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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 3, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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jesse, doing a project at the moment, and i would just like t know what your favorite animal is. also, could you find out from hemmer if he likes animals. he loves animals and my favorit is a wallop era. always remember, i am watters, and this is my world. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to tucker carlson. happy friday. let's say for the sake of a min experience, it tecra terry at transportation for the united states of america. what would you do all day. despite what they may tell you, neither one of these concern ha anything to do a systemic racism
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. your first concern would be the cost of diesel fuel. virtually everything you buy comes on diesel fuel. diesel prices get too high, transportation stops. nearly everything becomes unaffordable. inflation is directly connected to transportation. your second concern if you were transportation secretary would be domestic air travel. this is a huge country, it's fa too big of a country not to hav reliable commercial flights fro one place to another. we'll end on time, they don't
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crash. so maintaining that system of air travel is probably the top concern of the united states transportation department. that's what you're worried abou if you have a secretary, diesel and airlines. remarkably, in less than year i a half under joe biden, both these things have gone dramatically in the wrong direction. the price of diesel has hit its highest price ever recorded in history. the national average is up 70 percent since just last year it 5:53 a gallon. that's terrible for truckers, but also terrible for you. that means that you're paying more for everything you buy. >> here on i-70 a lot of big trucks making the cross-country hall. a major increase in diesel prices. with the numbers to giving higher and higher with no end i sight. is hitting them hard. >> it's a lot more because you're doing the same amount of
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work in mileage, but you're paying a lot more at the pump. if you got it or use it or wear it, or whatever. a truck touched it at one time or another. >> whether or not you have to buy diesel fuel, the price hike affects the prices. >> you pay for when we are the other bird can get the gospel o a gallon of diesel fuel rose by more than a dollar in biden's first year of. why is this happening? because joe biden made it happen . this was intentional. it's a product of his clampdown on domestic energy production and of of his lunatic war against vladimir putin. he sanctions of russia have bee especially counterproductive, back in february you may remember he pledged to destroy the russian economy. let's make them poor in retaliation for installing don'
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donald trump as president. what happened next? four months later the opposite has happened, the ruble is now at a four-year high, thanks joe biden, russia has the largest gold reserves on planet earth, in this country you can't affor gasoline. oh, so the opposite from what joe biden predicted happened. what is the expo nation from that? sorry, it was an act of god, i can't do anything about it. watch. >> where because of a war in ukraine, gas prices and food prices are extremely high. there is a lot going on right now, but the idea were going to be able to quick switch bring down the cost of gasoline is no likely in the near term nor is it in regard to food. >> there's nothing we could do. you could push to an end of the war in ukraine, which biden is
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single-handedly prolonging. you can force ukraine to come t the table, both want to do that the only reason the work continues is because the white house is forcing it to continue. by the way, you could stop shutting down energy pipelines. united states was energy independent, but now were begging dictatorships to sell i oil. that it won't be enough, industry officials are predicting shortages soon. i wouldn't be surprised to see diesel being rationed on the east coast this summer said the ceo of united refining company. right now, inventories are low and there is a shortage in the coming months. what would that look like here? it would be ugly. it would be to russia's advantage.
