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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 2, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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virtual signaling could be in an old seinfeld episode? the new york mets. >> the cleveland and dance. john, he guessed the washington redskins. but the brooklyn nets tweeted this bizarre consolation for pride day that many users, including yours truly very confused. remember get your u.s. a made gear and greg gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> todd: you know our typical shot is new york city. sometimes you go to nashville, but today, you are looking live at buckingham palace where our special coverage of queen elizabeth platinum jubilee celebration kicking off one hour
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from now. let me just add to, carley shimkus, as everybody knows, you play the trumpet, the little thing we did at the top. a good shot as always. >> carley: thank you, todd appeared to be when you are watching "fox & friends first" on a thursday morning. >> carley: that is exactly right, it is called the party of a lifetime. of course the platinum jubilee celebrates queen elizabeth 70 year reign, the longest-serving u.k. monarch. there will be a lot of pomp and ceremony today but most of all, it is a big party due on or queen elizabeth and her royal family and what they have done for the u.k. throughout history. >> todd: i like going over numbers because i find numbers fascinating carley shimkus. the silver is 25 years, the gold is 50 years, the diamond is 60 years, and of course, the platinum coming in at a whopping
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70 years. >> carley: jubilee ceremony is an anniversary celebration and of course, being the most important because she is the only monarch to reach platinum jubilee. mark my calendar, piers morgan will host live from london 5:30 eastern time. today is a big day because it marks the color of military review that has marked the british monarch's official birthday for more than 260 years when you become the queen of england. you have two birthday celebrations the day you were born and also the day you became the monarch. usually, a jubilee is celebrated on the second week in june. this year, there is little bit different, but the reason it happens is because they like to celebrate these things in the summer because of the weather. so you have to avoid the london fog. >> todd: london with the fog, you have to slant the favor.
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keep in mind this is a 96 year old woman so it is unclear which of these events she will attend. that is one of the entry elements but currently, we talk about that we are in love with the royals, prince harry and meghan, we are talking about in our private lives, we are not. prince harry and meghan obviously, will they be there? we know that they are not going to be up there on the balcony because they don't have official royal duties, but how involved are they going to be in today and this weekend's festivities? >> carley: one of the big thing is the tripping of the color, you do get to see the royal family at the balcony of buckingham palace. you know that will be the money shot, the historic shots, the members of the royal family. the royal waving to everybody down below from the balcony position and harry and meghan because they gave up the royal
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titles will not be there. they will be watching with other members of the royal family from a different advantage point. but that is decision queen elizabeth made, and it makes a whole lot of sense because of what they chose to do when they moved to california. >> todd: i don't know what your wedding is like but over the course of a couple of hours, this is a four day celebration of all for queen elizabeth. that is one heck of a party but we all learned the british party, we don't necessarily know over the course of the next four days. one final point, you mention tripping of the color, that is a military review. i have to ask brian kilmeade if she is not happy what she sees in the military or certain individuals, this is a question i want answered. >> carley: queen elizabeth pays attention to every single deal but everybody that will be participating in the tripping of the color, 1,500 soldiers and
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officers, 400, they have been practicing for months for these big moments that will kick off just a few hours from now. we will turn to alex hogan now and she is live 300 yards away from buckingham palace in london. alex, it must be so exciting to be there in person. >> could know mike good morning, carley and todd, it is exciting to be here and hoping to catch a glimpse of any member of the royal family and kicking off in about an hour's time. and these crowds continue to grow. we will see about 1,400 soldiers joining in this parade and nearly 400 musicians and 200 horses. some of the family members from the royal family will ride in on horseback or in carriage with the queen herself for the first time will not join in on the parade. she, instead, will behind on the
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balcony at buckingham palace because she is 96 years old. she will partake in many events but of course, the main concern is making sure she is healthy and well taken care of. most of the country today will be celebrating in some facet. a long week and will have a day off. and behind me people have made their way out to join in the festivities. we will see everything from the parade to kick off to a concert, a derby and garden parties, street parties throughout the weekend. this, of course, kicking off in an hour's time. a lot to look forward to, guys. >> todd: alex, thank you. let's get to the biden administration to forgive billion dollars in federal student loan debt for 500,000 borrowers. >> carley: very specific borrowers of government spending comes as the national gap average is $4.71.
