story. in fact, it's not. it can turn into that. this is a death nail for any particular administration. dealing with an economy like this. you know what will happen. they will look for distractions. they will look for other things to talk about. there is no easy solution to this. maybe it will be abortion or gun control. now that those on issues, but those will be used as distractions from this issue
5:06 am
that affects us all. >> katie: the biden administration is doing nothing to get these gas prices down because the pain is the point. they want gas to be expensive because they say repeatedly that they are in this transition to alternative energy. if gas is too expensive, you should be driving an electric vehicle producing a number of republican governors around the country and democrats say they want to repeal temporarily the gas tax to help with these prices bear the biden administration if they are really looking at ways to decrease costs due to this inflation that they created around the country, they should take a look at the energy sector. energy is the underpinning priority of all these problems on they have to take some diesel trucks to get goods to market. grocery store, food prices. what it takes to make sure that farms are getting their goods to the grocery store. all these things are prized by energy. because they have attacked energy and continue to attack energy, they are dealing with these prices that they refuse to. acknowledge why it is so high.
5:07 am
>> the federal gas taxes and $0.18 per gallon. think about one-third of that was eaten up overnight by the natural price of gas. if your tank is 20 gallons, every time you fill up, and now cost you $1 more than it did yesterday. unbelievable. >> will: district police chief has stopped operating with the investigation into the massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead. >> steve: i wonder why. the first funerals for the victim started yesterday is 10-year-old rodriguez and they are laid to rest. >> here with more. >> the first funerals are held including 10-year-old. the little girl being held a hero for trying to call for help. her friend and classmate describes the moment she watched her friends and teacher died. >> my friend, she started trying
5:08 am
to call the police with her friends phone. and when they did that, she started saying -- my teacher, there were screaming no. ms. garcia was. and he shot my friend and my teacher. and then after that, he said good night. and he started shooting everybody. >> what a horrible thing for a little girl to go through. >> of a teacher who propped open the door says she did shut it before the gunman entered. according to her lawyer, share members pulling the door closed while telling anyone what he was shooting. she thought the door would lock because that door is always supposed to be locked. for the first time, hero off-duty agent jacob describes how he was getting a haircut when his wife, a teacher that school texted that an active shooter was on campus.
5:09 am
>> as i was in, i saw a whole bunch of kids running out running off campus jumping through the windows, cops breaking windows. complete chaos pretty much. >> victims families struggling to understand why it's in school district police 45 minutes from the time the shooting started to breach that classroom. according to the district police chief, he has stopped cooperating. the uvalde police department have been cooperating with the investigators. that she provided an initial interview but has not responded to a follow-up interview with the texas rangers and was made two days ago. a quote from texas aps. he was sworn in to his new spot on the city council after being elected earlier this month. uvalde mayor canceling his inauguration ceremony. >> steve: it would not be appropriate to have a ceremony. they did not have it. thank you very much. the headline of "the new york post" is 21
5:10 am
goodbyes. i was reading this morning, apparently, they were specially designed with various things that were important to the children and artists i believe in georgia decorated all of them. exactly. >> will: the conversations turns political. the conversation turns the guns. perhaps some are predicated by canadian prime minister justin trudeau who stake in the extorting step of reading the sale and transfer of handguns in that country. president biden then has seen to turn -- it's unclear, but seems to have turned some attention towards handguns but that's what we all interpreted when we heard this somewhat confusing statement from biden. >> president biden: .22 caliber bullet lodged in the lungs. we could probably get it out maybe and save a life. 9 millimeters bullet blows the
5:11 am
long out of the body. so the idea that a high caliber weapon -- go there simply no rational basis for it in terms of self protection, hunting. you can buy nick cannon win the second amendment was passed. you couldn't go out and purchase a lot of weapons. >> will: you could buy canons by the way. what was their president talking about? it's a legitimate question because a 9-millimeter was not used in this particular tragedy. it was most commonly used in handguns taking us back to justin trudeau. is he moving towards attention on handguns. that has led to some questions. speech of the white house claims they went to work with capitol hill to come to some kind of solution and compromise. when you jump from that to 9-millimeter which is a handgun around talking about possibly banning handguns in this country which would be unconstitutional
5:12 am
to try the supreme court wouldn't be able to do it. also at the press secretary saying the president is not for hardening schools project asked a question about whether the white house was interested in coming to some solution on this issue or if they are just interested in scoring political points. >> steve: why not do everything you possibly can? i know the republicans have suggested armoring outdoors, making doors more impenetrable. maybe arming teachers, things like that. it did seem like the president was confusing some of the facts when he spoke. >> will: he did lead to the question. >> steve: it led to this question from our white house guy yesterday of the new press secretary. >> canada is making it impossible to buy, sell, transfer, or important and guns anywhere in that country paired would president biden never consider a similar restriction on handguns here? >> we will leave it up to other