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even the arc time. china and india could be protected because russia is offering them discounted oil. russia has become the second biggest oil supplier to india. how is this a good thing for th united states? it's the opposite. it's a disaster. this is the first crisis you would expect the secretary of transportation to be on top of. we can't afford gasoline but russia has so much gasoline the are selling it to china. that's only one crisis on the plate. the second is domestic air travel. it has become totally unreliable . have you tried to fight recently ? it's like traveling in india in 1985. and it is falling apart and anyone who has tried to go anywhere particularly particularly so weakened can tell you that there is. >> since friday more than 2500
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flights canceled into and out o the u.s. flaming weather and air traffic control, understaffing and increased covid case rates by the fda reporting staffing shortages at their traffic control center in jacksonville saying and the statement, weather was a factor, but staffing has been a challenge. >> staffing has been a challenge . may be because joe biden forced the airlines to fire employees they didn't want his ineffectiv shot. so the system fell apart, there's not enough people to ru it. airlines can no longer provide on-time flights. guess what rich people are doing , rather than working they are playing private. the earnings report from the charter airline company wheels up in march of 2020, they had 6,300 active members, that number has now nearly doubled t 12,400. it's not just wheels up, that's the trend across the industry. according to private jet data provided by airports there were
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a total in april of 2019 of 389,000 private jets in this country. again, april of 2019. in april of this you're more than 475,000 because everyone i so much richer after the covid lockdowns, no because if you ca afford to fly privates and get out of our air system, you will. if you can't afford it, good luck thing where you're going. probably going to have some unscheduled time and an airport for the first months of 2022, major airlines reported a cancellation rate that is 50 percent higher than it was during the same period in 2019. in the first quarter of this year the department of transportation received more than 13,000 complaints about airlines, that's of 330 percent into the first quarter of 2019. not only are you unlikely. >> we are going on time come you're also going to pay more for your ticket the average price of a domestic round-trip flight is now more than $400
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that's up 70 percent since january. in january the average cost was 236. that's up 40 percent from this time last year when the average price was 288. gas prices. airlines are cutting rates because they can't fight becaus gas is too high. jetblue is killing 27 regular routes the summer break delta i getting rid of 100. so what is the transportation secretary doing about this? working feverishly to fix it? no, working feverishly on the equity agenda, their only concern. so fax mandates and now the ministration demanding the airline have you were white pilots. skin color has some well relate to aeronautical skill. airlines are doing it. they announced that 50 percent of this companies pilots will b women or people of color over the next decade why should you care what the color of your pilot is?
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what does that have to do with anything? no one explains. the new york times is thrilled about that. they publish this comment the end of the all-male all-white cockpit, which apparently serve us so badly. again, no one exciting so you should care about the race or gender of your airline pilots, everybody cares about their skill except the new york times in the biden white house. at the same time, the white house is doing all it can to keep fuel prices high. biden has just pushed the it's payback for getting jump elected . the effect as you guarantee higher prices on an international oil market, that means higher prices for you. this is not spent they are doin on purpose, this is the green new deal they couldn't get through congress. the energy secretary the one wh owns stock even after she took her current job came out and admitted this out loud this week . >> what we want to do is make sure every day citizens have
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access for example and can get into, can afford an electric vehicle where you wouldn't have to worry about the price of gasoline. we're not at that place yet. and by electric vehicles, get a previous even though they cost more than $50,000 for the same month he reminded us our highways our racist. was designed to low for it to pass by obviously that reflects a racism in those design choices . racist roads, can you name one, of course not, but these are hi obsession. more recently the transportatio secretary has been telling us about the one thing that's goin to fix are high fuel prices and clogged commercial airline travel and that is abortion. >> at the end of the day, we
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reached view of the country wit the way we resolve this very difficult issue is to trust women. after 50 years, that is apparently being thrown out the window. the broader question that i think is of course now that did we live to see the high watermark of rights and freedom in this country and watch that begin to move and the opposite direction? >> tucker: that guy is not the secretary of abortion or lady's rights, that is the secretary o transportation who was lecturin you about abortion, at topic that has nothing to do with the on any level. even as our transportation systems are falling apart that' not an overstatement. he's busy going to policy conferences telling you the rea problem in this country is the supreme court ruling on abortion . pete buttigieg isn't even doing the bare minimum to fulfill his
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job requirements. he should resign at least rate clay travis, great to see you. pete buttigieg most entertainin cabinet secretary ever, he really has afforded us joy, but he's transportation secretary a a time when you can't fly from point a to point b and expect t get there and he's lecturing us about abortion? >> remember, his paternity leave ? i can't believe that story has vanished, the biggest transportation and supply crisi in our nation's modern history in the that guy was on paternit leave and this is symptomatic o what is going on right now in the biden administration. i know your history guide to, one of the great history books team of rivals about the cabine that abraham lincoln put together after his election in 1860.
