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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the complete opposite of what the barbecue is buffet rocks and barbecue chicken and saturday graceful native american. oh take a look good evening and welcome to tucker carlson said happy friday. let's say just carl for the sake of a mind experiment that you were the secretary of transportation to the united states of america. that's a big job. but what would you do all day? what's a pretty easy one because every secretary of transportation has the same two concerns the overriding concerns and despite what they may tell you,d neither one of these concerns has anything to do with systemic racism .
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so your first concern would be the price of diesel fuelir diesel fuel is what makes transportation possible in this country. virtually everything you buy in america arrived by diesel engine. our entire trucking fleet runsng on diesel. so doesuy every single freight locomotive in the united states. so diesel prices get too high. transportation secretary, transport stops the price ofth nearly everything becomes unaffordablein. af so inflation is directly connected to transportation and transportation requires diesel. it turns out the dieseltoat fuel prices are the key to a lot of the american economy. and you would know that your second concern if you were we transportation secretary would be domestic air travel. this is a huge country. it's far too big a country not to have reliable commercial flights from one place to another. businesses depend on the airlines and so the families for generations they've been able to depend on the airlines. america has had the most efficient air service in the
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world. planes and on time they don't crash. soso maintaining that system of air travel is probably the top concern of the united states transportation department. soso that should be worried abot if you were the secretary diesel and airlinese . and yet remarkably in less thane a year and a half under joe biden, both of these things, fuel costs and air travel have goneings dramaticaly in the wrong direction. the price of diesel is now hit its highest price ever recorded in history. 70%national average is up i since just last year. it's now five fifty three a gallon. 's that's terrible for truckers, but it's also terrible for you. it fo means you're paying muchy more for everything you bought. >> watch here on i 70 a lot of big truck makinguc the cross-countryks haul but a major increase in diesel prices with the numbers ticking higher and higher with no endin in sight is hitting them hard. you pay out a lot more becauseof
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you're doing the same amount of work in and mileage but you'ree paying a lot more at the if you've got it or use it or wears it or whatever truck touched at one time or another. so whether or note you have to buy diesel fuel, the price hikee affects your good groceries and services to pay for itpr one way or the otheric. the cost of a gallon of diesel rose by more than a dollar in just biden's first year as president. that was the largest annual increase in over a decade. why is this happening? well, because joe biden made it happen. this was intentional. it'scl a product of his clampdon on domestic energy production and especiallyio of his lunatic war against vladimir putin. the war that both partiesag seem to be in favor of, but that is crushing the united states by the sanctions of russia have been especially counterproductive. so back inen february, you may remember that joe biden pledged to destroy the russian economy. let's makee some poor forces in retaliation for installing donald trump as president.t.
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so what happened next ? well, four months later the opposite has happened. the ruble isenuble now ready for a year high thanksbi to biden.t russia is the largest gold reserves on planet earth. meanwhile, in this country you. can't afford gasoline. >> oh , so the opposite from joe biden predicted happened. what's his explanation for that explanation? sorry, it was an act of god.ut i can't do anything about it. watch. we're in a situation where because of the war in ukraine, gas prices and food prices are extremely high. there's a lot going on right now. but the idea we're going to be able, you know, quick switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in the near term, nor is it there going to food. oh , there's nothing we can do. oh , you could push to an end of the war in ukraine which is single handedly prolonging.