5:13 am
countries to set their policy on gun ownership. the president has made his position clear. the united states needs to act as i just laid out. he supports a ban on sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. an expanded background checks to keep guns out of the dangerous hands. he does not support a ban the sale of all handguns to answer your question. >> steve: one other thing that joe biden set on monday is the second amendment to the constitution was never absolute. she continued and said the president is considering some sort of executive action. but we don't know what that is. >> katie: we are not sure what that is but he said what he said. unclear again in the white house will clarify one more time about what he said. still not very clear. the white house has been pretty mom about what their expectations are in terms of the executive action may look like and more importantly, what it would do to prevent a situation like we saw in texas.
5:14 am
>> will: is completely possible that it's probable that the president was confused and attempting to talk. they are saying take away applies. the people that seem to be the most ignorant about guns seem to have the most passionate opinions about how to solve what they deem a gun crisis. you do have i think a burden to avail yourself of the minimal amount of knowledge when entering this debate. unfortunately, no one seems to think that is a requirement. >> steve: because the president talked about 9 millimeters, suddenly people -- talking about handguns. that's what brought up that question and answer. the shined the light on president biden's brother who is five or six or seven years younger. the headline wells, james biden, family helper and political wild card. keep in mind, joe biden himself said my brother jimmy is the guy who always fixes everything. and so, there is the fixer the biden family.
5:15 am
some of the emails that they also took from that laptop from that now "the washington post" as verified make it very confusing what exactly the relationship is between the president screen left, his brother in the center, that's his wife filed away who at one point during the interview with "the washington post" said, you really need to stop talking to this reporter. the relationship with hunter biden. >> katie: two years later, an evaluation from "the washington post" about the emails. one of them is quite telling. as from james biden to hunter biden on a financial opportunity related to joe biden from october 1st 2017. it says "you need to call me now. just got off the phone with your father. the other two biggest days of our business life in front of us. we must be smart or everything goes up in smoke. please call me. you must remain calm. the timing could not be worse. calm and measured. paybacks come later.
5:16 am
the white house maintains that joe biden had nothing to do with hunter biden's business dealings. and yet, for some reason, he has repeatedly mentioned in these emails as being directly involved. of course the testimony from terry's business partners that he was the big guy getting 10% on all these deals. >> will: unless you are watching right now are watching this news channel, paying attention to that a few conservative outlets you don't know. they are going to be very successful in painting a false reality because you don't know that this is going on. this is entirely disconnected to me. "the new york times" has a story up right now just published yesterday saying, why did those mask mandates not work? they are recognizing something that would have been called disinformation or conspiracy a few months ago. in the same vein, now i see "the washington post" acknowledging the truth the rest of us have known for several years now. but the damage is done. in both situations whether or
5:17 am
not the requirement to wear a mask in every walk of life are not knowing the corruption of political regime the damage is done for painting this false reality. >> steve: you got to wonder why "the new york times" and "the washington post" or so they to the party. i mean for them to do -- why are they even coming to the party? >> steve: the suggestion is -- i just can i connect. hunter biden -- something is about to happen to his -- either he's going to get charged in which case we heard a story a week or two ago about how people on the inner circle although i don't see hunter biden's charged companies can have to face the music. there can be no trial prevent of the stocking going to the public record. so either he could be charged or the charges will be dropped, because they are looking -- the
5:18 am
u.s. attorney of delaware looking into tax problems and all that other stuff. so when that story comes out -- and it will be a big story because if it exonerates hunter biden, they are going to play up. they will have to have told a story before. they can't say we left you in the dark from the last two years years. >> katie: they ignored and then called it russian disinformation. all of a sudden, they get credit for confirming what was then confirmed. >> will: confirmed. headlines. >> thank you for confirming me. i confirm you right back. we have some new information here. the fbi actually releasing new data yesterday on police use of force against civilians in 2021. and attacks on police officers. use of force against civilians climbing 10% year-over-year. 17% of those involving police use of a handgun. the agency releasing additional details on the 73 officers who were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2021. nearly half of whom were killed in ambush style attacks major uptake from the previous year. fox weather alert.
