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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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take a look at this. he makes the bare handed snag over the guardrail holding his baby. the focus, the lean, the extension. well done, dad. keep the baby. tomorrow on "special report" we will talk to the columbian president about what he is facing. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. here is jesse. >> jesse: one dad to another that was a nice snag. >> bret: that was a nice snag. bret. >> jesse: thank you, bret. >> bret: see you, buddy. ♪ >> jesse: we all have that special celebrity growing up, someone we idolize. maybe when you were younger you were a big elvis fan. listened to every song he ever made. or maybe it was george michael. you blasted careless whisper on the radio every day to work. ♪ never going to dance again ♪ guilty feeling ♪ got no rhythm. >> jesse: somewhere along the
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way we went to idolizing celebrities to object saying over them. we put athletes, actors and musicians up high on a pedestal and eat up everything they say with millions of followers watching their every move. we turned them into pitch men to hock products. knowing with their endorsement the big bucks will flow right in. >> i pity you, fool. disgrace to the man race. time to run like a real man. take that street walker. >> jesse: we have them give our graduation speeches, idolizing them as role models. trying to learn the secrets of their success. >> thank you for inviting me to celebrate with you today. graduates, you made it and you
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are [bleep] >> jesse: since we are always putting them in the spotlight. these celebrities think everything they say is so important. they never shut up. especially when it comes to politics. a. listers love getting involved in the theater of it all. the back and forth. the fights between the left and the right big shocker here. almost everything they have to say is completely one sided. nowhere was that more clear than the trump years. from his campaign through his entire presidency. we heard more from the rich and famous than ever before. a quick recap of their message. orange man bad. and america will be destroyed to bits and pieces if he stays in power. all in an attempt to convince america that conservatives have to go: there was everything from oscar winners threatening violence. >> today the world is suffering from the real donald trump. this [bleep] idiot is the
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president. >> how dare he say the things he does. of course i want to punch him in the face. >> right. >> jesse: washed up pop singers working to take up arson. >> i'm angry. yes i am outraged. yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> jesse: it wasn't just the queen of pop. kathy griffin got in on the action when she shared this photo of trump's bloody and decapitated head. these are just a few examples of the endless list of celebrities who couldn't stop slamming donald trump. but this is nothing new for our outspoken celebrity culture. they were spewing all kinds of crazy b.s. when george bush was in office, too. like kanye west saying george bush doesn't like black people. to the dixie chicks trashing our former commander-in-chief. >> we're ashamed of the
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president of the united states [inaudible] [cheers] >> jesse: these people have real influence over the country's young minds. especially newer generations. so, when they speak out, it has the power to influence a lot of people. but, instead of using that power for good, they have spent it going off on republicans. when it comes to real kitchen table issues like inflation, for example, they're completely quiet. a listers are only outspoken when republicans are in office. when things get really bad for the every day american, they are nowhere to be found. the biden administration broke another awful-time record high today as the u.s. average for a gallon of gas hit 4.67. it just keeps come. where is the deniro tweet calling for lower gas prices.
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essentials like beef, pork, bread all up across the country. the stock market in a bear market right now. but we don't see any pop stars or move stars slamming biden when americans can't put groceries on their table. where are all the female holiday a. listers begging biden to get baby formula back on the shelves, huh? whether it comes to anything with substance, these people are as quiet as a church mouse. maybe they're silent on inflation because it doesn't apply to them. do you really think inflation is hurting deniro or kim kardashian? of course it's not. they are sitting pretty, not a care in the world. what about the crime rave rippling across the country right now. murders, robberies, assaults all up in major cities. we have been seeing violence take its toll on americans this past year. as the summer comes, it's only going to get worse. where is leonardo decaprio.