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a record high and lucas tomlinson from washington, d.c., with the latest, lucas. >> good morning, guys. president biden was born into the office to the u.s. capitol steps, the price of gas was $2.38. it has nearly doubled since then. this morning another record high as you mentioned, carley, $4.71 just as schools get out for summer and the americans get the roads. many are having second thoughts about vacation plans. president biden warning high gas prices and food prices are not coming down soon. >> we can't take immediate action i'm aware of yet to the price of gasoline $3 a gallon. we can't do that immediately with regard to food prices either. >> a trillion dollars spent for covid relief will spend even more $5.8 million for half a million people's tuition to attend in california and a shut down after allegations of fraud.
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jpmorgan gave an ominous warning about the economic storm. >> it is a hurricane. right now, things are doing fine. everyone thinks they can handle this. that hurricane is right down the road coming our way. we just don't know if it is a minor one or super storm sandy. >> across the country baby formula is in short supply. americans are worried about short until my gas prices the pandemic. he admitted he didn't know about the baby formula shortage until it was too late. >> [indistinct] speak of the president said a third flight of humanitarian aid this time goes to australia and will be arriving soon to the
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united states to feed millions of hungry american babies, carley and todd. >> carley: that sounds like a third world statement, my goodness, thank you for joining us. and brit hume certainly has one, the democrats are crushed by biden's bad policies. >> unfortunately mr. biden and his party in congress, this is a reality recognized by most americans all across the country if not all americans a year and a half or more. inflation has been here a while and continues to grow. the gasoline prices are off of the charts in some places in california up over $8. can you imagine being a member of, a democratic member and hearing what the administration is saying now? wow. >> carley: california has the highest average price for a gallon of gas at a whopping $6.19. now, let's hand it over to ashley strohmier with your
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headlines, good morning. >> i fox news alert, a gunman killed four people in a shooting at a medical center. the gunfire erupting inside of a sports medicine building. st. francis hospital campus. the police say "it was not random. the shooter targeting this facility armed with a rifle and a handgun." several others were injured and no word on their conditions but the police said the gunman died of a of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. an embattled chief disputing a report he is not cooperating with the investigation into law enforcement's response to the massacre of robb elementary school. watch this. >> just so you know, we will do that. whenever this is done, the families quit grieving, we will do that. and just so everybody, just so everybody knows, we have been
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with you every day. i have been on the phone with them every day. >> they say you are not cooperating. >> carley: texas governor greg abbott calling on lawmakers with special legislative committee with future school shootings to action and uvalde funeral services for the victims will continue throughout the rest of the week into the next. back to you guys. >> todd: ashley strohmier. thank you. a man attempted to assassinate president ronald reagan will be set free. john hinckley will leave prison in two weeks. >> carley: the reagan administration joins us now to react. good morning to you. i want to read a statement the judge released on his release. he has been in full sustained remission for 25 years. he has followed every condition imposed by the court. he has demonstrated self-awareness and responsibility for his mental illness. we are not losing sight of what he did 40 years ago.
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i am confident mr. hinckley will be well in the years remaining to him. i think the public will understand he's made progress and is not a danger anymore. what do you think about this? >> i think, it sends the wrong message at a time and violence is rising in the country. that statement, you don't go into remission for assassination. and the notion that the prosecution argued that a might not be stable again. but ironically enough, the democrats don't make democrat governor of california held back the release of sir hance or him even though public released and said go ahead and release him. he almost killed the president of the united states, severely impaired reagan's ability to operate for a long time but he changed the life of james brady and police officer and should be imprisoned for life. >> todd: it sends a message to both the bad guys and the rest
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of us who are not presidents. if you treat someone tried to kill the president, how will you treat the rest of us if somebody tries to do that to us? in the meantime, the kremlin is saying president biden is diligently adding fuel to the fire by sending advanced rocket system to ukraine. they say he is increasing confrontation between the u.s. and russia. is that an accurate statement by the kremlin or an acknowledgment what we are doing is getting to him? >> well, it is an interesting question. what biden is doing through our executive action is we are sending high mobility artillery rockets and six rocket pod to. i think in the grand scheme of things, it may become provocative, but it's not a game changer in any way. the morale of the ukrainian
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people together with the unity of nato. so a pod or to have rockets will not make a difference because they've destroyed those before. i am crediting the kremlin zero. this kremlin has decided they will up and the world to go back to medieval times. so i don't think there is anything there. >> carley: i want to ask about the war, they over fighting strength has been diminished by 20%. they still don't have here you are a d and still making the same mistakes in the east that they did during their failed campaign. so it sounds like they still can't get it together. >> that is a good way to describe it, carley. the combat readiness and all-time low, the morale is low, units walking away. every report that i see open-source and well-informed for those on the ground indicate that every problem they have had
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so far remains. this is supposed to be one of the great fighting forces, conventional fighting forces of the world. what we see is the training, they are the equipment is poor and they are not ready for prime time. yeah, on the one hand that is good in the sense it is revealing something important. on the other hand, russia has been at its union the most dangerous at its most insecure. they were clearly insecure now. they have lost a lot of general officers, may be 18,000 men. this news will not go down well. >> todd: president biden and the gas prices will not go down anytime soon. we are at $4.71 and the president said "like i cannot flip a switch and improve inflation, but couldn't he whip a switch at the outset by not stymie fuel production day one of his presidency?" >> it is more direct than that, todd, you are absolutely on.
