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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  June 4, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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floating hospitals to provide the free surgeries these children need. join us. together, we can give children the hope and healing they never thought possible. it's a mission powered by love, made possible by you. give today. we begin with positive economic news with labor department the u.s. is reportedly in reporting healthy job growth and low economic unemployment for the month of may. the latest jobs report shows the economy added 390,000 new jobs, beating expectations for the unemployment rate held at 3.6%. the job openings remain near historic highs with more than 11 million position still unfilled. meanwhile president biden yesterday acknowledging the toll
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that runaway inflation and soaring gas prices are taking on american families while calling on congress to work together to provide immediate relief. >> i understand families who are struggling probably don't care why they're up they just want them to go down to joe what are you going to do bring them down? it is important we understand the root of the problem. arthel: hello everyone i am arthel neville this is "fox news live" it. eric: thank you for joining us i am eric sean. the big stories before you at this hour. investigation underway after man goes on a stabbing spree a los angeles hospital. it is the second attack u.s. medical facility that happened just this week. search is now on for the gunman opened fired at a phoenix strip mall last night. killed one person and eight others were wounded in what is yet another mass shooting in america. we will have the latest on that
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investigation. republican lawmakers are going to the southern border today, what they say about the spiraling situation as migrants continue to cross the border at high rates. we have fox team coverage for you, christina coleman is in los angeles. let's begin with lucas tomlinson whose life at the white house force, lucas. >> good afternoon eric and arthel for today the price of gas in this country is double what it was when president biden took office. gas prices have soared the president's approval rating has gone down spoke he is spending the weekend. >> fighting inflation is my top economic priority. we are not likely to see the blockbuster job reports month after month like we had over this past year. but that is a good thing. that is a sign of a healthy economy. >> the founder and chairman of fed ex risley said president obama once told him, his poll numbers were directly related to the price of gasoline per
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goodness for the white house allayed appropriately said yesterday 390,000 new jobs added in the month of may. but the economy remains 822,000 jobs short of a pre-pandemic levels. while unemployment remains at 3.6%, there still over 11 million jobs available. president biden was asked if he be going to saudi arabia later this month, nbc now reporting that crypt to a joint trip to saudi arabia and israel's been postponed a month as presidential candidate biden once called saudi arabia a pariah for the state department cia better known by his initials into bs is responsible for the murder of saudi journalists. gas prices have greatly increased and administration to kickstart more production in the united states the white house applauding decision to pump more oil and is plan to personally reward and bs with a handshake and photoshop drawing blowback from both the left and right. >> there is a possibility i would be going to meet with both the israelis and the arabs at
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the time including i expect to be saudi arabia. but i have no direct plans at the moment. >> this is just in from white house producer pat warren a small plane has flown near the presence location. the white house reporting this statement a small plane entered restricted airspace by mistake and precautionary measures were taken for there is no threat to the president or his family. anyone who has gone to the beach knows there's a lot of small planes of flyover, many times of the little banner in the background. arthel: hope it's a weekend of pilot didn't realize the president was there. all right lucas thank you. we'll have much more the impact of inflation. >> i have taken my family there so many times and of those planes look like. >> that is true. we'll have more on inflation and the impact on your wallet. we'll join us in a few moments to talk about the economy and
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what the biden administration is doing enough to deal with inflation, arthel. arthel: eric, thank you. investigations underway after two separate violent attacks in los angeles. authorities there say a man stabbed a doctor and two nurses at a hospital. all three are in stable condition. the suspect holed up in a room for four hours before police arrested him. and in phoenix a shooting at a strip mall leaves one person dead, eight wounded, shoot with life threatening injuries. let's go to christina coleman if she is life in los angeles with more, christina. >> hi arthel part phoenix police say a woman was pronounced dead after she was taken to the hospital and a total of nine people were shot including this victim into other women who suffered life-threatening injuries. the victim's rage in age from 1. there are few details on this case right now. no arrests have been made in so far there is no word on a description on a suspect. police say about 100 people were