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the celebrities are actually victims of this crime wave and they are still even then not even speaking up about it ion wilson was the victim of grand theft. just had the wheels stolen off tesla santa monica home. damage amount to 4 g's. you this would think owen would have something to say about crime in california as it hits his own home. nope? no tweet on deep blue california's crime failures. no interview calling out biden or not d.a., nothing. >> i'm sorry, don't listen to me. spaced out all day. >> jesse: but wilson sure was willing to speak on trump calling him the charlie sheen of politics in 2015. we know what a train wreck sheen is obviously not a compliment. lady gaga was the victim of a dog napping in early 2021 or french bulldog were stolen by
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three armed thugs in hollywood. and dog walker shot in the chest. she offered half a million dollars reward to get the dogs back. so why isn't gaga going cuckoo about the soft on crime policies that led to her pooch getting snatched? someone she hired was left with a hole in their chest but gaga has nothing to say now. ♪ my poker face ♪ >> jesse: poker face. lady gaga was first in line to support biden for president in 2020. hopping on the campaign trail and giving him her endorsement. >> this is lady gaga. i'm voting for america, which means i'm voting for joe biden. >> jesse: okay. and the list goes on and on. when rapper and producer dr. dre was in the hospital for a brain aneurysm last january? robbers tried ransack his house. ♪ mad at me because i can
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finally afford to provide me family with groceries. >> jesse: i guess they wanted all that stuff. instead of calling out crime dr. dre has no prescription for the chaos. and now celebrities are actually down playing the attack. comedian seth rogan said crime is really not an issue. in november he got into a little twitter fight with a youtube guy whose car was broken into in l.a. and rogan says it happens to him all the time. no big deal. quote: i have never really felt violated any of the 15 or so times my car was broken into. once a guy accidentally left a cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening, you might get a little treat. rogan is trying to normalize crime. but most people don't like their car getting broken into 15 times and they can't afford it anyway. and where the hell is hollywood on the homelessness in california. they have to see it as they
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crews by in their cars. where is the compassion? these these beans are supposed they by rat infested encampment and don't offer a single line about it? get down to the real reason why hollywood's biggest names aren't speaking out about issues affecting you that wouldn't help their agenda. their agenda isn't your agenda. their agenda is looking woke, backing liberal politicians and staying politically correct. if all that nonsense hurts you the crime the inflation they don't care. and if they speak out in hollywood against biden and the democrats, they will get isolated. their roles will dry up, and their career will suffer. so their career is more important than your life and your livelihood they are plenty rich. celebrities don't care about the country. they just care about the
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politics cell you their version of american and they want to rewrite it and they don't you have in mind. sarah palin is running for congress in alaska and former vice presidential candidate. hey, sarah, how are you? >> i'm doing fine, thanks. all about politics trying to be the coolest one in the room. each on principle they can't go there with common sense. explain to the public that there are solutions out there to the -- to this crime problem, obviously, that we are all facing. but, they can't even go there. even when it comes, as you pointed out, jesse, to their own family safety, you would think a celebrity, for instance a celebrity mom would say what the hell? whatever it takes. i will protect my cubs as a
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momma grizzly. i will put politics aside. i will go to those solutions even if that means i lose friends and i lose influence in the celebrity world. they can't even do that on principle. have to question their love for their own children when they just can't go there towards a solution. >> do you think they want solutions? do you even think biden wants solutions? because all he does is point the finger at other people, you know, the hollywood celebrities they're silent as moms can't get baby formula as crime just sweeps through the country as people are getting rocked by $4, $5, $6 a gallon gas? do you think they want to make life easier for the average person or not? >> absolutely not. they want to wipe out the middle class, the mom and pop joe 6 pack of pee ons. they want to wipe us out in terms of influence so that they can have more power. that's what this is apply a
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little bit of common sense. what the heck, biden, lock up more and more lands. you are going to fork all the development of natural resources in order to go buy and be bribed by and bribe dangerous sources of oil in enemy territory. you will choose that over developing and creating jobs for our own people here in america. okay. that's a common sense solution open up the lands. allow development. obviously they don't want solutions. they thrive on chaos and division. that is how they elevate themselves and their influence and it's really sick and perverted and sinful. >> jesse: it is sinful. that's exactly the right way to put it i want to change gears for just a second and have you take a listener to this confrontational interview between cnn and that police chief in uvalde, texas who made the decision to delay sending the cops into the classroom where the gunman was hold up. let's watch this confrontation. >> we're not going to release anything. we have people in our community
