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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> this is out number, hello, everyone, i am emily compagno, with kayleigh mcenany, and joining us today julie banderas, jenna arnold, and charlie hurt. the surprising win for johnny depp and his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife amber heard is raising questions about the impact it could have on the me too movement and standards of defamation. it was a verdict that many were not expecting. >> we find that mr. johnny depp has proven all of the elements
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of defamation, answer, yes. as against amber heard, we, the jury, award damages in the amount of $10 million. as against amber heard, we, the jury, award of punitive damages in the amount of $5 million, do you find that ms. hurd has proven all of the elements of defamation? answer, no. >> emily: ruling in favor of johnny depp on all three of his accounts, but awarded amber heard $2 million writing in part, the jury gave me my life back. i am truly humbled. while hurd wrote, i am even more disappointed with what this means for other women. this is a setback, takes us to a time when women who spoke up and spoke out kobe publicly shamed and humiliated. it sets back the idea that violence against women is to be taken seriously. jenna, i come to you first on this, amber hurd says she
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represents all women, does she? >> jenna: i think she represents the nuance that the is kind of circumstances present, and i think as we us approach splitting hairs, we have to think very specifically about how it is that we are considering what violence looks like. one in four women in this country experienced domestic violence. and i think that it is important that we not use this verdict as an umbrella opportunity to disregard other people's concerns about their relationships. >> emily: and julie, this argo play surprisingly verdict, what is the impact that it has on the #metoo movement? >> julie: it changes nothing, if you are telling the truth, your story will be heard and you will hopefully get justice. what she has done his damage to the me too movement. for her to turn the table, she calls johnny depp a narcissist, the narcissist in this
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relationship is amber heard. so not only has she been proven to be a liar, she has been proven to be a narcissist. and in watching her face in the courtroom as they are delivering the verdict and basically claiming that she lied about everything, she did not flinch. if you are someone who is actually sexually assaulted or someone who is physically abuse over the course of several years, and that man got away with it in the eyes of the public because as we know, this was not a domestic violence lawsuit, it was a defamation lawsuit, we forgot about it, it came down a he said, she said on who hit who and the only evidence wasn't johnny depp's favor, she is the one that verbally admitted to hitting him. all he was was a drunk in a dry dog. i want to add one more thing, and i'm not downplaying that, he has problems, seems that he is on the mend. but wasting all the time, how does she recollect all of this? i remember a time where two where i've been under the influence, not of drugs, but other substances in a liquid
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form and i don't remember much, so it is amazing her recollection through all those years. it's commendable actually. >> emily: to the point, johnny depp is no angel. >> kayleigh: he is not, and that's what needs to be remembered, these are two people that were in a toxic relationship and are both very flawed. they both have problems, that was evident in both of their testimonies. and look, i know that there was a verdict of that was 16 million against amber heard, 2 million against johnny depp's agents, there are no winners here. not a single person in this case is a winner. we heard about their personal life, intimate details. and i think that those who are celebrating johnny depp are a bit misguided in my view, i remember johnny depp as being the actor who said, and it will read it directly, one was the last time an actor assassinated a president? when president trump was president, as the republican celebrating him, i don't think that this is your guy, if you're looking for someone and i absolutely believe in due
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process and people should be heard, look at brett kavanaugh, not johnny depp. that's just my view, but the jury has decided and we respect the answer. >> jenna: if i might add, this elevates the me too movement to be all compass and against just women, many men, boys, are victims of assault, so i think it's all-encompassing to say it's not just women here, it's all of us as a collective problem. >> emily: that's great, because rolling stone published after the verdict that had zero mention of all of the vile acts that amber heard engaged in that the jury had now determined to be true. so my question is, what does it take for the media to acknowledge or to distinguish a woman as an abuser, to make that change from alleged victim to potential abuse there? >> jenna: i think as kayleigh pointed out, this is highly complicated. if you are in any relationship
