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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 1, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good evening and welcome to tucker carlson said we have not brought you enough on this b storytory. you may know it's out once for the past two months. twenty five million peopleilst in shanghai, china, one of the biggest cities in the world, have been trapped inside their homes on the basis of what it claims is a covid risk. butk it's clearly purely political . the chinese government has locked them in , can'tgosi get anyone suspected of being sick, has been shipped to a squalid quarantine camp
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sometimes without running water and then to makeat the humiliationerand complete, police collected household pets, tore them from their owners handsolhe and beat them tocl death in the streets, claiming the dogs and cats somehow spread disease. anyone who complained aboutho this got a very clear answer from the government, which was broadcast at full volume from drone circling overhead. they said quoteth controlso your soul'sul desire for freedo. so people did they had no . ice that'sn what life is like in an authoritarian society and not just in chinaaus, also in new-w zealand. less than a year ago, the leftin wing new zealand governmentnt shut down the entire country over a single covid case. don't talk to your neighbors, commanded the prime minister. keep too yo your bubbles quotey in neighboring australia they did pretty much the same thing. police in australiay po beat a man for daring to have a cigaret outside his own apartment. now that may all seem horrifying to you, but public health authoritieshe here loved it. they looked on in envy,th unfortunate.
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tony fauci recently explained to msnbc, quote, you'd never be able to c c implement measurr like that here in the united states and that's true ,i you'd hope.s but whyu couldn't you why couldn't you do that here? well,ci tony fauci you didn't sf it out loud, but y if you think about it for a minute, it'sit pretty obvious what all those other countries have in common china, new zealand, australia, different populations, different languages, different forms of government over. f but all of them have disarmed their population in those countries ordinary people arepe defenseless and the government t knows it. china, of course,o was the first to confiscate privately held firearmsis happened more than 50 years ago. political power grows fromm the barrel of gun, chairman maos famously observed, and he wanted all of that power forlyd himself so he got it in nineteen ninety six australia followed after a a mass shooting committl by a mentally disabled man. sound familiar? the australian government in the aftermath of that declared that self-defense was no longer a legitimate reason to own a firearm and the governmentnt confiscated hundrel of thousands of guns from law abiding citizens.
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that's what happened in twenty nineteen after yet another mass shooting by a crazy person. neighboring new zealand did pretty muchhet the same thing. so now in all three of those countries china, australia, new zealand firearms now registered and licensed by the government and permitted only for hunting and sport shooting citizens have been disarmed. m so last week's mass shooting in uvalde, texas occurred more than two thousand miles from canada. you wouldn't think it was connected con in any way to cani but that country's prime minister justin trudeau saw an opening to repeat what is now a highly familiar scriptt. so on monday, trudeau announced that because a deranged teenager in the us had committed an act of violence, canadians will no longerld be allowed to defendlv themselves. watch. we recognizees that the vast majority of gun owners use them safely and in accordance with the law. n but other than using firearms for sport shooting and hunting ,there is no reason anyone
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in canada a should need guns in their everyday lives. o there's no reason that anyonee in canada should need guns in their everyday lives. that's the word from the botox dictator to the north. ny that means anyoneon in canada apart from justin trudeau because guns, it turns out, are a huge part of justin trudeau's everyday life much more than your life at all times. justin trudeau is surrounded by firearms, automatic rifles extended r magazines, what we w call weapons of war . and justin trudeau always will be surrounded by weapons of war even if he succeeds in confiscatinge every last privately held firearm in the nation of canada. justin trudeau the will never disarm his own bodyguards.guard. why? he understands perfectly well that guns are the key to his power. so actually i'm one of those ironies we've become very . s liar with recently nogu one loves guns more than justin trudeau in the rest of canada.n p in point of fact,oint gunss aret much of an issue.