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you could force your client state ukraine to come toe the table. both countries, russia and ukraine bot want to do that. the only reason this war continues is because the white house is forcing c it to continue. and then by the way, you could stop shutting down energy pipelines, you could stop canceling oil drilling. but of course biden doesn't plan to do that . it would help america too much. instead, he's pleading venezuela for oil and then pleading with the saudis. wasn't it just the other day that the united states was energy independent? yes, but now we're begging dictatorships to sell us oil, but it won't be enough. industry officials are predicting shortages very soon. quote, i wouldn't be surprised to see diesel being rationed on the east coast this summer, said john catsimatidis, ceo ofmp united refining company. quote, right now inventories are lowan and we may seewh a shortage in the coming months. what would that look like? it would be ugly and again, it has worked to russia's advantage. even the new york times was forced to acknowledge that this
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week, quote, china and india could be protected from some of the burden of higher oil prices because russia is offering them discounted oil. russia has become the second biggest oil supplier to india. so how is this a good thing for the united states now? it's the opposite. it is a disaster and this is the first crisis you would expect these secretary ofti transportation to be on top ofon it. we can't affordp gasoline, but russia has so much oil it's selling it at a discount to our main global adversary, china. that seems bad, but it's only one crisis that the transportation secretary has on his platecr. the second is domestic air travel. it has become totally unreliable, tried to fly anywhere recently. it's like traveling in india in nineteen eighty five . you have no idea if the plane is going to arrive or leave. no85 one will give you a straigt answer on that and there is nothing you can do. it is falling apart and anyone has tried to go anywhere,pa particularly this weekend. i can tell yourt that since friday we've seen more thanay twenty five hundred flights
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canceled into and out off the u.s. delta seeing the most blaming weather and air traffic control, vendor staffing and increased covid rates. the faa reporting staffing shortages at its air traffic control center in jacksonville, one of the busiest in the nationck, saying in a statement weather was a factor, but staffing hass been a challenge. oh , staffing has been a challenge. why is it because joe biden forced the airlines toth fire employees it didn't want his ineffective shot and so the system fell apart. there aren't enoughst people to run it. airlinesai can no longer provide on time flights. so guess what rich people are doing rather than work to fixay the system that is opting out completely, they are flying private. ar >>te according to latest earnins report from the charter airline company wheels up in march of 2020 six thousand three hundred active members, that number has now nearly doubled to twelve thousand four hundred and it's not just wheels up. that'sst the trend across the industry according to private jetto data providedot
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by airports, they were total in april of 2019 of three hundred eighty nine thousand private jet flights in this countryn again april 2019 in april20 this year19 there are more than four hundred and seventy five thousand because everyone is so much richer after the covid lockdown's know because if you, can afford tod fly private and get out of our crumbling commercial air systemf you but if you can't afford it, good luck getting where you're going. probably going topr spend h some unscheduled time in an airportavti for the first three months of twenty . twenty two major airlines in this country reported the cancelation rate that is 50% higher than0 it was for the same period in twenty nineteen fifty percent higher. the work joe biden in the first quarter of this year, the department of transportation received more thantati 13 thousand complaints about airline service. that's up three hundred and thirty percentpe in the firt quarter of 2019. what a disaster and notar only are you unlikelye to get e are going on time. you're also going tols pay a lot more for your ticket. the average price of a domestic roundtrip flight is now
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more than four hundred dollars. that's up 70% since january. in january the average cost is two hundred and thirty six . it's upat 40% in this time last year when the average price was two hundred eighty eight and that's gas prices. airlines are actually cutting routes because it's no longer profitableines because gas is to high and thanks joe biden. jetblue is killing twenty seven regular routes this summer hides the travel season. delta is getting rid ofes one hundred . so what is the transportation security footage you're doing about this working feverishly to fix? no, working feverishly on the equity agendaon, their only concern so vax mandates of the airlines into turmoil without saving a singlei life. now the administration is demanding that airlines hire fewereman white pilots and fewer white air traffic controllers because that was the real problem. the skin color somehow was related to aeronautical skill and airlinesskil are doing it. you know, it is announced that fifty percent of its company's pilotss will be quote women or people of color over the next decade. why should you careth
