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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we have a commemorative creepy porn lawyer mug for sale now on hate to hawk merchandise but that was kind of irresistible. we'll be back tomorrow night ap.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying pomposity smugness and group think. have a great night with the ones you love. ♪♪ . >> sean: welcome to hannity we begin with a fox news alert as we speak your president joe biden is headed to beach in delaware, yet again, for another long weekend away from the white house. according to the washington examiner, he's already spent 188 days on vacation including 130 days in delaware, 52 at his presidential retreat, camp david, six days in beautiful nantucket and is steadfastly refusing to release visitor logs for most of these locations. joe is now on pace to spend what
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would be a whooping 553 days away from the white house in his first and probably only term. that's more than any other president in the modern era. this is as millions of americans are now suffering from a dire baby formula shortage, an ongoing supply chain crisis, looming stag flailings, all 50 states record high gas prices and the nationwide average is nearing $5 a gallon and good luck getting diesel below eight bucks a gallon. 25% of americans are now delaying retirement because of joe's inflation. two-thirds of americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. 2 out of every 3 americans. you think things are bad now buckle up because the fed is now poised to raise interest rates again, this time a full point which will cause property values most people's biggest investment to plummet and send this country
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straight into a deep recession. if you are on a fixed income, if you're in the poor, middle class, all suffering miserably because of biden's new green deal socialism, and, of course, his adherence to the democratic party climate alarmism religious consult. it's like you can't even deprogram these people they're so nuts. joe biden is headed to the beach yet again but not before lecturing ordinary tax-paying hard working, law abiding american citizens and threatening to rip away our second amendment rights which he thinks is not absolute. i tend to disagree. take a look. >> the second amendment like all other rights is not absolute. we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. and if we can't ban assault weapons, then we should raise the age to purchase them from 18 to 21. strengthen background checks
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enact safe storage laws and red flag laws. repeal the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability. address the mental health crisis deepening the trauma of gun violence as a consequence of that violence. enough. enough. my god, the fact that the majority of the senate republicans don't want any of these proposals even to be debated or come up for a vote, i find unconscionable. meet the moment. let us finally do something. >> sean: now, we like to use joe's favorite language, for god sakes joe, do something. well, for god sakes, joe, i have a question. why didn't you and barack obama do something in eight years to stop the violence in the city of chicago, obama's home town. why not joe? and for god's sake, joe, why did you never worn time, not one time, as vp for eight years,
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mention a single child's name killed in obama's home town when you were vice-president? for god's sakes why? you never lift i had a finger joe, why. save us the lectures because you have been missing in action for all of these years. this divisive speech tonight was nothing more than a political stunt, pretty predictable. louisiana the democratic party and the new gun control bill, that, too, is a political stunt in an election year. it will not pass the senate. that didn't stop one far left member of congress from openly fantasizing about his party's wildest dreams. take a look. >> enough of your thoughts and prayers. enough. enough. you will not stop us from advancing the protecting our kids act today. you will not stop us from passing it in the house next week, and will you not stop us there. if the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it.
