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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 2, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening very thank you for being with us. please remember to set your dvr. we hope you never miss an episode of hymnody. for the latest news and information on you need to know is good to hannity .com, and in the meantime let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. have a great night. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle from washington tonight for a thank you for joining us. we have a lot to say about president biden incoherent and divisive gun grab address a moment with congressman in a mother who used her gun to defend her home from and intruder, and that's going to happen a moments. first, latinos against liberalism, that is the focus o tonight's angle. it seems like just yesterday when the conventional wisdom repeated endlessly on the
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airwaves was that trump arab republicans kind of risk losing hispanic voters for ever. >> is even having this conversation sends a powerful signal that they're doing high things into clint campaign righ now when they hear this. >> the things they are turning off large amounts of hispanic voters spread. >> no one knows what donald trump's immigration policy is pretty hispanics have been trending for years, what has turned them around has been thi hard-line immigration. >> indeed, democrats that they had the latino vote and the bag forever, just throw them and fe clichés about how where a natio of immigrants in then humor the with meaningless gestures, or a it's now called,. >> [speaking spanish]
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[foreign language] [foreign language] [foreign language] >> it is great to be back with all of you. that's about as good as i get. >> he was right about that, that's about as good as it gets for them. empty rhetoric in bad spanish. more latinos onto the game toda although biden did win 60s percent of their vote the last go-round. donald trump actually grew his support by eight percentage points nationwide among latinos and as fox noted last year, in many of the districts, latinos were at least 17 percent of the electorate. it turns out that hispanic voters, they don't care if you we speak spanish, they care
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about results, and the democrat in congress, they are not delivering results. among latinos, the president's approval rating is a stunningly low 26 percent. if you are nancy pelosi, there' not enough ice cream and the freezer to make that go down an better. the issues they care about are also the issues that the rest o us care about, inflation is a top concern, with jobs in the economy coming in second. and guess who they think is better on the economy and inflation. according to a survey among latinos, republicans and democrats, 24-19 notable is tha back in december, there was no difference between the two parties. things have only deteriorated i these past three months, we see that, leaving more hispanics to ask important questions like is my paycheck actually keeping up with the increased cost of living, or can my kids get a good education, or our things
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better in worse than they were in let's say 2019. do i have the money to fill my tank this week? and where am i going to get my next can of baby formula? they don't seem to like the answers their hearing at any of those questions. >> we know about the issues to make the stock nationwide, have these others made a dent? >> that's the thing, instead of getting better, and slightly worse, during the week of may 22nd, about 74 percent of formula was out of stock. >> laura: for tweets aren't working either. biden says his plan to tackle inflation, it's a simple plan, let the fed do its job, lower cost, and keep reducing the deficit. kid you not, you cannot make this up. they have to know that none of this is going to work. so now they hope that exploitin
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tragedy is going to work and doing spanish-language ads for gun control. so how can the democrats be so ignorant and so smug at the sam time? they literally cannot fathom that latino voters actually think for themselves. the daughter of well-known liberal jorge ramos, did an entire show on the topic for msnbc. cc seemed shocked by what hispanic voters told her on a wide range of issues including why they switched from to republican pair. >> one of the things we found a almost every single person we talk to, every single one of them was a former democrat who believe they had to be democrats , there was this disenchantment with the democratic party yet i think these culture wars and what you're seeing now is sort of uncovering these very innate social conservative values that many latinos do have and may maybe now with trump they feel okay. can keep the interview she did
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were actually really revealing, it turns out the latinos want ones that teach not indoctrinate . >> i have six kids in total. the latino once i pulled them out of school in 2020. there was a lot going on but 2020 for me was what i like to call my political awakening. i have never been politically inclined ever, my father was so i grew up hearing about a lot t do with politics, possible communist takeover and all this craziness but in my mind i always thought it was just my dad and from being a political prisoner. so i always shied away from that , i actually resented it. i feel in 2020 there was no denying what was going on and for me it's hit most with the children. what are they learning here, that they're not learning in
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school. >> for me it safety. i know that they are not going to learn certain positions. >> like wet? gig i don't have anything against the lgbtq community at all. i don't think they kids should have it pushed on them. >> i love that ominous music. they will play that for a while but it's common sense. they don't want their kids groomed in the classroom. shocking. at least it was to the former rnc chief turned poser for a paycheck, michael seale. >> have they always been anti- ltg bq, or are they certainly discovering this? >> they are doing it because they want to protect the children. >> how could you dare protect the children? because democrats don't see the freight train coming down the track with hard-working