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what the color of your pilot is?at what does it have to do with anything? nono one explains, but the new york times isk thrilled by it. they just publishedth this triumphant feature piece, quote, the end of the all male all white cockpit which apparently served us so badly. again, no one explains why you should care about the race or gender of your airline pilots. everybody cares aboututev their skill except the new york times and the white house, by the way, at the same time, the white house is doing all it can to keep fuel prices high. bidenghsh just pushed the eu to stop buying russian oil. it's payback for getting trump elected, but the effect is toas guarantee higher prices in international oil markets and that means higher prices for you . this is not an accident. they're doingen it on purpose. this isy the green new deal. they couldn't get through congress and the energy secretary jennifer granholm, the one who owns stock in an electric vehicle manufacturer even after she took her current job, came out and admitted this out loud. this but we want to do is toev make sure that everyday citizens havey access, for
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example, can get into can afford an electric vehicle where you wouldn't have to have to worry about the price of gasoline that are not at that place yet. >> so it is people a judge who is the transportation secretary doing about this ? well, in november he told americans in rural areas the poorest parts of this country to go ahead and buy electric vehiclesan, get a prius ismo only cost00 more than 50 grand. and that same month0, of course, he reminded us that ourur highways are racist, quote if an underpass was constructed such that a bus carrying mostly black and puerto rican kids to the beach was designed too low for itss to pass by , obviously that reflects racism. athe into those design choices, racist roads. can you name one ?ad no, of course not. but these are his obsession. more recentlyy, the transportation secretary has been telling us about the one thing that's going to fix our high fuel prices and clogged commercial airline a travel and that's of course abortion here is on june 1st ord abortion at the end of the day
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we reached a view as a countryth that the way we would resolveic this very difficultul issue is o trust women. and after 50 years. that's b apparently being thrown outei the window. the broader question that i think is before us now will be did we live to see the high watermark of rights and freedoms in this country and watch that begin to move in the opposite direction. now that guy is not o the secretary of abortion or lady's rights. that'sr the secretary of transportation who was lecturing you about abortion, a topic that doesn't have anything to dong with him on ans level even as our transportation systems areem falling apart. and that's not an overstatement . he's busy goingy to policy conferences telling you the real problem in this country is the supreme court a ruling on abortionbo people who judges the disgrace he's not even doing the bare minimum to fulfillis job
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requirements. people a judge should resign atn least travis is the founder of kick . he's the host of travis and buck sexton show. he joins us tonight. travis, greatat to see you. so people to judge you, i have to say the most entertaining cabinet secretary ever laughing in his buffoonery really has afforded us joy. but he transportation secretary at a time where you can't fly from point a to pointfr bnd and expect to get there and he's lecturing us about abortion. remember his paternity leave, tucker ? i mean, i can'tis l believe that story has vanished. the biggest transportation and supply crisiss in our nation's modern history. and the guy was on paternity leave. and this is symptomatic, tucker , of what's going on right now in thee biden administration. you know, i know you're a history guy toogu. one of the great history books encourage people to read it. team of rivals by doris kearns goodwin about the cabinet that abraham lincoln put togetherca after his election in 1860. what joe biden has done is put
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together a team of incompetence because as bad as granholmet and as bad as mayortu peter tucker, if i told you right now you're a smart guy, you have to draft somebody from the biden administration that you have any faithth at all in . he has managed to put together the biggester collection of cosmetic diversity and total incompetencef across the board that we've ever seen. kamalala harris, i mean, look at what's going on with merrick garland with the health and human services secretary h mayorkas. everybody out there is aneain unmitigated disaster. and that's why i thinkd w tohi a large extent, tucker ,ta what we're talking about is joe biden maybe being the most competent person in his entire administration which should terrify everybody. and ii think, tucker , we're being unkind to jimmy carter when we've been calling joe biden jimmy carter to point outca i think the reality is right now joe biden is when you
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look at it, herbert hoover to point out he's the worst president in one hundred yearsnt in this country and allry the people who've been lecturing you and mean and everybody else out theresi about how we're going to be on the wrong side of history, guess gue what ? you voted for the worst president in one hundred years where it that's the definition of being on the wrong side of history. well, yeah. and who thought it was a good idea to let ideologues near real things like transportation or go be secretary of pronounstt or secretary of equity or o something like let's get it right sortation guy in the transportation. yeah. great to see thank you so much for that . great to see you as well. thanks, tucker . so los angeles amazing and wonderful and deeply american city. but it's in trouble really. one guy's name is george gascon. he's the attorney general. he's refused to enforce the law and so things have fallen apart. of c stepped is just in . foxxhole millionni isgh in l.a.r us tonight. hey, bill . hey, tucker . that's right, lba george gascon
