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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 1, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. we ask to you please set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham for the "ingraham angle" is next have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. thank you for joining us. last night's commentary about the growing correlation between high-potency marijuana use and psychosis, especially in teens, oh, it sent all the predictable voices -- they went crazy. tonight, my follow-up will include a discussion with two of the brightest minds on the topic. but first, sabotaging america, that's the focus of tonight's "angle." the man has trouble with names but not the names of
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people he maybe met once or twice. that would be understandable. we're talking about the names of prominent political figures including in his own cabinet. >> i want to thank the secretary -- the -- um, the former general -- i keep calling him "general" but my -- my -- um, the guy who runs that outfit over there. >> you may remember i got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a mormon. the governor, ok? and i took him on. >> i want to thank that fella down under. thank you very much, pal. our massive security adviser has been in contact with our allies. as has our general -- i'm sorry. i keep calling him "general." >> laura: today as the supply of baby formula reached new lows, the president reached for more names. >> now, you, i'm going to hand it over to, um, secretary -- secretary -- mr. secretary, i'm going to
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have you speak now, and your remarks and then you're going hand it over to, um, to my. [indiscernible] >> laura: now, given the public outcry over how they've handled the baby formula shortage, javier becerra was probably thrilled that biden couldn't remember his name, again. >> thank you. >> the question is whether or not there was a -- this could have been moved quicker? i don't think anyone anticipated the impact of the shut down of one facility in, um, um, and the abbott facility. [indistinct question] they did, but i didn't. >> laura: now, that's reassuring. the only semicompetent person they had in the administration -- at this point, i have to conclude with jen psaki and she's gone -- his people keep missing the obvious.
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mayorkas refuses to refer to the border as a crisis. he said there are challenges. general mark millie and lloyd austin missed the dangers of evacuating thousands in afghanistan. treasury secretary janet yellen missed the minor things, though you may have heard about it because it's called inflation. >> i think i was wrong then about, um, the path that inflation would take. there have been unanticipated and large shots to the economy that i didn't at the time didn't fully understand. >> laura: so why, of course, would anyone be surprised that joe biden missed the importance of keeping america's main baby formula company fully operational? i mean, of course he wouldn't! they don't know anything! no wonder 57% of americans in a recent cbs survey described biden distracted. 51% call him incompetent. only 31% say he's effective.
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look, the public isn't stupid. they know zero accountability when they see it biden's cabinet members shouldn't have more job security than a college basketball coach. if a coach, all he does is lose, then he blames others, he's canned, right? and everyone from mayorkas to millie should have been let go long ago. but in bidenland, the fact you're getting poorest and that america is getting weaker, that's just part of the "necessary transition." you may not be able to fill your tank, but you should be filled with pride over all the firsts this administration has delivered. the first female coast guard commandant. >> there's more work to be done to ensure the coast guard and all of the branches of our law enforcement reflect the full strength and diversity including at the highest levels of our leadership. we need to see more women at the highest levels of command at the coast guard and across every service in the armed forces. >> laura: what happened
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just hiring the best, whoever they are? but biden's puppeteers don't care about objective standards or merits. boy, do we really think that mayor pete had the background to run the department of transportation? or ex-governor jennifer grand holm was qualified somehow to run the energy department? or the new press secretary was the most talented communicator that biden could have had in that role? now, she doesn't necessarily answer questions. she just reads what people put in her briefing book. >> ok, um, so there are two graphs behind me. basesically what they show is more supplies being -- basically what they show is more supplies being sold on the market than compared to a year ago. this is without abbott being on the market now, clearly and we've seen a lot of progress happening as you can see in 2022 compared to 2021. and as you can see up here as well. and so -- and that's due to our actions here at the
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white house, so obviously, we admit that there's still a lot more work to be done. >> laura: you think? moms can't find food for their babies. this is third-world stuff happening all across america. but don't fret, because it's story time with a.j. >> operation fly formula has cut three to four-week timelines for nestle product to move the europe to 72-hour periods. through fda's enforcement discretion, we'll get 27.5 million bottles from australia. >> laura: i'm sure mothers across america are resting easy tonight after that story. now, the lack of seriousness in the biden white house even extends now to the u.s. marine corps. forget being the fierce fighting force over land and sea, the pentagon wants you to know the marine's main priority right now is celebrating pride month. even the bullets are rainbow colored. i'm sure president xi is