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god-fearing hispanic voters writing in it. if they don't see that, they're going to get wiped out by the group that they wanted to simpl throw together with other minority voters and take them for granted. biden's bright lights, pelosi and schumer, should have paid attention to what happened in last november. they elected the first hispanic attorney general, but while the swamp remained tone deaf, and stuck in their old paradigms, h focused on common sense, and crime. but instead of giving latinos pragmatic solutions for the problems plaguing their community, democrats gave them new nickname. >> they are more likely to borrow money to go to school college. >> it's hard as well to get latinix involved as welfare at. >> when ever involved, one thin is certain, they are feeling th squeeze to the breaking point. >> it turns out that actual
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latino voters hate the term according to a survey by echelo inside. how embarrassing. the message should be pretty straightforward and clear. if you want a better life or your children, and a chance for a thriving business, safer streets, real respect for your faith and values, and schools that teach without propaganda, then say goodbye to the democra party. if you want a future for your kids that leaves them with no real options other than popcorn and government checks? stay with government biden's crew. absolutely. the truth is the liberals don't like you. they just use you and they talked down to you every single campaign season. they think you're stupid. we think you're smart. and that's the angle pair joining me now is monica de la cruz a republican candidate in texas, and jesse holtman, the founder of a live tino exit fro
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the democratic party. monica, they want to blame this on the culture wars, but the issues that latinos say they care about, inflation in the economy, jobs. why don't the democrats think? could get the democrats have a history of ignoring what hispanics really want, and what they want is to protect their family, they want law and order they want to be able to protect their faith, and they love and believe in the american dream. the democrats do not see that bird that's why democrats, like myself are not only walking awa from this democratic party, but they are running away from the democratic party. >> the fact that latino voters are giving hyden a 26 percent approval rating, you can sense
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the shockwaves in washington, when that poll came out, they'r like no that can't be true, doe it seem accurate to you? >> very accurate, i see that al over. it's not so much of we are leaving the democrat democratic party come out the democrat party left us. we are not cool with this leftism, woke us, because most latinos are catholic or christian, we are god-fearing people so were against that, that's what we're trying to push , that's what we are trying to go back to our roots to focu on the godly moral values and focus on your faith. >> laura: monica, i want to play another moment, here is what she is explaining about what latino moms told her in florida. >> elect of these moms are seeing their regurgitating the same talking points you probabl heard in virginia. there anti- lgbt being caught
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taught in schools there and tie covid protection. >> their pro kind of traditiona values which again the left loo down on with derision. >> that's exactly right. they are pro- traditional famil values. they want their kids to learn about these traditional family values, and what's most upsetting right now for moms is that they are worried about jus simply putting food on the table . gas prices are going up. some moms are not even able to find baby formula of their choice. every day living has become a struggle for american families. in texas 15, our american energ is under attack. this is the way people feed their families here in texas 15 and in south texas. >> the school closure issue,
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jesse is still so present in th minds of parents because they are seeing what happened to kid who we're kept out of schools for so long with masks and everything else. the latino community on that issue i think excluded for the republicans. you're thoughts on that? >> exactly, we see the what they're trying to do with the gun grab, we are against that, we are pro- second amendment an we know because we see, we know about communism and corrupt government, so we see what they're doing with all that wit the lockdowns and all of that. we are totally against all of that stuff. that's why we flee our country is because of that stuff like you said. class, so many of us lost our jobs, but yet we see pelosi and all of them ease eating at restaurants, we are just waking up for it. a lot of us to our waking up from the fake media. they are not able to manipulate us like they were in the past,
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most of us don't trust the fake news anymore. >> monica, this issue at the school closures came up really briefly today at the white hous briefing room. we had the covid spokesperson i the white house press secretary watch how this was handled. >> 's schools will and must be open this coming fall. >> they are not committing to schools staying open this fall. that was clear, that was cut of for a reason. what would that do to hispanic parents across this country? >> mate was a month of mental health awareness and we saw the devastating effects of school closures on our children. this is something that parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles must take seriously, and keep schools open, but we must also
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protect and have security to protect our children. as jesse said, hispanics believ in law and order. we believe in the second amendment because there are man families who are fleeing south american countries where there is no law and order. so we must protect our children in schools, and we must open th schools, and keep them open for our children. >> you mentioned the issue of guns. today, xes reported that some latino democrats say their part needs a spanish-language campaign to counter gop messaging and miss information around guns and other things to threats to democracy i guess they are talk about generate si rates is that going to affect the vote? ak-47, weapons of war, all of that? could get not at all. we are pro- second amendment.