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they were just 16 homicidess in the million person city of ottawa over all of last year and half of those involve and fists, not guns. one of them is a self-defense case.. so guns are not killing a lot of canadians. what is killing a lot of canadians are drug lords. more than 5000 canadians died last year from opioids, one mostly fentanyl. so how was justin to responding to this ? well, days ago he announced that he is legally sayingoc fentanyl along with cocaine and methamphetamine in canada's third largest providence, british columbia. this is a placesh this is a province for more than one hundred and sixty five people died last month from drug overdose by comparison in twenty twenty in the entire nation of canada. twenty three people died per month in acts involving a firearm. so why if you were concerned about public health, would you ban firearms but legalize fentanyl fentanyl's people areot
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dying from not guns. how does that make sense? well, it only makes sense if t your goal is to keep the population weak and vulnerableat even if it kils them. and that would explain why trudeau is not stopping british columbia. he's also has said he's working with toronto and edmonton to w legalize fentanyl therere as well. meanwhile, at the same timee me also under the guise of publicde health, trudeau has just announced anauau indefinite extension of his country's travel ban for millions ofou canadian citizens just like in china, just like in cuba. so if you haven't taken justin t trudeau's totally ineffective yet, still mandatoryinef kovács you can't leave your own country. you also can't travelount internally by plane or train.. this is not a public health measure. as it's a show of force from a tyrant. tou but if you don't like it,gh, toh ,there's nothing you can do.e why? y because you've been disarmed. >> it will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import. tenga anywhere in canada and will require a permanent
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alteration of long gun magazines so they can never hold more than five rounds. l you can have all the federal you want but you can't defend yourself y and that's just gun confiscation. as you heard this magazine confiscationea and as always our authorities mostly in the democratic partyho are taking very close notes when they watch justin trudeau speak to bidenjo just announced that nine millimeter ammunition is quote high caliber, which makes anyone who understands gunss laugh and should thereforf be banned. nine millimeteror, a single most common pistol rounds sold the united states by far should be banned, says joe biden in new york, the unelected u governor kathy hochul just announced legislation to quotego ,eliminate the grandfathering of large capacity ammunition feeding devices. that means your legal magazine is now illegal possessing. it is now a crime.
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it wasn't yesterday. it is today. that's the word from the unelected governor of new york because that's democracy. she also plans to create c a licensingre requirement for as semiautomatic weapons. that's not just the scary looking onesok you see on tv. that's all semiautomatic weapons including deer rifle. so while they disarm you as in canada, our leaders are busy decriminalizing serious crimes ,oneses that actually hurt you.o for example, according to seattle times, policinskiiolic e no longer investigating . yes, they're quote no longer assigning detectives this new year lon to cases with adult victims. that's rape victimssvictims. thl have to do without. so if any of the people in charge wantedn to be a safer country, they wouldn't have caused the current crime wave in the first they would not have defunded police. they wouldn't be encouraging opend enco drug markets in ouren cities. they wouldn't be sending crack pipes to addicts . but they're not worried about the public health at all.ab what they're worried aboutout is public resistance to their policies, disarmingis
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the population and that resistance. they're very concerned because they know they illegitimately that the population will rise up there probably has not toou you it's definitely occurred to. them and it's d occurred tot the corporate media they control whose job it is toh push their holograms and theyli would very much like it. canada slash china style gun s ban in this country. watch them salivate. we need to really look south ofr the border to know t that if we do not take action firmly and rapidly, it gets worse and worse w. something pretty striking about that phrase used right south of the border. describe us , the unitedun states, the phrase you hearito us off in this country o by people who are kind of denigrating mexico as a supposedly lawless land, you know, ultraviolence. that's how they see us .n, trudeau says listen, he understands most gun owners use their guns safely, butut there's really no need like many people have been talking p