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has now been dealt another major court loss regarding his criminal friendly policies and it comes as the campaign to recall him says they are now almost at the finish line when it comes to gathering the needed signatures. we'll explain what's going on herel . yesterday a california appealser court ruled that gascon has to obey california's three strikes law which was passed overwhelmingly to california voters back in 1994. now gascon had previously called that law a disaster that leads to quoteer over incarceration and he ordered his prosecutors not to enforce it. well,to last year the l.a. d.a. union sued him over this arguinghi gascon directive would force prosecutors to violate california v law as well as ther own ethics.t a trial court judge agreed and issued an injunction blocking gascon from not following the law. gascon appealed that decisionon and lost in court again yesterday c with the appellate court writing in part quotein the district attorney overstates his authority. he is an elected official w who must comply with the law,
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not a sovereign with absolute unreviewable discretionsc. >> this opinion is basicallyow a slap downn to george gascon saying in essence that you cannot basically put your political preferences over justicet and what the voters of california voted in when they voted over 70 percent for the three strikes law back in 1994. he and tucker, gascon's court c los comes as the campaign to recall them says it is now collected over 500000 signed petitions. that is the most signatures ever collected in l.a. county for any petition they need about five hundred and sixty seven thousand verified signatures by july 6th to get this recall on the ballot. h but the campaign tells me they feel they are well on track to qualify. and gascon certainly isn't the only progressive prosecutor here in californiath to be under fire . the effort to recall sanfi francisco dhs bodeen has officially made the ballot his fate will be his fate will be decided by voters
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on tuesday. aywe'll send it back to you, tucker . amazing. we'll be watching both oftc thos and we'll see you then. thank you . we should tell you that the fbi today arrested seventy two year old peter navarro who's been on the show many times work ford donald trump in the white house for four yearste because he wont appear before the january 6thol committee, a wholly legitimate committee. . ey arrested himlytete in other words, liz cheney is okay with that. youth can't just rest people because you don't agree with their politics, but that's exactly what they're doing. will, on this in some detail next week. meantime, leading republicanso are working with democrats topa pass gun control. their constituents are not for this , but the new york times is. so they're doing it. we'll who they are straight ig. dright plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. 7vasalore or three . twenty five liquid filled aspirin capsule is clinically wrong in the 70s study because
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your doctor because even one attack is one too many. well, congress is currently considering legislation it would outlaw most firearms in this country. they're taking your guns away. it would also ban the sale of firearms to anyone under twenty one . this is backed by the party that wants to lower the voting age to 16 and keep the draft age at 18 so you can vote you can go get killed in another neocon war but you can't buy a gun in your own country. so yesterday's hearing, congressmanst thomas massiveke
10:24 pm
kentucky has some questions weut that provision oncent recognize different ages for different purposes, recognize eighteen the draft. we recognize the sixteen for driving in some states we recognize twenty one for drinking. so we recognize different ages for different purposes. that's all i want to thank you , mr. could i have a second to engage that certainly with the gentleman from kentuckyri with the chairman. join me in cosponsoring a bill to raise the draft age to twenty one . no but the chairman feels that their brains aren't fully formed at 18 , 19 and 20 . the research does indicate d that in certain respects. but the selective service needs i mean it's if the country needs people in these people, it needs people whose brains aren't fully formed in certain respects. yes. oh ,ll so you can't have a fully formed brain in order to go fight one of the neocon wars, go fight one more potent but
10:25 pm
you need to have a fully formed brain to defend yourself in your own countryyo. that was thomas massie, one ofve the very few republicans who's actually thinking through why this is bad forad the country and defendingth your constitutional rights. lindsey graham, of course, isn't he just wrote this on twitter quote i stand ready to vote on all the proposalsme mentioned by president biden tonight and encourage the democratic leader to bring them forward for votes. llindsey graham, the conservative lindsey graham ,take your guns away. don't fight g the stupid war . my crispi is a candidate for congress in new jersey. he's running against an incumbent republican who has long been opposed to your second amendment rights. we're happy to have him join us tonight. mike , thanks so much forn coming. are you surprised that republican lawmakersrs youo thought were there to defend your constitutional rights the second the new york times tells them to opposetu your constitutional rights? they obey. you know, tucker ,ti the onlye thing worse than theseon democrats like jerry nadler areo republican people who we donate money to, people who we electme time and time again.