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even if it is healthyish, there are complicated components that we all have to navigate, and one of the things that i don't think i or society has really treated us to do is to have those complicate a conversations. raise a flag when something is not working. when even if it is publicly checking all of the boxes, two very attractive celebrity is that of everything from the outside, to be able to walk away or go and ask for help. and i hope that this is more of an invitation to say, everybody is a victim of uninvited or culpable advances, and there are opportunities for help. >> emily: none more responsible for putting everything in that black-and-white category than the mainstream media, so what responsibility does the aclu have in this? does rolling stone have? >> charlie: i think, and maybe this is because i have been part of the media my entire life, i am always ready to blame media for the lion share of what is wrong in our country, but when you're looking at a case like
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this, my discomfort with the idea that amber heard represents women across the country, that is not how or court system works. and thank goodness that she does not represent women -- i don't know any women who are not housebroken. but the idea that you go into a courtroom and you are seen as a woman or a category, that defies everything that we stand for. when you go into a courtroom, you represent yourself. and that's why you have evidence. that's what you bring a case. that's why you make these arguments. with facts, because you don't represent all people in the courtroom, you represent only yourself. so the idea that this is some larger thing, i sort of -- i kind of project that and i think that it is also very corrosive. i guess one thing that you could say about this is that the enormous celebrity of a guy like johnny depp can twist some of the stuff, and i get that. i don't think that those jurors which included women were swayed
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by his celebrity anymore than they were by amber heard. >> can i say that that is a key point, if you are selecting amber heard to be the standard-bearer of the me too movement, someone wrote that op-ed with no admission on her part. we have heard audio of her admitting to hitting johnny depp or whatever she described as she resisted that terminology, she is not the standard for that movement, that's a key point and i don't think johnny depp is the standard for men and due process. i think that is the optimal take away is that neither of these people should be the celebrated figures of due process or abuse. it's because there's so much evidence that she was out for a payback come out for revenge. in their divorce lawsuit, basically in the divorce proceedings, she basically said i will come after you and expose you for this as long as i get to stay in your three l.a. penthouses and i guess stay in his home for free and you continue to pay the lease payments on my black range rover. so she wanted to collect. and he did not give in.
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>> and even the aclu which is supposed to be standard for principles of freedom of speech, that is not their interest, they are interested in that they wanted to get money out of amber heard, so there is very little principle. >> jenna: it is worth making sure that we hold ourselves accountable and what i develop as an unhealthy relationship with this particular case. [laughter] like it has been so overwhelming to watch all of the people that are standing outside, there was a woman outside the courtroom, johnny depp does not even know who you are. and so we have this unhealthy relationship with both celebrities as if we have personal relationships with them, and also this addiction to watching people that we have personal relationships with fall from grace, because it gives us an opportunity to in some cases, not look at her own self. >> julie: i do not know who amber was. >> kayleigh: team amber, team johnny? team let's move on, america.
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>> it's a real point that all the evidence, we can't deny that this is someone -- amber heard, who threw a bottle at his face. and put out a cigarette on his face, there are a lot of terrible allegations that the jury received as true, that now we have confirmation that a jury of our peers thought were credible. and that notion that he somehow represents all women or that she stands for true victim, that is not responsible of holding accountable for her own abusive behavior dilutes that entire movement. it deletes justice and the court system, because when you are in there there is a plaintiff and a defendant and it should not be just a box that you check, because through the continued narrative and the attorney who blame social media and everything else but their own evidence on this verdict is a great travesty. >> one other thing i have to point out is the double standard. i mean, poor man in this particular case, because his career was over. he was canceled, she is just basically being exposed as a
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domestic abuser and has a "aquaman" series coming out, getting paid $3 million and has "aquaman" coming out next year in 2023. what makes her so special? >> kayleigh: she has to pay though. >> julie: she absolutely does. >> emily: we will see now. >> julie: if she was a man, she would be canceled, there is no way she would be in that film. >> we will see if she falls professionally. >> emily: coming up, the president is set to cancel $6 billion of summed up some college students raising fears he could issue a broader loan forgiveness that would cost taxpayers big time in the end. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ is is koli. my foster fail (laughs). when i first started fostering koli i had been giving him kibble. it never looked or felt like real food.