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if the supreme court objects, we will expand it. and we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation in our community. each and every day, we will do whatever it takes to end gun violence, whatever it takes. >> sean: oh, that means full authoritarianism. that sound great. in case you haven't noticed, democrats don't like our system of checks and balances, our constitution, something called the bill of rights. they just want one party rule in perpetuity forever and ever and ever, and that's why they want the court packing, they want dc statehood, they want to end the filibuster and they don't want voter id laws. the president himself wants to disarm lawful americans because he thinks the accident amendment is about hunting dear and not an absolute right. joe biden, well, has to be one of the dumbest people in dc and that is saying a lot. so dumb joe can't even figure out why his poll numbers are cratering. right now he's under water, look
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at this, in 40 out of 50 states. a new reuters poll has him. a whooping 36% a brotherly rating, according to nbc news he is absolutely mystified, totally by willedered about these plummeting numbers. he thinks it might be a messaging problem and is blaming his staff and pointing fingers at them. of course it's not a messaging problem it's a reality problem. right now every american is struggling to get by. two-thirds living paycheck to paycheck. and by the way, they're reminded every time they fill up their tank that they're paying double what they paid under president trump. then they goes to their grocery store and any other store and are paying almost double for everything they by inr store they go to. unless they need baby formula, then they have to drive from store to store to store in order to locate a single carton which is probably locked behind a window because of rampant shoplifting. and these americans return home with a mortgage that is underwater and an electric bill
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that is higher than ever. then they turn on the tv to see their retirement funds are plummeting, a crisis at our southern border, violent crime an epidemic in almost every major american cities, cities run by liberal democrats by decades and states that have been run by liberal democrats for deck ates. states that like defunding, dismantling police, states that like no bail laws. so what we have is an old decrepit president can barely shuffle his feet can't read a tell prompter prefers a phoney oval office to the real oval office and everywhere americans are looking, they are faced with the reality every single day of the consequences of all of joe biden's policies and the failures of those policies. they see a president who will soon be headed to saudi arabia to beg them for more snowily instead of producing that oil right here at home? that's joe's plan to bring down
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gas prices that's it? offering no other solutions? unless you consider doing a deal withle the mull as in iran that want us dead or in the murdering thug dictator in venezuela unless you consider that a solution. take a look. >> the idea that we're going to be able to, you know, click a switch and bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term nor is it with regard to food. >> tucker: just like jimmy carter put on on your sweater and lower the thermostat. not only is he short on solutions but he refuses as per usual to take any responsibility for anything, not even the inflation that he, himself caused. his policies caused. his economic policies and his energy policies caused. take a look. >> when are you guys going to admit you were wrong about inflation? >> no easy questions today, huh? >> the treasury secretary says when she was wrong so why doesn't anybody at the white house. >> okay, so, look. what the secretary was pointing
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out, talking about yesterday when she was doing her hit with her tv hit with cnn is that there have been shocks to the economy that has exacerbated inflation area precious which couldn't have been forseen 18 months ago. >> why not? >> i'm trying to answer your question. hold on. i was just getting to the why not. including russian's decision to invade ukraine. multiple as you can see i have variants of covid and lockdowns in china. >> sean: according to joe's own administration joe biden can do no wrong and based on tonight's speech the president is deeply concerned about gun control and yet he can't even be bothered to stick around in the dc swamp this weekend and broker a deal on capitol hill. look. >> if the president thinks congress must act immediately to end this epidemic of gun violence is he going to bring any of the key players from capitol hill with him to the beach tonight?
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>> oh, okay. >> big part of his campaign whole thing is he knows how to get things done. >> it is. >> i'm asking why you want to get these negotiations. >> do you want to go to the beach with the president tonight? >> i would love to. >>the touche' like that, the weather, it is pouring outside like cats and dogs. it is not great. >> people are dying every day, why should this president then say he wants to give submit space and let somebody else -- >> but you're also going to hear from the president tonight. >> sean: it's so urgent he's not sticking around because all of this is political theater. that's why he never mentioned the murders that took place under his watch and obama's watch and obama's home city of chicago. it's all theater. it's another shameless attempt to vilify political opponents and it's again feigned moral outrage because otherwise would you be consistent you would have
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spoken out in 2009 t10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. you would have spoken out. he didn't. joe biden promised to bring the country together and unify the country. that was a lie. he pledged to take responsibility for his actions not blame others. that too a big lie. he promised to shut down the virus, restore the soul of our nation. we had 100,000 new cases of covid today, that was a lie. he promised to not abandon americans in afghanistan, yeah, tony blinken even admitted two weeks ago, yeah, we left them behind. another lie. he promised that inflation was transitory, turns out it looks like it's almost permanent. that was another lie. he promised gas prices would come down, another lie. so, joe, if you really want to know why your poll numbers are so low, you know, stop being so mystified and shocked and wondering and pondering the great mysteries of the earth here. it's not complicated. you're not doing anything right. you're not helping the american people. and all you seem to care about is getting away from dc and
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going to sleep and taking your naps on the beach. america doesn't trust him because he has been so honest more importantly they don't respect him because his policy resist a disaster. they don't, you know, revere him because they know the family's corrupt. they don't believe in him because they can't afford to. and they don't like him because he blames everything on everybody else including his own staff. as the new york post michael goodwin put it, the u.s. loves a winner not a winer. joe biden is a winer in chief. here with reaction, texas senator ted cruz is with us. senator, i want to read to you something. this is a conclusion of the department of justice on the effectiveness of the assault weapons ban. should it be renewed? the ban's effects on gun violence are likely to be small, at best, and perhaps too small for reliable measurement. if we can put that on the screen. when you couple that with joe biden saying that we should
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repeal the liability of gun manufacturers, but yet on the other hand he's saying i'm not trying to take your guns away, i would say he's trying to take our guns away. >> well, look, what you put on the screen is the conclusion of the department of justice for ten years we had in play a ban on so-called assault weapons and according to the department of justice it did not have a meaningful effect on violent crime. the democrats know this. i have to say i was listening to your monologue and i usually agree with you sean. there's one thing you said tonight that i disagree. you said that biden promised to unify america and he lied. i say he has unified america. just about everybody agrees he's doing a terrible job. just about everybody agrees this is a train wreck. and you know what's frustrating about it, sean? is he's not willing to change. he's not willing to change course. this speech tonight, once again he chose to double down on hard left divisive politics.