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what joe biden has done is put together a team of incompetents because as bad as granholm and me or pete, tucker, if i told you right now that you're a smart guy coming you have to draft somebody from the biden a ministration that you have any faith at all in, he has managed to put together the biggest collection of cosmetic diversit and total incompetence across-the-board that we have ever seen. kamala harris, look at what's going on with merritt garland with the health in human services secretary, everybody out there is an unmitigated disaster which is why to a larg extent, tucker, what we're talking about is joe biden may be being the most incompetent person in his entire administration which should terrify everybody. i think we're being unkind to jimmy carter when we've been calling joe biden jimmy carter to point out, i think of the reality is right now joe biden is, when you look at it, herber
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hoover to point out, he is the worst president in 100 years in this country and all the people who have been lecturing you and me, and everybody else out ther about how we're going to be on the wrong side of history, gues what, you voted for the worst president in 100 years. that is the definition of being on the wrong side of history. >> whose idea was it to let rea things like transportation, gop secretary of pronouns or secretary of equity or something . let's get a transportation guy into transportation. travis, great to see you. thank you so much for that. >> great to see you as well, tucker. thank you. >> tucker: los angeles is a deeply troubled. a of cortez just stepped in, th legion is in la tonight. >> george has grown has been
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dealt another major corp. blond with his criminal friendly policies it comes out as the campaign is almost at the finis line. we will ask lane what's going o here. yesterday california appeals court said he has to obey the three strikes law, which was passed overwhelmingly by california voters back in 1994. he has previously called that law a disaster that leads to both over incarceration and he ordered his prosecutors not to enforce it. last year the union sued him over this arguing that his direct with would force prosecutors to violate california law as well as their own ethics freight a trial cour judge agreed and issued an injunction. last in court again with the appellate court writing, the district attorney overstates hi authority, he is an elected official who must comply with the law, not a sovereign with
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absolute unreviewable discretion . >> this opinion is basically a slap down to the saying in essence that you cannot put you political preferences of overt justice and what the motives of california voted in when they voted over 70 percent of the three strikes life hacking 1994. >> the court last comes as a campaign to recall him said it has now collected over 500,000 signed petitions for the most signatures ever collected in la county for any petition. the campaign tells me they feel they are well on track to qualify. he certainly isn't the only progressive prosecutor here in california to be under fire. the efforts to recall has officially made the ballot. is fateful be decided by voters on tuesday.
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we will send it back to you, tucker. >> we will be watching both of those and we will see you then. we should tell you the fbi toda arrested 70 two-year-old peter navarro, worked with donald trump and the white house for four years because he want to appear before the january 6th committee a wholly illegitimate committee. they arrested him. in others words, liz cheney is okay with that parade you can't just arrest people because you don't agree with their politics. the leading republicans working with democrats to pass can control. their constituents are not for this, but the new york times is so they're doing it right we will tell you who they are straight ahead. 3
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>> tucker: congress considering legislation that would outlaw most firearms in this country, they are taking your guns away but banning the sale of firearms to anyone unde the age of 21 this is backed by a party that wants to lower the voting age to 16 and keep the draft age at 18 so you can vote you can go get killed and another war, but you can't buy, gun in your own country prior t yesterday's hearing, the
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congressman from kentucky had some questions about that. >> we recognize different ages chemically recognize 18 in the draft, we recognize 16 for driving in some states, we recognize 21 for drinking. so we recognize different ages for different purposes. >> could i have a second to engage that? >> with the german cosponsoring me in cosponsoring a bill in having the draft age be changed to 21. the research does indicate that in certain respects, but the selective service, i mean if th country needs people, it needs people. >> it needs people whose brains aren't fully formed,? >> in some respect yes. >> secant of a fully formed to have two go fight the war, but
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you need to have a fully formed brain to defend yourself and your own country. that was thomas massey, one of the very few republicans actually thinking three why thi is bad for the country and defending your constitutional rights. lindsay graham is not. i stand ready to vote on all th proposal mentioned by president biden tonight and encourage the democratic leader to bring them forward for votes. lindsay graham, the conservative , lindsay graham, go take your guns away. a candidate for joining running against an incumbent republican great mike, thank you so much for coming on. are you surprised that republican lawmakers who you thought were there to defend your constitutional rights, the second the new york times tells them to oppose your constitutional rights, they go back. >> the only thing worse than these are the people who we donate people to, the people wh we elect time and time again
