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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  June 3, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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george guessed any creature from the view is main. that is mean. here is the big reveal. >> oh, my... >> possums are very cute but it is gross. greg gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ speed to 5:00 in the morning from america. you are looking live at buckingham palace, david two of special coverage of queen elizabeth platinum jubilee celebration is kicking off one hour from now.
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you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro and you are noticing a theme from today show, a band that is from england. the band you may have heard of them called the beatles. and today is the rolling stones. some attention there on the great city of london and the second day of the queens platinum jubilee. >> carley: yesterday was about the trip in the colorado's, this elaborate military parade with queen elizabeth at the balcony with the other working members of the royal family. she was wearing a blue dress. she looked great and you see her standing with her cousin there. today, we are not going to see her because yesterday evening, buckingham palace released a statement said she is bowing out of today's event which will be a church service at the cathedral where princess diana and
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prince charles were married. the statement reads the queen greatly enjoyed the birthday parade but did experience some discomfort taking into account the journey at the activity required to participate in tomorrow's national service of thanksgiving at st. paul cathedral, her majesty with great reluctance has included she will not attend. >> todd: if i can add something to the rail statement to help these folks out, she is 96 years old and understand she cannot continue with today's thanksgiving mass because she has a busy schedule so far. but nonetheless, that will not diminish the celebration today but as for the reaction as to what is going on there live outside of st. paul cathedral, ten day thanksgiving service without her majesty for the majesty this morning. >> good morning, david two of
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the platinum jubilee here at st. the service of thanksgiving. this is meant to inspire the public to get back much like the queen has done in her 70 years now on the throne. the clean, as you mentioned herself, will not be in attendance. buckingham palace said she suffered minor discomfort after the celebrations yesterday. what a celebration kick off it was all of these events that started a long weekend yesterday including the coloring of troops that we solve. the military parade. it also included people crowding the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal family, picnics, and of course, the flyover. not everyone enjoyed that last part as much. this is the viral moment of prince louis on the balcony covering his ears as the plane flew overhead in honor of his great grandmother of the queen. meanwhile harry and meghan did not appear on the balcony of buckingham palace alongside of their family, but they are here
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in london and did make an appearance of their own. the royals will not be in attendance is prince andrew after yesterday, it was confirmed he does, in fact, have covid-19. prince charles will take over for the ceremony today, stepping and basically for his mother, the queen. another thing we should mention will take place today, the bell of st. paul, great pole, the largest church bell in the entire country made in the 18 a deed to and then in the 1970s, it broke. so it was silence and then it was fixed in 2021 and will ring for the first time today for a royal event. that is definitely going to be one of the stars of the show. this morning, service will kick off in two hours time we have the whole weekend, carley and todd, activities to look forward to. >> carley: tomorrow will be the concert so day one and bade two the ceremony events and the
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fun kicks off on saturday, right? >> that it's right. so much to look forward to not only the derby tomorrow, the concert, and again picnics not only in london but across the country. a four day holiday weekend. we saw yesterday people were out and about and thankfully we had this beautiful, lovely london weather which we don't usually have so waste time for people to get out and enjoy especially after so much time during the pandemic that people to celebrate. >> carley: it is historic and exciting, alex, and prince andrew hasn't been in contact with the queen since he has been testing positive for covid-19. but prince louis stole the show's show yesterday. turning to some news at home, gas prices hitting a new record high for a second date and an average gallon $4.76 a gallon.
