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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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while back about ozark. binge watched it over the long weekend and loved it. keep them coming. i have more recommendations coming up pretty soon, but we will save those for tomorrow. that is all for tonight. tucker carlson is up next, and always remember, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we have not brought you enough on this story that you may know about. for the past two months, 25 million people in shanghai, china, one of the biggest cities in the world have been trapped inside their homes. on the basis of what it claims is a covid risk but is clearly purely political, the chinese government has locked them in. can't get out. anyone suspected of being sick has been shipped to a squalid quarantine camp, sometimes without running water.
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and then to make the humiliation complete, police collected household pets, tore them from their owners hands, and beat them to death in the streets, claiming that dogs and cats somehow spread disease. anyone who complained about this at a very clear answer from the government, which was broadcast at full volume from drones circling overhead. they said "control your soul's desire for freedom," so people did. they had no choice. that is what life is like in an authoritarian society. and not just in china. also in new zealand. less than a year ago, the left-wing new zealand government shutdown the entire country over a single covid case. don't talk to your neighbors, commended the prime minister, keep to your bubbles. in neighboring australia they did pretty much the same thing. police in australia beat a man for daring to have a cigarette outside his own apartment. that may all seem horrifying toc health authorities here loved it. they looked on in envy. unfortunately for tony fauci who recently claimed to msnbc, "you
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never be able to implement measures like that in the united states," and that is true, you would hope. but why couldn't you? why couldn't you do that here? well, tony fauci did not say it out loud and if you think about it it's pretty obvious. what do all of those other countries have in common? china, new zealand, australia. different populations, languages, forms of government, but all of them have disarmed their population. in those countries, ordinary people are defenseless and the government knows it. china of course was the first to confiscate privately held firearms after more than 50 years ago. political power grows from the barrel of a gun, chairman mao famously observed, and he wanted all that power for himself, so he got it. in 1996, australia followed after a mass shooting committed by a mentally disabled man. sounds familiar. the australian government in the aftermath of that declared self-defense was no longer a legitimate reason to own a firearm. the government confiscated hundreds of thousands of guns from law-abiding citizens. that is what happened.
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in 2019, after yet another mass shooting by a crazy person, neighboring new zealand did pretty much the same thing. so now, and all three of those countries, china, australia, new zealand, firearms are registered and licensed by the government and permitted only for hunting and sport shooting. citizens have been disarmed. so, last week's mass shooting in uvaldie, texas, occurred more than 2,000 miles from canada, you not think it was connected in any way to canada, but that countries prime minister justin trudeau saw an opening to repeat what is now a highly familiar script. on monday, trudeau announced because of deranged human nature in the u.s. committed an act of violence, canadians would no longer be allowed to defend themselves. watch. >> we recognize that the vast majority of gun owners use them safely and in accordance with the law. but other than using firearms for sports shooting and hunting, there is no reason anyone in canada should need guns in their
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everyday lives. >> tucker: there is no reason that anyone in canada should need guns in their everyday lives. that is the word from the botox dictator to the north. that means anyone in canada, apart from justin trudeau, because guns, it turns out, are a huge part of justin trudeau's everyday life, much more than your life. at all times, justin trudeau is surrounded by firearms, automatic rifles, extended magazines, what we call weapons of war. and justin trudeau always will be surrounded by weapons of war. even if he succeeds in confiscating every last privately held firearm in the nation of canada, justin trudeau will never disarm his own bodyguards. why? because he understands perfectly well that guns are the key to his power. so actually, one of those ironies we have become very familiar with recently, no one loves guns more than justin trudeau. in the rest of canada, in point of fact, guns aren't much of an issue.