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that are supposed to protect us and unfortunately the man i'm running against his been in there, he is voting to arms ukraine, but disarms eight unit is citizens of new jersey who want to protect themselves, but they can't do it. >> how does that work exactly? so you send billions of dollars of weapons including a lot of automatic weapons to untrained civilians in ukraine. we don't even know where it's going no one keeps track of it, but you don't trust your own citizens to be armed? >> it disgraceful. its america last. wanted to cones boxer with aoc nlm shift. he's been getting away from it except for when president chung called him to be primary out of office because of his votes on second amendment, his votes for the generous six commission so people need to wake up in electoral people who put our country first and stop allowing these lifetime bureaucrats to protect themselves and they go
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to work. they can fend for themselves it's elitism, it's disgraceful and thank goodness president trump called this out. >> even if i were a democrat i would agree with you because people deserve a choice. you shouldn't have only one option, right? 350 million we only have one political party it feels like pretty get it is the unit party you been talking about this, it's a unit party and thank goodness that people that are running in the cycle. thank goodness the american first movement is rising and we're going to retire at this lineup people are running on th spanner to put our country firs finally and i think we are winning this race because the sentiment even in and state lik new jersey were a lot of about the kids are angry they're coming out for the primaries an president trump gets involved i this race it's the deathblow to someone who's been in since 1980 . we need to elect our
5:28 pm
representatives and right now people want change, all they want is that country to be put first, this country, not ukrain and america, and the people, ne jersey, so hopefully we get tha and we do it in a big way. >> i don't think it's too much to ask. corporations have taken a break from virtual signaling about ukraine now their branding for pride month. it never ends, the moral effort just never ends. especially with new designs, we wanted jimmy fallon face-off in a final addition of final exam. we will be right back.
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he welcome to fox news live. former trump white house aide peter navarro indicted on contempt charges.
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the fbi arresting him this morning, he was put in a jail cell ahead of his court appearance he was asserting executive privilege saying he's exempt for appearing before the committee. >> with that kangaroo committee is doing right now is investigating rhe punitive purposes, they are essentially acting as judge, jury, and executioner. their mission, their clear mission is to prevent john mull john trump from running for president in 2024. >> navarro is the second trump aid to be indicted. i'm kevin clark in washington. we will send you back over to m good friend tucker carlson tonight >> time now for respite from th news, we call this final exam, the game where we picked news professionals against one another to reveal who's actuall been paying attention at work.
5:35 pm
we have a theme this week for the show it is final exam anima addition all questions referred to animals. the contestants our two of the nicest people at fox news. they are fox nation host and we are happy to see you both. >> hi, tucker. >> and want to say i tried to buy the right every single member of your staff to give me the answers to the questions an nobody will budge pretty cute which is a reduction list, her dad played basketball, my dad laid your pong. >> unc grass what versus nassau community college hanger outer. >> who hosts three hour radio show every single day. you know the answer to all these . and the buses, here are the rules for the first month of buzz and get the answer to the
5:36 pm
question coming have to wait until i finish the question, otherwise the judges will count you out very if you get it wron you lose a point, best to five when. each question is multiple-choic you have to wait for all the options. are you ready? no pressure. >> the animal addition begins. question one, a grizzly in montana was stunned when it was chased down the road by an even fiercer animals. we know there's the whole thing was caught on tape. what kind of an animal chased a grizzly bear? was it a bobcats, b, a moose, o was it see a wolverine. >> moves. because i don't know why. it could be a bad guess. i'm going with moves. >> moose are surprisingly ferocious animals great you kno that clearly, so let's see if you're right. roll tape, please. >> and can't see that far. tell me what it is.
5:37 pm
is that a moose? i see it. it's a moose. what a racket. haig i'm impressed you know that . are you from the north country? >> i'm not, but i know when the moose get a little hungry, they like to be more aggressive. >> i love that we're asking animal questions on fox nation. can we get a loan shark? we've got a couple of bookie question. okay, question number two, this is another wildest you seen in while, and man named cliff saw sought a 6-foot tall animal attacking his dogs and his backyard. he approached the animal and th animal lunged at him and to fight him. what kind of animal was it, was it a kangaroo, a bison, see, an ostrich. >> jimmy.