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very scared tonight. woke virtue signaling, january 6th hearings, it's all the democrats are capable of. nothing they've done has actually helped the average american who is really struggling right now. >> miss the $3 gas prices, $3.50, you know, but, i don't know who? charge of this, but it's pretty absurd. >> $140! to fill up my van! that's [bleep] crazy! >> laura: i think folks just want to return to what they consider normal, like the normal of 2019. we had a roaring economy, cheap energy and no new wars. but now, they have chaos and crime and declining standards of living led by a man who the press relentlessly and dishonestly promoted as the great unifier. >> normalcy. that seems to really be a big part of this pitch that joe biden is somebody who will allow the country to return to normalcy. >> biden by inclination say compromiser. he's someone who wants
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normalcy. >> also return to functioning government. the biden team is trying to restore trust more broadly. >> laura: trust? that's been shattered, hasn't it, across the board? americans want solutions and seriousness. but biden's team gives them celebrities and stunts. >> mr. president, welcome to the white house. come on up here, guys! this important month here in america. a lot of our asian-american friends have been subject to real discrimination. >> hate only hides and good people talk about it and say how bad it is so then it goes down, so thank you. >> laura: how about how bad it is when democrats' entire plan depends on getting you to lower your expectations or be happy with less or lose pride in your history or chip away at our constitution? now, that's bad! i didn't really think it was possible for an administration to be both incompetent and conniving,
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but they somehow have managed it. mouthing all of these flattudes about diversity and sexual identity using stupid phrases like putin's price hikes and ultra-maga, it's all just smoke and mirrors a distraction for their ongoing sabotage of america. that's "the angle." molly hemingway and chris bedford join me now. molly, it's quiet stunning, is it not, when people are feeling such anxiety and pain about what is happening to this economy that all they have is the woke virtue signaling, almost 24/7 at this point? >> it's amazing when you think about how bad things have been going in this country for more than a year and the biden administration is doing so little to address what is actually going on, because the behind administration is actually causing so many of these problems. they're doing this distraction method because they, themselves, are the
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ones who opened up the border, who have enacted policies that led to greater inflation and killed our energy independence. all they have left to do is talk about other things, because they can't be honest about how it was their own fault things have happened. >> laura: chris, i want you to listen to this. she's desperate to change the subject with a contemptible and woke word salad. watch. >> here on the first day of pride month, this month, the biden/harris administration will be spotlighting the voices of lgbtqi+ people across america, especially children, proliferation of hateful and discriminatory bills targeting kids in classrooms and families in their homes are simply. [indiscernible] >> laura: fill your tank up with that, can't you? >> what's so ironic and super sad about that is they're not actually pushing any kind of inclusive policy. there's an article coming out in the federalist tomorrow about how the behind administration is celebrating pride month, pushing the policy that will take away school lunches
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paid for by the american taxpayer to the 30 million or so recipients or children in schools that get the school lunches if their parents decline to do what the administration wants. their woke policies. they're letting little boys into little girls' showers in locker rooms and bathrooms. if they stick to traditional christian values -- biden administration will take away their extracurriculars and take away access to their lunch programs. that's what they mean. that word salad, they're trying to message their way out of this the problem with their message is they've lost their base. the people they used to represent, the democrats, the unions, the workers, they've completely lost that group. previous administrations could turn this around like maybe bill clinton, bill clinton wasn't senile and his vice president wasn't incompetent. between the two of them, they were able to change things. this administration, i don't think so. >> laura: now, biden's hhs secretary actually admit, molly, that they knew about this baby formula conundrum a year ago. watch! >> you're satisfied with the
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government's response throughout this? >> from everything i have known, the fda has kept me apprised of this since last year. we've been moving as quickly as we can. >> laura: that's what is so amazing -- >> that's what is so amazing by the biden administration, he admits it was happening and yet so little was done. biden is blaming everyone else for him not being briefed on this. there is a truth here, i do want to say, that the biden administration's policies aren't being rejected by the broader democrat party. you, at most, find, like, two members of congress who will disagree with the policy agenda. people are blaming him when really it's against the policies in general that the democrats have that they're all unified behind that are so unpopular. >> laura: this is purposeful. this is not, like, an accident that this is happening. i'm not sure what the baby formula shortage thing s but just in general, -- thing is, but just in general, the goal is to get everyone used to living with less, less