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we know about this corrupt communism and all of stuff, so we want our guns it's not going to fly. as you said, we are waking up. we're not being bamboozled no more like we were in the past. a lot of people don't know that the spanish channels can be as bad as fake news cnn and all of that. its total propaganda that's why us and other conservatives are pushing real stuff out there so that is what they're scared of. i'm an x gang member from la, a lifelong democrats, and i left the democratic party. in the past you would have neve seen that in the past, but that just goes to show that we are tired of it. we're not into this left-leanin chemically are pro- god, we are profamily. >> look around you, look at their cities, look at where it' led. is leading to destruction and despair for people from all backgrounds and especially thos
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most at risk. monica and jesse, i have a feeling we're going to have thi conversation a lot, so thank yo for joining us. remember, if you can't watch us live, set your dvr for record s you don't miss us, every weeknight at 10:00 p.m. up next, the big gun grab ghost goes prime time. what democrats in congress are trying to pull off, plus a mom who used a gun to defend her home from an intruder. she tells her story next.
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♪ >> this is not about taking awa anyone's guns. it's not about vilifying gun owners. in fact, we believe we should b treating responsible gun owners as how good an owner should behavior at gate 99.9 percent o gun owners know how to behave and handle a weapon, but joe doesn't care. he wanted to do something and offer the same unsuccessful solutions we've heard for years. >> we should instate this magazines that we passed in 199 with bipartisan support in congress. and the support of law enforcement.
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nine categories of semi automatic weapons were included in that band like ak-47s and ar 15's. in the ten years it was law, mass shootings went down. >> falls, a 2004 study for the justice department found the band's impact on gun violence was mixed at best. the report went on to note assault weapons were rarely use in gun crimes. but the president wasn't done extolling the ways he will rip away your rights for its. >> in texas 2009, 13 dead and more than 30 injured. marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida in 2018, 17 dead, 17 injured. both places, countless other suffering invisible wounds. red flag laws could've stopped both of the shooting spirit. >> fred red flag laws aren't constitutionally suspect they'v also proven to be ineffective. new york is red flag laws and suddenly it didn't stop the buffalo shooting last month fred
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, connecticut light weight has red flag laws and that didn't stop the horrific traged at sandy hook. so this speech was the latest i a long line of nakedly politica ones by a president drowning politically. worse, it was just a disgusting exploitation of the murder of 1 children last week. joining me now the house judiciary committee with big hearings today, congressman, which part of tonight's speech did you find most offensive? >> basically all of it. the red flag laws, that's doing away with due process in this country. >> but they say, if there is a flag on someone for certain behaviors, once they show that they don't have those behaviors the gun commuted conditioned petition to get your gun back. >> that doesn't always happen. you don't get an attorney appointed to you it's not like real court. there's already laws in all 50 states that would let you adjudicate this and take away somebody's guns. those laws involve mental healt
7:25 pm
experts, they involved a lawyer for the person who is being accused, red flag laws turn tha all around when they end up wit these early-morning early morning raids on people that ar just going to be irritated and frustrated, and there is no hel for them after they are harassed . >> there was another woman from tonight i wanted to play. watch. >> we should repeal the liability shield, it protects gun manufacturers from being held responsible for that. they're the only industry in this country with that kind of immunity. >> is he forgetting about the pharmaceutical co. any? >> the gun manufacturers can't be sued if their product is you product liability. >> product liability for defective, just like a car. some, but he misuses a car, the can't car manufacturer isn't. >> they want to shut down the gun companies so it's the same analogy they use.