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being buried soon. we are going to be respectful: >> responsible for the decision. >> right. >> how do you explain yourself to the parents. >> we're going to be respectful to the family. >> i understand. you have an opportunity. >> sure and we are going. >> explain yourself to the parent. >> just so you know we are going to do that eventually, obviously. >> when? >> whenever this is done. when the families quit grieving then we will do that obviously. >> jesse: i often don't say great things about cnn. i'm glad they got that interview. i'm not sure you had a chance to share your thoughts on the situation in texas and some of the disgraceful behavior from some of those officials down there. what are your thoughts, governor palin? >> bode so poorly on a collective character of texas. that's not texas. i know texas. that day that that horrible, horrible tragedy happened with the crazy man murdering babies, i was in texas at that time. i was in my daughter's -- my
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granddaughter's kindergarten lunchroom at the same time in a school in texas. i was looking at the chaos and how wonderful and happy everybody was at that same time in another town in texas. this was taking place. what i saw in that school there of my granddaughter's, caring, loving, these mate call and patriot call kids and done anything to protect those kids. if such tragedy were to take place in that school that's what i was thinking during that day. we see those on the front lines like those teachers, the parents who would do anything to protect those kids. the u.n. echelon, the top brass, those officials whom you are referring to for them to deny and point fingers and not be held accountable and not humble themselves to understand that the people who are willing to sacrifice all to protect children. they -- we need that from our officials. we need that from that top brass
4:15 pm
for them to acknowledge that they screwed up so that they don't do it again so that they can be more like role models other than law enforcement agencies, others who have find themselves in situations they could emulate the good things that a law enforcement official or team did instead of repeating the mistakes that were done there in texas. they need to acknowledge the mistakes so that those on the front lines, the moms, the dads, the teachers, the aides feel more empowered what they are doing is worth it and it is right in protecting kids. if our own top officials don't do that, that sets a pretty poor tone. >> jesse: it sure does. it's basic accountability. that's all we are asking for at this point. sarah palin, thank you so much, running for congress in alaska. good luck. >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up, where does the durham investigation go next? we talk exclusively to former attorney general bill barr who appointed him as special prosecutor. and, later, the johnny depp
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trial is finally over. what this means for cancel culture, the me too movement and the sick and twisted defamation industry. ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: for years we have known hillary tried to rig the 2016 election. she spread disinformation right out in the open and nobody did anything about it the media actually amplified it and she kind of got away with it. it was refreshing when trump appointed bill barr as attorney general. he promised to get to the bottom of it, appointing john durham as special prosecutor. shysters who tried to rig a presidential election would finally be held accountable,
4:22 pm
right? but that's not what happened this week. a d.c. jury stacked with hillary donors and left wing groupies found clinton's hatchet man lawyer michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. no surprise really. we warned you that could happen. and now the media is using the not guilty verdict to discredit the entire investigation. >> >> this case was a joke the entire durham investigation was a joke. >> this investigation of the deep state, this investigation of the investigators is much a do about nothing. it's more weirdoes, more conspiracy theorists, more freaks. they need to shut this down. it is a joke. >> jesse: the investigation is far from a joke but durham did make some serious missteps along the way that is letting the media portray it as such. he treated the fbi as if it were tricked by sussmann. but andy mccarthy in a good piece today in the "new york post" points out that is all
4:23 pm
wrong. the fbi was complicit and went along with the ruse and should be treated as accomplices, not suckers. quote: the fbi knew exactly who sussmann was. he represented the dnc when its servers were hacked and blocked the fbi from conducting its own forensic investigation. when sussmann pervade supposed evidence of a trump-russia communications back channel, the bureau knew full well that it was getting political information from a partisan source. but the bureau didn't care. if it meant taking down trump, sussmann's word was as good as gold. even if he was one of clinton's cronies. half the country still thinks trump is a russian asset and the people who framed him looked like they are getting away with it. bill barr is the author of one damn thing after another. and the former attorney general who appointed durham as special counsel to investigate the origins of the fbi russian
4:24 pm
probe. all right, so attorney general, do you feel any way responsible for how this durham situation is unfolding and are you disappointed in john durham? >> no, i'm very proud of john durham. and i do take responsibility for his appointment. i think he and his team did an exceptionally able job seeking out very important facts and presenting a compelling case to the jury. and the fact that he -- while he did not succeed in getting a conviction from the d.c. jury, i think he accomplished something far more important, which is he brought out the truth in two important areas. first i think he crystallized the central role played by the hillary campaign and launching as a dirty trick the whole russia gate collusion narrative and fanning the flames of it.