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there were just 16 homicides in the million person city of ottawa over all of last year, and half of those involved knives and fists, not guns. one of them was a self-defense case. so guns are not killing a lot of canadians. he is legalizing fentanyl along with cocaine and methamphetamine in canada's third largest province, british columbia. this is a place, a province, more than 155 people died last month from drug ods. by comparison, in 2020, the entire nation of canada, 23 people died per month in acts involving a firearm. why if you are concerned about public health would you ban firearms but legalize fentanyl. fentanyl is what people are dying from, not guns, how does
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that make sense? it only makes sense if your goal is to keep the population weak and vulnerable, even if it killed them. that would explain why trudeau is not stopping with british columbia, he also said he is working with toronto and edmonton to legalize fentanyl there, as well. meanwhile, at the same time, also under the guise of public health, trudeau has just announced an indefinite extension of his country's travel ban for millions of canadian citizens, just like in china, just like in cuba, so if you haven't taken justin trudeau's totally ineffective yet still mandatory covid backs, you can't leave your own country, he also can't travel internally by plane or train. this is not a public health measure, of course, it is a show of force from a tyrant. but if you don't like it, tough, there is nothing you can do. why? because you have been disarmed. >> it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer, or import handguns anywhere in canada.
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and we will require the permanent alteration of long gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds. >> tucker: you can have all the fentanyl you want, but you can't defend yourself. and it is not just gun confiscation as you heard, it is magazine confiscation. and as always, our authorities, mostly in the democratic party, are taking very close notes when they watch justin trudeau speak. joe biden just announced that 9 millimeters ammunition's "high-caliber," which makes anyone who understands guns laugh, and should therefore be banned, 9-millimeter, the single most common pistol round sold in the united states by far should be banned, should joe biden. in new york, the unelected governor kathy hochul just announced legislation to "eliminate the grandfathering of large capacity ammunition heating devices." that means your legal magazine is now illegal. possessing it is now a crime. it wasn't yesterday. it is today. that is the word from the
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unelected governor of new york, because that is democracy. she also plans to create a licensing requirement for all semiautomatic weapons. that is not just the scary looking ones you see on tv, that is all semiautomatic weapons. including your deer rifle. so while they disarm you as in canada, our leaders are busy decriminalizing serious crimes. ones that actually hurt you. for example, cutting to "the seattle times," police in seattle are no longer investigating rape. yes, they are "no longer assigning detectives this new year to cases with adult victims. that is rape victims. they will have to do without. people in charge want this to be a safer country, they would have caused the current crime wave in the first place, they would not have defunded police and encourage open-air drug market markets and our cities. they would not be sending crack pipes to addicts. but they are not worried about public health at all, what they are worried about is public resistance to their policies. disarming the population and
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that resistance. they are very concerned because they know they rule illegitimately and the population will rise up. that probably has not occurred to you. it has definitely occurred to them. it has occurred to the corporate media they control, whose job it is to push their paragraphs. they would very much like a canada/china style gun ban in this country. watch them salivate. >> we need only look south of the border that if we do not take action firmly and rapidly, it gets worse and worse. >> pretty striking about that phrase he used, right, south of the border, to describe us, the united states. the phrase you hear so often in this country by people who are kind of denigrating mexico as a supposedly lawless land of, you know, ultraviolence. that is how they see us. >> trudeau says listen, he understands, most gun owners use their guns safely, but there is really no need, like many people have been talking about, for assault style weapons in their
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country. >> i want to consider how a real democracy actually handles gun issues and changes to gun laws. consider what canadian prime minister justin trudeau had to say about guns in canada. >> tucker: [laughs] canada looks down on america! informs the rachel maddow impersonators on msnbc. notice they use to brag about the canadian health care system. it is so great, why don't we emulate it? you're not her that recently. why is that? because canadians flee here for serious operation. the truth is, in canada as the united states, people you just on television, formulating these restrictions, gun grabs, violations of your constitutional rights, will never under any circumstances give up their own weapons of war. they just want to make it harder for you to defend yourself. now as in the case with all of these laws, from cigarette taxes to gun laws, the poor get hurt the most. charla duff and steve kneeling,
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two journalists in michigan, found police response times are twice as long and poor neighborhoods as rich neighborhoods. if anyone needs the power to defend themselves it is people who live in poor neighborhoods, the same people the democratic party claims to care about, but they don't seem to actually care and that is why beto o'rourke is now talking again about seizing ar-15s from the homes of law-abiding people. here he is. >> not only should no one be able to purpose and ar-15 or ak-47, because they are designed to kill humans and that high-impact high velocity round will tear up everything inside, they will bleed out before we can get you back to life. but i don't think the people who have them right now should be able to keep them. >> tucker: shouldn't be able to keep them. beto o'rourke has decided what rights you should have. bait or bark was never had a jod money, not even very smart, is telling you what the parameters of your god given right enshrined in our constitun
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ought to become i don't think you should have that right. buzz off, pal. you would think republican officeholders exist to push back against this and defend the bill of rights, is that their job and why you voted for them? oh, no, they are playing along just to show they care. so this weekend, one of the weakest of them all, really an embarrassment to the state of arkansas, the governor of arkansas, asa hutchinson, noted ally to the trans community, said he is open to more restrictions on legal rivals. watch asa hutchinson. >> what is the one area, talking about guns here not as much as schools, what is the one area on gun safety where you think there could be common ground? >> well, first of all, i think you have to be able to talk about the ar-15 style weapons and whether that is an 18 or 21 age. you have to at least have a conversation about that. >> tucker: so you've got to wonder, asa hutchinson think into himself, how do i impress the cnn anchor?