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>> todd: the high gas prices, joining us with the latest on the inflation, brooke. >> hey good morning, carley, todd appeared the americans are feeling the squeeze and economists say we are on fast tk to pay $5 a gallon for gas across the nation. just yesterday the national average price had another record high of $4.71. but guys, we are hitting a new record high with national average gas price up $0.05 from yesterday sitting at $4.76 per gallon. prices are getting so bad, even democrats are calling for the biden administration to take action. california congressman saying in a new york times op-ed there is way more biting can do to lower prices. you can't just point the republicans for a lack of a plan. and white house chief of staff under bill clinton leon panetta says biden needs to own up to
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his policies, listen. >> treasury secretary yellen admitted a mistake was made with regards to looking at inflation a year ago and assuming it would be transitory. i think the president probably it would be helpful if he acknowledged that he made a mistake. >> but president biden insists he is powerless over the tanking economy. >> the idea that we will be able to flip a switch and bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term nor is it regarded food. >> the white house is doubling down and countries to blame for the biden administration. >> when are you guys going to admit you were wrong about inflation? >> no questions today? >> the treasury secretary said she was wrong. >> okay, so the president's economic plan as we see is
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working. the primary drivers of inflation are pandemic and putin putin invasion of ukraine. >> guys all of this comes as braces for unexpected great underwhelming lee made jobs that will be released in a few hours, carley, todd. >> carley: brooke singman live for us. president biden is hit with not one, not two but three damaging reports shedding light on turmoil erupting in the white house. the report coming from: get this, cnn, nbc and "the washington post." each one with angst and tension brewing among white house staffers tired of plummeting poll numbers and president biden's gaffes. but each report this mission to make this misses the issues as not the biden administration's fault. the report saying crazies have piled up to make the biden white house look flat-footed. all right, form one crisis to another, the largest
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congressional location to visit the southern border in two years looking president biden for the surge of migrants and narcotics flowing into the country. >> todd: griff jenkins spoke to the congressman leading that group and is in la jolla with the details. >> here in the rgb, we are specifically in la jolla and averaging 1500 or more migrants a day. a certain population, you can see right now coming across the border another group that appears to be ten. we see mostly this morning for typical migrants from the northern triangle, guatemala and el salvador. they consist largely of both the family units, single adult males, and they have had a number of accompanied minors. the children here, the large group is about 200 plus. this morning, slowly trickling in for the last few hours here this isn't the only sector exploiting over in del rio over
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the memorial day weekend. there was more coming. and lead by congressman jason smith a ranking member of the house committee came down with a dozen of republican lawmakers and wanted to see firsthand. he said it is clear evidence that the control of the car till has on the southern border. take a listen. >> the fact that the cartel is benefiting from the policies the administration has brought forward, enriching them by $32 million a day by human trafficking, $1 billion a month is unacceptable. we must shut down these policies. >> now i'm i asked what will happen to these migrants when they come in and will be put on these large buses over here and sent to the processing center. center. many will be released they will go to security shelter. some will be deported and sent back under title 42. the officials here are very worried with title 42 when it
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lifts, it will be something they have never seen and they can't handle, todd and carley. >> todd: all right, gripped my thank you very much. fox news contributor acting ice contributor and we will pop up a map right now that shows the biden administration approving projects to fill in and replace gates along the southern border wall. are they serious with this, tom? are they just realizing now that a border wall is a good thing? one of my missing here? >> look, they realized from day one come all they have to look at and that is clear on the website. every place they build a border barrier, every single place, illegal immigration is reduced and illegal drug flow is reduced. they open the border and they intend to open a border. so now, postelection, but they are not doing it for the right reasons. they are not doing it to secure the border or save lives.
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they are doing it for the election. borders save lives. borders work. look at the surge going on right now. where is that surge happening? where there is not a law. that is where the people are coming from. >> carley: and we are replacing gates on the southern wall. do you have any more details how much border wall they will be filling in and if this could actually alleviate the southern border issues? >> well, sure it will help. any infrastructure they put down will certainly help the border patrol. but i don't think you will see miles of wall going up. it will fix holes in the gates. they came in and just stopped my dad stopped. so finish the projects and the gates are missing. so, the wall on both sides and an open gate. it makes sense. but again, they will not build a wall because they know it works
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in this administration with open borders. everything they have done on the border is by design. they haven't done one thing to stop the flow. everything is bringing people to the united states. >> todd: the biden administration closing on a deal to roof recent refugees to spain for the surge of migrants at the border. canada also vowing to take in migrants seeking work to try to cross from mexico. what is your reaction when you see this administration i'll be at that border wall we just as customer of this plan to resette migrants in spain, what is your reaction when you see the administration trying to solve the problem when you work for the trump administration had already solved? >> and there you go right there. the committee shut down and we had country agreements, and if you are escaping peer and persecution with the government, which is asylum, you get into mexico and you should claim asylum. and we had those agreements with
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el salvador, honduras, and mexico. they kill those agreements. so, now all of a sudden, it is okay to not claim asylum for the united states and claim asylum put in different countries. i don't get it. again it's got to be the elections, the midterms because we had this pier they kill it. president biden sign 90 executive orders killing everything and every policy created by the trump administration to give us the most secure border in my lifetime. the midterms come up and i think they are worried. so, they will start making some changes, but they won't last word after midterms, they will be back to open borders. they are not fooling me for a minute. >> carley: interesting we are hearing they are willing to take in is a drop in the bucket but it does seem like outside of the box thinking that the trump administration was working with to alleviate these issues. so not a total win but i want to
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switch gears and talk about this. president biden delivered a prime time address calling for stricter gun laws and listen to what he had to say. >> i respect the culture of this position, the concerns of lawful gun owners. at the same time i'm at the second amendment like all other rights is not absolute. we need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. >> carley: tom he went on to say if you can't ban assault weapons and magazines raise the purchase from 18 to 21 and alleviate mental health crisis. some of those things republicans would support peer and some they absolutely will not. what is your reaction to the president's speech last night? >> listen, it is concerning. different tragedies come i get it but every time there is a tragedy we want to talk about stomping on the rights of law abiding american citizens. cooks don't care about gun laws.
