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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  June 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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legislation, sir? >> i served in congress for 36 years, i'm never confident. [taps] [fly over] >> bret: that's it for us this week fair, balanced and unafraid. jesse watters is now. have a great weekend, jesse. >> jesse: you too, great show, bret. thank you. >> bret: thanks, man. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hard to see but failure stands out from a mile away. have a bad ship captain? maybe your boat crashes. >> hey, which way is backwards? [shouting] ♪
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>> hey, you scratched my ankle. >> jesse: stuck with a bad coach well, your team ends up losing and no one wants to watch you play. >> listen to the roar of the crowd as the indians take the field. ♪ >> yes, sir, they love this club here in cleveland. >> jesse: we know a bad leader when we see one. they refuse to be accountable. don't have any answers to our problems. they are always quick to blame. last night joe biden did just that when he told the law abiding americans that he is going to punish them for all the problems washington created. >> we need to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> jesse: joe biden is targeting you for liberalism's failures. is he ready to strip away your right to defend yourself, your family, the president even went so far last night as to point fingers at republicans for the
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tragic mass shooting our country has had to suffer through. >> we passed in 1994 with bipartisan support in congress and the support of law enforcement nine categories of semiautomatic weapons were included in that ban, like ak-47s and ar-15s, in the 10 years it was law, mass shootings went down. but after republicans let the law expire in 2004, those weapons were allowed to be sold again, mass shootings tripled. those are the facts. >> jesse: facts don't matter to joe biden. mass shootings with assault weapons didn't triple after the ban expired. bill clinton's 1994 assault weapons ban was a failure. it was a shell game. manufacturers just tweaked a few features on the gun and sold it. it was just for show. "the washington post," of all places, even debunked the lie that the ban drove down mass
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shootings. gave out a few pinocchios for it. but, for years, democrats have been using this lie to justify taking away your right to protect yourself. there's a culture of violence in this country. and gutfeld said it the best. the left's fingerprints are all over it. they our prisons during covid. what do you think the ex-cons are up to right now? finger painting? they enacted bail reform, flooding our streets with violent felons to prey on you. they defunded the police in inner cities and then turn a blind eye on black on black crime. most of it committed with hot handguns. then the liberal d.a.s plea down the gun charges and let the berns skate. perps skate. homicides records all across the country. can you guess who is running these places? democrats. democrats want to disarm you during the crime wave that they created all awhile their
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perverse welfare incentives are destroying the nuclear family. they encourage single motherhood and tear down traditional masculinity as toxic. hollywood glorifies gun culture and then actors accidently shoes their producers and they have the nerve to take away our guns. democrats lock down our kids, isolated them and plunged their little brains into the dark corners of their twisted internet. the media has drilled in to america's mind that we're in a race war. but nothing could be farther from the truth. they have embraced a drug culture opening our borders and empowering drug cartels to just flood our country with narcotics. what kind of effect do you think this social demolition has on the american psyche? do you think it's radicalizing people on the edge? it absolutely is. democrat policies are killing our country. but they say your guns are.