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you know, when it comes to violent crime, listen i was at uvalde last week the day after the shooting. i was there with the local officials and with law enforcement and with family members. what happened in texas is horrific. and anyone with any heartbeat is horrified that 19 little boys and girls were murdered, that two teachers were murdered. and what does joe biden and the democrats do? they don't come back and say let's unite behind law enforcement to stop criminals, to keep our kids safe. nope. they immediately denigog and say the solution is to take away your medicine and disarm law abiden citizens and you played a portion of joe biden's speech where he said it is unconscionable that republicans won't allow debate. in 2019 he was president of the senate vice-president of the united states when the democrats filibustered my legislation that would have directed the department of justice to from
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violent criminals who tried illegally by guns, that would have directed the department of justice to audit federal convictions to make sure in the background check system, that could have stopped the horrific shooting in sutherland springs texas. the church shooting because the obama air force never reported that shooters conviction to the database but also part of the legislation, the grassley cruz legislation was $300,000 for school safety which could have prevented this crime in uvalde and joe biden and the democrats filibustered that legislation, 52 senators voted for it, nine democrats voted for it, we had beep agreement and the democrats sinically said, if we can't disarm law abiden citizens, we, the democrats, are not willing to do anything to secure schools just this week joe biden says he doesn't believe in hardening schools and making them safer. well, that is cynical and it's
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wrong. and, unfortunately, it is a set of policies proposals what the democrats are putting forward would not stop these horrible crimes. instead, it's their political objectives. >> sean: why don't we start with this? why don't we refund police, stop dismantling the police and keep the criminals in jail and abandon these no bail laws that let even violent criminals out without paying a penny in bail so they're back out on the streets. by their very nature criminals don't obey laws and the cdc even points out, senator, 2.5 million times a year, americans use legal firearms to protect themselves and their families. so that wouldeem to me part of an argument that they don't want to talk about. >> look, that's exactly right. even the obama white house admitted that firearms are used
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defensively to stop crimes upwards of a million times a year. even the obama white house. and these leftists want to take those firearms away so people are defenseless to defend their families. they won't focus on the criminals. they won't focus on the bad guys. and i've got to say it was really frustrating being down in uvalde, seeing what happened. because i was also on the ground at sante fe. the sante fe high school is less than an hour from my house. i was there within an hour or so of when that horrific shooting happened. and i remember sitting down at round tables with the families from sante fe and one of the things they talked about was best practices. how do you make a school safer? and if you look at the sante fe shooter. what he did is he entered through an unlocked back door. he made it into a classroom and he was able to start murdering students. and one of the boast practices that security experts will tell you is to harden schools so that you don't have unlocked back doors. you send everyone through one
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central entrance, which, by the way, federal courthouses have, federal buildings have, banks have. and at that entrance, if you have armed police officers. and i've been championing the fight to provide funding for police officers in schools, and what was so maddening in uvalde is this guy also went through an open back door, got into the classroom and began murdering children. if we had passed that grant funding, if that door had been locked fthere had only been one entrance and there had been armed police officers at that entrance, those police officers could have killed that monster before he murdered those 19 students. >> sean: senator, i think you're the only other person besides myself, and maybe you were there before me, i don't know, champion what i believe is the answer, offering the same protectioning that highly elected officials on the state level, federal level, we pay for their protection, our children