5:19 am
at least 11 people have been confirmed dead after hurricane agatha alicia's unleashes devastating mudslides and winds over 70 miles per hour. this happening in mexico. officials reporting massive power outages and damaged buildings. the storm was a category to transform when it made landfall on monday breaking records as the strongest hurricane in may. i got there was the first hurricane of the season. the biden administration is now asking the appeals court reversed the ruling that listed the federal mask requirement for public transportation. the mandate was ruled unlawful by the court in april when it does declared that the cdc overstepped its authority by issuing the mandate. justice department said at the time they would appeal the ruling if they deemed it necessary. check out this grab. the fan manages to get your two-run homer while clutching a young toddler. coming during the mets national game on tuesday. mets outfielder starling marte,
5:20 am
two-run homer taking a bounce before finding its way into a man's hands. check out his pure excitement. those are your headlines. no toddlers were injured in the making of that. we went out to think somebody might yell at him. you had the little kid. speak to the mom, that mom is probably out there leaning over the side with a child but it all worked out. >> steve: it did. that guy is epic. coming up, jury deliberations continue in the johnny depp-amber heard trial. nancy grace's been following the case from the get-go and has a prediction coming up next. >> will: an incredible act of heroism, and came up for the moment of father and son leap into action. they will joining us live coming up. ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ )
5:21 am
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5:25 am
>> steve: in less than an hour, insurers and the johnny depp and amber heard trial return for the third day of the deliberations. the high profile multi-million-dollar defamation. yesterday, paying tribute to the "pirates of the caribbean" star by transforming the man into a makeshift "pirates of the caribbean" ship outside the courthouse. what can we expect from the jury today? fox nation host nancy grace joins us now. what do you think of that ship? >> that was certainly something wasn't it? no one on the jury saw and where there is going to a complaint about it from amber heard's side. the jury has been deliberating nine hours so far and they are digging in for another day of
5:26 am
deliberations. they have a very complicated questions to answer. it's all about three statements that were made and amber heard's op-ed, the banner, the headline, another statement. another statement along further. this is not a popularity contest. this is not with a trial is about. it's about defamation. in either of them lied to the other's detriment? here is the reality. while it's not a popularity contest, it's not about the black-and-white letter of the law either. if that were true in all the jury had to do is digest the information and regurgitate a verdict, a computer could do that. o.j. simpson will be in jail. that's not what it is. if they dislike one party so much they find her or him to be incredible, than they are going to determine they are lying and vote with the other side. that is the issue. amber heard's credibility.
5:27 am
>> you have been with out through this entire case. you guided us through it. on fox nation, you have been following it. early on, it looked like she was leading and suddenly it's looking like is leading. now, third day of jury deliberations. if you are the one person on the jury, this turnout? >> i've investigated and prosecuted many domestic violence, domestic's abuse. i've never had anybody ask me, do you think she vector bruises? i wasn't target. at one person come up to me that one of the grocery stores and asked me, does amber heard faker bruises? that is a bad omen when people think a domestic violence survivor thanks the bruises. she has lost credibility which i think she has, we can have a split verdict or a hung jury.