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about for assault style weapons in their country. >> i want to consider how a real democracy actually handles gun issues and changes toes gun laws. consider what canadian prime minister justin trudeau had to say about guns in canada can't look down on america.ks inform the rachel maddow impersonators on msnbc. they used to brag with the indian health care system. it's so great.. g g why don't we emulate it? youuem haven't heardulat that recently. entlwhy is that ?us canadians flee here for serious operation and the truth is in canada as in the united states, people you just saw on television, the people were formulating these restrictions, these gunstri grabs, these violations of your constitutional rights will never under anyco circumstances give up their own weapons ofr. war . they just want tooth make it harder for you to defend yourself now as is the case with all of these laws from cigaret taxes to gun laws, the poor get hurt the most part leduff and steve neethling, two
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journalists in michigan found the police response times in poor neighborhoodsic about twice as long as they ared p in rich neighborhoods. oh ,ol so if anyone needs the power to defend himself, who live in poor neighborhoods and those happen to be the same people the democratic party claims tic toar care about bute they don't seem to actually care. and that's why better work is now talking again about seizing ar 15s from the homes of law abiding people here he is not only should no one be able to purchase american teen on ak 47 because they're designed to kill humans and have high impact, high velocity round, everythingtear up inside. he'll bleed out before we b b can get you back to life.o but i don't think that the people who have them right now ,civilian use should be able>> to keep them, should t be able o keep them better work isul deciding what rights you should have. they don't work is actually never had a job and who lives on inherited money, who's very, very smart is telling youe what the parameters of your god
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given rights enshrined in our constitution ought to be . have't think youne shouldd that right buzz off pal.ff do you think republican officeholders exist to push back against this and to defend the bill of rights? isn't that their job? isn't that what you voted for them? no. they're playing along just to show they care. so this weekend, one of the weakest of them all really an embarrassment to the state of arkansas. the governor of arkansas, asach hutchinson noted allied to the trans community said he's open to more restrictions on legal rifles. watch asa hutchinson, what's the one area and i'm talking about guns here not as much as schools. what's the one area on gun safety where you think there could be common ground?ll well, first of, all, i think i you've got to be able to talk about the ar fifteen style weapons and whether that's an eighteen or twenty one age you have at least have a conversation about that . you got to wonder, says hutchinson's thinking to himself, how dochch i impress
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the cnn? not some i'm not some troglodyte from conway, arkansas. i get what i need to do. i'm a responsible i've been togo the aspen institute. i go to davos. if they invited me. you but you've got to wonderow how many of his constituents agree with them. probablyee zero. is he doesn't care. so you can see where this is moving. they're going to try try and tay what guns away. what will happen when they do? be a safer country? have they been good at disarming criminals who it turns out you will be completely dependentnt upon them for your safety. what will that look like? well, we could ask the womanor who called the police from the grocery store in buffalo two weeks ago when a lunatic walks in a certain murdering people she called 911. and what happened to number one anchor hung up on her. we could ask the parents, those kids and you valde the police just drew showed up and stood outside. e, >> watch.
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>> so an attack on police. we defend the police and we'll i continue to do that ,nc includig the ones that you felt youn no doubt they're mostly gooden and decent and patriotic people. but the truthtile about all pol, about all government workers, about everyone outsideuc your family is they're neverh going to care aboutau your famie as much as you do because it's your family, not theirs. d youow will lay down your life to defend your children. why would they they're not their children. not an attack. the obvious observationno a anda lot of times the truth is since we've defunded the police across the country, they don't even show up because there aren't enough ofar them to show up. so where therereso were, wheree the police, by the way, whens this woman got stabbed in broad daylight in new york city? look at this footage. it's from may twenty second in brownsville, brooklyn. there were no cops there. just walked up and stabbed her . these kind ofe attacks happen a lot and they are particularly
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common in the very cities that have disarmed lawt abiding gun owners. the footage you're seeing now is fromnx the bronx i in march, thugs robbed a young woman at gunpoint, then turned the gun at her three year old boy's head . who must take your gun? it was autism to pre-k. ? where were the police while they weren't there? they've been defunded but they haven't been defundeddan. it can't be everywhere. if you want toou defend yoursel, you're going to have to do it yourself. that's just the truth. by contrast, a womanch in charleston stopped a mass shooter the other day. she didn't callar the police.e. with an ar fifteen and said he's going to kill everybody. know what she did? she shot him ehe to death. police say an ar 15 assault rifle showed up to a party. this video shows the scene from stories above. it was captured viam abov cell phone and sent to eyewitness news. the man with the rifle was later identified by police as denis butler court documents reveal he's been convicted of two felonies which include child neglects and child abuse charges such as those make it illegal for himim to hae a gun or ammo. n
