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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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another constitutional right. it will not make you savor. we will talk to someone who watched her husband murdered in front of her and could do nothing about it because guns gun laws prevented her. we will be back tomorrow night, the show does the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have the best night with the ones you love. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert, my full monologue, by the way, is coming up in just a moment but first we have breaking news out of tulsa, oklahoma, by this afternoon a gunman opened fire on a hospital campus. here with the very latest is our very own trace gallagher, trace? >> sean, this happened in the st. thomas hospital in tulsa, orthopedic center and offices many doctors. we are told a man walked into the thing with a rifle and handgun an open fire. police they both weapons were used in the death toll now stands at five, including four
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victims and the shooter, who apparently turned a gun on himself. none of the victims has yet been identified, but witnesses say two of them appeared to be dressed as a doctor and a nurse. others could be patients or visitors. the shooter is only identified as a black male between the ages of 35 and 40. we are told the entire shooting lasted less than 4 minutes and that tulsa police went into the building without hesitation, and the tulsa mayor said the city should be proud. for that is clearly a reference to the delayed entry we saw last week in uvalde, texas. police are still in the building doing room to room checks and say that at least one witness did lock themselves in a closet during the shooting. so far, sean, we do not have a motive. we will bring you more as we get it. sean? >> sean: all right, trace, thank you. we will continue to update you throughout the hour tonight as more information becomes available, but we begin with a trial everyone tonight is talking about, and it is now
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official, the circus is finally over, at least for now, a northern virginia jury has awarded johnny depp $15 million in his defamation suit against ex-wife amber heard. mao the same jury then awarded heard $2 million in her countersuit, in other words between you and netted $13 million, cleared his name of those #metoo accusations from a "washington post" op-ed. the civil case involved the wildest allegations of drug use, jealousy, physical and psychological abuse, verbal abuse, and one rather unusual claim surrounding human feces in a bed, neither celebrity, i can tell you this, emerged unscathed, it like if you binge watch one of those netflix series, it's dark, it's all-consuming, no real winners from the civil trial. for example, here's one small
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look into this couple's tumultuous relationship. >> i did not punch you. i did not punch you. i did not leave go deck you. i don't know what the motion of my actual hand was but you are fine i did not hurt you, i did not punch you, i was hitting you. what am i supposed to do? >> sean: now it would appear from what we just saw that amber heard was the abusive one in the relationship. here is one more example of that alleged abuse. take a look. >> she through the large bottle, and it made contact and shattered everywhere, and i honestly didn't -- i didn't feel the pain at first at all. i felt no pain whatsoever. what i felt was -- i felt heat.
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i felt heat and i felt as if something were dripping down my hand. and then i looked down and realized the tip of my finger had been severed, and i was looking directly at my bones. >> sean: and here is more testimony from depp claiming he would run from room to room in order to get away from amber heard, which made her, well, let's say a little unhappy. take a listen. >> i think that i ended up locking myself in about, at least nine bedrooms, bathrooms that day, as she was banging on the doors and screaming obscenities and wanting to have
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a physical altercation. >> sean: now keep in mind, during the trial, heard also leveled some very graphic allegations against johnny depp. by the way, view or warning, what you are about to here is pretty disturbing. take a look. >> and that it became clear to me he was looking for something. he cleared things off the bed. i went into the bathroom, and as i come out, he asked me where it is. and how long i have been hiding it. and i'm was like, what are you talking about? and he said you know what i am [bleep] talking about. you know what i am [bleep] talking about. be honest with me. where are you hiding it? and he starts, you know, what feels like patting me down or saying he has patting me down, i can't recall, but he ripped my dress. the strap top part of my dress, he is grabbing my breasts,
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touching my thighs, he rips my underwear off, and then he... proceeds to do a cavity search. he was looking -- he said he was looking for his drugs, his cocaine, his coke. >> sean: not ultimately jury did not find most of heard's outlandish claims to be credible, even after these text messages from johnny depp to a friend. listen to this. >> i would like to apologize to the court and to the jury for some of the language that i'm going to have to use today, but unfortunately, we are going to see a lot of documents with language like this. after you said let's drown her before we burn her, mr. depp, use that i will [bleep] her
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burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead. that is what you said. >> sean: now needless to say, regardless of who you believe or what you believe, one thing is obvious. this was not a healthy relationship in any way, especially given the allegations of revenge defecation. watch this. >> i received some news that was... as absurd and grotesque and cruel, and then i was shown a picture of what the problem was. >> what was the photograph of, mr. depp?