4:25 pm
and, second, i think he exposed really dreadful behavior by the supervisors and the fbi, the senior ranks of the fbi, who knowingly used this information to start an investigation of trump and then duped their own agents by lying to them and refusing to tell them what the real source of that information was. and that was appalling. i am a little tired of voices, you know, saying, you know, these people belong in jail. why aren't they in jail? get them in jail. what this episode should remind us about is that we don't just throw people in jail and the attorney general does not have the power to throw people in jail because the attorney general believes, even with high degree of confidence that people have acted improperly he has to prove his case yard before a jury.
4:26 pm
very favorable jury for anyone named clinton and the clinton campaign. those are the facts of life. and to get mad at law enforcement people because proving these cases beyond a reasonable doubt is difficult work is childish. >> jesse: do you understand the frustration, mr. attorney general of people who feel like this thing was a hoax and they feel victimized and they feel like they were cheated out of accountability here by not getting a conviction? because you know this narrative is that oh, you know, because the media didn't cover this trial at all. >> no one is more frustrated than the law enforcement people who are trying to uphold the law and trying to uphold one standard of the law. there are not. there are two standards of the law and we have had to struggle with that people have done, i think, a very good job trying to develop this case in the face of very strong headwinds. and part of this operation is to
4:27 pm
try to get the real story out. and i have said from the beginning, you know, if we can get convictions, if they are achievable, then john durham will achieve them. but, the other aspect of this is to get the story out. and i think that danchenko prosecution is going to further amplify these themes and the role that the fbi leadership played in this, which is increasingly looking fishy and explicable. >> jesse: tell us hot dan chen co-character is. i'm not sure the audience knows fully what -- >> -- he is the russian who was the conduit for all the information that made it into the dossier then used by the fbi to get the fisa warrant prosecute investigation against trump even after he became president of the united states and at a time when the veracity
4:28 pm
of that does way was falling apart and the fbi was aware that the primary source of it they had suspected of being a russian intelligence agent. the prospect that this was russian disinformation fed through hillary's campaign is very real and was never looked into by mueller even though he had all the relevant facts i don't believe it was lost or mismanaged because he painted the fbi as being duped. he didn't. what i think he skillfully did was focus on the clearest violation of the law that didn't require him to prove even much more onerous case of the bad faith of the fbi at this stage. that would have been herculean case and very difficult, high degree of difficulty compared to what he was doing. he treated the fbi as neutral
4:29 pm
and let the fact speak for themselves. he didn't say they were duped. you know, the materiality of the lie told by sussmann or that he was alleged to have told the fbi, in my mind, was clear. >> jesse: yeah. but they weren't neutral, were they? they weren't, the fbi? >> yeah. but, and that was a matter for, you know, that is a case that has to be built painstakingly and try to lead off by saying the fbi or bad guys in this was all -- this was all, you know, a vendetta by then would be a very hard thing to prove at this stage. >> jesse: it's hard to prove anything -- >> -- especially in front of a d.c. jury. >> jesse: it's hard to prove anything in front of a d.c. jury. you and i both agree on. that was. >> here are the facts. >> jesse: go ahead. >> complicated cases like this take a long time to build. they occur step-by-step. and in secret. people don't like that. but if they want people
4:30 pm
punished, that's what it takes. if they want the facts of what happened, you can get it that much more quickly. you can give people immunity and then, you know, require -- require them to provide evidence. >> yeah. we want. >> if you want the facts and want a report that can be done fairly quickly. if you want scouts, that takes time. >> jesse: we want punishment and a report. >> you want both. >> jesse: yeah. we want both. mr. attorney general thank you so much for joining "jesse watters primetime." >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: next, a "primetime" investigation into nancy pelosi's husband's missing mugshot and mysterious body cam footage. ♪