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>> that's actually, they know that is the quickest way to put gun manufacturers out of business is to open them up to frivolous lawsuits for it to ge this is about politics he basically made the point that i these things aren't done or som of them aren't done, then the voters should take it out on yo and other republicans, watch. >> i think we have a soundbite. he basically said enough is enough, he thinks the issue is central to your vote for spread. >> we had a hearing today that lasted ten hours with the democrats in the house putting smorgasbord of things they don' work in front of senators in th senate and tried to get some of the week need republicans to bite on that. what was clear today in our hearing and i think also in the joe biden speech is that they are not serious about ending school shootings, but there's serious about taking away. >> why do you say they're not serious about taking. >> none of their woodwork. if they would, they would quit
7:27 pm
advertising are schools that ou in gun free zones. the ones that have staffed and said our staff is armed, those schools have never seen men shooting. >> do you think ramose would've been stop by that? >> i think these shooters go select. i think their evil but they're not stupid and their cowards, but they're trying to run up a body count. if they know they're going to b shot going in there, they're no going to try it. >> what are the issues that we're discussed today, the possible measures, anti-gun measures, what perhaps passed i this on. >> may be raising the age, not for just for ar's, but may be the eighth for a and rifle, the scariest when they propose toda was that you have to store your firearms in a way that's federally approved, if you don't , they could come and seize them. >> that could be a pretext for taking your gun.
7:28 pm
okay, we will be following this. thank you for joining us. >> i don't think there's a single incident, it may be one, but i've not found one, of an assailant using an assault weapon that was stopped by a person with a gun, so this is and maybe there is one in the thousands and thousands and thousands of shooting spirit. >> that was, picking up on an effort that has persisted over the last week, the mocking of the idea that good people with guns can defend themselves and if necessary protect others. contrary to the congressman's point there, there are numerous examples of guns being used to keep people safe including the one from my next guest, val evans who was home alone when her to and a half year old daughter, when mam started
7:29 pm
banging on her door eventually breaking in two places. she called 911, grabbed her gun and heard a loud crash. the intruder got in and was running toward her full speed. val, who is a good gal with a gun, joins me now. what happened next? >> as he was running towards me i fired once and he still continued to come towards me an i fired again, and he finally went down and i was able to sto him from whatever he was going to do and i was able to hold hi there until the police arrived. i cooperated with them, i put m gun down when asked, i was in constant communication with them , and that was that. >> someone once described responsible female gun owners i the great equalizers and a worl where crime sadly happens. because obviously they would overpower most women by a man with any level of force, so in your case, it was the equalizer protecting you and your family, correct? >> correct. >> what do you say to people wh
7:30 pm
believe now that there are too many guns out there in the best thing to do is even repeal the second amendment even though other states no, that's not wha this is all about. >> you know, it's not something that i particularly come in contact with too much in my circle, most everybody is the same as me, everyone knows my story and they know why it's important. if the second amendment was repealed, my husband is a polic officer, i'm a law-abiding citizen and i would not be able to have my gun. if federal people have proven i you have to get your gun from the safe when it's locked up commit that second and second counts in these situations. i think it was something like 9 seconds, my friend and might we ourselves getting our guns out of our safe and it was 90 seconds it took me to get ready to fire and i wouldn't have had that. i would not have had that. >> you heard what the
7:31 pm
congressman just said, that gun storage requirement in what would be new legislation if the could get it passed through the senate, that would make it in some cases i guess it could be felony for multiple disc misdemeanors or felonies if it' stored incorrectly, even if you don't use it and may be a pretext for people taking the gun. >> right. that's what i worry about because like i said, though seconds count. that always really short, he wa just a couple of seconds from overpowering me, getting past m and getting to my daughter in her room behind me. i can't imagine what it would'v done if i had. >> it out of the safe out of th lock, load the ammunition. it's not practical and it's taking away our rights. i may not be here today if i ha to do that. my daughter may not be her, she turns ten this year she may not be here had i not been able to
7:32 pm
protect her. >> i can't tell you how many times a judiciary committee today on capitol hill where the not mocked the idea of the good guy is a guy come as a good guy with a gun, they kept saying it over in over in over again. my producer was like they just hit this one issue because it's so insulting. and once it's false. i'm so glad that you were proficient in firearm use, you understood how to use a gun and you weren't afraid to use it when you were in imminent bodil danger and we appreciate your story. thank you so much. here's a clue, it will be revealed the answer at the end of the show. what is the worst creature to see inside a new york city bar than drunk. tweets meet your guesses at ingraham angle and we'll see if you get it right. matt walsh documentary, element are offensive they had to bring down the premiere last night. matt is here with the clip they don't want you to see.