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gathered at a party in the strip mall in north phoenix when the shooting happened around 1:00 a.m. early this morning. >> many rounds were shot into this crowd of people. everyone fled the area. >> i don't have any indication anyone broken and it was a barkley art unlicensed party or anything. all he know right now is a large gathering of people at a strip mall. >> hours earlier here in southern california another brutal act of violence. a doctor and two nurses were stabbed inside an emergency ward at the encino hospital medical center for that is about 20 miles north of los angeles in san fernando valley for the victims are listed in stable condition. prior to stabbing and police say the suspect parked his car in the middle of the street, entered an emergency room and asked for treatment for anxiety but officer stated there is no evidence indicating that he knew the victims. >> to buildings down that could have been any of us or my
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coworkers or doctors, terrible. it is disheartening with all this other stuff going on these days it really hits close to home. >> after the suspect in this case was arrested yesterday he was taken to another hospital for self-inflicted injuries to his arm. police have not released his name but they do said he had an extensive criminal history including two arrests for battery of a police officer and resisting arrest, arthel. arthel: that is frightening to christina coleman live in los angeles thank you, eric. eric: let's go to the southern border for the humanity in crisis there is continuing. migrants are still crossing we are record numbers. in what migrant shelters along the border, they are asking for more government help as they prepare for the possible end of title 42. the biden administration is appealing the court decision that keeps those pandemic restrictions in place for now. what happens if they lift? griffith jenkins live in the
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border in the very latest on that. >> hey eric. what happens as those numbers go up. that is something border patrol agents are deeply concerned about spray the numbers existing now are uncontrollable. that is the message agents want you to know. but before they get across here in the rgb sector, ground zero hardest hit in the entire southern border. before they get on this side on the mexican side we were able to get exclusive look inside the biggest shelter there. take a look at this brand-new video per this is inside the path of life shelter receive migrants from haiti, cuba, el salvador, guatemala, on duress, we even ran into, three ukrainians into russians who were living in the same little area getting along with each other but fling because the were in ukraine for it outside the shelter come into the shelters about 1500 migrants. outside more than 5000 according to the shelter director.
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he says that title 42 has caused ambiguity of it is caused more migrants to show up he says he was biden administration to send a message south of the border to tell migrants in this country is to not come. now it's at the time to come there's no place to put people, listen. >> they ministries we have right now because all of those families suffering. right now we have lots of families here in mexico. they don't have no place to stay. >> right now, eric, look at these numbers. these are explosive numbers we got from a source the last 24 hours the top four busiest sectors across the border. yvette rgb more than 1300, del rio, texas more than 1300, el paso over 1000. yuma, arizona updated were present. add it all up more than 4500 migrants in a 24 hour period and
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by the way those numbers may get worse we have confirmed with the caravan organizer down there in southern mexico as many as 11000 migrants have north starting monday they'll get mexican work visas. the hotly contested pennsylvania publican senate primary race is over. former pressure treasury conceded last night to drop back tv doctor laws. saying the state-mandated recount was largely complete and oz was a clear winner. with the latest mark york city news rooms. >> mccormick said he called doctor ought to congratulate on his win. but there is not been an official race called just yet. acknowledging the races close mccormick said is now time to look ahead, listen. >> we came so close. became so close to the goal by
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the slimmest of margins. [applause] it is so important for pennsylvania, so import may beat john fetterman it's important for the country take back the majority in the senate. >> as the recount is still underweight you can see coming in that the race for the republican nomination for senate in pennsylvania it was very close. david mccormick is a former hedge fund exec. he is conceded to doctor oz the well-known celebrity tv doctor. ross had a lead of fewer than 1000 votes just before the recount. note doctor oz says it's time to focus on what is coming up in november. focus in on his democratic opponent releasing a statement saying in part know that the primaries over will make sure the u.s. senate seat does not fall into the hands of the radical left led by john fetterman. next up in november that election between doctor oz and the nominee for democrat lieutenant governor john fetterman. supporters are very word about his health as he just actually announced on friday that he
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almost died due to an ongoing heart condition but he is confident he'll be be in good enough health to campaign. a lot of people are still very worried after hearing that announcement just coming out about 24 hours ago from him, himself. recount is estimated to cause listen to this, over $1 million for taxpayers will conclude on june 8, arthel. arthel: are right alexis mcadams thank you very much. eric: former trump advisor peter navarro he faces two counts of contempt of congress for defying a subpoena from the generate six committee. the d.o.j. says navarro refused to or even hand over documents pretty faces up to a year in jail on water to thousand dollar fine on each count. navarro though rip the generate six panel. >> what that kangaroo committees doing right now is investigating for punitive purposes for they are essentially acting as judge, jury and executioner.