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but wednesday nightig he allegedly fired intofi a crod here ater raslan circleli and believe that he was shotcet and killed by a woman that was licensed to carry a gun. adlineh oh , so what's the headline from that story? he was not allowed to be in possession of a gun.nst the he was against law the law for i to have a gun. but itt looks like gunid laws dd nothing to deter the lunatic with the rifle when he first started shooting strangersrs and neither did the police because they weren't there and no police officer can get there tim in time to save the lr of the people the only reason they're still alivee is because a woman in tht crowd, a citizen had a gun and she used it to defend herself and the rest of the law. why is she notyhe a hero? ru the truth is any government that tries to make youennm more dependent on any government that tries to make you less self-sufficienten is by definition a malicious government. they are not on your sideniti. they're trying to hurt you. former nfl player theo fleury understands that he's a canadian. he played for many years in the nhl. , then youa a hockeyny
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know exactly who he is. he's your he's now the director of media for canadians for truth, justice and freedom. he joins us tonightju. thanks so much for coming on . it's it's saturday. for really, really sad for those of us small number but an avidad number of americansa who really love canada to see where your prime minister is taking the country. i mean, where's this going? well, we all know where it's w going. it's you know, this ideology has been tried twenty four times in the history of the planet and the only thing that comes out of it is death. t youhe know, the communist globalist agenda. and what we're seeing right now is we're seeing the insane running the asylum and you know, we're headed down a wrong road and a wrong path right nowt to ban self-defense in theed
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nation but legalize fentanyl when fentanyl is killing multiples of the people the guns are killingt in canadaw . that doesn't wake canadians up to the reality of this guy's maliciousness. well, you would hope it would. , but you know, tucker , i . i work in the field of trauma, mental health and addiction. i've been in this space for fifteen years and yes, the, the underlying theme is trauma. right. i believe that every single issuery we have in society stars with trauma and what we've seen over the last you know,u probably three years is systemic trauma and systemic abuse caused by the government. and what we're seeing is we saw a spike in mental health. we saw a spike in opioid use.piu we saw a spike in suicides, you know, seven and eight s year old kids are having suicidal ideation. so so this is preplanned
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and premeditated and you know, what what trudeau announced days isast couple of all part of the plan and where we're at it and it's and it'sed sick and it's disgusting and it needs to stop. that's the most interesting thing i've heard in a longlo j time. can you just be a little m more specific and explain what you meant when you said the government has caused trauma on purpose for the last three years? yeah,>> there's political trauma they are causing pol as much chs and trauma as they possibly can . right. we're seeingri all these mass shootings now. you know, we're legalizing were legalized drugs. t think about that , tucker . we're legalizing crystal meth is now a part of the canadian health care system. that's basically what they said that is complete insanity. ns it's insanity and it needs to
10:20 pm
stop this type of rhetoric, this type of leadership needs to go and it needs to go nowuc and peopleke are shell shocked after years ofo this and it's going to be i'm going to be thinking about that forha the next week. i think that's just such an amazing observation, including so clearly true . >> yeah, it's it's you know, you're going to see we're going to have people who have ptsdro from the last three yearst' because of what's going on and this is premeditated and preplanned. the world economic forum is in canada and is running our country and running the great . vet whatever whatever the you callr it, it is happening in canada and it is being played out. the script b is being played out every single day in thisy t countryhi and it's got to stop. >> amazing conversation. i'm really glad yousa came. i hope we'll see you again, theo. thank thank you . absolutely. thank you so you utely. much, tucker .ke