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driving, less free movement. not going to get into your car and head to tennessee tonight. how can you do that? you might not be able to afford the gas! they want this to be the new normal. that's why they love the lock genes to the average politicians -- -- love the lockdowns. >> to the average politicians, they don't like when america is prosperous. >> they were miserable when america was happy. >> america wasn't great. it was an evil colonial power, exists off of vampism and attacking the free world. take your kids to school or the fair or being able to have air-conditioning in a nice house, those were built on the blood and sweat of all of their victim classes. that's the way they rally feel. weaker america and a stronger world, a redistribution of wealth from us to other people suffering -- these are things that in their poor philosophy they want because they think america deserves. >> it's evil. molly, they think this country deserves what it's getting right now. >> you said they're unhappy
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when americans are doing well. it's also interesting that the elites seem to be so happy right now as the rest of the country is suffering. >> laura: completely divorced from the reality of the way most people live their lives. great conversation, molly and chris. great to see you tonight. as i just mentioned, there seems to be something more nefarious going on here like they want you to lock yourself down almost. after almost two years of a lot of people largely staying home due to the pandemic, most americans were ready to hit the road, but according to a new report by "morning consult" the inflation of record-breaking gas prices are more responsible for keeping folks are their vacation this has summer than covid. here now is newt gingrich, former speaker of the house and fox news contributor and author of "defeating big government socialism." newt, it's american as apple pie the idea of hopping in your car and taking a summer road trip whether you're single or married and have kids. that's part of the american experience. that is being deteriorated right now.
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>> sure, look, every aspect of american life is being deteriorated right now. one lady was reported from washington or pennsylvania saying she has to go to four or five stores to find baby formula and she can't afford the gasoline to go to four or five stores. so these become compounding disasters. you have a rising crime rate. you have nut cake left-wing d.a.'s who won't keep people locked up. so the cities have become worse. you have an administration -- and i think the earlier conversation was exactly right. the big difference was not personality. bill clinton made a decision in the fall of 1995 that in order to get re-elected, he would sell out the left and move to the center and sign welfare reform, sign a balanced budget, do whatever it took, because he understood he didn't change his policies words weren't going to work. these people can't change
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who they are and they're in the middle of a disaster. it's going to get worse at every level. the governor of pennsylvania just signed an executive order that will punish western pennsylvania for producing natural gas. this is at a time, by the way, when the marcelo shale has 400 years' supply sitting right there in pennsylvania. but the governor can't get out of it because his left would rather punish pennsylvanian in the name of their -- pennsylvanians in the name of their ideology. i think you'll see this across the board. i don't think they can change. i think if they try to change, their party will have a civil war. >> laura: apparently, newt, this is all extremely hilarious to joe biden. watch this. >> why are gas prices so bad? >> estimatelar situation -- similar situation because of, you know, a war in ukraine, gas prices and food prices are extremely high. the idea we'll be able to
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click a switch and bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term nor is it with regard to food. >> that's a winning message for the victor, isn't it, newt, this morning in america. >> this is a left wing jimmy carter. carter was incompetent, but he was sort of rationale. biden is incompetent and he's commitsed to a set of values that are wrong -- he's committed to a set of values that are wrong. my guess is deep down he likes higher gasoline prices. it drives people towards some kind of new approach. he doesn't care about the price of food. why are you eating beef any way? you know, you could be a vegan and everything would be less expensive or you could have a victory garden at home. he cares more about taking care of illegal immigrants than he does about taking care of americans, and the result is the federal government was competing for baby formula to take care of
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illegal immigrants against americans who couldn't find the baby formula. you go down this list and it's not a problem of performance. the problem of poor big government socialist values that are antithetical to the american future and to the average american. it's a genuine crisis of the system. >> laura: newt, i've said this before and i would love your take on this, to me it seems the only way the democrat party might reexamine its priorities now, its values right now is a 1984 wipeout in 2024, and, and a significant wipeout in midterms. it would have to be a cataclysmic defeat in 2024 where new england states go and maybe we get rocky mountain statements for the next presidential election. your thoughts on that? >> i think that's exactly right. we're really in the fourth great wave.