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>> the meantime the justice department said yesterday it will not charge former trump officials mark meadows and dan with contempt of congress. generally six committee leaders of that committee called that decision quote puzzling, i've asked for more clarity from the d.o.j. this all comes as a committee will hold its first public hearing on the violent insurrection attack on the capitol. that in prime time starting next week. arthel: you baldy, texas egg its final goodbye to three more innocent victims in the rob elementary school massacre. 10-year-old cousins jc and jayla, laid to rest on friday. a joint funeral service for jc and jayla at the sacred heart catholic church. family members say the children did not want to go to school that tragic tuesday. last month as though they felt something was going to happen.
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nineteen students and two teachers were killed may 24. the second deadliest school rampage in the u.s. after sandy hook in 2012. memorials for the victims began monday and will be taking place throughout the month. live every moment. glucerna. are you haunted by your cable service? have you noticed strange, frightening fees on your monthly bill? do you experience feelings of dread when you pass by your cable box? if the answer is yes... who you gonna call? directv stream. now save $30 over 2 months. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are.
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arthel: the u.s. and south korea just wrapped up the first joint military exercises involving a u.s. aircraft carrier. first time in more than four years. confirming the three-day drills concluded today in international waters off the coast of the japanese island. this amid concerns north korea may soon conduct its first nuclear test in five years after more than a dozen missile tests already this year. eric: the latest jobs report beating expectations are in the labor market remains strong. economy added three to 90000 jobs in may. unemployment is held at 3.6%. that is the lowest since february 2020. that is great news but still despite that there are concerns about a possible recession. the federal reserve raises interest rates at the fastest pace in two decades. to try to slow down the red-hot
11:19 am
inflation we are seeing. global economics contributor for the wall street journal. john, hi how are you? seems like we have conflicting news and jobs are up, wages are but so is inflation. how does the administration get a handle on this? can they? >> it's on the federal reserve to get a handle on it that is the first job. and that is what they are doing by raising interest rates. it is great news if you want a job you can get one. the problem is the paycheck you're getting from that job does not go as far as it used too because inflation is rising so much. so that jobs report that came out yesterday it was still quite strong almost 400,000 jobs created. the fed has to take some of the heat out of the economy and that is what we are going to be looking out over the next few months. that is where the inflation risk i'm sorry with recession risk comes in. is the fed going to take so much heat out of the economy and drives it all the way into a recession? it's a delicate act they have got to undertake.