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deserve no less. senator cruz, great to have you. thank you for joining us >> joining us now co-hosts of the five geraldo rivera. joe biden says today, nobody's coming for groourns then on the other hand he talks about removing liability pretexts of manufacturers. if we get to a point that we -- a legal firearm made by a manufacturer that gets in the hands of a criminal that misuses an inanimate object and we're going to blame the manufacturer for that, that would essentially end any possibility of any gun manufacturers being able to stay in business, geraldo. that to me is a sneaky back doorway to eliminate guns in america. that is another phoney argument. how do you blame an inanimate object for what somebody else does? >> the sandy hook families had some success and got a multi
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million dollars settlement from the gun manufacturer because there is a theory that they advertise specifically to the military capabilities for the weapons they market, the war-like capabilities of the weapons they market. i think they let them skate. >> sean: not worried about what they did. do you agree with that logic? do you agree with that? because i don't think you blame the gun manufacturer. >> yeah, i do. >> sean: are we going to blame car manufacturer if somebody decides to drive a car into a huge crowd? >> i am aggressively neutral. i totally understand the current point of view and i was delighted when they got the settlement. but first of things, couple things sean your mother would be shocked to hear you call the president of the united states old and decrepit. >> sean: no, i think my mother -- my mother actually took me -- my mother was a prison guard and had a loaded revolver on her bedside table
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and as a young person, i was ten years old, she taught me the safety and use of a firearm and that it wasn't a game and it wasn't a toy. and i became a pistol marksman before i was 12. >> god bless her and i turned out to be a great person and i'm honored to have you as my friend. but let me just say --. >> sean: i feel the same even though you're wrong. >> thank you. the sands go through my hand. i'm watching this noise about a compromise disappearing. it's evaporating. it's exactly what the opponents of gun reform wanted, to let things die down. we are watching congress at its dysfunctional worst now. we can't expect any of the president's laundry list tonight to be enacted into law, except there is one possibility. it is my juvenile assault weapons ban. more than 30 law abiden wonderful americans were killed,
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including those small babies in uvalde texas by 18 year old who could not legally buy a beer and yet they can buy on their 18th birthday a weapon of war. it is pre positives truss and i really hope as governor rick scott said at the time in florida --. >> sean: i know what they passed, we talked about that. how about can we agree on this. is that we protect our elected officials. we pay for secret service for the president, the vice-president, secretaries of departments and high ranking officials on the state and local level as well. by the way, i think that's the right thing to do because they're targets. why don't we provide the same protection, as senator cruz was talking about, one entry point at every school, have trained retired military, retired police inside the school undercover armed in case something happens and trained to take care of any situation that might emerge? how about we agree on that?
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>> we definitely agree on every point that you just made. but i have to point out that in uvalde, the cops did not do their job. they did not go in with guns blazing. >> sean: you and i both know that was the exception not the rule. we have best friends that are cops and every cop i know is furious at those cops. >> and in tulsa yesterday at that hospital, it was three minutes and the cops were on the scene and their guns drawn and they engaged the shooter. that's why only four, only, but four people died. but i think that there's a lot going on here sean. gun violence is epidemic. you're talking about chicago, 2 of the 20 mass shootings since uvalde happened in chicago. >> sean: okay. >> gang violence is the civil rights issue of our time. there's a lot going on >> sean: joe biden, eight years as vice-president, he never mentioned the name of a single kid shot and you and i both know that they ignored the problem and they only do it when it's
6:24 pm
politically expedient for them. that's the only reason geraldo. you don't pick and choose. >> that may be true but what about the gun lobby. >> sean: eight years. >> the inaction of the republicans is also appalling. okay? >> sean: then let's put guards in the schools and give them the protection we give politicians. when we come back south dakota governor christie noem joins us was biden's stream of failures. you don't want to miss it. straight ahead. ♪♪
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♪♪ . >> sean: tonight house democrats are moving forward, they say, with a wide-ranging gun control package that will put more restrictions on firearms, make it harder for, yes, law abiding citizens to keep, store, use their weapons.