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>> it was a -- it was a photograph of the bed, our bed, and on my side of the bed, um, was human fecal matter. so i understood why it wasn't a good time to go down there. >> sean: there are so many takeaways you can get from this trial. i guess you can start, don't do these kind of drugs, it's not going to end well. and also come again, as a public, we are reminded, never rush to judgment. we do believe in the presumption of innocence, due process is critically important always, and just because somebody does make an allegation does not make it true. we saw this with justice kavanaugh, we saw it with clarence thomas, we cited the uba rape case, duke
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lacrosse, nicholas and men, cambridge police, ferguson, missouri, baltimore, and here we go again, so many people did rush to judgment. in a statement from his spokesperson, depp celebrated the verdict, thanking the jury for giving him his life back after the "false and very serious and criminal allegations that were levied at him via the media." meanwhile, amber heard, now down $13 million, was less upbeat. "the disappointment that i feel today is beyond words. i am heartbroken that the mountain of evidence still was not high enough to stand up to the disproportionate power, influence, and sway of my ex-husband." she continued, "i'm sad i lost this case, but i am sadder still that i seem to have lost a right that i thought i had as an american to speak freely and openly." of course, no one has the right to defame someone in "the washington post," even if the post is more than happy to publish it. we will have more on the media mob angle in just a moment but
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first, he with reaction to all of this saga, she has a host of "crime stories" on, our own nancy grace is with us. nancy, first of all, i don't see any winners here, to start with, and secondly, i look at the utter, evil brutality, darkness, use every adjective you can think of, and i know these situations arise. my advice to anyone if you find yourself in one, get out as soon as possible. don't pass go. do not collect 200. leave immediately. thoughts? >> well, as to the verdict that has just come down the last hour, as i said at the get-go, it is like two white cats in the barrel. the only question was, which one is going to crawl out on top of the other, and in this case, depp called out on top. and i can tell you another thing, sean hannity, it will be a cold day in h-e-double-l what
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i would let my daughter stay in a relationship where someone used drugs and raped with a bottle. right now she is in issued a statement -- >> sean: nancy, let me -- nancy, nancy, let me interrupt you a second. so, the jury obviously did not buy that because if they didn't know mike did, they would come to a different verdict. >> that's right. >> sean: it sounds like you did believe that, is that true? >> what i just said was, if someone had body cavity search me for drugs or raped me with a wine bottle, i would be gone. i wouldn't stay around. but she did. which in my mind negates the claim. i find that very fantastical to believe. and for her to now say this was a david and goliath story, where
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she is cast as david and depp as goliath, that somehow she can fight all this power and sway, that is not her undoing. her undoing was her own lies in front of the jury. you can't go into court and expect that everything about you is not going to be exposed, because it will be, and it is a matter of -- i am not saying, sean hannity, that this was a popularity contest. nobody is mine to be crowned miss congeniality, that is not going to happen, but when a jury can smell your lies, they are not going to like you into going not going to believe anything you say and i believe they can smell lies. >> sean: nancy grace, always great to have you. thank you for joining us. according to constitutional scholar jonathan turley, depp walks away in a far greater victory in genocide's allegations. the aclu helped write the
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defamatory column. this will now magnify criticism of the role of the aclu. here with more as law professor, fox news contributor jonathan turley. i found your comments about the aclu interesting, but also, two things really struck me. number one, it was her admission, well, i did not punch you, but i hit you. the allocation of defecating in one's bed, and this notion she was complaining on one of the tapes that he would walk into another room and then another room and another room, which indicated to me that he was trying to de-escalate. is that a fair interpretation? >> well, not only is a fair interpretation, it seems to be the interpretation of the jury. this is a trial turned almost exclusively on credibility, and the jury clearly did not find her very credible, in fact, they found her culpable, judging from this ruling.