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eric: how did they do that? and what you think are the chances of slipping into recession? >> in terms of your first question one of the chances of us slipping into recession? right now the economy is very strong. the unemployment rate is very low. and that is good news it. one of the things is going to be tricky i think for observers and wall street to digest over the next few months is how is the fed going to do this question if they're going to raise interest rates are going to make a more costly to borrow money when you want to go out and buy a new car, a new washing machine, or a new home for that matter. that is meant to slow growth down. the trick is, can they slow growth and enough to take the heat out of inflation without slowing it so much that it incentivizes companies assert cutting jobs. that is a balancing act they have to do. even if the economy slows down to zero, really the key is
11:21 am
keeping the unemployment rate low. that is what i am watching. eric: usually we would look at the unemployment rate is a key indicator down to 3.6% almost a 50 year low. at the same time there is a worry about stocks going into the toilet. and as you say a possible recession. >> i think the other thing is even with the low unemployment rate we see consumer confidence following to very low levels. and that gets to the inflation piece of this. people are frustrated that inflation is rising. they see it at the grocery store. they see it at the gasoline pump. they are starting to see it in rent and boy they see it and airfare which is remarkable to me the airlines were bailed out during covid there thank you note to america's a jack up airfares by 33% in the last report. and i think that's frustrating a lot of americans. i think that frustration is not going to go away until these
11:22 am
increased settle down a little bit. >> republicans are pointing to the biden administration spending policies the president points to co- vivid, the war in ukraine the supply chain crisis and the like. >> there are a lot of factors at play here. frankly when economists talk about prices they talk about supply and demand. so both factors are in play for the russian energy market has been squeeze the ukrainian energy market and grain markets have been squeezed by this war. so supply has been an issue. demand has also been pumped up by low interest rates by the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan passed by the biden administration. let's not forget there are a lot of checks that went out during the final year of the trump administration, $5 trillion of additional debt pumped into this economy in 2020. the federal government through everything at the economy in
11:23 am
2021. we are paying a price for right now. eric: finally the president says we've laid a foundation it's historically strong we can build on that foundation a stable steady growth so we can bring down inflation. it will come down at some point. how and when? lex the fed, according to their projection, expected starting to slow down this year. they have a goal of 2% inflation. their different measures you can look at. by almost any of them we are now almost over 5%. the fed does not see the economy getting back to 2% inflation for another couple of years at least. so, we have got some work to do. they have got some work to do and we are going to feel the effects of it for at least several more months. eric: echoes the last months of jimmy carter before reagan came in with the gas and the high interest rate.
11:24 am
>> it was double-digit inflation and double digit employment for god willing were not going to get to that. eric: don did to see you, jon hilsenrath with the wall street journal. arthel: it is now more than 100 days since russia's unprovoked war on ukraine. and while the brave ukrainian resistance has stunned the world, the country has suffered catastrophic damage. president zelenskyy said russia now controls 20% of ukraine. senior correspondent mike tobin is live and ukraine's capitol of kyiv with the very latest. >> more than once under days of war have killed more than 31000 russian soldiers according to general staff of ukrainian armed forces. 14 million ukrainian civilians have been forced from their homes. most of them women and children according to the un for this has evolved into an artillery war on the south and east with the russia enjoying superior firepower making steady gains in the east. ukraine trying to launch a counter offensive and gain real
11:25 am
estate in the south limited success. the center of the country people are trying to resume normal life. that is very difficult in areas where the russian forces have left a trail of bloodshed and alleged war crime. while much of ukraine rebounds that people are change by the atrocities that came to their streets. his assembling an album of her husband he went on bicycles with his son for aid delivery, food they were stopped at a russian checkpoint. >> when my husband raised his hands and began to turn toward the sun two shots were fired at him and then two shots of the child as well. when the child fell on the asphalt it was fired in the direction of his head regrets astound us come to symbolize war atrocity. nothing is better evidence of that than this disturbed soil. they were so many dead left laying in the open that a local
11:26 am
priest organized a mass grave next to the church. in the end, 112 people were buried here. >> tries to focus on the son who survived the shooting and the other two. she spent her career raising the kids, now she needs to pay the bills. >> our family was provided for by my husband. turn to a psychologist for help or a try not to be left alone pretty went to work and i'm trying to be engaged in something so there is no free time. >> a handful of war crime trials have already been held in ukraine for the prosecutor general, has already been to the international criminal courts and wants to bring cases there, arthel. arthel: all right mike tolman live in kyiv thanks mike. eric: another note queen elizabeth marking seven years on the throne. as a platinum jubilee a massive show of partying and pageantry. we are live in london coming up with day three of this royal
11:27 am
celebration. cases are rising again and our country and some places are considering and brought back indoor masks. we will ask doctor janette next about why the numbers are climbing even among the fully vaccinated. and how you can still protect yourself. black wall street. it was a sight to be seen. until one day, it was all burned to the ground. but fire is no match for the fire within black dreamers everywhere. and so, new black wall streets rise. ♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking.