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>> jesse: whenever people get arrested there is a mugshot. these mugshots get entered into the public record. we should have a right to see
4:36 pm
them unless of course i are married to nancy pelosi, you get drunk, you blow a stop sign and smash your brand new porsche into another guy's car in the middle of the night on your way back to your multi million dollars husband in the napa vineyard. that's what nancy pelosi's husband did over the weekend. what did you do? he crashed, failed a drug alcohol test and charged with drunken driving. but for some reason we can't get our hands on his mugshot. nobody in california will release it. somebody is protecting pappa pauly. prime time has done everything by the book. we called the jail. they told us to call the sheriff who told us to call the city council and they gave us the run around. so we filed an official records request in writing and got this response, quote: the individual is not currently in custody in napa county jail. therefore, the booking photos you have requested were exempt for disclosure because the records you seek are exempt from
4:37 pm
release we have closed your request. we don't even know what that means but it sounds like screw you. you don't get mug shots of only people who are currently in jail. plenty of people get booked and out and have their mug shots released but paul pelosi is not like everyone else. so almost 96 hours after this crime took place, we have yet to see pauly p.'s mugshot. so we commissioned a sketch artist to draw pauly p's mugshot based on witness descriptions and publicly available information. and here's what we came up with. we will show this picture until the real one is released. "primetime" is not going to give up on this. in fact, we have a whole team of lawyers working on it right now and they're pretty expensive. while we are at it. we would also like to see the body camera footage. don't tell me cops weren't wearing cameras. we are filing a freedom of information request for that footage and well because we have right to know if nancy pelosi's
4:38 pm
husband said don't you know who i am? and i want to know if he can say his abcs backwards during the field sobriety test. hopefully nap that county will do the right thing. after nearly two months of intense and very personal testimony coming from inside the courtroom, a verdict is finally been reached in the johnny depp, amber heard defamation trial. for the details, we go to our chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher. >> hey, jesse the seven person jury deliberated over 12 hours for three days in the end they found both amber heard and johnny liable. he won on all counts. mainly that amber heard defamed him in three separate statements she made in an op-ed she wrote for "the washington post" back in 2018 in a accused johnny depp even without naming him of domestic violence. remember, depp sued his ex-wife
4:39 pm
for $50 million and amber heard counter sued depp for 100 million. here's the court readout of the damages. watch. >> as against amber heard, we, the jury, award compensatory damages in the amount of $10 million. as against amber heard, we, the jury, award punitive damages in the amount of $5 million. >> 5 million in punitive damages was lowered to 350,000 because that is the limit in virginia. the jury also awarded amber heard $2 million saying johnny depp defamed her through a statement made by his attorney. and here's a few highlights from the six-week trial beginning with the day that defamation gave way to defecation. and amber heard saying she did not leave feces in their marital bed. >> would that not be something you would do. >> first of all, i don't think that's funny.
4:40 pm
i don't know what a grown woman does. i was not also in a pranking mood. my life was falling apart. >> did mr. depp push you in any way down the stairs? >> no. >> during the course of your relationship did, he ever push you down any stairs? >> no. he never pushed me, kicked me or threw me. >> didn't get punched. you got hit. i'm sorry i hit you like this. but i did not purge you. i did not [bleep] you. i [inaudible] i don't know what motion of my actual hand was but you're fine. did i not hurt you. did i not punch you. i was hitting you. >> today amber heard called it a setback the idea violence against women to be taken seriously. johnny depp says the jury gave him his life back and is he truly humbled.