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>> kayleigh: president biden taking a big step forward towards forgiving and forgetting student loan debt. now that his administration just announced it will erase nearly $6 billion in federal loans for students who attended colleges over fraudulent practices they are. and while moves like this are popular among the left, especially as we head into the midterms, there are some concerns that a broader student loan debt forgiveness plan would end up placing the burden on taxpayers. charlie, this is the biggest student loan debt forgiveness ever by the department of education. they say that it is potentially a precursor. there was a lot of attention that there was a broader plan that joe biden would announce in the speech he gave him he did not announce it, cnn saying that the executive order has been drafted but they don't know whether he will sign it yet. >> charlie: obviously we are talking about a separate from
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the much larger issue -- but i would argue a couple of things, one is that this whole issue of student debt forgiveness is a ticking time bomb for democrats. they may think that it is popular and it may be popular among the little weird people that they focus group and talk to, but if you do this, it is going to come back to haunt them politically like nothing else, because it is a taxpayer bailout of universities. and the idea that you are going to recoup costs for students who got swindled by a college or university -- i think that is great, but the idea of hanging out on taxpayers and making a taxi driver or a garbage collector pay for somebody else there loans that they should not have taken out or whatever, but here's the other thing, i think that you can have a great movement making this argument if you want to go after universities for teaching children that there are eight
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genders, then you should be able to make the universities to repay all of the tuition that people have paid to be taught that there are eight genders, because they are not, they are two. >> kayleigh: yes, "washington post" editorial board playing to the left, not on this issue. i was stunned as i read this, calling the essential plan for joe biden and expensive and equitable election-year stunned saying this, take a look. the president plan allegedly would say if you make 150,000 or less, you get $10,000 in forgiveness, if you make 300,000 or less, you get 10,000 and forgiveness, the test would be useless as some 97% of borrowers would still qualify for forgiveness. according to the committee for responsible federal budget. of the plan would toss the lament 231 billion, and 70 woule top half of the income scale, and many medical, law,
9:19 am
and business schools will qualify for forgiveness even though their lifetime income trajectories who don't justify it. >> emily: as usual it is lip service by the administration regarding a vulnerable and underserved community that they think will qualify for votes for them, but the reality of the solution they propose accurately ends up ending a different community and hurting that community. to your point, public pension, that whole thing has related or resulted in a crisis for every single state, right? there is a $15 billion gap on the system of what they owe and the cash on hand for pensioners, and they try to pass on the bailout to the students and the parents by the way of tuition and now it is going on to the taxpayers, the amount of recipients who have now receiving 300 or six figure basically pensions has increased 60 percent in the last ten years, who do you think is on the hook for that? i'm part of it is a contract, when you see a chancellor saying that's just the way things work
9:20 am
when he was called up on just seven years of work he was making half a million dollars in pension and the reality is that is tuition that people can't afford being pushed to the taxpayers that we can't afford. but this administration does not see it for what it is which is that debt and finances are bipartisan. it is party-lists, and the numbers will speak for themselves and that's what we will invest. >> kayleigh: i saw this tweet, not knowing we would have the segment, but the key point on all of this, under the loan plan, the cashier with medical debt who never attended college will pay the law school loans of a lawyer who is married presumably earning 300,000. it's hard to imagine a more aggressive counterproductive plan? >> i think we have to go back to what the real question is about how the rural country prioritizes the national assets which is our human capital, and how it is that we are investing in our future. with all due respect, the taxi driver and the garbage collector and you yourself are investing
9:21 am
in the education of future generations, that's what public school systems are, so yes, we should go after universities that have endowments of $50 billion, $50 billion, that's an embarrassment, you're going to send someone an invoice for a $60,000 a year tuition, no. however i have to say that i do think we have to reconsider how this kind of debt prevents folks across the financial spectrum from investing in home loans, from being able to pay off medical bills, 57% of the country, in $1,000 medical bill away from financial ruin, and they can't go and get an education as a consequence? we need to take a big step back. and of course the dems will run on this, but as he pointed out that debt and finance is a bipartisan issue, let's keep it very centered in the middle. >> kayleigh: should though, julie, those in 50% of income levels be stayed pending college? not public school, that is of course the safe horse, but
9:22 am
college tuition for those lawyers, doctors, people who go on to have great incomes? >> julie: no, for democrats to look out for the working class, but when it applies to them, it doesn't really apply, so it is sort of a double standard, aoc actually came out with a $10,000 budgets or the $10,000 suspension of the loan debt program. if that is not enough, of course it is not enough. for alexandria across the el cortez to actually pretend that she cares for the working class with what she has done in their own local district is actually laughable. now all of a sudden i care about the working classes a a bunch of nonsense. >> kayleigh: yes, aoc, 10,000 is just enough to anger the people. so trying to give aaron all of branch. that's what he gets in return. coming up, the bite and white house under new skirt and tea after the president admits he did not know until april about the extent of the baby formula crisis even though his own staff says they had been working on it for months.