10:26 pm
they're supposed to protectun us . and unfortunately, the man i'm running against who'sy been in congress since jimmy carter was the president chris smith, he is voting to arm the ukraine but disarm the wonderful citizens of new jersey who justo want to p be able to protect themselves but they can'to do t with this type of badass.wo tucker , how does that work exactly? so you send billions of dollars of weapons, including a lot of automatic weapons to untrainedan civilians in ukraine. we don't even know where they're where it's going and no one is keeping track of it. but you don't trust your own citizens to be armed. you know, it's disgraceful and it's america last christmas voted to co-sponsor gun control legislation with aoc adam schiff. you know, this is terrible and he's been getting awayy with it exceptfr for when president trump himself callsid on congressman chris smith to be primarieden out of office because of his vote on the second amendment, his votes for the january six commission. so people need toto w wake uppe and elect real people who are going to put our country first and stop allowing these lifetime bureaucrats tofi protec
10:27 pm
themselves when they go to work. ork.for the people out there in new jersey, the governor says he wants to trample all over the bill of rights. they can fend for themselves. it's elitism. it's disgraceful. and thank goodnessit that presidenthank trump himself called this out and called on congressman chris smith to finally be retireded after. forty two years. you know,n i think even if i were a democrat, i would agree with it because people deserve a choice. you shouldn't have only oneve option, right? it's three hundred fifty million people in the country should have at least two real political parties . ee wels only have one . itpr feels like it is the union party . i mean, you've been talking about this and people are talking about it. it's a union party and thank goodnessss that people are running in this cycle. thank goodness that the america first movement is rising and we're going to retire this . i know people all over the country are running on this c banner to put our country first finally and i think we're winning this race because the sentiment even in a state like new jersey where a lot of o republican are angry they're coming out for the primaries and you know, president trump gets involvedut in this race. it's the death blow to somebody1 who's been in since 1980 and nobody owns a seat in congress. we need to ourd ur elected
10:28 pm
representatives and right now people want change because all they want, tucker , iswa the countrynt to be put first.ou this country, not ukraine and america and the people of new jersey. so hopefully we're going toy. give that to here and i think we're going to do it in a bigh way. i don't think it's toooo muchtoo ask. i appreciate you coming on , christie. >> good to see you. thank you , tucker . so corporations have taken a break from virtually virtue signaling about ukraine, how they're branding for pride month. right. hence the moral lectures never end. we'll see some of their new designs. also, foxes, happy hornets and jimmy fallon face off in a special friday edition of final exam. l we'll go right back . is the life of a rock star
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10:34 pm
a more well defined center. the storm is about one hundred and eighty five miles southwest of fort myers, florida, with maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour on its current tracking system could dump a lot of rain saturday as it moved across southern and central portions of florida celebrity dr. mehmet oz will face pennsylvania lieutenant governor john fetterman in november for the u.s. senate seat currently held by retiring pat toomey. former hedge fund ceo david mccormack conceded the gop primary to us on friday, saying he could not make up the votes he needed in a state ordered recount in pennsylvania. election could be a key race in the gop's quest to win control of the senate. i'm ashley strohmeyer. >> back to tucker carlson tonight . time now for a respite from f the news we callin this final exam the game where we pit news professionals against al who'sher to reveal
10:35 pm
actually been paying attention at work. we have a theme this week e for the show. it is final exam animal abuse all questions like the animals say to the nicest people at fox news people you have pulled your checkbook, babysit your kids. they are foxox news host abby 1% and jimmy fallon and we're happy to see you both . tucker ,>> i just wanted to say, tucker , that i tried to buy brive, every single member on your staff to give me the answers to these questionsd . nonono one would there are twote upstanding hold on which is ridiculous. tucker her dad played nba basketball. my dad played beer pong. okay,ke and let's watch. this is usa a lot of talented usc graduates versus the nassau community college. hanga outhred, i don't know if want a three hour radio show every single day, youda know,er answered all these questions already. interesting to hear people talk up the other side. it's a strategy. we'll see if it's going to work ferocious. your competitive spirit is okay . buzzer'sh here,e, the rules i k the questions.