4:41 pm
jesse? >> thanks a lot, trace. let's turn to mark something easier to win lawsuits against people you get smeared by? >> it's an interesting case, number one they forum shopped and they picked virginia which has at best a tenuous relationship to anything that was going on here. number two, remember what the jury was tasked with was she was being sued for a headline she didn't write but she retweeted. he was being sued by her for what his lawyers said. i will -- and as trace just mentioned immediately the $5 million in punitive damages was immediately remitted or reduced to 350,000, which was the cap. so you have got 10 million and change on one side.
4:42 pm
you have the 10-3-50. the 2 million on the other clean-up obviously would offset. at the end of the day, there are going to be -- insurance companies are going to resolve this or it's going to go up on appeal and my prediction would be that some appellate justices are going to reverse this. >> we are going to see more johnny depp and amber heard fighting each other. me must hate each other. i guess that's what the country wants mark this country is obsessed with the story. maybe some of you at home aren't obsessed. but trust me there is a lot of appetite. why do you think america was so fixated on this trial. >> well, before the trump era. there was always the kind of super sized summer trial of the century. i can name a million of them. i have tried some of them in cable news and the news organizations would be fix stated on them. you remember, you have talked about them. and then they kind of disappeared into our own
4:43 pm
political reality show. now we're back to where we were before. america loves this kind of titillation, sex, drugs and rock and roll. and you got it all in this case. >> lastly, depp says he beat back cancel culture and amber said this was a big loss for the me too movement. how do you see it? >> i actually think it's even worse for the judicial system. i think it was abhorrent the way this case was tried, number one, it never should have been tried. it shouldn't have been this kind of spectacle, if you will. and i, most of the judges i know who i have talked to about this case in realtime just shake their heads at just how absurd this case had become. and that's too bad because there are legitimate cases involving legitimate injuries that should be tried and you shouldn't be taking up six weeks with these kind of war of the roses style beatdowns. and basically the jury basically
4:44 pm
did a pox on both their houses. at the end of the day it's a stretch legally into what occurred. >> jesse: maybe we can go back to seeing depp swash buckle through the caribbean. that's what everybody wants to see. mark geragos, thanks as always. >> exactly right. thanks, jesse. >> jesse: lifeguards, kangaroos and parents suing their children for not having babies. ♪ ugh-stipated... feeling weighed down by a backedup gut" miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. new poligrip power hold and seal. clinically proven to give strongest hold, plus seals out 5x more food particles.
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♪ >> jesse: wednesday so we have the water's cooler i came up with it i don't know how we did it. co-host of gutfeld kat timpf. first up when america thinks of kangaroos we often think they are cute and friendly creatures that would be wrong. australians know kangaroos are extremely violent like this man who brawled with one for six minutes after it tried to attack his dog. now it, looked like he was
4:50 pm
wrestling, and i think you are supposed to box the kangaroo, right? >> i have to admit i know very little about what to do in a kangaroo attack situation. although i just feel like it's kind of strange that he seems to be going on the offensive there. >> jesse: he was. >> gets rid of the kangaroo and dives back in. >> jesse: he wanted to the finish him off or. >> or he wanted to be on this show. >> jesse: congratulations you survived. >> jesse: not like a bear are you supposed to run up a tree. one animal you are supposed to climb a degree. >> i'm very lucky because i don't go out in the wilderness. i'm never going to be in an aencounter like that. joke will be on me if i'm drinking on a roof top and a grizzly comes up. i don't think it will happen. >> jesse: hop in a kangaroo's pouch and just hide and hope they don't notice. >> i would do that and a start a new life with the kangaroo. >> jesse: that's a whole nother conversation. up next, have you ever got the dreaded will i ever get grandkids question from your
4:51 pm
parents? well, six years after this couple from india spent their savings on their son's wedding, they are suing him for lack of grandkids. a deal, produce grand child in a year or pay $650,000 in damages. i guess that was maybe the cost of the wedding or something? i don't know. >> i was going to say they are overestimating like $650,000. they don't even know if they will like the grand kid or not. that's why i don't have kids. >> jesse: question of whether you will like your own grand kid. >> that's why i don't have children if i have them and they suck? i would have no one to blame but myself and how would i get over that? >> jesse: you can, -- as a parent can you mold them into kids that suck less. >> i don't know if that's true. i think that's -- because there is nature and there is nurture. so they are going to be half me and if my kid is anything like me i will be horrified. >> jesse: do you know what i will agree with you. >> my dad he doesn't care. he says if i don't have grandkids i don't care. he said i don't care.