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"and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision. and fill in a missing piece of your plan. like i did with preservision" ♪ ♪ >> kayleigh: now just getting word that president biden will will deliver a 7:30 p.m. address tonight on gun violence. we have heard from the president and the prime time our last week in the aftermath of the horrific shooting. but we will hear from him again tonight on done specifically and the prime time our. we await more details on that. new comments from the president raising questions about exactly what he knew about the ongoing baby formula crisis and when he knew it. despite previous claims from his white house that they have been working on this issue for months, here is former press secretary jen psaki.
9:28 am
>> president biden has directed the administration to work urgently to ensure that infant formula is safe and available for families across the country. during the nutrition recall. this has been work underway for months. >> kayleigh: for months, and days later the administration's health secretary revealed this. >> what the government's responses throughout this? >> for everything i know through the fda, the pride from this last year, we have been moving as quickly as we can. >> kayleigh: just yesterday when the president made this stunning admission it was moments after formula manufacturers told him during a white house roundtable that they knew immediately how bad the shortages could get after the shutdown of the manufacturing plant in february, the president said this. >> i became aware of this problem sometime after -- in early april about how intense it was. and so we did everything in our
9:29 am
power from that point on. >> kayleigh: he found out in april, jenna, but jen psaki said that they had been working on it for months, there was a whistle-blower all the way back in the fall. it seems like the timeline is a little bit jumbled, and the question is why did no one tell the president? >> jenna: i'm curious why we are having a conversation about the tiktok of how this ended up where did. if you look at all of the ministrations there is always a lot of jumbling, i don't need to reference exactly what happens going into covid for six weeks, with the former administration, but i think that the real question becomes how is it that we are focusing on feeding newborn babies? this is we are 1 of 6 countries in the world that does not have a national parental leave program, it is an embarrassment. so the burden of this crisis, of this trauma is again falling on women. and so how is it that we are making sure that we can
9:30 am
certainly streamline information within the existing administration clearly they fumbled it, but the real question is how is this possibly happening to begin with when we have a monopoly clearly on baby formula? >> kayleigh: the time i manners and accountability matters, we talk about covid with the most advanced technical system, ventilator stockpile that was completely depleted. but let's focus on the current crisis, yesterday asked a number of questions about baby formula crisis saying here were her answers or lack thereof. speak of the person in the west wing who decided after six or eight weeks that the baby formula shortage was finally something that someone should tell the president about? >> again, i have to go back and talk to the president. i did not hear him take questions or answer any questions to all of you, so this is -- i want to do my due diligence, right? >> someone calling at the white house saying this is an issue that could reveal harm?