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inflation, there are three basic causes for the inflation and everybody knows one is shutting down huge chunks of fossil fuel production refinement, search, everything tied to fossil fuels because suddenly magic would become an all cars run on wind and sun. it is not going to work. we are decades away from a significant impact. so you don't shut down fossil fuels. and they overspent $2 trillion unnecessarily on covid at the beginning of the administration and added another trillion for infrastructure. and the artificial raise rise is because she took people and sidelined them with lots of federal benefits and doubling unemployment at the federal level. people are making more money on unemployment than their jobs. so they have decided, you know unless you owe me back i'm not coming back. i think you will see gas -- i could see $8, $9, $10. go back to the jimmy carter days
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we don't have the good things happening in the world. this is artificially -- this is truly something that didn't need to happen. >> todd: robert charles, think he was always my friend, appreciate it. did you see this? coney island turning into the wild, wild west when gunmen fired in broad daylight. >> carley: it is a good day to be johnny depp. [cheers and applause] >> carley: johnny depp wasn't there. the actor celebrating a big victory in the defamation trial against ex amber heard. how much money he is actually walking away with. there is a lot of zeros on the end of it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: officers killed in the line of duty by criminals in 2021 with nearly half killed in an ambush styled attack. a major uptick from the previous year. >> todd: jonathan gilliam former fbi navy seal, number 73 that carley read to, we are learning half of them were
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ambush style incident. will this uptick of killing law enforcement whether ambush or otherwise continue until movements like defund the police are gone? >> you know, i believe that is the case. it is not just defund the police. let's look at who the echo chamber is for groups like that. it is the politicians in washington, d.c., that are spewing it. it is the media that puts that out. and i will either put the blame on the republican party who does nothing to counter that argument. this is a huge problem because what it does is it vindicates what criminals feel and will do because they feel like actually, there are people out there that say the police are that bad. and so, what it does i think it is important for people to realize, they are not more criminals in 2021-2022 then there were 2019 and 2020.
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the reality is, we have entered law enforcement so bad that these criminals are more emboldened. so, their actions are more visible because they are actually doing more. i think that is important to realize. it is not that there is more crime or more criminals, but there is more crime. so from a investigator standpoint, you have to sit back and ask "why is that? "because of the rhetoric and the other reason is because we damage law enforcement. >> carley: "the wall street journal" says chicago has 1,343 if you were sworn officers than the year 2020 and over the weekend 50 people were shot and nine of them dead. so how do you reverse this trend? >> this is the hard part, carley. the fact that recruiting that we do now is going to make a difference in 5-10 years. the way that they are recruiting is based on right now is
1:25 am
checking boxes appear they want to make sure there is a quality out there. they want to make sure the gender and sexuality of all of the things that they are choosing people based on is equal in the police departments. and nowhere in these descriptions do you see the most qualified person, that that is who they are looking for. i know when i was in law enforcement come i didn't care who i was next to as long as they were qualified to be there and had my back when something went down. so the first thing we have to do which, listen, this is a huge mountain right here is get this system of trying to check boxes to change and start looking for qualified people. the other thing is, they need to start trying to get good officers that have been around for a long time to not leave and retire early. because those individuals are so important to the force. they have real experience. but they are leaving because they are afraid to get in trouble. >> carley: that is a good point.