10:36 pm
the first one to buzz in gets t to answer the questiono . you have to wait till i finish asking the question. otherwise our judges will count you out. every correct answer is worth one point if you get wrong you lose p a point. best of five win each questione tonight is multiple choice for all the options. are you ready? nono pressure to the animaleg edition . beginner's question one a grizzly in montana was stunned when it wasas chased downan the road by an even fiercer animal. we know this because the wholewe thing k was caught on tape. what kind of animal chaseds a grizzly bear? was it a bobcat? was, it beat a moose? was it see wolverine 1%. oh , in holly moose because i don't know why it's a good guess. it could be a bad guess what i'm going with moose. moose are surprisingly ferocious animals. you in know that soll let's see if you're right. rotate please. can't see that far.
10:37 pm
i mean what it is to me. oh happy. oh i can't see it. it's the most what a wreck. yes well that was a good guy press you know that . areu you from the north country. i'm not c but i know that when moose get really hungry they like to be a little bit more aggressive,. oh yeah they're not too bad. i just i just love that we're askingsk animal questions to the host of on fox nation. can we get a loan shark question? ok we've got a couple of questions. so what's the big siegertes question too? this isti one of the wildest we've seen in a while a man named cliff. that's all we're going to tell you about him saw a six foot tall animal attacking his dogs in his so he approached the animal and the animal lunged atat him and get to fighthi what kind of animal was it? was it a a kangaroo, b, a bison ,c, an ostrich. he was not paid it was c, an
10:38 pm
ostrich. come on .and it wasas an ostrich. u they are nasty animals, men. you pounded that buzzer. i liked the 1% that was ifgo you're not pulling for vehemence you don't already have one .e but let's see if you've gotgo the answer correct. we're going to go to. the tape. no it's in australia because it makes sense. no australian would go out there togh find a kangaroo. you know, i heard they say punch don't say they do match. what can i just chime in here? oh , tucker , like and so in long island that is known as a as an ostrich. but apparently in australia they're calling it a through our judges and unfortunately you did not get that correct. butt we're on to question three now. this is a new yorkto question,th jimmy . so youis have i got shot. there was an amazing sceneaz caught on tape atin a bar in brooklyn, a kind of hipster hangout and you for having the drinks and an animal walked
10:39 pm
into the bar, a womanck who apparently was not from williamsburg, maybe from alaska picked him up by the scruffth, the neck and threw him out. what kind of animal was this ? this saucy animal woman a civil . exactly. a skunk. was it be a raccoon? was it a possum? it got it. can we get it?ay can we get a replay? i'm sorry. dg ratheres hold on judges. get a replay?ar jimmy they're saying it was btu a raccoon talker. it was benign. >> if he gets it wrong i don'tar judge you're saying.e sure, but let us go. how do you change the role of merely a tool? okay, i'm a dropbox's with mark zuckerberg there a bunch of harvesting this is answer harvesting. up i don'tpo support it. okay, but our judges unfortunately are in charge of the supreme court on the show. so you guessed raccoon
10:40 pm
jimmy and abby saidd opossum. let's see which it was. yes, oh , what is it? i think i saw this video on twitter. i did that might have in jimmy carrying it out to be honest. yeah. you know, the judges are sayinga that was in fact anyi ostrich sorry. that was a nrcc. let's just say it's nice to see it's nice to see someone leaving a bar. no shame besides paul pelosi. oh ,an yes. that's good. i like it.n you go get us a two point question. you can redeem yourself a question for a lion and a chinese you name hanging isal making news because his unusual hairstyle, the hanging is not h to be confused. fang fang would be eric swalwell, chinese spy girlfriend. butes this lion was photographed sporting which kind o of haircut was it a mohawk. was it be a shameful mullet or
10:41 pm
was it see a middle aged jimmy it was they admire oh my yes. whose light is lit up right now. i just always just go in longng island on this matter. all right. look at a roll tape. it goes to jimmy there saying what is it? you're joking. yeah, why is it safe word out there we go. candace owens you can put us back in the day. i did. w i wasas a mullet guy, tucker bak in the back king of the jungle. okay, so you're now even two to two i think and this is the final question. it's a two point question. so whoever gets this , he's going to crush it. and here it is, japan has developed a new robot inspiredbo by an animalt which will apparently help with later labor shortages brought on by low birthrate.
10:42 pm