9:31 am
>> i don't have the timeline on that. >> is a president satisfied with the fda response? >> yes, he is satisfied. >> emily: this illustrates that his team is as incompetent and worthless as the president has. and you are right, the brunt of this is falling on women and newborns. that's a travesty. and we absolutely have to hold someone accountable. so according to the president he found out in april, sarah said he knew last year that the different ranks of the press secretary said april, i sort of don't care, because the bottom line is that they failed, they are not being transparent or honest, and it is a fat lie that it was unpredictable when you shut down a major producer of baby formula and shut down that factory when it takes you for months to do so, when the tax dollars play for the bloated fda to pretend to care, and you can absolutely see that writing on the wall and it does not look good. so right now children are starving and i have a deep fear for women and nutrition of babies. but it seems like our administration does not care and is only concerned with pointing fingers and i was not there for
9:32 am
that moment, i'm not sure. we deserve better and will hold them better come november. speak to the limit >> kayleigh: brian was asked by jake tapper, why didn't you tell the president? and it had to do with the president's relevancy, watch. >> the only one who can invoke the defense production act to force companies to produce this incredibly dire needed infant formula, he is not told until april that your press secretary just said this has been a whole of government approach that does not include the president? >> the fda took the appropriate measures to shutdown the facility in february and when that happened the fda and the relevant officials from across the government were on the effort to try to increase production from other producers and also figure out how quickly they could get that facility back online. >> kayleigh: first of all, when abbott, the manufacturers shut down in february, babies
9:33 am
died. okay. this is a bacteria that existed in the manufacturing, of course the fda for it did the right thing. for them to start off there as i have no better answer, because any idiot can tell you if you have bacteria in a baby formula plan and it is resulting in the depths of babies, we shut it down. well, congratulations for giving fda the two thumbs up on what they should have done. that's a no-brainer. to the fact that the president did not know, i don't believe that, honestly. if you think that there is a baby manufacturer of baby formula manufacturer that is causing baby deaths and we have a shortage in the country that has been going on since february and everyone in the industry predicted this would happen, and yet the president does not know about it, i'm sorry, i don't buy it. >> emily: just to be clear, allegations of baby deaths, that's why it started fda investigation for four months. >> jenna: and i appreciate one of the questions from the journalist in the pit saying is that a president satisfied with
9:34 am
their response now? and i am most interested in are we collectively satisfied now? i agree that everything seemed to have fallen through the cracks, it raises flags about anything from insulin to -- you know -- >> kayleigh: we are not satisfied with the response when you look at the wall, charlie, let's take a look, babies hospitalized, the formula shortage is more dire, with the four hospitalizations in south carolina, and georgia, another example, and joe biden off to delaware, nice long weekend coming out memorial day, by the way. >> charlie: the reason that gas prices and inflation are looking at it so critically is people feel them so personally, nothing more personally felt by a mom and a dad than whether or not they have the formula to feed their children. this is a big issue, and when they tune in and what they see is this administration saying, the stuff that they are saying, it does not give them any faith whatsoever that this administration can handle
9:35 am
things. >> kayleigh: absolutely, we will see when midterms come. coming up, the homeless crisis in san francisco has experienced problems about the democratic mayor wants to spend millions of dollars helping only one group, the transgender community. we discussed that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ 100 years ago, a beautiful empire built on black excellence was booming. black wall street. it was a sight to be seen. until one day, it was all burned to the ground. but fire is no match for the fire within black dreamers everywhere. and so, new black wall streets rise. ♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something.
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9:40 am
sentence appeared to 30 months plus four years, enjoy. >> emily: san francisco maryland and breed is taking action on her homeless crisis announcing the plan to end homelessness specifically for transgender people. the proposal calls for fixing the problem in five years and will cost taxpayers $6.5 million. julie, there is an estimate of 400 transgender homeless people in the city at any given time. there is also an estimated 2,200 children that are currently enrolled in the san francisco public school system that are homeless. >> julie: governor newsom everything it touches i can't say the word, but let's just say homelessness, he refuses to shut down the encampment's first of all, which are open drug fiends everywhere you turn it is a drug problem. and to only address a particular group of transgender, of course, yes, the statistics show that a lot of transgender's do end up
9:41 am
being homeless, but so do a lot of poor families with children, and yet they are going to get to these facilities that they can sleep in under a roof, but yet, the rest of them do not? it's the most ridiculous -- sort of example of wokeism, we want to include the transgender, we will give them a place to stay, kids, you can stay in the homeless shelter. >> emily: on the heels of already pouring $160 million of taxpayer funding into these homeless hotels where in the last year over 100 of them overdosed. >> charlie: the same democrat politicians that have been promising to fix homelessness for decades, and they can't blame republicans, because in california of course, they control absolutely everything and every power level in cities in the state of california. this is a distraction in the way that it has always been. every time politicians decide to divide voters by race, gender, religion, whatever it is that they try to divide people buy it as a distraction away from the fact that they have been
9:42 am
complete failures i doing what they have promised to do. >> emily: to that point, jenna, i guess my question is obviously the transgender and homeless population needs attention, but why isn't every homeless life equal? and why of history has shown us anything it's a pouring money into the problem the way that the city and county has does not fix or solve the problem, why then are we pouring in another 6.5 billion?