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reagan in '80 was the first. we were the second in 1994. in 2010 in the house, the results were actually bigger than in '94. john boehner's team got 64 seats and we got 53 seats. this is the fourth big wave in this direction and, again, what happens is the democrats go off the rails. the truth is that obama was anti-petroleum, anti-gasoline and diesel fuel and heating oil as biden is and it led to a rebellion, because people understood it. and i think what you're faced with now, the only hope for the american future to return to sanity is a huge republican victory this fall followed by a republican party behaving like a genuine reformed party as we did, and followed by a presidential election which is cataclysmic for the democrats. >> laura: you're darn right. >> remember, it took the republicans from 1932 into the 1950's to finally come
7:20 pm
to grips with the reality of fdr. it could easily take an entire generation for the democrats to figure out they can't be this crazy and expect ever to win again. >> laura: newt. great to see you. thank you very much. we suggested copious amounts of scientific evidence that there's a growing understanding of a correlation between excessive marijuana use and psychosis forming, especially in teens last night. we have a follow-up in moments with two of the foremost experts on the subject. stay there. this is roundup weed and grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works. this stuff works in flower beds. this stuff works in tree rings. this stuff works in walkways, driveways, pathways. this stuff works down to the root so weeds don't come back. this stuff works for you, your neighbor, your neighbor's neighbor, her neighbor's neighbor. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this stuff works without hurting your back. this stuff works without hurting your pride. this stuff works early shifts, late nights,
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>> last week, the "new york times" had initially quoted a friend of uvalde killer salvador ramos who described the 18-year-old as a pot smoker who got enraged when his family expressed their displeasure about it. but mysteriously, the reference to his alleged drug use was deleted from future online editions. so we contacted the "new york times" for an explanation. was it a bad source? what happened? but they didn't respond. we tried again. called them again today. nothing. now, several studies have explored the connection between regular pot use and an increased risk for serious mental illness and even violent psychotic
7:26 pm
episodes in some cases. in march 2019, the prestigious journal "the lancet" conducted the case control study from 11 sites across europe and brazil. it found with daily cannabis use, there were increased odds of a psychotic disorder compared to those who never use it. when it comes to high potency weed, the psychotic disorder went up five-fold. today, ron kesler tackled the subject as well writing "virtually everyone ignores the obvious reason for the dramatic increase in these tragedies. democrats push legalizing marijuana which has become three to four times more potent than it was three or four years ago. newer products could have levels of thc as high as 85% to 90%s the marijuana level as it was years ago. " in a paper published 2020 by one of my next guests analyzed past cases of marijuana use. in researching the parkland
7:27 pm
and sutherland springs mass shootings, times square attack in 2017 and the boston marathon bombing, his study found recurring consequences of marijuana-induced paranoia and marijuana induced psychosis. found more potent marijuana resulted in a greater risk for psychosis. so the reaction to our angle last night about this was so massive that this follow-up was in order. there's still much to learn about the uvalde shooter. we haven't gotten his toxicology report yet but it's worth exploring, is it not, give what we've already learned. the daily mail reports his father spent time in jail for multiple assaults and possession of marijuana. "the washington post" reports multiple team told them about his mother's drug use and a neighbor even reported she was about to be evicted over it. independent journalist ali bradley told "the ingraham angle" ramos' grandfather served time in prison for drug trafficking. so given his family history, it stands to reason that
7:28 pm