4:52 pm
>> jesse: what else. >> great guy. i love my dad. >> jesse: i love your dad, too. even though we have never met. finally, summer is quickly approaching and so are summer jobs. hard to think of a summer job more idealic than a lifeguard. >> sitting on a beach and being able to tan, make a half a million dollars, last summer, the top paid lifeguard in l.a. made over $500,000. that is a lot of money for a lifeguard. >> not the best way to make a lot of money because one of the great things even if you make a lookout of money people think you make a lot of money. if you are trying to go out with a girl and lifeguard, she is not going to realize that you have that kind of money and then you can't bring it up. so, i'm not -- you know. >> jesse: no one assumes you are making half a million at a beach giving people mouth to mouth. >> absolutely not. one of the best parts about being rich is obviously being able to use that to attract
4:53 pm
people. and you can't do that if you are a lifeguard. >> jesse: it's true. you can attract some people as a lifeguard. have you ever seen bay watch? >> no. >> jesse: you have never seen bay watch. >> i have seen the clips of bay watch that have been on episodes of friends. >> jesse: not the same. you need to go home right now and watch the bay watch. david hasselhoff is expecting you and so is pam. all right. get it off the screen. don't go anywhere, i'm reading your texts. ♪ this is roundup weed and grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works. this stuff works down to the root so weeds don't come back. this stuff works without hurting your back. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this is roundup weed & grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works. this is roundup weed & grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works. since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes? maybe it's time to try trulicity.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: happy birthday, emma. my wife turned 30 today. over the weekend we celebrated in lbi come on the roof deck with jesse jr. we have the whole family there, the twins were there. we had cousins, they are the twins, we had cousins, grandparents, a great time was had by all. thank you so much for just being
4:59 pm
the best. i love you. time for some texts. mary, great monologue tonight. we also haven't seen any celebrities talking about how much we, the middle class, have been paying for medical insurance since obamacare went into effect. yeah, they are not going to say anything about that. derek from las vegas, great artist rendering of poly p. would have been better with a drink in his hands. [laughs] i shouldn't laugh about that. please find the nickname other then polly p for nancy's husband. sorry, i didn't give him that nickname. that is what i call him on the streaks for jack from hicks in tennessee, one question, why have all of the networks ignored the fact president biden was 50 miles away from the border during his trip to uvalde texas and did not go to the border. because if he went to the border he would have to admit there was actually a problem and he can't do it. susan from cleveland, tennessee, jesse, wanted to thank you for
5:00 pm
the tip you gave your viewers a while back about ozark. binge watched it over the long weekend and loved it. keep them coming. i have more recommendations coming up pretty soon, but we will save those for tomorrow. that is all for tonight. tucker carlson is up next, and always remember, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have not brought you enough on this story that you may know about. for the past two months, 25 million people in shanghai, china, one of the biggest cities in the world have been trapped inside their homes. on the basis of what it claims is a covid risk but is clearly purely political, the chinese government has locked them in. can't get out. anyone suspected of being sick has been shipped to a squalid quarantine camp, sometimes without running


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