9:43 am
>> jenna: one, plenty of republican states where there are plenty of encampments. i am happy to take you and give you a tour of that. second point that i want to come back to julie is that you cannot look at this issue in a very binary perspective, where specifically this demographic, when you lift all rising tide lifts all ships, people, trans folks, not binary, nongender conforming folks are four times more likely to experience violence, domestic abuse, homelessness, so if you specifically look at the people who need the attention the most, all of the other folks, all of the other marginalized populations, this is like rule of law, all get lifted. and i would say going back to your question about like why are we specifically focusing on them? it is the same thing we talk about during the black lives matter movement come you don't run into a camp, pediatric cancer ward and say about heart disease! there are so many specific issues that need so many posts fluent and specific problems, when you say they're only two genders, well, that is part of the problem if you can identify and look at the broader perspective of how many people who are not you choose to live their lives, that statement is more of a problem then trying to figure out where we are allocating. >> charlie: but how many of those republicans in texas run on a promise of fixing homelessness? it's really come located, but politicians who choose to politicize it and claim that -- 's before it is political and policy-based. >> kayleigh: san francisco's policy is come the brilliant
9:44 am
idea of $160 million, how did that turn out? you mention it, tucker carlson reported 100 people have overdosed on fennel, another brilliant idea, san francisco, you want to live in anarchy, live in san francisco. it leaves a lot to be so cite the lament desired. >> charlie: pick a person who has homelessness, i will listen. >> jenna: i am from there, it breaks my heart, i wish we were focused on all the homeless population especially the children equally which outnumber -- >> emily: i can say with absolute confidence no politicians are trying to pick children over transgender folk or trans over children come as you pointed out, there have been very robust looking at a housing crisis, and so, i just want to make sure that we are not specifically looking at something and saying, it's just them and their go to the
9:45 am
democrats. everyone is concerned about housing in this country. coming up, elon musk to return to the office or get out! should your company do the same? stay with us. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit welcome to the next level. this is the lexus nx matc with intuitive tech...on. (beeps) car: watch for traffic ...and our most advanced safety system ever. ♪ ♪ bogey's on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual
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>> julie: more lawmakers
9:49 am
heading to the southern border as mexican cartel looking to take advantage of the crisis. our guests, plus and a hail mary to younger voters ahead of midterm elections, the white house now says it will cancel student loans for some 560,000 borrowers. peter doocy reports live from the white house. and one major american bank with a dire warning on the american economy. steve ford and charles payne, charlie hurt, neil cavuto, and more. join john and me as "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> kayleigh: elon musk giving an automated to employees. return to the office or work somewhere else. staying in an email anyone who wishes to do remote work must be in the office for a minimum, and i mean minimum of 40 hours a week or depart tesla. this is less than reactive factory workers. if they are particularly exceptional workers for whom this is impossible, i will
9:50 am
review and improve the exceptions directly. in a follow-up email, well, he double down. julie, you are hot on it. >> julie: i love this so much, expect to get paid and showed to work, what are we thinking. the expectations in these country are so unrealistic. i love this comes as elon musk asks his twitter followers if you should transform twitter to silicon valley headquarters into a homeless shelter, because people don't show up anyway. so now he is saying if you don't show up, he is doubling down and saying we will just consider you having resigned. good for you, elon musk for expecting people to work to get paid and show up. >> kayleigh: the part that got me was less and we ask of factory workers, let's figure out what the health care providers and our front-line workers, we ask them to show up during covid-19, during the height when we did not have a vaccine, we did not have ppe, we ask them to show up. is it too much to say, come on,
9:51 am