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it's your fault for wanting to protect yourself during the crisis they have created. they want to disarm you and have you rely on the stated. after they have defunded our police and brought war on to our streets. owning a rifle makes you independent. and democrats don't wanted that. countries that have been disarmed don't have great track records. know your history. meanwhile, joe biden has been protected by assault weapons his whole career. do you think he is going to take away the guns from the people protecting him? he is not. he wants to chip away at your second amendment just so he can say he is doing something while turning his back on the actual problem. we saw with uvalde, parkland, sandy hook, all these cases whereby the public school system, the government, failed. they missed major red flags. they ignored all the signs of kids who were threats and
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mentally ill in their fatherless lives, drugs in the homes all alone. other times the police chief failed like in uvalde. other times the fbi failed like in parkland. and what was the left's reaction every damn time? blame law abiding gun owners and ignore their every failure. law professor glen reynolds wrote a piece in the "new york post" talking about this exact problem, saying this: we were told that the real problem was a more failing on the parts of hundreds of millions of americans who were not involved rather than on the part of the shooter and those who enabled him. consequences, after all, are for ordinary americans. the folks in charge are free to be failures incompetence and worse with virtually no risk of accountability. couldn't have put it better myself. when they screw up, instead of taking the heat, they point the finger at you. they literally do it every time. and we're the ones who always
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have to suffer for it. they were wrong about inflation. here is treasury secretary janet yellen. >> was it a mistake, to down play this inflation risk? did that contribute to the problems we are all seeing right now. >> look, i think i was wrong then about the path that inflation would take. as i mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy. >> jesse: they missed it. there's nothing they can do now. so just deal with the record high gas and food prices, right? your problem, not theirs. they screwed up on the baby formula deal, too. everybody was warning biden about it. he is no mind reader, remember? that's his excuse. >> i don't think anyone anticipated the impact of the shutdown of one facility in -- the abbott facility. once we learned of the extent of
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it and how broad it was, we kicked everything into gear. and i think we're -- i think we're on the way to be able to completely solve the problem. >> tell you that they understood it would have a very big impact? >> they did but i didn't. >> jesse: so again, just deal with it. and when he fumbled on covid, he didn't see omicron coming either. >> the vice president said recent recent days you didn't see delta coming and omicron coming. how did you get it wrong? >> [laughter] how did we get it wrong? hobby saw it coming. >> jesse: but they still blamed you for not getting vaxxed or not wearing mask see what what is going on. they are wrong about everything. do everything by the book. work hard, raise your family, be responsible with your guns. you are to blame for all of
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their failures. always your fault. they will keep punishing you for the problems they created. guns one day, free speech the next. as long as they keep screwing up, they will keep finding excuses to blame all of their mistakes on you. ned ryun is the founder and ceo of the american majority. do you think the country sees this, ned? >> i would hope so. i mean, i think i would hope that most of the american people at least examine the idea are being governed by idiots and, as you pointed out idiocrasy failings economy, intently blowing up energy supply. our southern border. blowing something as simple as baby formula. the problem is us because somehow we didn't give those people enough power or money or authority and if we want to avoid these disasters in the future we have to give them more power and money and authority. if we don't we are dirty little
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peasants fighting progress. the amazing part jesse in the last couple days hearing biden and democrats go after gun rights and inherent rights, i would remind people never ever in the entire span of history has it been the good guys arguing to disarm people and leave behind basic inharnted rights when i hear this talk i don't want to hear bs about constitutional rights. you are evil people for believing in the second amendment. that should trouble the american people if they are paying attention. and i think we have gotten to the point, jesse, where i think a lot of people on the left are saying to hell with the constitution and the bill of rights. they are saying it's built on prejudice and hatred and racism. i would ask the american people if there is a major party in this country that hates the founder's constitution party that hates the founder's constitution, why on earth would you ever give them political power?
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>> jesse: one big guilt trip, isn't it. >> it is. >> jesse: every white person in the country is racist. you drive an suv, you are destroying the planet. it's always your fault. one guy shoots up a school, every single one with a legal weapon now has to turn over their firearm. that's what they do. guilt is a very, very powerful emotion wanting to basic inherit rights american people should be paying attention. real tragedy in all of this we are watching these disasters unfold. i don't think the american people are getting the information that they should be getting because we have a dishonest press. we have a dishonest media that's not really fully communicating the full truth of what is happening to the american people and the ones that are making this decision that are leading to the disaster.
4:12 pm
american people hold them accountable. >> jesse: yeah, the press are accomplices with the democratic party. >> propagandist. >> jesse: that's the way it is. ned ryun, thank you so much. have great weekend, my friend. >> thanks, jesse, you too. >> jesse: coming up, we uncover the most dangerous move joe biden learned from barack obama. and, later, try to guess the state where you don't have to pull over for the police anymore (♪ ♪) (♪ ♪)
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♪ >> jesse: fox news alert. dr. oz has won the pennsylvania republican senate primary over businessman david mccormick who conceded the race just a few minutes ago. oz will go on to face democrat john fetterman who hasn't been on the campaign trail for weeks after suffering a stroke a few weeks ago. when joe biden was inaugurated, did you think things would get this bad this fast? he was handed a recovering economy and a vaccine but a year later we don't have a border, we don't have baby formula, we can't fill our gas tanks and our streets are filled with blood. >> welcome to another edition of -- [cheers] >> jesse: american people need answers and all biden has are excuses a million covid deaths, record inflation, homicides and homeless everywhere, has biden made anything better? instead the white house is willing to sacrifice your safety
4:19 pm
and livelihood in the name of virtue signaling. over the past few years, rather than actually fix our problems, democrats play favorites. they pick winners and losers. plain and simple. and guess what side of that divide you fall on? >> who are you guys? >> we are the guys everybody used to pick on before you started here. >> oh, no, they ain't picking on me. they are just giving me a hard time because i'm the new guy a little first day hazing. >> are you in loser denial or something? >> jesse: we're the losers here. democrats aren't interested in helping every american they are cherry pickers. everything they do or say is driven by special identity politics. don't just take my word for it look at what happened this week in smelly san francisco. the city is overrun by homeless tent cities infested with violence and drugs. so, liberal mayor london breed proposed a $6 million plan to end homelessness.