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sor. covid is over so elon musk is telling his employees atve tesla to return tor, the officee boxel. trace gallagher has that story for us tonight. it's dr. elon musk is gal t sayg for tesla to createal and manufacture what he calls the most exciting and meaningfullsci products on earth, you cannot phone it in . so last night he sent tesla workers are pretty blunt emails saying quote anyone who wishes to do remoteone work must be in the office for a minimum and i mean minimum of 40 hours per week orr dipak tesla, he went on to write quote if you don't show up, we will assume youup have resigned in the email the richest man in the worldes also laid out a few other rules like saying the office must the employer's primary workplace, not a remote branch b . teslaut has not commented, but when elon musk was asked on twitter quoting hey elon, di any additional comment to people who think coming into work is an antiquated concept? musk responded quote they should pretend to work somewhere else, speaking by the way of twitter, which elon musk is trying to buy, that company has already said that employees can work frommpan home forever f
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they prefer tucker . amazing. trace gallagher, thanks so much for that . so while you were preoccupied watching the chaos, we came a lot closer to a very serious conflict with russia. so biden is intent on getting us into a full scale war with russia and we feel duty boundl to bring so that to you. so f the first part of our conversation with breth faab, one of the great quarterbacks of all timee tonight we have more super interesting figure. we've got that next. you could only one thing the rest of your life would have been easy. i'm pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet a buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue buffet rock and roll. >> hello, i'm mike lindell inventor of my bill thanks to your support, you've helped make my fellow become one of
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a new retirement dog and start chatting with avvo today that's a your retirement dog to so the war with russia looks like it's real. joe biden's who was apparently t president united states has announced and offered the united states will quote provide ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield." in ukraine but not just in ukraine. they'll be able to reach russia. so we are funding,y a war againt mainland russia. so this is not lost on the russians. in response, the russian foreign minister said that move from radically increases the risk of a direct conflict between the united states and theon russian military. so the question is where is i this going?
10:28 pm
what is the objective of our funding? the ukrainian governmentfu? how do we know when we can stop doug macgregor has helped prosecute or personally he's a former senior advisor toee the secretary of defense and ar career military officer. us so don , thanks so much for coming on . so i guess that'she that's the question that maybe not enough peopleeo have to workan 20 years in afghanistan. and hownhe objective we know when we have achieved it? >> well, firstveved of all, this high mobility artillery rocket system the president mentioned hoc is actually a very good system that can deliver a lot of firepower. othe problem is we are apparently sending one launcher that has six tubes foret six rockets in addition to that , i don't know how they're going to acquire targets, what level of surveillancerget t radars they've got. perhapshe they're goingpe to ded on us for space d based t surveillance. but i think under the circumstances given the fact that this is one launcher, not 50 , the russians can probably relax.
10:29 pm
you know, it's hard whenro youba whenth you look at something this ridiculous not to conclude that this is a face saving measure on the part of the administration that reallyar doesn't want to admit that this war was lost a long time ago. anything, this is sort of like handing somebody a life preserver on the beach. just as hundred foot waves in a tsunami are a about to crash ino them. so this is not going to have any impact. it's not going too be a game changer. interesting. so clearly some people in thee administration must know that .? what do you think they're thinking? i mean, i think it'ss fair for the rest of us to ask what's what's the end game here?he what's the point when we know when we've achieved a point and we can stop funding the government of ukraine? to be frankknmen, this administration and the defense department have always been several stepspsadad behind in their thinking abouteh everythingin and i think at this point they want to find f a way to keepin this war going as long as possible. they don't want to wan admitt t that they were wrongodm,
10:30 pm
that they've run a tremendous disinformation campaign. they don'tioai want to admit that they brought the world, particularly africa, by the way,ld to the brink of famine because they stopped the export of wheat. they don't want to talk aboutng any of the things that really matter. they wanttter. to focus as much attention as possible on anythings that promises to harm russia. and in the finalan analysis, russia is going to come out of this looking pretty good. ukrainen the other, on the othes destroyed and is effectively a failed state. remarkable karine jean-pierre because one of the very fewis honest voices on this subject a who is happy happy.yo thank you very much. n so a question has arisen in the public sphere repeatedly that you never thought you would have to answer and that is what is a woman are we the supreme court justices here? so matt walsh decided to get too the bottom of it. he just made a film on the question what does a woman we'll talk to in a second part two of ourse conversation with brett favre straight aheadbr.