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i am not some from conway, arkansas. i get what i need to do. i am a responsible adult, i have been to the aspen institute, i go to davos if they invited me. you have to wonder how many constituents agree with him. probably zero, he does not care, you can see where this is moving, you're going to try to take your guns away. what will happen when they do? would be a safer country? have they been good at disarming criminals? no. it turns out you will be completely dependent upon them for your safety. what will that look like? we can ask the woman who called the police from the grocery store in buffalo two weeks ago when a lunatic walked in and started murdering people. she called 911 and what happened? the 911 anchor hung up on her. we can ask the parents of those kids in uvalde. the police, the true, showed up and stood outside. watch. [indistinct shouting]
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>> you are not helping. >> tucker: so it is not an attack on police. we defend the police and will continue to do that, including the ones in uvalde. no doubt they are mostly good and decent and patriotic people but the truth of all police, about all government workers, but everyone outside your family as they are never going to care about your family as much as you do because it is your family not theirs. you will lay down your life to defend your children. why would they? they are not their children. not an attack just an obvious observation. and a lot of times the truth is since we have defunded the police across the country, they don't even show up because there aren't enough of them to show up. so, where there were -- where were the police, by the way, when this woman got stabbed in broad daylight in new york city. may 22nd in brownsville, brooklyn. there were no cops there. they just walked up and stabbed her. these kind of attacks happen a lot, and they are particularly common in the very cities that
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have disarmed law-abiding gun owners. the footage you are seeing now is from the bronx in march, thugs robbed a young woman at gunpoint and turned the gun at her 3-year-old boys had. where were the police? they had bundy funded. and even if they haven't been defunded, they can't be everywhere. if you want to defend yourself, you have to do it yourself, that is just the truth. by contrast, a woman and charleston stopped a mass shooter the other day, did not call the police, showed up with an ar-15 is that he was going to kill everybody, and she shot him to death. >> police say -- this video shows the scene from stories above captured by a cell phone and sent to eyewitness news. the man with the rifle was later identified by police as dennis butler. court documents reveal he has been convicted of two felonies which include child neglect and child abuse. charges such as those make it illegal for him to have a gun or ammo, but one night he allegedly
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fired into a crowd here. charlston police that he was shot and killed by a woman that was licensed to carry a gun. >> tucker: oh, so what is the headline from that story? he was not allowed to be in possession of a gun, it was against the law for him to have a gun. but it looks like gun laws did nothing to deter the lunatic with the rifle when he started shooting strangers and neither did the police because they weren't there, and no police officer could get there in time to save the lives of the people present. the only reason they are still alive is because a woman in the crowd, a citizen, have a gun and she used it to defend herself. why is she not a hero? the truth is, any government that tries to make you more dependent, any government that tries to make you less self-sufficient, is by definition a malicious government. they are not on your side. they are trying to hurt you. former nhl player theo fleury understands that. he is a canadian and play for many years in the nhl, if you are a hockey fan you know exactly who he is, he is your
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hero. he is now the director of media for canadians for truth, justice, and freedom. he joins us tonight. theo, thank you so much for coming on. it is really, really sad for those of us, small but i have a americans who love canada to see where your prime minister is taking the country. i mean, where is this going? >> well, we all know where it is going, right? this ideology has been tried 24 times in the history of the planet, and the only thing that comes out of it is death, you know, the communist, globalist agenda, and what we are seeing right now is we are seeing the insane running the asylum, and, you know, we are headed down a wrong road and a wrong path right now. >> tucker: to ban self-defense in the nation but legalized