4:20 pm
sounds like a good idea, right? but that's where you are wrong. that money is only for transgendered homeless people. democrats don't want to fix the problem they just want to virtue signal. there is around 8,000 homeless people in san francisco a real crisis. but mayor breeds is only aiming to save 400 of them who happen to be transgender. how is this a plan? it doesn't fix the problem. there is no virtue in their vitter it do you signaling. i mean, don't do straight homeless lives matter? it's immoral to let americans fester and die in the streets from addiction, poverty, and crime. and then signal you only care about 5% of them? and this isn't the only example. last week the biden administration announced they were canceling student loan debt. again, it's not what you think. biden is only canceling federal student loans for 500,000 young
4:21 pm
americans who borrowed money to attend corinthian college which went bankrupt. so if you saved and paid for corinthian college you are out of luck or if you borrowed and went to any other college you are out of luck. biden learned this from barack, you can pick and choose how bail out for political purposes. and maybe the worst example happened just the other day. when the biden administration created the office of environmental justice. so what is this office? it's just as stupid as it sounds. with hhs saying the plan will, quote: identify priority actions and strategies to best address environmental injustices and inequities for people of color and disadvantaged, vulnerable low income, marginalized and indigenous population. it's just another equity play by biden. if you're white, they can spew pollution at you, i guess. but if you are not white, they
4:22 pm
are clean it up and send you a check. look, i want everybody to be helped. but, environmental injustice can't only be targeted at specific groups. the list goes on and on. illegal immigrants gets baby formula and free plane tickets. clinton cronies get rigged juries but trump supporters get prison sentences. biden targets legal guns but let's ex-cons run wild with hot ones and, of course, no pipelines but you get tax credits for windmills and solar panels all day. this is what biden is all about. dividing and con corresponding. are we going to let this happen? stephen miller is the founder of america first legal and former senior adviser to president trump. it's kind of sick what they are doing when you break it down, isn't it, stephen? >> it is sick because everything they are doing is targeted against everyday hard-working law abiding rule-following
4:23 pm
americans. they are the punching bag on everything. your guns get taken away. not the criminals. they roam free. they just walk into a store and take everything and walk out, no problem. you lose your job. illegal immigrants they get flown to the city of their choice and set up with the dream life here in the united states of america. you can't afford your gasoline, they get to fly on private jets and go to conferences in europe and brussels and paris and so forth. we are answering every day question that nobody wanted the answer to which is what would happen if you took a group of people with way too many degrees who believe that men have uteruses and get pregnant and you put them in charge of the country? and the results of that experiment are very, very, very, very bad. >> jesse: you are right about the smash and grabs. you can go in and smash a bunch of jewelry and book you out in 10 minutes. if you are peter navarro they will literally pull you off of a plane, shackle you and throw you
4:24 pm
in the bringing. brig. >> peter navarro is a senior citizen and apparently they were worried he would overpower them but for shackling his legs so that he couldn't run away and break out of the courthouse a known public safety threat? but, gang bangers who are in and out of the system their whole adult lives, people up, threatening people, breaking into their homes, dealing in drugs, murdering our children they are in and out of a rerevolving door, no pre-trial detention do whatever they want. we could save thousands of dollars a year do something really simple putting criminals in jail and keeping criminals in jail. not republicans, criminals. putting criminals who hurt people in jail. buff the democrats won't do that. they are opposed to mass
4:25 pm
incarceration. >> jesse: that would make too much sense. >> far too rational. >> jesse: focus on wiping out the student loans of the transgender illegal aliens. that's really critical; transgender illegal aliens with student loans that's a problem. >> jesse: that's right. that's their targeted demographic. that's right. save them. their lives matter. >> good luck with the midterms on that one. [laughter] >> jesse: can't stop, won't stop. nobody is pulling over for the cops anymore. ♪ and elvis impersonators under attack in las vegas. we'll explain why. ♪ finding my way forward with node-positive breast cancer felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence.
