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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 2, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this back the most talented home cooks return for a second chance every evening and you can watch them of a little bit or go with a shot at redemption . no mistakes we made. we just will step up to finally be made masterchef finale worthy to all new wednesdays on fox and watch any e time on fox. our hulu believing i welcome the tucker carlson site. >> this is a fox is alert facing almost certain defeat for his party in the midterm elections five months from now, joe biden has become desperate . he's decided to leverage the murder of nineteen children in texas last week for political advantage. he just spoke at some thanks from the white house about the need to disarm the population.
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we're going to spare you all of it. we've taken a few select sound bites to sum up the president's message. >> here they are second amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute. this isn't about taking away women's rights. it's about protecting children. it's about protecting families. it's about protecting whol communities. in it's about protecting our freedom to go to d school, ton a grocery store, to a church not being shotca, killed. wet need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazinest . and if we can't ban assaultch weapons, then we shouldur raise the age to purchase them fromth eighteen toe twenty one , strengthen background checks and that safe storage and red r flag laws repeal the immunity that protects gun manufacturers from liability. addressom a mental health crisis deepening the trauma of gun violence and as a consequence ofin that violence, these are rational, common sense
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measures. aasures. i believe this time a majority of the american people won't give up either. give up either. will act. >> so t to summarize the president's remarks tonight , your constitutional rights are not absoluteur c a. but in taking them away, we're not actually taking away your rights for protecting children to which you might ask am i a threat to children that question is never answeredt by the president. the point of this , of course,or is to disarm people who did not vote for joe biden. and that is why simultaneous with this this effort to recategorize the guns in your closet as felonies, democrats have been failing to prosecute gun crimes in our cities where most of the crime is. and if you're at all confused about whether the effort here is selective, if this is enforcement only certain people, you'll noticeid the president never mentioned the apparent federal gun felonyn his own son committed when
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he lied on a federal background form when he bought a handgun. didn't't mention just department has completely ignored it. instead, biden'slo fellow democrats in the house of representatives spent the day debating ways to disarm you.n americans have committed no crime at all and want only to protect themselves and their families. democrats plan to criminalize democrats plan to criminalize large capacity ammunition feeding devices. that is specifically any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition was it turnst t out that is most magazines in thee united states. tens of millions of americans right now have so-called high capacity magazines in theiril homes. they're not militia members. they're not gun nuts.em they'rebe normallorma people. and the reason they have them is because most modern handguns and rifles use that type ofhe magazine, the kind that joein biden is telling youg is threatening and esoteric. and these same firearms, the ones in your house right now will not accept the kind of diminished magazines joe biden is demanding you useseen and tht
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means in effect, all of w those guns will be banned. which gun specifically? well, for example, the glock 19 probably the most popularit handgun in the united states, the glock 19 comes from the manufacturer c with a 15 round magazine. now the black 19 is not an especially scary firearm. nt it'ser a workman like pistol. if a you have any interest in guns at all, you probably already own one . but under this bill, the glock 19 would ban illegal a felony sitting in your bedside table. i so many other popular firearms in the united states now it's about saving the children joe biden just told us . w but how many lives would this law save? well, we know the answer zero not one . we know that because there is precisely no evidence at allr and never has been that larger magazines somehow inspire mass shootingssh. oi but of course saving lives isin not the point of this . disarming you is the sort of congressman greg steube tried to explain that at a hearing today, the house judiciary committee watch how this unfolded. here's a gun i carry every