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sentinel, when fentanyl is killing multiples of the people that guns are killing in canada, that does not wake canadians up to the reality of this guy's? >> well, you would hope it would, but, you know, tucker, i work in the field of trauma, mental health, addiction, i've been in the space for 15 years, and the underlying theme is trauma, right? i believe that every single issue we have in society starts with trauma. and what we have seen over the last, you know, probably three years is systemic trauma and systemic abuse caused by the government. and what we are seeing is we saw a spike in mental health, we saw a spike in opioid use, we saw a spike in suicides, you know, 7 and 8-year-old kids are having suicidal ideation, so
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this is preplanned, and premeditated, and, you know, what trudeau announced in the last couple of days is all part of the plan and where we are headed. and it is sick, and it is disgusting, and it needs to stop. >> tucker: that is the most interesting thing i've heard in a long time, can you just be a little more specific and explain what you meant when you send the government has caused trauma on purpose for the last three years? >> yeah, there is political trauma. they are causing as much chaos and trauma as they possibly can, right? we are seeing all these mass shootings now. you know, we are legalizing -- we are legalizing drugs. think about that, tucker, we are legalizing crystal meth is now a part of the canadian health care system. that is basically what they said. that is complete insanity. it's insanity. and it needs to stop.
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this type of rhetoric. this type of leadership needs to go, and it needs to go now. >> tucker: and people are shell-shocked after years of this. i'm going to be thinking about that for the next week. i think that if such an amazing observation and so clearly true. >> yeah, it's, you know, we are going to have people who have ptsd from the last three years because of what's going on, and this is premeditated and preplanned. the world economic forum is in canada, and is running our country and running the great reset, whatever the hell you want to call it, it is happening in canada, and it is being played out. the script is being played out every single day in this country, and it's got to stop. >> tucker: amazing conversation. i'm really glad you came on tonight. hope we see you again. theo, thank you. >> absolutely. thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: so covid is over,
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elon musk is telling employees of tesla to return to the office. it trace gallagher has that story. >> what he calls the most exciting and meaningful products on earth, you cannot phone it in, so last night he sent tesla workers a blunt email saying "anyone who wishes to do remote work what must be in the office for a minimum, and i mean minimum, of 40 hours per week for depart tesla" prp went on to write, "if you do not show up, we will assume you have resigned. in the email, the richest man in the world laid out other rules like saying the office must be the employer's primary workplace, not a remote branch. tesla has not commented but when elon musk was asked on twitter, quoting, "hey, elon, any additional comment to people who think coming into work as an antiquated concept?" musk responded "they should pretend to work somewhere else." speaking but about twitter, which elon musk is trying to buy, that company has said employees can work from home
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forever if they prefer. tucker? >> tucker: amazing. trace gallagher, thank you so much for that. >> you bet. >> tucker: so while you were preoccupied watching all the chaos, we came a lot closer to a very serious conflict with russia. joe biden is intent on getting us into a full-scale war with russia. we feel duty bound to bring you details. last night you saw the first part of our conversation with brett favre, one of the great quarterbacks of all time. tonight, we have more. super interesting, good guy. we've got that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, the war with russia? looks like it is real. joe biden, who is apparently president of the united states, has announced an op-ed the united states will "provide ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in ukraine." not just ukraine, they will build to reach russia so we are funding a war against russia. this is not lost on the russians. in response, the russian foreign minister said that move dramatically increases the risk of direct conflict between the united states and the russian military. so the question is, where is this going? what is the objective of our
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funding ukrainian government? how will we know when we can stop? doug mcgregor is a former senior advisor to the secretary of defense and a career military officer and we are happy to have him join us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. i guess that is the question not enough people asked over of 20 years in afghanistan. what is the objective? and how will we know when we have achieved it? >> well, first of all, this high mobility artillery rocket system the president mentioned is actually a very good system that can deliver a lot of firepower. the problem is, we are apparently sending one launcher that has six tubes for six rockets. in addition to that, i don't know how they are going to acquire targets. what level of surveillance or radars they've got. perhaps they're going to depend on us for space-based surveillance, but i think under the circumstances, given the fact this is one launcher, not 50, the russians can probably relax. it is hard when you look at something this ridiculous not to