now this robot is four feet high, has horns. it can walk over rough terrain and it can carry things weighing up to two twenty pounds. the question is what kind of animal does this sad mechanical replica resemble? is it a goat? is it be a bull? a is see the wild boar big? i think my i broke the window. it is a bull. it is a bull and you're predicting a of no for the win . okay, you're saying bull and ifu you're wrong abby wins if you're right, obviously i get whatever the prize is that we're giving away tonight even that i have deniedn the woman a medal. i am the thomas of trivia.iv i'm right. okay, that's good. let's see if you are right. roll. please.
10:43 pm
i was involved in it.or unfortunately you dotu not thinn like a japanesek robot designer was a ghost and that means wins . you are not fully autonomous is you're with me and it goes to her and your prize is a mug with creepy paula. thank you your coffee and think if it happens to, me you're, the best. ou thank you .. prize, ng too give you my prize. gimme those on community college for nothing. unbelievable. you shown during the next week to see ifyou you can beat the experts. we'll be right back . you can only one thing there rest your life.
10:44 pm
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any time anywhere on fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening until meet dan bongino. lawrence jones breaking down lawrence jones breaking down america's biggest getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra
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and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. i can give you the personal life you need for boosting your retirement savings today. visit retirement or try admitted yesterday that he had no idea what day it was. you know, i said that the baby formula shortage would be a problem until shelves were already empty. that was in april.
10:49 pm
but the white house that we're keeping track claimed was aware of this issue months earlier when the largest baby formula factory in the country wasas sht down by the government. so when asked to explainin the discrepancy, the white house press secretary explained, quote, i was in my office. i didff not actually hear what the president said. oh ,ally i was on instagram loog at pictures of myself. so given this , it's probably not surprising that joe biden's friends in the media, the ones, who got elected have figured out we can't stick with this guy, he's going to discredit us . so they have whipped around on joe biden and they're attacking him. all the clips are about to show you are from cnn and msnbc over the past three days. watch. the president claims that the u.s. is in a betterr economic position than almost any country in the world. but he's also facing public sentiment that is making clear that americans don't feel that strength not by a long n shot and the whiteot house adrit from national tragedy is justth soaring inflation by the administration struggling the way that we would like preserve would bring down
10:50 pm
the price of gas. and all we've seen since then was a series of record highs as much as the white house is now trying to make ito m clear that they're on top of this and doing everything they can to deal with it something as biden me likes to y was missed between the cupup and the lip. they looked flat footed and caught behind afghanistan inflation. they just had to apologized this week, baby formula, the list goes on . two thirds of americanshi disapprove ofpp joe biden's jobe performance on inflation and you know, that is a very, very, very, very, very bad number. so at this point, the only people who still support joe biden are those who work for him. his jobs depend on it and personally miserable college educated ladies in their 40s. everybody else is out. and so. the media are hoping, holy smokes, you'll forget that we got this guy elected. ot it's not our fault. we're not going to forget.e. actually , we've up to date. well, it's june and that means
10:51 pm
another moral lecture from your betters anywhere in this country go. thereere are propaganda billboas everywhere beating over the head with this or that thing. everything is ukrainian flag or blm fist atkr this point. but since june it's now pride t month and that means we have ton lecture you about pride now before we show you how they're celebrating, we want to give you a photosensitivity warning in case you're proneph o seizures that out of the wayat here is the pride month display of the brooklyn nets tweeted that one person responded going for the whole prenter test page really tops all the other colors mean iff you don't know you're a bigot, then the marine corps, which is stop preparing for war is now a social service organization posted a picture of a helmet with rainbow colored bullets attached to it just like the meme of the drones shooting rainbow missiles. except it's real life now we'ren still killing illiterate villagers, but we're good people. space forced to pick an astronaut with a pride flag.