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earlier tonight biden doubled down on his latest gun control push and here with reaction south dakota governor kristi noem. you just addressed nra convention and you pointed out something i like to mention quite often is, we have all of these shootings in all of these cities run by liberal democrats for decades and decades, and they have the strictest -- you know, very strict gun control laws, and yet the violence keeps happening yet they never talk about those cases. why is that? >> because they wouldn't come up with factual information that would make their case. that's what's so interesting about what's happening right now in this country, sean is biden is providing all the wrong answers because he's asking the wrong questions. we should be asking ourselves, what happens when parents don't parent their children? what happens when you have kids growing up in fatherless homes? what happens when you have kids that have mental instability issues and aren't getting
6:30 pm
treatment and aren't getting help right away, where there's not accountability making sure there's an adult presence in their lives. that's the consistency we see in case by case by case of these violent situations we've been experiencing. the tragedies have to stop and we have to start having an honest conversation about what the cause is. >> sean: it's amazing. so let me get this right. the department of agriculture now is saying that, if states like yours decides you're not going to allow trans athletes, for example people born by logically male, to play in women's sports that they're going to take away school lunches from kids? that's their plan? >> they did. they announced this no. too long ago sean. south dakota has passed the strongest bill protecting girls sports in our state and the biden administration has recently come out and told states that if you don't comply with allowing transgenders to compete in girls sports we're going to take away food from
6:31 pm
children in schools. and they're talking about federal dollars. >> sean: you can't make this up. >> that feed our children. no you can't. i think about this and it's embarrassing to me, sean, that we have to go to another country to get baby formula to feed our babies in this country. now we have a president that is openly declaring he'll take food off the plates of our children if we don't comply with his extreme policies that create an unfair situation for women in this country. he's attacking women and he's attacking babies and children. and when is this country going to wake up and see how horrible this president is and that he's trying to divide us and ruin the republic we got to grow up and treat everybody equally. >> sean: so why is south dakota, for some reason i keep reading that your state has been hit harder with the baby formula shortage than any other state. why is that? >> i think it's because we obviously are in the middle of the country.
6:32 pm
we have challenges with transportation. it costs more to get food to the middle of the country, even though we feed the world here with agriculture being our number one industry. you know, i talk about this energy crisis that's going on well. here in south dakota, we have a lot of families that drive 30, 40 miles to go to work every day. they drive 30 and 40 miles to go get their groceries or to go to the doctor. for us we're an energy consumer but an important part of the country because we grow the food that needs to be put in grocery store shelves all over the world. this president's creating a food crisis, an energy crisis and now he's saying that if we don't comply with his extreme liberal agenda that he's going to literally make it worse for families to try to meet their children's needs. >> sean: maybe you can explain to me, every american now is paying, according to bloomberg, about $5,200 per household because of biden's inflation. the average person that drives to work every day will pay
6:33 pm
another two grand a year in higher gas prices. we hit a new high yesterday and it looks like gas prices are headed now to $5 a gallon on average. the question is, you know, maybe you can explain this to me. why is he going to wheat the saudis, why he he begging oh peck they said they would increase production today after him begging and fling for months and months. why is he talking about deals with the iranian muwill, lahs and venezuela and that murdering dictating thug there when we have more natural resources here in this country and we don't need their oil. i'm thinking they think that we've got to be the dumbest country on earth, because when you include natural gas and oil and coal, we've got more resources than all of these people combined. why don't we produce our own? how is mother earth any better off if we get a barrel of oil in the states or we get it from venezuela or the middle east or
6:34 pm
we get it from, you know, iran? how does it negatively impact the world or mother earth, if you will, depending on where you drill for the oil? >> sean, you asked the question earlier, you said how dumb are they. are they dumb? or do they just not love america? because i really believe that there's no way somebody could screw up this much. we've had 40 years of joe biden screw-ups but i don't believe he loves america. these policies keep coming, they're crippling our country, hurting our most vulnerable, setting us up for failure and we're going to be chained to our enemies and they're going to control us because they control our energy supplies after he leaves the white house. we're going to be chained to them. >> sean: i'm not questioning his love for america but governor i don't think he even knows what day of the week it is. i really believe -- like, for example, when you look at some of these bizarre religious consults, to deprogram people
6:35 pm
that believe did most insane things, you know, you might have to work on them for years and you might not be able to deprogram them. this climate alarmist religious consult as i call it, he is an ad herein to that, not to what's going on with the american people. that is a scary choice to make from my point of view. >> i've seen it change the last two years. it's scary how fast it's changing, though, sean. i'll defend my people in south dakota. i will. >> sean: good. the free state of south dakota. thank you governor, appreciate it >> when we come back, straight ahead, biden once again has caved to the far left in his party and is now planning on cancelling billions of dollars in student loan debt and we'll tell you why this is a really bad idea. kellyanne conway react, straight ahead. ♪♪
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♪♪ . >> sean: all right, more giveaways, the biden white house is finalizing a students loan forgiveness plan that would reportedly wipe away $10,000 in student loan debt per borrower for those making under 150 grand a year, and earlier today, the biden administration also wiped away 5.8 billion in school loans for former corps inian college students a college accused of predatory lending practices. why are they pushes so hard to cancel and forgive student debt? who's going to pay it. seems like a shameless election year political stunt to me that frankly we as a country can't afford. what about everybody who paid off their student loans like me? and how about the people who joined the military as away to afford going to college? they earned that money.