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>> go wide. en going to confront him right there. is he going right by him. there is another deputy -- whoa. almost t-boned him right there.
4:31 pm
so it is on again. in this type of high speed driving and carelessness and recklessness, that's the reason why they pulled the plug on it to begin with. whoa, oh, head on collision. oh, head on collision. and keeping going. and is he keeping going. >> jesse: we have all in that moment of panic when you are driving a little too fast and you look in your rear view see the light and sirens come up. shoulders start to slouch. have you got to pull over. oh my god. [siren] >> man, we're screwed. get in the back! >> jesse: except in washington state where drivers are simply ignoring police officers. why? because they don't have to stop, thanks to a law signed by democratic governor jay endsley last year. it made high-speed chases illegal unless police believe the driver has committed murder,
4:32 pm
armed robbery or rape. everything else you are gone. and the people they have noticed. so far this year, 934 drivers have failed to stop for washington state police. washington police now have to turn to tactics like helicopter chases. or just waiting for the driver to stop so cops on the ground can catch up. how is this any different than defunding the police? it's not. liberals are legislating away officers' ability to protect and serve. and the population is exploiting it why wouldn't they? being told to pull over now is just a suggestion in the pacific northwest. joining me now is bill stanton former new york city police officer and offer of prepared, not scared. bill, what kind of effect is this having on just police morale, first of all? >> well, while police departments, jesse, are forever evolving and adapting to protect
4:33 pm
and serve the communities they represent, this morale is definitely not good for the police. police are proactive. they want to stop crime doing this to them disenfranchises them and the current situation of defund the police, demonizing the police and certain prosecutors, not wanting to prosecute at all, this is enabling the perpetrator criminal. >> jesse: what does this tell someone what they can drive away with drugs. kidnapping was not on there if you are a kidnapper and get lit up from behind, pedal to the metal. >> jesse you are speaking the same common sense that i'm speaking. you go through a stop sign you get pulled over, you pull over. you start running human trafficking, weapon in the car? drug smuggling and they are taking off. there are times to discontinue
4:34 pm
the race. high population dense area. if you make it a blanket law like this, we have seen this pattern before in shopping malls, people getting robbed in broad daylight on the train station. once you give a green light to a bad guy, a criminal, they will take that opportunity and run with it in case drive away with it. >> jesse: what's the idea behind this stupid law because they don't have these high-speed chase its bass because they were injuring pedestrians and hammering cars that were parked on the side or something? >> well, no, there is a reason at times to discontinue a chase. if church is just letting out. you don't want that call careening into people. there are ways to get the plate and apprehend them later on. to make a blanket law like this is not the way to go. we are seeing the result, the statistics speak for themselves.
4:35 pm
>> jesse: yeah, so if you are in washington state, if you haven't raped or murdered someone or committed armed robbery if you get lit up, you just keep going. it's just a suggestion. bill, thank you so much. it's unbelievable what's happening out there. washington is not the only place in the pacific northwest suffering the consequences of dumb liberal policies. oregon was the first state in the nation to decriminalize all drugs last year we are talking meth, crack, heroin, everything. so narcotic possession is no longer a felony. now just like a parking ticket. you only have to pay a fine when you are caught driving around with angel dust or something. but, don't worry. they will waive the fine if you call a hotline. what do you think happened after that in the number of overdoses in oregon in the first quarter of this year are already higher than in the last three years. in one district, overdoses are up 520%.
4:36 pm
and now oregon politicians are admitting that maybe this wasn't the best idea, oregon's behavioral health director steve allen stated, we were just underresourced to be able to support this effort. under estimated the work that was involved in supporting something like looked like this and partly we didn't fully understand it until we were in the middle of it. well, maybe you should have thought beforehand what could have happened. joining me now is lily morgan, oregon state representative. so how bad is it out there, lilly? >> well, sadly, overdoses are increasing and people are dying. and what we heard from the oregon health authority this is an experiment and we will wait and see. this is costing lives and this is not okay. if you talk to anybody who has recovered from addiction. recovered from drug use, they will tell you they needed an incentive to get done.