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single day to protect myself. my family, my wife, my home comes with a 15 round magazine . here's a seven round magazine which would be less than what it would be lawful under t the bill to become law. ithi doesn't fit. so this gun would be banned. so this gun would be banned. i'm at my house. i canho do whatever i want with. so you heard a voice in the background. greg fauci obviously knowsfi his way around firearms. that was his gunre. but off camera you heard sheila jackson lee of texas interrupting greg steube to tell him how to handle a firearm in his own home. so is sheila jackson lee a gun instructor now? what does she know about firearms ? k well, glad you asked. sheila jackson lee is the person who once explained to us that er 15 shoot 50 caliber rounds and way more than quote ten boxes, whatever that meansns. so sheila jackson lee knows literally nothing about firearms and yet she plans without shame to regulate them j
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but only regulate your guns. sheila jackson lee l is no intention of disarming her own bodyguards, for example, or on constituent the democrats bill contains an explicit exemption for bodyguards. even sheila jackson lee understands the people protectingit her family may need a lot more than ten rounds and most of them, terry, that is the washington post putn a quote american law enforcement officers p ubiquitously carry handguns with more than ten rounds of ammunition and often more than r fifteen. it is also why the rifles typically have 20 or 30 round magazines, not ten . now why would sheila jacksondy lee as bodyguards need all of those bulletsd? d why would anybody need all of those bullets? as chuck schumer often asks rhetorically? and the answer, of course, is because it's a dangerousus world and if you're serious about protecting the people you love, you will be serious about the firearm you carry. but it turns outbo we know this for a fact that democrats are not s serious about protecting you or your family and that's why they defunded your police and called you
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a racist for complaining about it as your city collapse. what they care about deeply,y, what they care about more thanve anything at alls is protectingir anything at alls is protectingir they're bodyguards will continue to get any kind of magaziness. they want.. and what they want are highf capacity magazines. democrats spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to ban what joe biden has called ghost guns. those guns are scary. well, several states tried to ban ghost guns, but every state that has is run into the same problem. no one can say what a ghost gun is. it's a made up term. it has no meaning as a judgment about it. put it late last w yearhe when he struck down a ban on so-called ghost gunss, quote nevadans would face the risk ofn discriminatory enforcement by police and prosecutors alike is they and their sole ou they and their sole could label almost anything an unfinished frame, a receivert if it in any way resembles a firearms undefined frame or receiver. in other words, any gun could be a ghost gun if
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democratic operatives say it is. and of course that's the way g they like the bill beforee congress defines ghost gun as ah firearm, including certain firearm parts that does notni have the unique serial number engraved by a licensedct manufacturer. okay, but the question is whichrm part of a firearm shouldeq require engravedui serialon numbers? that's the question on that question. hangs whether or not your possession of this object is a felony or legal. now according to the bill, any quote essential component of the firearm would require engraved serial number. but here's the point. merrick garland gets to makeis the call. this bill grants merrick garland, who wasar cravenve and ruthless partisan. we known that for a fact at this point, grant merrick garland is the sole authority to define what an essentialod component is. and if merrick garland decides you've got a quote essential component that does not have a great show. no, you're going to jail. seese how this works.
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so once again, the point is not to stop school shootings. to stop school shootings. shooting with a so-called ghost gunn. if i you were interested in stopping school shootings and all of us should be , you would take s s a serious look at why they happen in the first place. face. them have in common?av bute no one in congress, n particularly the democratic side iso doing that . so this isn't an attempt tohi stop school shootings. it's not an attempt to make s this a safer country. ng this is exactly what it looks like the beginning of a plan to confiscate and criminalize firearms in the hands of the law abiding in this country. and if youco doubt that , knowou that nancy pelosi has already now she's going to introduce legislation banning so-called assault weapons next week assault weapons. what's an assault weapon? any gun that nancy pelosi bodyguards have that you should not be allowed to have? and there's also a newewt quote red flag law in progress. now that law would allow the governmental to seizebo firearms from anybody it wants, whetherdy they committed a crim. now under our current system, you have to be convicted