5:38 pm
c, and ostrich. come on. >> it was an ostrich, they are nasty animals. you pounded that buzzer. >> you got points from the heavens, you would've already won. glitzy if you got the answer correct. let's go to the tape. >> no. is this us trail, because this makes sense bear. >> no. and australian would go out there and fight a kangaroo. i've heard they punch, don't they? >> can i just chime in here? oh, tucker. >> that is known is an ostrich, but apparently in on straley at they are calling it a kangaroo. our judges as you didn't get that question correct that we are on to question three. this is a new york question so you have an advantage. an amazing scene caught on tape on a bar in brooklyn, i kind of hipster hang out. people have been drinks and
5:39 pm
animal walked into the bar. a woman who picked them up by the scruff of the neck and thre him out. what kind of an animal was desperate for saucy animal? >> who was the woman. >> a skunk, be a raccoon, see a possum. >> can we get a replay on that? >> hold on, judges. >> jimmy they are saying. it was b, a raccoon, tucker. >> can i guess if he gets it wrong? >> i don't know. >> the judges are saying sure. >> it was a possum. i am merely a tool, i am mark zuckerberg throws a bunch of ballots. this is answer harvesting and i don't support it. okay, our judges unfortunately are in charge, so you get raccoon, jimmy, and abby said
5:40 pm
opossum. let's see what it was. >> what is it? >> i saw this video on twitter. that might have been jimmy carrying it out to be honest. >> said they judges aren't saying that wasn't an ostrich. let's just say it's nice to see somebody leaving the bar and chains. it's a question you can redeem yourself, question four, a lion at the chinese do is making new because of his unusual hairstyle . that would be eric swalwell chinese girlfriend. he was boarding which kind of haircut for it was it a, a mohawk, was it be as shameful
5:41 pm
mullets, or was it cf middle-aged ponytail? >> it was become a mullet. >> o my. whose light is lit up right now. >> you're just always going to long island with this. that goes to jimmy they are saying. >> you are joking. of their waco. mullets. have you ever tried that. >> i was a mullet guy come back in the day, tucker. trend when you are now even 2-2. this is the final question. a two-point question, so whoeve get this is going to crash it. jahan has developed a new robot inspired by an animal which wil apparently help with labor shortages brought on by the pathetically low birthrate, thi
5:42 pm
robot is 4 feet high and can walk over rough terrain and carry things weighing up to 220 pounds, the question is what kind of animal does this sad mechanical replica resemble is it a goat, is it a bowl, is it see a wild boar? get i think my button is broken. >> it is a bowl. >> it is a bowl. >> it is a bore. >> you are saying bowl, if, i'v never been so nervous. >> i am the liat thomas of trivia, i am right. to get let's see if you are right. roll tape, please,. ♪ >> it's a goat.
5:43 pm
>> unfortunately you did not think like a robot designer, it is a goat which means abby wins. it goes to her, and your prize is a mug with creepy where, abb and jimmy, the best, thank you. >> i'm going to give you my prize, jimmy. >> unbelievable. tune in next week and see if yo can beat the experts. we will be right back.
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joe biden admitted yesterday he had no idea what date it was. he had no idea the baby formula shortage was going to be a problem until the shelves were
5:49 pm
empty. the white house were keeping track said they were aware of i months earlier when the largest bb formula factory in the country was shutdown by the government. when asked to disclaim that discrepancy rate that white house press secretary said i wa in my office and didn't actuall hear what the president said. so given this, it's probably no surprising that joe biden's friends in the media, the ones got him elected figured out we can't stick with this guy is going to discredit us, so they've had whipped around and joe biden and they are attackin him for it all the clips we are about to show you are from cnn, msnbc over the past three days. watch. >> the president claims the u.s is in a better economic positio than almost any country in the world, but he's also facing public sentiment making clear that americans don't feel that strength, not by a long shot fred. >> the biden administration is struggling.