someone surrounded by elicit drugs could have potentially had access to them as well. so considering the horrific carnage here from other tragedies we already know about where high-potency cannabis may have played a role, it's important americans have more answers. we deserve to know the truth about this multi-billion dollar and growing industry, how it's affecting our young people, our working-age population and even our military readiness. joining me now is dr. norman miller, addiction psychiatrist and dr. eric voss, physician resident of the international academy on the science and impact of cannabis. now, dr. miller, your response to -- tonight, please, to those who casually dismiss the studies including your paper which was an agrigator of many of these found between violent psychotic behavior and sustained high-potency marijuana use? >> it's exactly what you said. it's hidden i'm interested
7:29 pm
in the association in -- it's hidden. i'm in the association of marijuana violence. when you see these unfortunate incidences, the unthinkable mass shooting in texas, i look to see if marijuana is involved. i find often that the newspapers, the media hide it when it really is a major factor. and if we're -- if we're -- if we're as a country interested in solving the gun violence problem, i don't think -- i think we're going to have to look under the rock and look at the role of drugs, particularly marijuana, in causing the violence, particularly the mass violence. >> laura: dr. voss, the push to legalize marijuana is pronounced. huge lobbying efforts,
7:30 pm
multibillion dollars on the line. people rushed ahead. when you talk to folks, oh, it's a harmless drug with minimal effects. it's so much better in so many ways than alcohol. you hear the litany of the propaganda out there, but how much do we need to learn about this endo canbeial receptors and how the thc of today affections those? >> i think it's really clear that the higher the percentage of thc in marijuana with the vapes or the oils, the greater the likelihood of violence and psychosis. i compliment dr. miller who also had a great article back in 2017, same way. and i think this is clearly driven by marijuana industry that's looking to profit off of people's suffering. they have just walked past standards of care.
7:31 pm
this whole medical charade is nothing more than a way to try to get marijuana justified and in people's hands, and i think it's time that more federal oversight and step in and try to roll back this terrible mess. i mean, i call it a runaway train. we're riding this thing to a real point of disaster, i think. >> laura: here's a doctor based in colorado talking about what she sees in the emergency room. watch? >> these patients come in and they have, like, repeated vomiting or acute psychosis. they tell us it's super hard to stop which says to me it's addictive. >> how do you know that these are directly thc reactions? >> so we track it by urine drug screens that tells us thc. >> laura: now, that was from july 2021, dr. miller, so we decided to check in with dr. karen randall to see if anything has changed. she told us invite any
7:32 pm
politician to spend a day in an e.r. they need to see the end point of legalization from our side. desperate families and sigh jottic children psychotic children. this'll be a substantial problem for our country. dr. miller, are you surprised ? >> surprised what she's seeing in the emergency department or surprised this is the end point or the progression? i wouldn't say it's the end point. i don't see the end, but a progression of making marijuana so available, i mean, there's very few controls. people can walk into a dispensary and just buy marijuana and if they aren't of the legal age, they can buy it from the people who buy it from the dispensary. and also illegal or elicit marijuana is so popular because it's list expensive so if you flood the market with a highly toxic, highly dangerous, highly addicting
7:33 pm
drug as defined by congress' own controlled substance laws that is highly, mentally disturbing, i don't think you need to be a doctor to figure that out. but it's above the politicians right now. >> laura: we have republican politicians who have been singing the praises of the marijuana industry including a congresswoman in south carolina. i think nancy may, she's all for this, pushing decriminalization on a federal level. there's some in the media, dr. voss, who are quick to dismiss raising this issue at all, even discussing it at all. this was today. watch. >>. >> why aren't people in general not talking more about the pot psychosis, violent behavior connection? >> kids can get an assault weapon. that's the issue. it's not if people are smoking too much weed. you know that, laura.