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i'm steve, i lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo and taking release. since taking release, my sleep is way better. my inflammation has gone way down. i'm nonstop now, i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore. arthel: disturbing news now police say the murder of a former wisconsin joan was a targeted killing on the suspect had a hit list of other lawmakers. yesterday morning police got calls of shots fired at juneau county judge john roemer's home in new lisbon but that's about one or 50 miles northwest of milwaukee. official site swat teams found the judge zip tied to a chair and fatally shot. the suspect was found in the basement with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound and
11:32 am
is in critical condition. police say a hit list found in the suspect's car included wisconsin governor tony evers. michigan governor, gretchen whitmer and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. investigators say those lawmakers have been notified and they are looking into whether this was related to any court cases, very disturbing, eric. ♪. eric: while it is day three of queen elizabeth platinum jubilee celebrations. today's big event is horse racing. the queen decided to skip that due to ongoing mobility issues for her. she is pacing herself we are told for the long holiday weekend. meantime prince harry and meghan markel hear about this they were noticeably boot as they left church service yesterday. alex hogan on these historic
11:33 am
festivities. >> hi erica. people here in the city of london and across the country are celebrating there is also a fair share of americans who have traveled all the way here just to catch the celebrations. >> of pomp and pageantry seeing the royal family. it is all just incredible. >> is so friendly and festive. it's better than i thought. i thought it would be chaos and everyone is well behaved. it is gorgeous weather. >> the next big event today is a concert on the doorstep of buckingham palace. diana ross, alicia keys, rod stewart some of the many performers. earlier today the epson derby take place in princess and stepped in for her mother queen elizabeth the second who did not attend. fittingly the name of the horse that one is named desert crown
11:34 am
prince over this weekend we have seen a trooping of the colored military parade, a flyover, a beacon lighting ceremony and a church service for the four-day holiday will wrap up on sunday with eight jubilee pageant sprayed the uk and the commonwealth celebrated the queens golden jubilee in 2002 for the 50th anniversary and her diamond jubilee been 2012 which marked the 60th year. and this of course celebrates 70 years of her being the monarch. she is the patron overseeing i've hundred organizations, more than 30 countries have issued coinage with her name or face on it. she is the longest reigning british monarch. this is the first ever platinum jubilee. people here who are celebrating realize they will likely never celebrate one of these again, eric. eric: she is much beloved. i love those crowns they are selling that the tourists have. pretty neat.
11:35 am
>> is a lot of fun out. arthel: i can tell alex is having a good time for the big smile on her face is wonderful. meanwhile here in the u.s., covid cases have been rising again. especially in california. alameda county in the bay area is reinstating it's a mask mandate for most indoor places pretty went into effect yesterday. applies to grocery stores, restaurants, and gyms but not to schools k-12. meantime the indoor mask mandate could return to los angeles county pre-look at the big picture now nationwide the seven day moving average of covid cases well, it is hovering around 100,000 infections let's bring in fox news medical contributor doctor janette nesheiwat. so as we speak, most people know someone who has covid or has recently gotten over it, or they have been exposed to someone with covid. why are we seeing these
11:36 am
infection spikes? >> hey arthel, it is multifactorial. number one we note vaccine immunity wanes over time. so the vaccine protection goes down each time you get a booster, each of you get a shot we know it lasts about 12 weeks three -- four months that is number one. number two the virus is changing for it of all deep-seated mutations part of a cross out the same as the original alpha. , is the delta variant. sometime immune system cannot recognize omicron as it did delta pray that that we could see people with reinfection. you take and cook to consideration meet lifted restrictions. people are out and about. human behavior, the environment. all of these things can contribute to an increase the number of cases. but, i am not concerned with the number of cases, arthel. i am concerned opposite the number of deaths and of course hospitalizations. but we have to remember we are in a different place. we have incredible therapeutic sprayed it got monoclonal
11:37 am
antibiotics we just use yesterday. we have anti- viral's and i am prescribing to patients who are at high risk. we also have updated vaccines that are going to be incredible that will encompass more than one strain, more than one variance. i'm really super excited about new potential fda approved medicine which uses nitric oxide to help fight the virus from replicating and improve oxygenation. it's in phase three trials in ocs if it gets approved hopefully we can use it for the winter holidays surge if we do see one. arthel: it stops if i sent replicating what does that mean? if you take it you can't spread it? what does that mean? >> exactly the virus enters the system you use this to help stop it from replicating. to help it from preventing it from using your cells to multiply and make you sick. it also helps with oxygenation paid where the biggest complaints i had with my patients when they were sick with covid, or they were losing their lives because of code the