5:28 am
>> steve: do we have any idea how close the trial is now close the jury as to having a verdict. 40 different questions. >> 42 questions about three particular statements. one just being the headlines. was it defamatory? it shows me they are parsing it line by line. doing what they are supposed to do. i would give them today and another day. >> steve: nancy grace joins us live. thank you very much. coming up straight ahead on this wednesday, transgender swimmer leah thomas opens up in an interview. clay travis reacts as thomas claims she does not have an unfair physical advantage. that's coming up. >> i knew there would be scrutiny against me. i don't need anybody's permission to be myself and to do the sport that i love.
5:29 am
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will >> katie: back with your headlines starting with this. the supreme court officials step up the search for who leaked the draft opinion that would overturn roe vs. wade. some clerks haven't asked for their private cell phone data. ahead of the ruling, austin,
5:33 am
texas, is moving to decriminalize abortion. a trigger law in the state would ban abortion if roe is overturned and could include some of the nation's harshest criminal penalties on abortion. joe rogan credits fox news and conservatives were defending him and others from canceled culture and attacks from the left. >> the left is going so [bleep] far left. so radical that the right are the ones that are celebrating comedians and celebrating dave chappelle. they had my back through all the crazy [bleep] that happened with me. it was fox news that had my [bleep] back. >> dave chappelle and his being attacked by an assailant triggered by his jokes. grogan himself has faced far left outcry over comments on this podcast to transphobic. and workplace could soon look a lot like this. >> and i will take --
5:34 am
thank you, ma'am. thank you. >> katie: companies are leveraging automation with orders for workplace robots urging by 40%. nonautomotive customers are ordering more robots than automotive customers as labor shortages persist. inflation continues to hover near a 40-year high. those are your headlines it over to you. >> katie: thank you very much. the campaign lawyer praising nigeria as they find him not guilty of lying to the fbi. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognize that. it was their unanimous verdict today despite being falsely accused, i am relieved that justice ultimately prevailed in my case. >> katie: this just proves there's only a jury of clinton supporters rather than peers when it comes to the d.c.
5:35 am
establishment. fox news legal analyst joins us now with more. when i saw this verdict come out, i said d.c. is a corrupt place but everybody knew that already. >> as soon as the jury was picked, and set on air that this case was headed for jury nullification. which is when a jury decides to ignore the facts and the evidence, repudiate the rule of law and perversely acquit a guilty person for partisan political reasons. that is precisely what happened. this was a jury that was stacked with hillary clinton supporters and believe it or not, hillary clinton campaign donors. of course, the campaign paid for michael sussman, the defendant's peddling of phony information to the fbi. think of it this way. money from the pockets of some of the jurors went into the pockets of the defendant. so how in the world they were not disqualified is utterly
5:36 am
confounding. but the judge appointed by obama said, and spine. they can serve, wink, wink. to the defense table and thus the result. >> katie: 90% of the people who live there vote for democrats. they had a hard time finding some impartial observers. i want to talk about the bigger picture here. this is the first trial in the durum probe. people want to see justice for what happened during the 2016 presidential election, is this a bad sign moving forward? will there be any kind of accountability for that kind of dirty political tricks that clinton campaign used by weaponizing the fbi against political opponents? >> the verdict notwithstanding, durum and his team of prosecutors did present. this will be in their forthcoming report. this was all a hoax that was personally invented by
5:37 am
hillary clinton approved a plan. july 26 -- joe frame dropped as a russian asset. she ordered the demo dissemination of the information by her confederates. she inner campaign funded the russia hoax. that was presented in court under federal regulations. there will be your report by durum. then of course you got in the fall the trial in a very different court in virginia, eastern district of dee gordon janco who fed christopher steele all of the bogus information contained in his dossier. will hillary clinton never be charged for her conspiracy to defraud the government? i am not optimistic of that. >> katie: this wasn't just a narrative that was pushed during the 2016 election. it bled through president trump's first term, would lead to a special counsel investigation, arguably impeachment and so on and forth.