6:41 pm
and even over on cnbc a businessman named kevin o'leary on shark tank called the forgiveness plan a terrible idea and he's right. take a look. >> you're telling these people this is a big problem. meanwhile you can't fill up your car chicken costs 40% more and this is the top have the agenda for the president? can you imagine? all these tight races coming into the midterms, this is going to be the issue that they get to campaign on. why, why would you do this? this is a really, really bad idea. brings into question, and i'll ask my good friend john and maybe he can help us, who is advising biden? who are his closest advisors? what planet are they on? it's not the planet earth. >> sean: here with reaction former white house chief of staff brian and also joining us author of here is the deal former counselor to the
6:42 pm
president, trump that is, kellyanne conway is with us. kelly and i dropped out of school three times, i paid every penny from college and i did get one loan from jamaica savings back over ten years, faith dollars $0.05 a month at a points where i was struggling to pay my rent every month. my parents didn't have the money to send me to school and i worked my way when i was going to school. not crying poverty, probably the best thing that ever happened to me in my life because it taught me a great work ethic. why would we give people a loan and they ever say never mind and then who ends up paying their loan? >> sean, your story is a very typical american dream story. i have a similar one. i paid off my college and law school debt great investment in education. what about the people that never go to college, why are the plumbers and carpeters paying for the lawyers and doctors loan
6:43 pm
debt? why is he doing it? he's paying off millennials those born between 1991 and 1996. his approval ratings are down, the young people don't think he's competent or coherent or cool. another reason that would be hard to discern except i dealt with this in the trump white house. elizabeth warren running for president in 2019 she came out with a huge student loan forgiveness package diverting attention from the fact that she lied about being native american for years on applications and she was talking about this. and we dealt with this in the white house at the same time and ultimately concluded that it was unfair to people who had paid off the loans, gotten scholarships, or whose parents had paid outright and made other financial sacrifices or had never gone to college at all. but elizabeth warren knows hilly's damaged goods and kamala's not up for the job and
6:44 pm
biden's worried about taking him on as the first female president. so there's something there, too. >> sean: i think kellyanne's on to something. i can't name a single thing they've done successful, gas prices, inflation, the border, covid, afghanistan, you run up and down the list, they don't have a success that they can point to and so okay they're hoping they can run on roe v wade being overturned and an assault weapons ban i don't think that works with the american people who are reminded every single time they go to a gas station or every store they go into, they're peaking all this money that they never had to pay for under donald trump. i don't think you overcome that with any one issue or trying to buy votes by saying, oh, we'll pay off your student loan and take money from these people and give it to these people. >> yeah. i think you're totally right. i mean, he's flailing from
6:45 pm
everything from baby formula to gas to flipping on places like taiwan. if you took a hundred question multiple choice test and tried to get every question wrong, it would be hard to do but he's done it. there's one thing building on what kellyanne said, there's another piece to this. do you remember, back to the virginia governor's race, terry mcauliffe could not invite joe biden and kamala harris into virginia. and the problem was, and the reason he couldn't, was because they were so unpopular with the democrat party that they were only at 20% support within their own party. why is this important? because if you want to get out the vote, you actually have to motivate your door to door volunteers. and who's going to go door to door for them? and so what do they say? you know what we're going to do? we're going to focus on exactly what you said. we are pea going to focus on guns and roe v wade and voila
6:46 pm
spend a quarter million dollars in a economy that's already bloated and inflated and give it. not to mention a lot of people didn't go and a lot of people that need that money more than college graduates but they want to motivate their base to get volunteers to do their work because they're facing a reckoning in november and they don't have any volunteers out there to help them stop the tidal wave coming in their direction. >> sean: it's all part of new green deal socialism, the very things they promised. anyway great to see you both. ryan thank you, kelly ann congrats on the book. the view, the hard hitting news show said we should just get rid of the republican party. we'll get newt gingrich's reaction to that straight ahead.