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>> todd: would you want to stay in that environment? in the meantime christopher wray claiming a cyber attack on boston children's hospital. that is half black by the fbi, listen to christopher wray. >> sponsored by the uranian government tried to conduct onet despicable cyberattacks i have ever seen right here in boston when they decided to go after boston children's hospital. >> todd: jonathan, if this is a regime willing to attack a children's hospital, then why is the biden administration so bent on giving them a nuclear deal? >> because the biden administration is a failed presidency. let's look at the reality of this. i really can't tell you why joe biden makes the decisions that he does, why afghanistan emboldened the way they did and handling iran the way they are. these things are a mystery to me. and ukraine, it doesn't make any sense. what i will tell you is one
1:27 am
thing i see when i see christopher wray, who i think is the most unqualified leader of the fbi that we have ever had, and that is saying a lot when you look at james comey, his predecessor. but when we look at how hard he is pushing cybercrime, the reality is cybercrime is a huge thing for infrastructure and i'm sure they could do damage to this hospital but what worries me about this when you add the fact joe biden and christopher wray in there, like terrorism, cybercrime has no uniform. it is a mystery and it's like ghosts reading or acting out and carrying out crime. so this is a problem because the fbi can come in and say things to make people think they are really doing a lot when, in fact with iran, as you see, not doing anything. >> carley: terrifying and all they have to do is get it right one time. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> you got to come i have a
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great day. >> todd: president trump hinting he is ready to make big moves after d.c. jury finds former attorney michael sussmann not guilty. >> carley: we have the exclusive interview has republicans look ahead to 2024. >> i'm very proud of john durham although he did not succeed from getting a conviction from the d.c. jury, he accomplished something far more important. do you find yourself buried in paper? this is the end. the end of paper. the epson rapid
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realized we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if your policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ♪ ♪ >> todd: out to a fox news exclusive, former president trump signaling he is open to make big moves after a jury found former clinton campaign michael sussmann not guilty of lying to the fbi. >> carley: some republicans looking ahead to 2024 and calling the verdict -- brooke singman a front row seat at the trial with an exclusive interview with the former president. brooke, good morning. >> hey, good morning, guys. the michael sussmann verdict in
1:34 am
an trump and bill barr speaking out. trump telling me he is feeling motivated, hinting at a 2024 white house run. if anything, it makes me want to fight harder. if we don't win him our country, bad elections, and a system not functioning properly. systematically destroyed. and bill barr who appointed john durham as special counsel to conduct the investigation and there were ten russian probe is saying this on sussmann's acquittal. listen. >> i'm very proud of john durham although he did not succeed in getting a conviction from the d.c. jury, he accomplished something far more important. which is he brought out the truth and crystallize the central role played by the hillary campaign in launching a dirty trick. the whole russia gate collusion narrative. >> these reactions just one day after former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann was found not guilty of making a
1:35 am
false statement to the fbi in september 2016. the verdict fueling heading into the midterm elections. guys, trump said he will announce his decision whether or not to run for president again after november elections, carley. >> todd: you guys are so close at this point, i think he might break it to you, brooke singman. she is on the case. the best reporter we have. brooke, thank you very much. ashley strohmier with the headlines, ashley. >> a comprehensive reparations to compensate african-americans for enduring "racial terror from slavery." the recommendation coming from california state and a 500 page document. the group recommending payouts free for college and raising the minimum wage. and predominantly black industries for defendants of slaves and part 1 of 2 for next year. and the tournament winner dies
1:36 am
in a car extant in florida. he died after a pickup truck slammed into the back of his car which was at a stop by construction workers halting traffic. he was in the car with his wife and had minor injuries. he later died at the hospital. the other driver was not hurt. the investigation into the creche is underway. he is survived by his two daughters and he was 59 years old, back to you. >> todd: ashley thank you now to the crime crisis, coney island new york nypd on the hunt for these gunmen nuc on the screen called on camera popping up 35 rounds. >> carley: that is right another group of gunmen that are not being photographed and also firing shots as well. joining me now to the farm crisis gripping new york city and the councilman, this took place 5:30 p.m., the shots fired and obviously a residential
1:37 am
neighborhood for in their homes taking cover. it is amazing that nobody was injured, but it looks like the wild, wild west. what is going on here? >> we are experiencing this every part of this city. we are coming out after eight years of a terrible bill de blasio administration causing chaos in the city. right now, we have a mayor trying to make the city safer, cleaner, but he doesn't have partners. he needs partners and city government and partners in albany. a bail reform is a creature of the state, state legislature. and we have a city council that is virtually very hostile to the police officers. >> carley: really quickly, you are republican. and it is good to hear you say that you have faith in him. >> absolutely. i'm willing to work with anyone who is willing to make this city a safer place.