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>> laura: forget the millennial's, jen y, and kinsey we now have generation lazy, a group of working age americans who just prefer not to work. the covid locked announcement free money and free time and it turns out both are hard to give up. why bother living in a group house or scraping together the cash for a studio apartment whe you can live with mom and dad. three squares and free laundry. who can pass that up. to boomerang bats. and 18 percent of the populatio is living in multigenerational households that's quadruple wha it was in the 1970s. but it's not just their living arrangements, generation lazy i also leading an antiworker movement. read it even has an entire community dedicated to it.
7:39 pm
this isn't a fringe group, it boasts almost to million member and growing. those who are working kinder prefer pj's to office attire. when you really think about it coat anti-, it's all part of th white patriarch. >> . pantsuits, same thing. the daily mail reports that apple together to the group of about 200 apple employees wrote an open letter condemning the company's choice to bring staffers back to its offices. the group says that the ship ac ii in person will make the company younger, whiter, more male dominated, more neuro- informative, and more able-bodied. who are we to blame them? many federal workers including members of congress in their staffs are not even back in the office themselves. so generation lazy has been waiting to bust out for some time and the lockdown gave this group and excuse to make it forever. now, there is one leader, not
7:40 pm
politics but business you may have enough sway to at least kind of try to make this fad slowly disappear time talking about elon musk for eight he recently wrote that anyone who wishes to do remote work must b in the office for a minimum and i mean a minimum of 40 hours pe week if you don't show up, we will assume you have resigned. i love it. he adds a welcome dose of sanit here. this revolt against we're comin at the worst possible time because private payrolls in may had the slowest growth of recovery thus far that was according to adt data with smal businesses taking the biggest hit. we learned today that job openings are near record highs at 11.4 million for the month o april, but apparently, because no one wants to work very just as my next guest chef andrew grewal, a multiunit restaurant owner.
7:41 pm
andrew, you have been offering higher wages even for workers with no experience, and then yo are offering signing bonuses. what is the status of the hiring ? >> it is a tough market out there right now i would even go further than the cultural piece of this. there is a lot of lazy people, there's always been lazy people out there, i don't think that's what's driving a lot of this i think what's driving this right now is just, and it's kind of a reversed reverse piece of this. the large corporations have merged with the government in they're out there doing this virtual signaling and they want to drive out a lot of these workers at the expense of small businesses. a small businesses are paying our workers a lot. i'm paying 25-$30 an hour at on of my pizza places right now. the reason a lot of people aren't working is number one, the dollar isn't going anywhere and number two with inflation the way it is going back to tha same point, it's like these
7:42 pm
people aren't even being paid anything. when they do go to work for a lot of these large corporations they end up getting driven out or caught up in this kind of political quagmire and they say will i'm going to go home and end up not working and it's all at the expense of small businesses because these corporations are consolidating and pushing us all out. the government is perpetuating the spirit. >> i think free government for the from the government when people could've been back to work was a real problem, that has kind of stopped, but it had an effect on people and obviously inflation is terrible as well so you can't make your salary or even increase salary. something you care about i know is that orders for workplace robots in the united states surged 40 percent in the first quarter of 2022 compared to las year, so andrew, i guess if you don't have workers, you're goin to need robots, right? >> the amount of money that is being put into mechanize in the
7:43 pm
restaurant industry is nuts for it if you look at it, it stems off of this fast food nation in the assembly line piece of this. this is being invested by the same corporations that are out there saying we're going to hel the workers, they're not, they're just driving it out in the small businesses get hurt here because these barriers go up even higher and higher and now we are competing against these large corporations that have the dollars to invest in pushing their workers out. they are virtue signaling harder . >> i have to play one more thin quickly because this is hilarious. we need some comedic relief because a lot of things on thes no work at rooms and on tik tok that are perpetuating this anti work culture, and this is one o them. >> some people are getting the idea that there is no point in working hard for it get there i no point at working at all. why should i read by the sweat of my brow. humanity had not should work
7:44 pm
this hard. >> what we come to in the end a a result of this? >> to a life that will be more and more balanced. necessary, sufficient, if not beyond that. >> is so working pollutes the atmosphere apparently, andrew. that is kind of a zen way of looking at it. we have enough. , i guess we don't have enough pizza ever. >> we don't even have enough food right now, so remember that . we're just going to be minions in this crazy world of nothing. >> now, chef andrew, great to see you. you owe me pizza a pizza when i come out to california. matt walsh out to expose the insanity that is gender ideolog in this new documentary called what is a woman. it's created a firestorm and so much consternation in conservative circles that hackers try to take down his premiere last night. he will play us the clip that has everyone talking. don't go away. and frustratine getting hearing aids can be.