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hunter biden is the most protected person in the country . he was given rights and the jobs well beyond his credential . it just is astounding. you really can't find any business venture that does not revolve around his father's political column. tens of millions from the ukraine, china and washington has achieved. hunter is barely functional humans. he had a roaring sex addiction obsessively videotaping every aspect of his life. you got a problem there and walked in a customer h3n2 approach. it's not stuff you would ever see the light offering to pay the big guy joe biden himself this is american power to do business now doing a panel of experts say deeper into the media coverage and hope
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one , get one free offers and get deep discounts on all my fellow products. thank you and god bless. bless. ow we showed you part one of our b interview with brett farve streaming rightst now on fox station starting tomorrow. part twost of that interview got online. it's interesting of allle the people who played particularly at the highest levelly in the nfl, brett favree is one of the very o few who got out fully intact, not just physically but with an intact and happy family. how does he do i that exactly? not a shallow guy. it turns out that's how we did it. t in this interview he tells us the single most important piece of advicee he gives people who ask him for advice. >>ev here's a preview, boys. >> t and let the chips fall whee they may and save your money. enjoy yourself. but don't you don't try to because when you start doing that , it's like i'm a playingpr this game in this preseason game. but i'm notes t i'm a point noto get hurt.
10:37 pm
well, who's the first person to get hurt? that guyuy and that's the way nt everybody but the mentality some ofnt some of the guys t that have us on will play this amount of time will play this way in this game and you can't play that way and you can't your mindset i don't think you can be successful because before you know it, it'sessf over and you go i thouu i was going tot play a year but i didn't make the roster and i saw that happen so many times. s it sounds broader life lesson a she just allll in every day and then kind of let what happens happen. yeah, yeah. ?but what was so cool about the game of football and the the teammates with all different backgrounds race, size, speed that was it was just a discrepancy but we came together as one and that was the beauty of it. when you won an unbelievable
10:38 pm
game that you won on the last celebrate with your teammates, there's nothing like it. i cameik describe to you i what that feeling is to see the guys look at me like mean we did it. we did it in the we is an important part of that phrase and there's like throwing a touchdown pass and lambeau field there'shr no substitute fr that . we that united feeling that and lose in a tough gamean togetherm man crying i cry too many days after a tough loss but i cry with my teammates and because it matteredbeca and not every gy played that way with that passion or i think when it was over for however many years it was how how much or how little they didn't appreciate it.
10:39 pm
yeah.>> and i coached high school football for two years whene i retired, didn't make any money, didn't want any a mon moy and enjoy the hell out of itvo and i thought i was it was kind of a favor to the head coach to, be his office coordinator, but it ended up being a blessing because i really enjoyed it. butt i would tell those kids all the time you got to enjoy the moment. all, you're of young. when i was your age c i couldn't wait to be twenty one and move on to the next level. and wellhi fortunate that i playedle in the nfl that time sort of stopped that makes sense. yeah. along the way with that i couldw kind of stop and smelld the rosessm, you know the first seven, five , seven, eight years varnay the wall just blowing and going and next thing i know it's like it b seemed like it took forever. but before you knew it, it's like when you turn 30 the next birthday you'ree fifty . yeah. and the next birthday was fifty three . oh . we're down twenty thirty years
10:40 pm
in between a you know so i was fortunatego that i played long enough that i could kind of stop say you know enjoy this , enjoy this moment no matter how fun or disappointing it is. enjoy this moment because there will be a time when too quicklyo it'll be gone and i saw so many guys not that it was here and gone just like them and never got to appreciate it so well, you can see part twonv of that conversation with brett favre. to be on fox nationdy part one . it's already online. so it used to be easy to answer the question what is a woman what a women want? that was a whole another q question. what is a woman? youue know, no one even asked it because it was so obvious. you could tell by looking now in supreme court justices don't know the answer. th get to the bottom ofst this new question, it's an t essential question. matt walsh decided to makeo a documentary about this piece is called what is a woman