6:47 pm
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>> earlier today on the hard-hitting abc news show, the view, the host once again smearing conservatives, blaming them for gun violence in worst. take a look. >> get rid of these weapons of war, and it's not going to happen with republicans in power . i'm now with you, joy. get rid of republicans, get rid of the party. the party as it stands now, because it's a party of white supremacy, it's arete party of selection is, it's a party of massacres at this point, it's the party that you just can't trust. >> i'm sick and tired of people making excuses. it's one gun, get it off the market. >> joining us with reaction, fo news contributor, newt gingrich. i look at this, get rid of the republican party the, the party
6:52 pm
of white supremacy and massacres , et cetera, the problem is it's not just the women of the view this is now mainstream democratic party thought. they have gone so radically left , years ago they tried to hide who they were, and they work through the courts and try to get the courts to do their bidding for them and legislate from the bench, now they just coming out with these loony ideas. how far does it get them? >> first of all, i think it isolates them because it makes them sound nuts but in addition you know, somebody just a few minutes ago on your show, talke about them being occult, and i think that's a pretty accurate way to think about a very debit group of people and a room, the chant about fantasies and the fantasies become their reality in than they want to pass bills based on their fantasies and it's all crazy.
6:53 pm
most young african-americans wh we're killed, our killed by african-americans, and the reason that they are dangerous is because we have left wing democratic district attorneys who refused to lock up killers. so if you look at the people wh are out on the street today, wh are really dangerous, who our killing people in chicago or sa francisco or st. louis, or baltimore, those folks our in fact black criminals preying upon black victims. you not going to hear that on the view, you're not going to hear any honest conversation that is based on facts. what you are going to hear it i a group of cultists chanting th various things they've learned as though if only they could chant it long enough, the world would resemble it. >> sean: so they can't run on the economy, they can't run on economic policy, they can't run on the border, the war in europe , afghanistan, they can't
6:54 pm
run on a 20 year high up inflation, so it looks like the are going to rely on name-calling like this, they rely on if roby weight is overturned in abortion will be legal, americans will figure that out there going to run on gun-control measures. will that overcome every american that is reminded every day of the high price of gas an the cost of inflation in everyday life? >> we are doing a lot of pullin at the america majority project .com, and what we are discovering is african-americans , latinos, asian americans, all of them have a simple problem, they go to the gas pump, they can't afford it, they go to the grocery store, they can't affor it, they look for infant formula , they can't find it, you think they're going to somehow be affected because a group of nut cases on the view say nasty
6:55 pm
vindictive things. or for that matter, the democra party? >> is that the problem? >> it's their problem i think they're going to be crustless fall. in the core problem is simple. the things they believe in don' work. the whole build back better turned into build back for all of us are poor today, everybody listening tonight is poorer because the democrats and joe biden, and the country is on th edge of bankruptcy because of the democrats in joe biden. words aren't going to overcome that reality. >> sean: i think you are right , i think it will be a landslide. if it's a wave election like 1994 when you became speaker, i think all of it will break away. thank you, speaker gingrich. more hannity next.
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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening very thank you for being with us. please remember to set your dvr. we hope you never miss an episode of hymnody. for the latest news and information on you need to know is good to hannity .com, and in the meantime let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. have a great night. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle from washington tonight for a thank you for joining us. we have a lot to say about president biden incoherent and divisive gun grab address a moment with congressman in a mother who used her gun to defend her home from and intruder, and that's going to happen a moments. first, latinos against liberalism, that is the focus o tonight's angle. it seems like just yesterday when the conventional wisdom