7:34 pm
you should know that. we -- people who smoke weed are not carrying ar15's. they don't even know where they put them, ok? >> laura: dr. voss, how funny is that? really funny? >> well, i'll tell you, that's not funny at all. the reality of it is, you know, legal ar15 owners or handgun owners that are not stoned that are not violent are not killing people. if you look through the same information that dr. -- that the doctors are pointing out here and you go case-by-case-by-case, you see a very clear pattern. there's a particular pattern in about 10% to 15% thc and this risk increasing, and we're seeing out there with the vaped forms and the oils 70% to 90%s thc, that's not only horribly toxic but it's psychosis and violence inducing. i think back to chris kyle
7:35 pm
when he was murdered, what did he do? he and his partner were trying to help a ptsd sufferer who then smoked pot and killed chris and his partner the next day. and that really. [indiscernible] >> laura: thank you for raising that, which i had forgotten. dr. miller and dr. voth, we're going to continue on this conversation not now but at a future date. it's so important, and i thank both of you. now, here is tonight's "wit's end" clue for a change of pace here. which sports' team's recent virtual signaling could have been mocked in an old "seinfeld" episode? tweet me your guesses@ingrahamangle and we'll see if you get it right. "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: time for "seen and unseen." where where he unpack the big cultural stories of the day.
7:41 pm
raymond arroyo joins me now. johnny depp was granted a big win in his defamation lawsuit against his ex, amber heard today. >> laura, the court awarded depp $15 million in total which could likely buy about four black pearls. as i argued from the beginning, and you'll remember this, johnny depp one this trial the moment the judge allowed the cameras in, because it gave him the opportunity to tell his side of the story and reclaim his reputation, and thereby work against. in truth, the public was the real jury and say what you want about the arguments, johnny depp was a fascinating presence on the stand and amber heard not so much. >> i was just sitting there on this carpet looking at the dirty carpet wondering how i wound up on this carpet and why i was never -- why i never noticed that the carpet was so filthy before. >> he came to new york he
7:42 pm
came to fight for our relationship. >> don't call me a liar. don't call me a liar. >> in theater, laura, they call that "squeezing the pity out of the performance." whether she was telling the truth or not, the credibility was what was at stake here and the jury and the public didn't feel she had it, that she was faking, but the big news here is the cultural component which is johnny depp taking domestic abuse of men out of the shadows and into the center of the culture for the first time. i think we'll be seeing a lot more of johnny depp in theaters soon. >> and speaking of troubled couples, what is going on with the first lady jill biden? >> well, first lady jill biden in a new harper's bazaar interview reveals that she and the president have their fight via text. she called it sexting, only like her husband, communication can be a
7:43 pm
problem, laura. sexting in the urban dictionary means texting while having intercourse. >> laura: why is she fighting over text, though? >> she claims she doesn't want the secret service to hear them fighting. as biden reminded her, everything that they text ends up in the national archives. the people in the hall can't hear you but all of posterity will soon be able to read all the nasty things you said to your husband when a man is cognitively challenged, he's got pressures and stresses, laura, why are you texting him nasty things and calling him names? that's probably not the best tact at the moment. >> laura: maybe she's upset because he doesn't call her doctor jill. >> we'll check the archives for that evidence. >> laura: the president had more trouble today, didn't he, as he unveiled the baby formula plan. this is today's biden by the numbers.