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in order to be but under the red flag laws, if someone doesn't like the cut of your jib, you lose your constitutional right now that's t baldly unconstitutiona. and you know d it is because democrats are suddenly talking i about packing the supreme court in order to make it law. what you will not stop us from advancing the protecting ourpa kids act today. you will not stop us from passing it in the house next week and you will not stop us there if the filibuster obstructs us , we will abolishme obstructs us , we will abolishme we willl expand and we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation in our communities each and every day we will do whatever it takes to end gunke violence, whatever it takesde in our communities. really. what'sr the murder rateou in yoa community and what exactly have you done to make it better? nothing. mandir jones wants power. j a they all do and to that endte
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he wants to end the filibuster, he wants to end the filibuster, quote end gunun violence and lie . that raises a lot of questions. that raises a lot of questions. i don't have any ideaa what he's talking about like the details because you're a lawmakerr foxes hillary vonne caught up with him today. she wants to known what weapons of war he intends to ban. this is a revealing a strange watch this here's what he said. watch this here's what he said. of war outut of circulation. what is a weapon of war to you? assault weapons, assault weapons that like semiautomatic handguns, rifles, semi automatic weapons would qualify as assault weapons. and these are w things that should be banned. i must take almost every gun out of people's hands. i mean>> t i mean handguns, forw example, would not qualify under under what i just described. i got i'm sorry got. so yeah. mondher jones just explained. yeah. all semiautomatic weapons whichn
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weaponizes. yeah. yeah. handguns.ha sond youwa don't take everyone's guns away. nole's handguns wouldn't qualif? as assault weapons even though w he is to find assault weapons as any quote semi automatic weapon. so clearly bonder jones knows what hillary was trying to tell him that most firearms in this country, including most thi handguns are semiautomatic weapon. we don't have twenty calibers that are causing a ton of school shootings. but when hillary vonne pointsnt this out, bonder jones runs probably not back to his probably not back to his rate. he doesn't wantt to get to the details. so what are we looking at here? well, today a guy on twitter called spike cohen summed it up pretty nicely. here's what he wrote .t up quoteth the u.s. government has been arming ukraine because their allies, the u.s. government has been seeking to r disarm russia because their opponentss in totally unrelated news the u.s. government seeks to disarm you . well, that's the framing. that's the truth.
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anyone who tries to disarm you by definition considers you an enemy . that's what you do toth your enemies. you disarm them, your friends, your allies, your children, people you love. why would you want to prevent them from defending themselves? you never wouldd.d. you someone scream at them from the podium about how they're killing children if they want toei protect their own family. that's what you dot' to your enemies. and yet somehow a lot of republicans, particularly republicans, particularly specifically, but a lot ofmo others, lindsey graham of south carolina don'tnt seem to understand this or maybe they do one who does is congressman w greg steube of florida. you saw him a moment ago. we're proud to have you join now.onroud to have you join congressman, thanks so much for coming on . that was one of m the most amazing ever seen. you'rere in your own home and sheila jackson lee tellshi you to put down the gun. what ist? this really about? a ndwell, and she also in thatde bill , they tell youn how to store it. you know,av joe biden just talkd about you have to have y a trigger locks. so when the person is breaking into your homeou, make sure you have your key next to you to have your key next to you to your gun and respond appropriatelyre.
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i was trying to highlight to the american people that this isn't just a magazine ban on rifles. this is every single semi-automatic weapon that takes more than a 10 round magazine would be banned three of which i just happened to have.that a and i showed to make it very clear that 10 round magazine doesn't fit in it. so by having the magazine ban, y you areou effective banning all of these handguns that millions, hundredsns of millions of americans use every, single day to defend themselves, their families to protect their homesteads want to make it really simple. why wouldn't congress requiresth it the laws it passes restricting banning handguns applies their own bodyguards if they're sincere, if highro capacity magazines are dangerous, then why should dangerous, then why should funded bodyguards get to carry them? i'm confused. well, and bush is on that t committee and she spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of her campaignhahe mony every single yearor for bodyguards and security. and i can guarantee sec they are using the exact same weapons that mr. jones you just t highlighted talked about