11:38 am
biggest complaint of shortness of breath. they could not breathe. immediately they were put on ventilators that was a problem for it if you have a new medication that could potentially help improve oxygenation it's going to potentially be a game changer. arthel: that's wonderful at doing to play some sound right now from white house coronavirus response coordinator and why it's important for congress to continue to fund the fight against covid, let's listen. >> if you want to ask what keeps me awake at night it's were going to run out of vaccines approved were not going to be able to have enough the next generation of vaccines were going to run out of treatments will run of diagnostic tests. probably late fall early winter if we end up having a significant surge. we do not have the resources to buy those things those purchases need to make it now they cannot be made in the fall. arthel: doctor janette you talked about exciting medication treatments that are on the way. when you think about what doctor just had to say? >> i think number one it's
11:39 am
important to take personal responsibility and accountability for your own health. if you are doing everything you should do by now two thirds of americans are vaccinated for only about 46% or boosted. that is not because we don't have the vaccine it's by choice. they may already have it picked up covid on how the natural immunity did not get the booster right away. we do need to plan. we need to organize. we need to make sure we don't have a repeat of what happened this past holiday with omicron. we didn't have the tests we didn't have enough treatments as definitely a concern. hopefully we are at the point now we are in a different place we are not seeing three -- 4000 deaths a day at the beginning of the pandemic for that is because the virus is mutating. it is evolving. we see it become a little more like the flu like the common cold. for most people who have had a lease and natural infection or a vaccine for your still high risk if you have not been vaccinated and have no natural immunity
11:40 am
pays still have high-risk underlying medical conditions or older in age. definitely important as plan, prepare and anticipate we don't want to see repeat disasters like we saw last year. >> absolutely not. doctor janette nesheiwat always a pleasure to talk to thank you very much. >> thank you arthel. eric: critics have been calling the san francisco chief prosecutor soft on crime. now he's facing a recall. prosecutors across the nation political's drought adjust kendra freedman is here on that straightahead. like the baja steak and jack. piled high with tender shaved steak, topped with delicious pepper jack cheese, and kicking it up a notch with smoky- baja chipotle sauce? yep, they're constantly refreshing. y'all get our own commercial! subway keeps refreshing and- looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? once-weekly ozempic® can help. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreens health and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us. real world tested by you. and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. arthel: yet another twist in the criminal investigation of south carolina prominent family. officials say they will exhume the remains of attorney alex milani's housekeeper. gloria died in 2018 after
11:45 am
allegedly tripping and falling in murdoch's home. investigators thought injuries were inconsistent with an accidental fall. murdoch testified earlier this week he owed satterfield sense more than $4 million from her estate. murdoch faces several from former clients who say he scammed them out of millions for he is being investigated and the death of his wife and son. and for conspiracy to commit suicide. eric: at san francisco district attorney is facing a recall election on tuesday. critics including conservatives, law enforcement even some of his fellow democrats blame his progressive policies for spike in violent crime in the beautiful city by the bay. some say crime there has quote hit in embarrassing high. blaming those progressive criminal justice policies for encouraging it. so what does that mean for other d.a.'s who cannot get a handle
11:46 am
on crime? one san francisco democratic official community activists wrote an op-ed saying quote personally i believe harms goals on criminal justice reform. in part because people have died and will to die as a result of his choices and policies we have to hold our own accountable. of course the d.a. refutes that for joining us now is ken freedman ceo at source. political advisor, great to see you. it's going to happen on tuesday what you think is going to happen? the polls are currently running between 55 and 70% in favor of recalling. there has been a mail in campaign going on for a couple of weeks. they beat 10% of voters expected to cast their ballots in person on tuesday. looks like he is going to be recalled. >> he first of all people of the
11:47 am
progressive policies you know firsthand you know firsthand his history he is the son of kathy bodine who tell them about his history yuko back to the original robbery when he was a baby. >> i do 1981 october 20 i happened to have been a reporter in my office was only a few hundred yards from the mall where the murders took place. and so iran over there. i got over there in time to see peter page white on the ground the white sheet covering him pass out the gun the back door flung open and then as you know, the terrorists escaped down the throughway and ultimately murdered two more police officers off the throughway.