5:38 am
we can read your op-ed at gregg jarrett, thank you so much. coming up, transgender swimmer leah thomas revealing olympic contingents while shrugging off critics. clay travis reacts to the collegiate champion swimmers each year. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever: love and liberty mutual customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. (emu squawks)
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5:42 am
>> transgender swimmer leah thomas making no apologies for dominating the competitions in women's swimming. >> i knew there would be scrutiny against me if i competed as a woman. i was prepared for that. i also don't need anybody's permission. trans people don't transition for athletics. we transition to be happy and authentic and our true selves. >> steve: clay travis joins us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning.
5:43 am
>> steve: lia said it, i don't need anyone's permission. also said i didn't transition point advantage. biologically, she still has an advantage. >> well, also, that's not true at all about not needing anybody's permission as every college sports man knows, you need the ncaa's permission to be considered eligible to compete in college athletics at all. so if i were advising the ncaa, what i would tell them is not lia compete, but as a man. because here's the reality. this conversation is only happening because when men decide to transition to women, men women transition to men, they can compete, they just have no chance of winning. let me give you a stat here, guys. there was a quote in "the new york times" that add to their credit of front page sunday story about this issue as well. allison felix is the fastest woman in the history of womankind. she ran the 400-meter and the
5:44 am
fastest time that anybody ever has. in 2018, 275 boys in high school where faster than the fastest woman of all time. that is not anything other than biology. men are bigger, stronger, and faster than women. it's why we divide men's and women's sports. if we didn't, women would not win any sport. every olympic metal stand would be a man with a gold, silver, and bronze. what's happening here is women's sports are under a legitimate threat that if enough transgender women, that his biological men decide to compete against them, women, biological women, will never win. >> katie: there's a bigger questionnaire other than just advantage and fair play on the field or in the pool. we are also dealing with locker rooms here. lia thomas says that he is allowed to be inside the
5:45 am
locker room to be in the pool because it makes his advantage happy or whatever it is because it makes him happy, her happy. what about that aspect of it? women having their spaces being different now as a result of these rules the ncaa is not being clear. >> well, look, in most every state in the union, if a man enters a women's locker room, that's a crime. and so, talking to these female competitors who were on the women's swimming team, they don't feel comfortable in their own locker room because there is a man and they're getting changed. worse than that, you've probably seen several of these women reached out and spoke to out kick anonymously. they are terrified to have any measure of criticism about this because these women are afraid of being branded as transphobic. is because they want to compete against other women. so are their families. this is one of that sort of
5:46 am
culture of silence that we are creating where you are not allowed to say something that is uniformly agreed to by every scientist on the planet which is biology is real and there is a physical difference between men and women in all facets of life but particularly in athletic ability and competition based to get on the fact that men are bigger, stronger, and faster. >> will: i don't think reality will break through. i don't think it will be in a sense of sanity until it is women themselves that stand up for their own locker room. will cain, clay travis, and steve doocy can talk about this. until women say it is ruining our sport, it will continue. anonymous is great. now i need the next step which is open protests. check out what's clicking at out kick at out always good to see you. >> good to see you as well. i was texas was better at sports. >> shot on the way out.