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banning as a quote assault rifle or assault weapon. o but i mean, why shouldn't the laws apply to the peoplehe who make the laws? that seems like absolutelyutut fairly solid yet. fairly solid yet. and that's that's the hypocrisy of the left. joe biden has all this security. nancy pelosi has allic the security, the capitol police have all the security yett y they want everyday americans like you and me at our homes and our businesses as we drive some ofon us that have concealed carry permits to not be able to useo the very weapons that we can utilize toli protect our homes, our families and our loved ones. and that's exactly what this isi all about. it's time to say no and thank you for doing that . i appreciate it. congressman rick steube of florida west , thanks for having me. good to see you. dana bash is a nationally syndicated radio show host and knows a lot about gun rights and joins us tonight. ken, thanks so much for coming on . i'm confused as to why anybody holding office as a o republican would even engage on this issue. prevent there is no good faith effort s to try to prevent school shootings, something that all
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people want and there ist tople want and there ist the law abiding. >>he a so why are they even plag along with this charade? a that's the million dollarin question, tucker . and thanks so much forg having me too, o by the way. w and i wouldn't count republicans out of that being on the wrong side of that because there's a couple of them in the senate that seem to think it's okay. red flag laws and the undoing of due process. but youhe bring up i the point that should be the focus of everything which is protection . that'ses the solution. right. the president of the united states has already said that he is not in support of hardening schools, for instance. now he has called predictinguc the recommendations, tucker , from the marjory stoneman douglaske commission and the sandy hook commission as well. both ofbo those commissions aftr those horrific tragedies concluded that , yeah, we need to look at n strengthening ourti school security, multiple layers of protection. wepl cannot have a serious a discussion in this country about stoppingse these tragedies until we are ready to discuss hardening soft targets. and furthermore, i'll add this
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if we're going to use criminal usage of legal to own inanimate objects as justification to penalize all law abiding people ,then we need to look at just how many good law abiding people use firearms to protectev themselves every single day. i mean, you're looking. at anywhere between, you know, several hundred thousand up to h a couple of million depending on how that locality determines. tucker , that's an important part of this equatione that no one in d.c., at least on that side wants. they don't want to they don't want to address that and that'sh key and they're exemptingth themselves from their own restrictions. restrictions. in the world they created they made this country incredibly more dangerous than it wasas five years ago by defunding the police, they fly private. they've got bodyguards. why shouldn't they live with the consequences of t t what they did? and can i add, tucker , the gun free school zones act schools have been gun free zones since 1990. nm the federal government is going to make it to where m people
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can't carry on campusha and they're going to leave our kids unprotected. that's not acceptablet'ce. if they're going to disarm the people who want to protect those kids, then the governmente needs to step up and put saros in schools because i'm i'm not the type of mom that's going to stand there and get case to the ground while nobody goes in there toele stop an active shooter. well, that's for sure. i'm a good teacher. thank you . thank you , tucker . soda the question if you really concerned about so-called gun violence and we are everybody shouldou thousands of americans die because they're shot to death every year mostly in our cities. ifha that bothered you, those ae your constituents, for example, or if you were just a decent person who cared about human life, then you would do somethinglig about the violencet where it was occurring. but they're doing the opposite . they're letting gun criminals off in city after city across america. buckosssa. sexton has been follg this shocking trend, host of the clay travis and buck sextonom show former cia officer we're happy to have him, but thanks so much forap coming on . s socr how can you scream about gn violence and then as a matter
10:19 pm
of policy, let gun criminals go ? well, this all stretches back years now to the end mass incarceration talking point that progressive prosecutorinca, whether it's krasnov, gascon, you name it tim fox in chicago, san t francisco, philadelphia, new york city. look at the prosecutorsrs and all these places they were talking about ending mass incarceration. so that's just meant bring m don the number of people overall just irrespective of anything else that in their countyhe and city prisons and what we've seen on the gun frontll specifically is a lot ofy diversion program, a lot ofhi dropping of the charges.ore than in the case of philadelphia, you had hal more and half last r and this is on the philadelphia d.a. website. you go check it oututo with half of prohibited possessors, meaning people who were previouslye criminals were not allowed to even have a firearm.r they had their cases dismissedre entirely. so these are often going to h be people that have already hadn a criminal record that are under no circumstances able tory be carrying a gun. they're carrying a gun illegally and they just make the charge go away. same thing in new yorkng y city
10:20 pm