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conclude that this is a face-saving measure on the part of the administration that really doesn't want to admit this war was lost a long time ago. if anything, this is sort of like handing somebody a life preserver on the beach just as hundred foot waves and a tsunami are about to crash into him. so this is not going to have any impact. it's not going to be a game changer. >> tucker: interesting. so clearly, some people in the administration must know that. what do you think they are thinking? i think it is fair for the rest of us to ask, what is the end game here, what is the point? when will we know when we have achieved the point and we can stop funding the government of ukraine? >> to be frank, this administration and the defense department have always been several steps behind in their thinking about everything, and i think at this point, they want to find a way to keep this for going as long as possible. they don't want to admit they were wrong, that they run a tremendous disinformation
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campaign. they don't want to admit that they brought the world, particularly africa, by the way, to the brink of famine because they stop the export of wheat. they don't want to talk about any of the things that really matter. they want to focus as much attention as possible on anything that promises to harm russia. and in the final analysis, russia is going to come out of this looking pretty good. ukraine, on the other hand, is destroyed and is effectively a failed state. >> tucker: remarkable. colonel doug macgregor, one of the very few honest voices on this subject. we are always happy to have you. thank you very much. so, a question has arisen in the public sphere is repeatedly that you never thought you had to answer and that is what is a woman? apparently a supreme court justice has no idea so matt walsh decided to get to the bottom of it and made a film on the question, what is a woman? we will talk to him and in the second vehicle and parts article of our conversation with brett favre straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: last night we showed you part one of our interview with brett favre, streaming right now and fox nation, starting tomorrow, part two of the interview goes online. with interest income of all people played particularly at the highest level in nfl, brett favre is one of the few got up fully intact, not just physically, but with an intact and happy family. how did he do that exactly? not a shallow guy, it turns out, that is how he did it. in this interview he tells us the single most important piece of advice he gives people who ask him for advice. here is preview. ♪ ♪ >> let the chips fall where they may. you know, save your money, enjoy yourself, but don't -- you don't try to -- because when you start doing that, it's like, i'm going to play in this game, this preseason game, but i'm going to play not to get hurt. who is the first person to get hurt? that guy.
5:37 pm
not everybody, but the mentality, some of the guys would have, i'm going to play this amount of time or i'm going to play this way. in this game. and you can't play that way. you can't, your mind said, i don't think you can be successful because me before yoi thought i was going to play years but i did not even make the roster. i saw that happened so many times. >> sounds like a broader life lesson, just all in every day and what happens happens? >> yeah, yeah. what was so cool about the game of football, the teammates, all different backgrounds, race, size, speed. there was just a discrepancy. but we came together as one. and that was the beauty of it. when you won an unbelievable
5:38 pm
game that you won on the last play, celebrating with your teammates, there's nothing like it. i can't describe to you with that feeling is, to see the guys look at me like man, we did it, we did it. the we is an important part of that phrase. like throwing touchdown passes at lambeau field, there is no substitute for that "we," that united feeling. and losing a tough game together, man, crying, cried many a days after a tough loss, but i cried with my teammates. because it mattered. and not every guy played it that way with that passion. i think, when it was over for them, however many years it was, how much or how little, they didn't appreciate it. >> yeah. >> and i coached high school
5:39 pm
football for two years when i retired. didn't make any money, didn't want any money. enjoyed the hell out of it. and i thought, it was kind of a favor to the head coach, to be his offensive coordinator, but it ended up being a blessing, because i really enjoyed it. but i will tell those kids all the time, you've got to enjoy the moment. i said, first of all, you are young. when i was your age, i couldn't wait to be 21, move on to the next level. and while fortunate enough that i played long enough in the nfl, time sort of stopped, if that makes sense. >> yeah. >> along the way, kind of stop and smell the roses. first five, seven, eight years, it was both to the wall, going and going, and next thing i know, it seemed like it took forever but before you knew it, you turn 30, the next birthday, you are 53, and the next birthday was 53, like damn, way to the 23 years in between