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the key to remember is as a public figure -- and both of them are public figures -- there was a higher standard, a higher burden of proof, called actual malice. this jury found that not only was she saying something that was full's, but she did it with malice, and he really ran the table on these counts. they found for every one of these allegations, so they clearly did reject her allegations. many of us noted that she did not come across very well on the stand. >> sean: what did you think -- why do you think the other loser in the case is the aclu, and while the jury awarded $5 million in punitive damages, it was reduced by the judge to $350,000 because the commonwealth of virginia, their law limits punitive damages. what are your thoughts on those two things? >> well, first of all, i have never been a fan of these caps
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on punitive damages. jurors tend to give punitive damages in a very small number of cases, less than 1%, but they are there to register a jury's outrage, to say this is far beyond the pale, this is not just defamation, it is worthy of something more, and i think states like virginia really do a disservice by having the lower caps, i have been radical of these caps for a long time. now in terms of the aclu, many people have been critical of the aclu for years and how it has changed. it used to be an organization was focused on free speech, due process, and this mission of protecting individual rights. it has become more and more political. it has drifted. in this case, we found out aclu staffers helped write this defamatory opinion piece, and many of us were saying, what were you even doing in this realm? why were you even involved? and the aclu selected her as
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their spokesperson for abuse. and they just simply seemed to accept her allegations and reject the claims of depp that he was not an abuser. and of course, that was the response of hollywood and the media. we have seen it before. now it is not clear that this is going to be a redemptive moment for depp. you know, once tagged in that way, it is hard to be untagged, but the aclu really does deserve -- really a front row seat in terms of blame. they played a critical role, they helped draft a defamatory statement, they disregarded the countervailing arguments of depp, the possibility he might be innocent, and elevated this person as the presumptive -- for all of you spouses. >> sean: jonathan turley, always great to have you. we turn our focus to "the washington post." earlier today clay travis
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tweeted, while amber heard was hit with a $15 million verdict for defamation, remember the 5 million punitive damages was reduced by the judge according to the commonwealth law of virginia, to $350,000, we shouldn't overlook, he said, "the washington post" published her defamatory lines after editing and posting a headline to the piece, a jury has now officially determined they published fake news. here with reaction, fox news contributor joe concha, along with out cake founder clay travis. clay, i thought your angle was dead on accurate but we know if you are a public figure come again, we go two times b, you need to prove actual malice. is there a case they would have against "the washington post," meaning johnny depp? >> it's fascinating, sean, and thanks for having me on, that is what justice clarence thomas has argued, we need to update times b sullivan for the modern era.
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when i put my warrior hat on and when i practiced, what jumps out to me, there probably is a claim against "the washington post." this was an op-ed piece, right? she is claiming to tell the truth, to what extent was there an investigation done? remember they definitely wrote to the headline which was a major consequential aspect of this case. what it really represents big picture is "the washington post" has sold the hashtag #believeallwomen, they have sold to be, you know what they did to brett kavanaugh and the awful lies they spread as part of news coverage during his confirmation hearing and it is a massive, significant win for the american legal system, we are back to square one, lady justice -- whether you are a man or woman, black, white, asian, hispanic, gay, straight, a citizen of this country or not, we are all supposed to be equal before the eyes of justice, and in fact, our stories are to be given weight
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not based on our identity but based on their truth, and what this jury said was even though "the washington post" tried to defame johnny depp and even though all of hollywood and all of the media jumped on the amber heard bandwagon and believed this, he still deserved his day in court, and that juries that we are not hashtag believing all women, this is the end of #metoo, this is about individuals being able to tell their own story, johnny depp struck a blow, i really believe this, for the justice system, helping to tear down this awful idea that if you are a woman, you can't live. we all know humans live >> sean: but clay, you've got to get to this point, i believe -- i also believe that you are innocent until proven guilty. the presumption of innocence, and nobody, a time when it was at its height, wanted to talk about that aspect of it. au contraire, when we talk about the media, joe, i was in atlanta
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when the whole olympic bombing happened. i was on the air there when richard jewell fit the profile of the lone bomber. turned out he was a hero there. it taught me a very valuable lesson that has served me well throughout my career. we were right about nicholas sandmann. we were right about ferguson. we were right about cambridge, we are right about uva, we were write about duke lacrosse, right about baltimore, maryland, the russia hoax for three years, we are proven right and are even right on the hunter biden laptop story. these are not insignificant moments. in the case of the russia hoax, those lies went on for three long years and dragged the country through hell, and none of the allegations in that dirty dossier were true. none of the alpha bank allegations were true. >> and all of those stories you just mentioned had a common thread, a common mantra, sean, and that is you are guilty until proven innocent, not the other way around.