10:41 pm
in the film that spoke to gender affirming therapist to better understandff his own gender . >>'s here's partt. of it with te fluidity of these things flu, how do i know if i'm a woman? you know, i had a great question. >> i like scented candlesha and yeah, i've watched in the city. yeah, yeah. so how do i know. yeah, not that question rightht there like that question isha like when asked with a lot ofeg curiosity. right that's the beginning of a lot of people's likein gender identity development journeys. what is a womany.. yeah great question. i'm a woman so i , i can't really answer that . yeah he likes scented candles. it could be the beginning of. your gender development journey. lslsh also spoke to a pediatriciano, assured them p that women taking puberty blockers well it may effectively castrateubrs, iv tht big deal .he a kid who is just starting puberty and panicking because they're getting buds, their
10:42 pm
is getting bigger and bigger there, worried about all kinds of masculine changes and that way puberty blockers which are completely reversible and don'tt have permanent effects are wonderful because weffec can pus that pause on puberty. it's like if yout were listenins to music, put the pause on and we stop the blockers and puberty would go right back to where it was the nextt note in the song just delayed that period of time. of course puberty blockersib are not completely reversible and they absolutely do have permanent effects obviously. so that raises the question are those interviews real? we thought we'd ask matt walsh directly. he's the host of walsh showec, his documentary what this woman is out now at the daily wire.e. thanks so much. first of for making this second for coming on to explain it. but those interviews, just those clips over so over the top were those real i wish i can say that we that we invented the thing if i was
10:43 pm
going to invent like a parody of leftod wing gender theory, i would never think to create, you know, a therapist who tells me that i'm actually a woman because i like scented candles. so i would have thought that's too far. but no, this is this is very r real. and one thing that youu knowlm that comes out in the film is that a lot of the stuff on the surface it's hilarious because it's so absurd. but then you realize that this is gender ideology is utterlyhe pervasive and it's all over the country. and what you just heardan jus iy a therapist will tell you that , yeah, youa might be a woman because you like scented candles. there are people who are a actually confused going into these kinds of counselors a and therapists and coming out evennd more confused, which is all by design. so there's the absurdity on the surface and then underneath it it's really quite sinister. so the second interview,e the clip that we played that a physician because she claimed puberty blockers have no longubr term effects, which of course is not true . so why does shehe havetrue a lie still? is she a doctor?
10:44 pm
she's a i doctor and she's also a she's a pediatrician. she specialized in this kind of thing working with, with ander confused kids putting them on the path to chemical castration, which is exactly what that is, by the way. i mean, we get into an exchangee about this . the drug they usey that theypu call puberty blockers isbe thats lupron. and that drug is actually used to chemically castrate sex offenders and they are giving it to kids and i brought that up to her in the film and that was the first time that she threatened to get could walk out of the room because she didn't want to talk about it. but that is exactly what thesed people are doing. and what we discovered, of course, is that they don't wantt too answer any questions at all about any ofal this and they can't i mean, gender ideology and the agendaa that they have cannot withstand even the slightest scrutiny which is sorttandli of the poinf the question of okay, let's start with let's define our e terms what even is a woman't that can't answer that ? they don't have an answer to . at question thank you for making this . i
10:45 pm
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10:51 pm
are using safely. it also encourages people tod quote avoid using alone and to quote take turns using fentanyl with others. do you know someone knows a lot about this subject isec recovering addicts is prescribed opioids after surgery and got addicted to soov many other people. she's now the co-founder off mothers against drug deaths. she joins you. thanks so much for coming on . so you've seen every part of this epidemic, tooo much of it.c what do you makeh of these ads? yes, too much. we thank you for having me, tucker . when i first saw these ads, i thought to use the word empowerment to me was ridiculous. first w w em, while my drug addictione robbed me of my dignity, yes, my health, my kids, my sanity, there was no empowerment in my drug addiction and whether i used with a add friend or wher i used a clean pipe, it still took me to the depths of . so i don't understand how we're encouraging it sounds like very
10:52 pm