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♪ >> i'm just trying to start by getting to the truth. i'm really uncomfortable with that language getting to the truth. again,. >> why is that uncomfortable? >> because it deeply trans
7:50 pm
phobic to me. >> deeply trans phobic great getting to the truth. that clip tells you all you nee to know about those trying to silence the new matt walsh documentary, what is a woman, they found the tree so threatening that last year's premiere was almost thwarted by a significant and sustained cyber attack. what else is that they don't want you to see? f like this. >> i've had seven surgeries, i've had one stress heart attac rate i've had a helicopter life right for embolism. i had 17 rounds of antibiotics. i get infections every three or four months, and probably not going to live very long. >> was there any real discussio of the risks and side effects? >> no. no there's not. i know people want to think there is, but there is not. the truth is that medical transition is experimental. >> laura: matt walsh joins me
7:51 pm
now wright, i want to get have to what happened with the premier, but explained that las clip come out was that a male transition being described? >> that's exactly what it was. that is the one who went throug the transition process and talk a lot about it, very opening kind of raw and honest way abou what it actually entails. it's gruesome and it's terrible and as it's described in the film, that's what they're also doing to kids as well. it's also an interesting contrast about we talk to a lot of opponents and supporters of gender ideology and you try to talk to them they don't want to talk about it. on the other side of it the opponents of people that don't support it are very open and want to have this conversation. i think that tells you somethin when one side wants to talk about it and the other doesn't. >> the more you describe what i is, the more people out there
7:52 pm
say what? last night i heard you describe it as chemical castration. explained that for our audience. >> that is quite literally what they are doing to kids. what they referred to euphemistically and everything they say is covered in euphemism , but eventually they say we're going to give puberty blockers to kids, and they sell a lot of lies about how it's al reversible in temporary and all that stuff, but the drug they give to kids is called blue brown, and that is a drug they also give to offenders for chemical castration. it's an absolute fact. this is what's being prescribed to kids, millions of kids acros the country. we talked to at least one of th doctors who does in fact prescribe these drugs to kids what we found is that doctor is another person although they do this every day for a living, they don't actually want to answer any questions about it. >> and want to play a clip for what's called gender affirming
7:53 pm
speaking of euphemistic languag therapist. >> with the fluidity of these things, how do i know if i'm a woman. i liked scented candles and i'v watched in the city. so how do i know? pig eat that question right there, that question is like when it asked with a lot of curiosity, that's beginning of lots of peoples gender development identity injuries. >> i have no idea what any of that meant. i hear this and i think we living on planet earth? we're talking about children, we're talking about children's innocence we're talking about kids who make so many different decisions they end up regretting , matt. this is just insane. no wonder they wanted to shut your premier down perky and wan to clarify i've only seen in th city once, i do like scented
7:54 pm
candles. on the surface, you want to go up against these things and you have to laugh it's funny becaus it's so absurd and that's the appropriate response to absurdity, but then you say one level under, you go beneath the surface and use either somethin quite sinister happening there. >> matz, what is a woman, daily wire, on the website there for the subscription, but they won' succeed in shutting you down again i don't think. thank you for joining us tonight . what is the worst creature defined inside a new york city bar come out worse than a drunk sweet meet your guesses at ingraham angle and we will see if you get it right next.
7:55 pm
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>> what's worse to encounter an the new york city bar than a mean drunk? hear your answers. >> andrew cuomo, he wrote, aoc, making me a drink.
8:00 pm
and george guest any creature from the view would scare me. here is the big reveal. >> oh my. >> okay, possums are very cute, but it's kind of gross. gutfeld is next. ♪ get there you are. there you are. look at you. look at you. big news yesterday. yes, i finally finished my jigsaw puzzle. it took months. look at that.


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