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whether you want to bring up richard jewell or nicholas sandmann, and i think sandman here is probably the most relevant person to think about, if johnny depp's next move in court is to go after "the washington post," because you remember "the post" along with cnn where suit of defamation by a high school student to the tune of say $275 million each and both of those publications were forced to settle. will "the post" face a similar suit from johnny depp? stay tuned. in the end i'm going to hear those three words over and over and over again from the testimony from this case has gone on for weeks, sean, and had to be honest, it's hard to get out of my head, human fecal matter. that is a tough one to erase from my head. never have i realized how normal my marriage was on tilt -- after listing these two doing at it. >> sean: i will tell you, i know you're being funny, but it is so dark, it is so ugly, there is no light.
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for things to deteriorate and go this low, neither one of these two come out looking good, money, no money, win, no win, i think everybody loses across the board. the only thing i can say as to other people, if you find yourself in such a situation, as nancy grace rightly pointed out, get the hell out of it immediately. don't pass go. don't collect 200. get out. leave. sad, tragic in so many ways. thank you both for being with us. all right, straight ahead tonight, biden's economic disaster continues to spiral. get this, jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon now warning of a "economic hurricane." it's going to get that bad. we will tell you what he said coming up next. ♪ ♪ when it comes to pain medicine, less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours
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so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, we turn to the washington, d.c., swamp where joe biden is so deeply concerned, deeply troubled, his heart is troubled, not about inflation, not about stagflation, not about record high gas prices or the baby formula shortage or the supply chain crisis or the crisis he created at the southern border or the fact that yes, americans are still trapped in afghanistan. we have not forgotten them. it is 291 days later, and if you add it up, it is 304 days since he promised he would not abandon american in the islamic emirates of afghanistan. well, tonight, the president's top concern is not any of those self-inflicted, preventable disasters. instead, biden is most worried about getting the respect he deserves. according to nbc news, joe is totally mystified about his cratering poll numbers, "he is now lower than trump and he is
6:28 pm
really twisted about it," can't believe he can actually read poll numbers myself but that is a different issue. naturally has no idea why his approval ratings are so low and is now blaming those around him in his own white house because according to joe biden come he can do no wrong. remember 2020, joe promised to always take responsibility, not blame others, but take a look at the chart on inflation put together by the rnc. last june, biden blamed covid-19 and said that inflation was transitory, temporary, and in the form he blamed big meat for inflation and february the supply chain crisis, march vladimir putin, when all else failed, blame donald trump. in reality, the biden administration because the inflation, pumped trillions of dollars into an already hot economy. they artificially reduced the production of domestic oil and gas as demand remained constant, but now, fear not, joe biden, he
6:29 pm
finally feels your pain. take a look. >> what the president has done, with respect to communications, has been to consistently explain to the american people where we are and where we need to go. and that continues to be the way he approaches this issue, and very much from the perspective of what it feels like to sit around a dining room table or a kitchen table in this country, because that is his lived experience and that is the way he approaches these economic policy questions. >> sean: that means absolutely nothing. we are not in capable hands. here are the reaction from a former senior advisor to president trump steve miller, along with podcast host, monica crowley. monica, we will start with you. the biggest problem joe biden has, the day-to-day reminders, when anyone goes to fill up their gas tank, they are reminded that we used to pay $2 and something a gallon for
6:30 pm
gasoline, and we are now headed toward $6 a gallon on a national average, almost at $5 already. there are some places in california it is over $8 a gallon. then of course you go into your local grocery store, i go once a week, i do my own shopping, i am mostly pay leo, i buy meat, meat prices are pretty much doubled, also, the price of everything we all buy in every store we go to costs more, so there is the daily reminder, and americans, they are -- two-thirds of them are living paycheck to paycheck. they can't afford his economic or his energy policies. what does that day-to-day mean for him? >> you are exactly right, sean, and when you add to it that this president has only been in office for a year and a half, so the memory of the booming trump economy, where every american was benefiting from strong economic growth and record low unemployment across the board,