4:37 pm
that working in the criminal justice system something like drug court or some other incentive was what it took for them to get out of addiction. right now they are running amok and running unchecked. our voters were fooled to believe this would be the answer for our behavioral health and our homeless situation to decrease how much interaction police had with those involved, yet, what we're finding is nobody is getting involved in treatment. they can call a phone number. my police department even put the phone number on the ticket they issue. but, instead, the amount of overdoses keeps increasing, the amount of narcan or the antidote for the overdose also taking more doses to save people. we have seen not only 520% but just today oregon state police told one of my committees on judiciary that the amount of fentanyl they have taken off the street in 2020 was 27,000 doses.
4:38 pm
but in 2021 it was over 482,000 dose use -- you know, individual units. which means that the amount of fentanyl on the streets is out of control. the amount of overdoses and what i asked the director was how long do people have to die before we're actually going to do something that is saves lives. this is failed administration failed democrat policies. we were told well, it's the police's fault. it shouldn't be in criminal justice. well, how long do we have to wait for people to die? it's not okay. >> jesse: well, yeah, apparently they are just going to wait forever. they don't really care. that much is clear. all right. state senator thanks so much for joining us and hopefully we can clean that up. as soon as possible. >> thank you. >> jesse: don't go anywhere. sink or swim with sean duffy and kayleigh mcenany is up next.
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>> jesse: it's friday so a little time for friendly competition in a game we like to call swink or swim. let's take a look at the
4:44 pm
leaderboard. unfortunately, gutfeld somehow is still in the lead can't explain it and kilmeade is at the bottom of the sea where we like him. here now former wisconsin congressman sean duffy and former press secretary kayleigh mcenany. both of these men came out on top in their highly publicized trials but only one said this, quote: i told the truth and the jury clearly recognized that despite being falsely accused, i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed. was it johnny depp or michael sussmann? >> can we hold it up? >> jesse: yes, all right. let's see what the answer is. >> i told the truth to the fbi and the jury clearly recognized that despite being falsely accused i'm relieved that justice ultimately prevailed.
4:45 pm
>> jesse: that wasn't johnny depp that was sussmann. >> i think his nose was growing as he said that. >> yes. >> jesse: all right. category is called make it rain. here we go. this outspoken commentator is known for his sports takes but he recently took aim at the dirty and crime-ridden streets of san francisco. saying it needs a good washing. is it charles barkley or is it shaquille o'neal? >> you are going with barclay and you going with shaq. >> you know the bat thing about all this rain it's not raining in san francisco to clean up those dirty ass streets they have there. it's a great city but all that dirtiness and homelessness you got to clean that off the streets. san francisco needs a good washing. >> >> jesse: it was barclay. the round man of rebounds. sorry. all right. she is running away with it. here we go.
4:46 pm
category, technical difficulties which we never have on this show. question which cable news host had their interview with a biden official cut short after the camera came crashing down? was it jake tapper or was it nicolle wallace? >> i don't know. can i cheat? >> jesse: it's 50/50. >> i'm going with tapper. >> you are going with jake? you are going with jake. let's see who it is. >> i think we also need to take very seriously that -- oh, whoa, whoa, guys. >> our camera fell down. okay. brian deese, thank you so much. >> yikes. >> that symbolizes the biden presidency. >> or cnn. >> paint. this trouble man is rebranding himself as an artist after years of really bad press. this is one of his paintings. so who made it? was it hunter biden? or was it john hinckley jr.?
4:47 pm
>> i'm going here. >> you are going hunter, you are going hunter. >> is it? >> it is john hinckley jr. who is now being released by a clinton appointed judge after almost assassinating president reagan. all right. sean, you are the winner. >> i join brian kilmeade. >> jesse: at the bottom of the sea. do you know what the prizes? >> i'm onto the leaderboard. >> jesse: you are onto the leaderboard and you now wenjiany my assistant for the day. >> yes! >> i wish i could have johnny for a day. i may keep this. >> i'm going to hang that up in rachel's office. >> jesse: that's good. you are going to fight over johnny. no one has ever done that before fight over johnny. >> i will always fight for johnny. >> jesse: he feels good about himself. thank you very much. let's go back to the leaderboard. gutfeld still on top with a perfect score. only thing perfect about him and then a lot of people in second place with three and poor kilmeade, still at the bottom.