1:38 am
what we are experiencing right now is not normal for 202022 new york city. >> todd: coney island is fun, party time but a question to go out to the entire nation. it seems even the good areas, are subject to violent crime. is there any safe place in new york city or any safe place in america right now? >> it is going on every part of the city, unfortunately. we are trying to do our best part to clean it up. it will take a long time. >> carley: you mentioned bail reform. we talk about you have bail reform. i believe right now if you are arrested for a misdemeanor, a judge is barred from setting bail. no matter what, if you are arrested for a misdemeanor no matter your criminal record, you will not spend time in jail but immediately released. is there any act to change that? speak with the mayor went to alpine need twice to convince the state legislature to change
1:39 am
the bail reform. and the judges need discretion. so hold criminals in jail. i talked to cops almost every day, they tell me they get to go home before the criminals do. so it is just a terrible state right now. >> todd: finally new york city with anti-semitism at the new york city schools. this is after a israel band. how does this happen in a city with a jewish population literally second to israel? >> i will tell you. i've been working for many years and this has been going on on campuses all over at every single campus for many years now. it has gone unnoticed. there has been no accountability for the leadership. and we need to do something to fight anti-semitism, which is why i pulled my funding, $50,000 of funding to community law
1:40 am
schools. providing services to my constituents for over 15 years. because i believe we need to hold them accountable for the anti-semitism and anti-israel sentiment that has been pervasive. >> carley: you are referring to the fact that teachers at many campuses supported the boycott with sanctions, which is pro-palestinian israel, is that right? speak with that resolution passed unanimously and the faculty and students voted unanimously. to support boycotts and sanctions for the state of israel. also, they had women's anti-semitism speaker just recently. >> carley: change don't like strange things happening in america. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i know vera cove. a full-court press to and firearms after the tragedy in uvalde. >> todd: that is not sitting well with the uncle of 10-year-old garcia who was killed in the shooting.
1:41 am
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♪ ♪ >> todd: welcome back. house democrats attempted to use this before tragedy to roll back the second amendment. next guest nephew garcia died in a shooting last week. he is asking the media and
1:46 am
lawmakers not to use the children as a way to promote their agenda. >> carley: look at that boy. joining us to discuss, mitch renfro. thank you for joining us this morning. at first, we want to get to know your nephew a little bit more. like i said of my beautiful boy. he looks like a picture of innocence. tell us what he was like. >> good morning, carley, good morning, todd. thank you for allowing me to share a story with the world. he was a 10-year-old boy. he loved to play video games here and he loves cars come anything with wheels. he could work on a lot of things due to his uncle. he just enjoyed being a kid and stuff like that. >> todd: and the note he gave the team, comedian, tell us a little bit more about that. >> sure, he would always make us laugh and he would do crazy
1:47 am
things, make funny jokes, jump up and down and act like animals. he could create anything. >> carley: you know, after this shooting took place, they turned to gun control. the president speaking out against 9 millimeters handguns and saying the second amendment is not absolute. i know you have a message that you want to share when it comes to that. what is it? >> so, i just want the world to know we are responsible gun owners. we don't take to gun reform. i don't want uziyah's name to use in gun reform or gun laws that need to be changed. nothing along the lines of that. >> todd: what was your reaction when so many in the media, so many politicians tried to use this horrific tragedy to push gun control so soon after the shooting happened? >> it is upsetting. let's do an investigation and see what the problem is. >> carley: you mentioned the word investigation. that does bring up the police's
1:48 am
response to this. we did learn they waited an hour to enter that classroom. what was your reaction when you found out that happen? >> heartbreaking. i was so upset. i don't know what else to say other than they need to be held accountable. held accountable at our job so, so should they should they. >> todd: to be clear, you are a strong proponent of law enforcement, correct? >> very much so. we are strong for law enforcement in this family but they need to be held accountable. >> carley: what you think needs to be changed to tighten up school safety and make sure that something like this never happens again? >> we need more resources in our school when it comes to security. let's arm our teachers. give them that right to protect a child at all cost. >> todd: if the school resource officer debate is going on right now and the president