our a friend joe borrelli of our a friend joe borrelli of about 4500 gunun arrests in new yorkk city, about a thousand o9 them, something like them, something like effectively were made to go away and they're either going for lesser sentences, they're going for plea bargains for much lower charges saying, oh , it'sower it's a minor drug char. well, actually you just decided not to charge the gun crime they're doing this timee and time again. don't and it's because they don't want to w be seeno to be coming down too hard disproportionately on communities where there's already unfortunately far too much gun violence. yeah, but letting violenth people with firearms walk doesn't help the population of cities, people who are already bearing the brunt. it's amazingop when they're talking about magazineng restrictions and gun show loopholes . no we all know that most of the violence, first of all, is coming from it's for it's related to criminal activity. a lot of it is gang violence and centered in major league in cities all across the country. so if you coy. wanted to doth
10:21 pm
something about that , you would think you would hand overe the criminal element to the judicial process through the criminal justice process. what we've seen proc the district n attorney's office in new york is a perfect example of this and people have kind of woken up to this now, tucker . they have made it so hard and so onerous to prosecute lower level gun crimes meaning possession lower levelm crimes across the board intentionally that they have to let a lot of it go effectively stopse prosecuting people because that will make us safer t. right. gu so our voters get guns.ns yourss. ck i mean we've seen this before. that's that's what this is about. i appreciate coming up next , tucker , there's a lot going on in the world now. however you feel about long prison terms, we should tell you about another increment in the story of creepy lawyer number him. we've gotha that comingt. let's california's task force just issued an amazing report calling for reparations to solve your racism. we've got sales and that's for
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together we're winning helpless and blinding diseases and fighting blindness, drug t and so it ishe pornl >> the creepy portmore willaw nt be the democratic nominee for president. sorry cnn not one of t your better predictions. he's got other things to do.hi fox trace gallagher has that story for us tonight.>> hey, dr. cpac didn't want to appear in court forur
10:27 pm
his sentencing. he wanted to be sentenced remotely. but manhattan federal judgegeo jesse furman shot down that request indicating the gravity of the proceeding required a little face to face justice and nobody is happier with that ruling than stormy daniels who tweeted quoting here see you there blank exceptx i'm flying in first class bruhaha. of course, cpac was found guilty of stealing about three hundred thousand dollars of stormy daniels book advance r and when the judge sentenced tot four years, he let him have itg saying his crime was out ofuo quote desperation. his behavior quote craven and egregious and blamed it on quote blind ambition b. old then lo t and behold, the very man who stole fromm his clients and refused to afford brett kavanaugh due process stood up in court and spoke for twelve minutes acknowledging a series of mistakes and poor judgment, saying quoting i have destroyed my career, my relationships. then my reputation. he went on to say he would forever be branded as a
10:28 pm
disgraced creepy lawyer.ay okay, we put the creepy part in but he did say the rest. as for jail time, he is already serving two and a half years for trying to extort twenty five from nike. so the first eighteen months of his new 40% o will be served concurrently, meaning he'll serve two and a half mea years 2 nike and two and a.5 half years for stormy daniels. and if my math is correct, that puts him cpac back on cnn by mid 2020 seven tucker will be tuned in for gallagher. thank you . >> tk you . find someone better than trace gallagher there you can . a well, california has a lot of real problems., train robberies have come back . the energy gridd i is failing, t those are too complicated to solve. so the state of s californiata s established something instead called a reparation task force . the task force just released a five hundred page report because that's what tasks do. it calls for a quote child support forgiven quote
10:29 pm
free college all given away on the basis of race but also request quote the planting of trees to create trees, shade equity, something you probably didn't know existed. in additionnhe to report demand. trutdditionnhe to report demand. and we're quoting a long term truth and reconciliation commission just like they have in south africa that's worked so well. dr. ben carson is the chairman of the american cornerstone'smei institute and author of the fantastic new york times ti equal. tic new york times and we are honored to have him join us . dr. carson, thanks so muchus. f coming on . for h well, thank you .avin thank you for having me. what do you make of the recommendations of this commission in california well, i'll tell you, this is really a troublesome area. the whole concept of reparations . i do a pretty deep dove in the new book, but you know, you have to recognize that maybe there areme some other factors that are involved and some of the discrepancies that exist between the races.