5:50 pm
it would bring down the price o gas. >> as much as the white house i now trying to make it clear tha they are on top of this and doing everything they can to deal with this. something biden likes to say wa missed between the tongue in th lip. >> it was caught behind, inflation had to apologize this week, baby formula. >> two thirds of americans disapprove of joe biden's job performance on inflation and yo know, that is a very very very bad number. >> at this point, the only people who still support joe biden are those who work for him , whose jobs depend on it, and personally miserable colleg educated babies in their 40s. everyone out, and the media are hoping they will forget that we got this guy elected. it's not our fault. we're not going to forget. here comes the tape. it's june, and that means another moral lecture from your.
5:51 pm
anywhere in this country you go there are propaganda billboards everywhere, beating you over th head with this or that thing. everything is the ukrainian fla or the blm now, but now it's pride month so that means we have to lecture you about pride. and want to give you of photosensitivity warning in cas you are prone to seizures. that out-of-the-way coming here is the pride month display. that tops of the others. if you don't know, you're a bigot. within the marine corps, which is stop preparing for wars and is with rainbow colored bullets attached to it, just like the meme of the drone shooting rainbow missiles, except it's real life now. space forest affected an astronaut with a pride flag.
5:52 pm
they also posted about somethin called squarespace. he's the author and columnist o the federalist. what is the clearest ports of space which you say? get up no, men are from mars. may be two men are from mars. kick it that was clever all in itself. i think most americans are kind of on this sort of go do your thing, leave me alone program. why this easily need to beat us over the head with moralizing propaganda on every subject every day they are bricking a thinker at the point as a country, as a society where everyone just says you're an adult, do everything every do whatever you want brightly meal and if i don't want to be a par of it, but there is still this compulsion among corporate america and so much of the left which does include corporate america in this country about proving themselves, virtual signaling, showing how down wit
5:53 pm
the because they are despite th fact that this cause is no longer has any real meaning. it no longer has any substance to it right it's become about let's put every single color, not only on the rainbow, but black, white, pink, light blue because every single identity that is made up under the sun needs to be recognized anymore, but again, this is corporate america saying we care about these things, yet nobody gets a discount. i'm, i don't get a discount. i didn't get a raise for my company or anything like that. none of it seems to matter and if it makes sense, but they're still hanging onto a. >> you didn't get a raise. may be they don't really love you, it may be they are bigots. would it be possible for you think some genius designer to kinda bring it all together and get like a three and ukraine bl flag and make that permanent? >> i think they are doing there.
5:54 pm
i would even say the biden administration, there are peopl and the ministration bragging about i think the treasury secretary is one of them, they brag about how the first administration in u.s. history to raise the flag and they put their hand over their heart if it's going up the paul clement showing everyone, so they want this to be a thing. there might be other things tha the treasury secretary, the person in charge of monetary policy could be focusing on right now, but this is a sellin point to the left right now, no matter how meaningless this whole thing has become. >> no one believes, it should b trans ukraine blm abortion flag. we will be right back.
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st. jude honestly to us is everything. you know we've been here at our most broken, our most scared, and our most terrified. and they literally picked us up off the ground and strengthened us and from that very first moment, when we were walking down the halls into our hospital room, you could see all the names and all the organizations and all the people who have donated. and it felt like, wow, we have this incredible huge team of people all over the world fighting with us to make sure that griffin has the best medical care and the best chance for a cure. griffin, say hi. and they don't stop. like literally st. jude never stops. griffin: i'm back! i'm back! jennifer: for all the people who contribute to st. jude, we are so grateful for everything that you have done to give us our son, and to make sure that he has a long and happy and healthy life. heat that's it for us tonight, we are said to be out time
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commitment streak will bring yo an interview with kyle rittenhouse, he was talking to us right after he was declared not guilty. now speaking to us for the firs time on how he is taking on mar zuckerberg have the best weeken with the ones you love. we will see you monday. >> sean: welcome to hannity, i am inverse on this friday night edition. tonight, bad news. real wages, down. gas prices up big time. inflation, a four decade high. to


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