6:31 pm
that memory is still so fresh that the comparison but with what they are living there right now in the biden economy is particularly stark. and president trump handed joe biden this economy in january of 2021, he gave him the fastest economic recovery from any crisis on record, sean, and we have seen what he has done with it. so when he is baffled by his low poll numbers and the democrats poll their own poll numbers, all they have to do is look to their own policies which created this economic catastrophe. it is not only the day-to-day skyrocketing inflation that every american is suffering with, sean, but it is also a labor crunch, supply chain crisis, and now on top of that you have a weakening economy and the fed is now tightening into a weakening economy. this is one of the things jamie dimon's warning about. we are heading into uncharted territory here, and for the president and the democrats to scratch their heads and wonder what is going on, how could this possibly happen, it is a direct
6:32 pm
result of their catastrophic economic policies that's delivering pain to every american. >> sean: and you know, steve, i look at this and we are reminded at the pump, we are reminded in every store we go to come everything we buy costs that much more, you have two young children at home. we have been friends a long time. now we have a baby formula shortage. we ran out of covid tests over christmas going into the third year of a pandemic. i still don't think joe really knows what monoclonal antibodies are, because there is no operation warp speed for that, or operation warp speed for baby formula, which i'm sure would probably help your family out. >> it would help mine and every family in this country that has young children out. what's astonishing is the white house cannot even present a timeline of what biden knew and when he knew it about this formula crisis. it is the worst combination of
6:33 pm
extremist policy and total incompetence. and you cannot talk your way out of crises that afflict families every day, as you said. you go to the pump, you can't afford gas. you go to the grocery store, you can find formula. you walked on your street, you are not safe because of soaring crime. you try to get a job, your wages are destroyed by inflation. you want your kids to be safe? drugs are pouring into our country through a wide open border. no matter what spin this pathetic white house tries to push, they can't talk around -- these are the heart aches afflicting real americans day in and day out. >> sean: you can add to that list, stephen, you send your kids to school, you think they're going to learn reading, writing, math, science, computers, no, they are indoctrinated into a value system that many parents take issue with. why don't we focus, considering we spend more per capita on education, and every student than any other industrialized
6:34 pm
country, and we have the worst results. we are not doing that well, either. >> not marxist -- >> sean: yeah, exactly. it is that bad. and jamie dimon is right and it is going to get worse than people better buckle up. all of you in this audience, i am not a financial advisor. i just urge you to take this seriously, anticipate the worst. you can hope for the best, but i don't have a lot of hope, because he is not going to change his policy. thank you both. monica, steve miller, thank you. coming up, more outrageous rhetoric and policies from the left. you are not going to believe the ad one senate candidate in kentucky released. we will show you that. and our invitations coming to california? deroy murdock, david webb, they are next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, knew tonight, even more outrageous policies and rhetoric from the left, a task force in california created by governor gavin newsom is set to release a report calling for the implementation of a "comprehensive reparation scheme," and meanwhile, kentucky democrat senate candidate charles booker released this extremely inflammatory ad falsely accusing senator rand paul of not ordering the new antilynching law, which by the way, he did support a later version. he did not support the hate crime version. we've got to warn you, pretty shocking. take a look at yourself. >> i have become the first black kentuckian to receive the democratic nomination for u.s. senate. my opponent, the very person who compared expanded health care to slavery. the person who said he would have opposed the civil rights act. the person who single-handedly
6:40 pm
blocked and antilynching act from being federal law. the choice couldn't be clearer. do we move forward together, or do we let politicians like rand paul forever hold us back and drive us apart? >> sean: now senator paul's campaign, they did release a statement in response, noting that he not only supported the legislation, but worked with democrats on the bill and signed on as a cosponsor. meanwhile, georgia senate candidate herschel walker responded, too far left msdnc commentator who published a piece in april calling his campaign and insult to black people, telling supporters in an email, he never wanted race to be a focal point in the campaign, but the racially charged attacks have gone too far. here with reaction, fox news contributors deroy murdock and david webb. great to see you both. david, i look at -- rand paul sponsored the bill. he cosponsored the bill. he voted for the bill. the ad is a lie.