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how does it work in chicago? stricter laws in chicago and new york but how does that work in chicago and new york? they have some of the tightest gun regulations in mexico. how does it work in new mexico? bad guys will get guns. they don't care about the law. when you talk about red flag laws and again, how will they designed these laws? make a decision that you will lose your guns and a danger to the community. who makes that decision? and a neighbor calls and says he's dangerous and is to get his guns taken away. who makes that decision? what rights does the law abiding citizen have to fight that process? they want to talk about gun legislation. every time they go there they start talking about the law abiding american citizens who have second amendment rights being trampled on. that is my concern. have a discussion but have a smart discussion to make a difference and not just stomp on our rights but protect criminals
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no matter what they do to get the guns and the same thing for legislation, they want to defund the police and bail reform, more bail laws from new york city they want criminals released. they don't care about holding criminals accountable. let's hold u.s. citizens accountable and they have a right to carry a gun. >> todd: ukraine says russia is in control of 20% of territory as the u.s. reportedly moves to your own spirit he shares his insights on the war. >> carley: remember this? >> the defendant kyle, not guilty. >> carley: kyle rittenhouse hired a new larger and preparing to file new suits and told fox news exclusively all about it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: i'm ashley strohmier and here are the headlines. kyle rittenhouse exclusively peaks out fox news digital and the shooting in the media posting narratives about him have upended his life. rittenhouse stating, "everywhere
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i go, i have to have security. i can't go to walmart. i can't go to target. i have to have somebody with me because there are people out there that want to hurt me." he is focusing on those who defamed him accountable by a lawsuit. he has added the same lawyer who represented nicholas and man to his team. a california court with los angeles court with a three strikes law which has prison sentences. and a court determining an earlier ruling saying not charging violates state law and the rights of prosecutors. the court ruling by not doing so, he was over seeding his authority. and "the washington post" adding a note to amber herds 2018 op-ed that set off a johnny johnny depp defamation trial. found liable on three counts of defamation. the note goes on to flag all three statements on the trial.
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i felt the full force of the culture where women who speak out. i had the rare advantage point of seeing how institutions protect men accused of abuse. todd and carley, back to you. >> todd: russians were in ukraine and its 100th day. president zelenskyy in moscow 20% of his country. the u.s. reportedly plan to sell drones capable of curing powerful missiles to help turn the title to. >> carley: a special operations until analyst joins us now, brett, it is great to have you on. 100 days of war in ukraine. yesterday volodymyr zelenskyy said controlled a fifth of the country. so could you give us an update on the fighting that is taking place in the south and east and essentially who is winning this war right now? >> yeah, i mean, it is tough to say. a lot of information out of the east, it is difficult to determine how many ukrainian
1:25 am
soldiers are being killed versus how many russian. there is not a lot of information getting out but technically based on the ground the last few weeks, the ukrainians seem to be still defending the areas my pushing back russia. so, i think technically come i feel like they are winning. in the end they are losing economic wise him being crushed. and i don't think people relies on a global scale that will result from that, really being able to drive from the city of kyiv is difficult and difficult to find gas with filling up tanks on the side of the road because there is a gas shortage. economically, they are not doing so well. technically, they seem to be holding the line against the russian troops. >> todd: you are the drum guy so how helpful will the drone speed to the ukrainians? extremely helpful. surprisingly very significant this technology is being provided. in ukraine come i think this is
1:26 am
a huge fight in technology for russia and really going out. they need the drones without the ability to conduct strikes with inside russia. if they do, it will be the most powerful drone possible. using several of the smaller, short range again special forces and so they have -- but i think really the big question with this potential sale of these four is whether the u.s. arms these drones to fire missiles because it wants a surveillance asset. it is another thing to provide armed capability to conduct strikes which is in the end though ukrainians want to do. so effective at the beginning of the work, turkish drones that were used basically to strike russian positions at night. many of these drones were shot down. within probably a month or two of the war pinging off.