5:47 am
>> steve: thank you. time for some weather. let's hit the streets. >> janice: it is hurricane season officially today june 1st. we have some activity to talk about. let's take a look at it. this was a hurricane that moved into mexico a couple of days ago. it's starting to redevelop in the gulf of mexico. if you get the name, it will be alex. our first official tropical storm of the season perhaps in the next couple of days. we have an 80% chance of development in the next five days. it looks like is taking aim at south florida. something we have to watch obviously over the next several days. the forecast weather it gets a name or not, we are still going to be dealing with heavy rainfall through the weekend. as we get into hurricane season, the peak is august september and october. it's not out of the question tropical systems being named in the month of june. they're your current temperatures. 60 in new york and yesterday with 95. we have a backdoor cold front
5:48 am
moving in. it's going to be cloudy and cool it may be some showers later on today. we will keep you up-to-date. fox for the latest details. over to you. >> still ahead, the incredible act of heroism, and camera. video shows the moment of father and son leap into action to save a drowning toddler with autism. they share their story next. >> steve: first, let's talk to bill hemmer. his show is next on the channel. >> just amazing. it stops you hard. nice show, guys. we are on standby. we may get it today. the biden team want you to put your mask back on. we'll talk to the doctor about that. suddenly everyone is speaking for the president. full-court press. james freeman and moore will help us explain. it david on inflation now that gas prices are up again overnight. where does it end? we will see you 12 minutes away. top of the hour.r.
5:49 am
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>> will: incredible video shows a moment of father and son leap into action to save an autistic toddler from drowning. police say the 4-year-old was underwater for 3 minutes when maddox wester housel spotted him and ran to get his dad for help
5:53 am
after jumping the fence, tom is able to grab the boy and perform cpr saving his life. that brave duo join us now. thank you so much for being with us. thank you for being there. let's start with you. let's go there. you saw this go down. it did you see the 4-year-old fall into the pool? did you see it afterwards? tell me what you noticed and what prompted you to run to get your dad. >> all i saw was just a kid peeking up his head and my friends were yelling at me to go get my father. >> will: you saw him picking up his head while he was in the pool attempting to tread water before going down? >> yes. >> will: what'd you say to your dad before you ran inside? 's to go kids in the pool. >> tom, immediately realized
5:54 am
this is a problem when you sprang into action? >> yeah, i went down the stairs and i saw a few other people trying to get in. that's when i realized how dire the situation was at that time. >> trying to get in the fence? >> the fence is locked, yeah. >> will: what'd you you do? >> i jumped over the fence. >> we pick you up after you are over the fence. go straight into the pool. one was the child's status when you pulled him out of the pool? >> it was pretty hard to fathom that it was as bad as it was. >> will: you could tell. i take it unconscious and you immediately started performing cpr. >> yeah, definitely. i'm looking at the video now. yeah, when i tried to pat his back. i was hoping for a little bit more sign of life at that time. it was pretty dire. >> i read you are a lifeguard
5:55 am
some 15 years ago. his cpr come back to you? how did you know what to do? >> it definitely came back to me. i think it when i go ahead and recertify or retrain a little bit just a brush up and get my son here some training as well. >> will: we should all be inspired to do the same. i took a long time ago. is it 15-2? what is the ratio beats to brats? >> i'm honestly not sure. that's why i'm going to recertify and everything to brush up on that. >> whatever you did, it worked. it did the child regain consciousness while you were there with them before paramedics arrived? >> at a certain point, he started coughing up water. once he started crying, i knew that was a good sign to at least have him doing that. >> will: how does this whole situation leave you feeling? a lot of people are calling you and your dad heroes. how do you feel today? >> a little bit of a hero.
5:56 am
>> will: you showed, you should. i would suggest you feel proud. we are proud of both of you guys. we are thankful for both of you guys. what an amazing moment. i hope we can all not just be proud of you but learn as you point out, tom, what we can do a favor in the same situation. thank you both for telling your story this morning. still ahead, a live look from london ahead of the queen's jubilee. stay with us. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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>> before you leave. tomorrow and friday fox news special coverage of the queen's platinum jubilee. >> a great party across the pond. party on. >> bill: so long, everybody. good morning. president biden saying he is laser focused on fighting inflation. for the american people relief is nowhere in sight. the price of gas today. i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off today. hello to our old friend -- to our young friend. but dear colleague. >> i'm happy to be with you this morning, bill. good morning. to kick things off here this is "america's newsroom." the price of gasoline surged to another all-time high, $4.67 a gallon. record after record at this point. drivin


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