10:30 pm
when you look at wealth for instance, yes, there is a wealth gap five to 10 x wealth gap. but if you look at ghanaians and nigerians, people who have black skins who live in this country, there's little or noin wealth gap. nowea i wonder why that is. if you go and you study those families, you'll find that a bachelor's degree is the baseline. that's when you start. re there's a tremendous emphasis on the family and family's structure and faith. those things make a big difference. and if you take traditional black american families who haveakedi those same values there's very little wealth gap there too. so i wonder if perhaps we're looking at the wrong things. we're trying to blame somebodyy . if you believe you're a victim, you are a victim and you think things like critical race theory that 16 19 project, all of those things that try to get blackhi people to feel like they're victims, they try to get white people to feel guilty
10:31 pm
. the advantage of making white people feel guilty is thente you can define the police. you can put dangerous criminals out. you can leave the southern border unguarded and nobody will say anything that is hanging their head and hope youe don't call them a nasty name.d these are notot things that should be going on . you know, in america they just aren't the right kinds of things to happen. and you know, when you look at advantages of this nation, i have a friends, a neighbor in florida. he was born in the cape verde islands. this was like the staging area where the whole slave trade started off of the western coast of africa and he had to go down to the creek and take buckets of water out in the h morning.e that's the kind of povertyca he grew up and came herer as like the nine or 10 year old excelled in school and today is a billionaire. nai. yes, black again, you know, this is this is not to say that all our problems have been
10:32 pm
resolved. they have not. and i think a deep analysis of that . .. but let's look att the correct things. am family structure. those let's look at our faith. look at those things that are deteriorating in our society. look at things that the marxist leader said would take down america and see how those things are happeningat. a that's what we need to be looking at. there's a reason we have these brains. well, exactly. dr. ben carson, congrats on the book. most famous people i know of ghostwriters write their books. i know for a fact you wrote this yourself and it shows absolutely on that. and my wife and my wife helped a great person. w thank you . thank you . >> t tonight .ght. >> thank yo u.thank you .he hea thank you . so the head ofd the the biggestk in the united states just issued a warning this terrifying if you think i about it and we'll have it for you.
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>> no hulu plus a may 18 last week but ten in the morning a boat arrived s on the shores f beach, california. the boat wasca carrying more thn a dozen illegal aliens. are seeing the pictures on your screen right now reach out to border customs and borderld protection. they told us they detained thirteen u illegal migrants. mon cbp said they're moving to expel them under titlegex forty two which the obama administration is fighting to end that regulation that allows them too expel people on public health grounds. there's a pandemic. well, scott, paulor is running for congress in orange county. m we got the footage you just saw from him and we're happy to join us tonight.e happy to scoppa,, thanks so much for coming on . so this is not. something i that you imagine happening on the beach the in agoura. yo? is this a common thing and what does it tell you? nly one oh , yeah, this is tucker . this is only one of two thousand apprehension that we're done in the pastwe
10:39 pm
year. we see ponga boatsn up and down. the coastline of orange county and sometimes on the docks and sometimes on the docks they're left with life jackets and fuel tanks and things like that . ibut it's happening because people like my opponent katiepo porterrt, we call our open bordr porter and joe biden and the local left in congress put out a welcome mat for all the illegal immigrants to m come into america. they basically saya.a. come on into america, we'll give a cash payments, we'll give you a free education, we'll give you a health care i and in fact, we'll even give you a free plane ride somewhereyou if you want. and the problem with this is we don't know who these people are. they don't't of have visible means of support. some are gang members ande some are human h traffickers and some are drug runners that are bringing the scourgel of sentinel and the plague the fentanyl brings to america the fentanyl brings to america deaths. and the problem isul the rule of law is the cornerstone of any country and we're not enforcingh the rule of lawat here and we need to do that . s and so how do we do that ? we secure our border. r
10:40 pm
we remove the welcome mat that we've put out for illegalt immigrants that katie porter and joe biden have put out there. and we also change knd the catch and release program. it's a really sillyly program. thinkra about this , tucker .o they catch and they releaseun into the united states.hould they should catch and release ch back to mexico and that's how we're going to clean up the border and clean up t this scourge. so california, she's the one who told us today to us t sp complaining about inflation and shut up and have an abortion. how does something l like that s not from the state of california who's one of the craziest people in the whole united states congressct get elected in orange county, california? >> do you haveed o anyrange idh well, that was a tough year foru republicans. 2018. shell got elected and she didn'n have a well-funded opponent last time and she didn't have a record the first time she ran. but this time she has a record and she has a record of of things that supportth her ideology more than how her ideology impacts the everyday person in orange county, fort example, on on drilling. she doesn't want any more drilling and yet she blames the high price of gas
10:41 pm
on corporations. and then of j course, she sendsve a letter to joe biden saying government spending doesn't cause inflation and then she advocates for 20 trillion dollars tucker . she's voted for twenty trillion dollars in spending and thenin she goes shoppingon for a pound of bacon and wonders why it'st' ten dollars pound. tr she's just out of touch with this district and now she has a record. i'll have the funding to point r that record out. she's just the embodiment of lifestyle liberalism. it doesn't work at all. it turnsli scoppa. good luck. thank you . thank you . well, all of last year the government printed trillions of dollars. our treasure secretary janet yellen used to run the fed r and is therefore responsible for inflation assured us no, this is not going to cause inflation. se. ation. >> we've had several months of high inflation that most m economists, including he believes will be transitory. i personally believe that this represents transitory
10:42 pm
aree higher prices here to stayi i believe it's b transitory, but i don't mean to suggest that these pressures willo. disappear in the next month orta two. it is important that we monitor it carefully, but i believe fundamentally that this is something that will settle down transitory takes a lot of brassuc for janet yellen to describe herselfke as an economist, ant. economist, ridiculous figure who does not get the credit she deserves for screwing up in ano very serious way the u.s. economy. well, this week finally i in the face of overwhelming evidence, d she had to admit she was wrong. can't deny it anymore. the economy's in serious trouble. the head of m jpor morgan chase that would be jamie dimon justto told investors that an economic hurricane is on the way. watch this . store i said there's storm clouds there, big storm clouds there. it's a hurricane right now. it's kind of sunny. a things are doing fine.