1:27 am
the arsenal coming to this armed drone capability is not quite what it was but important for the u.s. government to weigh the risk whether or not these drones who get shot down and captured and exploited by russia. that is a major risk. but in the end, this is good to. >> carley: the war will end at the negotiating table. the reason we are providing so much support is because we want ukraine to be in a position of strength when they do get to the peace talks. at this point, what terms would be acceptable to putin? >> well, as i said so many times on your program, putin will try to win this or at any cost. it is unclear what terms they will accept but at the same time many soldiers are dying every single day. 10/1 ukrainian forces. anything putin will do in the end will be advantageous even
1:28 am
regardless of whether he's done that. one thing that i think they are winning on their side is with striking ukrainian infrastructure. the infrastructure is not doing as well as it used to be. you have the railways in one of the most important assets with a country that doesn't have this complex system of multilane highway like we do in the united states. and a few cities, the country network with a single lane roads. the railways are being attacked by russia because the critical infrastructure in moving military supplies to the east and helping with evacuations. this is where putin is in a position of strength, striking this infrastructure and has american groups like helping to protect the railways would be a first aid kit. at the same time, the people need to help out a little bit more so than in the end, ukrainians come with a position of strength. >> todd: brett velicovich
1:29 am
thank you very much come appreciate it. the response, president biden edited out of washington yet again for a weekend away in delaware. >> carley: that is right. we tell you a number of days spent away from the white house that has him on track to meet a not so coveted record.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: president biden making a push for gun control in an address to the nation. >> carley: some swing district democrats are getting nervous over there parties tragedies. alexandria hoff in washington with more, alexandria, good morning. >> good morning carley, todd, president biden said about protecting kids and families and not taking away guns. the president added the second amendment isn't absolute. here is last night's prime time address. >> we need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity
1:35 am
weapons. we should raise the age to purchase them from 18-21. these are rational, common sense measures. >> soon after the speech the house judiciary committee protecting the kids act to raise the minimum age to purchase semiautomatic rifle and prohibits what democrats called weapons of war. the vote came after hours of debate including this moment between florida congressman and you will hear the texas democrat saxton. listen. listen. >> here is a gun i carry every single day to protect myself, my family, my wife, my home and comes with a 15 round magazine. so this gun would be banned. >> what is not loaded. >> i met my house. i can do whatever i want at my house. >> protecting the kids act is expected to pass the house next week be pouring there before being blocked but change at the rules of the second part can't happen.