10:52 pm
they also post an article about something calledwith space. space. where is space? wed don't know.. gary may know. he's the author and columnist. the federal's gunsight. what's the part of space would you say he i don't know. men are from mars. maybe maybe two men are from mars. om that was m just really however holy. so that was by the way, you know, that was so good. so what do you look? i think most americans are kind on the sort of you know, good do your thing leave me aloneve program m. why the ceaseless need to beat us over the headth with moralizing propaganda on every subject every month ofm the year? a i think you're i think we are the point as a country, as a society where everyone just says you're an adult, do whatever you want, just leave meerytdo alone if i t want to be a part of it. and yet there is still this compulsion among corporateso america and so much of the left which does include corporate america in this country about proving themselves virtuesco,
10:53 pm
signaling show showing how downt with the cause they are despiteh the fact that this cause is no longer and no longer has any real meaning, no longer has any substance to it. y it's become about let's put every single color not only onno the rainbow but not on the rainbow black, white, pink, light blue because every single identity that's that's made up underid the sun needs to be needs to be recognized anymore. but again, this is corporate america sayingg we care about these things and yet nobody gets a discount. i'm . i go somewhere. i don't get a discount at all.i i didn't get a raise at my company or anything likese that . butem yeah, none of it none of t really seems to matter anymore. none of it makes and yet they're still hanging onto it. oh , you didn't get a raise maybe don't really love you.e maybe they're biggest. is it would it be possible, do you think foror some genius designer to kind of bring it all together? we get like a trans ukraine blm flag and just kindfl of make that permanent? >> i mean, i think they're
10:54 pm
doing their . i would even say that the divided administration there are peoplebi in the administration who are bragging about i think janet yellen, treasury secretary is one of them. they brag about how they're the first the first administrationab in the us history to raise to raise the flag and they put their hand over their heart the poleoing up tweeting about it, showing everyone so they really want this to be a thing. i don't know. there might be other things that janet yellen as the treasury secretary, the person in charge of monetary policy could be focusingth on right n. but this is a real real selling point to the left, right, left,h right now, no m matter how how meaningless this whole thing has become , no one believes in their religion. and by the way, i should say it should be trans ukraine blm abortion flag. and if you can come up with that, we will highlight it on this show. it is scary. great to see you tonight . thank you to you. we'll be right back . at a real estate agent, i've learned it's excess moisture
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but we are don't control the clock. next week we're bringing youll n interview with carl rittenhouse. he spoke to us right after he was declared not guilty. now he's speaking for the first time sinceed a verdict to explan that was taking on mark zuckerberg, which needs to be done . be we'll see monday have the best weekend with the ones yound love . welcome to anthony hexapod forit sean on this friday night edition . and tonight, unfortunately, what else could we begin with ? but bad news, real wages down, gas prices up big time inflation is at a four decade high. tropicana are predicting a period of stagflation. remember that word the ceo of jpmorgan chase, jamie dimon is


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