5:40 pm
go? i was fortunate enough that i played long enough that i could kind of stop and say, you know, enjoy this. enjoy this moment, no matter how fun or disappointing it is. enjoy this moment because there will be a time, too quickly, it will be gone, and i saw so many guys not -- it was here and gone. just like them. never got to appreciate it. >> tucker: so tomorrow you can see part two of that conversation of brett favre, it is going to be on fox nation. part one is already online. so it used to be easy to answer the question, what is a woman? what do women want, that was a whole 'nother question, but what is a woman, nobody asked because it was so obvious, you could tell by looking. now supreme court justices don't know the answer, so to get to the bottom of this new question, this essential question, matt walsh decided to make a documentary about this. the piece is called "what is a woman"? in the film, matt walsh talks to
5:41 pm
a gender affirming therapist to better understand his own gender. here's part of it. >> the fluidity of these things come how do i know if i am a woman? >> that's a great question. >> i like scented candles, and i have watched "sex and the city." >> yeah. >> so how do i know? >> matt, that question right there, that question is, like, when it is asked with a lot of curiosity, that is the beginning of a lot of peoples, like, gender identity development journey. >> what is a woman? >> mm, yep. great question. i'm not a woman, i can't really answer that. >> tucker: yeah. if you like scented candles, it could be the beginning of your gender development journey. walsh also spoke to a pediatrician, who assured them that women taking puberty blockers, while it may effectively castrate them, it is no big deal. >> a kiddo who is just starting puberty and panicking because they are getting breast buds or
5:42 pm
their penis is getting bigger or they are worried about masculine changes, puberty blockers, which are completely reversible, and don't have permanent effects, are wonderful because we can put that paws on puberty, just like if you were listening to music, you put the paws on and stop the blockers and puberty would go right back to where it was, the next note in the song just elated that period of time. >> tucker: of course, purity blockers are not completely reversible and they absolutely do have permanent effects come obviously comes out raises the question, are those interviews real? we thought we would ask matt walsh directly. he is a host of "the matt walsh show" and his documentary "what is a woman" is out now, at the daily wire. the thing's for making this, and coming onto its plate and it. those interviews, just those clips we showed were over the top, were those real? >> i wish i could say that we invented that. the thing is, if i was going to
5:43 pm
invent a parody of left-wing gender theory, i would never think to create, you know, a therapist tell me i am actually a woman because i like scented candles. i would have thought that was too far. this is very real. one thing that comes out in the film is a lot of this stuff, on the surface, it is hilarious because it is so absurd, but then you realize this gender ideology is utterly pervasive and it is all over the country and what you just heard they are, a therapist will tell you, yeah, you might be a woman because you like scented candles. there are people actually confuse going to these counselors and therapists and coming out even more confused, which is all by design, so there is the absurdity on the surface and then underneath it, it is really quite sinister. >> tucker: so the second interview, the clip we played, that was a physician? because she claimed puberty blockers have no long-term effects, which of course is not true, so why does she have a license till, is she a doctor? >> she is a doctor and she is
5:44 pm
also a pediatrician, she specializes in this kind of thing, working with gender confused kids, and putting them on the path to chemical castration, which is exactly what that is, by the way. we get into an exchange with this, the drug they use that they call puberty blockers, that is a drug that is actually used too chemically castrate sex offenders and they are giving it to kids. i brought that up to her in the film and that was the first time she threatened to get up and walk out of the room because she did not want to talk about it but that is exactly what these people are doing. what we discovered, they don't want to answer any questions at all about any of this, and they can't. gender ideology and the agenda that they have cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny which is sort of the point of the question. okay, let's start with defining our terms, what even is a woman? they can't answer that. they don't have an answer to that question. >> tucker: thank you for making this. that is amazing.