1:36 am
>> with the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. if the supreme court rejects, we will expand. we will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation in our communities. >> there are 21 mostly moderate house democrats with the sweeping nature of the gun-control action. they found a letter to nancy pelosi to be split up into smaller bills to allow boats to happen on each. it reads import, "we must make a good-faith effort to invite colleagues across the aisle to join us in debating the merit of each bill and voting for each bill. now, the letter does make clear that they do support the provision, carley, todd." >> todd: thank you very much one quick point from alexandria's piece. i find it fascinating and i don't know if you call them junior house of representatives but an individual literally in congress for 30 seconds and thinks he has the gumption to say, we are going to eliminate
1:37 am
sentries of senate not even house but senate procedure here that is a bold statement for him to make. obviously this is pure bluster and obviously this is trying to train for the cameras. it would never happen appear in and it just shows how the democrats don't have solutions to the gun problem. we have solutions to the school shooting problem from ohio legislation. >> carley: really quick before we get to the ohio peace, they were so much going on with the gun-control. the president making the prime time speech and something republicans would support including mental health issue in there. but he also wants to ban assault weapons or at least raise the age from 18 to 21. you have what is going on at the house and bipartisan group led by john cornyn, chris murphy. and 360 votes, and updates the
1:38 am
protocols, including more information and background checks, nothing about banning a or 15 or 9-millimeter handguns. this is an effort in the senate that could possibly be a solution. >> todd: to that point... b2 could you imagine bipartisan support with gun violence in this country? >> todd: they are trying something. they have something in place and to come out and go over the top like that and, and basically creates the system to train the individuals who are going to be in schools. i think one of the critiques you have come i don't want somebody who is not trained in firearms. this ohio bill from ohio state legislature works around that and make sure these individuals will be trained and ohio students, every single one of them in the schools. >> carley: the governor is
1:39 am
expected to sign into law. that may be the first state to do something with gun violence and the school shooting. period it back the headlines and dishing the details. we have a round up of the latest drama. >> todd: it is wild and listen to this. >> survival, so any true liberation has to be -- it cannot save us. >> gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams cashed a big check from an organization and also bankrolls woke professor like that one. janelle came from georgia joins us next. ♪ ♪ you no longer need? now you can sell your policy - even a term policy - for an immediate
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♪ ♪ >> carley: i'm ashley strohmier and here are some of your headlines. to mask mandates in new york city. parents: mayor adams asked mandate absurd and applies to children ages 2-4. he has insisted for months he plans to get rid of it and now
1:45 am
parents say there is a breaking point. the white house had kids over five may be able to get june 21st if the fda authorizes the mission. and hunter biden's ex wife reveals she learned about hunter's affair with his sister-in-law through her daughters. she said her kids saw text messages on hunter's phone and the daughters were so distressed, they called the therapist office to break the news. she felt "shocked, vindication but also relief. the president preparing for another vacation this weekend. so far, the president has spent over 188 days, a third of his time in office vacationing in various locations. that includes two properties in delaware, nantucket iowa. and if the president sustains this pace for the next eight years, he will spend over 1100
1:46 am
days on vacation, more than any other u.s. president, todd and carley. >> todd: i should run for president. ashley, thanks. stacey abrams raking in $52,000 of income from a foundation that awards millions of dollars to professors and scholars who push for anticapitalist and anti-copy was. >> carley: and abrams tried to distance herself from the police. it she sits on the organization's board appear janelle king cofounder of georgia speak inc., how was this news going to go over in georgia? >> it's not going to go well for sure. i know you mentioned the defund the police, but i really want to focus on capitalism. i think that is what is most important, especially when it comes to georgia. i want to start by saying 80% of millionaires today were first-generation. they didn't receive an inheritance. 80%, top 1% are typically
1:47 am
democrats. the democrats who made their wealth off of capitalism, and now they are trying to say that no one else can benefit from it. what is upsetting is my message when i talk with people and we discussed stacey abrams and the comments she makes and the organization she has a part of, i see her as a gatekeeper. some went to disseminate information down to my community and other communities incorrectly in order to advance her own agenda. but my message is for the people that is her bays eating this up and believing this. these are people who have benefited from capitalism. georgia is the number one, we are the number one state to do business in. they are so many minority business owners here come i think we are leading in that category. so, you can't tell me that capitalism, which has been a catalyst for upward mobility, especially in the minority community is somewhat incorrect or somewhat wrong and it needs
1:48 am
to be revamped and placed with socialism, communism which has been debunked and proven not to work in almost every single country. yes, every single country that has tried it. that is what is upsetting. once again, stacey abrams is associated with another organization that has completely counter to what she is trying to convince people of the pier they saw the same thing with all-star game when she said we should boycott the all-star games. and people voted in the primary improves the election bill was not impressive and she was incorrect once again. so, i just think all these blunders will add up to a win for the governor. >> todd: you mention capital but let's listen to a sound bite just a few seconds ago. from the ucla professor that took a check from the foundation which abrams also took a check from. listen.