7:44 pm
>> today we're announcing united airlines agreed to offer cargo space for. [indiscernible] care for 3.7 bottles of the formula. >> that's 3.7 more bottles than they had before. this is progress we don't want to limit it. i think he meant 3.7 million. >> laura: well, the numbers can be very confusing after all of that sexting with jill. >> i guess. >> laura: raymond, thank you. up next, elementary school counselor's career is in jeopardy tonight after being accused in engaging for immoral conduct just for speaking out about the promotion of transgender
7:45 pm
orthodoxcy in schools after a rally outside of the washington capitol. she's here with her side of the story next. stay there. they were the first to be verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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>> i oppose gender ideology
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ever entering the walls of my school building on my dead [bleep] body will my students be exposed to gender identity ideology, transgenderism [bleep]. [bleep] transgenderism. these people behind us want children to have unfettered access to hormones. >> that was that moment that got milwaukee school counselor marissa in trouble with the state. the wisconsin department of public instruction has launched an investigation and is now threatening to revoke her teaching license on the basis of immoral conduct. marissa joins me now exclusively along with her attorneys. marissa, would you change anything about what you said or how you said it now that the state is coming after
7:51 pm
you? >> no. i wouldn't. >> laura: what compelled you at that moment to get up with colorful language, which, you know, we all could engage in at times, but it was pretty colorful. is that what got them that you used the f-bomb or was it something else? >> i mean, i don't really understand, because i was acting as a private citizen on my own time on a saturday. like 75 miles away from my students -- my students weren't watching the feminist channel livestream i was speaking on, and i had not actually planned on speaking, but after spending the afternoon being harassed and provoked by people wearing shirts that said "protect trans kids" i felt i had to stand up and tell the truth. >> laura: now, lucas, what is she actually being charged with or accused of? like, is there a particular part of the licensing code
7:52 pm
that she violated? if so, what is it? >> yeah, there's a statute in wisconsin that allows the state agency that's in charge of educational licensing to revoke a license for what they call immoral conduct. immoral conduct is defined pretty vagally under statute but it's essentially conduct that harms children. two of the examples they list under the statute is accessing pornography at school and knowingly helping a child predator obtain a job at a school, for example. neither of those come anywhere near what this situation is. this is a situation in which she was, as she said, speaking as a private citizen on her own time on matters of public importance in front of the state capitol. it's frankly -- i don't know how you could find a more quintessentially protected speech under the first amendment. >> laura: now, marissa, what specifically about this really new movement to some would say "encourage" you
7:53 pm
know, sexual exploration, sexual identity exploration in very young children today? >> well, there is a little bit of a difference between the sexual identity stuff and the transgender stuff. i'm totally supportive of lesbian, gay and by sexual individuals -- bisexual individuals. what i'm not supportive of is this movement to basically tell kids they were born in the wrong body and set them on a path for long-term, life-long medicalization through the use of wrong-sex hormones and drugs used off label as puberty blockers and all of the disfiguring of their healthy body parts. it's not nothing to do with being lesbian or gay. it's an agenda that's being driven by big pharma. >> laura: are you shocked of the alliance intentionally formed by some
7:54 pm
liberal feminists, liberal folks and some conservatives on this issue? when you have j.k. rowling being atacked by the transgender community, that's something. >> it is an interesting coalition we're building around this issue, but honestly, even though i consider myself to be a radical feminist and i have taken my stand on radical feminist grounds, i have decided to get out of my own way when it comes to this. >> mar rissa and lucas, thank you, both. our wit's end segment is next. the clue, sports' team's virtual signaling could have been mocked by an old "seinfeld" he had sow. what is it? that's next.
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>> which sports team's
8:00 pm
recent virtue signaling might have been mocked in a "seinfeld" episode. the cleveland guardians against the washington reds. here is the big reveal. the brooklyn nets tweeted this bizarre flag compilation for pride day that its many users, including yours truly, very confused. "gutfeld!" is next. >> greg: happy wednesday. happy wednesday, because it feels like news day. i know! we got an extra day of nothing! so, remember a few months back when joe rogan got covid and the media's lying d-bags claimed he took horse pills. sorry, did i


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