10:43 pm
everyone thinks the fed everyone thinks the fed that hurricanethat hur is rightt there down the road coming our way. actu peter schiff is an actual economist, the ceo of euro pacific capital .or he joins us tonight. peter , thanks so much fore coming on . do you jamie dimon is a pretty m understated guy most of the time. , do you agree with that? well, i do, except i think it's going to be a category five hurricane. so i think he's sugarcoating it a bit. bit. and what if you were in chargeet if you were janet yellen, youaro were the treasury secretary, what would you do to avert it or lessen its effects right now ? well, unfortunately, there's no way to avertit, i mean but whate have to do is deal with it in a responsible wayay, something that janet yellen has never been a part of. you know, she's complaining about inflation, but she helpedr create the inflation when she was chair of the federal reserve. she kept interest rates at zerof for halfof of her term and then
10:44 pm
when she finally started too raise them, it tookto her two years to get to one and a quarter. and then if youd a go back to he tenure as the president of the federal reserve bank of sank francisco, she was there during the housing bubble and the financial crisis and at the peak of the housing s bubble she assured the nation in severalss speeches that there was noo housing bubble and then, she went on to say even if there was a bubble, if she wasd wrong and it popped d, it would do no damage to the u.s. economy. so she was unconfident, incompetent at the fed t and she's still incompetent as secretary of the treasuryry. well, yeah. i meanan that was demonstrable. this was the most shocking fromi my perspective, the most shocking appointment that joe biden made how in the world could have appointed janet yellen of all people on planet earthappo y. treasury secretary, how doesar that happeny?? well, you know, it's all politics. but you know, had p he notha appointedve her , he might have appointed somebody equally bad. i mean, there's so manys badch peopleoo to choose from because they picked these people for political reasons. it's not because they actually
10:45 pm
know anything about the economy. biden wants somebody who'sf going to validate his political agenda even if that political agenda is detrimental tolt the economic health of the united states. that is i wish i could say that's not true , but it's soff clearly true . peter schiff, appreciate your perspective. >> sure >> tucker: so here's an sure thing. so here's an obvious point that no one has or often enough taking your guns away, your guns away is not going to makema this a safer country. you're not a dangerous person. most americansns aren't. you're not planning a school shooting. you want to defend your familywd when they take your guns away, you'll be able to defendd yourself. that's happened to people. one womanlf. to lost her husband because of a gun free zone. she joins us next to explain what happened, really talking about something that involves every american whether they know it or not. they literally accuse you of betraying the country. what the hell was that ?