much sounds like encouraging and empowering people. and in the very bottom end, if you notice in the very c bottom left hand corner, an afterthought is here's how youow get help and i don't understand why they don't lead with that. well, sure. i meanan there's it'sit the opposite. i mean, addictione. is the most degrading thing that can happen to a person. most people have beenn addictedv . something will tell you they'd rather have cancer than an addiction. so to have the authorities ation encouraging addiction, i mean what does this mean? why would they do that ? if you have any idea? you know, i'm digging into that into me it seems i mean, m people get paid. it's a bige, industry, right? that's you know,y very big industry. the addiction and treatment treatment. you know, we have the same thing in san francisco. we've hadst posters like this ad have like this up for a while. the no your overdose news with friends and the pictures they show are look like people partying and having a good time. and you know, it's it's
10:53 pm
enabling and they put these t posters up and they hand people poile and they hand people strawse and people pipes and say we're meeting them where they're at but they're leaving and then they're it's it's not compassionate to leave someone on the street if you gave this advice to your own children and help them use narcotics, you would have them taken away by family services. correct. absolutely. that's what happened to me right>>? i mean, i wasn't i was in the middle of a meth induced psychosis on the street and the police picked me up. i lost my kids. i lost everything. they took me to a mental facility and they said you a can go in here or you can go to jail and we start doing that anymore. we need to doo more of that .o moi think you're exactly if yous really wanted to save people's lives and impacted's actually empower them and return them their dignity. mcdonald, i appreciate your perspective, your bravery in saying so. thank you . tucker . so much,h,
10:54 pm
so the johnny depp trial in case you've beenn following o that ended today. lots off lessons from that one is you shouldn't necessarily, believe all women, buto we'll let you decide what you think. we'll see what happens. >> charlie kirk, founder of turning point usa, the world's leaders are in switzerland right now planning the great reset, a global agenda that will destroy the american way of life. they're waging war on our country and that is why turning point usa is empowering every american to stop the great reset, said in its tracks. to win this battle, we need americans to know the agenda at play and are ready for the right that is why i am giving away my new book for a gift of any amount even just one dollar eight five five eight eight one 04 06. get your copy of the conservative response to the great recession. you can also go to cpusa .com the order that is usa.
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favre on tucker carlson today the nfl legend sits down with tucker discussing his extraordinary career and opens up about his personal struggles consumed every day by taking those pills and using those pills. tucker's must see interview streaming today on fox nation so we occasionally will admitna it. >> takee a look at the washington post. you don't have to." jeff bezos is personalisticac and we remember that back in twenty eighteen during the meet to morrowk , anick, which was never serious, by the way, was another power grab. an actress called amber heard wrote an op ed in thatn newspaper accusing johnny depp w of abusing her . well, ultimately went to trial, as you may know. and today the jury found that op ed was defamatoryha and awarded johnny depp fifteen million dollars in damages. what are the lessons we can draw from this ? well, we're going to restrain ourselves in front no lessons and let you do that .il we'll see youl tomorrow by the way, don't forget to stream our new interview with brett favre on fox nation. and tomorrow e o, by the way,
11:00 pm
congress is holding emergency hearings to take away that our constitutionalemy right won't me you safer. we're going to speak to someone who watched her husbandlk murdered right in front of her . she can do nothing about it because gun laws preventedus frs doing something about it. if you want to protect yourself ,we'll be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. so n that's a sworn enemy of lying, smugness and groupthink and the best off with the ones you love. and welcome to hannity. we begin tonight with this fox alert. my full monologue, by the w wayj is coming up in just a moment. but first we have breaking news out of tulsa , oklahoma , where this afternoon a gunman opened fire on a hospital campus. with the very latest is our very own trace gallagher trace shot. this happened at the st. francis hospital campus in tulsa, a building that houses an orthopedic center and the offices of many, doctors. we're told a man walked into the building with a rifle and a handgun and opened fire . police say both weapons were used and tha


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