4:48 pm
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ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. ♪ ♪ singing ♪ >> what you think of when you think of vegas? gambling, drinking, pool parties ? and of course you can't forget about the chapel weddings officiated by elvis impersonators. ♪ singing ♪ >> sadly, elvis weddings may be
4:54 pm
leaving the building bird licensing company authentic brands group said aziz and desist letter to multiple vegas chapels ordering them to stop using the elvis brand and the ceremony. after sending a letter the company released a statement saying they will allow impersonators to perform, but they have to pay a fee. dating this, quote, as the guardians of the elvis presley estate, it is our responsibilit to safeguard his legacy. there is no intention to shut down chapels that offer elvis packages, we are seeking to partner with each of these smal businesses to ensure that their use of the elvis name, image, and likeness are officially licensed and authorized by the estate what will this licensing fee be? they have been a staple in vega for decades. and make up a big portion of th $2 billion vegas weddings generate per year. may be couples can get married at the heartbreak hotel instead
4:55 pm
elvis impersonator kent ripley joins me now. kent, what is the king going to do? >> jesse, first of all, thank you for allowing me to be on your show tonight great i just want to say this. what are we going to do? we're going to do the best we can and you said everything up to this point, what needs to be said, this is what's happening out here. we are in this together in las vegas and long live the king, i want to be a part of that long live the king and what do we do? we wait to hear back from them and i'm waiting to hear back from them. >> so it's a negotiation, it's going to cost you, that's for sure. did this elvis estate, do they understand they might be puttin i don't know, hundreds and hundreds of elvis is out of business, do they get that? could get i don't think they do
4:56 pm
and if they do get it it has to do with a couple things. first of all, we as fans of elvis, myself, i would never do anything to give a bad image of what elvis was, is, and will always be, which means, you know ♪ singing ♪ don't be cruel is what i like t say, but i know they are doing their job and i want to do my job and there is one thing we all have in common, that is the love of elvis. >> if elvis was around he would be honored that hundreds of elvis impersonators are out there getting people married,
4:57 pm
sending people off to their honeymoon. if i passed and people want to run around with their collars u and lots of product in their hair and go like this, and marr people, i would be all for a. i wouldn't be trying to make them pay a fee. to impersonate me. you want to play us out? ♪ singing ♪ >> we're not going to go anywhere and we're going to do the best we can. we're going to be in talks and take care of our business because tcb was his motto, and jesse, i am feeling it from the waist up stillbirth. >> i did that for a couple of months during covid. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we will see you in vegas. not for any more marriages for
4:58 pm
me, but will see you out there. >> come out at the elvis chapel. all see you there, thanks, jesse . >> do you think thank you. >> thank you very much. >> we have similar hair, don't we? i have a great book recommendation. it's only for golfers so very i would have to be a good golfer to be a heck like me coming or going to like this book the boo is called phil, the riproaring and unauthorized biography of golfs most colorful superstar, it's a fantastic read. i'm just in the beginning of it it talks about him coming up th ryder cup, battles with tiger, some of the off the course shenanigans, if you like golf, you're going to like this book. i highly recommend it. also highly recommend jesse watters primetime. it's a good deal. e-mails or text, here we go.
4:59 pm
we have and from hiner, pennsylvania. why didn't binding do more for gun control when he was in the senate? he was there long enough. how many years was that? can't even count. if your wife send you out for baby formula, and you come back empty-handed and say it's putin 's fault, sorry, dear. no, no, no. my wife is not buying the food and excuse, trust me. she's not buying any excuses. kevin from tampa, florida, i wa somebody would ask you biden when was the last time he refueled his vehicle. that's a great question. we know he doesn't have a tesla. that's for sure. charles from brooksville, florida. so are we ever going to see pau pelosi mug shot? we have an update, we are working on that and hopefully w will have that for you next week . let me tell you, by the fight that they're putting up to keep this mugshots under wraps, it's
5:00 pm
got to be a good one. jesse, doing a project at the moment, and i would just like t know what your favorite animal is. also, could you find out from hemmer if he likes animals. he loves animals and my favorit is a wallop era. always remember, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to tucker carlson. happy friday. let's say for the sake of a min experience, it tecra terry at transportation for the united states of america. what would you do all day. despite what they may tell you, neither one of these concern ha anything to do a systemic racism


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