10:46 pm
the only way out is that there's no getting out of it in the world. cvs's, you must go through a really rough childhood if you believe in 10%, you are definitely not the good guy. are you ever afraid? probably should have been. you don't have to wait for tonight . what tucker carlson when you episode three exclusively on fox nation. hi, this is mike huckabee, isn't it amazing how so much that president trump said still rings true , but schools and the media don't want our kids to hear anything positive and that's why my team created the kids guide to president trump. it'll teach our kids all about president trump's accomplishments and his vision for america. and i want you to have it for free today. you're free to go to president trump gift fundo just visit free trump guide .com that's free trump guide .comyo. do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need nowll you can tell your policy even a term policy for immediateay cash payment. wee thought we had planned carefully for our retirement
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10:50 pm
count me in and patients already participating in stand up to cancer drug flesh count me in well tonight live t on television joe biden informed us that the constitution is not real. he's in chargeheon of what your rights are and none of them are absolute decide the parameters and courts by the way, shouldrm be able to takes firearms away from people who haven't committed any crime. watch. t weha should also have national
10:51 pm
red flag laws so that a parentg ,a teacher or counselorha can flag for a court that a childch, a student, a patient is exhibiting violent tendencies, e threatening classmates or experiencing suicidal thoughts makes them a danger to themselves or to others 19 states the district of columbia have red flag lawslu. wait a second. california last week just prevented schools from reporting people with violentt tendencies because equity or something. but biden is arguing that we c should punish people who haven't been convicted of a crimeon and under our system fop like 250 years you don't get punished until you're found guilty. now biden is saying if we don'tg like you, we're going to punishr you. and the point, of course, isseso disarm people who didn't vote for himau because you're a thret and that would make us safere right. sa but does it make you safer? well, a woman called nikki gessler has heard that one before. in 2009, her husband was murdered in front of her by
10:52 pm
a stalker in a restaurant and the killing occurred in acc so-called gun free zone because of that law, nikki, just trying to leave h her legal firearm in her car and was not able to defend her husband. she's now the executivee'he director for crime prevention research center and she joins us . nikki, thanks so much for s coming on . what a horrible story this is. and just to be just to go right to the heart of it, do you believe that had it been legal f for you to have your own firearm that you would have been able to preventbl the murdr of your husband? i'll never really know. i was denied a chance. i was stopped and defenseless. but i do i tell people, look, gun free zones are a magnet for evil. m i truly believe these people,e, whether it is a mass public shooter or a stalker, anyone with evil intent, a guneo free screams these people are absolutely helpless. they're defenseless. they're vulnerable. and what better place too la attackce ? so you're saying that murderers aren't worried about violating
10:53 pm
gun free zone laws when t they commit murder? es no, i think i think it makes good people an actual target. i if you read some of these manifestos, these sickos leave behind, you'll see that they planned this stuff months, a years in advance sometimes shoot gun free zonestimes because they want to get a high body bag count. t what better place than a gun z free zone where noon one can sto them immediately? if youou wanted to a country safer, why would you disarm law abiding people? exactly. or yeah, exactly. well, i'm sorry that i mean,u you paid an incalculable price for this . we appreciate for sharing that with us tonight. thank you . thank you . thank . >> we'll be right back . could only one thing the rest
10:54 pm
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we tried never to gloat over other people's misfortune . it's unchristian and also badad karma. all the world religions are against. against. the creepy lawyer willff be spending officially four years off of cnn, weic are thinking back to the time that we interviewed himhi on the set of the creepiest ever had.oof the creepiest >>ke this one look what you've profited from stormy daniels. you've done tens of millions of dollars worth of free media on the basis f of the relationship with her and she's working in strip clubs. you're exploiting s her and yoh know that . why aren'ttof you paying her some of what you're making? so this is absurd. but t answer my question. why are you rich and your client is working in strip clubs? sir, do you have any idea how much money i've earned? you'renimoney i've earned? running for president now. i have noo idea. i know that you haven't paid. your taxes and like so many lawyers, you were taking advantage of her and you pose as a feminist hero because you are shameless and the other channels lets you get away with it. ou >> but you're an exploiter of a woman and you should be ashamed of itt. that man was the democratic nominee for president not anydeb
11:00 pm
more , butut he can have coffeeh with you every morning we have c a commemorativeom creepy lawyer mug for sale now and tucker carlson .com hate to hawk merchandise, but that was kind of irresistible. we'll be back at 8:00 p.m. so that's a sworn enemy of line. the smugness group.yi they have a great night with the ones you loveni and welcome to hannity. we w begin tonight with a fox news alert as we speak. t your president joe biden is headed to the beach in delaware yet again for another long w weekend away from the white house. according to the washington examiner, he is ready spent one hundred and eighty eight days on vacation, including one hundred and thirty days in delawareda, 50 to at his presidential retreat. camp c david, six days and beautiful nantucket and is steadfastly refusing to releaset visitor logs from most of these locations


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