11:48 am
was raised by two other underground patriots he was raised by bill air and. [inaudible] the sins of the parents' arrogant parents on him there is nature and there is nurture. i believe in both of them. eric: he grew up in that environment. and in terms of his progressive policies we are seeing a backlash across the country. do you think it is spreading? what do you predict? how will that affect other prosecutors across the country when they face reelection? >> if he is recalled on tuesday at their very well may be a domino effect. up next is george in los angeles who is facing a recall as well
11:49 am
put i understand there's about 50000 signatures on the petition to recall it may then continue across the country to other big city progressive das, philadelphia, larry new york as you know we don't have a recall mechanism. but if we did there would be a couple progressive das here who might be facing recall as well. eric: finally, do you think some of the calls to defend police calls and some of the progressive policies have really boomerang on the democrats? and basically people sink wait a minute this is not what we broken for. >> i'm sure that is the case but if talk to people on the street they want more police. not fewer police. i represent several nypd police unions break and tie the police are policing but the prosecutors are not prosecuting. eric: what does that mean when that happens?
11:50 am
>> that means anarchy that means people getting shoved on subway trains and being stabbed to death in their own apartments. or punched in the face in their own san francisco driveway hitting the >> and dying. that is what it means. there is a direct correlation broken windows work to reach return to that of law enforcement. eric: broken windows is a policy of mayor rudy giuliani which was just briefly say it was the theory it was a broken window, check a maple was at the nypd said they go after the little crimes that will change the culture. >> that is right that is right. if you don't fix that window it sends a message to the person who broker to break another window or graffiti or so on. it sends a clear message that this will not be tolerated as opposed to decriminalizing low level tenses as has been done in
11:51 am
these major cities across the country. eric: thank you so much for your time will see the recall on tuesday. he may be out, and thank you. >> thank you. default will be right back with more news after this. stay with us. world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your free rosland guide to gold, gold & precious metals ira, and silver brochure. with rosland, there are no gimmicks, no hassles... and they have fast, reliable shipping.
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it was really finding gold. one of my grandfathers, didn't even know his birthdate. i figured out the exact year he was born. the census records fill in gaps, it helped me push the door open.
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early. too extreme, too conservative
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arthel: your headlines were followed before you. a911 dispatchers out of a job after hanging up on one of the victims during the last months mass shooting in buffalo for the dispatch was placed on administrative leave before she was fired. ten people were killed when a gunman went on a racist fueled rampage shooting black people inside the tops of friendly supermarket paid republican congressmen he calling it quits after he got backlash for supporting democratic led gun control efforts pretty congressman krista jacobs who represents new york's 27th congressional district in the buffalo area also announcing he will no longer seek reelection. jacobs was immediately condemned by supporters after saying he would back a ban on assault rifles in the wake of a mass shooting in buffalo, new york and texas. kansas city -based cheese company has voluntary recall of
11:56 am
several products over possible wisteria contamination. the products from harris brothers inc. were distributed in kansas, missouri, arkansas, iowa, oklahoma, nebraska, south dakota as well as one store in mississippi and one in florida. >> we should keep an eye on that. torrential rains turning the roads into rivers in miami. the tropical disturbance dropped nearly 10 inches of rain in parts of south florida it is moving across the state and also appears set to parts of cuba and the bahamas. folks there are watching out we will be back with more news right after this. overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good.
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eric: that's it for now for us were back in one hour of 4:00 p.m. easter. arthel: yes we are journal editorial is up next, see you in an hour. ♪ welcome to the journal editorial report i am paul gigot. the white house kicking off a month on pivot to economy and inflation this week be president biden saying a wall street journal op-ed tapping high prices is top priority. janet yelled admitting an interview she was wrong about the path inflation would take with the president warning there's no quick fix the rising cost of food and gas


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