1:49 am
come out and say "i don't think that we should have armed officers in schools." what do you think when you hear a statement like that? >> it crushes my heart appeared to me that is not protecting our children. our children are the greatest asset, the next leaders of the world. we should protect them to the fullest. >> carley: you know, i was reading about uziyah's grandfather. he said that uziyah knew how to play football and impressed how he was able to catch the ball and at ten years old he was remembering past patterns. this youthful little boy had such promise and could have had such a wonderful life ahead of him. how are his parents doing and the rest of your family? how are they holding up? >> my sister and the rest of the family is just devastated. i am flying back and forth to uvalde right now to comfort them. but they are having a rough time. >> todd: interesting, mitch,
1:50 am
our prayers go to them and our prayers go to you during this horrific time. but thank you for taking time out to speak with us, mitch renfro, thank you so much. >> think you. >> todd: turning to another developing story, new action coming in from overnight with johnny depp and defamation case victory from his ex-wife amber heard. take a look at him outside of virginia court room, they've got a lot of time on their hands. after seen in a pub in new england after the verdict was read, thinking the jury for "giving him his life back." amber heard said this is a setback and beyond words. i'm -- to stand up to the disproportionate power and a sway of my ex-husband. amber heard tends to repeal the ruling which forces her to pay $10 million. >> carley: switching gears across the pond, a massive birthday celebration is about to get underway in london.
1:51 am
queen elizabeth four day platinum jubilee celebration to honor unprecedented 70 years of service. >> todd: we are speaking to a royal correspondent live from buckingham palace, that coverage next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet.
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>> todd: carley shimkus on the trumpet and coronet to play us into the platinum jubilee celebration, kicks off today as the british royal family joins to celebrate the queen's 70 years on the throne. >> carley: a british correspondent joins us just outside buckingham palace. this is an exciting day in the world. what is the platinum jubilee celebration and why is it being celebrated? >> it's queen elizabeth's 70th year of being queen. it is celebrating a life that has been dedicated to service. she is a completely selfless individual. it is the world congratulating her on her long reign and
1:57 am
celebration of life and how selfless she's been throughout her reign. >> todd: our show is on here in america, you have an accent that sounds like a union, we need to focus on what americans can take away from this weekend's celebration. what should americans take away? >> obviously as an american, we love the gossip and soap opera of celebration. americans want to see what is going on with harry and megan. they arrived yesterday and arrived yesterday. we look forward to lilly meeting her great-grandmother. we expect to see them during the jubilee celebration. >> carley: this event is about queen elizabeth and her historic reign. a lot of people think about
1:58 am
harry and meghan. how do you think this will be with them back celebrate withing them and how much participation will they have in it? >> the queen is forgiveing and gracious and kind. i think we're looking at her extending an olive branch. i am sure she wants the family to be united before she passes on to charles. we are seeing earerness for the family to be united before -- i don't want to say passing, but before prince charles moves to the throne. she wants to rid the family of the scandal. >> todd: is that toddler okay that is scream nothing your live shot, in the microphone? >> pray for me. i'm so sorry.
1:59 am
obviously he's had a/* meghan markle sighting. >> i am going to the dashy, i refer to it as a derby, i was shot down. i know how to say it now. i'm excited to see the royal family. i am just excited to be here in the mix. >> carley: we are looking at live images on the screen of the pomp and ceremony taking place with the soldiers on horseback. it's going to be an incredible day of activities. what is it like now? it is exciting.
2:00 am
>> i'm from los angeles, award shows, oscars, nothing compares to how exciting this place is, i'm thrilled to be here. tobing >> todd: enjoy it all. martha maccallum, piers morgan and ainsley earhardt kicks off the coverage. platinum jubilee celebration starts now. ♪ >> you are watching fox news special coverage of queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee celebration live outside of buckingham palace. ainsley earhardt here with martha maccallum and piers morgan. we all join over to join you. >> welcome. >> ainsley: take a look back at how we all got here celebrating


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