1:49 am
>> any true liberation has to be anticapitalist. there is no way capitalist and even if you could create some how is nonracial. the same theory that could do that. we still have deep explicit -- export -- >> todd: putting aside they have a sound underpinning from stranger things, which makes no sense. >> isn't this another piece of the puzzle showing stacey abrams wants to transform georgia in a way that quite frankly the georgia voters probably don't want? >> absolutely. despite the fact stranger things with georgia so i'm with you. but absolutely pier that is the dangerous part. you know what, i'm actually extremely excited about what is going to happen in november when it comes to the governor's race. the reason i say that, i have talked to people, individuals who lean democrat but not for
1:50 am
this progressive push. they are concerned that she is not going to be good for business. and the reason why georgia is still thriving economically is because governor kemp able to keep the states open as well as fight this covid pandemic. and so, i think she is dropping the ball, missing the message here. >> carley: it is good to know georgia is the number one state to do business because we heard from stacey abrams it is the worst state in the country, even though she is running for governor of it. thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> carley: you are very welcome here a day two of queen elizabeth second four date platinum jubilee celebration taking off in london. and out of it today's event after the remarkable display. >> todd: we are breaking down the significance of it all with nile gardner next.
1:51 am
♪ ♪
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>> ashley: queen elizabeth ii will not be in attendance today due to yesterday's events. >> todd: margaret thathcer center joins us now. what is your biggest takeaway from yesterday? >> thank you for having me on the show from london. yesterday's events were inspiring, we saw the nation coming together to celebrate 70 years of queen elizabeth on the throne, longer than the reign of queen victoria. this was a powerful moment yesterday when the queen appeared on the balcony and huge
1:55 am
crowds were assembled to see the queen. tremendous history. the queen has been an incredible leader, last seven decades of the free world as a whole. she's been through 14 prime ministers, 13 u.s. presidents, she's just been incredible leader on the world stage, a lady of tremendous service and dedication. she exemptionifies the british people. it was incredibly inspiring yesterday, the huge crowd assembled in london and the united states, a number of americans are on the ground in london at this time. >> carley: what do you make of the news the queen will not be at the church diana and charles
1:56 am
got married in, should that be concerning news? >> it is unfortunate the queen will not be at the thanksgiving service at st. paul's cathedral. that i think is precaution by the royal family and royal officials. the queen platinum jubilee is taking place until sunday. at 96, they want to ensure the queen is not overexhausted and able to participate in the later celebrations. so precautionary measure. the queen remains in tremendously strong spirits. she will not be physically at st. paul, but will be there in heart and soul and the majority of the royal family will be at the service. this will be a powerful moment
1:57 am
of thanksgiving for the royal family and call for the british nation as a whole. the queen remains immensely powerful presence and she will be in there spirit at st. paul cathedral. >> todd: a lot of eyes were on the potential for meghan and harry to make appearances yesterday. we saw a shush from meghan to some children. what did you make of it, nile? >> a lot of interest in london in the presence of meghan markle and prince harry over here and quite a lot of reflection on the fact meghan markle has been critical of the royal family and popularity in the united kingdom plummeted. sat time, i think meghan and
1:58 am
harry have been playing a low-key role so far in london. that's a good thing, you do not want meghan and harry undermining importance of the platinum jubilee celebration, a celebration of the queen's 70 years on the throne. i expect to see meghan and harry playing a low-key role in london and that is a good thing considering the unhelpful comments and attacks, i think meghan markle made over the course of the last year or so, which hasn't gone down well in the united kingdom. meghan has declined in popularity with the british people. >> carley: among some americans, as well. thank you for joining us. yesterday, todd, during the coverage that will kickoff in
1:59 am
about two minutes here, they had dickie arbiter on, former press secretary for queen elizabeth. they asked him, what are things you know about her other people don't, he said she has unbelievable for duty and a sparkling sense of humor. piers morgan told about meeting the queen and she responded how would you like 12,000 people trampling on your lawn, clearly that sparkling sense of humor shined through. that was her yesterday at the beacon lighting ceremony, she pushed the button and all the lights lit up. >> todd: taking notes all morning. i took one note, piers morgan recounting when the queen and
2:00 am
donald trump met, piers morgan said donald trump was in awe of the queen. >> carley: as he should have been. fox news coverage of the jubilee of queen elizabeth starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee celebration. i've never felt electricity like in the city right now. >> it's a celebration of everything she representss on the world stage. >> [commands] >> this is pageantry we just do so well.


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