5:45 pm
i cannot believe you got them to sit down with you. great to see you. matt walsh. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, the drug epidemic we are in is the single deadliest drug epidemic in american history. 107,000 people died last year, most of them young. so new york city has a solution to the problem, and that is encourage more fentanyl use, because it is now empowerment. we are not making that up. we will show you the new poster straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: more than a hundred thousand americans died from drug ods last year, probably more than the town you grew up in, the total population, you may have known some of them. more than 70,000 of those senseless deaths were from drug ods, fentanyl should be the biggest story, but the new york city helped to prompt is not bothered by it because it is not covid. there telling users being addicted to fentanyl is empowering so they took out this advertisement to put it on the subway. it reads "don't be ashamed if you are using, be empowered to that you are using safely."
5:51 pm
it also encourages people to "avoid using alone" and to "take turns using fentanyl with others." knows a lot about the son subject, a recovering addict, so prescribed after a surgery and got addicted. thanks so much for coming on. you have seen every part of this epidemic. too much of it. what do you make of these ads? >> yes, too much of it. thank you for having me, tucker. when i first saw these ads, i thought, to use the word empowerment, to me, was ridiculous. first of all, my drug addiction robbed me of my dignity, my health, my kids, my sanity, there was no empowerment in my drug addiction, and whether i used with a friend or whether i used a clean pipe, it still took me to the depths of hell, so i don't understand how we are encouraging -- it sounds very much like encouraging and
5:52 pm
empowering people. at the very bottom, the very bottom left-hand corner, and after thought is, here is how you get help. i don't understand why they don't lead with that. >> tucker: well, sure. it is the opposite. i mean, addiction is the most degrading thing that can happen to a person. most people have been addicted to something they would tell you they would rather have cancer than an addiction, so to have the authority's encouraging addiction, what does this mean? why would they do that? to the you have any idea? >> you know, i am digging into that, and to me, it is a big industry -- >> tucker: right. a very big industry, the addiction and treatment -- treatment, you know, but we have the same thing in san francisco. we have had posters like this up for a while, use with friends, and the pictures they show look like people partying and having a good time. you know, it's enabling.
5:53 pm
and they put these posters up and the hand people foil and the hand people straws and they had people pipes and say we are meeting them where they are at, but they are leaving there. it's not compassionate to leave someone on the streets. >> tucker: if you gave this advice to your own children, and helped them use narcotics, you would have them taken away by family services, correct? >> absolutely. that's what happened to me. >> tucker: right. >> i was in the middle of a meth a meth-induced psychosis on the streets, and the police picked me up. i lost my kids. i lost everything. they took me to a mental facility, and they said you can go in here or you can go to jail, and we aren't doing that anymore. we need to do more. >> tucker: i think you are exactly -- if you want to say people's lives. and actually empower them and return them their dignity. gina mcdonald, i appreciate your perspective and bravery. thank you. >> thank you so much, tucker.
5:54 pm
>> tucker: so, the johnny depp trial, in case you have been following, that ended today. lots of lessons from it, one is you should not necessarily believe all women, but we will let you decide what to think. we will tell you about it after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so we occasionally, we will admit it, take a look at "the washington post" so you don't have to, jeff bezos' personal newspaper, and we remember back in 2018 during the #metoo moral panic, and actress called amber heard wrote an op-ed in the newspaper accusing johnny depp of abusing her. it ultimately went to trial, as you may know, and today the journey know my jury found that op-ed was defamatory and awarded johnny depp damages. one of the lessons we can draw from this, we are going to restrain ourselves and draw no lessons and let you do that vehicle we will see you tomorrow. by the way, don't forget to stream our interview with brett favre on fox nation and tomorrow, congress is holding an
6:00 pm
emergency hearing to take away another constitutional right. it will not make you savor. we will talk to someone who watched her husband murdered in front of her and could do nothing about it because guns gun laws prevented her. we will be back tomorrow night, the show does the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert, my full monologue, by the way, is coming up in just a moment but first we have breaking news out of tulsa, oklahoma, by this afternoon a gunman opened fire on a hospital campus. here with the very latest is our very own trace gallagher, trace? >> sean, this happened in the st. thomas hospital in tulsa, orthopedic center and offices many doctors. we are told a man walked into the thing with a rifle and handgun an open fire. police they both weapons were used in the death toll now


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