6:41 pm
number one. and what they set about herschel is, to be, unforgivable. however, it used to be every two years, every four years, now it seems that you called republicans, conservatives racist, sexist, any name you want to come any day of the week, and it is fair game. >> you know, sean, the first thing that charles booker said in that ad is he talks about the first black man nominated by democrats in kentucky. well, congratulations, democrat, you caught up. republicans have been nominating blacks. they were the first in congress and reconstruction. where have you been? but let's see charles booker for who he is. this is simply him playing a race fit. he's got a 16-point deficit according to real clear politics behind rand paul, and he's got to do something to get his agenda forward. he's playing this game. it's pathetic. they don't care about the fact
6:42 pm
you just stated about the bill. all they care about is the race game, and these are the very same democrats, same liberal policies in prison culture they pushed out there as being cool. when i am driving around or walking around an american city and i see black men, and i will speak to that and women in their own version of it, whatever, but black men walking around with their pants below their -- their underwear on display. they don't represent all black people in america. people like myself, and i think i can speak for deroy, i have known him for some time, worked very hard to get ahead in life. the black community is diverse, but the democrats don't want that diversity. they want lockstep voting. so they play this game and they attacked, they attacked because many blacks in america are no longer buying the democrat hype, the failed leftist policies, failed economic policies, and the destruction of blacks in america. >> sean: you know, let me ask
6:43 pm
you, deroy, let me get the exact quote about herschel walker because i think it is critical here. he literally said, herschel is an animated caricature of a black person drawn by white conservatives. he wrote this piece for "the nation," and he said, i make it hard to distinction between black conservatives and these tokens, referring to show and tim scott, who are out here right now, you know, shucking and jiving for their white handlers, he said. deroy, we have been friends a long time. david, we have been friends a long time. i have been friends with herschel a long time. probably one of the nicest, most sincere, honorable people i have ever met in my life. how do they get away with this time and time again? you know, this is nbc news, deroy, how do they allow this? where is the line for them? >> well, this is what democrats do naturally, they play the race
6:44 pm
card early and often and constantly. in this case of herschel walker in georgia, ought to be celebrating the fact georgia republican primary voters elected a black man to represent them in the race for the u.s. senate. this is the same republican party with her just last year was racist, was engaged in voter suppression, want to keep blacks away from the polls, because of that you remember the all-star game was moved from atlanta to denver. that same allegedly racist party just picked a black man to represent them in the u.s. senate, isn't that something we ought to applaud? attacked him as a token, same thing about tim scott, who was elected to the u.s. senate in 19 -- excuse me, 2016. that was five years before warnock was put in by the democrats. it was the first time the democrats put in a black senator out of the south since reconstruction. the g.o.p. beat them by five years. of course, we don't get credit for that and republicans -- democrats are the party that represents blacks and yet they
6:45 pm
are not the ones who could get a black senator in until last year. >> sean: yeah, and by the way -- >> the numbers and facts, sean, if i made, there are more blacks running for office right now as republicans for congress, for other seats across the country, than ever before. democrats fear this. the blacks have turned around in this country, or many blacks, have said enough is enough. we want our economy, our community, or education, we want to grow up to be like a deroy murdock, we want to see success. >> sean: i would say the same to all of you. i will say this, this has got to come to an end. this double standard has to end here. this is the single most divisive thing, and it is way past time that so many other things can't be said, this has got to stop. anyway, thank you both. right, coming up, the debate
6:46 pm
over trans athletes in women's sports continues tonight. leah thomas announced her olympic aspirations. when we come back, tammy bruce, caitlyn jenner way in. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> trans college former leah thomas is speaking out on her first tv interview now saying she didn't transition gain a competitive advantage but now many on the left are trying to cancel anyone that doesn't automatically heap praise on leah thomas. now, even tennis legend -- and i mean legend, martina navratilova is facing blowback after the 18-time grand slam winner -- an amazing player -- told the new yorktimes f i faced the male equivalent of leah in