america, let's show up now that we have vaccines, et cetera. >> jenna: case by case, i know plenty of tech companies that don't need anybody in studio or i should say in their offices, but for production like "sesame street" when you need all the puppeteers and all the folks there, and it sounds like elon musk believes that being a person there is something beneficial to it and even this is the first time i have been on set with all of you in three years and it does change the experience. it changes the chemistry and changes the whole process of what it is that we are trying to do here. so i don't fault him for necessarily wanting to do it. and i also think that there are plenty of company is i don't need. >> julie: it changes productivity, i did work at home with three kids, i did not get crap done. it >> kayleigh: when we were talking, my daughter almost broke into my home studio. he almost saw her live on air. >> charlie: i think that she should make a moment. >> kayleigh: she could make a moment. >> charlie: but wish it away,
9:52 am
but the bottom line is they are still physical tasks that have to be done in order for an economy to work. and the idea is -- these are executives he is talking about, the idea that executives don't have to go to work is really absurd. to be on the issue this is underlining is who gets to decide. people are freaking out because the owner of a company says i want workers here on site. they want the employees and to decide where they go, right? to all of your points, 16% of companies are fully remote, and 62% of workers ages 22-65 report that they can work at least occasionally remotely, so there are plenty of other options of people don't want to show up every single day for them to join other companies. >> kayleigh: previously i was reading in the daily mail, putting out remote that black and americans were trying to avoid to go to work, talking about china burning the 3:00 a.m. oil, and one factory employees had to sleep overnight just to get the work done.
9:53 am
>> julie: his factory workers to work really hard, and they are the ones that are actually burning the midnight oil, in fact at one point they are one day off every six days when they were putting together these models, which by the way, democrats who want electric cars out there, but they don't want to to work to build them. that's contradictory, but we will survive. >> kayleigh: a lot of contradictions, julie, up more next. more "outnumbered" in just a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save.
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9:58 am
to you? >> i don't know. i mean, i've never gotten a grilled cheese with a bite taken out of it. alarming, i order take out. and another 10% admitted to urinating in a bottle. i'm sickened. >> 70% of drivers claim they are not tipped enough, is this revenge rather than hunger. >> total revenge. you should tip your server, tip your deliveryman or woman very well, especially during the pandemic. i made sure to double all my tips. treat your server with respect at a restaurant, right, they could be going to get the food in the kitchen and god only knows if you mistreat the server, do not be a jerk, but incentive to learn how to cook. i don't have to which are about messing with my food. i've gone through all 30 years of my life not cooking. >> i'm very good at cooking with a credit card, to.
9:59 am
a lot of delivery in the home. we point out the reason this is happening, probably some levels of revenge but a lot of the delivery folks are making about $7 an hour without tips. and most of them are immigrants and one of the things we are very good at bashing democrats on this network, republicans often pointing toward immigrants not investing in career and building a life for themselves, these are some of the folks trying to make an honest living and one of the complaints they don't have access to a bathroom. don't have access. >> republicans have not said that about immigrants, i want to be clear. >> charlie, you have an interesting confession from the couch, never had a takeout delivery? >> it's not confession. >> that's weird. >> the beauty of living on a farm. we don't have people riding on bicycles with soft coolers in the back to deliver our food. i do believe packing lunch is great, going to a restaurant and tipping generously is also good
10:00 am
for lunch. >> the tip comes at the end, i don't understand the revenge here. you don't know the tip 'til the end. >> social contract. >> you have a responsibility as diners and they have a responsibility as servers and you should keep up that end of the contract. >> we are going to julie's house for dinner next. l>> chicken nuggets and french fries. >> here is ""america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. dangerous drug cartels looking to take advantage of president biden's border crisis forcing more and more lawmakers to visit the border themselves to see the issue firsthand. >> sandra: with title 42 still in place, border agents are preparing for a surge in got-away, arizona attorney general mark brnovich will join us live from the southern border. >> john: looking forward to that. critics say an attempt to attract voters ahead of the


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