6:51 pm
tennis, that's biology. i would have had no hot and i would have been livid. here is caitlyn jenner along with fox news contributor tammy bruce. good to see you both. i saw your comments, caitlyn. you said -- you were right, -- she followed the rules as they were written. problem is the rules aren't fair, which you acknowledged on this program. that's the problem. >> it certainly is, this is not leah thomas' fault. it's really the woke world that's out there right now. it gave leah thomas the ability to take away medals from other athletes. she played by the rules but my beef has been with the ncaa. the ncaa should be out to protect women's sports. you know, transitioning -- i really feel like it comes with responsibility and integrity. and i think in the "good morning america" show that she did, i think there was a
6:52 pm
lack of that. it was all about her and her happiness where when she was a male swimmer a few years ago, she wasn't happy at all. now, she's all of a sudden happy. i amend to happiness. i'm glad she's happy, but she did it at the intense of the other female ath-- at the expense of the other female athletes. individual happiness here in leah's case cannot take priority over the undeniable biological fact that she's trans. and she's got a massive physical advantage over the other athletes. i mean, you see her on the blocks, you see the girls standing next to her, she's looking up to her -- she's very tall. the girl is going, i can't beat that. i'm going for second place. it shouldn't be that way. the ncaa has to protect women's sports. >> now they want to take it to the olympics, tammy. what's your thoughts that? >> clearly the rules do have
6:53 pm
to change. caitlyn is absolutely right. the rules aren't written with this kind of situation in mind. it's about the woke society but whenever the rules that we all live under seem to be really absurdly ridiculous t does come down to character. it comes down to the nature of who we are, about whether or not we're going to take advantage of rules that were written and set for something entirely different without certain expectations. and this is when it comes down to what we've been seeing with lia thomas. i've been saying this for quite sometime. this has nothing to do with transgenderrism at this point. it is about character. and it's about selfishness. it's about self-indulgence. it's about narcissism. caitlyn wasn't kidding when she was talking about happiness. lia noted that when she competed against men that she was miserable and when she competes against women, she's happier. well, she's winning more!
6:54 pm
she did not win like this against men. when you talk about the olympics, sean, there would be no real chance to even compete at all let alone be assigned onto the olympic swimming team. so this is a remarkable examination about self-indulgence and malignant narcissism when it comes to what you're willing to do to others in order to get to what you want when it's inherently and completely unfair. this is what this is. the transgender people out there -- caitlyn very good example of someone who transitioned who's got character -- this is about individual attitude. this is about who we are as people. not about the transgender people at all. >> that's a good point, you know, caitlyn, we talked about this. you drive the ball 200 yards.
6:55 pm
i'm never playing golf against you. >> bring cash! a lot of it! >> but the point is you wouldn't play a senior event because you feel you have that advantage. we have about 30 seconds. >> yeah. no. i definitely do. i've been through this whole process. in fact, i'm completely transitioned. i don't know what the case is in lia's case but i've been on hormones for a very long time and could hit the ball a long way. that's not a problem. here is a good example. what if the nba adopted rules of the ncaa? michael jordan at his prime all of a sudden decides i'm trans. one year on hormone replacement therapy and he could play in the wnba. how do you think that would work out? >> sean: i got to roll but i think -- i think if i do play, i'll bring $100's because it's going to cost me a fortune. any way, thank you, both. more "hannity" after this.
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>> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. we ask to you please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham for the "ingraham angle" is next have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thank you for joining us. last night's commentary about the growing correlation between high-potency marijuana use and psychosis, especially in teens, oh, it sent all the predictable voices -- they went crazy. tonight, my follow-up will include a discussion with two of the brightest minds on the topic. but first, sabotaging america, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the man has trouble wit